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Brown Vs. Brown: A Losing Game

{Thank you Prince for this video}

Black people are the most hated group of people on Earth.

This may seem like a harsh statement but it’s a fact. Living in NY and being surrounded by brown-skinned peoples of all nationalities has given me a peek into the mentality of other “minority” groups. There is an unspoken, unwritten almost invisible rule of thumb amongst ALL brown peoples throughout the world. If you wish to be liked and assimilate into the White Club, you must let it be known that you hate, mock and fear Africans.

I used to befriend an Indian girl in high school. She had just come to AmeriKlan and didn’t know anyone. Mocked for her thick accent and clothing, I befriended her. She was more than happy for the company. She was shocked to discover that we ate (almost) the same foods and used the same spices. She introduced me to Ganesha, her God, and listened to my explanation of The Most High. As time wore on and she became more and more aware of just how different she was, her attitude towards herself and ultimately to me changed.

First her hair, a thick, lush black sheet that fell to her waist, became short and blonde.

Second, her brightly-coloured sari was forsaken for Jordache jeans.

Thirdly, she sought out a blonde, Greek white female to befriend and I was left wondering what I had done to upset her.

This phenomena has plagued me (and other blacks that I’ve spoken to) with light-skinned Portuguese/ Spanish-speaking Africans, brown-skinned Asians,  and Middle-Eastern peoples of ALL nationalities. It seems the indoctrination of the White Club forbids any association with the so-called scourges of society. It also requires you to quickly “forget” your true heritage.


The insanity of whiteness needs as many one-sided allies as possible. Whites look for any indication that you are an enemy to them. If you are able to prove that you hate their most feared competitor, they will (falsely) indoctrinate you into their circle until you no longer benefit them. Then…you’ll be terminated.

Cherokee Red Man

The Brown vs. Brown game benefits only one race: The European.

Due to the fact that whites are 10% of the population, and decreasing, they are fully aware, with utmost terror, that they are simply outnumbered on this planet. If, and I really mean if, ALL of us were to band together and toss ethnicity aside, we could very easily overthrow their terroristic regime. They are fully aware of the hidden dangers that lie in our solidarity. That’s why they pit:

Black vs. Latino

Latino vs. Indian

Red Man vs. Black

Asians vs. Black

And…Arab vs. Everyone

Their game is divide and conquer. And it works exceptionally well.

Have any of you ever experienced the Brown vs. Brown game?

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51 thoughts on “Brown Vs. Brown: A Losing Game

  1. brown to brown … love and respect

  2. Dr. John Henrik Clark & Dr. Amos Wilson both said we as Afrikans Worldwide have NO friends. The sooner we get this, the better for us as a people.

  3. nicoleizhername on said:

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Yes with Puerto Ricans and with light skinned Afro Cubans. They looked just like they had African heritage but were not very nice, And got called a nigger by a Iranian taxi driver who ran over my foot. And once worked in a clothing store with some Iranian selling cheap clothing of poor quality. I lasted 3 weeks then the cheap bastards didn’t want to pay me for my days there. The store had no air conditioning. The Puerto Rican and Cuban didn’t acknowledge their African heritage. And always made offensive comments about black Americans. As a youth this always puzzled me. And it made me angry. Then from an exchange with a bus driver. He had a nice Carribean lilt when he spoke I assumed he was Jamaican, He quickly corrected me and said he was from the Grand Bahamas. He said Jamaicans was uncouth and savage people. This is the truth Negress. I was so taken aback. I noticed that Africans have prejudice against African Americans people. Because they feel we are low on the food chain here in America being poor and uneducated. It’s everywhere light skin blacks hate dark skin blacks here in America. I’ve experienced this with school mates and peers and family memebers. The vicious cycle dosen’t stop.

  5. blackmystory on said:

    Lol!@”Jamaicans was uncouth and savage people. ” I remember when I first went to Canada as a teen. One of the most endearing sound on a Friday/Saturday night was the Rebel yell, followed by some genos in a camaro or some redneck in a mustang. If one didn’t know how to run, one would be beaten savagely. It was the savage Jamaicans teens and young adults that took matters in our hands and started “civilizing” these “gentle beings”. That’s when the city started bawling about immigration crime and violent Jamaicans. Suffice to say that these ungrateful dogs still haven’t given credit where it was due, none from the rest of the Caribbean, not the South Asian who was catching more hell than we, non from the continental family and non from those of us generation born in Canada. Ahhhh! but everybody wears locks now, dance to reggae music, speak Jamaican and visit the Island yearly for the weed, women or men. Just like everybody likes the culture of the Africans in America, but talk derisively about how dysfunctional you are and take advantage of their buffer opportunity. Knowledge is king and what the good doctor is saying is what we have to practice self preservation. Self preservation includes getting rid of this turn the other cheek shit and practice the Art of War in all aspects.

  6. Cari

    Thank you. To you as well.

  7. Nicole

    I agree. History has proven time and time again how true this is.

  8. grazie mille bella 🙂

  9. Nicole

    Great video! I love Amos Wilson.

  10. Miss Mary

    Yes. I too have noticed hatred from light skinned “hispanics”. The Indians that I’ve encountered have openly told me that I’m inferior. And many islanders do not like other islanders. Smh.

    All for nothing. We lose in the end.

  11. Blackmystory

    Great response. Have you noticed the Asian community wearing dreadlocks and listening to Jay z?

  12. It’s a shame, but I think that’s why Black people have always taken up the torch to produce justice throughout history. And when other minority groups benefit from our work, they still look down on us. But you know what? We should keep doing the right thing anyway and seek out friends from nobody. As the late Dr. Clarke would say, the person standing right in front of your mirror is the ONLY friend you need.

  13. But you know what? It does bother me when White people speak bad of other non-Whites in my hearing. I was in a car with a white female yesterday, and she was telling me how Mexicans were dumb. I didn’t respond to her, but it did eat me up inside. They just can’t see eye-to-eye within anyone else, and always feel the need to put down people. And the non-White people of the world follow suit, unfortunately.

  14. Ms. J

    I agree wholeheartedly.

  15. Kushite Prince on said:

    Memin Pinguin is a very popular cartoon character in Mexico. The image is very insulting and degrading to our people. It’s a shame we are viewed this way by other “people of color”.

  16. Kushite Prince on said:

    Look at the makeup with the exaggerated features these fools are wearing! It’s SICK and insulting! Almost leaves me speechless.

  17. “The Brown vs. Brown game benefits only one race: The European.”

    “Their game is divide and conquer.”

    Absolutely. Nine times out of ten, if there’s any confusion being brewed between Black and non-white people, there’s always someone in the background stirring the pot! As the saying goes, “misery loves company.” Hatred is nothing but fear and personal insecurity all rolled up into one. I’ve learned that, when people do or say these types of things, there is something that you have that they don’t have and wanted so badly that they become, say or do irrational things.

    The other reasons why could possibly be the social compacts they’ve signed on to achieve “success” in america. What is considered “success” in america? Everything that is anti-Black, or any people activity that promotes the sustainability of the system of racism. We already know how dirt-poor and badly treated the majority of brown-skinned people are in their home countries, but when they get to this country they see (and are told in most cases) what choices have to be made in order to achieve approval within the system of racism (acceptance among white people). That’s a personal choice: being something that you are not (assimilating) or staying true to the individual as The Creator you to be. I used to get real mad about some of the mistreatment and things that were said about Black people but not anymore. I clearly comprehend where they are coming from and how it applies to the system construct of racism. Remember that racism is an invention by whites and a “global” phenomenon, based purely upon the precondition of being annihilated as a genetically-deficient albino and genetically-deficient albino mutant. Whites comprise of less than 10% of the world’s population. You’d only have to use your imagination to see why the fear of this reality provokes them to do all of these things. This confusion called racism is really an endemic, biological dilemma that whites are forever engaged. For instance, the “untouchables” in India are discriminated on the same and even worse level as Black people, simply due to their color of their skin. Light-skinned Indians, who are a product of the forced miscegenation and raping of Indian women by white men, have been brainwashed throughout generations into this mode of thinking, just as we have been cursed with the embedded confusion among ourselves as dark-skinned and light-skinned Black people in the western hemisphere. There are a number of other “indigenous” countries that have experienced the same, e.g. Mexico, Central and South America, the Hawaiian Islands, etc. “Confusion” is one of the key elements used in the system construct of racism to keep people marginalized, confused, misinformed and working against their best interests. If you review all episodes of history involving white people, you will see a pattern of this type of behavior committed in nearly every area of the world in their interactions with non-white people and cultures. One recurring term I noticed used repeatedly to describe non-white people during these conquests was “savages”. But it is always a good defense to “deflect” onto others what you actually are. Just as the “angry Black male” is used as a deflection to divert attention away from the actions of the “angry white male”, and the “Jezebel” stereotype of Black women is used to deviate attention away from (and societal approval) of the whorish acts of the white females. Many white children and teenagers are simply failing abysmally in education but all of the emphasis has been placed upon the academic failures and futile predictions of young Black children. Deflection is yet another tool used in the system construct of racism. We have to be aware of why other non-white people are saying these things to us and about us as well as the reasons why. Fear.

    In Chancellor Williams book, “The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of A Race From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.”, he explains the methodical strategies that whites have used to destroy the predominance of Black cultures throughout the entire world. As we can today, there has been the continuance of the denouncing, discrediting, degrading and total revisions of Black culture globally. Other non-white people are either not knowledgeable of such history; are knowledgeable of such history but chose to be in complete denial; or have made a conscious choice to aid in the mistreatment of Black people and non-white people. If more non-white people knew more about their own history and its positive interactions with Black cultures “before” the inception of white people, you’d have less confusion, more self-esteem and less unnecessary backlash against Black people.

    It doesn’t surprise me when other people commit these actions against us, because I know why. More learning = less confusion. I’m more concerned about our well-being and the re-conditioning of our minds for the better.

  18. Wow.

    this video is just sad.

  19. I watched this for 30 seconds and clicked it off.

  20. Emile

    Other races hide behind us and reap the benefits of our struggle. Amos Wilson has been trying to tell us this for decades.

    I must read chancellor Williams book.

  21. You did It again ! great post that will generate numerus coments and infomation.

    Part of the reason so many so called P.O.C or “brown” groups “turn” on us so to speak is that many of them are not as melaniated as they say or we think.

    Its quite obvious from observation and experience that a boundary exist between satisfactory levels of epidermal melaniation and unstaisfactory /defiecent level albinism.

    the sapien/human phenotype orginated in africa – as people migrated and settle away from the equator,thier phenotypes

    reflected thier new geograhic locations of settlement.
    General rule – farther from the equator less melanin closer more.

    This however is indicative of another biological limitation of which we currently suffer – phenotypic staticity – we lack the ability to internally alter our external phenotypic appearance.

    therefore various groups and indivduals suffer to varying degrees because thier phenotypes are suboptimal in varying degrees.
    too short tall dark light fat thin etc

    these limitations are then compounded by large group identity processes – languastic,interpretive and phenotypic as well as the historical relations of differing LGIP (large group identity processes) interactions.

    As this blog and most of the ones I regularly frequent note the group with the greatest phenotypic limitation is the one causing the most conflict and suffering (as well as the most progress and solutions).

    I think it just a matter of time (50 years or less from now) that our species will solve this limitation – in the mean time

    life goes on just like it was/will away.

  22. AFROlatino on said:

    hello, as an AFROlatino, in my experience in my country(Costa rica), people think they are white, latinos in general think they are white, therefore, when they go to the united states they wrongly believe that they will be accepted by crackers, and when they see the reality they are shocked.

    Can you believe that in countries like chile,uruguay,argentina,colombia and even my country there are stupid people who belong to nazi skinhead gangs!

    and preach white power. if those people go to europe or the states they would be discriminated for not being white enough.

    also i have always been the only black in classrom since school, now i am in university, and when people ask me my preference regarding women, and i tell them that i like black women, they make a stupid face as if there is something wrong with me liking black females, especialy dark skinned black women, which are my preference, they assume that i worship pseudo white women.

    Now, i admit that i like light skinned latinas, but just for sex, that is it.

    so that is what happens in latin america, they think they are white and get jealous when they see succesfull african americans cause the looked down upon the blacks in their countries.

  23. Afrolatino

    I’m not shocked. I’ve met Brazilians who are lightskinned that hate blacks. When they realize that whites hate them for “coming into the country and taking their jobs” they can’t handle it.

    They run to blacks for solace and expect us to help and agree with them.

  24. mary burrell on said:

    When I dated the afro Cuban boy he told me his family referred to me as “The Mayate” he told me this meant little ugly black bug. At 17 years old my feelings were hurt. But it was a lesson for me in racism and classism. His parents were college professors who had imigrated here from Havana running from Castro. My father hated him. Years later the guy commited suicide.

  25. I’ve heard your story from many blacks females regarding those with direct African ancestry.

  26. I also understand that in Latin America, they have a saying that “money lightens/whitens”. So, a dark-skinned Black person is treated like a Mulatto if they have money and/or are educated. And a Mulatto or Mestizo is treated as a White person if they have money and/or are educated. Can anyone confirm this?

  27. Mickey

    I heard of caste systems and how it affects colourism existing in Latin America. Also your occupation has a lot to do with how you are treated as well.

  28. blackmystory on said:

    @AFROlatino…keep doing whatchu doing brother. Keep busting those stereotypes. Sometimes I feel like beating some of these people with a ugly stick to mach their ugly worldview.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @Mickey; I think my experience with the Cuban boy I mentioned in the above comments is an example of your comment. They were college profesionals. Here their precious light skinned curly headed son was bring some Mayate as they described me into their home. He was a mathmatics prodigy and why was he on the south side of town in an urban area socializing with black people. He said they wanted a blonde blue eyed female instead of my dark skin and african features. If my family was the educated and professionals then maybe I would have been recieved better.

  30. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes it’s very disturbing.

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah it’s hard to watch. It’s disgusting!

  32. mary burrell on said:

    @Kushite & Negress, What the hell is a memin penguin? Is it a boy or a monkey. That is just offensive. I googgled this and found out this goes all the way back to the 60’s. It’s a comic book in Latin America. I think it’s a shame the hatred and disrspect that Latin Amricans have for people of african descent.

  33. Miss Mary

    It’s a monkey-boy. It’s us. Or how they see us.

  34. “I’ve met Brazilians who are lightskinned that hate blacks. When they realize that whites hate them for “coming into the country and taking their jobs” they can’t handle it.”

    Yep! Here is where the “confusion” aspect gets really twisted! After all, why in the hell would Brazilians they spew hatred upon “you” and me when we are not the source of economic/racial/social backlash against Brazilian and other non-white immigrants who come into the U.S. and quote, unquote, “take jobs away from whites”??!! I think most non-white immigrants are really smarter than we give them credit in this particular area. They see the vulnerability under which they fall if they were to truly snap back at whites for mistreatment (racism), and the retributions that would followed (possible deportation, loss of economic/educational/social opportunities within the system of racism). It becomes much easier to mistreat you as a Black person because, whether subtly or overtly, because the retaliation does not hit them in the most effective way: financially. And, I might add that there are more similarities that exist from a historical perspective between Brazilian and U.S. Black people that we can be using as building blocks toward justice rather than dwelling upon our minuscule differences. Just look at the beautiful Black people we have in both countries!

    Overstanding “how” this confusion is manufactured by the system construct of racism (mistreatment) to the benefit of certain people is a key counter-strategy tool we have to begin employing in our interactions with other victims. It’s the two-headed serpent called mistreatment (racism) that causes this confusion among Black and non-white people, strategically pitting one vulnerable person or group against the other to the advantage of the outsider. Comparatively, the same mind game is played here in the U.S., having derived from plantation politics. I’ve seen white people, on the one hand, pit non-whites against Blacks with the usual, tired, worn-out axiom of Black people being lazier, less productive, less goal-oriented, ad infinitum, compared to the more hard-working, family-oriented and entrepreneurial non-whites who are “allowed” into this country by the system construct of racism (white majority). Non-whites have a tendency to believe this crap because they haven’t a clue (not educated) at the very least about the true history and horrors of what Black people and Black business communities have experienced, e.g. Tulsa Riots, Black Wall Street, North Wilmington, North Carolina, Rosewood, Florida, etc. Besides that, the entitlement attitude of whites is what creates a lot of the this backlash against non-white immigrants. Part of the strategy to maintaining your position on top of the economic ladder is to keep us, Blacks people and non-whites, working against a common interest (mistreatment based on race, skin color, ethnicity, etc.) with trivial, insignificant, self-defeating, willy-nilly bullshit, when we all are pretty much victims of the system construct of racism in similar if not the same ways.

    A counter-strategy is to minimize the conflict between Black people and non-white people. There are also a lot of non-white people outside of the U.S. who are experiencing similar mistreatment in their home countries, as expressed here on your blog. Racism is global in its applications toward non-white people, something that we must not forget. The best thing that we can do is to continue learning from our personal experiences and interactions with others, for the more we know about how a system works, the more we are likely to defeat it, rectify it with justice and begin a new phase in humanity where everyone is treated equally.

  35. I think this is true. I never liked the “nomenclatures” given to us based upon how closely we resemble whites. The root word of “mulatto” derives from the word “mule”. How can you associate the origins of a human being with an animal? There are other terms too, such as “mestizo”, “octaroon”, “maroon”, “criollo”, etc. It’s a system of confusion designed to keep people quartered and psychologically contained to present a facade of white dominance in every area of the world. We have to keep reminding ourselves that whites comprise of less than 10% of the global population and are continually dwindling in numbers. This is a contributing factor in the rise of violence produced by whites (wars, hate crimes, pro-white legal laws, stop-and-frisk policies, etc.) When you go out into the real world, there is so much to learn about other people, cultures and histories. There are many similarities of TPSS (traumatic post-slavery syndrome) among Black and non-white peoples in the western hemisphere that are still with us today. The pre-condition of physically resembling a white person as much as possible is something that is used as a determinant of how successful one will be within our respective societies. However, out of all countries in this area, the U.S. is the most blatantly racist of all. Anyone who has lived here their entire lives and traveled outside of the U.S. can see the difference as plain as day and night.

  36. Emile

    Fantastic reply!

  37. JensenJay on said:

    I thank “god” is waking us black folks up about the” war’s that’s coming our way” i believe whites are going to go hardcore now on us. so we of “blackness” better wise up cause. i think, this is it. what you think, Negress??

  38. Jensen Jay

    My family and I talked about this yesterday, like ALL day! Yes, we are waking up. You can see that we’re not the same anymore. How? By the CT shootings.

    Every black friend I spoke to uttered the same comments that were spoken here. It’s about damn time!

  39. JensenJay on said:

    I sooooo! agree with you,Negress! it’s about damn time, we as a people start to see the games that have been played on for soo long. i also believe because of the sleep we’re coming out of there gonna start they attacks more and more EVIL will rise up out of them, and we’ll, really see the the “TRUE” meaning of “WHITNESS” just watch and see. we rally better keep away from them for our own safety.

  40. Reblogged this on CrissJensenWorld and commented:
    Somthing really good to read.

  41. so why dont we get together to fight the real enemy. Whites are weak and more imporantly cowardly. You dont beg your master for freedom. you have to take it. It’s time we started taking our dignity and freedom back by eradicating the white plauge from the earth

  42. J.

    We will. All in due time.

  43. @nicoleizhername

    Black folk are in denial, We’re not like everybody else on the planet. Anglos, Asians, and Americans are in the same box. As i’ve said on this blog and others, (Black Versus) is a reality on this planet. We can deny this fact as much as we want, but, it is what it is. Other races will always feel the need to control the thinking and actions of black people, Why? African people are viewed as a commodity in the eyes of non-blacks, in the same way that diamonds and platinum are on Wall Street. If they truly loved themselves as much as they claim, Why would they interfere in the affairs of black folk? Like most blacks, i believed the PoC nonsense as well. At this time, black folk are all i care about. Other colored folk are not a concern to me. Some of us may not like to hear this ugly truth, but, the truth doesn’t care about our feelings.


  44. @Mary Burrell

    At this time, African-Americans need to focus on getting our ship upright. Spanish and West-Indian Blacks can’t talk s**t to us. They brought their black asses to the US by choice. If the Spanish, Portugese, and Dutch are so great, Why are they in this country? My patience has run out with self-hating black people. Some blackmen hate their black sisters, some blackwomen exploit themselves for the benefit of other men, african blacks are f**ked up in the head, and so forth. Message to black folk…If you have no love for our race, get out of the way? Useless negros are holding us back!!!


  45. @Negress

    This has been the norm for a long time in Spanish media. Negress, a lot of us don’t wanna admit that we’ve been hoodwinked by spanish folk, this is the crux of the problem. We’ve focused all of our anger at white-americans, and ignored their cousins who are equally bad…Arabs, Spaniards, etc. Blackmen have a lot of blame for this. We ignore the racism of mixed whites and other coloreds because we want access to their women. Blackmen are fooling themselves Negress. Blackmen are kissing the ass of so-called latinas who are what they are because of blackwomen, yet, spanish sistas are third-class in the culture. All of this ish makes no sense.


  46. @Mbeti

    Looking black and actually being black are worlds apart. Looking black doesn’t count. Yes, africans are not the only coloreds on the planet, but, nobody cares about being asian, east-indian, or native-american. Black is the color that really matters…Bottomline!!!


  47. @afrolatino

    Spain and Portugal are the source of our pain. As african people, we need to see them as the #1 enemy of our race. They started all of this s**t, let’s not forget this. Brotha, keep sistas close to your heart, our metal comes from them and thru them…Always!!!


  48. @J

    You’re right, we can’t coexist on the same planet.


  49. Ty

    It’s also because we as blacks want to identify with anything else other than Africa.

  50. @J

    Most sane black women and men know what you speak of. We know that we can crush them at any time if we choose to. What keeps us from doing so? Whitemen are not stupid, we need to understand this as african people. We tolerate the bs of whites because we don’t wanna hurt the feelings of black folk that have direct or indirect ties to whiteness. In order to fully eradicate white supremacy, we would have to confront light-skinned blacks and biracials, both of them have european blood running thru their veins. The One Drop Rule is an example of what i’m talking about. Whites don’t want blacks to get rid of the rule, Why? If the rule is rejected, whiteness is rejected as well. Right now, whites can f**k with the psyche of black folk and distort our thinking. Blackmen lusting after redbones is a precursor to them doing the same in relation to whitewomen…Simple Logic!!!

    The Black Cat

  51. This whole topic is on point and infuriating at the same time b/c instead of realizing that there is NOT 1 group of people on the face of the earth that hasn’t been brutalized and dehumanized by them (including their own ironically), why people of color continue to legitimize artificial barriers/hostilities is beyond me. Is it b/c everybody has been programmed to believe that the black diaspora is the bottom rung on the ladder of ‘success’ that everyone must step on to rise in this world? It’s like hazing. Or bullying. And you know the only thing that will get a bully off you right? You have to go at him like you want to kill him–public humiliation and a devaluation by the group he seeks to impress is what puts most bullies in their place. But then again, this one, would just plot in secret until he got an opportunity to pay you back, so uh, we need another black plague. A more virulent one this time around. lol..

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