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21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2013 will be tumultuous for you. As the realization sets in that you, the self-entitled Supreme Being, are losing power on the planet that you stole and destroyed out of greed, you’ll implode in more ways than one. Being unable to self-reflect, you’ll take out your rage on darker-skinned peoples in ways that will shock even you. There is not one thing that you can do now to reverse the damage that you’ve caused. So please stop trying to “fix it” and listen: You are not fit to be a leader. This planet is not yours. And very soon it will return to the rightful owners. Accept it.


1. Every true African thinks you are a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard.

2. Money, no matter what amount, will not make you happy.

3. No matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never compare to a black woman’s natural beauty:

Grace Jones

4. You are the only race on Earth that cannot live harmoniously with nature.

5. Your desperate attempt to be “like us” is pathetic:

6. Your low self-esteem and intense insecurity shows every time you use the word “Nigger.”

7. Dr. Bobby Wright, a genius, summed you up to a tee:


8. Deep down, the thought that you ruled over other people makes you feel proud:

9. White women, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most wanted women on Earth:

10. White men, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most masculine men on Earth:

11. Without your white skin, you’d be nothing.

12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.

13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do.

14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet.

15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.

16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone:

“innocent” white woman

17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views.

18. Your forefathers sins are apart of your bloodline…forever:

Future Racist

19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.

20. You are your own worst enemy:

21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else.

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147 thoughts on “21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear

  1. I. Love. It. And because it’s so wonderfully true, I now love you as well. Keep keeping it 100.

  2. Thank you kindly!

  3. mary burrell on said:

    No Sister, they dont want to admit to or even want to hear or understand why black people feel this way about some of them. Because the truth hurts.

  4. Wow another excellent and profound post.
    And a mirror image of the previous one.
    I am so grateful for your blog.

    I am noticing something slightly strange – as I arose today these thoughts occurred to me :
    why are the last people the meanest/ugliest people ?

    why would anyone choose to have sex with a ugly and/or mean person?

    Then i saw a comment in your previous post from someone refering to white/albinic people as the meanest people.

    If you havn’t seen it you can search Ankhesen Mié blog for posts that prove (white/albinic actually saying this) that they themselves do not honestly consider themselves the most attractive.

    Actually we black people are the kindest and most beautiful people – we just because of our kindest and beauty do not desire or need to brag about it.

    But again a extremely great and profound post.

  5. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Pure fresh undiluted truth

    One of your best post Diaryofanegress

  6. Wow. Every time I read your blog it opens my eyes more and more and makes me feel a bit sad that they will never change. Thank you for your unbridled honesty. This post had me thinking, when the Trayvon Martin tragedy happened, I heard a man named Tim Wise speak out. That was the most I had ever heard a white person speak out about race in America. Do you think he is sincere or is he acting out of guilt or is he faking or what do you think of whites like him as a whole?

  7. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    White people’s revenge for these and other truths is reality TV. The white folk have created a new reality TV show called “All My Baby Mamas”. To make black men and women look crazy as hell


    This “reality” TV has to go.

  8. I found you via abagond..great post. I agree with all you wrote but the psychosis that is white supremacy/white skin privilege is pretty self-explanatory once you peel away the layers. I see it pretty much as simple white projection of self-loathing onto people of color. Once you understand that as a black person then their psychosis really becomes irrelevant but what exasperates me is how in the hell they have successfully managed to turn the world into an alternate reality– where truth is villified, wrong is right, black is white, up is down, and we POC, who are the overwhelming world majority, act like the proverbial scared elephant– tip-toeing around mice. That’s what keeps me up at night.

  9. Arielle

    I’m doing a post on Mr. Wise. This will be my second post on the Khazar that *claims* to want justice..

  10. Alchemist

    Reality TV is Zionist owned. “Normalizing” black dysfunction is a great way to get us to destroy ourselves. The sad thing is, many of us cannot see the game being played.

    The question I now ask with shows/ movies showing the uncouth Negro is:

    What purpose do they have for showing this? What’s the agenda?

    Then I flip the scene. Would they show Latinos being dysfunctional? Asians? Jews? No. Only blacks? Why?

    Answer: Getting us to self-terminate is a great way to rid the planet of melanin. And it takes the “heat” off of white supremacy is we do it ourselves.

  11. nmaat433

    Propaganda has always been the white man’s #1 tool. That’s why 24/7/365, there has always been TV, books, radio, movies, articles on how lazy, stupid, ugly, meaningless and animalistic we are.

    The trick is to get us to believe that too.And we do. But, I have faith for us. Many of us are starting to “awaken” and that’s why now, ALL you see is more black dysfunction. Whites know their time is coming to an end so they’re turning up the heat.

  12. Great post Truthbetold!! Cold hard facts that White people don’t want to face. Its time for our people to wake up!!

  13. This is some pretty racist and scary stuff. Not that I’m surprised by it. As a teacher, I’ve noticed how the black kids truly do wish that they WERE oppressed, so that they could ACTUALLY have something to complain about. Stuck in my class there’s no pretense of white guilt or sympathy! Now, for a response to each of your 21 claims:

    1: The fact that you attach sociopath tendencies with a skin color shows you as the superficial racist.
    2: If money doesn’t make you happy, why do you all have your hands out for it?
    3: Beautiful white women who try to look black are silly. However, why do all black women try to have straight hair…and why do the bruthas love light skinned women?
    4: Harmoniously with nature? Ha, yeah Africa is a thriving continent right now. Haha.
    5: Agreed (though silly whites who do this are few and far between.)
    6: Most white people don’t use the term “nigger.” However, I’d say those that do, do it out of frustration. After all, we live in a society where it’s fine for blacks to say atrocious things about whites…therefore I’m not losing any sleep about whites uttering racist things.
    7: Even the title of his book is racist.
    8: We’re proud that we brought railroads to places where people were still eating each other.
    9: Ha…a recent quote from a black man when I asked him why he wanted a white girl: “bro…given the chance, most of us will pick the white girl EVERY TIME. Why? Because they are beautiful and they are KIND. Black girls….man, we just sick of their bullshit.”
    10: We may not be the most masculine, but at least we’re not afraid of a swimming pool.
    11: It’s the brains, which on average have higher IQ’s, that we would be nothing without.
    12: I served four years in the US Marine Corps. The service had plenty of blacks, but they REFUSED to take jobs in the infantry or with any combat ready unit. In short, any “revenge” in the future will happen without any training. Also, it speaks volumes in and of itself (the fact that they ALWAYS take jobs in supply.) Sure, insert the predictable “we jus do’ wanna fight for dat what man” line. In reality, it’s lack of courage…and I could easily circle back to number 10 here.
    13: Most of us don’t claim to feel any guilt. Why would we? Last I checked, none of us are 150 years old.
    14: Sole cause of ipods and iphones which you all have…even though you’re in such “poverty.”
    15: Those who work hard and earn money, have no reason to feel ashamed.
    16: It’s not that we pretend to be unaware. It’s that we don’t care anymore. We don’t feel sorry for people who for some reason can’t get employed. I mean, what boss doesn’t want to hire some guy with his pants around his ass. Who wouldn’t want to hire that guy with dreads and a neck tattoo?
    17: Telling us we can’t do something, based on our skin color, is racist.
    18: So those forefathers of yours in Africa, who sold you into slavery…are they part of YOUR bloodline forever?
    19: If slavery was reinstated, blacks would be getting taken care of the same whey they are now. Except with the reinstatement of slavery, it would be voluntary, as opposed to being forced to take care of black people with tax money.
    20: Agreed. Way too many white people running around pretending to feel guilty.
    21: Trying to claim anything about our state of mind “deep down” makes you look silly. What, now you’re a psychic? That’s just an emotionally based argument lacking any fact or evidence to back it up.

  14. Chris

    I’m going to allow your comments to go through to show those of us who deny that ALL whites have the “White Gaze” who whites really are. I’ve been accused of “hating” on whites and being “too hard” on them in the past.

    I hope the black people who read your random comment will rethink their assessment of the White Imperative:


  15. Thank you for letting it go through. I do applaud the fact that you are an absolutist, however misguided your hatred for whites may be. I would advise that you stick to pointing out things you see as wrongs which whites have done, instead of whining about how whites are racist. Not that you’re necessarily incorrect, (many of us have become racists due to the frustration of blacks and their constant militant pity-party,) but complaining about our racism, then going on about how whites can never be as attractive, or that there’s something genetically inherent in us (in reference to your baby photo) that makes us terrible people, sounds pretty racist to me. It makes you a hypocrite.

    Out of curiosity, don’t you think you’re allowing this to cripple you? This paranoia that all whites are out to get you, and that we’re all these ugly nasty people…sure, some are, but why not just be successful and prove that you’re just as intelligent or attractive, instead of living with this persecution complex? Think about all the black kids coming up, that instead of you telling them “hey, work hard, pursue your goals,” you’re telling them “hey, you can’t do this because that mean white guy over there is a terrible person.” It seems like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  16. I agree that some of us see but I think historically that has always been the case. I definitely agree there is something monumental on the horizon. And whites will always demonize us most b/c we literally have the most potential to fluck them out of existence. lol…So as black people go, so the majority of the world goes. When black people know and accept that as our natural place in the world-after all, no matter what anyone else says, the Creator chose OUR phenotype/genotype as the 1st for homo sapiens–HE could have chosen ANY configuration, and yet HE chose US–if you cannot as a black person feel a sense of honor and humility in that, then I don’t know what will make you feel it.

  17. Chris

    As I heal from this system that your forefathers created, I’ve learned never to engage a European in dialogue. It’s draining and you never get anywhere.

  18. nmaat422

    Our sense of humility and honour was erased during the Middle Passage but some of us are trying to get that back.

    Whites are not unaware of the fact that we are the Original Peoples of the Earth. They’ve been painfully aware of it for 6,000 years hence the relentless attack via propaganda.

    Their system will fail. And they know it.

  19. Facts are draining. They require you to think, instead of spit out platitudes.

  20. @ Chris

    “As a teacher, I’ve noticed how the black kids truly do wish that they WERE oppressed, so that they could ACTUALLY have something to complain about”

    This is the scariest part of this loser’s tirade. He is a teacher, which means he gets to poison the minds and destroy the self-esteem of Black children from a young age.

    “2: If money doesn’t make you happy, why do you all have your hands out for it?”

    What would you call Black people working on plantations for FREE for the benefits of Whites? What do you call Black people paying taxes for schools, government programs, colleges and universities, etc. that neither they or their children could benefit from? I wonder who got those hand outs?

    “4: Harmoniously with nature? Ha, yeah Africa is a thriving continent right now.”

    It was till the Europeans got there (ever heard of colonialism?), furthermore the RICHEST PERSON to ever walk the earth was an African Emperor, I guess your Eurocentric education didn’t teach you that.

    European was a warzone for most of its history, and judging by the way the WHITE RUN banking system is destroying the world economy, Europe will be another warzone very soon.

    “9: Ha…a recent quote from a black man when I asked him why he wanted a white girl: “bro…given the chance, most of us will pick the white girl EVERY TIME. Why? Because they are beautiful and they are KIND. Black girls….man, we just sick of their bullshit.”

    You can quote an Uncle Tom to prove your point, I can quote a White person, Tim Wise, to prove my point about White Supremacy. Whose words carry more weight?

    “12: I served four years in the US Marine Corps. The service had plenty of blacks, but they REFUSED to take jobs in the infantry or with any combat ready unit. In short, any “revenge” in the future will happen without any training. Also, it speaks volumes in and of itself (the fact that they ALWAYS take jobs in supply.) Sure, insert the predictable “we jus do’ wanna fight for dat what man” line. In reality, it’s lack of courage…and I could easily circle back to number 10 here.”

    Why would any Black person in their right mind be enthusiastic about joining the military to help racist white people, such as yourself, go a 1,000 miles away to KILL other PEOPLE OF COLOR who have done nothing wrong to them. Get it straight white boy, THE BIGGEST THREAT TO MY FREEDOMS aren’t some Muslims in a cave in Afghanistan, it is the WHITE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR!!!

    Furthermore, its not like White People haven’t lynched Black men in their uniforms who went off to war to defend White peoples interests……another example of White’s people kind hearts.

    The rest of your “points” are too stupid to address.

  21. The vast majority of blacks don’t pay taxes. The vast majority of them are on some entitlement program.

    As for the self esteem of young black kids in the classroom, I just don’t sit there and allow them to play the pity party game. I tell them to work hard, and they’ll accomplish great things. When they start to whine about how terrible they have it though, I just remind them that they have a higher standard of living than almost everyone everywhere.

    Anyway, keep on with your racism.

  22. ‘Their system will fail. And they know it. ‘—it was a failed proposition before it even began. You cannot create a global system based on the model of apartheid –where the vast majority of the world are oppressed and subjugated as a way of artificially propping up a tiny minority and expect it will be sustainable forever. Look around us–in order for HUMANITY and the earth to survive, the current system and it’s adherents have to be defeated. They and their whole thought process is corrupted and anti-thetical to life and God.

  23. @Chris
    Interesting comments. I def agree that the black group spends far too much time wallowing in, finger pointing & chest beating about white racism & only a rice-grain worth preparing themselves & their kids to be successful humans. Case in point, creating a community so pathetically powerless that they’ve abandoned the future (their children) to indoctrined education by someone like you (a racist).
    Personally, I believe you’re particular skills would better serve a more white school setting. But that would deny the chance to continue moaning while doing Absolutelu Nothing to improve their group’s outcome.

  24. @ Chris

    Mr. “Educator” please tell us, what was racist that I wrote?

  25. No entitlememts here, chris. I pay taxes & all the people I know–black & other–pay taxes. I’m gonna need proof of this accusation (you’re an educator so should have no problem providing the proof).
    It angers me greatly that you–a racist–are in charge of the self esteem of black kids (anger towards the black group for abdicating all responsibility for the health of their off spring to racists in the classroom).
    Sorry to disappoint; I don’t hate based on skin color, I hate based on destructiveness. Along w/those like you, I also despise a good # of black folk. Hope your job search goes well.

  26. nmaat433

    Have you ever heard of Dr. Afrika? I can post some videos for you. He’s helped me a lot to understand Yurugu.

  27. tymetralife

    The education system is run and funded by whites, particularly Jews. They position themselves in our lives at a very tender age so they can indoctrinate us to self-hatred and the prison system.

    I agree with your assessment on some blacks, especially our rampant dysfunction. That’s why I wrote the “21 Harsh Truths for Blacks” post.

    We need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for our conditions. Change starts with us.

  28. @Diaryofanegress
    yes, change starts w/us. thank u!
    when i moved into my last home, i wanted lots of sunlight & access to public transportation. i returned from work one day to find my sibling’s kids at my door. left there so that he & their mom would have freedom to pursue crack.
    because i love these babies & they have always–just by existing–made my existence almost heavenly (kids@ will be kids), i moved to a place w/less sunlight but excellent schools. i cannot financially homeschool, but i supplement their education by teaching add’l math & history & black history 2-days a week. they also learn during summer-breaks. i’m not perfect & i make errors, get colds, flu & drop the ball occassionally. but mostly i stick to my plan because i need them to be proud, functional humans.
    so feel i must say it doesn’t matter who runs the schools, we should be doggedly determined to control our kids’ education in our own homes.

  29. Is that you Mitt?

  30. I mean that ‘Chris’ clown.

  31. I just started a blog myself and would really appreciate the support. Check it out: http://bronzesugar.wordpress.com/

  32. And no problem. I love risen consiousness.

  33. ‘Have you ever heard of Dr. Afrika? I can post some videos for you. He’s helped me a lot to understand Yurugu.’
    No I’ve never heard of them. I’d love to see the vids or if you can just provide the link.

  34. Keep talking Chris!! Let all of us know who the true haters of justice are with non-whites like Diary having to always point it out. Thanks so much!

  35. Typo. I meant to say that you being honest can actually spare Diary all the stress she has to go through in order to publish such insightful work.

  36. I’d love to support the black family.

  37. nmaat433

    Ok. I shall add some on my open discussion post. You’ll love him.

  38. 12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.

    This is the gist pf their psychology. What it boils down to is this: “At least I aint a nigger, no matter how lowly among other whites, I am still better than you”. Why shatter that illusion? All other racist dysfunctions derive from this nucleus if you will. Progress would expose them for what they are.

    13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do

    Why would they? This is part of their make-up. It allows them to keep a distorted sense of ‘morality’ when they aid those foolish negroes in the country of ‘Africa’. History has shown us this. They can get angry when the ungrateful negroes criticize them as in the case of that Kony clown(where is he?) They don’t give a shit to be blunt unless it feeds into their psyche as being basically ‘good’. Out of sight out of mind, unless “you can enhance my self-esteem” is their clarion call.

    15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.

    What privileges? The scary thing is that many do not see it as such, they are oblivious. To me that is scarier than the ones who are cognizant of their privileges(very few as it turns out). Why? The ones who are either ignorant or vaguely aware of their privileges are easier to manipulate and mislead into atrocities such as that demon pictured at the top of your post. Look how he lead the ignorant masses to war. What’s the most scariest? The masses were ready to be lead! Those naysayers who refer to the after effects of the first world war, the Weimar Republic and the ensuing hyper inflation as factors in Hitler’s rise are abdicating their morality(if they really had them to begin with). There were people who fought against this clown before the onset of the second world War, so ignorance or apathy is no excuse.

    16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone:

    This is where you and me part ways in regards to whites pretending to be oblivious to their privileges. The vast majority are oblivious, either wilfully or not. Who wants to be seen as mean and dastardly especially when they help the negroes in Haiti or some other downtrodden country they helped put in those dire circumstances to begin with? They just ain’ t that smart, something I can attest to having for the earlier part of my life, grown up almost exclusively among them. This view has only been enhanced throughout the years. Other black people who grew up in similar circumstances and are ‘aware’, or who become ‘aware’ can attest to this. Most are one trick ponies, one dimensional beings who want to stay ignorant. You brainwash em and let the chips fall were they may. The initial brainwashing took pretty good wouldn’t you say?

    17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views.

    Being culturally and therefore psychologically amoral, why would they? It is not in their interests. They are artists at deluding themselves. If they feel threatened, they will fight back, history will repeat itself. Being numerically small in comparison with the white populace in both Canada and the States, we also make handy scapegoats. A scary thought!

    19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.

    If slavery were reinstated, the ‘mixed’ population would go up 100%. All those black women who complain that white men don’t look at them, marry or date them, will not have this problem any more whether they like it or not. I don’t know about the marriage and dating part, but there will be plenty of white ‘boyfriends’ at their disposal, if you call rape and sexual coercion ‘dating’ or in the case of the coercion aspects, ‘marriage’. Maybe being some white man’s doxie won’t be too bad under these circumstances. For a first hand account of slavery there is the book:


    21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else.

    They give ol Scratch a run for his money. there are demon’s in hell weeping at white folks follies.

  39. Hernie

    Soooooo…Dr. Wright and Amos Wilson were 100% correct then?

  40. tymetra

    Bless you for taking in your nieces and nephews. Yes, we are a confused race are we not? We’re so downtrodden and easily turned against each other, it’s no wonder we implode.

    As for homeschooling:

    Have you heard of Dr. Baruti? He and his wife began a homeschooling program for our children.

    I can provide you with a link. In fact, I put his info on the “My gift to the black family” post.

  41. Soooooo…Dr. Wright and Amos Wilson were 100% correct then?

    I am not aware of these two authors, but if they are saying similar things, than I agree with them. I must look them up. What is Dr. Wright’s full name so I can look up his writings?

  42. Hernie

    It’s Bobby Wright. The book is listed above.

  43. blackmystory on said:

    My sister, keep in mind the energy vampires will always come around when the energy is popping tight. You don’t need that devil to validate what you say, he and they just come her to distract us once again. I overstand why you did it, but sometimes we really have to be autocratic when dealing with Yurugu. This is the only way to keep the vampire at bay.

    Good post though! bad dog Chris, bad dog!

  44. mary burrell on said:

    @blackmystory; Bad dog Chris, bad dog. Adog with rabies is more like it. And you know what needs to be done to rabid dogs. I’m just saying.

  45. Ha! You read and agree with some blogger accusing whites of all being like Hitler, but then call for my murder!? Hypocrisy and racism. A bad combo there scary mary.

  46. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth
    This post gets 4 stars! Another Sister Truth classic! I’m sure this post will run some people the wrong way. Oh well.,…that’s life. The truth usually does that at times.lol

  47. @ Blackmystory

    Funny, isn’t it? When I feel most connected to The Most High, whites come looking for us.

    Go figure.

  48. If dont like the reponses you always have the option of not reading this blog.

  49. Chris

    I don’t fell like playing with the European. I only let you on here to prove my point. And you’ve done that beautifully. Watch how you talk to my family or you’ll be banned.

  50. Thanks Your Highness.

  51. blackmystory on said:

    One of our problems as a spiritual people is that very same spirituality allows us to always offer the hand of reconciliation and kindness to those not deserving of it. If we ever ponder that Yurugu kills our children in the womb (without complicity of course) kill our children as infants, teens and pre-teens, murder us every day or create an atmosphere where we can be murdered, then we will overstand what war is about. Since we only see conventional warfare and not the guerilla ones, of subtlety and underhandedness, we in out immaturity sincerely believe that Yurugu has some huemanity. I am not advocating wasting energies hating, because you don’t really hate the cockroach you kill, you just don’t like their presence. This character Chris is like that cockroach. More energy to waste than you or I, but if you kill it, it is replaced, so you eliminate it by not allowing it in your sacred space. Anybody on here that are not hp to the game they play don’t overstand White Supremacy and is therefore confused. Let’s not be confused.

  52. blackmystory on said:

    *** I meant with our complicity!!!

  53. mary burrell on said:

    Negress, This Chris is a sad character. He is scary because he is a teacher with young impressionable minds. He hates those kids. I will use an old idiom fom the old people in my family. “A hit dog will holler. And Chris being said hit dog hollered. He reacted to what you said by spewing his vomitus on this blogspot. He was behaving like a rabid dog. I was reacting to his hateful racist rantings. I would say some self reflection is due on that individual’s part. Your post just proved that the power points you made are true of individuals who are apart of white supremacy. Peace and blessings.

  54. mary burrell on said:

    This was an excelent post those who are part of the evil system of white supremacy need to be exposed for the vile creatures they are.

  55. mary burrell on said:


  56. mary burrell on said:

    @Chris; If this post didn’t apply to you why come on here spewing your hatred for black people? I would say some self introspection needs to be done on your part sir. I was responding to your hate speech. I have nothing but pity for people like you actually. You are apart of the problem that is being a white supremist. If you really wanted to be part of the solution which I doubt then you wouldn’t have come on this blogspot with your venomous rantings. Examine yourself sir. Try to understand why we feel the way we do.

  57. Miss Mary

    Chris totally proved my point. Thank you Chris.

  58. mary burrell on said:

    The truth hurts Sister Truth.

  59. Sure does. Dontcha love how they spew hatred and contempt our way for centuries but can’t handle it when we tell them who they are?

    That’s why I said up above “being unable to reflect.”

  60. mary burrell on said:

    And respond with anger and hate speech instead of doing the working of really examing their hearts to see if these things apply to them. And if it’s true fix the problem and not be apart of the solution. I guess I’m asking for too much.

  61. mary burrell on said:

    I meant ix the problem. Be a part of the solution. Don’t participate in this evil system. Help other white people see why they are wrong for participating in this demonic system. I remember when Barak Obama was running for president. People were angry at Jeremiah Wright. He didn’t say anything that was not true. He pretty much said the same thing you talked about in your post. But some white people can’t handle the truth. It’s kind of like you said unable to reflect. Yes Chris proved your point.

  62. mary burrell on said:

    *fix* forgive my typos. I’m really worked up now. I’m very angry. I need to go eat my breakfast now. Peace to you Sister Truth.

  63. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks sis. Your last few posts have been outstanding. You’re really on a roll. We have to keep up the same pace in 2013. WE can’t give this Beast a moment to breathe.

  64. @blackmystory–everything you said is so on point. They declared war on black people long ago and it seems a lot of us don’t want to admit that. I understand it’s scary to know that the minions of Satan have you in their cross hairs, but I also see it as comforting–you know that you are on the side of the Creator/ righteousness if they see you as the enemy. B/c believe me, they know their own.

  65. Here is a lengthy, interesting interview between Tariq Nasheed and a guy who says that he is trying to challenge his own racism.

  66. Kushite Prince on said:

    @blackmystory “One of our problems as a spiritual people is that very same spirituality allows us to always offer the hand of reconciliation and kindness to those not deserving of it. If we ever ponder that Yurugu kills our children in the womb (without complicity of course) kill our children as infants, teens and pre-teens, murder us every day or create an atmosphere where we can be murdered, then we will overstand what war is about. Since we only see conventional warfare and not the guerilla ones, of subtlety and underhandedness, we in out immaturity sincerely believe that Yurugu has some humanity.”

    You’re right on point brother!

  67. Crissjensen on said:

    Wow! another excellent and post. you rock Negress!!

  68. Your my favorite bloger!! hands down! 🙂

  69. Negress,

    Fantastic post!! I read your “21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t want to Hear” and was wondering if you were also going to write one about white folks…Well, Here it is!!

  70. Mickey

    Thanks again!

  71. Great post! Negress.

  72. Yes. George Carlin also spoke out against the Zionist Regime. And…Paul Mooney on the Monique show.

  73. blackmystory on said:

    My Sister, for the longest time I keep hearing about this Tim Wise person and I have chosen not to try and get to know anything about him. Not because I don’t believe I can get knowledge from a multitude of sources, but because the narrative is of this Caucasian who was Champion of African cause and defending us against White Supremacy. This narrative made me suspicious and based on that I felt this was bullshit that the feeble minded hang on to because we are still looking for a “white “messiah. When I heard you mention he was a Khazaar, I knew my suspicion was genuine. That mountain tribe has never done anything for us except suck our blood.

    This is another reason why I never bought that John Brown Harpers Ferry shit neither. In ancient times we used Yurugu in our military as mercenaries, but it was a time when we ran things and they had no power. Yet we see what happened as soon as our power declined? Today we don’t run shit but our mouth, so Yurugu don’t need to speak or take up arms for our cause. Not without a secondary benefit for themselves. Especially not during the period of our internment on plantations when we were abused worse than the buffalo, and you know what they did with those beasts.

    I see characters like Time Wise as wanting to be a modern day John Brown, leading us astray, like Jim Jones and his whatchu may call it temple in Guyana.

  74. have you seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XchRGZtdcY
    about they Obama Girl’s!

  75. Leave Obama alone white guy. and get your “FACTS” strightout before going and telling lies about them. DUH!!

  76. Blackmystory

    Wait til I do a post on this “liberator”. Your gut is correct.

  77. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! @ Yurugu…. dumb fucks

  78. I think this post is balanced and is only the flip-side of the previous post “21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want To Hear”. The previous post was entirely self-critical and was specifically written and specifically directed for us Black people who want to know about those things we need to work on and consider for our self-improvement.

    21HTWDWTH contains specific truths that whites need to reflect upon and acknowledge regarding their deficiencies. Just as we as Black people have to face up to our weaknesses, whites have to do the same thing. The end game is called justice, the antithesis of system of racism (mistreatment).

    “The vast majority of blacks don’t pay taxes. The vast majority of them are on some entitlement program.”

    It has been proven with facts and hard numbers that there are more people who classify themselves as white who are benefiting financially, socially dependent and creating personal/group wealth by using tax-payer financed government programs, entitlement programs, camouflaged affirmative-action programs for whites, tax subsidies, tax credits, corporate welfare, corporate subsidies, housing grants, home mortgage interest deductions, college loans, college grants, business loans, business grants, etc., etc., etc., not to mention all of the other migrant, non-citizen, non-Black, visa-holding people who still come into the country, both legally and illegally, to benefit from the same government system that are financed by Black income taxpayers and Black businesses. Comparatively, it has also been proven with facts and hard numbers that show how Black people are financially exploited and pay MORE than their share of all-inclusive taxes in this country and receive LESS amounts of public benefits relative to whites and others. Black people are natural-born citizens, buy homes, serve in the military, are military veterans, civil servants, private business owners, investors, educators, entrepreneurs, just like many other ethnic group, and are still exploited through higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, financial redlining, living mostly in communities that are depleted of appropriated public funds for community development, school construction and enhancement, public parks, economic development projects and other taxpayer-financed amenities that whites take for granted in their neighborhoods and enclaves and ignorantly claim as being built with “their” hard-earned tax dollars and all of the other propagandistic b.s. that has been used for centuries to disparage Blacks as being too lazy to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” and other rhetorical nonsense that whites have used as a psychological defense while hiding the true economic/political/social framework behind the system of racism that has been used to favor of exclusively whites and to the exclusion, disadvantage and destruction of communities populated by Black people and people of Color.

    Don’t get me started on taxes!

    Instead, read these books:

    “Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search For Power and Economic Justice” by Dr. Claude Anderson.

    “Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You with the Bill)” by David Cay Johnston.

    As long as whites think Black people are ignorant relative to that stereotype of “If you want hide something from Black people, put it inside a book,” then they can run circles around you head.

  79. @Negress

    The truth doesn’t give a damn’ about anybody or anything. When it shows itself, it will be crystal clear for all to see. Whites know this, which is why they fight like hell to keep intelligent and fearless black folk from being heard by the masses. They’ve been successful for a long time, but, not forever. Whites can only infect stupid and naive black people, which is why we need to move the aforementioned blacks out of the way. The black crab syndrome is how whites keep us divided. We tolerate the foolishness of our own, who are supported by whites behind the scenes.


  80. I am SO pleased to see that black people get it. Yes, ultimately it is the Khazars who are behind white supremacy. I would take what you said a step further. It’s not so much about termination as it is: association of blackness with savagery. By extension all Africans are savages. Which allows the Khazars to extract millions of dollars of natural resources every day out of Africa without the slightest investigation or protest by whites AND blacks. Keep your eye on the BIG picture. They do.

  81. @ blackmystory, i know right! dumb f**K’s.

  82. have you seen this Negess.

  83. why feminism puts black women last?? like black trash! and blackmen help join in to put black women on the bottom at that.

  84. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Chris…wait, you are a teacher? With Black students? And with that racist mentality? I’m not surprised but I am sad for the children you are “teaching”.

    I don’t want to engage with you, but I will address some of the points you made, if only to educate you since you claim to be a teacher but prefer to show ignorance.

    #3. Not all Black women straighten their hair and the ones that do, do it for different reasons. Slavery created a legacy of self-hatred in some people and since white folks were among the first to tell Black women that their African features were ugly, they were brainwashed. This has been passed down through generations. Some Black women love their natural hair but never learned to take care of it properly so they put a relaxer in it. So I guess the answer is that some Black women wish they had straight hair because they want to be white or some other race, and some Black women don’t want to be white…but they simply don’t know how to deal with their natural hair.

    And if you want to be schooled further on this matter, when African slaves were first brought to America and the Caribbean, they did not have resources for skin/hair care available to them. They did not have combs and oils and shea butter like we do today. Hell, it has only been recently that the market has expanded to include good beauty supplies for Black women and not products of an inferior quality.

    Let’s not forget the fact that Black girls/women have been harassed and fired from jobs (or denied opportunities) if they dared to wear their hair in its natural state. So before you start putting us down and saying that white women are better, you need to educate yourself. And it is the same with Black men liking light-skinned women….some of them are brainwashed to prefer light skin, while others do not. You are not a Black man so you can’t speak on what all Black men like in a woman. BTW, some Black and mixed-race women (with Black mothers) are extremely light-skinned so I hope that dispels your theory that we are all coal-black and that men don’t want us. We come in an array of different shades.

    #4. Africa is f*cked up because white people helped f*ck it up…get that through your thick skull. The colonizers of bygone centuries were greedy and they wouldn’t rest until they pillaged every continent in the world. If that meant killing/enslaving/raping/subjugating, they would do it. White people of today are not responsible for what happened in the past, but they should at least acknowledge what occurred and not deny it.

    #6. The word “nigger” doesn’t bother you because you probably say it when you’re in the company of like-minded people. And while I will agree that some Black people say terrible things about white people, did you ever stop to think that it was in backlash to the way they’ve been treated?

    #9. Sounds like that guy was self-hating. Men like him will express views like that…he can’t speak for all Black men, though. He is just one guy expressing his frustration with the Black women he has encountered. I hate to ruin your little fantasy (and his), but not all white women are beautiful and kind. There are some WW who definitely are very beautiful and kind, but let’s not pretend that they are all angels. I’ve seen some Black men with some of the most trashy, ugly, broke-down white females and their whiteness is the only reason these guys were with them…not to mention the sexually twisted things that some white women will do, that a self-respecting Black woman will not. But let him have his greasy-haired white dogs and put them up on a pedestal.

    #11. White people have more brains and higher IQ’s? I won’t even talk about this one. And people seriously pay YOU to teach their children, dude?

    #15. You said: “those who work hard and earn money, have no reason to feel ashamed”. So what you’re saying is that Black people don’t work hard and earn money? Newsflash…more Black people (both male and female) are attending colleges and holding down jobs. Some of them work harder and earn more than you can ever imagine. Not every Black person is lazy and inferior, like you obviously believe. And not every white person is hard-working and intelligent. Most Black people work very hard for what they have, if not more, than the average white person who sits on their ass whining about “reverse racism”.

  85. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Chris…I have a serious question for you. If you have a problem with Black people, why are you on this site? What are you trying to accomplish?

    Furthermore, the majority of Blacks are NOT on “some entitlement program”. There are many Black folks who work for a living and pay their taxes despite people like you who believe otherwise. No, you would rather live in some delusional world where Blacks are criminals/bad/dumb/lazy/ugly and all whites are intelligent/pure/hard-working/good.

    And you’re a fine one to call anyone racist when you clearly came to this site to stir up trouble.

  86. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Negress…I love your site and I don’t want to overstep my bounds by telling you how to run it, but can you PLEASE ban this troll who keeps coming on here? I don’t know what he/she/it is trying to do, but please keep the trolls out.

  87. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Crissjensen…I won’t bash feminism because the concept was well-intentioned and it helped with civil rights in some ways. But I agree that for the most part, it was for the benefit of white women. Other women (esp. Black women) were viewed as afterthoughts. This is why some Black women refuse to identify themselves as “feminists” but instead see themselves as “womanists” because that is more inclusive.

    Feminism isn’t evil but it is mainly for white women who are pissed off at white men and too blind to see their own privilege. When I was younger, I viewed myself as a feminist until I realized that the so-called “sisterhood” didn’t benefit me or include women like me. Most Black women can’t afford to side with these hardcore white feminists because our own femininity was stripped away from us with stereotypes and we need to reclaim it.

    I think feminism is part of the reason for the dysfunction with Black men and women. Some Black women fell for the okey-doke and thought they were joining in some revolution with their white “sisters” but it really did very little to benefit them. Some Black women started to confuse strength/dignity with emasculating men, which is pretty much what the white women were doing with their own husbands at the time.

  88. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Chris…I, for one, do not hate all white people. And I don’t see all whites as “evil” or “ugly”. I do not see all white people as my enemy. But it’s funny that white people often say the worst things about Black people and y’all think it’s OK because it’s just an accepted “truth” in your minds that Black people are inferior. Look at sites like Stormfront and even Chimpout. Plenty of hateful bashing over there, but you don’t say anything about that.

    Yet when a Black person turns it around, you have a problem with it. If you white folks can have your opinions about us, we can also have certain feelings about you. It’s only fair, wouldn’t you say? It’s funny that you claim Black people have a “pity party” but isn’t that what you are doing here, on this site?

  89. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    If you want to know more about the sexual exploitation of black women on Jamaican plantation, I would recommend the Thistlewood Diaries. Thomas Thistlewood was an overseers that kept detailed diaries of plantation life. The link below is to a pdf of chapter 7. It’s called “The Sexual Life of a Jamaican Slave overseer.He rapes hundreds of slaves on about 3 plantations and spreads STI.

    Click to access Burnard.pdf

  90. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    When Bobby Seale was the head of the BPP he had a subordinate discipline Elaine Brown with 10 lashes on her back with a whip. They were not emasculated by black women Cinnamondiva. You should read the actual writings of those black women to find out why they left the BPP. You are regurgitating black male victimology lies about revolutionary black women.

    “For instance, the Black Panther party used to publish a newspaper in which Elaine Brown was one of the editors. At one time, it happened that Brown (1994) had delayed with the newspaper’s production by one hour. In response to this action, the tough disciplinarian Bobby Seale sought to find out who had caused this delay. When it was revealed that the editing took longer than required, Seale commanded his subordinates to disciple Elaine Brown. They did this by flogging her with ten lashes on her back. Brown (1994) explains that while going through the beating, she was “burning with rage” at the actions of her leader Seale who seemed to be applying double standards in the administration of justice within this party. ”


  91. @The Alchemist
    Thanks for these comments.

    The Panther Party was a misogynist operation (in the attempt to take back power from the white racist structure, black men viewed control of black women as the key to gaining the manhood lost to racism). Black women were pushed aside for the white lovers of the black men in the party. I believe Angela Davis also wrote about the misogyny within the party. Marriages between black women & white men decreased during & after the Civil Rights/Panther movements, due to black policing & indoctrination of black women to view ONLY white men as the enemy to black independence & equality. While indoctrinating them to be silent & tolerant (though resentful) of bm/ww relationships.

    Also, it needs to come to light that slave women & girls were not only raped by white men, but also by male slaves. I believe these rapes occurred because of resentment on the part of black male slaves who were powerless against the white power structure. The slave quarters were sometimes just as dangerous to slave women & girls as the white men in & visiting the “Big House” were.

  92. mary burrell on said:

    @Alchemist; I read a little on that Thistlewood demon, I feel he is burning in hell. I read about some of the atrocities of this beast.

  93. I just read this interesting article about the ’empathy deficit’ & wondered if you (Negress) have already discussed this in relation to white supremacy/white skin privilege?

  94. @Tymetravel–You have an interesting take on history.

  95. Okay, Thanks!

  96. Thanks, for that link.

  97. The Hated One on said:

    I hate that my white skin offends U. I also hate that U want 2 put me in the same group as Hitler. I can’t stand the fact that U like 2 think that all white people R out 2 get U. But the most hurtful thing 2 me is that bc some stupid white people did a horrible thing a long time ago U hate me. I am not a racist. I am not out 2 get anybody. I never owned a slave and I am certainly not proud of what a bunch of evil white people did 2 those black people over a hundred years ago. Yes there R some white racist out there but from what I’ve read on this site there are black racist 2. It will never stop bc U don’t want it 2 stop.

  98. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    A lot of people like to pretend that the only people that raped black women during slavery were white men. Black men have a difficult time understanding that they can be victims and victimizers at the same time.

    From the late poet Pat Parker:

    I don’t want to hear
    how my real enemy
    is the system.
    I’m no genius,
    but i do know
    that system
    you hit me with
    is called
    a FIST.

  99. Tyrone on said:


    As blackmen, we should champion all that is good and just for women on this planet. As is noted, females are a protected class. Meaning, society has a moral duty to ensure their well-being. What we call feminism in today’s time is “White Female Priviledge. Blackwomen are welcomed into the ranks as cover for whitewomen who seek to enrich themselves and their white sisters. As for blackmen, we’re guilty as charged. Blackwomen in Sudan are raped by white arabs, not a peep from so-called black muslims. Sistas are raped by blackmen in Congo, no outrage about our black sisters being treated with disdain by their black brothers who are supposed to protect them from harm. Blackwomen are the only innocent party out of the 4, they have done no harm to anyone, but are hated the most because she loves herself more than others love themselves.


  100. @The Hated One

    “white people did a horrible thing a long time ago” When did White supremacy end?

  101. The Hated One on said:

    I didn’t say it did. I ‘m not blind. However I am not a white suprimacist. You want to believe that every white person is and that is wrong. I said racism won’t stop because you don’t want it to stop.

  102. CRT recognizes that racism is engrained [sic] in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.[3]

    Sir/Madam, you do not have to be a ‘racist'(as you insist, on an individual level), it’s the society as a whole which is inherently racist and white supremest. As a ‘white’ person you may not realize this but you are an unwitting perpetrator of this racist ideology. You are so blind to your privileges that you may not realize this. Blacks cannot be racist as the opposite of superiority is inferiority with blacks being perceived as the ‘inferior’. Hence, so called black ‘racism’ is in reality reactions to the ongoing yolk of living in a white supremest society. There may be some blacks who espouse prejudice, but even that is a reaction to white supremacy, so I don’t know if I’d call that prejudice or ignorance. Anywho, hated one(talk about paranoia), that’s enough lessons in negrology for you today, GFYS, got it?

  103. Thanks, but it’s not MY take on history. I actually read books on history. Learning should be a life-long endeavor 😀

  104. The Hated One on said:

    Hope you have the guts to really watch this and study. May not agree with it but at the end of the day it is something to think about. Does’t really matter what I say. You keep doing what you do. Wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.

  105. @ Hated One

    Do you know why I allow your comments to go through? To show the members of my family that you, The Caucasian, are completely and totally unable to self-reflect.

    I’m going to give you the same advice I give ALL whites that dare to challenge the system that your forefathers created.

    Instead of coming on here to “prove a point”, which you won’t be able to do, go back to your own people and show them the error of their ways. Teach them why the world is the way it is.

    Explain to them the definition of colonialism and show them how their arrogance will be their eventual downfall.

    Then tell them that blacks want NOTHING to do with them. Tell them to leave us alone in peace for all eternity.

    Then go away and never return to this tiny spot that I created just for my people. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.

  106. “Tell them to leave us alone in peace for all eternity.”–
    I’d like some of whatever it is you are drankin’ on. lol..THAT will never happen. They can’t find peace and so that means that they won’t let anybody else have any peace either.

  107. Crissjensen on said:

    Thank you Negress! for allowing his comments to go through. we all see what you’re talking about when it comes to these kind of PPL. Great post!!

  108. @ The Hated One, (which by the way you desever to be called, so, the name fits) why do whites like act as if they dont know what they did to my people?
    dont you know you still benefit from the “RACIST WHITE SYSTEM” that you’re mean spirited forefathers put in place. Hmm!

    What Negress said in this post is spot on.

  109. I have love for those who continue to oppressive to my people and then wanna play dumb about it, sorry! it’s not gonna fly this time around. we see right thur ya!!

  110. Tyrone on said:


    All of the aforementioned black power groups that sprung up during the civil rights movement were anti-blackwoman. As you stated, blackmen ignored the racism of whitewomen just so they could have sexual relations with them. In their twisted logic, there’s no way in hell whitewomen can be racist. Whitewomen are the puppetmaster behind the curtain, all blackmen know this. Good blackmen are loners, no-good blackmen operate in groups. The Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, Bloods, Crips, etc. The common link between all of them…they don’t love blackwomen as much as they claim. This applies to politics and religion as well. The vast majority of so-called politicians and preachers in the US are sexist, and have been for a long time. When a blackman is harmed or mistreated, they want all of us to jump up. When a blackwoman is in pain, they remain silent or muted about the suffering of their black sisters. Tyrone loves blackwomen, not blackmen. I respect blackmen that love blackwomen…F**k The Rest. The blackmen in my family and close friends i have love for. Blackmen in totality, i don’t have respect for a lot of so-called blackmen right now, being brutally honest. Real blackmen should always live for their sistas…Not Man! Men will always fall short, i’ve accepted this harsh truth about the male species. When blackmen realize that it’s not about us, it’s about Negress and other like-minded carbon women. Love flows from the female to male…all of us are female from birth. I fear blackwomen, i don’t want sistas to be disappointed in me as a blackman. Fear is not always a negative. Positive fear is a good thing. A blackwoman rising from the ocean, four black arms reaching for her from the clouds…Black Love


  111. verbs2012 on said:

    The problem with the so called European man is that he is a master dodger of accountability. He is anti life and will never accept the responsibility his crimes against humanity aswell as the planet earth. That is exactly why the Most High is going to utterly destroy the so called white man and he will use the so called Negro to accomplish this task.

    This analysis concurs with exactly what I have been saying about the so called white man, his lifestyle, behaviour and what his end will be. You cannot continue to destroy others around you and not think that a strong recompense will not visit you in the future.

    So called white people, you are being put on notice, prepare to accept your cup of judgement, you will drink down your recompense undiluted at full strength and if you refuse to drink, you will be made to gulp down the salary of your actions by force. Would you like some ice and a straw with that beverage?

  112. lol!! I mean. I have NO!love for those who continue to oppressive to my people and then wanna play dumb about it, sorry! it’s not gonna fly this time around. we see right thur ya!! SORRY for the big mistake my people.

  113. Mickey on said:

    Here is another gem from Neely Fuller, Jr.

  114. I love this post. All of the things you posted was true about Whites! I wish they could wake up and realize that they aren’t superior. Everyone is the same in God’s eyes. However most White AmeriKKKlans will never wake up and realize that.

  115. @Adeen. No baby it’s YOU have to KNOW that they’re NOT SUPERIOR

  116. Leviqueen on said:

    I love this post!!! 100% true and accurate based on historic facts!!
    #22 Deep down white people know we are the Original race, the Master race and the Parent race who produced all races on the planet!!!
    God I love knowing who I am and the truth!! There is nothing in the world a pale face cave dwelling leprous soulless demon can say to me that could possibly offend me!!! LOL!!! The Most High is good!!!!

  117. Thank you for this. I am light skinned with light eyes and hair. I personally don’t like the term white because of the disparity it sets up, but I am aware of the privilege it comes with. I have come from evil, controlling people and have spent my entire life attempting to understand my fellow “white people” as they have always mystified me with their hypocrisy and contradictions. Through my research I have come to fully understand the influence of the blue eyed mutation and how its spread across the globe mirrors that of the enslavement of humanity. For instance the people at the top of all the pyramidal hierarchies all over the globe all have various genetic markers uniting them together (including Ashkenazis having European mitochondrial dna and upper caste Indians having European dna from way before the British empire invaded). I have taken many long, hard looks at the various Americans I know, and have recently been asking blue eyed people if they feel it is harder for them to not be evil, and most have agreed!!! My eyes are gray but to most people I get lumped in with the blue eyes, but I feel grateful that I do have some non European dna so I have a soul, but being raised as a white female has made it difficult. I can’t identify with most of my fellow Americans because I don’t agree with mass exploitation and being parasites depending on others to make my life more comfortable. I am treated as though I have mental illness because I see the truth about the evil we come from and I choose not to participate in the further exploitation of the planet. I get crap for downplaying my looks by wearing used clothing and not spending money ob makeup and obsessing over the history of humankinds enslavement to evil blue eyed overlords instead of obsessing over fashion and reality tv. I have recently lived in the whitest place I have ever lived and the town is full of hippies that are basically nazis in tye dye instead of jack boots. I am sickened and disgusted to have to be lumped in with these people. I am doing my part (not reproducing) and plan on waking people up to their evil nature so the people who do have souls, like I do, will stop idolizing the evildoers at the top and recognize their evil tendencies are genetics and culture and while we can’t alter our dna, we can be aware that the lighter ones eyes, the more one has to struggle to let their soul free. And to stop trying to be soulless like our evil psychopathic leaders who have been spreading their virus, I mean genes, all over this planet like the psychopathic rapists they are.

    This probably sounds like the manifesto of a self hating white woman, but I honestly am finally able to love myself because I have given myself permission to not have to be the woman this culture and my genetic heritage have fooled me into thinking I was. That me wasn’t me. I have tried to be an evil white person just going along with the exploitation of humanity, but it has made me sick. Knowing that there are others who are also sick from the programs gives me hope that maybe thete are more white people who got lucky enough to have non european dna and have souls as well.

    Please know that while, yes, it seems as though most white people, especially the light eyed ones, are evil, there are some of us who are completely disgusted by all of this and are choosing not to reproduce. And yes, I find it beyond coincidence that the only people immune to hiv are of northern European descent (including a percentage of Ashkenazis). That goes way beyond coincidence and of course people who are white and talk like me get labeled schizophrenic if they are not careful. Our psychiatric system has ensured that those of us awake enough to see reality for what it is are marginalized and demonized as though we are not good enough at being evil beings to be a part of society. But fuck them. They cant scare me. God doesn’t have their back. God doesn’t approve of any of their evil shit and I can’t either. And the dact that God has been used as justification for enslavement of humanity to the special privileged class makes me want to vomit.
    I hope that you can take this with the spirit of which it is intended. I am not trying to school any of you. Just want to make sure that you know that there are those of us who listen and see and know in our hearts that the evil cannot continue. There are those of us who completely reject our evil heritage and are capable of caring about our fellow human beings. I wish I could speak for more, but sadly, I have met only a handful so far. It’s a lonely existence. When I rail against the blue eyed devil I am seen as a traitor or a phoney depending on who is listening. But what matters is what I know in my soul to be true and there could be no worse punishment or torture they could inflict on me than I have experienced by trying (very unsuccessfully because I have a soul) to be a white American. I cannot live with the victimization of others so a few can feel powerful. So I will continue to live on the periphery of our evil culture and wake white people up to the struggle against the evil in their nature. I do hope that people will one day accept that not all white people are evil and that some of us can be valuable allies in the crusade to free humanity from her chains. Because while most still think they have privileg, most have no idea that that is where their weakness truly is and that one of these days soob the real rich and powerful elite will yank what’s left out from under them and they will realize that they have been glorified house slaves all this time. When the banking elite who truly don’t care about me any more than they do a child in Indonesia decide its time to move us free range chickens to the factory farms it will be too late. Hope to wake some more folks up so maybe we can all realize that we have more in common with each other (well those of us who are not complete psychopaths) than we do with those psychopathic, almost alien, reptilian descendents of Cain (there’s a reason that one of the secrets of the Freemasons is that they worship Tubal Cain) that truly control our planet.
    So yeah, some of us crazy white women are actually quite sane… they just keep telling us we are crazy because we reject their evil notion of sanity.

  118. Sarah

    Thank you for your honesty.

  119. Thank you so much for this enlightening article. As a white person, I have always been depressed and not understanding of why I was given the body of one of God’s natural evils. I hate most white people and their views and do not see eye to eye with them at all. But people of color also refuse to acknowledge me because of my anscestors’ evil background. However, if my skin color makes me naturally evil, but i don’t feel evil on the inside and do not wish to carry out evil deeds, but because of my natural evilness you described cannot possibly have empathy or care about the needs of others, then what on earth is my purpose? Thanks to your article, i now realize i best serve the earth by not being here at all. Thank you so much for shining the light on what i can best do to serve humanity! By committing suicide, I can purge the earth of one less pinked skinned devil. Before I go I will also do my best to bring awareness to the Mass Suicide of Whites to all whites who will listen. The best thing we can do is to not be here at all. Thank you so much for showing me my destiny.

  120. Déborah on said:

    Dear Negress I need your advice,

    I live outside the US but I work for a white American family – I teach the children French (English is not my first language) while the parents go to school to learn it because they’re beginners.

    They seemed very nice and cool at first but something awkward happened recently – the father and I were talking about the Spanish language (that I also speak almost fluently) because I heard a word on TV so I translated that word for him in English.
    It turned out he already knew what the word meant but he seemed quite offended that I “rushed” to translate it to him. My intentions were not bad at all but I think he took it as arrogance.

    A couple of days later, he gave me specific directions about how I should teach French to his kids, which is something he never did before.
    It’s like I’m not doing my job right but there’s something even worse, I think the mother mocked me in a very subtle way, so subtle that I can’t tell if it’s just me or she really did mock me. I can never tell if their smiles are geniune or fake… but my guts tell me it’s the latter one.

    I’m a young full-blooded African woman that is college educated and knows four languages, so do you think it hurt their ego when a younger supposedly low-IQ African woman dared to try teaching them something?
    Did I add insult to injury by wearing my hair in its healthy natural state?
    Am I paranoid or overreacting?

    I read your blog carefully and you often talk about their projection disease therefore I think the father projected his arrogance on me and then blamed me for it.

    Should I quit my job? I would love your advice and my brothers and sisters are welcome to give theirs too.

  121. Deborah

    I can’t tell you to quit your job. That’s a decision only you can make. However, if you feel in your gut that you are being mocked and they’re threatened by your multilingual skills, you need to trust that feeling.

    And as for wearing your hair in its natural state…Whites are threatened by you not just for your hair and skin but for the simple fact that you exist.

    Good luck in whatever decision you choose.

    Sis Truth

  122. mewmewmew on said:

    i love this so much. it’s so sad that white people now run around playing victim. they went straight from victimizing to playing victim with nothing in between. now they run around crying saying everyone is rude to them. not our fault people are finally realizing what an ugly and disgusting race they truly are.

  123. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 on said:


    I have been following your blog for awhile now and you have done a great job on helping others become more aware of what is really happening under the SOR and what kind of people we as the African Diaspora are dealing with. Keep up the Good Work!

    I have started my own blog a month ago and have sent you an invitation to come check it out when you have some free time. How do I get your email so that I can email you about how to order some of your products cause I do not see your email address when I click on your profile?

  124. I just sent you an email…please let me know if you receive it. Thanks.

  125. Thewonderer on said:

    How do white people find a ALL BLACK PEOPLES blog? Why do white people feel the need to comment on a ALL BLACK PEOPLES blog? Why do white people confuse black anger or black counter racism with racism? Why white people don’t understand a black person CANNOT BE A RACIST because no black person have the systematic institutional power, privilege, nor the historical benefit today which came from free slave labor yesterday to execute or exercise racism in it true form? Why do white find black blogs and waist time commenting on them and responding to rebuttals when they should and could be out enjoying the white privilege they inherited?

  126. @ The Wonderer

    Because white privilege ALLOWS them the mindset, money and TIME to do it.

  127. nuclearnuttery on said:

    Thank you for writing.
    I’m a former Air Force troop who happens to be white, but is very unhappy with the condition of America. None of us seems to have been raised specifically with peacemaking in mind — even kids brought up in a relatively racially neutral environment pick up on negative labels and repeat them — there’s a lot of work left to do.

    As our culture changes due to modern technology/distraction, of course I do have concern that some of what’s being done under the guise of “progress” is actually boredom. We should not be doing things that make life harder for other members of our (or any!) race.

    I hope that people do the responsible thing, building a good future for all born into this world, instead of setting everyone back by being excessively violent.

    It’s very hard to be “better than” one’s enemy!
    This is a big chance to show that these people have great potential for good.
    The whole world is watching to see what ultimately happens in America.

    Could the “Great Experiment” be over so quickly? 🙂 I hope not!

  128. I have become quite interested in all this sort of stuff. I can tell you that most white people honestly do not have some evil master plan lol and I for one believe all people are born equal with equal capabilities regardless of race. I certainly do not believe that white people are better than Black people and I embrace the fact that we are all of African origin so are all family. So…. white people were black people that got cut off behind glaciers etc hundreds of thousands of years ago and over time changed skin colour. Its as simple as that. Now in more recent history, the white races have committed atrocious wrongs against black people, namely slavery, and only a fool would disagree that blacks were very wronged here. Im afraid we have all inherited a right old mess and its a good person, black or white, that can try to move on and treat people equally. I still believe there is a difference in “cultures” and certain behavior traits that are stronger within these cultures, (good and bad) but that’s not an inherent “racial” factor. I think that Black people on the whole in America have a right to feel pissed off as they are descendants of people taken there against there will and didn’t choose to be born there and still get a rough deal. I certainly do not blame them for not wanting to fight for the usa (no disrespect to white Americans). As I said its a mess but if I may make one criticism of your post. You loose credibility as you are racist im afraid. There are some lovely black people and some lovely white people and I think we should try to “be that person”. I do not feel as pessimistic as most, I think we will get there and in any case, in a thousand years time everyone will look the same. Just the way I feel but hey….Oh and by the way…I would hope I would never use the N word as I appreciate its cruel undertones and its history (although I believe its black peoples prerogative to use the word if they wish). I have lots of white friends and I know how they work…most just want to get on with their lives and although they wouldn’t necessarily deny they benefit from white privillage, lifes not easy for them either….get up…go to work…pay bills….go to bed…get up…go to work…pay bills…go to bed….get up …go to work ….you get the picture.

  129. Why am I always late to the party? I Love This Dang Article. Love It! Thank you. Although contact me to let a sister know it’s available for post and sharing.

    I have responses, but not at this moment. My adhd is working against me today.

  130. I was feeling down today, because i’ve experienced alot of racism . I don’t understand the black struggle, because i was born a homosexual latino, but even as a homosexual latino i’ve been used and abused so much by white men. I used to love white men , but now i absolutely hate them and will not date any of them. So many of the white men i dated were so racist and vile , many of them just used me for sex like some sort of object and thought it was funny that i desired them when they viewed me as pathetic.

    Now i view them as pathetic.

    thank you for giving me some relief. all of the stuff in here is true, and its a deep truth.

  131. I was googling ” do white people descend from demons”
    That brought me here. Great read. Every comment filled me with knowledge of humans.
    I personally think white people are the devil. most history speaks of banishing red haired Demons into caves long ago, and coincidentally white people emerged from these caves. I spent the later years of my life studying the past and religion , the further back you go the blacker the gods get. Made me wonder why all the white wash happen threw history. To disrupt the bloodline so a leader cannot have a body to use as a vessel. And if all these cultures from around the world all have the same stories that something came here made people, left and promised to return.. I think a war is brewing up, but not of race or money , it will be knowledge vs ignorance . everything is a conspiracy that’s covered up , why would white people want to hide the fact who ever created humans were black. They must be descendants of those who were combating with God.

    I read this long article about the history of whites, and how they even stole the title European , as Ancient Greece was full of black leaders. It basically says whites were once albinos that were separated and at war with people throughout existence. But this has no religion in it at all. http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/White_people.htm
    I still think something smarter then us came down made us we went to war over it.

    Someone on here was talking about eye color. I like that , I find it really hard to look in blue eyes, I feel it’s unsettling. But I don’t like to look in people’s eyes at all, I feel it’s to personal and I cen see everything about them. But I’ve never been able to meet a good person everyone from every race seems to be a butt or a prick hiding in a butt, but I live in a city ingulfed with sin. The white agenda, or better demon agenda ruined the world and everyone let it cuz those who are awake choose to do nothing or are powerless. it is the NWO all history spoke about coming the 6th great empire . We are only witnesses of the horrors to come across all of humanity . White, black, Hindu ,Chinese , frogs , cats , every creature on earth will pay for what the white devil has created. Shit goes way deeper then white and black, it’s about civilization vs creation, law vs order, nature vs nurture. This next great moment in human history will either tear us apart into nothing, or will build up a species that proves humans inferior

    22. Harsh reality white people won’t admit to: they know their end is coming

    I came to this website straight from Google , I liked the title. But I’m socially akward and don’t know if this is intruding or a private blog, but this blog made me wonder more to life, I love people’s dreams , beliefs and opinions, helps me understand why humans do what they do, and also helps me understand what they will do next.. I just wanted to look up stuff about how God made demons they destroyed God, demons made us, we destroyed them, and we will create artificial intelligence it will destroy us humans aka robots of the gods. And I found this gem. Life is amazing , good and bad.

    Who are you letting program you?
    Technology is increasing and expanding by the second, where will you hide your thoughts . Vibrations and frequencies rule over all other interactions. If you don’t believe in demons becareful, they believe in you.
    Most people are scared of demons for whatever reason, look at them as creatures that were punished by God for messing with humans. If they are real I plan to harvest their energy to create new technology to advance civilization.. And that will be what kills us, and what is already going on in places around the World.

    I always ask people deep personal questions about their dreams and beliefs, because small talk is a waists of energy. I want communication to have its purpose for more then entertainment but knowledge. This upsets most people I speak to, everyone is so insecure in their bubbles to say what they really think ,and that’s what separating the world, secrets and people scared to say how they feel about touchy subjects. Like this white privilege, it’s to distract us from the real enemy , the corporations(yea they are white too I know) … But that’s a whole other story

    End useless rant. I prolly didn’t go organized or hard enough truth for people to be awakened. But seems most reading are. If this makes it on, thank you OP. I hope I helped or was at least entertaining. And I hope no more white people come on here.

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  133. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  134. What really pisses me off about white people is that now they are trying to make themselves out to be the oppressed ones. To me, that shows how painfully unaware white people are of their own privilege. It wasn’t good enough for them to own damn near everything, but their sense of entitlement feels that they owe it to themselves to be able to join the Discrimination Club. So they invented this term called “reverse racism”, and expect to garner sympathy because of how hard they have it. Isn’t that fucking weird? And what a psychotic thing to do, reduce suffering based on skin color to nothing more than a Boy Scout badge that you add to your sash. The reason being is because that’s what it is to white people.

    White people expect people of other races to bend over backwards to try to fit their molds. But if you ask a white person why their not trying to help make up for the atrocities that they have committed, they simply shrug it off and say “I wasn’t the one who enslaved people.”

    And white people don’t want to hear about their hypocrisy. During the riots in Ferguson, many people I know posted memes on FaceBook implying their belief that black people were lazy. Those got thumbs up and shared. I wrote a poem called “Honkies”, which discusses the evils of white people and their hypocrisy. Admins deleted it and I got a 24-hour no-post ban.

    If white people really wanted to show that we are not like are whip-wielding ancestors, we could have done something big to show it by now. But the fact that we haven’t shows that your article is true.

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  136. Chris: you probably won’t read this reply but I find you’re 3 year old comment to be hilarious. “As a teacher, I’ve noticed how the black kids truly do wish that they WERE oppressed, so that they could ACTUALLY have something to complain about”.

    White people wish they were oppressed. We think we’re so innocent that we can’t see ourselves in any role other than the victim. That’s why I used to believe in reverse racism. The truth is we are the oppressors. And when you realize that we aren’t so innocent you will be humbled.

  137. @thewonderer: We find these blogs because we think too much about our role as the oppressor. White shame runs so deep that we think about it day and night. I’m not sure if other white people feel the same but I know that when ever I’m on google with these thoughts on my mind I find blogs owned by black people. I would say that white people wish they were oppressed if my surveys haven’t contridicted that theory. I just don’t get it.

  138. whites are quickly becoming the ostracized (new blacks), while blacks are becoming more mainstream. to be white in the future will be negative and traumatic. anyone advocating anything less than is clearly unable to gather economic and social engineering data that exists everywhere on google. basically if you’re going to get married, dont marry a white guy/girl, unless you want your kids to be tortured in school growing up. it will be negative consequences since it already happens today and i can only imagine white people getting severely taunted in the future since that’s already happening anyway. anyway, if you’re a girl/guy and your looking to marry, and you want your kids to have a future living in United State of America, i can’t stress this enough, “DO NOT MARRY WHITE PEOPLE.” it’s not because we hate them, it’s cuz the whole country does. and when whites become the minority in these next kids generation I do not want to be anywhere near them as the atrocities will start to unfold. it will not be pretty to be white anymore. it’s already happening but the reality has yet to fully digest itself. people believe hollywoods marketing lies because we live in the “Information Wars” era. Every country uses news and media to skew their own points of view. However, if an economist and social data analyst from new york times says that “whites have a bleak future that may involve them being targeted just for being white”, i mean, what else do i have to say? i suppose i could write it on a billboard but would anyone listen? plus most americans are ignorant anyway and believe fox media is righteous, although they are also a lie machine network that skews things towards republican views (which is another story). anyway, good luck if you marry a white guy cuz your kids will ask “why did you do this to me?” just because you were brainwashed by hollywoods racist attitudes. if you think white people are the goto people, hollywood has got you wrapped around their white little finger.

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