Observations of an Invisible Woman


Happy New Year, my family!

2012 was most tumultuous, was it not? So many changes for us, so many ups and downs but we are still here. God has been watching over us as we “awaken” from this plantation life. Some of us still struggle daily with the notion that we are enchained but are growing more and more connected to our Spirit as we grow stronger.

For 2013, I will reveal my innermost secret:

I was starting to give up hope for black solidarity. My own “friends” have shown me over the past year that waking up is not a priority. Instead of promoting black unity and black understanding as we are a mentally sick race, they have proven their undying devotion to the system that hates and uses them. I’ve sadly began to move away from one of my most trusted friends as I learned how her true love is for her plantation master.

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks. And sent me into a tailspin of sadness and hopelessness. Am I the only one who can see?

Am I destined to be the only black person who knows that the “problem with no name” indeed has a name?

Jah, in His wisdom, gave me the inspiration one sunny day while planting my vegetables to spill my guts, heart and soul to anyone who would listen and now…here we all are. A small but powerful group of Africans who are dedicated to dismantling the slave system that has held us captive for centuries. This blog has given me hope that we can and shall be victorious. The fight that we are engaged in is not physical but Spiritual in nature…and we, the Original Peoples of the planet will overcome the Beast!

 We are the strongest race on the face of this Earth!

No one, and I mean no one, could endure what we’ve endured and survived for this long. That, my family, is a testament to our strength and connection with the Most High. I hope the new year will bless all of you and give you:


Financial Independence





Spiritual Connectivity

I love you all.

—- Truthbetold

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35 thoughts on “2013

  1. blackmystory on said:

    “..I’n’I nah come to fight flesh and blood,
    But spiritual wickedness in ‘igh and low places.
    So while they fight you down,
    Stand firm and give Jah thanks and praises.
    ‘Cos I’n’I no expect to be justified
    By the laws of men – by the laws of men.
    Oh, true they have found me guilty,
    But through – through Jah proved my innocency.

    Oh, when the rain fall, fall, fall now,
    It don’t fall on one man’s housetop. Remember that:
    When the rain fall,
    It don’t fall on one man’s housetop. ”
    ….so much things to say from the Album Exodus

    You too have so much things to say, so we will be here waiting!

    Peace and blessings

  2. Happy New Year

  3. Tho it technically isn’t 2013 here, my hope for 2013 is that the mayan prophecy translates into a shift into a new consciousness in all who are the victims/targets of global apartheid which will then quickly translate into action. I’m tired of hearing endless talk about the disease without ultimately speaking about cures/remedies. And u right…we have unimaginable strength. That’s why the Lilliputians are so afraid. lol..Happy New Year!

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  5. You say we are the strongest race on the planet and yet you wanna give up as well? C’mon, I know you will do no such thing. Black solidarity is me and you coming together one accord. We don’t need every Black person for solidarity I don’t think. If that was case then yes, no solidarity. Like minded people coming together for the betterment of the whole could work and me thinks will have to do….for now. Yes, the fact that are standing here on the dawn of ANOTHER year is a testament to OUR strength as a people. We can do this, hell we been doing it.


  6. Matari on said:

    May we all continue to grow and prosper this New Year!



    Thanks so much for sharing all that you share!!!
    May the giving away of your life inspire us to give away ours.

    (Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.)


    We know in the moving on and up process some of us need to learn is that we can’t save everyone and those who refuse to change/grow for the better must be cut out of our lives. There is nothing wrong with being careful about the company we keep. And yes, this also includes cutting out conniving, dysfunctional and non-constructive family members.

  7. Thank you for that kind sir!

  8. Cari

    To you as well fellow farmer.

  9. Nmaat

    You are the cure, that’s why you are here. To help aid in the liberation.

  10. To you as Miss Mary!

  11. Jesus what would I do without your never ending support? Bless you my friend.

  12. Matari

    All black men should aspire to walk in your shoes. What a gem you are.

  13. ynotme on said:


    I hope the New Year will inspire you to write, write , write and write some more.
    I also wish you one that is filled with happiness and success and may the Lord bless and guide you in all your undertakings.

  14. soforeal on said:

    if your black it`s not a new year it`s the same ole same ole chip and molly are still going to terrorize us.

  15. Nakale on said:

    I wish you a Happy New Year, DOAN.

  16. moorbey on said:

    Happy New Year and know that u have a friend in me. Revolutionary Blessingz

  17. Ynotme

    Happy new year my friend.

  18. Soforeal

    One never knows what 2013 will bring for us. Bless you.

  19. Nakale

    To you as well.

  20. Moorbey

    Blessings to you sir.

  21. theworldwelivein on said:

    Love you more Truthbetold! Sincere and generous thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Thank you sisterfriend, you are always in my heart. May peace, fruitful blessings, and generous health follow you always.

  22. Thank you much!

  23. nicoleizhername on said:

    Ms. Truth, You spoke a mouthful. You spoke on behalf of a lot of us who have felt “some kind of a way” about our people and our plight. It’s good to know that we can share and express our disappointments right at the root. I don’t like to feel discouraged, but I also need the truth in my life on the daily. Life is a balance (I keep reminding myself) but just when you think ain’t nothing but a bunch of “no’s” all around you, you look up and find a family of Yes’. Thank You for my “Yes” Yesterday, Today and for The Future that I hope will guide you to even greater gifts Tomorrow.

  24. brothawolf on said:

    Happy New Year, sista.

    I’ve held those same feelings and conclusions. I was about to give up…on everything. Yet, somehow I continue to push on for some reason. Something wants me to continue doing what I do.

    Please don’t give up. Continue doing what you’re doing. I dunno why, but something is telling me to tell you that it’s not over, and darkness will one day overcome the light.

  25. We love you too Negress. Keep up the much needed work. I can’t wish you a “Happy” so-called new year because we are still on the slave ship and it’s Yurugu’s calendar, not our calendar. Anyway all that to say that you are much appreciated and that I wish you well to you and yours and keep up the important work that you do.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth Happy New Year sis! I think it will be a great 6254(Kemetic calendar) To be honest it’s really not 2013. We’re using someone else’s calendar. Going by the Kemetic calendar it’s closer to the year 6254. The real new year is the spring equinox. Spring Equinox celebrates the return of life and growth to the thawing earth. From this day forth, Spring will arrive, and with her, a wild spurt of growth begins. This season is truly a celebration of life and nature.
    Spring Equinox represents new life and growth. This is the perfect time to plant the seeds of desire and fulfillment necessary for your personal growth as you journey on your path of life. New ventures may be aided by the spirit of life and growth that represent Spring Equinox. Regardless,I wish you a great year on your blog and personal life. Whatever year it may be.lol

  27. “No one, and I mean no one, could endure what we’ve endured and survived for this long.”

    I agree and no other group of people have come as far as we have in such a short period of time. It was only 150 years ago that we were held in bondage and not allowed to own anything nor even read.

    Have a successful and peaceful 2013.

  28. Reggie on said:

    Happy New Year.

  29. Thank you to all of you! And Prince thanks for the explanation. I need a little luck on my side this year.

  30. Happy 2013 to you @ Negress!! all the best to you and the family. keep doing what you do, and keep telling the truth about “WHITENESS” and it’s evil attack on black people’s.

  31. Without a doubt, this is a spiritual war we are fighting, getting more complicated with each successful step we take toward bettering ourselves and our people. Nothing worth attaining is ever going to be easy. But when you have that something to believe in, not just anything, but that very special, very real and invigorating reward that comes from personal and spiritual growth, you will always, always, always be tempted with feelings of hopelessness and despair.

    You have to remember the very reason why this blog was created. My impression is that you wanted to share your observations from your particular perspective as a Black person. You can never underestimate the power at which these observations may be helping any or all of us, nor the effects it may be having in shaking and awakening the consciousness of others. The very worst thing any of us can do is underestimate the power we all possess within ourselves. You just never know who can use a kind word of encouragement nor who will become inspired to make life-changing decisions based upon good advice given by another.

    So, for 2013 and beyond, the very least any of us can do is to continue on the paths were on, which is that of seeking truth and justice which benefits all of us. Whatever weaknesses each of us have should be worked upon and converted into a strengthening asset that can be shared to help others become stronger. I can’t do a damn thing for someone else if I can’t take first care of myself. Let’s all seek to become better than we were in 2012. Expect growth but with challenges. Expect the realizations of the seven listed hopes, but with newer and more inspiring things you will learn about yourself, others and the world. This is the essence of spiritual growth: having a clearer vision of how we are going to ultimately get ourselves and our people out of this confusion and onto a higher level.

    One of the most effective ways in doing this is exactly what is done here and through other relative forms of communication: sharing the knowledge of self, analyzing our weaknesses, providing solutions to our problems and executing a plan that will empower us as individuals, families, groups and as a people. I am not an expert of economics, but I do envision this new year officially setting off a very, very controversial beginning regarding our economic well-being, as it has repeatedly shown to have an inescapable, direct impact on Black people from all walks of life across this planet. There have been so many events leading up to this point in our current condition that it will command wise, practical steps toward actions that will determine the next phase of our existence, prosperity and overall well-being as Black people in the coming years. The frustration and anger we all feel must be engineered and redirected in constructive ways to produce unprecedented opportunities within a new framework of fail-safe, effective strategies and proven methods of generating wealth. We need wealth (long-term) and not jobs(temporary). For the sake of not sounding too technical, we must do the very thing we fear the most: establish a global network of commercial and cultural activities that directly benefit the most vulnerable, which happens to be virtually all of us. It is either that, or remain stagnant, vulnerable and ultimately reversed back to the nightmare we dread: slavery. Already, there are many new activities led by Black individuals and groups that are addressing this very issue. It doesn’t matter what you do, what skills you possess, how many degrees you have, how much you know, nor where you may live, but a contribution by everyone in the best way they can will have a tremendous effect on getting the ball rolling, confronting and applying solutions to one of the most common problems of which we all can relate.

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

  32. larissa on said:

    Best wishes to all for the new year and thank you so much for making 2012 more bearable.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re very welcome. Glad I could help.

  34. kwamepiankhi on said:

    Ankh, Udja, Snb (Life, Prosperity and Health). Stay strong Diary of a Negress. I am going through a similar challenge with close family members that have totally embraced European morals and customs. Therefore, I had to let them go. Once you do this, you will find others who reflect and appreciate your growth. Shm Htp

  35. larissa on said:

    We have a lot to learn from one another, and I hope that this year we will focus more on respectful debate, and learn how to dole out constructive criticism. We need to realize that we are our only allies. Hopefully 2013 will be more about discussing issues in a mature progressive way and not about childish name calling. Remember folks, calling someone slow does not make you any smarter.

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