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Interracial Agenda

If blacks would stop having sex with whites, the entire system of white supremacy would go into shock——Trojan Pam

Tragic Arrangement

Miss Pam’s quote was burned into my brain. The onslaught of our people marrying and fornicating outside of our race will only end one way:

With our complete and total destruction.

The white man, understanding that his woman is the last “hidden” weapon in the war of white supremacy, will lend his woman to the wealthy, black man for 3 reasons:

To breed a child

To accumulate as much of his money as possible through (a planned) divorce with alimony

To bring that newly acquired wealth back into the white community for their betterment

My friend asked me the other day, “Truth, have you noticed the barrage of interracial coupling on TV?” My response was, “Not really. I don’t really tune in to the propaganda machine.” So she was nice enough to send me these:

Any thoughts? Do you believe in an interracial agenda?

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108 thoughts on “Interracial Agenda

  1. larissa on said:

    This post made sense, however, two thoughts:
    This post made me think about the fact that black man white woman couplings seem a LOT more common than the reverse, both on and offscreen.
    If the end goal is to bring more money to the white community, then why also promote white man black woman couplings? Or is just to disguise the scheme? I don’t deny that white supremacy exists, but it just seems like a really huge gamble. Prenups exist, many interracial couples last, black women can divorce their white husbands and take their money. What about all the wealthy black men with black wives. Black male celebrities are only a small percentage of the world’s rich black men. Nevertheless thanks for another thoughtful post.

  2. Mickey on said:

    I do know that one of Dr. Umar Johnson’s lectures mentioned that professional athletes have to attend a “Mandatory Socialization Orientation”, which tells them how to carry themselves, who to not go back to & help out (i.e. the ‘hood), they are told what types of Black women to not be seen in public with (i.e. a Sista who wears twists in her hair) stating that it is bad for their public relations image. They are also pursuaded to marry interracially and then, of course, women live longer than men, so if they Black athlete dies, his White wife will inherit his millions. Dr. Johnson says it is all about business, not love. I am sure some of the couples are in love, but after learning about this, it just goes to show you that the truth is stranger than fiction.

    But what is funny is that prior to the 1990s, most Black/White interracial marriages were between Black women & White men. In the 1990s is when you start to see more of the reverse. This is also reflected on television in the past (i.e. The Jeffersons, Dynasty, A Different World, various daytime soap operas, etc.)

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Sister Truth
    As usual another great post sis. I’m sure this post will offend some.lol But I like the way Pam explained it in her great book,The Interracial Con Game.

    Reason #1: Interracial Sex Has Been Used Historically By Europeans To Divide and Conquer Non-White Nations

    As the authors have attempted to demonstrate throughout this entire book, interracial sex is simply a CONTINUATION of the sexual exploitation of Africans that began during the first European invasions of Africa and the enslavement of African men and women.

    For hundreds of years, interracial sex has been used by Europeans against non-whites to divide and conquer non-white nations; to dilute (destroy) their genetics, culture, and heritage, and to introduce mulatto “advocates” that will be white-identified and bred to serve the needs and the whims of the white supremacists.The English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French destroyed entire nonwhite populations by introducing selected white females to the non-white male “natives.”

    Two things happened:

    1. Biological warfare in the form of STDs and sexual epidemics by having sex with Europeans.

    2. Social stratification by the elevation of the mulatto (half-white/ half-black), which led to conflict and division among the native populations. Through this use of sexual manipulation by Europeans, entire non-white societies were destroyed, because the family was the extension of the nation and all that it stood for.

    “The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter.The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the bottom of the social, economic, and political ladder whenever the Asians (meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control. This scheme of weakening the Blacks by turning their half-white brothers against them cannot be overemphasized because it began in the early times and it became the universal practice of whites, and is still one of the cornerstones in the edifice of white power….” — “Chancellor Williams, “Destruction of Black Civilization” — Chapter II: Ethiopia’s Oldest Daughter: Egypt. pg. 61.

    Very well said! I couldn’t agree more!

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    I see what you’re saying. But I think overall interracial coupling always causes confusion for the non-white person in the relationship. And confusion and deception is the name of the game. If people are confuses they can’t UNITE against a common enemy and defeat them. Interracial dating/marriage gives the illusion that things are getting better in regards to racial equality. When in reality,things are not getting better for black people worldwide. Even in a so called “post racial” country with a biracial President.

  5. larissa on said:

    @Prince Fair enough I can’t argue against that.
    @Mickey First time I’m hearing about Mandatory Socialization Orientation. Sheds new light to this issue. thanks

  6. @ Mickey and Prince

    Spot on! Thank you.

    @ Larissa

    Where I’m at I see more black males/ white females pairings.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re welcome. I think this post may rub some “people” the wrong way. Whites really get upset if you suggest stopping sex with them. They really don’t like it. I wonder why??lol

  8. ynotme on said:

    I agree with you Prince…They are giving us this false impression that because they converse, sleep, eat, work, etc. with us, we are loved/accepted as equal by them. They play mind games with us to keep us from definitely seeing who the real enemy is. This is just one of the many tool they use to keep white supremacy afloat, and many of us are falling for their tricks.

  9. @ Prince

    I’m sure many will get upset by this post but ask me if I care. It’s the truth. You cannot lay down with racism and fight it at the same time.

  10. I think Obama is the ultimate expression of this unstated agenda. His bi-racial parentage at once eases the most racist fears of the uninformed white populace and inspires automatic identification with the equally uninformed black and brown populace. He is a perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ultimately, I agree it is about business as usual–the cooptation of black wealth/labor–and becky is simply being used as the new & improved stealth infiltrator. And most white men are true to form, during slavery it was decreed that all children born to slave mothers would therein be slaves. They had no intention then of passing down their stolen wealth to their illegitimate black children and they certainly are no more willing to do that today–I think for the most part, they were breeding with black women b/c it added to the bottom line. The profit motive is always lurking in the background & it doesn’t matter how it’s achieved.

  11. soforeal on said:

    even when i was confused, you know lets love everybody, i still saw something wrong with IR relationships i just kept saying this is not right something is wrong about this they can`t get rid of us fast enough so why not lighten us up. i cringe everytime i see those IR commercials. if blk people were gone from this earth for a month white folks would go crazy as much as they hate us they would miss us especially white women, we are the one’s keeping them from annihilating themselves.

  12. soforeal on said:

    not even a month let’s say a year.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Alphonso Ribera always was a confused young chap in my opinion. Especially the way he and Will Smith disrespected Janet Hubert. I just didn’t understand why they acted so ugly towards her.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    I always thought he was a self-hating confused boy.

  15. I wouldn’t touch a non-Black woman even if I was a horny, nympho who just over dosed on Viagra and fell into a bucket of oysters and I was the only male on a planet of nothing horny, nympho women who hadn’t seen a male in like a year.

  16. soforeal on said:

    i bet he did that dance after the wedding.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    @soforreal; Haaaaah! That’s funny.

  18. The whole specter of exemplifying Obama’s multiracial background is a defensive move used by whites on the chessboard to keep an advantaged position in practicing the ongoing system of racism (mistreatment). By highlighting Obama’s white parentage, this now suppresses any effective or constructive criticism of the on-going and refined characteristics of the game of mistreatment, and how it’s carried out in all nine areas of people activity. Whites can knock out two birds with one stone: (a) claim Obama’s white heritage as an undercurrent to their advantage for political and economic agendas and, (b) use the same strategy to model him as how far we’ve come in a “post-racial” society while furthering a counter-diplomatic global agenda of economic and military exploitation and imperialism. We must remember how good whites are in being deflective. When Blacks do it, we’re “racist”. When whites do it, it’s called “post-racialism”. All the way up until now, a biracial, multiracial or mixed person with at least one Black parent was never an ace card for social advancement. All that mattered was the fact that you were at the very least, the product of a Black/non-white man or Black/non-white woman and would be reminded of it, sometimes fatally, if you made the wrong chess move.

    Sometimes things can be right up underneath your nose, and you still can’t see it, smell it, or even know it’s there subconsciously.

    The quote that starts off this blog is one of the keys to Black people empowering themselves with the least amount of effort:

    “If blacks would stop having sex with whites, the entire system of white supremacy would go into shock.”——Trojan Pam

    Have you ever seen someone when they go into shock as a result of a traumatic experience? Ever counted the total amount of time in which they were physically/emotionally/psychologically disabled, immobile, helpless, vulnerable? Hypothetically, what do you suppose would happen if Black people put their minds to it and made this become a reality? What would you do with this time? Spend it wisely, strategically and with maximum efficiency? Or with folly, revenge or naivety? Or would you know what if not “anything” to do? As Dr. Welsing has said, would you know “what’s happening?”

    “Our people are very serious about not being very serious.” – Dr. Kamau Kambon.

    When Black people become very serious, that’s when you’ll see IRs come to a complete end.

  19. Nmaat

    Do you think if Obama was a dark skinned brother he would have gotten selected for the presidency?

  20. Jesus


  21. Emile

    Fantastic reply!

    Obama is also a great way to “shut us Niggers up” about slavery.

  22. Mickey on said:

    The problem with that is that he has no Black American slave ancestors, unlike his wife.

  23. ynotme on said:


    I read somewhere, that Obama could be the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, an African slave in colonial Virginia. John Punch had children with a white woman, who started a family line that led generations later to Obama’s white mom.

  24. Probably not. White culture still demonizes darker skin. I think that’s why you hear so many not so veiled stabs at Michelle and her appearance. She is the typical looking black woman. There is no questioning her lineage. Stacey Dash or Michael Michelle, she is not. Altho I’ve seen overtly racist caricatures of Obama, it seems the really vile stuff is directed at her. There is one mag that I think even depicted her as a dashiki-wearing closet revolutionary. Can’t remember which mag. But the absurdity. As if. The Obamas have to be the most assimilated negroes you could find. They have bought the lie of america lock, stock and barrel. Hell, they ARE the lie of america lock, stock & barrel.

  25. Let us not forget that Obama is also a distant relative to Dick Cheney and several other former presidents. SO after discovering this, how can anybody really believe this man ‘against the odds’, was elected and not selected?

  26. When I started reading about racism at 13, it always bothered me to see interracial couples. I always felt like something wasn’t right about them considering the race problem. Hearing Mr. Fuller talk about the unequal – and unjust – racial dynamic gave me a better perspective to understand my “wince”, as Jill Scott would say.

    There has to be some agenda going on for sure because it’s rare to even see Black couples in the media anymore. From the ads, to news articles about us not finding each other attractive, to even many people where I live. As a young adult, I’ve seen and heard so many other young blacks publicly say they don’t want to date/marry a black person but rather a non-Black person. The RWS got us hooked line and sinker.

    Even though they seem to not approve of interracial dating/sex/marriage for their white sons and daughters, they still know it’s gonna benefit them. Either the black person will have to join their community or the white person will be treated better among the black person’s family (especially those beautiful mixed babies).

    Also, has anyone ever encountered White people who say they only want to date/marry a Black person. I know a lot of White people like that where I’m from.

  27. Xecellent point. It’s no accident that when you think of historically who have been chosen to be representatives or go betweens for black people, they usually are either very fair or they are the biracial. Frederick, Booker, Dubois…there are exceptions to be sure, but when you think about it, this is their m.o. Anybody seen the rabbit fence? The official policy of australia–to take the mixed offspring of aborigines, ‘civilize’ them and eventually breed the black out. Sick. But this is the gatekeeper class they then use to keep the darker natives in check.

  28. Mickey on said:

    I saw the “Rabbit-Proof Fence” movie. Something like this happened here in the U.S. regarding Native American children. I know of at least one story of a full-blooded Native American man who, from childhood, was basically whitened culturally, but he noticed that although they were trying to make him and his ilk assimilate into White society, they drew the line at intermarriage with Whites.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    Yes, I’ve always wondered what was up with some many BM/WW. I was very confused. It boggled my mind. I tried to be open minded about it. But now I wonder is there some kind of agenda to dilute the black race. I tried to be open minded and say let people love whom ever they want to love. But somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered what was happening. Mickey’s comments cleared up alot of my confusion about the athletes. And some white women try to make me feel bad by saying that the black men prefer them instead. I say “whatever witch”. And these are not attractive or even smart or well dressed women. Most are the one the white men don’t want. Go figure.

  30. mary burrell on said:

    *so many* typos.

  31. Mickey on said:


  32. Mickey on said:

    You could always say to them, “Why don’t the White men want you?” and wait for their response. I bet they will stumble for words.

  33. I can relate to your points on so many levels, mary burrell.
    Many you need to ask these WW why BM prefer them. After all, WW are portrayed as the beauty standard.

    I mean, even Kanye West (sorry to blurt out names) is in it too. It seems like having a White partner is a requirement of success. I heard that’s the trend in the UK, and seems to be in the workings over here.

  34. Leave to me to muck up the name. lol..yeah, that’s it, rabbit proof fence. But yeah, I’d bet it’s the same where ever apartheid is in effect–which is everywhere. But yeah, you notice this is just 1 weapon in the arsenal–this could easily get out of hand. I think there is a certain saturation point they don’t want to go beyond cuz then we get to their worst fear: extinction.

  35. “If blacks would stop having sex with whites, the entire system of white supremacy would go into shock——” Trojan Pam

    Too late that horse is off & running. The interracial marriage rate for black men in the U.S. is 24-26%. For U.S. black women 8-10%. In the U.K., black men marry out @ 50+% & black women @ 25+%.
    The increase in bw/nonbm marriages is fairly recent. Which explains the sudden backlash to interracial dating/marriage from blacks.
    Like it or not. . .both types of marriages will continue to increase. There are many factors contributing to this. But one factor mentioning in this conversation is intra-racism among blacks, moreso than among whites. Specifically, whites are more likely to be attracted to dark-skinned blacks than blacks are.

  36. Correction: But one factor WORTH mentioning in. . .

  37. Can you provide a link to stats you are using? And the last sentence of your 1st comment…uh, can you provide stats/polls/research that backs that shat up? lol..cuz there seem to be a lot of chocolate negroes still around..me being one of em.

  38. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Blacks choosing to marry lighter skinned non-blacks only makes sense if colorism is added to the equation. Colorism is a very gendered issue.

    The bribe being offered to lighter skinned Latinos and Asians is intermarriage to whites. Some of them are probationary white people.

  39. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Take a look at the Pew Research Centers’ interracial marriage study published in 2012. The U.S. black male interracial (non-black) NEWLYWED % is about 25%. The percentage of black males in interracial marriage is low unless you look at newlyweds or look at certain regions of the country (i.e. pacific north west).


    I don’t have a reference for tymetravelife’s UK stats. If I have time I’ll look for one.

  40. I’m looking at the data and thought about something interesting ( to me anyway)lol..according to this study, the largest interracial coupling is white/hispanic, but since we know that a lot of hispanics b/c of what amounts to ‘honorary white’ status on most forms, probably check that box so what does this really tell us? Hell, it could mean that latinos are marrying latinos. One mate could decide to mark the ‘white’ box and their spouse could opt to check the ‘hispanic’ box. Ambiguous things like that make me wary of these stats/research in general.

  41. Also wanted to add that based on the ambuguity of the ‘hispanic’ designation–Mr. Ribeiro , who i believe is of trinidadian descent, could be checking the ‘white’ or ‘hispanic’ box on forms for all we know.

  42. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Why did you ask for references if you intended to say that stats are not trustworthy? Was that simply a rhetorical request?

    The “black” in the study is non-hispanic black and the “white” is non-hispanic white.

  43. Yeah it was & I was actually addressing tymetravelife b/c the last sentence in their 1st statement seemed to be based more on opinion, so I was questioning the veracity of those stats. But thank you for looking up the study & for clarifying the questions I had about the hispanic category. It is what it is. The numbers are definitely higher than the last time I checked which was maybe 4 or 5 years ago. But I still question the stated theory that the spike partly has something to do with ‘whites being more attracted to dark-skinned black people than black people’. Are they basing that on stats, personal observation? Where would you be able to even find data that breaks down the percentage of blacks marrying whites based on complexion? That’s really what I was getting at.

  44. Ms J

    Yeah…me. I’ve met tons of white men who specifically wanna knock me up and marry me. In fact, I used to work with a Jew who used to sing the praises of black women. He hated Jewish women and made every effort to tell me his past w

  45. Ooops hit the button too quick.

    ….woes with them. I’ve also met Italian men who lust after my dark skin.

  46. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes,the truth hurts. So be it.lol

  47. blackmystory on said:

    eeeehhh! Making the gas face! And at the next one too.

  48. Kushite Prince on said:

    You nailed it! I couldn’t agree more!

  49. I’m at the point where a White male who truly loves me would have to prove it by tearing down their system. It’s almost like the ones who “adore” Black women have some predator fetish thing I don’t know how to describe. Then they’ll say how love is color-blind. Excuse me??

  50. tymetravelife on said:

    @The Alchemist
    Thanks for the link. I agree with you that colorism is a gendered issue.

    Here’s a link on the U.K. stats (2002)


    The stat for black women interracially married in the U.K. is actually about 30%.

  51. AWKWARD Black Girl
    A youtube video series
    Why do we have the black women white male trope!
    Reinforced with the albinic/not white/not black “friend” cheer leading “it”
    As well as the satandard caricature of a/the black male as inadequate buffoon.
    Suspicious make up of lead actress offline , no negative comments …..hmmm?

  52. NO dark skinned man will EVER be President. And Obama is the first and last light skinned one.

  53. mary burrell on said:

    @Dr. Reine; Happy New Year. I agree with you. I had that thought as well. If he had been dark skinned no way. He’s an acceptable looking negro to white people. That let’s you know we do not live in post racial America. Dark skin is threatening to White Americans in the United Snakes of Amerikkka.

  54. Miss Mary and Dr. Reine

    Perhaps not another Negro president but I see a homosexual one in our future.

  55. mary burrell on said:

    Yes and probably a woman. I’ve thought about them electing a lesbian for president.

  56. Miss Mary

    that would make the “feminist” movement verrrrry happy.

  57. Tyrone on said:


    It’s all bulls**t to me. Black people kissing the asses of white folk just to prove a point. As black people, we think we can make everybody black by addition. The black/inter-racial dynamic is about the black partner trying to colorize the non-black partner. I see this a lot with spanish blackwomen who run around with white and mestizo males who pretend to be black just because they’re smashing a black female. The same group of black females don’t like blackmen, but, it’s okay for their wannabe boyfriends to be black in their company…blackmen be damned. Blackmen who lust after other women do so because they assume their biracial coupling can be a quasi-black relationship because of the children. Also, it’s a form of brown-nosing as well. If i chase after whitewomen, i want to be like whitemen deep down. Most blackmen who are in relationships with whitewomen will deny this truth, but their actions say everything. A black woman or man can’t love blackness and hate blackness at the same time. Colorblindness has nothing to do with the issue, it’s a smokescreen. Blacks who support IR don’t have the courage to admit the ugly truth about why they covet those of another race. Blackmen want sex, money, status, acceptance into the club. Blackwomen want money, status, mixed-babies, etc. What’s the real agenda? Blacks have the power in the relationship because they’re black…their partner experiences blackness thru them. Who’s the bigger problem, blackmen or blackwomen? From my perspective, both are guilty. Some blackwomen think they have a pass to do the same s**t, not so fast Isis? As far as the one drop rule is concerned, it’s the crux of the problem on both sides. Whether the black parent is male or female, they should stop using our african ancestry as a convenient excuse to hate themselves and their race…Bottomline!!! Sistas and brothas, we are not obligated to support self-hating black people. Stop making excuses for wrong thinking and conduct.

    The Problem Children…American Blackmen, British Blackmen, Spanish Blackwomen, Spanish Blackmen, West-Indian Blackmen…The Hall of Shame!!!


  58. Ty

    You don’t think one must have a white partner in order to “make it” in society? I find it funny that most blacks in Hollywood and in higher statuses in the workforce have white partners.

  59. Tyrone on said:


    In order to understand the IR issue, we must know who is the driving force behind the wheel. Whites mold the thinking of blacks thru media…tv, movies, music, sports, art, etc. For example, collegiate and professional sports come to mind. Young, naive black males are plucked from the nipple of their black mothers by white coaches that want them to play ball for their school. As we know, 99.9% of NCAA schools are majority white. So, unsophisticated black males are dropped into an all-white environment. What do we think will happen as a result of this fuzzy math? Everybody Malik runs into is white, including white coeds, cheerleaders, groupies, and so forth. Miss Sasha is a daddy’s girl with money to burn. She grew up in the burbs, didn’t see a lot of brothas growing up. Malik has always been a fantasy, so, she makes her move. In essence, blackwomen are complicit in their own misery. Sistas, when will you wake up? Sports is a “Glorified Plantation” for rich whitemen and a portal for white females with chocolate cravings. Let’s call it what it really is? Miss Sasha’s father has no problem inviting Malik into the fam, Why? Malik is going to take care of Daddy, and provide whatever material need he desires. Think of Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa? Her mom has accrued just as much from the swirlness as the daughter…Simple Logic! As is noted, If Malik was broke busted, he would just be a penis to Sasha. With money, he can get the white sugar and the ring as well. As it relates to media, a lot of whitewomen work in the advertising field in NY and LA. Notice all of the commercials with blackmen and whitewomen lately? Think Madison Ave. in New York? The ultra-liberal New York chick that thinks she knows everything, the open-minded crowd. They’re all over media…dramas, sitcoms, commercials, music, fashion, etc. Whitewomen are the problem sistas, whitemen used to be the problem. They claim their babies to be black…Red Flag! Why are they moving the bar? Whitewomen know that their phony, and the sheet will be pulled off of them come what may. Now, they want to embed themselves in the black race because they’ve castrated their own men. Whitemen know the evil that lays beside them!!!


  60. Tyrone on said:


    You’re right, most black/white couplings were BW and WM. What caused the shift? Hip-Hop expedited the process. It brought black masculinity to the masses. In hindsight, it was a bad thing. Today, the genre pushes whitewashed blackmen to society as pillars of blackness that should be emulated…Not So!


  61. Tyrone on said:


    We fell for the hype blackman. If Obama was black on both sides, he would not be President. Many of us overlooked this ugly truth. Him being elected to the post is validation of white supremacy and the caste-system that was created during slavery. His half-whiteness allowed whites to put aside their natural bias against blacks because he was born from a white mother. Whites don’t want blacks to see Obama as biracial, because, they would not be able to pollute the minds of our people. Biracialness is a tool for racist whites to keep blacks jacked up in the head. Instead of loving real blackness, we covet those with white blood…Indirect Whiteness! This explains why some blackmen fawn over light-skinned blackwomen or biracials. He’s really lusting after whitewomen, but lacks the courage to look a blackwoman in the eye. If you’re mixed, don’t take my comments personal? If we’re gonna get right, we can’t sugarcoat the truth.


  62. Tyrone on said:


    House Negro Syndrome is the root of the problem. I see thru their bulls**t, they’re not fooling anybody. Proud sistas and brothas don’t prostitute themselves for others. When black people lack wisdom, we enslave ourselves to sex, money, violence, etc. Those of us that fall into the trap have lost control, which is a consequence of inter-racial. We don’t have the economic infrastructure that others have, so, we seek to expedite the process by sleeping with those who enslaved our foreparents. Instead of us gettin’ it on our own, some of us sleep our way to the top. Whitewomen can’t save blackmen from the fire. 500+ murders were committed in Chicago last year, 70% involved black males killing other blacks. The same dynamic exist in LA, which is ground zero for “The Swirl.” If sexing whitewomen was a positive for blackmen, why do blackmen in South Central, Watts, and other hoods feel the need to exterminate themselves from the planet? Whitewomen play a pivotal role in the demise of blackmen in this country via political ideology. The liberal white female is deadly venom…she claims to love the blackman the most, yet, she helps her white brothers enslave us at the same time. Think about it Negress? Planned Parenthood, Public Schools, Entertainment, Fashion. Why do we assume the devil to be male, the female has the most power? She has power over the psyche of the male because of the slit between her thighs…Simple Logic! The truth reveals itself more and more every day.

    The Black Eagles…We See It All

  63. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah Obama was a great weapon against the minds of black people. It gave many of us the illusion of acceptance in Amerikkka. The problem is that biracial/mixed people are used as a buffer against the black masses. Some biracials embrace their blackness—other;s reject it to get ahead. As black people we have to be more critical of those we accept as our “own”. We keep falling for the okey doke. We need to wise up fast! We’re playing checkers while white people are playing chess.

  64. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ mary burrell…what did they do to Janet Hubert? I did find it weird, how they had two completely different-looking women playing the mom on “Fresh Prince”. Can you elaborate more on what happened?

  65. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ nmaat433…not trying to start anything here, but do you have proof that he is related to Dick Cheney or anybody else in politics? I have never heard this claim before.

  66. Joaquín on said:


    I must ask, for I am curious, if you were suddenly given the power to instantly change the world however you saw fit, what would you do?

  67. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Cinnamondiva This is the article where Janet called Smith an asshole!lol They never got a long the whole time she was on the show.

  68. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mary burrell…I completely agree. I’m not sure that it is an “agenda” to dilute the Black race, but I’ve had the same experiences with some WW.

    Some of them want us to feel bad if we see them with a Black man or if there is a Black man around that they want. I remember quite a few white females trying to belittle me and call me ugly, talk about my “nigger” hair, because they wanted some Black d*ck.

    They believe their whiteness makes them superior, no matter what they look like or how trashy they are, and they will put Black women down to prove it. I am of mixed race but I’ve always viewed myself as a Black woman, BTW.

  69. Nothing but the TRUTH!! in this video.

  70. Kushite Prince on said:

    Speaking of “Fresh Prince” I actually met actress Karyn Parsons who played Hillary on the show. I met her at a black celebrity rodeo way back in 1991. I also met Blair Underwood,James Avery(Fresh Prince’s Uncle Phil) and Vanessa Williams that day as well. I met Karyn in the parking lot when she was leaving the event. She was with a white female friend. I spoke to her and told her I was a fan of the show. She was cordial and very friendly. I remember reading she was married to a white man and I do know she’s biracial anyway. But here’s an article with her family. Her children look VERY white. No mistaking them for black kids,that’s for sure.lol


  71. Black man +Black woman =Black people anything’else is not black watch the video i posted at the bottom. will tell you the truth about us as a people.

  72. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Negress…Denzel Washington comes to mind. He’s been married to a Black woman for about 30 years, I believe, and his career has always been successful. His wife isn’t light-skinned either.

    But yeah, I agree. It isn’t a “must” to have a white partner, but it does help in some social circles.

  73. Mickey on said:

    Here is one where she talks about being biracial and having biracial children.


  74. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…ooh, girl, that would burn them up! LMAO. They would not be happy campers if a Black woman said that to them because they have bought into the myth of their superiority.

    Deep down, some of them know that they are “trash/leftovers” to white men and this is why they seek validation from a certain type of Black man…because they know that he will elevate them to goddess status. They can be morbidly obese, look like a meth addict, be ignorant, ugly, dirty, or slutty…but that won’t matter to the type of Black man who simply wants a White woman and any old WW will do.

    It’s so funny, because I was watching “Jungle Fever” the other night. The Italian actress was pretty, but Lonette McKee (Wesley Snipes’ wife in the movie) was much prettier and more classy…but that didn’t stop him from cheating on her with the low-class white secretary.

  75. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Ms. J…I, too, can relate. Your comment is on point. WW have been portrayed as the beauty standard, like, forever. So it seems that nearly everyone has bought into this madness. I can’t blame the WW for thinking they are God’s gift to men because people stay hyping them up. Some white girls find it shocking when a man of ANY color prefers Black women over them. And don’t get me started on their hatred for Asian women paired up with white men.

    Kanye is interesting because he tends to make a lot of “pro-Black” statements that piss off white folks, but now here he is with Kim. I will admit that she is a pretty girl but she is trash with money. I’m not sure I would consider her to be white, though. Part of her appeal with Black men is that she has some of the features associated with Black women without actually being a sista. She has the full lips and the curves, but she isn’t black.

  76. Joaquin

    I’d “activate” every black person on the face of the Earth to who and what they truly are. And I feel in my soul, we’d take it from there.

  77. Cris

    Every scholar knows that ALL life began in Africa. The whites who lie are just desperately trying to hide the truth.

  78. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Ms. J…in my case, I don’t have a problem with most interracial couples EXCEPT the ones where it is a self-hating person and their partner is an undercover racist.

    Like if it is a weak Black man with a WW who makes it known that she is “better” than Black women. I definitely have a problem with that. Or the type of Black man who puts Black women down to justify his preference/attraction to non-black women…not cool.

    I’ve never encountered a white person who was ONLY attracted to Black people, but I have met some WW who said that they wanted to be with a Black man so they could have “caramel” babies. And I’ve also known some Black people who wanted to mate with a white person so they could have children with light skin and “good” hair. The craziness runs both ways, I guess.

  79. Mickey on said:

    One of the reasons my mother married my father was because she is a self-hating Black woman. She admitted to me that she wanted to have children lighter-skinned than herself so that our lives would be easier than hers. She grew up being told openly by Blacks that she was lesser than due to being dark-skinned and she internalized that belief, unfortunately. As a result, she gave birth to me and my sister who are both lighter-skinned and have “good” hair. I have told my mother that she is Black and beautiful and I think she believes it to a certain extent, but I know that she still believes that the lighter, the brighter, the better.

  80. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…thanks! I will check it out. I heard that there were some issues between them, but I never knew why.

  81. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…that is so cool that you were able to meet her! I loved Hillary and Ashley on that show. I thought Tatyana Ali (the little sister who played Ashley) was prettier, but Hillary’s character was the best. I can still do her valley-girl imitation. Blair Underwood was SO fine when he was young. Nice to hear that Karyn is a sweet person, too.

    I actually look a lot like her daughters (mixing can be funny that way) and there are many times when people don’t realize I am a Black woman until I let them know.

  82. No problem. I am not offended but just google it. There are all kinds of references to it online. Lynn Cheney (Darth Vader’s wife) noted it publicly while hawking her book I think. There is also a reputable geneology org that confirmed it. You can also look on Youtube and there are vids about it. But here are a few links:


  83. Mickey and Cinnamon

    Most blacks, who are confused, have that want to “better” their children through whiteness. I have them in my family too as I am an Island Creole.

    In this system, ALL black people are mentally ill. We, their offspring, are included.

  84. Ok, I just realized that vid with David Icke is probably going to make people go WTF?!! I don’t necessarily agree with the reptilian aliens angle, but I think the last 2 or 3 minutes of the video breaks down what famous people are related to whom. It’s a trip to find out that madonna & brad pitt are actually distant cousins of some of these politicians too. Makes you wonder how much is really random in who makes it onto the world stage and how much of it is manufactured?

  85. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Black males disowns toddler for being dark skinned

  86. The stats about Blacks and ir marriage from sources like the Pew Research center are at best misleading. Your best bet to get a more realistic, comprehensive painting of Blacks and marriage is the U.S. Census.

    The Pew Research gathers information taken from a small pocket of groups–in other words it is only a sampling of people. And, afterwards makes inferences about what the figures mean. So for instance, while it may be true that their research found that 25-26% of Black men have non Black wives as of 2010–it is possible that they only sampled 2,000 Black men spread across certain cities in the U.S. that may only have a small Black population in the first place. The misleading part is that the 25% is passed off as the national average for Black male ir involvement. Yet a simple glance at the U.S. Census shows something entirely different and that is as of 2011, Black men being married to white women makes up only 1% of ir marriage as the national average and a mere .7% of married white women have Black husbands. The vast majority of Black men who do marry do so with Black women.

    I am not so quick to say that the U.S. Census is the “final” word, but it way more comprehensive, its respondents are anonymous (which means people are going to be more willing to be honest) and Black people from all economic brackets participate, whereas Pew’s Research may only include lower income Blacks.


  87. phoebeprunelle on said:

    I meant to say only .7% of ALL married white women have Black husbands. That isn’t a full one percent.

  88. phoebeprunelle on said:

    Whoops! Also it should’ve read Black men being married to white women makes up only 1% of ALL ir marriage combinations and as a whole, Black people’s involvement in ir marriage stands at only 4%.

  89. Kushite Prince on said:

    Karyn was pretty nice. My cousin and I walked her and her friend to her car. I still remember she had a light green Honda Accord.lol Blair was really cool. He was riding a horse outside and there was about ten women surrounding him. He hopped off the horse and gave autographs. He saw me and I said I was a fan. He shook my hand and said thanks. He was very humble and had no ego despite a bunch of women around him.lol

  90. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks Mickey. Very interesting article.

  91. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    The Pew study said the about 25% of black male NEWLYWEDS are married to non-black women. The percentage of black males in interracial marriage is low unless you look at NEWLYWEDS or look at certain regions of the country (i.e. pacific north west).

  92. @Alchemist,

    I get that the secret code word is “newlywed”, lol…

    however, the pacific north? If we are talking Washington state, Oregon, etc..i would naturally expect for Black men and women there to be married interracially because those places are overwhelmingly white with a very small number of Blacks.

  93. Kushite Prince on said:

    That was VERY VERY disturbing! And sad as well. 😦

  94. Tyrone on said:


    Blackmen who reside on the West Coast slant the numbers, as expected. California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and so forth. As you stated, IR marriage rates for the vast majority of black males in the US is comparatively low, unless you’re a blackwoman in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, etc. In that case, it’s hell on earth for those sistas that have to deal with black anglos, as Negress calls them.


  95. Thanks for you P.O.V!! Negress.

  96. Tyrone on said:


    Being accepted into the black family should be a struggle for those that are half-black, not a foregone conclusion. Blackness has been watered down over the years, Why? We ran away from our true selves. Seeing blackness thru the lens of biracials allowed us to imagine what it would be like on the other side. Whites tolerate biracials, afford them greater opportunities in employment, politics, etc. In hindsight, we were fooling ourselves from the jump. I don’t want biracials and pale blacks to think that they’re hated by black folk, Not So! We hate the legacy and prejudice that was born out of their creation…White Slaveholder/Black Female Slave.


  97. Over here in the UK – and according to one ex soccer/footballer’s fiance (I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the African man who’s heart stopped while he was playing football. It it only happened last year), every black player on a team called Manchester United, are prohibited (in fact ever player) from having non-white girlfriends. She told my sister this.

  98. Mickey on said:

    Wow! So I guess that TV show “Footballers’ Wives” was bullshit? There was one White soccer player married to a beautiful Indian woman and another one was dating his beautiful Black female physiotherapist after his White wife died. And another player was a gay Black male who tried to “become straight” and was dating a beautiful mixed woman. Also, race was never an issue in any of the relationships.

  99. Tyrone on said:


    Why are so many blackmen in the UK uncomfortable being black? I’d like to hear your thoughts?


  100. what do you think of this @Negress,

  101. he make some great points about black women letting everybody be “BLACK”! i agree with on that point only whats your take on it.

  102. and this video too.

  103. Tyrone on said:


    Black people are the most beauty conscious folk on the planet, which is a big part of the problem. The black mother wants her daughter to have a so-called cute baby, daughter feels pressured to date a certain type of blackman or biracial guy. I’ve seen this with my own eyes, and it stinks to high heaven. Young black girls on the train yapping about their boyfriend having good hair. The fundamental point…blackwomen are just as guilty as it relates to reinforcing self-loathing within the race, it’s not just blackmen who are colorstruck. As it relates to the numbers, we have to draw a line in the sand at some point. Blackwomen aren’t willing to disown their black sons for disloyalty, which is a necessary evil. As is noted, blackwomen were raped by whitemen, they have a stronger attachment to biracials than blackmen. Blackmen behave as they do because Mama is not gonna give them a hard time about the baby. The silence of blackwomen is a signal to self-hating blackmen to continue doing the same. Another point, blacks in the US and UK are very liberal in how they view race. Both nations are slaves to sports, music, cinema, and pornography…liberal-supported genres. Political ideology dictates the behavior of blacks via sex and relationships. In both cases, blackwomen are heavy in the game. Meaning, the infrastructure that encourages blackmen to lust non-black women is girded by the black female. Blackwomen bitch about black male athletes selling out, but who allows random whitemen into their homes to sell a lie to their black sons?…Blackwomen! Wendy Williams often says that she’s okay with the swirl on her show, a black female. Blackwomen are victimized by whitewomen, yet, will push the concept of them being with their men just to garner high ratings for a stupid talk show. Religion, another part of the axis. A lot of blackwomen in church on Sunday, preacherman telling them to not look at color. Whites are wicked smart, they allow sistas into the circle to influence their worldview. Blackmen have never been in the circle. Oprah created the “Sisterhood Movement” some years ago. All women are the same blah blah blah. Essence magazine created Latina magazine to help their latin sistas…Insanity! Why are sistas allowing other women to get close to them? That’s a hard question to answer? Sistas need to look in the mirror, and acknowledge that they’ve contributed to this problem. Strong blackmen are irrelevant if blackwomen run away from them…Bottomline!


  104. Im mixed race but class myself as black as i look black. My husband is white &he gets on my nerves a lot being white but im really attracted to him so i stay. That & the fact that hes from a wealthy family & i know one day they will leave us everything! Aint over till the black lady sings….

  105. Thesleepingiant on said:

    President Obama is no more than the Trojan Horse; intentionally and systematically selected as President. It is no wonder that the fierce promotion of interracial dating, breeding and marriage with whites soon followed after his “election”, via all media engines; no hold-barred. This mulatto; as do many mulattoes do not fight against white supremacy, but are the buffers and co-inspirators of white supremacy. One of the goals of this agenda. A staunch African man would never become President of the U.S.; which is governed and ruled by white supremacy. President Obama’s selection put forth the agenda of the pseudo “post racial” society in the minds of the ignorant ; those ignorant to war tactics—the global African populous. It’s an age-old war tactic of depopulation and genetic genocide of the African populous and nothing more. I see the constant promotion of interracial couples via all media engines; usually a Black man/White woman. In my area there are many of these couplings ; in which the ignorant, self-hating, rejecting Black men proudly walks with their white women and half-breed children, yet it is scarce to see a Black man with his Black children out and about. The white women always have a look of superiority and pride of her “whiteness”, as though to say, ” Look, I got one of your men”. It’s her not so hidden secret that she gladly plays out— the ultimate trump card and practice of white supremacy on these ignorant Black men. I find it embarrassing that none of these men are capable to look a Black woman in her face while parading his pseudo “prize”. I ask myself, “why is this tactic targeted towards the African race”? Unfortunately, we are ignorant to war tactics and continue to invite our historical enemies, both then and now into brotherhood. Whites KNOW Blacks have and will succumb to their war tactics, because the majority refuse to recognize who our enemies are; therefore we will and have remained easy prey to all war tactics to our demise. Whites are aware of our shared disunity; in which they’ve also implemented and Blacks willingly and ignorantly have succumbed to also; therefore , easy prey to implement the last stage of depopulation and genetic genocide—-interracial breeding, dating , and marriage with the enemy—whites. Whites secretly get upset if we dare not breed with them and unite with our own. Many white women will aggressively search for a Black unsuspecting male. It is her “whiteness” and “privilege” mindset that feeds this. Her sense of “entitlement” to use and do as she wishes to the Black male….her slave. Whether that be for sex or otherwise. When the African dares unite, support and love their own it is always deemed “racist” by whites—the very people who desire to annihilate, control, dominate and kill the African for the continuation of white supremacy.

  106. Thesleepingiant on said:

    It’s without a doubt the agenda is to depopulate the African race and the genetic genocide to boot; hands down. It’s an OLD war tactic. This tactic was successful in Argentina, Brazil and with the Indigenous Americans throughout ( many have the appearance of European now) and Aborigines, just to name a few.

    In addition to this agenda; the effeminization of the African male populous and lesbianism of African females—-further depopulation and weakness ( feminine males are no threat to white males) also the degradation of Black women in order to break the bond between the Black male and female. Break this bond, break the concept of a “strong Black family”, therefore Black communities also and the intentionally and systematic incarceration of Black males, which leaves the Black female and children unprotected and at the mercy of white racist society….prey.

    Go on YT; you’ll witness the degradation and rejection of Black females in full bloom and supported by many ignorant Blacks who have shamefully and naively supported this agenda. It’s embarrassing because YT is full of racist whites who enjoy the public rejection that Blacks are so willing to express. You will not find no other race of people who publically and willingly without shame or restraint, express their hatred and rejection of their own; while praising whites….pretty much have been trumped by white supremacy.
    In some parts of Africa, through the support of Obama, many will not receive aid UNLESS , those Africans receiving such aid agree to the lifestyle and practice of homosexuality/lesbianism. You can find this info on YT on “johnhorse1823” channel.

  107. I agree wholeheartedly. Black people need to stay within our own race. Also, notice how no other race promotes mixing as much as Black people. We are told to deal with it, do it and be glad about it. White celebrities will more than likely have white spouses. White “love” is always displayed. But when it comes to anything Black, they want to dilute it. Also, notice how for what seems like ever in this country, the image of a Black person has been a mixed individual. Even on the recent issue of Ebony magazine, all of the individuals on the cover were of mixed race. On EBONY magazine. Miscegenation is definitely part of our genocide and it’s full throttle lately. I even had someone point out to me how recently, they are seeing less dark-skinned children and more light-skinned children. I didn’t pay attention until they told me but I’m seeing the same. The agenda seems to be working. At least in the western world.

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