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21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2013 will be harsh for us in more ways than one. In the Spirit of my ancestors, I will speak blinding truth about us as Africans. As talented, Spiritual and great as we are, we have a tremendous amount of work to do if we want to live. Darqbeauty, a Hebrew Israelite, has touched on a powerful point:

“There is a separation happening amongst us. Those of us that are “awake” / becoming “awake” are slowing and quietly moving away from the rest who insist on remaining asleep.”

This disjointment, which I simply call Negro Madness Disease, will either stop just in time for the revolution to begin or it will hinder us in our struggle. I hope this harsh but well-intentioned post will cause you to think, pause and ask yourselves, “Is this what the ancestors died for?”


1. Your own jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other black people is what’s keeping you from moving forward. (Pssssst! White people are masters at The Brown vs. Brown Game)


2. We never learn from history because we believe:

a. That white people can change

b. That things are “getting better”

c. God will help us if we just pray and do nothing to help ourselves

d. That just because we lack the capacity for evil, others lack it too.

3. Having the latest gadget, like a 50″ flat screen TV for showing off, is more important than building stronger communities.

4. Eurocentric education is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to us:


5. No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger.

6. Treating each other like garbage isn’t going to win you favours with whites.

7. We kill each other because we can’t kill the enemy.

8. Most other Coloureds, especially those with direct African blood, don’t want anything to do with us for they are ashamed to be labeled with us.

9. The reason why we fight each other is because we hate ourselves.

10. Identifying with white people is the foundation for our mental illness:


11. All black people are mentally ill but we don’t want to accept it.

12. We latch on to other people’s struggles as a way to get them to accept us…which they NEVER do.

13. Black men who hate black women hate themselves.

14. Black women who hate black men have no self-respect.

15. The fact that our children are being lead astray is our fault.

16. The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon.

17. Whites despise us with a blinding passion because they need something we have:

18. We are still waiting to be told how to fix “the problem with no name” because we are too passive and complacent to figure it out ourselves (https://diaryofanegress.com/2012/10/13/7-easy-steps-to-help-counter-white-supremacy/).

19. Marrying/ dating and sleeping with a white person will never change the colour of your skin. Will never gain you acceptance into the White Club and will never stop them from calling you a no-good, low-down, dirty Nigger:


20. If whites had the chance, tomorrow morning slavery would be back with a vengeance…and they would make sure it remains in existence for all eternity. Accept it.

21. We have no friends/ allies on this planet.

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187 thoughts on “21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear

  1. Asante sana 4 steppin out, and bringing some truth that many may not want to hear. Respect

  2. Thank you. This was hard to write but needed.

  3. So glad you wrote this. Do you know how many Black people have gotten on my case for being “obsessed” about the race issue? Last time I checked, White people taught their kids right out of the womb about themselves being in charge. We should eat, sleep, and breathe trying to actively solve this problem.

    Enough is enough!

  4. Ms J

    They curse me too. “Lighten up.” Stop being so serious.” “You need to have fun more and let this thing go.”

    That’s all I ever hear.

  5. When white people get ready to end this Colorblind nonsense, most of us will go nuts. I can just see it. And then they’ll think, “See?! They’re intellectually inferior compared to us,”. Such a shame…

  6. Excellent Work here ! I read through the list and could not find one I disagree with.

    Now that you’ve put the truth out there, it will be interesting to see what we do with it.

  7. soforeal on said:

    negress, don`t worry about these folks anymore. we are moving into a new age and the ancestors are going to start to remove people who don`t wan`t to change and raise they`re vibration. things are going to start to get real interesting in this new paradigm.

  8. Excelllent post!

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    Thanks for the shout out, Sis! 🙂

    Okay, now to address the post. Truth, truth and more truth. Black people who are awake know these things about ourselves. That they must be addressed. Many of us have a penchant for blaming the glacier monkey for all of our ills. However, many of our wounds need to be dressed before we can even BEGIN to acknowledge the mortal wound given to us by the genetic recessives/albinic/Tamahu/Yurungu/insert epithet here people. Yes, they are the root of our problems, however, we are more than capable of shearing off the diseased branches.
    1. I have seen Black people get on each other for the SMALLEST of infractions. We “Black Tax” our DAMN selves! I have seen a Black hair care business fail across the street from a thriving Korean owned operation of the same type. There was an expectation of obsequiousness from the Black operation but they want to give their monies to Kim Ill Sell You Indian Temple Hair While You’re Young ..all the while they are following your all over their store treating you like a criminal. “You Buy NOW!” Not realizing that this sickness is of your own orchestration because you insist upon wearing wookie hair upon your DNA like spirals.
    2. a: History has shown us time and time again that glacier monkeys will never change. Never. When we weren’t around they enslaved their own people in “Fiefdoms” and engaged in class warfare. If we weren’t around, they would be like the Star Bellied Sneetches from Dr. Seuss. Fighting over stars on their bellies n’ shit (Excuse my language tonight but I’m in high dudgeon tonight).
    b: Things have gotten a fraction of a bit better, then we rested on the laurels of those who came before us. In the meantime, Black men are still getting shot by pale cowards, the life of a Black child is worth squat and Black women are still being portrayed as either Sapphire, Jezebel or Mammy. Better my ass.
    c: God helps those who help themselves. How long do my people have to turn another cheek before they start going by an eye for an eye?
    d: This. This right here is truth. The African sold his brother into bondage? Why? Because they thought that the genetic recessives brand of slavery was like theirs. It all goes downhill from there.
    3. Some take pride in this kind of ignorance. Shall I quote for you all the words of Kanye (who lost his damn MIND after his mother died) in the song “Clique”
    “You know white people get money don’t spend it
    Or maybe they get money, buy a business
    I rather buy 80 gold chains and go ig’nant
    I know Spike Lee gon kill me but let me finish
    Blame it on the pigment, we living no limits
    Them gold master p ceilings was just a figment
    Of our imagination, MTV cribs”
    Really Kanye? Just whose clique are you in? A lot of my more misguided brothers and sisters think like this. With such a bleak future, why not vest in the momentary gratification of the present?
    4. “Lies My Teacher Told Me” is not just a book. It is a commentary on the reality of many disenfranchised youths. Can’t have them learning the truth about the Olmecs, and the Kingdoms of Kush and Mansa Musa and the Dogon and Sirius ect…oh no. That would lead to pride. And a prideful (read Uppity) people are hard to grind under the collective bootheels of a white supremacy society.
    5. OJ learned. Tiger learned. Janet Jackson learned. They will teach you the truth, whether you want to learn or not. Just one fuck up. You’re toast. Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is enjoying unprecedented success because of his “eccentricities”.
    6. Massa hates the house negro just as much as he hates the field negro. A negro is a negro is a negro.
    7. We kill each other because we are fucking cursed. But that’s soon to end. Like Bob Marley said…400 years. Time up, arseholes.
    8. In the immortal words of Paul Mooney, “Everybody wants to be a ni**a…but nobody wants to BE a ni**a”.
    9. Misdirected anger and anguish. This is what drives albinic fear. The fear that once we get our bearings we will want to “get” them as they got us. Refer back to 2d as they are related and intertwined.
    10. Black people have dealt with this sickness for so long that we don’t view it as a chronic condition. It has become part of our bodies…our minds..our souls. It manifests itself in Black women wearing hair the color of golden retriever fur on their heads. It manifests itself in Black men singing odes to the “redbones. It has our children choosing melanin deficient dolls over healthy ones. Black people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder coupled with a side of Stockholm syndrome.
    11. To become healthy, one must realize that they are sick. A truly crazy person does not know or understand the depths of their own sickness.
    12. Black people are quick to take up the fight of the underdog. Yet, these same people will mock/hate/despise/use you to gain an advantage over you with genetic recessives. This sickness is an epidemic of global proportions.
    13. & 14. Truth and Truth. Black respect means Black love..and Black love means Black people creating Black babies in an emotionally and mentally sound environment. Can’t have that now, can we?
    15. We MUST take the initiative. We must ARM our children with the tools of battle. Knowledge, self respect, social acuity..all of these things we must instill in them because the system is after them from birth.
    16. As a Hebrew Israelite, it’s pretty safe to say that you all know EXACTLY what I think of the sanctimonious lies of the CHURCH. MY nose isn’t in the ass of Cesar Borgia. Forsaking your inheritance for a pittance. That is like someone stealing your mansion from you, moving in, then having the utter GALL to offer to rent out a space in the shed for you. Foolishness.
    17. Dr. Cress Welsing. A pioneer before her time. This is why Black features on genetic recessive women is the end all be all for them.
    18. Remember Garvey? Black Wall St? Rosewood? Let us even ATTEMPT to do something and some cointelpro ass albino will come and mess it up. Can’t stand us..but can’t leave us alone. The obsession is pathological.
    19. If you want to sleep with someone because you’re vibing on them, well good for you. However, you KNOW in your heart if you feel that sense of satisfaction and one upmanship because one of “them” chose you. This was the same sense of smugness that house slaves would feel for field slaves. This doesn’t make you better. This makes you mentally ill. I should know. I dated them almost exclusively till I woke up about 4 years ago. My silly ass thought I was the bees effing knees because the cutest of the YT boys wanted me and the YT girls would hate. I was content with being a novelty. Of being the “exception”. It stroked my bruised and battered ego. Praise Yah, that I am awake and see the light. And the look on their face when I tell them I’m not interested….in the words of Mastercard : Priceless.
    20. Oh yes, they would like us to go into slavery again, however, The Most High has DIFFERENT plans for them. Deuteronomy prophesied that we would go into slavery all over the world in slave ships (we are the ONLY people on the planet to which that has happened to) ….it is also prophesied that we will take our captives back with us to Israel. As handmaids and bondsmen. Servants. They have another thing coming. Oh yes.
    21. The quicker we learn this, the faster we can start to create solidarity. Why can’t we see that everyone is AFRAID of us for “some reason”. And it’s NOT the reasons they shove down our throats.

    Sometimes I wish I could just alternately shake and hug my people. However, those who are asleep, prefer to think they are lucid dreamers…instead of the fervent participators in their own nightmares. Thank you for this post, Diary. You are on FIYAH!!

  10. @


    I do believe you are right. You see this every day with more and more of us who are having the exact same conversations in the privacy of their own homes.

    I just spoke to a friend yesterday who said what we’ve been talking about on this blog word for word.

  11. Thank you Cynic.

  12. “And a prideful (read Uppity) people are hard to grind under the collective bootheels of a white supremacy society.”

    Damn! I love that statement, Darq! I will use it in another post.

  13. Darqbeauty

    Most welcome.

    This was so hard to write because I love black people But we’re slowly dying off and I’ll be damned if I just sit there and watch it happen.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Kushite Kingdom and commented:
    Great post by Sister Truth. It may be hard to read but never the less it is truth.

  15. Kushite Prince on said:

    Clearly one of your best post of all time! It may be hard for many of us to hear truth nowadays. But if we want to really move forward we MUST accept these facts. No struggle without progress! We have to remember that at all times. This was a great post to end the year on. Congrats sis on opening the minds of the lost sheep in our community. Keep it up!

  16. Thank you sir. Coming from you, that’s a great honour.

  17. And again, Great post! Love both your’s and darqbeauty’s listings of essential self-criticisms. The truth of the matter is, we have to first be critical and reflective of our own personal actions, attitudes and treatment of self before we can expect any change from others. I’ll speak for myself in saying that I am in continuous learning mode in correction of my ways and redemption from destructive behavior, counter-productive thinking and treatment toward other Black people. Let me be honest in saying that it damn sure is “not” an easy thing to do. There are personal struggles I’m sure each of us have while readjusting ourselves. “Truth”, whether given in doses or like a falling ton of bricks, is not easy to digest. Time has been the most important element in relation to my revelation of “truth”. I think about all of the time that I have wasted, mismanaged and given foolishly while being misled and confused under the system of racism, as well as being deficient of knowledge of self. This is why I say that there is hope for our people but it will take time, just as happened to me, along with perhaps a crushing life event or experience or the chance of coming across constructive information.

    The destruction of arrogance and “ego readjustment” is something I feel can be beneficial to all of us as Black people. LOL! We all know it’s true. To humble yourself to the realization that you lack the “complete” knowledge of how vulnerable you really are in this system is the first important step you must take to become strong in mind and spirit. My daily prayer to The Creator consists of two of the most important tools I need for survival:

    (1) Strength, to do those things I want to do, must do and can do to help myself FIRST before being able to do for others;

    (2) Wisdom, something which is needed to make the right choices that will help me to grow and become freer. So far in this life, I’ve been doing okay; not perfect but okay. But I can improve and expect to improve. But all of this begins with rectifying self FIRST before expecting others to change.

    I think the time is coming when we will see these 21 harsh truths become acknowledged, analyzed, accepted and fulfilled for the betterment of our people, regardless of the inputs or influences of others. It is the essence of “hope”, the desire for a certain thing to happen. but it’s never going to happen until each of us realize: “Hey, it begins with me!” But I’m also a realist, and know that a lot of us are simply not going to make it. This realization is part of the truths we must face. Time and resources will be better spent on those of us who are serious about getting the most help where needed, to rid ourselves of these mental diseases, self-defeating habits and impaired mindsets.

  18. Emile

    I’m in constant education mode. In constant readjustment mode. And in constant “un-learning the bullshit” mode. It hurts. And it’s exhausting. Some days, I wanna crawl into bed and never get up. Other days, I’m strong and feel as though I can lift mountains.

    Your assessment of “not all of us are going to make it” is 100% correct. You can see it already. The Negro Madness Disease has gotten into our fibers so damn deep there’s no returning from it. As sad as that makes me, I’m glad too. Only a few of us are needed to start this revolution. The others that work for white supremacy will only hold us back.

    The first step for me was asking a pivotal question:

    “What have I done with my life that gives us a purpose?”

    The answer I came up with was:

    “Not one damn thing.”

    So now, here I am. It all starts with us. One by one. No matter how small.

  19. “Some days, I wanna crawl into bed and never get up. Other days, I’m strong and feel as though I can lift mountains.”


    My (Amazin’) Sister Truth

    Listen to and follow the instructions you (will) receive from On High. If your instructions are to lay in bed, be still, rest and receive revelations from THE VOICE that speaks to you – do it. When you’re told to move this mountain over here, or lift that mountain over there – do it.

    As long as you are doing your Creator’s will for YOU, you’ll be just fine – even if/when you’re tested and put through the refiner’s fire!

    All is well.

  20. Matari

    Thank you kind sir.

  21. @darqbeauty
    you went on a long one there but I feel you I feel it all ,it just hurts so much, esp 1.
    I amazed at how black women after black women will go out of thier way to have the hair of a profoundly ugly people who hate you.
    The current serana williams issue is a prime example – senrana has been doing that shit for years ,its a part of ghetto culture as is a code of silence about just what it is your doing.
    Now a obvoius albinic/white female blantantly mocks her in public – wanna bet she never says a word about it unless it blows up,wanna bet the general public (including the “media”) won’t let it blow up/go any farther.

    There is a code of silence in certain areas for a reason – most serious criminal do not openly discuss thier crimes – even with the people they commit them with.
    (oh and I did not care to correctly spell the name of the tennis player I was talking about )

    “Sometimes I wish I could just alternately shake and hug my people. However, those who are asleep, prefer to think they are lucid dreamers…instead of the fervent participators in their own nightmares.”

    I sadly awed and humbly by poetic truth of your statements.
    Thier are some I would hug and a few I might shake out of love but most I dare not touch less the poison in us kills us both.

  22. Kushite Prince on said:

    No problem! You know I got your back always.

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great response DB! You said a mouthful!lol And I agree 1000%!

  24. mary burrell on said:

    I don’t have a problem with any of the issues. It’s something I need to work on . It’s all constructive. Happy Kwanza. Be blessed and and be prosperous now and the coming New Year.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    I am in continuous re-education mode. Thank you for this.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    I meant to say I’ don’t mind having correction and am teachable. Yes It’s harsh but it needs to be said.

  27. Thank you Miss Mary. To you as well!

  28. JensenJay on said:

    Love this truth. you make me smarter everyday my Queen!! will post on my Facebook. all the best to you!

  29. JensenJay

    Thank you sir! Thanks for the support.

  30. About 20, a freerepublic thread about a potential holocaust of muslim in Europe, just replace “muslims” with “blacks”, and crusades with slavery, a white male being unusually frank with the innate evil within whites:

    To: Trod Upon

    My father always said the meanest people on Earth were White People.
    Others can be evil for a time but—they can’t keep up the murderous rage.
    White people will kill and kill until the streets run red with blood.
    Read the history of the Crusades— All the PC stuff will be gone like Esperanto. Deep down inside—the Europeans are just as bad as ever—doubt it—go to a Football game and watch the fans.
    It will not take much to kick off a bloodbath.

    33 posted on Mon Dec 24 2012 00:27:46 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid) by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]

  31. Samadhi

    Thanks for the link. Your dad was correct.

  32. You speak the truth and the truth only my sister! These are the things that as black people we need to know, understand & get over so that we can advance.

  33. Miss More

    Thank you. I aim to liberate us.

  34. by yourself with just knowledge via blog posts?!
    why should you do it alone?
    are not others including myself helping in our own ways?
    I ask these questions not to criticize you sister nor bring your mood down(like I could) but simply to know more to hasten the day of our liberation if such a day is to be.
    I’m suffering and have been for quite sometime.
    but most of our people seem not to care.

    Another interesting thing – Neely fuller, Dr.frances cress welsing ,Dr.amos wilson etc
    just like the numerous black bloggers like you ,me ,abagond, etc etc

    guess what we all have in common – Our own interpretation,agenda and story.
    none of us are on the same page -we all say this and that about our problem and sometimes even the same thing – but then you’ll do your thing ,I’ll do mine ,some will have a large following ,some a small.

    End of the day we’ve still divided we still have the same problems.

  35. @ Mbeti

    It’s a start. And no, not by myself. That’s impossible. We all collectively must start making hard choices not to give in to the madness.

  36. I’m late to the topic but Sis you really bring the heat. Love it!
    16. The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon.—THIS<——-this ties into so many other things with us. Like ask a self-professed black 'christian', what scripture describes Jesus as having blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin? Where is that in the bible? And if it doesn't exist in the bible, where did that image come from and why do you continue to embrace it? I just don't get it. It's illogical and insane. I also don't understand how people can embrace a 'religion' from people who historically act in a way anti-thetical to said religion. Hell, any religion.That's like taking child-rearing advice from a known pedophile. Absolute madness to me. I thank my mother everyday that for whatever reason, she didn't raise me in the church. I think the deification of white men is what keeps black people genuflecting at their feet whether they realize it or not. Cuz in the back of their brainwashed, programmed mind (the TRUE MK-ULTRA)–they really think that since GOD is white, then by default the white man here on earth is his rep and there is no way then that we can defeat him. Unless and until this sick, erroneous thinking is changed and replaced with TRUTH, you can't do anything with these people.

  37. While they plan our literal demise. Ft. Detrick is humming with activity. DoD and it’s contractors make most of their money planning shit to neutralize, sicken, maim and kill us. We are at war. I guess most of these people don’t realize that shady grady don’t need to make an official proclamation of war for them to act as if they are at war. Hell, when was the last time the US congress officially authorized war, but we all know the US has been at perpetual war for MOST of it’s history.

  38. In the DVD “Hidden Colors”, they speak about religion and the creation of White images of Christ & others, even though there are many Black Madonna & child figures & paintings in churches throughout Europe. And that having a White Jesus puts into the subconscious that Whites are “God-like”.

  39. Please go to the 26:10 mark. Dr. Umar Johnson speaks about the White Jesus in the Black church and its effect on the Black mind. But also watch the video in its entirety.

  40. I’m in awe. Can the choir say amen! Everything you said resonates tho I have to admit that I’m not interested in having them in my space as handmaids or servants. And tho this may be taboo to say…I see extinction. Don’t think they would have survived this long without this artificial and manufactured system of apartheid. I think whites will go the way of the do-do bird long before we come to our demise. Just the arrogant tampering with the atmosphere/ozone with their military ‘toys’, I believe will ultimately drive them underground or into extinction.

  41. @nmaat433:

    I think this is because we have been brainwashed, entirely. There’s a saying that goes: “to victors goes the spoils.” Without a doubt, there has been an immense amount of cultural and religious revisions that have totally exclude Black people’s initiation of both capacities. Here’s a site that I’ve been studying over the past few years. The information will astound those who seek the truth, as it did me:


    Dr. Ashra Kwesi also explains the “true” Black Jesus in these videos:

    Knowledge of self and acceptance of self is the de-programming phase all Black people and People of Color must complete if this madness is to end.

  42. @emile–I’m familiar with that site. What’s so fascinating is while the original depictions of black jesus and the virgin mary have been deliberately removed from places where most blacks exist & live; the image of the black madonna and child are still very much venerated and in complete public view where few of us live/exist–places like scotland, the former czech republic and russia. What’s even more astounding is that all of the so-called secret societies–all of them without fail, can trace their origins to African concepts. So why is it that only some of us are nosey or curious enough to peel the layers back and realize that EVERYTHING these M-F’s have, think, want, desire, envy, copy and conversely despise, hate & actively try to destroy–has it’s origin in mother africa!! Talk about schizophrenic.

  43. This is true. One of my high school history teachers (a Black man) told us what we needed to know for the rest of our lives: “Nobody is going to tell you anything. Why? Because they don’t want Black people to know sh*t! That why. You’re just going to have to learn how to seek out anything you really want to know for yourself. Learn how to study, not just read, but really study what you read.”

  44. Mickey

    Spot on! We all suffer from this image manipulation in some way, shape or form.

  45. @Negress

    Black people need to put themselves and our race first. We’re trying to be all things to all people, which is a losing outcome. It’s not our job to speak on behalf of others, fight their battles, boost their self-esteem, and so forth. Black people are the salt of the earth, which is why we’re attacked so much. We can’t get rid of our skin color, so, colorblindness is a non-starter. Hating ourselves is not gonna make others respect us, that’s what they want. Be black, be proud, be fearless, and everything else will take care of itself…Bottomline!!!

    BL Certified(Black Label Certified)…Hold other sistas and brothas accountable for their actions black people? If we’re messin’ up, don’t be afraid to speak on it. Accountability is the word.

  46. I grow tired of this endless talk even as I see or think I see Growth – accountability – third time this word comes up in different but related contexts.
    Question – How can you be accountable if you hide? your real name? ,what you look like?
    Sure there are “dangers” out here but some of this is starting to look like cowardice.

  47. @Mbeti

    If black people are doing wrong, don’t make excuses for their actions. Oftentimes, we see the folly of our people on display. Yet, we will rationalize about why they behave as they do. We know the root cause of the problem from the jump. All of this is a mental game, we allow others to treat us like s**t. It’s not about what others do, it’s about us allowing it to happen. Mbeti, as far as hiding names and all that, don’t get caught up in being a “Supernegro.” Yeah, you may feel bolder as a result of putting your picture out for all to see, but, that’s not important. Relaying the truth to others is what matters.

  48. Supernegro.?!!
    interesting I thought I was being honest and consistent.
    See If I just see a name and some avatar I really don’t know who you are,do i?
    People do lie don’t they?

    If you see what I look like and I see what you look like on these serious issues then I and you Know exactly who we are dealing with.

    I also realized something else – do you know what malcom x,martin luther king,neely fuller etc etc etc look like? of course you. Are they ” Supernegro’s”?

    In fact this arena and certain mob(group) activity are the only place where “some” people want to hide their identity.

    ” We know the root cause of the problem from the jump.”
    I did not and still do not completely ,while I’ve learned a lot, I think I still have I lot to learn.

    “It’s not about what others do, it’s about us allowing it to happen.” say what?!
    gonna have to think about that one.

    “Relaying the truth to others is what matters.” how do you “relay” truth if you hide?

  49. @mbeti

    Exactly what are you alluding to?

  50. I thought I made myself clear in my comments ,but I’ll be more direct

    I suspect all bloggers and commentators that do not show their complete Identity,

    it does not mean they/you are lying or have something to hide – thought you may,

    it just adds a level of doubt and suspicion in my mind.

    Maybe some are shy and insecure – I am both – but its these damn issues that compel me sometimes and then there is something more mundane two things actually.

    One – A lot of “white” bloggers especially ones that post on non “controversial” issues – post/present their actual picture of themselves by default.

    Two – are we not beautiful people, not me mind you but some of us are real easy on the eyes, I’m also currently on my facebook page and I make sure all my “real” “friends” show their actual picture not some artwork.

    And right now one is so beautiful inside and out she compelled me to look up the correct spelling for ex·quis·ite .

    But you all do how you feel.
    Peace and war.

  51. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Mbeti Yeah I hear what you’re saying. But the information many of us are putting out there is very controversial. When fighting against white supremacy you are putting your life in danger. I have put my pic up before but only for a short time. You do it at your own discretion. And of course we can’t forget–people use fact pics as well. So putting your pic up doesn’t always mean the person is MORE legit.

  52. It’s the best of both worlds. They are destined to be our servants…but they are also destined to completely die out. They are called “Edom” in the Bible. And Edom is supposed to be completely decimated for what they did to the Children of Israel. The Most High said he will wipe them out until their house is nothing but stubble. They bring about their own demise. So often and so many times the albino has scorched the senses of people of color. It’s gotten so that they have no other allies but other albinos. When you are only 12% of the population, that’s not looking so good. However, one must remember that though they make up a small minority, they have the majority of military technology at their disposal. We have seen recently and in the past that albinos do NOT know how to cope with duress in a civil manner. They will take out everyone around them because they lost their house. Imagine how they will act when they realizing they are losing their ill gained planet. They are the kind of people who would destroy the world before letting brown peoples regain their rightful place. That is why The Most High said he would return..HAS to return lest NO flesh be saved. That is exactly what they will TRY to do, but it will not work. Nope. They are destined for servitude, then the genetic trash heap.

  53. ‘We have seen recently and in the past that albinos do NOT know how to cope with duress in a civil manner. They will take out everyone around them because they lost their house. Imagine how they will act when they realizing they are losing their ill gained planet. They are the kind of people who would destroy the world before letting brown peoples regain their rightful place.’
    —You are so right about them. I liken them to someone who is in the proverbial driver seat with all of the rest of huemanity held hostage in the passenger seats, holding on for dear life, transfixed and paralyzed with fear–and it appears NONE of these mofos are THINKING about cold-cocking this fool in his head or shooting him and taking a chance and taking the wheel from him! This is what I don’t get. We SHOULD ALL realize where this car is headed–over a cliff–are we that damaged, scarred and traumatized that we will sit here and allow these barbarians to kill us all?

  54. Hide from whom? Believe me, Co-Intelpro-ers already probably know who we are. I’m sure nobody who comes to a site like this believes there is anything near privacy in existence nowadays online. In this post 9/11, Patriot(less) Act, NDAA world–surely no one is that naive. So who would we be ‘hiding’ from? I would think most people who gravitate to a site like this share the same political/world views for the most part so I think we are essentially preaching to the choir–which is not a bad thing and I don’t mean it in that way–but this is not CNN or MSNBC and we probably would be censured anyway b/c Disqus(t) moderates damn near everything anyway on any of these forums and particularly the ones geared to black people. I’ve been exposed to some phenomenal insights & opinions on this site, found links to people/concepts I wasn’t familiar with and am thankful that the “Negress” takes the time out to share with us. I don’t NEED to know what her real name/ssn/address is and she has NO obligation to proffer it. Nor do I believe it would lend any more value or credence to anything written here. I suggest to anybody: ASSUME that we are being watched & recorded and that our words are being duly noted—and then KEEP speaking, keep writing, keep raising your voice with the knowledge that they fear us waaaay more than we ever need to fear them. THEY are the ones lurking in the shadows.

  55. ‘If you see what I look like and I see what you look like on these serious issues then I and you Know exactly who we are dealing with.’
    Also just b/c a person posts a name and pic, that doesn’t mean that’s who you are corresponding with. Have you ever seen the tv show Catfish? People can and do say anything online and create personas that bear little resemblance to their real life. As Tyrone said, I’d pay more attention to what is being said and if it resonates instead of focusing on the ‘who’.

  56. Has anyone Seen This – http://thyblackman.com/2011/11/23/an-open-letter-of-apology-to-black-men-in-hopes-of-reconciliation/
    And There is not even a issue of hiding/concealing your Identity.

  57. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I’m not even going to comment on the “apology letter”. Mbeti, why are you waving red meat at me?

  58. darqbeauty on said:

    Whoooooo buddy. Those comments are out of control! smh!

    red meat !!? really then why are you here I thought most people here had at least a passing concern for black people.
    However just like the location where I first found this video – just because you look like us and even post a few articles that seem to say you care ,does not mean you do – anything but really.

    @darqbeauty never mine the comments what did you think about this – http://youtu.be/9w0HuxdOwYg

  60. darqbeauty on said:

    @ Mbeti
    Some of her comments are spot on, however, she’s just one of many many people who are trying to correct the gender wars that some Black people seem to like to engage in. Because I’m a Hebrew Israelite, my take on matters in completely different, stemming from the spiritual. Thank you for the link, brother.

  61. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    The “apology” letter has been floating around the internet for over a year. The gender war is a disaster. A lot of unrepairable damage has been done by the “war”. The tone in your comments is unusually aggressive, Mbeti. We all have our bad days. The system of racism/white supremacy is very stressful for non-whites. Next time try waving grass feed beef. I’m a picky eater.

  62. Mbeti

    The year just began and already the gloves are off. let’s get down to it. Why post the letter here? What’s your motive?

  63. Mbeti, I’m not one for online images, partly as images online stay online outside of one’s control. I, for one, like to control my image.

    Beyond that, I meet with readers, get readers off the street and pass out flyers for my organization besides from attending All-Black Organizations.

    You can wonder how “you” would know, but you wouldn’t “know” until you wore “my” shoes.

    An ancient proverb goes, “Our senses seek to affirm, not to know.”

    With your senses you can not know anything. It’s with your spirit and your reflection that you can know everything.

    Another ancient proverb speaks about what are errors:

    There are two kinds of error: blind credulity and piecemeal criticism. Never believe a word without putting its truth to the test; discernment does not grow in laziness; and this faculty of discernment is indispensable to the Seeker. Sound skepticism is the necessary condition for good discernment; but piecemeal criticism is an error.

    Your suspicion of every blogger is actually ridiculous. What’s it’s logical conclusion? Are you the only one to be trusted? Beyond that, many speak on these subjects and have their pictures up. But there’s a different foundation that comes with it. I once spent a long amount of time speaking with “Political” Whites; their Avatars were of different Ideological backgrounds–“Marx,” “Che,” “Foucault.” As it were, I came from a background where “Avatars” were not meant to be “Photographs” but “Avatars”–Look up the word.

    Besides from protecting my image, I also recognize that one’s interpersonal socialization can jeopardize one. For instance, I can duck and dodge most Europeans; but can everyone I know? In other words, what good is there in putting up an image that can only be used to harm me?

    Granted, if you come to New York, you can see me and my beautiful Blackness. 🙂

  64. And Mbeti, you are a beautiful person. I never see you smile, but certainly occupy yourself with your mirror until you see what others can: How yours is a face of the oldest lineage, crafted perfectly to make the unsure Mbeti.

    A lot of “unrepairable” damage has been done by the “war”. The tone in your comments is unusually aggressive, Mbeti.
    I really doubt my aggressiveness in this matter but if I apologize – will you accept that?
    “unrepairable” damage – hmm… sounds like the perfect excuse for some people to give up.
    I thought it was obvious
    21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear , I could have posted this comment anywhere on your blog but I choose here.
    From your response as a female and from the responses of the females at the site where I first found it – some black women really don’t want to hear or do this.

    Honestly I had hoped for something else ,maybe its because I’m a male,maybe its because of the ways I have been hurt and betrayed by some black women,

    If i was asked to do a male version of this I wouldn’t even blink before immediately signing up – it makes complete sense to me and in a small and large way made me feel very good – but a few of you ,blog host included seem to think I’m trying to bait you or somehow attack you in someway.
    well only time will tell
    but beware
    I always come with utmost sincerity even to the point of self doubt
    and just when I think I’m wrong and its all for nothing and the enemy is wining ….
    I’m not going to finish that ……
    I will say the only “love” for me is a african american women – only we can comprehend what we have been through – only we can heal us.

  66. Mbeti

    Your article falls in with number 13 and 14. This back and forth with you on images, my gravatar, my alleged cowardice and your suspicion of me is pointless, useless and time consuming.

    I already made myself clear on time management. That’s all I’m going to say on this moot matter.

  67. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    I can’t co-sign on a patriarchal apology letter. Patriarchy supports the system of racism/white supremacy. I’ve been hurt by black males’ inability to conceive of themselves as victims and victimizers. The inability of many black males to empathize with the black females’ struggle is very very frightening. Black males feel entitled to have their suffering and oppression prioritized. When a group of oppressed people feel that no one has suffered like they have a sort of narcissism sets in. This narcissism is why they feel justified to ask their victims for an apology.

    My great grandmothers was beaten to death my her downtrodden and oppressed black male husband. This downtrodden and oppressed black male then went into hiding for a year with the help of his family. Their was no justice for the murder because no one values black women; particularly not downtrodden and oppressed black male victims that think they are owed apologies by the black female collective. Black women are about 8% of the U.S. population but make up around 22% of the domestic violence homicides. The people putting black females into the ground are black males. Since I’m an unapologetic womanist please do not hold your breath waiting for any apologies from me.

    From the late poet Pat Parker:

    I don’t want to hear
    how my real enemy
    is the system.
    I’m no genius,
    but i do know
    that system
    you hit me with
    is called
    a FIST.

  68. nmaat

    I’m not sure I believe anything I read anymore about black people but…having said that, perhaps it could be true.

  69. I can’t co-sign on a patriarchal apology letter. Patriarchy supports the system of racism/white supremacy.

    if had been a male apologizing to females then what?
    but I agree Patriarchy not only supports the system of racism/white supremacy its a fundamental component of it.

    I’ve been hurt by black males’ inability to conceive of themselves as victims and victimizers.
    One word – some

    The inability of many black males to empathize with the black females’ struggle is very very frightening.

    as is their inability to empathize with other black males’ struggle as well.

    Black males feel entitled to have their suffering and oppression prioritized.
    btw is their a priority – can we objectively state who suffers more ,the black or the white rich or poor male or female
    and how should we deal with the similarities or difference, questions to ponder as we strive for solutions.

    When a group of oppressed people feel that no one has suffered like they have a sort of narcissism sets in. This narcissism is why they feel justified to ask their victims for an apology.
    I don’t know about the narcissism,but I was not “looking” for this apology nor have I been asking for a apology ,but now that that black woman put it out there I appreciate it and I’m totally willing to reciprocate – that is offer a apology of my/our own(black men).

    My great grandmothers was beaten to death my her downtrodden and oppressed black male husband.
    A great tragedy ,my sorrow and remorse goes to you and your family.
    This downtrodden and oppressed black male then went into hiding for a year with the help of his family.
    which family members? he killed his wife, his brothers/sisters father/mother?
    this is a all to common occurrence – the male is justified.

    Their was no justice for the murder because no one values black women
    “no justice” how do you know?,how can you tell me?
    do you or anyone know every detail of this event?
    When I was young It was simple like the adults said but now that I’m a adult – I know better.

    “no one values black women” – really ,now your being melodramatic and silly – how about um black women,how about men who actually love them,how about you?

    ; particularly not downtrodden and oppressed black male victims that think they are owed apologies by the black female collective.

    nope I don’t value you individually nor collectively and I want my apology – not

    Black women are about 8% of the U.S. population but make up around 22% of the domestic violence homicides.
    no doubt black males are very lethal to black people.

    The people putting black females into the ground are black males. Since I’m an unapologetic womanist please do not hold your breath waiting for any apologies from me.

    naa I’m too old to hold my breath for anything nor anybody these days – you are either going to do it cause you think you should or not,
    however as a talking point, it has raised and exposed some very interesting perspectives.
    mission accomplished….

  70. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    “mission accomplished”

    Everything I said in my comment was post in various comment threads on Cree 7’s blog. Only a black male could claim that another black male may have been justified in beating a woman to death and allowing her to slowly die in bed while refusing to allow relative in the house to tend to her. His mulatto trump card may have helped him get a way with it.

  71. I think in this world like fashion things go round and round. It wasn’t that long ago in the 1950’s and 1960’s blacks in America were fighting and dying for their civil rights. While blacks in Africa and the Caribbean were fighting and dying for their independence . Now we wouldn’t waste a minute in poking each other’s eyes out. Why is that? What happened? Are things really that bad?

    I agree with everything you say in this post, most of all number 1. All this self hate and negativity has to stop. I think though things will turn around for the better. Michelle Obama wasn’t a fluke… Shame she hasn’t been able to spark a change in hair styles/fashion though.

  72. That was true to the bone. Blacks hate each other so much that we are willing to pretend that whites don’t hate us as much or at all. Now how sick is that? Of course the white man hates you. All you have to do is try to date his daughter, sister or wink at his wife. You’ll see everything you need to see then.

    Rednecks hate white liberals because they say whites alive today shouldn’t feel guilty for what their ancestors did to us. Whatever….I don’t care what whites feel. I know they don’t feel love that’s for sure. White liberals actually hate blacks more than rednecks because white liberals think blacks really are too stupid to help ourselves. Rednecks know we can handle our own and that’s why they fear our melanin and our sexuality.

    It’s also why rednecks insist on stockpiling guns and ammo and why a physical race war would lead to our extermination. That is exactly what rednecks and Jews want. They only need the athletes, music artists and entertainers to make their money and do their brainwashing/social engineering. The rest of us are human fodder. If we ever stop paying taxes (which we don’t owe) they’d just drop a nuke on the Southeast to get rid of most of us. The whites that died would be classified as collateral damage. Israel already has a bioweapon that can kill ONLY people of color while not affecting whites. We’ve been asleep for too long people. They can pull the lever any time they want.

  73. tank rollins on said:

    the one about slavery being back with a vengeance might be true for some whites, but the majority of them (if they had their way) would have never brought us here to begin with…a saw a bumper sticker once that said “we should have picked our own cotton”,and i believe the majority of them still feel that way…

  74. honeytreebee on said:

    16 18 and 19 hold so true. @Tank Rollins I sure do wish they had picked their own cotton too. And stayed in Europe I wish they had never made it over here. I wonder if, I wish real hard and click me heels three times if, I’ll end up back in Africa and this will all be some kind of bad dream. Oh, snap didn’t work…
    Guess we’ll have to figure out this mess on our own and get to work on it in order to get back to Africa and send the white people back to where tey came. LOL

  75. Remember that Jews started the slave trade. Whites were slaves here as indentured servants before Africans arrived. Whites always turn on each other in the absence of people of color. That is why it is vital for us to separate from them and then they will just destroy each other. Jewish Khazars (current Ashkhenazi Jews) and white Gentiles hate each other. They have been warring for thousands of years in Europe but the Sephardic Jewish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella saw an opportunity to plunder India and funded another Jew, Columbus, to find it. Of course he got lost and ended up in America. The rest is our history. You have to realize the 70% of slaves in America were owned by Jews on massive plantations. They were especially cruel to their slaves as well. Regular whites had very few slaves and treated them well in comparison, although the entire institution is abominable. Jews have been expelled from over a hundred countries in Europe over the centuries because they do the same thing every time, corrupt society and then steal everything. It worked well this time in America because many people believe the Holohoax really happened (Jews control the NEA that decide the public education curriculum of false history) or that Jews are God’s chosen people, as if God would choose an entire race of people regardless of their character. Now Israel controls America but they needed “blacks” to remain here after slavery (which is why we only got a tiny piece of Liberia for repatriation). Whites need an enemy to feel alive and Jews used, and are still using, us for that very purpose. Few realize that Jews started the KKK and the NAACP. They even started AA. They are diabolical masters of divide and conquer and most of us fall for it every time. They know some people like us will see through the ruse but as long as they have that dumbed-down 80% their plans will still succeed.

  76. jabari


    That is why I am a Pan African Separatist. Without us, whites WILL seek to destroy themselves. It’s in their nature. Lacking melanin causes a behavioural defect.

  77. @ Jabari you hit the nail right on the head re: the Jews. Paul Mooney said it best – you walk in the closet with some Jews they’ll come out wearing your clothes. Always up to something.

    I live not even 100 feet away from a Jewish Torah Center and Kosher Deli and it seems there’s only ever something going on there after 2 am and before dawn when I make my grocery runs…. I always make sure to not look to close and end up seeing something I shouldn’t.

  78. There’s no telling what they are up to but I can assure you it is nothing that will benefit mankind as a whole. Today is the Jewish holiday Purim so I fully expect another false flag attack from them today or on 3/11. These Khazars are not real Jews. They converted to Judaism in 720AD to avoid being overrun by neighboring tribes in Europe. Everything they do has an ulterior motive. With no connection to God they have no other way to operate. What a pathetic existence. I pity their soulless way of life but I would still like to send them back where they came from forever.

  79. jabari and Bry

    In brooklyn, they would disappear into these old abandoned buildings and chant for hours til morning. Everything is hidden in secrecy. A friend one told me that the backrooms of their deli’s are a meeting place.

    For what, I do not know.

  80. Best to get up and relocate to West Africa. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

  81. Ben

    I’m writing a post due out soon on our mass black flight. I’ve met over the years at least 20 blacks that have either left the US and went to the islands or Africa.

  82. I really like your blog. I am a young Black woman of 17 and I am becoming more and more racially aware of how racist AmeriKKKa really is. I believe MOST White Americans are racist and most of it is rather subtle but MOST White Americans have this feeling that they are superior to their Black counterparts.

    Your reasons are correctly stated especially this one: ”No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger.”

    Well said. I try to tell other Black kids my age this and they wouldn’t even listen! Most of White AmerKKKa sees us as inferior. Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson and other Blacks realize this when they get trouble that White AmeriKKKa sees them as another nigger. Soon Beyoncé is learning the same thing. History repeats itself but STUPID IGNORANT Blacks never learn.

    When I get older, I plan on leaving this country because this country is really getting on my nerves with it’s racism and unequal distribution of wealth. Everyone hates Black people in America and thinks that Black women are ugly and not worthy of appreciation. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Things aren’t getting any better. I know other countries aren’t perfect but I do know I want to leave this country.

    I don’t know which countries would be good to move to though.

  83. I want to travel the world as well.I want to visit south africa and brazil someday.I heard south africa is beautiful and i’ve been in love with the idea of going there ever since i saw the documentary called blacks without borders.Plus america is always starting wars so I want to be out of here before the chickens come home to roost.They already trying to invade iran.Its going to be world war 3.
    I’m curious about africa too because they always saying how bad it is yet they contradict themselves by going there all the time.If its so bad why keep going back.I hope for another black wallstreet,but it can’t be here because we see what happened to the first one.I want to go where i will be accepted and can prosper.

  84. Adeen

    Welcome. Please feel free to add your thoughts.

  85. Same here. I want to leave America before any war happens over here and blows us up. I want to bring my family too. This country and this racist society gets on my nerves.

    I want to move to a country with less racial tension.

  86. You are welcome. I really like this blog because you tell the truth that most Black Americans don’t like to hear.

  87. love this…ive been awakened for almost 10 months and I can imagine how I was sleep for so long..always felt there was MOOR and there was..hotep! Ive invoked mi ancestors and they made their prescense known to mi! they are here on Geb, waiting, directing, guiding us..now how dowe awaken others? Ive accepted that many will not awaken…im ready to move forward with Truth! dwu (thank u) for expressing truth (maat)

  88. Jordan on said:

    The real problem is OUR CULTURE

    I am a Black male, born and raised in Canada. My mother and father, both immigrants of Black Caribbean decent.

    Grew up amongst children in a classroom full of mixed culture. Raised to love all races. My closest friends throughout my history on this planet were Whites, Asians and Middle Eastern. I know this because they have and would again put their lives on the line for my own well being. Many of them even consider me family. Racial related violence doesn’t happen often here in Canada.

    I’ve been interviewed by Whites, invited to their homes and eaten on their dinner tables. The only racial segregation I’ve EVER faced were caused by either:

    A: twisted idealist remarks from my own race

    B: Older adults 40+ who’ve been raised in other countries and immigrated here with the same “EVERY RACE FOR THEMSELVES” mentality.

    I think racial equality is to a degree happening in the United States but at a slower rate due to overall population size. Less to forget the ghetto violent street culture that is adopted and well received there. Media such as BET aren’t helping the issue along either. You now see a movement of children who’ve never struggled a day in their lives. Yet they drop out of school purposefully in pursuit of a life full of gun violence, drugs and money in a grossly misplaced interpretation of “lifestyle”.

    That being said, your article holds truth to some gravity but holds as FAR too generalized. I think the more countries are adopting mixed cultures, the more children are being born and raised in a society of youth blind of cultural and ethnic difference. Genetic predisposition caused by Melatonin and Serotonin is ABSOLUTE HOGWASH. If that were the real truth, Blacks and Whites would never marry, mixed children wouldn’t exist and your President would have been assassinated before his elected second term.

  89. This is a sharing of how to reconnect to some of our ancient practices, and to ancestral languages, we must remember that language carries a vibration or frequency of tones to it, it is why languages like the metu netcher, Amharic or those from Yoruba, Igbo, Akan, Ewe, and so forth can help connect to our Nananom Nsamonofo (Honorable Ancestors). http://afuraka-afuraitkait.ning.com/main/search/search?q=Apae
    Also a great book is “Blackout through Whitewashed by Dr. Suzar, here is her site: http://suzar.com/BOTW/BOTW-ch5b-pages55-56.html (on Melanin) Get the facts!
    Hotep! Meda Ase (thank you)
    – Quincy (Kwame)

  90. Ralph Moore on said:

    It’s so easy to blame the victims for their wretched lives. Slave masters claimed that Africans enjoyed being enslaved and those who resisted and rebelled had a mental problem. Segregationists claimed that negroes preferred living in slum ghettos, going to segregated inferior schools, working on menial jobs. And now Black social intellectuals say that Black people don’t want control of their destiny. Like the racist intellectuals, Blacks “in the know” imply that it’s in our genes. Social economic conditions affect the lives of our people more than our genetic make up. When our Black “scholars” accept that perspective, they might focus more on the oppressive powers who determine racist policies of discrimination in employment, education of our children, unequal health care, indecent housing in segregated neighborhoods, and rampant police profiling, brutality and the free hand murder of our people. Love Black people with the love of Nat Turner, with the love of John Brown, with the love of Marcus Garvey, of Elijah Muhammed, of Martin Luther King, of Malcolm X, of the members of SNCC, of the Black Panther Party; and with organization and action. Blaming and negatively criticizing our brothers and sisters, our family, is just as divisive as those who you charge with falling for the hype.

  91. Ralph Moore

    In the words of Booker T Washington:

    “I know who put me in the box. The question is: What am I doing to get out of the box?”

    Blacks need to look inward at our ills before we can devise a tangible plan to “get out of the box.” We are a mentally ill race. I make no apologies for saying that and I never will.

    Stockholm Syndrome is rampant amongst us in one way or another. Our desire to be “like them.” Our refusal to help and support each other. All residual symptoms of an illness for which we were never given proper care.

    You’ll find this blog raw and brutally honest as I dissect whites AND blacks. Failure to do so would be lying to the family. And we deserve more than that.

  92. Here is what is was called when slaves tried to run away.


    Just shows that diseases and conditions are invented by white and Jewish males using DSM-IV to control other groups….just like ADD and ADHD control young black males.

  93. Jabari

    Our weakness comes from not just whites and their diabolical plans for us, it stems from our practice of individualism instead of group economic togetherness.

    You’ll note that NO other race needs to be told to support each other…just us. Whites can make up all the definitions in the world to keep us downtrodden but the question remains:

    Why are we not fighting it? Why are we still looking to them for approval? Why is it so hard for us to trust each other?

    These questions are the root of our struggle. When we can honestly answer them, we’ll be able to move forward.

  94. 100% agreed. We are victims of what Huey Newton called white psychopathic racial disorder. Everything that benefits blacks is seen as a threat to whites so they infiltrate it and destroy it. This consumer society has turned all of us into money worshipers whether we realize it or not. You cannot worship God and mammon. Black Christians now practice prosperity gospel. That is Satanic worship of money. God and morality must come first and then we would see solidarity in the black community. There is no way to undo the damage that has been done because the onslaught and brainwashing has become a part of daily American life. You have to save yourself and anyone else you feel can be saved. Most cannot. I believe this Earth is a form of hell so it could never become a heaven because that would defeat the purpose of our suffering here to learn the lessons we need to move to higher dimensions. That doesn’t mean we should give up. It means we should look inside instead of outside. That’s where God is. It has been there all along. Satanic love of money must be rejected or all is lost.

  95. Jabari

    You took the words out of my mouth. Yes, love of money is indeed the root of all evil. That’s why my family and I have, for the most part, dropped out of the system.

    I too believe that this place we call earth is some form of hell.

  96. This whole post is poignant and well written. All of the reasons above are the reason why many of us Blacks in AmeriKKKlan and in the White dominated world can’t get anywhere. We don’t stick together or value ourselves. And also we hate ourselves and envy Whites for their power, beauty and the list goes on. That is the reason why Blacks are at the bottom of society in every country: we don’t stick together, we fight and hate each other continuously and many Blacks sell out their own to please the ”Massah” aka White man.

    It is important Blacks stick together and love each other if they want to survive and more generations of Black kids in this racist society and world.
    I am for the continuation and progress of my race, the Black race in AmeriKKKlan and the world. I don’t believe in interracial dating at all especially among Black men because it is a result of self hatred.

    Why would you prefer a White woman over someone who looks like your own mother?

    Numbers 4-9 really resonate with me because I have been through it. No. 8 applies to my Hispanic neighbors. Most Hispanics are a mixture of African, Indigneous Indian and Spanish blood which is mixed and many Hispanics don’t want to embrace their African or Indigneous roots. Well my Hispanic neighbors are a lot like that and her daughter thinks she is White and acts like she is better than me because she looks White and I am Black. I found myself laughing when my mother told me that the Hispanic girl’s mother said that most people in her family are light, bright and damn near White. I had to laugh because this Hispanic woman’s sister is almost as dark as my mother and my mother is a Black woman! As well as other people in her family. So much for stupid, colonized mentality Hispanics like these people! And many mixed people don’t even embrace their Black roots either. I think many of them are ashamed of their Black blood.

    Of course not all Hispanics are like that but MANY are.

    No.s 5-7 and 9 resonate with me because I find myself not getting along with the Black people at my high school. In fact, many of them treated the White students better than me and seem to be cold and distant to me. I am not mean or nasty but I always experience that. I guess it is because they hate themselves so much that whenever they see another Black person, they want them to fail. It is a terrible mentality and it all started in slavery where we were taught to hate ourselves.

    Another example was when I was being criticized for being smart in class by White students and this sellout Uncle Tom chick went along with them. I don’t know what this chick had against me but I thought that Black people were supposed to stick together. She(Uncle Tom sellout) was talking to this White kid, who criticized me, like they were best friends and aggravated me, purposely. I had gotten so mad that I was going to tell her the truth: Don’t come to me when this White boy calls you the n word behind your back”. Because I damn well know that this White boy she was siding with was most likely going to go behind her back and call her the n word along with me.

    No. 4, Eurocentric education just brainwashes Americans especially Black Americans to believe that America is such a great country full of opportunity and freedom. Too much Eurocentric education and you could end up a wise fool.

    I maybe young, I am turning 18 this year but I am trying to figure out how racism works in this country.

    Sad to say but I have never seen a dumber generation of Black people and I am talking about my generation. Listening to Shitty Minaj, Lil Gayne, Chief Keef and thinking they are the best things to walk on two legs, Black women sporting weaves and hating their natural hair, BET promoting the degradation of the Black race with it’s degrading music videos and Rap music, bad economic times, no morals and most of all, most of my generation is lost!!!!!!!!!! Just because we have a Black president and live in a so called multicultural society doesn’t mean racism isn’t dead. In fact, I have seen racism increase during Obama’s presidency!

    Sorry for the rant but I am so sick of the racial tensions, Uncle Tom sellout Negros, AmeriKKKlan’s sick ”beauty” standards that they impose on others etc.

  97. Adeen

    Rant as much as you want to my love. that’s why the blog is here for us so that we can heal and learn and try to move forward.

    you are not alone in the struggle no matter how hard it may seem. just remember that the reason why everyone may hate us is because they are not us.

  98. It truly is frustrating. May 19th came and went and I heard not a word about Brother Malcolm’s birthday in the media or from anyone else. I always celebrate that day. The only other thing I would say is that many of the Uncle Tom’s out there used to be soldiers. They became so frustrated with their own people that they sold out. Be careful that it doesn’t happen to you. Love for your own people must stay at the top of the list, no matter how sick we are or how badly we treat you. Like you said it is just projection of self-hatred that has been conditioned into our very being by centuries of white supremacy. Now most of us just want to fight over who can be the most white while at the same time pretending to “keep it real” so we don’t lose our street cred. It’s pathetic.

  99. No.13 and 14 is the reason why I don’t support interracial marriage among Blacks and non Blacks. Blacks need to stick together and marry their own kind especially the wealthy Blacks. Wealthy Blacks like Michael Jackson who intermarry with Whites have their money go to the White community when it belongs in the Black community.

    In my sophomore year last year, this Black guy said that he refused to go out with me because I am Black. Funny, because I am the same complexion he is! He is with a Puerto Rican girl right now.

    Yes, Black men who dislike Black women do hate themselves.

  100. Jabari

    I’m taking a sabbatical soon.

    I’ve been shot down a LOT with getting my venture Sankofa up and running. I need a break to recoup.

  101. Adeen

    That black boy was confused. Hopefully, he’ll awaken someday.

  102. I’m not defending interracial marriage between blacks and whites because there is nothing healthy a white women can do for a black man but I do think blacks and Latinos share a common bond. Latinos are basically indigenous people who were conquered by Spanish interlopers and colonizers. They were forced to learn Spanish and forget their native tongue just like African slaves were forced to eschew their own culture, religion and language in favor of European garbage at the risk of death.

    Light-skinned Asians like Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese pretty much adopt a white attitude so I do not support intermarriage with them. However darker-skinned Asians like Thai and Cambodians do suffer a plight similar to our own. It’s all about how dark your skin is for many people. For a while the media makes it cool to be dark-skinned and then they flip flop it back to light-skinned to keep us at each other’s throats. It transcends all races because they all have intra-racial conflicts. Even whites who can tan pick on pale-skin whites who turn red and burn in the sun. Redheads are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

    I love black women of all colors who take care of themselves inside and out but I’m 43 and haven’t found one close proximity with her head on straight yet. I can’t wait forever or I won’t be able to see my children grow up. There are many black women who hate educated black men because they don’t provide the “swag” aphrodisiac many black women need for their orgasms. Black women don’t like to talk about that but I do. You can’t talk about not having a good black man until you know what one is. If you are only attracted to little silly boys who sell drugs, wear urban wear and talk about how they will be a rapper one day then the TV has your mind and you don’t even realize it. That means the Jews control you because they control the media.

    I’m not accusing anyone of anything but the frustration that many of us feel is self-inflicted.

  103. You are right but it is so hard.

  104. I know right. I really liked that guy and still think about him.

  105. Jabari

    Most blacks come to each other will excessive baggage. Women looking for a “real” man whilst sporting fake hair, nails and eyelashes.

    Men seeking a sister who will do all the dirty work while he lives off of her for free.

    You are not alone in your angst. Blacks say they want a spiritual partner yet find the work involved intimidating and too hard.

    Your obvious intelligence May be fearsome for lower vibrational females. Please do not despair. The right female is out there and seeking you as well.

  106. I see where you are coming from. Yes I am of Caribbean descent and I do agree that Latinos and us do share a common culture and struggle but MANY Latinos try to distant themselves from their Indigneous and Black roots. That was what I was talking about. I don’t hate Latinos, in fact, I like them, but many of them including the ones I live next to, want to be White and distant themselves from their Indigneous roots.

    Second of all, I don’t like thugs, gangsters or rappers. I actually love educated Black men because to me, a educated Black men represents progress in our community. Plus he could make a lot of a lot of money and bring the money back to the Black community. I plan on marrying one when I get older. Plus the thugs and gangsters aren’t attracted to me because I lack the voluptuous curves that many Black women have and in return, I don’t like them back.

    ” I’m not accusing anyone of anything but the frustration that many of us feel is self-inflicted”

    So true.

  107. Adeen

    I’m sorry dear.

    That boy is just that. A boy. As you grow into womanhood, you’ll meet many men on your intellectual level and they will fulfill you on the level that matters most;


    Don’t sell yourself short ever.

  108. Thanks. You are very encouraging.

  109. maeleonline on said:

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  110. Ralph Moore on said:

    Let us educate by example. Let us teach so those who hear learn. I don’t believe our people have empty vessels in their heads for us to place the “knowledge” we profess to have to fill those empty vessels. Black people are human, in fact, the first humans on this planet. Humans have consciousness, humans think and figure out phenomena. Preaching is not as effective as showing. Preachers mistakenly think themselves above the people; better than the people they try to reach. Educate with love, not hate.

  111. Ralph

    Are you an African?

  112. “OUR TIME”
    I was inspired to write this blog after listening to President Obama accept his nomination for reelection this November.
    This blog is not to meant offend anyone,who is not African American.
    Hopefully it will inspire others who are not African Americans,and need a “Wake Up”!

    African Americans this is our time,we’ve had 4yrs to catch on to the fact that this is “Our Time”.
    Should God bless us with 4 more years under our current President.Lets not blow it!It’s time to free ourselves from ourselves. We’ve been waiting far too long for the opportunity we now have.We must capitalize on President Obama being in the “White House”.We’ve been praying and asking God to help us,well God has delivered.Now it’s up to us to not take God’s Grace & Mercy for granted.It’s time to better educate ourselves and better educate our children,The first family is living in the house,they said we would never occupy.It’s the proof of what we can do as African Americans.There are no more excuses we can make for our conditions.We now have a leader who when he speaks is telling us how to lift up ourselves to the level we need to be.Yes he is the President of the USA,not the president of Black America.Still we can achieve what others believe we can’t.Black men it’s time to change our mindsets about ourselves,our children & Black women.Black woman its time to change your mindset about your children & Black men.Black family values & unity,must be a priority.It’s time to stop being led astray by false prophets on Sunday morning.God is watching and waiting for us to catch on to the fact that if we really want change,that change begins with us.God has more patience than we could ever imagine.How much longer shall we choose to procrastinate and believe someone else is going to do it for us.Our Troubled youth & young adults are being led to the grave & prison by those who know,that this is “Our Time”.Our children’s education is being sabotaged by those who know that education is the key to our “Rise”as African Americans.Education will bring us where we need to be economically.Our spirituality needs a major overhaul.Some of us are giving their money to Churches instead of investing in their community.This type of foolishness needs to stop.One of the reasons we don’t have as many black owned businesses as we should, is because we’re not investing in our communities.Instead we have allowed others to profit in our communities,we don’t have to stand for nor go along with it.This mindset of every bodies angry at each needs to stop,instead lets begin the healing process of ourselves.We are the only race that’s stingy with each other,The more we share,the more we Rise.”Our Time” maybe the only chance get to “Rise” as a people. Self help is the best help.Our Rise is not to oppress others,it’s to bring us to the level we can and need to be as African Americans in America.
    No Violence-Know Peace!
    Posted by **ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!**Save Our Children!**

  113. r.morethan_any@comcast.net on said:

    Just as much African as you are Ms Negress. I’m a 73 year-old African American who lived through the era of legal segregation, the murder of Emmitt Till, the Montgomery bus boycott, the rise of Dr. Martin Luther King, then birth of SNCC, the Freedom Riders, the call for Black Power by my Chattanooga homeboy, Willie Ricks and the birth and demise of the Black Panther Party. My life doesn’t mean that I know more than you. However, that was a period of apparent unity in the Black community the seems to be lacking these days. There were Blacks then who declared, “White man ain’t nothing but a turd, but a nigger ain’t shit!” But progress happened when our community focused more on the turd than the non-shit. We assumed, at first, that the oppression was clear cut ( segregated education, segregated job opportunities, segregated places to live, segregated transportation, segregated eating places, segregated movie theaters, segregated drinking fountains and segregated toilets}. The segregation was forced upon our people, implying that we were inferior, not good enough to be in the presence of whites. So, as a community, we strove to end segregation. But when we realized that even with desegregation the racism that defined us as inferior and still kept us oppressed didn’t disappear. Racism was key to the founding of the United States. Thomas Jefferson did not include our ancestors when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. The 13 colonies would never have united without the colonies in the North agreeing with the southern colonies to insure that enslavement of Africans continued. Racist philosophy is what determines the conditions that exist in our communities. Most Black children still attend de facto segregated, inferior schools. Inferior education limits job opportunities for our youngsters. Black ghettos still exist. There may be black entertainers, athletes, and a few entrepreneurs who are millionaires, but it’s the white billionaires and trillionaires who influence government policies that determine the kind of education, employment, health care, housing and lifestyle we have. Many of the powerful,super rich people’s wealth grew from profits made, in the North as well as the South during the slave trade. They have a 4 hundred year head start on our superstar athletes and entertainers. These are the concrete conditions we should study because these conditions perpetuate poverty, and poverty, anywhere in the world and world history, nourishes self hate and criminal activity. All I ask is a peaceful and love for our people dialogue between us, Ms Negress.

  114. Ok. I meant no harm to you or any other African here. Our dialogue is fraught with love, pain, anger, depression, hope and encouragement.

    Thank you for letting me know your story. You are most welcomed to participate with our learning process.

  115. r.morethan_any@comcast.net on said:

    Thank you, sister love.

  116. SugarKiss on said:

    Just wow. Poignant and soooo right on time. At this time in history, every second of the day is not soon enough for the alarm clock to sound…wow. If only we had loud speakers in the minds of the sleeping to wake them. Black Love IS SELF LOVE, UN-BASHFULLY and UNASHAMED(LY) so.

  117. dewilliams30 on said:

    LOVE IT! Though many stay in denial you are throwing the truth out there.

  118. dewilliams30 on said:

    We can deny the truth all day every day it will not move us further but keep us held back. Anyone in disbelief visit people of your race outside of where and whom you know then see how far we have yet to come. We feel a disconnect within our race of community yet we are in denial that we are moving forward. Read the message boards on your local media sites and tell me if the higher education the big house the white woman/man by your side makes a difference, on how you-not as an individual but as a man and or woman of the black american race is seen by those outside from your own race. If you are still in denial then there is and never will be any hope for us to ever move forward as a union. We don’t stick together but look around you….believe we are the only race that will stab eachother in the backs in front of the world. We can be targeted because we don’t stand together.

  119. If this is true, how can you change it? I love where you are going with it; however, more facts or reasoning behind you position needs to be stated. I come to find that if you read the stats, white folks are no different than us. Most crimes (including murder) are race on race. So do they hate each other? Most of those who don’t want to have anything to do with us… do. It’s the culture of America. This is a sick and racist Country. We fight each other and don’t look out for each other because of ignorance. I agree with the influence. These reality shows are killing America. All races. They show no respect and then we get mad when we look at our children. Think about it…IGNORANCE is the killer. The ignorance is the reason why we are targeted and don’t stand together. Our young children are falling to the will and ills of what they see on that tube. Crazy…I can go on and on…You know what? The right people are not seeing this because they don’t even do this. See you have to put thought in folks head and the ones that need it are not even on this forum.

  120. wow, this was intense!

  121. To: Jabari70 & any one else: could you please refer me to some references about the Jewish slave trade and plantation ownership?

    My references are miniscule and I’d like to have more information, if you, please.

  122. Adeen, please don’t think for a moment that the Black man did not help in the disenfranchisement of the Black Women. (I can tell you from personal experience AND look around @ rap records and throughout the entertainment field. where they get PAID to disrespect the sistas) They have not been our friends for a long while (at least two decades)

    I just saw an advertisement for a club party that advertised ‘light-skinned VS. Dark Sinned’ with pics of likewise sistas. AND, I just read an article about some rappers being called on the mat about saying “the bitch would look better is she was ‘red'”

    And, we’ll not speak of the 70+% fatherless homes that our children grow up in our neighborhood…….

    Not to say that a sista or two wouldn’t stab you in the back just don’t deceive yourself in that area.

  123. Tenacious

    The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews is a good read.

  124. Jordan it’s the sad truth…..actually, when you see successful Blacks in this country in business it is usually the foreign born Blacks…..the majority of our problems in this country is our own cultural fault…..have I had racism done to me…YES!!!

    But, I sadly say that as the saying goes, “You are your own worst enemy” is true for Black folk and women. As numbers 1 through 20 can be proven over, and over again….

    I’ve tried waking us up through many avenues: the colleges and universities that I’ve attended (they were more interested in ‘partying’ than doing anything to help our small community on campus, and DON’T get me started with the Black Greeks) AND I’ve tried waking us up through our religious institutions…..they couldn’t be more asleep (they are only interested in what the pastor say–their real Jesus–and he is only interested in his congregation’s money and power)

    It shocks me at how disinterested our community is in helping itself (booty-calls seem to be our past time [how did AIDS get into our communities?])…..but I have to continue to remember that only a third of the community (or less) participated in the Civil Rights Movement AND that Harriet Tubman is quoted to say,”I’ve freed 10,000 slaves and could have freed 10,000 more if only they knew they were slaves”……the most of us are not awake.

  125. Major on said:

    My brothers and sisters I am awake and I see the light and know the truth. The truth is in Yeshua but not as the false teachers continue to preach. I am of royal and holy blood and I will never bow to the agents of Satan. To whom much is given much is required. I am a Black Male who by the grace of Yah my Holy Father have survived the assaults against my soul from the drug infested streets of Detroit to Afghanistan and Iraq. The wars I engaged in left me enlightened and pushed me further into the spiritual warfare I am being equipped ny Yeshua to fight! I no longer eat from the table of of secular religion and temples of devils Black or White for they hold the truth for money and disdain from those who are weak and confused. The Black preachers who act as agents of Satan have a high cost to pay and shall pay thus saith the Lord who made the heaven and earth. I seek mI seek the Holy Father for an anointing afterward the inner man to lead a charge to set the blind free who have been taken by Satan at his will. Money is not the answer it is Love of the One Holy God (Yah), love of his Son, Love of self and love of others. If my people that I am born of would be still and learn to love one another in the spirit of unity and peace which we will by Faith we shall move the mountains of greed, envy, lust, drugs, prostitution of self and children for money, and hunger.

    Men need to be men and not boys consumed with sexual gratification and stand in the gap through prayer and action to lift up our women and children. Anyone who stands in the way of truth shall be I say again shall be ran over Black, White, Christian or any Faith that does not believe I came out of I AM. It is written and so shall it be! Satan and his henchmen have no hold on me and people shall go free by the Word of the Creator (Yah) the Holy of Holies!

    Jeffrey D. Simmons

  126. Major on said:

    I am encouraged and know in my heart that as I continue to move through this gauntlet of oppression, guilt, shame and remorse that my people suffer from I know where my sisters stand for the most part. Black woman having been doing something with nothing and I thank God that they have a fighting spirit. Yet will I find 10 men who are men of Faith and Action. Not church mongers but warriors who have been through the fire and transformed as men of spirit, valor, and truth! Well my testimony and the works YAH have purposed for my life are unfolding and all that the enemy has stolen shall be returned specifically my family. I am not willing and will not concede to Satan who is beneath my feet. No matter what I will continue to pray and build infrastructure that younger men and women can emulate but not to their destruction. I am purposed to teach stewardship which I have had to learn the hard-way how to be a man, love my wife, protect my family, guide my family, pray for my family, leave a legacy for them to ensure their spiritual and natural well being unto the return of my Lord. I say my sisters who as are strong in love and hope. Don’t give up your demand for respect and do not cpompromise your vision!

  127. Adeen, you are wise beyond your years! I’m 50 and I know ppl twice your age (triple really) and they don’t realize this…

  128. Eric Foster on said:

    You referred to this post in a couple of your your posts and I wanted to read it for myself. Quite frankly this is the greatest things I have ever read. This needs to be posted everywhere for every black person to digest and deal with on our own. It has the added bonus of having Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grassroots” embedded in the beginning! Thank you so much for this. I am literally going back to the beginning of this blog and reading every post. I am learning so much. Finally, thank you for answering my posts as well. They go a long way towards making me feel welcome.

  129. Eric

    Much appreciated.

    As you read through my posts, you’ll find a stunning array of anger, sadness, depression, jubilation and resolve. Welcome to my inner ramblings.

  130. Blacks could solve many of these problems if they started thinking like Republicans. The issue is economic development, esprcially in black communities. From an early age it has to be brainwashed into the black child’s mind that he/she will HAVE to go to college, train for a substantive profession or own a business. It should develop into a subconscious habit. To help this along, blacks should become preoccupied with supporting black businesses and taking advantage of any help whites, including the government, are willing to provide. This includes “minority set-asides”. The alternative is vacuousness.

    I’ll add that preoccupation with the 50″ TV isn’t so bad. It gives people the incentive to improve their finances. Enough sanctimony.

  131. I believe blacks as a cohesive force of moral high ground are a thing of the past. We have largely adopted the white man’s desire for material success through consumerism. That means we have chosen mammon over God. There is no such thing as prosperity gospel unless you worship money or Satan. There is nothing wrong with having nice things as long as you don’t think it makes you better than others or as long as you are not afraid of losing them. Blacks as a whole claim to love blackness but we mostly fight over who can be the whitest with the most houses, cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. The solution to white supremacy will come from the diaspora, but not here in America. We’re satisfied to have more than each other but always less than whites. In other words we know “our place”. The only things that truly matter are unseen.

  132. Jabari — you have hit the nail on the head of the sad truth of our “community”– and I use that term loosely…..very loosely

  133. All the psychological analysis has done nothing to help blacks people get ahead. You need money to survive and flourish, not talking about what’s wrong with the minds of black folk. When you are a Black nation of consumers and not producers, employees instead of employers, making less money, although you have the same qualifications as your white counterpart, of course you’re going to have some head issues.

    So what do we do? We need to get our damn money, by getting our fucking businesses started by any means necessary and be wary of who we accept help from to start them. All this other psycho analytic garbage won’t do us any bit of good. It boils down to money. I used to be into all of the studying of the facets of racism in America, but at some point you got to realize that racism’s roots is in the gathering and retention of wealth at the expense of others. That’s all it is. Money.

    Going to 4 hour long lectures and seminars on the plight of Blacks and White supremacy does nothing if we don’t ACT and get our fucking money! Ever heard the phrase, the “paralysis of analysis”. Well that is what’s going on now. Too much damn talking and not enough action. When is the last time you went to one of these talks and sit-downs and seen them set up a black business investment fund of some sort?

    We know how to tell these young folk to go to college, but what then? Some black college educated men can’t find employment while the white less qualified, ex-criminal can. How about teaching these young folk to start businesses and empower them to do so. Notice I said EMPOWER. You can inspire people all you want, put empowering them is a entirely different thing. For example, I can INSPIRE someone to go to Africa, but if they don’t have the means, they’ll have a hard time getting there. Otherwise, if I empower them, by teaching them how to save their money, invest their money or even giving them the money, they’ll have an easier time getting there. That is our problem, we like to motivate (inspire) and not empower each other to go to college and start businesses. Now the college student is saddled with debt cause he was not EMPOWERED by his family, friends and community to go on a full scholarship. Now the aspiring black business owner can’t start one, cause there are little to no angel investors for black start-ups. And don’t get me wrong, we have a RIGHT to ask the government to help us, for Blacks pay taxes too. And if you want to look at history, we worked for less and even free so that money generated by Black labor generated those taxes paid by non-black owned corps to the government. But we can’t wait for the government. We have to put our pennies together and EMPOWER each other to do this.

  134. Agreed to a point. Money is necessary as long as we are a part of the white man’s system but our problem is a spiritual one. We have become slaves to money and thereby relegated the true God to the trash heap. When you love God it makes good things happen to you and that’s what we need…..a miracle. There are too many blacks who worship money and will never pool their resources with our community and sadly it’s the richest ones!!! It makes sense in a sick way. If most blacks practice self-hatred why would we contribute to the well being of the very thing we hate inside? It’s never going to happen……NEVER. Once people are under the spell of money and how it falsely validates them most will never change in this life unless they lose it all. Blacks do lack solidarity like we had during chattel slavery but most of us have been bought and paid for, except with psychological chains that we willingly wear. There is still hope for a substantive movement overseas but white America (including its Jewish constituent) know exactly how to completely control the black race. They’ve been doing it for centuries and we have almost no practical plan for counteraction because we still don’t fully understand our enemy and the lengths they will go to to keep us in bondage.

  135. Javari

    Excellent points! I hope we’re reading your statements and taking it to heart.

  136. “There is still hope for a substantive movement overseas but white America (including its Jewish constituent) know exactly how to completely control the black race. They’ve been doing it for centuries and we have almost no practical plan for counteraction because we still don’t fully understand our enemy and the lengths they will go to to keep us in bondage”

    Maybe the black race understands white America all day long. Maybe our problem is that we’ve been begging THEM to change , instead of us changing OURSELVES. There is nothing wrong with challenging racism and we should do so, but too often we waste substantial resources trying to change a people that are so hell bent on their ways. They are so hell bent on their ways that they intentionally pass it on from one generation to the next over hundreds of years.

    If we had MORE not all, but more of an internal locus of control, I believe we would break the chains we are in. When the Black man says, “I can’t feed my family, cause Willie won’t let me”, he MAY have a case of Black Inferiority Complex and believes on some level that the White race is indeed superior. This is mental slavery. But enough of the psychoanalytic stuff. All I say when the Black man does attain economic freedom he needs to have a way to defend it from being stolen or destroyed. Whites used weapons to get what they wanted. They just didn’t go to college and all of the wealth they have today just show up. Their ancestors fought for and took or stole the land and the resources in order to have what they have today.

  137. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I agree with u both, its about money to a point but not everything as we see the black celebs that have a lot of money yet have so much self hate they don’t invest that money into the black community but exploit us and talk about us. Then expect us to buy their clothes and shoes. The white washed blacks are hard to tell from the racist whites. If we have alot of money yet stay spending it in the white community we will not prevail, but if we have some money and put it into our communities that is a small victory. For others money can buy them an easier life and respect, and can buy their way into getting some privileges that whites have or even buy their way into whiteness. We cannot, and since we can’t we are at the bottom of the pyramid, notice how the pyramid has a base that is bigger than the top, that base is us the small top is whites as they are the minority but are over everybody the middle is the other poc. if we start climbing our way to the top ,the pyramid will collapse and it will just be one heap of sand. That one heap of sand would be equality and the end of white supremacy as there would be no top. Yes it is mental and spiritual the most and money would be after that. U have to get ur mind right before u get ur money right or else u will not have the wisdom to buy necessities, I see it right now with my sibling smh,

  138. Mickey on said:

    But remember what Dr. Umar said. We are waiting for White supremacy to end, but what about Chinese supremacy? Arab supremacy? Or any other type of supremacy waiting to take its place?

  139. Mickey

    Dr. Anderson calmly told us if we don’t get our stuff together by 2013, we’re going to fall into 2 categories:


    This is the issue that irks me to no end. We’re always waiting for something. What is it that we’re waiting for exactly?

  140. I believe we are waiting on the next pay check, whether it’s legal or illegal. This race myopia is a major part of the problem. Every black person needs to be contributing to the struggle in some way every day, not just on MLK day or whenever the white man designates it appropriate. We have to stop taking orders and letting whites dictate our lives and determine our destinies. Faith in God would provide the courage we need but like I said before most of us put our faith in the white man’s dollar with all of their rapist, slave-owning Founding Father pictures on them. Ironically the paper bills and coins have “In God We Trust” on it. We already know who the white man’s god is. Why do we want emulate someone who God has already condemned? It’s completely self-destructive. There is no need for us to go down with this Satanic ship.

  141. Javari

    If you know of anyway to convince us, I’d love any help possible. We are running out of time.

  142. I didn’t say we should wait for white supremacy to end before acting, I was saying how when we start to get ourselves together and do what we gotta do then everybody else will realize it and will start to side with whites as their position on the pyramid is at stake too. I see the Asians are going to be the next oppressors and probably worse than whites as they mostly come here from their homeland and don’t know how to be pc and hide their racism.

  143. Smith the runaway on said:

    Good to see that someone actually sees things for how they are.
    Whites will never change. Blacks are looked upon as ‘lesser beings’. In the days of slavery a white person would be frowned upon for simply befriending a black person.
    I dont judge any race, but that doesnt mean im not aware of the undercurrent of bigotry that lies beneath the surface of the friendly white face serving me.
    Slavery will never die, or more accurately, the evil nature that powered slavery will never die. The truth is that very power was present before the idea, planning and actioning of slavery took place. And as is the case with the great financial rewards gained through the slave trade, the dark power, yes the very same inhuman and exploiting way of thinking that fuel slavery is still present in our now modernised society.
    Be bold, brave and intelligent. Stand upright and quite simply take no shit from anybody.
    Be prepared to stamp it out…even physically if required.
    The time for acceptance has long passed….now the age of freedom and truth reigns.

    Be blessed

  144. Thankyou for making this blog I pray and hope I black people will start wakingup iI did this what I think happened when the white people realize that Black People was really the JEWS abd JESUS CHRIST was Black white people went mad and told GOD I bet we can make Black People mental & sick just like us I believe most of the white people are the devil children’s BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP white people only uses us for sex,talent,strength,brain,and most of all our SKIN COLOR WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP

  145. joel rodriguez on said:

    i am of mixed race descent but i only embrace the black side of me because i no i’m black i no my ancestors are from africa just like evryother race like it or not we are all africans and we are the god people original people of the earth.we as black people need to unite and come together as one we must love ourselves and love eachother as we use to we must preserve our race our blood line is more precious than we know.the white man knows us better than we know ourselves the white man knows that there is something pecular about us and he wants to destruy us because of jealousy they know that they are the inferior ones their money and status make them feel superior but they know that we have the power the system is made to murder us black people we need to free ourselves from the illusion that clouded our minds from seeing the truth we have to free ourselves fro mental slavery.there is power in unity my brothers we must unite if we want to survive.just a concerned brother from trinidad in the carribbean.

  146. the revolution shall not be televised as it were…

    i think a lot of black “people” need to refer to themselves as “people” and other races as “people” and it would be better if those other races referred to us as black “people”

    none of this “blacks, whites” nonsense, it’s disgusting

    i think we can all get along, but with that being said… “yes” white “people” and other races “do” have it out for us…

    i find we’re looked at as a disposable race at times “use em then dispose of em”

    we have so many amazing ideas, so many talented people, yet others will try and capitalize off of what we have done

    this isn’t new and has been happening since the collapse of our african dynasties if you read up on a lot of history, the patterns are the same “always”

    love is beautiful, ALL races are beautiful, but it is very hurtful and makes you think a hell of a lot more when these same people who preach love and peace are the same ones who have a umm preconceived notion of how black people are, “no” scratch that, more like where they see black people on the social scale

  147. I agree with Drew-M, there is dirt in all races, but blacks are considered the bottom of toem pole and this is what a actual white friend of mine told me on my job, I wasnt offended but appreciated his honesty. Whites dont think of themselves as racist, they have different perspective than we do mainly because they dont live in our shoes and have to hear the negative garbage media puts out continually. I think most whites feel there are laws to stop discrimination, civil rights abuses and so forth and what more do we want, they feel get up and go get it, I mean this is not a third world country, its totally possible for anyone to be a success, harder for blacks probably but not impossible, so stop complaining and just do it, and teach your kids to do it. What whites lack I think is heart. They havent shown any feelings in regard to the past whatsoever, but if you think about it, read about what happened to the native americans, the end justify the means with white folks I think.

  148. I love it!!!!!!

  149. White people have a natural aggression against black people, and everyone other race despises us as well. I have been digging to find truth for a few years now and I will try to sum up my thoughts below:

    1. Some people including our own black brothers and sisters think and say that our race is cursed but this is not true, even if God had cursed us in the past it should not have passed the 3rd or 4th generation.

    2. We are causing it on ourselves because of our ghetto and violent behaviour but this too doesn’t hold water because even if we do what we are told, dress, talk, walk and think as they want us to they will still hold as inferior and less human than themselves.

    3. It was our own black people in Africa that sold us into slavery, this might be true somewhat but in their mind they thought that the white men were practising the same type of slavery that they have been doing for centuries against their enemies, which is nothing like what the white people did to black people.

    And pretty much everything else you can think of surrounding these topics above I have researched and questioned and still haven’t found the truth I am seeking. However, what I have found so far:

    1. The persecution, hatred and despise we face worldwide from everyone other race and sometimes from our very own is deeper than cultural, social, political it is SPIRITUAL.

    2. The hatred comes natural from the white race and other races toward us and this begs the question that this is something that transcends borders and cultures. It is not from God so it must be from lucifer, he has us in his cross-hairs for centuries and generations now and he uses the white race and other races to execute his hatred for us.

    3. What I am not sure about is why he hates us so much, the clues I have found so far is that we more so than any other race demonstrate the character of God, we love our enemies and pray for them since we are not striking back with the same hate and violence they dish out on us. We are more peaceful despite what the news portray about us around world being violent and warring factions in Africa and gangs in other countries.

    4. God’s people in the Bible were always hated by other nations (maybe also means other races) and they were placed in bondage and slavery more than once which is common history if compared with our race.

    5. We have always been more spiritual and GENUINE (trusting and faithful) it’s our nature and that’s good but it’s also what the enemy uses to trick and destroy us. Another quality we share with the Creator God.

    I know deep down you my black brothers and sisters you feel what I am trying to share here, I am trying to put it into words but in your soul deep down you know something that you can’t explain or understand.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to the historical records that I seek and I have to rely on what I am told and most times that is not a black person who found the evidence themselves.

    I trust one thing that I have access to right now and that is my Bible and I know it is inspired and not inspired by man and definitely not a white man and I might as well say any other race, what’s inside it more align with the history of black people and the characteristics of God in it are more in line with the character portrayed by black people. That might sound arrogant but think about it, do you as a black person look at another race normally and just automatically be filled with hate? If you do then it’s a reaction to what they may have done to you but how would you explain that from the side of the white race and other races who we have not done anything wicked to and always look at us in that fashion?

    I know it’s spiritual because of the universality of the hate toward us. What I notice we do is focus mainly on the by-product of the problem and not delve in the root which is past the history of us just being enslaved by the white race. Our enemy has been around much longer than we know and he using the other races (nations) to execute his hate and covetousness of us.

    I don’t have a solution and I am still searching for a truth of this that is kept hidden on purpose. In my feeble understanding I think that maybe if we become more aware of these questions something will happen.

    I cry out to the Lord and ask how long shall our people be in bondage, shame, despised, hated and persecuted? How long oh Lord?

  150. Out of all the blog topics, posts, comments, and articles I have so strongly wanted to comment on I have not until this moment ever made one. The reason being is that most of them were on topics that didn’t really need my comment, but this is an issue I feel strongly about and one that has so many deeper issues its hard to ignore. I feel there is a problem in our society and it needs to be fixed…together. Before my statement, a little disclaimer… I love the human race and everything good and bad about it… its all boils down to perspective. Therefore, I love all people and the endless complexities they present over time and into the future. Also I just read this blog post after reading the one on white people.

    With that being said, I think its helpful to the black community to know that a lot of white people in my generation (young professional) and those around my time, just don’t think of themselves as white, but rather just people, in the sense that race is becoming something not that important. (I can already see the feedback piling up in disagreement). There are a couple CORRECT ways to consider the aforementioned statement. I appreciate history and love it. But until the past couple years where my living situation gave me access to conversations from other demographics, I had only known the textbook. What I mean is, history is important to preserve especially from everyone’s angle. With a better education system that teaches all American History, race will be understand to a fuller extent. So, to me it is necessary to preserve the past, that is where race is important. I also agree with the equal rights of everyone, which as it stands now is not being given to all walks of life, including blacks, Hispanics, LGBT, whites, and all sorts of religious affiliations. Everyone suffers from some external force. Some may have it worse than others but that is all relative to the time. Which again brings me back to my main statement. Our time now is evolving in a manner where race isn’t as important to people’s lives. I certainly do not consider my race when making any decision, action, or judgement call. People are beginning to react to others based off their actions, rather than what they see. I am not sure if this is directly from the movements of advocacy groups, historic events and figures, or media coverage. It could also be from an evolutionary awareness, or voice, that is putting more emphasis on individual progress rather than group progress, i.e. race, which is harder to accomplish success due to the complexity of human interests. Its a lot harder to move through the crap that society throws at you when you have a thousand legs to coordinate in your path. I am not suggesting any form of selfishness by not caring or looking out for others, I am just trying to show that as race becomes less important, the quickest way to achieve personal success (whatever that may be), is to achieve it personally.
    I am unsure and not educated enough to formulate an opinion on what our (mankind’s) next move should be, but I think an appropriate manner to go about solving race relations is to treat the present situation as one that does not rely on race. Change does not happen overnight, and is extremely hard to accomplish when dealing with 350 million people but starting with yourself is the first step. The only people that care about race are those that cannot see past it. If you live to achieve happiness, then do it. If “race equality” was to be achieved in our lifetime, there would still be the poor, hungry, homeless, and sick. I say this to emphasize the inevitable struggle that will always exist. It is hard to apply any stereotypes to a person that is living in complete poverty in the middle of the poorest state and still somehow lives a happy life. And this analogy, as we should all know, is one that exists more than we may think. Advance in life through the mind, not the body.

    Again, I am aware of the society I was raised in, I am aware of how unaware humans innately are (its impossible to understand everyone’s perspective, although its crucial to try), I never mean to harm anyone, I am for the progress of everyone – because I base progress of the individual so nothing else matters to me, and I can only speak from my perspective so try to adopt it and see where it takes you.


  151. This is so wrong that it’s unbelievable. How can you be so narrow minded as to post something like this? “It’s all white people’a fault.” “All white people are racist.” That makes me sick. I, for one, am not racist. I disagree fully with this blog and you should probably think about what you’ve said.
    White people aren’t the problem. Even though there is still race discrimination in America, and always will be, it’s not just the whites. In fact, over time it has become the black community who hate white people. And for what? Something we were not here to control? Black people of this generation hold us responsible for things that happened before we were even born! And they act as if they are the ones who were segregated and made to pick cotton in a field for a living. In truth, black people blame white people for their issues. And that is racist. But no one says anything about that. Because that would make us racist of course. Let me ask you a question now. If you could, would you enslave all white people? Oh you would? Why? Because that’s what happened to you, right? Wrong. It didn’t happen to you. It happened a century ago. And we didn’t do it to you. Get over it. As for white people not being capable of befriending blacks, that is also wrong. It is the other way around. Black people of this generation segregate themselves into groups. Why? Because it is you all who hate white people. Once again, for something we haven’t even done. Martin Luther King surely didn’t envision this when he spoke of his dreams. Black and white people will never be at peace. And it’s because the black community refuses to lay the past to rest and passes it down to their children. White people will always be the evil ones. I have a question and I want everyone who sees it to answer sincerely. If Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, or any other major historical civil rights figure saw the world today and how the black community has developed, do you think they would be ashamed?

  152. Megan

    You asked a very important question that I feel compelled to answer.

    “If you could, would you enslave all white people?”

    My simple answer:

    No. You’d be exterminated.

  153. davonne on said:

    If I was to lead our people to the place where we was once kings and queen.. it will take a lot of us to fight for they are afraid of us.. afraid that if the tabel was turn we will do the same and I will if givein that… my people do the things we do because we was bread to do so to hate one another not love and care .. to call you my nigga my bitch not my brother my sister .. there so many of us fell with rage . So many that feel the same but have no way to begin. As long there blacks on t.v. showing off what it will be like to give your soul go the whites it wont stop.. as long as we have whites controlling the bill we will have black killing black bloods and crips .. look how far we fallen.. when I was a kid I used to ask my mama and daddy why am I black.. my son came to me the other day and ask just that.. pain is what I felt. If it wont happen with me I will make sure my kids will give it their all to help our people rise from the darkness …

  154. Hi, im a spanish white girl in my teens. I have lived the most part of my years in Brasil where racism and white supremacy is at the order of the day. Despite my colour and my social ¨¨high¨¨ class , Im am concerned about this reality that dates back to the colonial days. Im also concerned this white supremacy is a disease that not only affects morally and mentally black people but the rest of the world as a whole including white population as well. Racism or even sexism is just another defenssive mecanism. We reject what we are afraid of. I feel as if European and american education and culture which is the one thta has been imposed and which has dominated the rests of educations worldwide is crushing and blinding. Nowadays i feel more brazilian than european and feel so sorry for all the decendents of black slaves ( a huge percent of brazil’s population derives from african slaves) who desire being white or dream of dressing like a white person. They completely disown their roots, their essence, their soul, their magic, their customs, in other word who they trully are. On a school trip to a brazilian tribe in the amazonas we were shown how they dommesticated animals (unlike europeans) with no violence. For centuries, they had developed this method to domesticate them by connecting with the animal and touching their body and doing awesome stuff. But yeah we are massively spanned that natives are stupid, poor, ignorant, with no other desire in life than eating and having tons of babies, and that they had been always overdued and savage. What I mean is: white supremacy only leads to the loss of humanity of humanitarian knowledge. It seems so stupid to me nowadays to think when white people act or think they are superior than black. As a teen i can humbly say this is slightly changing. We would all be able to live happily ever after if some important white people over northem and heavenly white paradises could take a few steps low and bow their heads as they would discover southern and rich dark paradises.As Aristotle said virtue is the key so let us all unite at the table of brotherhood.
    PS : sorry for my horrible english and or spelling :S

  155. Carla

    Thank you for the honest observations. White supremacy is a mental and spiritual sickness that must be destroyed by any means necessary.

    For those that consider themselves white, that means complete annihilation. Since your ancestors chose whiteness over huemanity, it cannot end any other way.

    To help stop this poison from spreading, talk to your people. Educate them and perhaps, maybe, the karmic justice will be lessened.

  156. Sorry for all this horrible vile shit that you are mired in every minute, especially the “post-race” shit that masks the worst of the tried and true racism. I’m white, I’m obsessed with the race issue, and even the most liberal ass white people in academia talk shit on other races—especially blacks. We need to stop calling this racism and call it what it is—white supremacy. I’m teaching race and racism and that’s what I call it. Don’t trust any of us. Peace to you.

  157. In light of the very recent (and very proximal) shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis, I stumbled across this article while doing a little research on the race issue (“white supremacy”) and it bothered me so bad that I couldn’t sleep until I, at the very least, spoke my mind on the problem (and problems with this article). I hate hearing the race issue come up time and time again and the rioting in St. Louis was uncalled for and ignorant in my opinion. At the very least, I beg you to explain how that is helping his cause or his family name. It is what leads to the constant oppression and stereotyping of a race and the inability to accept a group of people as a whole based on the mistakes of others. Most importantly, I want you to evaluate a group of people such as the rioters, compare them as fellow blacks, and realize that not only whites are capable of foolish mistakes and ideas. If the situation doesn’t improve, I fear the media will begin to look like the 50’s and 60’s and nothing will ever change between whites and blacks.

    ~~diaryofanegress on April 15, 2014 at 11:55 PM said:

    -You asked a very important question that I feel compelled to answer.
    -“If you could, would you enslave all white people?”
    -My simple answer:
    -No. You’d be exterminated.~~

    Does this not make you out to be just as savage as the “albinic” problem you are so hard out to solve? First of all, quit humoring yourself with anti-white insults and study the definition of albinism. The word “albinism” refers to a group of inherited conditions. People with albinism have little or no pigment in their eyes, skin, or hair. They have inherited altered genes that do not make the usual amounts of a pigment called melanin. Whites are in no way shape or form albino (have you every seen a true albino human being?)

    Is this not just another racist retort from someone of African descent? Another form of black on white violence? You see, black on white violence exists and isn’t a form generally covered by the media, unless it is a black anchor trying to justify the death of a fellow negro who may or may not have been in the wrong. Black supremacy and segregation is a thing amongst the black community, whether or not it has become innate or not. There are all black colleges, black only fraternities and sororities, black television networks led by a whole slew of black individuals who continue to oppress themselves.

    You ask for equality; you have to fight for it. Certainly the fight should not have to go on as long as it has for you, but unfortunately it has. America is built on oppression, whether you consider it a race issue, an upper class (1%) issue, or any other possibility you could possibly come up with to justify your oppression. It is most unfortunate that poor people, especially those of color, are confined to bad neighbor~”hoods” (see what I did there?) because whether you realize it or not, that affects the fundamentals of your community and upbringing. A major setback for the black community is indeed poverty, being brought into a country with nothing and one day being set free and told to go make something of yourself; Who can do that?

    Imagine one day you are given the opportunity, a slim one, but nonetheless, to go try and make a life for yourself after being enslaved for hundreds of years in a racist world; What can you do? You are forced to try and impress the whites who aren’t hateful and ready to lynch you, the ones that are already established farmers/businessmen/entrepreneurs to find yourself a means of living. You are given an unfair wage and have to make the best of it. Fast forward a little bit to the start of Civil Rights activism and the start of “equality…” You have all of these poor negros (….and whites) living in slums. You have a growth in population and the creation of new school districts and city expansion. You employ more qualified teachers and spend more money in the nicer districts and greatly emphasize the importance of education, the need for higher education, and the importance of making something of yourself… In the worse districts, you have young kids (sometimes predominately negro) whose only goal is to make money by any means necessary. The teachers can’t express the importance enough of graduating high school and working for a living because they are teaching a weary group of people who are steadily trying to impress themselves and others, who backstab each other over drugs and money, who kill for smaller reasons.

    Now, for the purpose of this article, I will state that I am, by the definition of prejudice/racism, in no way, shape or form considered either of the two whether you choose to believe that or not. Let it be known that I am not trying to establish a full on riot on your website, and don’t wish to cause you any mal-intent. I simply wish to debate the issue with you and offer you some insight from “the enemy.” Now let’s break down the harsh truths and whether or not I agree with them or not…

    1. Your own jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other black people is what’s keeping you from moving forward. (I would say competitiveness and jealousy, in general, not limited to just black-on-black)

    2. We never learn from history because we believe:

    a. That white people can change (White people can change, if they hadn’t, you would not freedom from slavery, the same opportunities financially as most whites (assuming you don’t mess it up (credit score)), or even a “Black” president)

    b. That things are “getting better” (Things are getting better, but they take time. You must establish better communities and strive to do better for yourself and quit being complacent living in the slumps that you are “stuck” in, because whether you see it or not, there are just as many poor whites that are “stuck” as well; It takes a lot of work to get out but is not impossible.)

    c. God will help us if we just pray and do nothing to help ourselves (See above: help yourselves)

    d. That just because we lack the capacity for evil, others lack it too. (Please explain how you lack the capacity for evil. Blacks rob whites, pistol whip them, beat them, jump them, and kill them every day, along with each other. Do you not consider this a capacity for evil?)

    3. Having the latest gadget, like a 50″ flat screen TV for showing off, is more important than building stronger communities. (I agree 100% on this one)

    4. Eurocentric education is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to us: (I agree 100%. It has made you hate whites more than you probably should in this day and age, along with forever (it seems) bestowing a since of dread and oppression amongst your people and the constant desire to impress everyone else)

    5. No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger. (I would say this depends on the scenario. It depends on the way you dress, carry yourself, and how little you respect yourselves and others. How did you earn the money? Was it sleazy or was it honest? Was it ignorant or respectable? I have mad respect for African Americans who overcome oppression and make something of themselves, who hate “niggers” and realize that term isn’t just a term utilized on black people.

    6. Treating each other like garbage isn’t going to win you favours with whites. (I don’t think anyone should treat another like garbage. There’s a difference between a man like Bill Cosby speaking against the youth of a culture and being ashamed and being violent to another person for the approval of another…)

    7. We kill each other because we can’t kill the enemy. (Stop throwing that word around, you are your own worst enemy in this day and age)

    8. Most other Coloureds, especially those with direct African blood, don’t want anything to do with us for they are ashamed to be labeled with us. (There is a significant difference in others of colour. Not every “coloured” individual has a white enemy and that could be the cause of their distancing. This all has to do with the culture one is raised in. You were raised in a hostile environment with others constantly pointing the finger and blaming others. Did you ever stop to think that they don’t share the same problems? They are not all oppressed, some of them are placed highly on pedestals in this country, in particular.)

    9. The reason why we fight each other is because we hate ourselves. (Possibly? You seem to hate pretty much everyone and have an extremely negative outlook in general)

    10. Identifying with white people is the foundation for our mental illness: (Mental illness may be a real condition in your people, but I would consider that humanity in general. Humans are ruthless and barbaric by inborn genetics and survival. Stop comparing and contrasting yourselves in the first place to others are worry about self enlightenment and improving your standard of living. By identifying, you mean association in general, good luck with that *which is, in itself, racist on your behalf whether you choose to see it or not*)

    11. All black people are mentally ill but we don’t want to accept it. (Possibly? Perhaps you understand that or have a definition you care to give?)

    12. We latch on to other people’s struggles as a way to get them to accept us…which they NEVER do. (Once again, I disagree that you are never accepted. This, however, is not the way to go about doing so)

    13. Black men who hate black women hate themselves. (Perhaps they don’t hate themselves at all. Have you ever stopped to think they might be genuinely attracted to white features like blond hair or blue eyes? “Recessive traits” aside, maybe it all goes back to wanting what you can’t have? They were lynched for so long for having any sort of attraction to a white woman, perhaps that’s why they so desire them not that it’s illegal to harm them for interracial relationships? Perhaps you see white features as disgusting and unattractive (perhaps you have been conditioned to see them as so when associating to them as your enemy); Did you ever stop to think about genetics? Have you ever wondered about survival of the fittest? Do you think that, deep down, blacks and whites might want to breed for the sake of survival as a race? To split their genetics for the sake of ending an argument or gaining preferred qualities from both of us?)

    14. Black women who hate black men have no self-respect. (Black men who don’t respect black women (or women in general), don’t deserve respect and black women have a right to hate them (and men in general))

    15. The fact that our children are being lead astray is our fault. (Quit relaying your prejudices on them at an early age. Do your family a favor and move out of that “hood” you live in. You don’t have to conform to “white ways” to fit in, be accepted, and find success. Ignorance is bliss and it thrives in “hoods.” You can get into real estate and continue on with your racist ways and make nicer African American suburbs and developments. Sure, by law, you can’t deny a white a piece of land, but if whites are as racist as you think they are, they wouldn’t want to move in anyway!)

    16. The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon. (Care to iterate this thought?)

    17. Whites despise us with a blinding passion because they need something we have: (I see what you did there. I have never really desired the idea of being black. I don’t personally find dark skin tones that attractive. I get that you have more melanin than we do, but we are not albino and it really doesn’t effect us in the end so I assure you it’s not an issue. More likely to get skin cancer, perhaps, but that’s about it… Do you despise us because you are subject to Sickle Cell Anemia and we aren’t?)

    18. We are still waiting to be told how to fix “the problem with no name” because we are too passive and complacent to figure it out ourselves. (Yes, unfortunately there is an issue of white supremacy still around today but I see it drifting away with time. America truly is a melting pot and with the media and government brainwashing us as a group of individuals, new common enemies arise every day and none of them are African American really)

    19. Marrying/ dating and sleeping with a white person will never change the colour of your skin. Will never gain you acceptance into the White Club and will never stop them from calling you a no-good, low-down, dirty Nigger. (While this is inherently true by nature, you are simply reinforcing old stereotypes and prejudices. The race issue will forever be a race issue as long as you think like this and allow the issue to recycle itself from your “people” and “mine”)

    20. If whites had the chance, tomorrow morning slavery would be back with a vengeance…and they would make sure it remains in existence for all eternity. Accept it. (While the idea of slavery is nice in nature, I could give a shit less if they are white, black, brown, green, purple, or yellow.. In a capitalistic society, it is a great thought to become successful at the expense of others’ health and labor. At the end of the day, I am a very conscientious and humane individual who believes in honest labor and hard work. I am against the oppression of others (and hate sweat shops and real issues of the sort today). I hate handouts and believe everyone is capable of doing something positive in their life and community, that anyone can become successful or rich, but that it takes some a lot more effort than others)

    21. We have no friends/ allies on this planet. (In all reality, I have some black friends that I am closer to than most of my “white counterparts.” Some of my best college buddies are foreign and from the most hated American countries. If that doesn’t tell you anything about humanity and our ability to adapt and change, then there is really no point in going any further with this debate)

    p.s. – Sorry for the lack of variety in words, I wrote this at 3:30 am because I was too bothered to sleep without trying to speak up against/for the issue.

    p.s. 2 – Adriana Lima is Brazilian (yes, she’s colored), but the Brazilian people and the typically African American people have little in common. She is one of those you referred to as not wanting anything to do with you and segregating. Perhaps they segregate because they don’t share the same issues, ideas, and enemy? Perhaps they think you all lack in character due to your inability to change and let things go? Perhaps it’s because she’s highly respected and doesn’t want to be seen as an ignorant nobody associating with those content with going nowhere? Maybe perhaps, it is our love and respect for the woman and all of her natural beauty as a “coloured” woman that allows her to respect us as well?

  158. Tony

    Thank you for proving my many, many, many points. I hope you slept well.

  159. BooBerries on said:

    Sickle Cell Anemia is a god damn myth. The nerve of that fool to bring that up.

    Sad, how whites mutation with blue eyes or their cleft chin (prevailent in their whole race when your skull fails to seal properly) is not called a disease. Its evolution though it makes you recessive , mutated and inferior genetically. But when your cells evolve to protect saw you from getting malaria in the area is called a disease in its self). That white guy is as demon spouting nonsense rhetoric, why do white people assign themselves to superiorly speak on all issues and think you must agree? Their denial disgusts me immensely. We should have never attempted to integrated with those leeches.

    Hey, what do you think of civil unrest in the country over Michael Brown? The YouTube comments are white people showing their devilish satanic behavior in front of the hypocritical world.

  160. @ BooBerries

    I have only one thing to say regarding Micheal Brown:

    PsyOp Beta Test.

  161. drav3n336 on said:

    your telling the truth about us i see it everyday. i myself have begun moving away from the current system of things. i dont partake in certain acts anymore because i now realize that in so doing i am belittling my black brothers and sisters. but i am alone in my awakening everyone is chasing the almighty dollar and if u tell them otherwise they laugh u to scorn and may even make u feel like a fool too. i am dying to meet others like me that are beginning to see the truth. i always wondered why i was born black but now i know that its not a curse but infact its a blessing. i thank god now everyday that i was born black and i mean it! now i feel like moving away even further from all the brainwash and false doctrines that i have been getting for the past 32 years. i was of the impression that the bible was all about other people except black. now i know that it is not so, in the past few days i have learned so much about my skin, my heritage, where im truly from and what my true purpose on earth is and this new found knowledge rocked me to the core. i was so moved to tears when i saw how many of my black brothers and sisters have been treated and still are today. i feel so ashamed now knowing how bad i have treated my fellow men. u know what i started questioning myself if my life is just about 9-5’s only i really didnt believe that my only goal is to store up treasures on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and thieves break through and steal. honestly if i hadnt lost my job i wouldnt be writing this now because i would still be laying up treasures. now i look at everyone and myself even and see how major we have all been had. everyone is boasting and exhalting themselves above each other and every man is for himself there is no love, no respect, no honour. all i see is low self esteem, lack of discipline, sell out mentality and the list goes on. i am not perfect im just waking up and as such my mind is still filthy and corrupt but atleast i have realized my mistakes and i have been trying to make a change in regards to how i treat myself and my brothers. now i want to help wake up the others as well, we all need to see that we are the true masters of our destinies.

  162. Andrienne on said:

    Dear Negress,
    Your blog is absolute perfection. Whenever I feel down about being black, I just read one your entries and remember that I have to stay strong and represent our family!
    Thank you and I’m sorry if you get a lot of negativity because of this blog. Please don’t ever stop writing!!!
    An African Teenager Growing Up In The Sad Place Called ‘America’ (equality my foot).

  163. Courtney H. on said:

    Here is a good video about media propaganda and American violence:

  164. Vincent on said:

    Great post. Thank you for this. I feel that the only solution is that all blacks people over the world come back to africa to start a new age. We can do it. We need to create our own economy, create a unique currency, new educational system, health care, military etc.. If we could cooperate, we can create a new africa. Africa has plenty of resources, gold, diamond, fuel etc.

  165. Vincent

    Some of us are already doing this in various parts of the Caribbean and the Continent. When we decide we are ready not one person will stop us.

  166. Great post by Sister Truth. It may be hard to read but never the less it is truth.

  167. Tommie Troutmon on said:

    This is a very powerful piece. Black awareness is has been loss in the shuffle. The more confusion and separation they create the weaker our race become. I find myself being pushed farther and farther away from lovingy brother. We have been program to use mistreat one another. I commend you for posting this piece. Awareness is power. Wake up everybody. Peace God be with us.

  168. Anonymous on said:

    Honestly, I used to read Abagonds blog because I thought was interesting years back but I have had it up to here with the users falling endlessly by having their ego trumped by talking to trolls. His writing style has changed and his subjects are liquid thin and carry zero potency. I don’t think I will be reading his blog any longer due to the users blabbing with trolls or wondering why white people do not like them. What I learned today is black’s are still stuck with wanting white approval on EVERYTHING, especially the bedroom.

    We whine about who wants us or doesn’t want us daily.

    A few black females on this hair blog said “I don’t care about Palestinian children because their men don’t love black women.”

    Who cares? They have their own women and YOUR VAGINA is going to stop you from worrying about dying children? We are so obsessed with other groups sexing us. Everyone on Abagonds blog begins to cry and whine when you tell them that when they think of the term “interracial” it should not default to white people given their percentage in the world. What do you do when you are disturbed by speaking to the black populace? I had it with their obsession with white people and SEX, I just want to mind my own business and date my long time boyfriend I want without seeing lonely blacks online whining about who cut them off from their vagina and d*** due to white supremacy. I am a young female, well…Fairly. How can I find a way how to push out how their broken begging for white validation sex out my mind? It’s honestly done more mental damage to me then being picked on by white kids back when I was in highschool. I see why you blog at leisure. It’s irritating and useless bickering with crazy people who think sex with cure the world. Any ideas on how I can get this nonsense off my mind? Their needy sex validation sentences typed online haunt me at work, in class and every time I glance at a black persons face because I feel, that they think, deeply, having sex with white people will make them feel human. LMAO, I know I wrote this so sarcastically but in reality, it’s….



  169. @ Someone

    The best advice I can give you is to meditate daily, flush your system out with fresh water and potent herbs and call upon your deity for strength.

    We’re gonna need it for the times ahead. Please read my latest post entitled: Now What?


  170. Hello diaryofanegress and Happy Holidays. Your blog is great. I know you created it to share your own feelings however I want to say what a help it is for many others of us who are living in this society.

    I agree about taking care of ones self, drinking alot of water and the like.

    Your new years article is spot on and Happy Holidays to you and blessings to you for the New Year!

  171. “Samadhi on December 27, 2012 at 11:06 AM said:
    About 20, a freerepublic thread about a potential holocaust of muslim in Europe, just replace “muslims” with “blacks”, and crusades with slavery, a white male being unusually frank with the innate evil within whites:

    To: Trod Upon

    My father always said the meanest people on Earth were White People.
    Others can be evil for a time but—they can’t keep up the murderous rage.
    White people will kill and kill until the streets run red with blood.
    Read the history of the Crusades— All the PC stuff will be gone like Esperanto. Deep down inside—the Europeans are just as bad as ever—doubt it—go to a Football game and watch the fans.
    It will not take much to kick off a bloodbath.

    33 posted on Mon Dec 24 2012 00:27:46 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid) by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]”


    Rwanda, Darfur, Idi Ameen, etc etc

  172. african_skinhead on said:

    Reblogged this on News For The Blind and commented:
    Thank the gods that I am an african lol

  173. Thank you for sharing this! The desire to be accepted and wanted by those outside of our race is one of our biggest detriments.

  174. kellyparke on said:

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    George Orwell

  175. Pingback: 21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear | Thoughts of an African Goddess

  176. This is the most racist thing I have ever seen in my life! Are you serious? THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM, all of this delusion right here on this page. WOW I am completely taken aback. The ignorance, the blaming, the excuses you all use are simply stunning. The REAL problem is black people do not simply take responsibility for them selves and just have to blame the whites for anything they can. White people do not want to have our skin color for goodness sake, they are not jealous of us and they do not want to be a bunch of hate mongering, angry, self hating idiots like us. Everything you wrote is a lie. ALL of it. You are not awake. You are more asleep in your self deception then ever.

  177. I could never understand how they want to be apart from black humans yet are procreating with us.Until I had another ah ha moment, they’re not procreating but destroying us still.They’re watering down the melanin and mixing with them is apart of these conniving demons art of deception.They’ve crafted and weaved their deception undetetably.When they say peace there’s sudden destruction meaning they do the opposite of what they say like their father satan.

  178. Negresses statements is wholly true except the bringing back the slavery part. Theoretically, it is possible for that all whites have to stay united and in sync. The white races is extremely divided as much as any other race. The main divisions are along the lines of “right-wing” and “left-wing” ideologies. The right-wingers will love to bring back slavery but left-wingers will not allow it. Same thing on problems with immigration, muslim invasion or any other problem. On the note of white race -mixing with rich negroid black celebs (Sports, Entertainment, Politicians etc). Whites are cherry picking on those that are super-rich under their belt, whereas a average or middle-class negress (black-woman) will have NO chance to catch a rich caucazoid (white ) man. That’s the big difference. Whites are cunning, calculative, vicious, disgusting vile and very predictable. You can expect a white woman to run towards you as soon as negroid male becomes rich or super rich.

  179. Black female here who has dated outside of her race and inside of her race. The only difference between black men and other males is that other males are more likely to have better business connections and when it comes to personal things, white men are more likely to want to do things outside of the home like ( vacations, movies, dinner, socialize )
    Black males are more likely to want to stay at home. The issues in relationships are still there , but the arguments are different.
    sexually there is no difference, mentally there is between the two.
    one is more likely to want to be with you and get to know you vs one who wants sex before they know your last name.

    As much as I feel France has a lot of make up for to West African nations, they are more likely to accept a black american vs the black, mixed or white american ( since 1900 ) black people left the USA and Africa and found no racism there vs where they came from surrounded by black people and white and biracial… a predominantly white city ( Paris ) never made a black man or woman sit in the back.

    I am considered African American and my birth certificate says i am colored 🙂
    My family has spoke English mainly for the last 2 generations my parents being the first to be the generation to do it. Before that my people spoke French and has been in North America since the 1700’s enslaved by the French….
    Black people are not all the same culturally either. What I am used to , I do not see in black people from New York or New Jersey…. What they call soul food we know is slave food …

  180. Pingback: 21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear | leaarong

  181. jamesjustiese on said:

    There is an old saying that you cannot mix oil and water. The communist author, Israel Cohen, knew this and proposed this fact as a tool to manipulate blacks, their violence and their ability to be lead by using their own deliberately manufactured hate and violence as a weapon against the communist main adversary, i.e., white middle-class America, and as Cohen said: “…bring them to our cause.”
    This is the no-win situation both black and white Americans have been placed in, and why they have been at each others throats since the invention of the Soviet Union in 1917. That’s over one-hundred years of unknowing and partially willing enslavement of blacks against whites for the benefit of a political system, communism, that hate both parties and which would just as soon have seen them both dead.
    So, I think a better title here, and one a little closer to the problem of a no-win genetic reality and old soviet manipulation, would be “An Infinity Truths Black People Can’t Understand: And are not equipped, genetically, to manage.”
    As a quick verification of these facts and the problem here is; please name one country in Africa that is either currently stable for more than 50 years old, is not supported by a white government somewhere (like the old Soviet Unions manufacture of the current State South Africa), and which non-aggressive toward any of its neighbors.

  182. Kenneth Crocker on said:

    im a poor white southern man i hate no black man for his being black. the problem is the same problem its always been and its not race your common man does not hate another for there skin color. the root of the problem is the supper class the uber rich of the world those whos money and power afford them the ability to get away with anything. those people hate us all and want all of us subjected unto them. this cabal of the worlds elite seek to inslave murder rape and pillage us all. at there core they worship lucifer and they have allways and will continue to play us against each other untill the day yahushua comes back to judge mankind. the spirit of evil living in the hearts of men in the most powerful places is what has ruined not only the black community but all communities. as long as we harbor hate for each other they will always control us from the shadows

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