Observations of an Invisible Woman

My Gift to the Black Family

Today while many of us (still) celebrate this pagan European holiday, I’ve decided to turn a celebration of greed and gluttony into something positive for the black family.

I will list and promote black owned blogs, businesses, authors, teachers, etc.

First: Miss Pam of Trojan Horse Press:

Miss Pam has been my supporter since we first communicated and she was the first person to buy my book. Her website: The Black Code Files has a year end clearance sale filled with books, both paper and electronic, to satisfy your need for overstanding white supremacy:

Here is her link: Trojan Horse Press

Start reading OUR BOOKS on your Kindle or Nook in under a minute!





All eBooks ONLY $3.95 until Dec 31st

I bought Death of a Dark Nation and you will not be disappointed!

Second: Dr Baruti of Akoben House

Dr Baruti and his wife singlehandedly started a black home-schooling program for our children so we could learn our REAL history in a safe, loving African environment.

This is perhaps his best work yet!


Afrikan Warrior Couples Excerpt taken from the last chapter: The couple is the bedrock of the nation. Without it there is no family, no people. Without couples there can be no family to procreate and rear confident, untroubled, anchored children. No viable, community-respecting generation can be born to continue the process of life, living, building and defending.

Please support him and contact him if you live in the Atlanta, Ga area and would like to home school your children. Here is his info:

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti may be contacted at Akoben House, P.O. Box 10786, Atlanta, Georgia 30310 or
via e-mail, mwalimubaruti@yahoo.com

Third: The Cows/ context of white supremacy

Gus T. Renegade and Justice dissect the insanity of whiteness and racism with callers on the many facets of hatred and injustice. You can Listen or call in to ask questions.

Here’s the link: The COWS

Fourth: Sistasense for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Ms. Henry teaches us about the power of having your own businesses! Very informative for the black community.

Here’s her link: L. Henry at Sistasense

Fifth: Black Bloggers that offer spectacular advice/lessons/education:

{If I leave anyone out, sorry. There are sooooo many of you that I love}

1. http://kushiteprince.wordpress.com/ and his sister-page:


2. T. West of AfriSynegry:

Please support him! He has fantastic information.

3. Black Business Network:


4. BlackMyStory Weblog:


5. Prime the Official

This well-prepared man has a lot of videos on black survival. Please support him!

To keep the list short, I’m going to stop there but I urge you to reasearch the many, many black videos, books, bloggers and radio stations out there. We are running out of time. Let’s not waste it!

I love you all.

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16 thoughts on “My Gift to the Black Family

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks for the shout out queen. It’s a honor to be named along with Baruti,Pam,Prime and T. West. This is a great list and they all have powerful information that can elevate the minds if our people. In 2013 we gave no more time to waste. We have to apply our knowledge to move forward and prosper. We will prevail in the end. We are a strong people and we are survivors. The Most High us on our side. We’ll defeat this beast! It’s time for the real kings and queens to stand up and be heard. This is a perfect post for the coming
    new year.

  2. Most welcome, your Highness.

  3. JensenJay on said:

    Thanks, Negress! well check those books.looks like the type of stuff, i love to read. keep telling the truth, to blacks. about the enemy!

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Negress, Peace and Prosperity in the New Year. Keep speaking truth to power.

  5. Miss Mary

    To you as well!

  6. Jensenjay

    Thank you sir!

  7. soforeal on said:

    ahhh you posted my song, so i had to hit ya back. wonderful post. i`m aware of the above posts, trying to get some people on them. WARRIOR SPIRIT

  8. Greetings diaryofanegress or should I say truthbetold your old screen name.

    I realize lately the reason this time of year has these holidays; the white european christain put thier symbols on top of other europeans who where not christains – thats all “pagan” is non Christian europeans.

    Every place on this planet that has people has celebrations this time of year, and their generally about the same thing – gratitude and love, gratitude for your life and fate and love for your friends and family.

    So in accordance with this I express my gratitude and love for you.

    I remember the first time I visited your blog and saw all those great black thinkers for our people – Dr.welsing, Neely fuller,others whose names I can’t recall but whose face I know by heart -and I said this sister must be deep – to know about all these noble brothers and sisters of knowledge.

    I am truly fortunate to have found one so connected with our blackness.
    May the new year find your greatness soaring to ever greater heights and may I live to witness it.
    Love and gratitude

  9. Soforeal

    Thank you! Great choice!

  10. Mbeti

    Thank you for the kind words. To you as well.

  11. Negress,

    Merry belated Christ day and a prosperous New Year to you and the family (both blog and home family)

  12. ynotme

    To you as well!

  13. mary burrell on said:

    @ynot peace and blessings through the coming new year.

  14. Mary Burrell

    Thank you, and to you as well!

  15. @Negress

    I appreciate you Queen…Always!


  16. I agree. I love this blog because it is so pro Black and the survival of the Black race in this racist country and society of AmeriKKKlan.

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