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Hidden Agenda

The National Rifle Association said at a news conference that it wants Congress to fund armed officers in every American school, breaking its silence on the Connecticut shootings. —- Excerpt taken from yahoo

Dear Black Family,

The shooting in Connecticut, amongst others, is a planned “event” by the powers that be to condition you to their secret agenda: Martial Law.

What is Martial Law?

Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis.

Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread.

{source: Dictionary.com}

In the Divided States of AmeriKlan, martial law was implemented during the period whites called Reconstruction. Even though they are the ones solely responsible for the Civil War, WE got blamed for the events that occurred. Europeans never change. This is a fact. They just become more technological, manipulative and sophisticated in their acts of control and oppression.

Protocol 3. In order to incite seekers after power to a misuse of power we have set all forces in opposition one to another, breaking up their liberal tendencies towards independence. To this end we have stirred up every form of enterprise, we have armed all parties, we have set up authority as a target for every ambition. Of States we have made gladiatorial arenas where a lot of confused issues contend … A little more, and disorders and bankruptcy will be universal … —The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

These mass killings of innocent whites, especially children,  are meant to inspire fear and have us voting against our best interest. How do I know this?

Elite Europeans use poor whites and their desperate need to “be somebody” as a “buffer class” to ensure the oppression of blacks throughout the diaspora. I saw this first hand traveling through this country. Poor whites, feeling the sting of rejection and scorn with their middle-class brethren, will use their skin colour as their only tool of solidarity and kinship to gain perceived acceptance. Little do they realize that they too are being used by the very system that despises them. This is also seen in the Zionist Agenda called Feminism.

We are being led to the slaughterhouse. One more horrifically staged incident will be the catalyst “needed” for Martial Law. We will cry and beg Evil for a solution to the problem that they created.

In European history, whites call this diabolical scheme the Hegelian Dialect. In simple terms:

1. Cause a problem

Example: AIDS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu.

2. Inspire Fear, Panic and Opposition to the Problem

Example: 24 hour media coverage of people (usually white) who died a horrific death from said illness:

3. Offer a Solution

Example: Swine Flu “vaccine” that actually kills you, not protects you.

This diabolical method has worked for them for 10,000 years! And they have no intention of stopping now. We need ideas on how to combat this. There will be another mass shooting very soon and this may be the spark needed to implement this plan. I’ve thought of ideas on how to combat this but I cannot come up with anything tangible.

I’m open to any suggestions.

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32 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Great post sis! I had to reblog this one!

  2. blackmystory on said:

    Nancy Champion Lanza…mother of Adam Lanza was a CIA P2 analyist working for the defense Research Projectes Agecy (DARPA) and also for the Departmdent of Homeland Security (DHS). DARPA specializes in the us of video games for the purpose of minf control.

    Considering that MKULTRA and this informtion point to on common foe…. and I don’t believe in coincedence…nice post though my friend.

  3. I may have said this here before, but at the risk of being redundant I’ll say it again. Marshall Law in Amerika is not gonna happen and nor is it possible. It’s not possible for the very same reasons they can’t stop these “insane white children” from shooting up schools. To many weapons in this country which is the same reason the Japanese said they wouldn’t invade Amerika. The shooting was indeed PsyOp whatever reason, me thinks to further divide this country and make the pickin’ easy. There is no way on Earth that boy went into that school house and had that kinda kill ratio. Not even on a lucky day, I go to the range often and that kinda shooting takes a lot of practice and to shot children like fish inna can? Most people can’t kill animal running across our path as we drive.

    Whatever that was in Conn. it was not a random shooting. I have seen several video that came out as they do after something like this happens and lot of them are really convincing. You believe what you will, just keep your head down and your powder dry.

    OH!! and put up a few cans of potted meat and sardines too when you get a chance.


  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    There’s a lot of things about Sandy Hook that just don’t add up. It’s like they’re trying to cover their tracks because they keep slipping up.lol These people can’t do anything right. It amazes me that there are still people who actually believe the mainstream media.lol

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    I didn’t know that! Where did you hear that? Not that I doubt it but that’s something people should know. And I think it would give people a different perspective on these “random” shootings.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sandy Hook: 3 Shooters?? Food for thought.

  7. this is indeed the case, but it’s not that they do things wrong me thinks, it’s just that they don’t give the general public any credit. And why should they? They have filled most minds up with so much junk until all they can see is Amerikan Idol or something like that. The ones of us who can see straight are driven crazy by the blinds and willful ignorant until we are also mostly useless (I speak for myself). It’s no secret that big pharma is all in the government and your doctors office. For instants; I went to the doc because I couldn’t sleep and I haven’t slept well for many years. My brain is all ways active. My doctor give me meds from his office to try and when one didn’t work he had other. I never had to go get a prescription filled, he had it all and was giving it away like it was Halloween candy.

    What I’m saying is they got us dumb up and drugged down until we are really not a threat. If you do have something to say nobody will believe you. That’s all.

    Check this out; I just found out the other day that I’m a convicted felon. Yes, my record says I was convicted of drug possession in Fulton County back 2006. Not only have I never been arrested for drugs I have never been arrested in Fulton county at all. This is on my credit report, now how many people have seen this and told me no? Well, it wouldn’t be many cause I use cash and have no credit cards, but you understand. These people do what they want. I did get my record clear, but still they me as a convicted felon.

  8. Thank you again!

  9. @ blackmystory


    I didn’t know this! Hmmmm….I wonder what else is lurking under the story.

  10. Jesus

    Great response but whites can and will implement whatever law they deem fit.

  11. Wtf?

    How many times are they gonna change their story?

  12. .

    “I’m open to any suggestions.”


    I don’t know if there are any clear cut solutions… aside from acquiring a passport and leaving…

    For those who can afford to do so – get OUT of the large metropolitan areas/cities – asap. Should any disruption of water/gas/food/heating fuel/etc lasting more than a week – all hell would literally break out.

    In NYC – for example, when it comes to movement/transportation — people in traffic, subways and buses are basically selfish, rude, inconsiderate to others – every day!

    Almost everyone tries to position themselves in front of everyone else, regardless of right of way, or who was next in line. So imagine how people would act toward their fellow humans when CRUNCH time comes. Things would get excruciatingly ugly, and deadly – fast!

    Can’t leave the city? Then make some sort of action/preparation plan(s) for handling various potential disasters. Prepare a bug out (snatch & go) bag containing perhaps a change of clothing, but mainly your most essential EMERGENCY/SURVIVAL items…

    It’s better to think and do NOW, while you can, so that you might know how to act later when such situations occur. There are many survival sites/blogs that can help a novice get started.

    What would YOU do if FOR A WEEK – for whatever reason – you had no:

    Drinking Water
    Sewage Disposal
    Police/Law & Order/Self protection
    Ability to escape to a more safe area …

    The time to THINK about these things is now! Otherwise you will be a sitting duck in the same plight of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of others, caught unprepared.

    Partner up with people you know and TRUST. Learn first-aid, alternative medical treatments, survival *skills* NOW, while you can. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

    After Katrina, some survivors were placed in different states – to live in trailers, FEMA camps … This next time around, survivors might not be so lucky.

    Planning is fundamental.
    Plan A
    Plan B
    Plan C



  13. Jesus

    That’s terrible! if it can happen to you, it can happen to any of us.

  14. This is one area where I have some disagreements and concerns – first off
    I and many other people suspected that their biggest operation 911 was a government/inside job – whose purpose was simply the rationalization and justification for the
    continuation of the miltary industral complex – The white populations primary source of power in the world.
    However with these shootings that occur far more frequently it seem more likely to be the inherent pathologies of white european society.

    I will study these videos and see what I may see, however
    I do have a problem with your doomsday/martial law/genocide scenario
    while I admit it could happen as well as other desiasters planned and unplanned,
    my cursory examination of history indicates that we ,whether we are ready or not
    will survive this (if it occurs like you think) and may even grow stronger.

    the native americans survived genocide,we survived slavery ,the jews survived the nazi’s.
    It will not be pleasant if does happen and many on all sides will die – but the targeted group usually survives and grows stronger.

    Another even deeper factor is the fact that we are only talking about a change in quality of life for some people temporarily.
    Regardless of our current or future quality of life – we (all of us white and black ,rich and poor) are doomed to a finite existence.

    we are all inevitably going to die ,this does not mean that we should not strive to make the best of our limited time alive(or that we might do otherwise) it just for me puts it all in a larger perspective.

    You diaryofanegress have your firm belief in a deity and while I profoundly disagree, we share a interest a desire to have black people /ourselves defended and respected.

  15. Matari

    Thanks again. Up where we live, many blacks have a camper/ winnebago well-stocked with gas/kerosene and supplies.

  16. Mbeti

    Ok. Fair enough.

  17. I do have a radical Idea that could lead to the end of violence everywhere on the planet but its more like a dream or fantasy – its based on the current and future development of surveillance technologies as well personal consumer communication devices.

    I noticed recently how while not eliminating or solving my personal issues of being under continuous surveillance – my multi function/feature cellphone is very effective in deterring and even causing to retreat people who would have continued thier abuse and mistreatment of me with impunity.

    violent altercations stopped in their tracks,police and security misconduct restricted,private citizen behavior restraint(my self included)

    I must also add one other component as well – mature civility,
    I continually amazed at the power of this type of behavior in virtually any and all situations major and its effect not just on others but on myself as well.

    Ultimately I think (I’m being positive and optimistic now as opposed to ,while not necessarily negative yours,abagond and brotherwolf – my main goto blogs can be a bit pessimistic)
    A combination of mature civility ,public and private surveillance along the ever evolving rule of law will bring about not just a more just society but a more just world as this is a global phenomena.

  18. I may not deserve or warrant a more detailed response (I commend you for appearing to personally respond to almost every commenter)
    However I was hoping for something a little more detailed – however it your blog and posts – your free to respond or not however brief you decide

  19. Kushite Prince on said:

    Exactly what I said!lol

  20. I don’t know. Whether there is a hidden agenda or outright agenda to stir up more contention, more strife and more confusion among people, the one thing that we all can agree is that the obvious outcome will be an implosion of the u.s. in some form or another. Just look at some of the things that are happening (or about to happen) and you can conclude that there will be more unanticipated horrors to pile on the confusion.

    Take a look at all of the outstanding events that have occurred over the recent years, especially in the past few months, and anybody with a modicum of common sense will see the need to prepare for things getting worse more than better. There are a myriad of things to consider for serious review and contemplation. But the one thing that piques my brain are two events happening on opposite ends of the same social spectrum regarding current gun laws in the u.s. As “more” already-heavily-armed whites are purchasing “more” weapons and obviously expressing “more” discontent and discomfort with “more” societal changes that are beyond their control through increased gun violence on the one end, there are increased efforts by governments to target specific areas largely populated by Black and non-white people to disarm them, persuading these people to naively turn in their guns for the lopsided value of a few dollars, a holiday turkey and a supposedly “clear” conscience relative to “urban” gun violence. Conversely, this is not happening in rural areas populated by mainly whites, where even little six-year olds girls are exposed, efficiently trained and taught to tactically defend themselves and their families with a variety of advanced and high-powered weapons against the host of new “boogeymen”: predatory non-whites, government and whatever else spooks them. Ironically, most of the tragedy befalling whites have been unfortunately committed by the most least expected individuals: their own.

    If all of the speculated disasters mentioned on this blog were to actually happen, where would this leave non-white people in rightfully defending and protecting themselves? How much applicable information is being dispersed right now into these communities to contain their vulnerabilities? We all want positive outcomes to the pressing problems that we confront daily, both imagined and real. But the best thing any of us can do is keep the priority of safety in our immediate areas at the top of our list.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    More Unanswered Questions and Inconsistencies

    In addition to Carver’s remarks several additional chronological and evidentiary contradictions in the official version of the Sandy Hook shooting are cause for serious consideration and leave doubt in terms of how the event transpired vis-à-vis the way authorities and major media outlets have presented it. It is now well known that early on journalists reported that Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan Lanza was reported to be the gunman, and that pistols were used in the shooting rather than a rifle. Yet these are merely the tip of the iceberg.

    When Did the Gunman Arrive?

    After Adam Lanza fatally shot and killed his mother at his residence, he drove himself to the elementary school campus, arriving one half hour after classes had commenced. Dressed in black, Lanza proceeds completely unnoticed through an oddly vacant parking lot with a military style rifle and shoots his way through double glass doors and a brand new yet apparently poorly engineered security system.

    Further, initial press accounts suggest how no school personnel or students heard gunshots and no 911 calls are made until after Lanza begins firing inside the facility. “It was a lovely day,” Sandy Hook fourth grade teacher Theodore Varga said. And then, suddenly and unfathomably, gunshots rang out. “I can’t even remember how many,” Varga said.[5]

    The recollection contrasts sharply with an updated version of Lanza’s arrival where at 9:30AM he

    walked up to the front entrance and fired at least a half dozen rounds into the glass doors. The thunderous sound of Lanza blowing an opening big enough to walk through the locked school door caused Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach to bolt from a nearby meeting room to investigate. He shot and killed them both as they ran toward him.

    Breaching the school’s security system in such a way would have likely triggered some automatic alert of school personnel. Further, why would the school’s administrators run toward an armed man who has just noisily blasted his way into the building?

    Two other staff members attending the meeting with Hocksprung and Scherlach sustained injuries “in the hail of bullets” but returned to the aforementioned meeting room and managed a call to 911.[6] This contrasted with earlier reports where the first 911 call claimed students “were trapped in a classroom with the adult shooter who had two guns.”[7] Recordings of the first police dispatch following the 911 call at 9:35:50 indicate that someone “thinks there’s someone shooting in the building.”[8] There is a clear distinction between potentially hearing shots somewhere in the building and being almost mortally caught in a “hail of bullets.”

    How did the gunman fire so many shots in such little time?

    According to Dr. Carver and State Police, Lanza shot each victim between 3 and 11 times during a 5 to 7 minute span. If one is to average this out to 7 bullets per individual—excluding misses—Lanza shot 182 times, or once every two seconds. Yet according to the official story Lanza was the sole assassin and armed with only one weapon. Thus if misses and changing the gun’s 30-shot magazine at least 6 times are added to the equation Lanza must have been averaging about one shot per second—extremely skilled use of a single firearm for a young man with absolutely no military training and who was on the verge of being institutionalized. Still, an accurate rendering of the event is even more difficult to arrive at because the chief medical examiner admittedly has no idea exactly how the children were shot or whether a struggle ensued.

    Where is the Photo and Video Evidence?

    Photographic and video evidence is at once profuse yet lacking in terms of its capacity to demonstrate that a mass shooting took place on the scale described by authorities. For example, in an era of ubiquitous video surveillance of public buildings especially no visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry has emerged. And while studio snapshots of the Sandy Hook victims abound there is little if any eyewitness testimony of anyone who’s observed the corpses except for Carver and his staff, and they appear almost as confused about the conditions of the deceased as any layperson watching televised coverage of the event. Nor are there any routine eyewitness, photo or video evidence of the crime scene’s aftermath—broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors—all of which are common in such investigations and reportage.

    Why Were Medical Personnel Turned Away From the Crime Scene?

    Oddly enough medical personnel are forced to set up their operation not at the school where the dead and injured lay, but rather at the fire station several hundred feet away. This flies in the face of standard medical operating procedure where personnel are situated as close to the scene as possible. There is no doubt that the school had ample room to accommodate such personnel. Yet medical responders who rushed to Sandy Hill Elementary upon receiving word of the tragedy were denied entry to the school and forced to set up primary and secondary triages off school grounds and wait for the injured to be brought to them.

    Shortly after the shooting “as other ambulances from neighboring communities rolled up, sirens blaring, the first responders slowly realized that their training would be tragically underutilized on this horrible day. ‘You may not be able to save everybody, but you damn well try,’” 44 year old emergency medical technician James Wolff told NBC News. “’And when (we) didn’t have the opportunity to put our skills into action, it’s difficult.’”[9]

    In light of this, who were the qualified medical practitioners pronounced the 20 children and 7 adults dead? Who decided that none could be revived? Carver and his staff are apparently the only medical personnel to have attended to the victims—yet this was in the postmortem conducted several hours later. Such slipshod handling of the crime scene leaves the State of Connecticut open to a potential array of hefty civil claims by families of the slain.

    Did a mass evacuation of the school take place?

    Sandy Hook Elementary is attended by 600 students. Yet there is no photographic or video evidence of an evacuation on this scale. Instead, limited video and photographic imagery suggest that a limited evacuation of perhaps at most several dozen students occurred.

    A highly circulated photo depicts students walking in a single file formation with their hands on each others’ shoulders and eyes shut. Yet this was the image of a drill that took place prior to the event itself.[10] Most other photos are portraits of individual children. Despite aerial video footage of the event documenting law enforcement scouring the scene and apprehending one or more suspects in the wooded area nearby the school,[11] there is no such evidence that a mass exodus of children from the school transpired once law enforcement pronounced Sandy Hook secure. Nor are there videos or photos of several hundred students and their parents at the oft-referenced fire station nearby where students were routed for parent pick up.

    Sound Bite Prism and the Will to Believe

    Outside of a handful of citizen journalists and alternative media commentators Sandy Hill’s dramatically shifting factual and circumstantial terrain has escaped serious critique because it is presented through major media’s carefully constructed prism of select sound bites alongside a widespread and longstanding cultural impulse to accept the pronouncements of experts, be they bemused physicians, high ranking law enforcement officers, or political leaders demonstrating emotionally-grounded concern.

    Political scientist W. Lance Bennett calls this the news media’s “authority-disorder bias.” “Whether the world is returned to a safe, normal place,” Bennett writes, “or whether the very idea of a normal world is called into question, the news is preoccupied with order, along with related questions of whether authorities are capable of establishing or restoring it.”[12]

    Despite Carver’s bizarre performance and law enforcement authorities’ inability to settle on and relay simple facts, media management’s impulse to assure audiences and readerships of the Newtown community’s inevitable adjustment to its trauma and loss with the aid of the government’s protective oversight—however incompetent that may be—far surpasses a willingness to undermine this now almost universal news media narrative with messy questions and suggestions of intrigue. This well-worn script is one the public has been conditioned to accept. If few people relied on such media to develop their world view this would hardly be a concern. Yet this is regrettably not the case.

    The Sandy Hook tragedy was on a far larger scale than the past year’s numerous slaughters, including the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and the Batman theater shooting in Colorado. It also included glaringly illogical exercises and pronouncements by authorities alongside remarkably unusual evidentiary fissures indistinguishable by an American political imagination cultivated to believe that the corporate, government and military’s sophisticated system of organized crime is largely confined to Hollywood-style storylines while really existing malfeasance and crises are without exception returned to normalcy.

    If recent history is a prelude the likelihood of citizens collectively assessing and questioning Sandy Hook is limited even given the event’s overtly superficial trappings. While the incident is ostensibly being handled by Connecticut law enforcement, early reports indicate how federal authorities were on the scene as the 911 call was received. Regardless of where one stands on the Second Amendment and gun control, it is not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration complicity or direct oversight of an incident that has in very short order sparked a national debate on the very topic—and not coincidentally remains a key piece of Obama’s political platform.

    The move to railroad this program through with the aid of major media and an irrefutable barrage of children’s portraits, “heartfelt” platitudes and ostensible tears neutralizes a quest for genuine evidence, reasoned observation and in the case of Newtown honest and responsible law enforcement. Moreover, to suggest that Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact.

  22. Another coinkydink – sandy and sandy ,911 – your phone,calender and clock and the police/fire/ambulance ,
    perhaps i just reaching but anytime there is a disaster that gets national/international attention and any name or symbol occurs twice and is identical even if not directly related – i’m looking at it funny and sideways.

  23. And an “Amen” is in order. I swear I could jump up and shout becacuse I’ve been wanting to tell people the SAME thing. I honestly don’t even believe any of it happened. Too much about it just doesn’t make sense, and we have this ONE creepy ass photo of the supposed “shooter”. Yeah, whatever. Looks photoshopped to me.

  24. That sounds like just Co-Intelpro. Have you ever read Gloria Naylor’s novel 1996? There are all kinds of sick, orwellian kinds of things going on in this country that most wouldn’t believe if you told them. And a lot of it is, per their usual–directed at us. Mk-ULTRA which I noticed has been mentioned by at least 1 poster here, is real and it is active. I imagine we are the type of black people they would target with it, as they would consider us threats. I also read that the CIA targeted/drugged Paul Robeson. You are so right. They may change tactics or methods but the objective never changes— They want us either picking cotton or dead. Either will do.

  25. I have a passport but where is genuinely ‘safe’ to go when this shit is global? They are like a cancerous tumor that has metastasized. But I would still advise any black person who has the means to get the hell outta dodge. I just live in this country and for most of my life have never felt any particular affection or affinity for it. As Malcolm said: just b/c puppies are born in an oven, it don’t make them biscuits…or something to that effect. If anything I feel like we are prisoners of war or that black people here are like foster children living in an abusive home with parents who despise them, yet keep them b/c they provide a check.

  26. So are you saying you are being targeted with co-intelpro, Mk-ULTRA, d.e.w.?

  27. The Dark Knight Rises released July 20, 2012
    Director Writers
    Three Albinic White Males
    Christopher Nolan 30 July 1970 (age 42)
    Jonathan Nolan 6 June 1976 (age 36)
    David S. Goyer December 22, 1965 (age 47)

    The Dark Knight Rises A film which allegedly features references to these to events
    On Friday, July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado,
    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting December 14, 2012
    Warner Bros., the distributor of The Dark Knight Rises,

    These two youtube video provide evidence of alledged references

    The question is why would you make a movie/film in which you provide clues to actual violent events?
    While plausible deniability may be invoked , explanation for the appearance of these references is required.
    A standard response and accusation will be used.

    Its been used regularly against anyone that claims there is a conspiracy with regards to a particular tragic event or one’s own personal difficulties with regard social issues.

    You will be slandered and accused of being mentally ill.
    You will be referred to as a “wing nut” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wingnut_%28politics%29

    Me myself I’m not worries or concerned ,The mean and ugly are doomed to their fate ,there is no escape ,they will fall and I hope I’m here to see it.

  28. I just thought I’d post this vid which is really troubling in it’s implication: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzW5Kb8u0Og
    The people who run this govt are beyond devious, this is satanic.

  29. nmaat

    That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine what they keep hidden from us?

  30. Yeah, on the 1 hand, the internet provides unlimitless avenues to knowledge, but that can be a double-edged sword, as some of this stuff, is so diabolical and just plain satanic, that is can be overwhelming and then you just want to shut down and not hear about anything else but I’m always compelled to share info b/c I believe most of the general black population (I’m sure most here are more aware/conscious than most) is so oblivious and distracted by RHOA or what beyonce is doing that they are in effect, tuned out and turned off to imperative happenings like what is talked about in this video. These people (and I use the term loosely) are a danger to not only huemanity, but they are hell-bent on destroying Mother Earth–and if she goes, we all go. So I see them as a walking, talking plague, a virus, that has commandeered existence on this planet and has decided to drive us all over the cosmic cliff. I hope I don’t sound hysterical but this shit is mind blowing to me in it’s depravity and scope.

  31. Mickey on said:

    Here is another jem I found from Dr. Umar Johnson.

  32. Mickey

    I could listen to Dr. Johnson all day! Thanks..I saw this one Youtube as well.

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