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The White Imperative


Yesterday, my family called me urgently to turn on the tel-lie-vision.

I saw the panic and anguish of white Ameriklans as they fled from a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in uber-white Connecticut. The alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, walked into the building, shot the principal, innocent children and his own mother.

What followed were cries of:

Why did this happen?”

I can’t believe this happened here!”

Things like this never happen in a place like this!”

Unfortunately for white people living in a country founded by Evil and Destruction, the very ideology and culture that they praise themselves on will ultimately be their demise. These massacres by white, Puritanal, suburban, male youths do not exist in a vacuum  They are directly related to the upbringing, brainwashing and indoctrination of the White Imperative.

What exactly is the White Imperative?

The unspoken rule and underlying code created by ALL whites that their neighbourhoods are the most safe.

That their people are the most trustworthy.

That their school systems are the most superior.

That segregation from the “exotic” other is necessary for their protection.

The White Imperative is a boldface, imploding lie. Throughout white history, the most deviant, horrific, gut-wrenching, inhumane acts of degradation has ALWAYS been committed by white people towards other white people. They are not safe around each other. Yet, they practice segregation from the “others” as a form of projection to keep up the appearance that we, dark-skinned peoples, are the problem with society. Allow me to say this once and for all:

The problem with white AmeriKlan is white people.

Singlehandedly, they have created a culture based on lies, deception, clever maneuvering, cheating, intense aggression and a deep mistrust of humanity. And they wonder why they implode? The shooter in question will no doubt be given the benefit of the doubt, a psychological evaluation, inquisitions of his “troubled past”, interviews with friends, girlfriends, teachers, the family pet and every excuse/ reasoning in the world why this happened. The White Imperative will leave white, sleepy, quiet suburbia wondering what kind of monster would kill innocent white children? What kind of demon would commit matricide? They will ponder this for many years on the whys, the hows, the whens and ask their God for answers.

But they will never find it.

For the answers lie within themselves. The White Imperative creates monsters and monstrosities. And no one wants to look into the mirror and see the Demon that lies within.

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108 thoughts on “The White Imperative

  1. Jared Wolf on said:

    All the debate going on…the why’s and how’s…all nonsense. The bottom line is precisely what you’ve outlined here. But us whitey’s will never be willing to accept that about ourselves. Pathetic really.

    Amen. Bold truth.

  2. Negress, I am saddened by this ordeal. How atrocious it is. I can not fathom the grief that must be flowing through the parents of these kids. And not only them, but the families of the adults who were also murdered.

    But, I agree with you to a degree. It always baffles me how many whites will chastise African-Americans about our supposed predisposition to violence, when if you take a stroll down history lane you couldn’t evade the sadistic horrors committed by them even if you tried. And today, in spite of their supposed superior civility and moral guidepost, you still can’t evade it.

    I felt guilty for thinking about the following, given the immense sadness of this crime, but I couldn’t help it: where’s the compassion and outrage and bewilderment for our youth who’ve been slaughtered? No mass shootings in an inner-city (or suburban) school filled with African-Americans has been in the news to my recollection, but still, our kids die every damn day by violence. Is there any room in this supposed heavenly realm for “innocent” Black angels next to the White ones?

    Again, I don’t like to think along these lines sometimes because it’s unnerving, but the bias and favoritism of white children is the elephant in the room and it becomes larger in the midst of tragedies.

    Nevertheless, my thoughts are steadily filled with all the families affected by this, regardless of ethnicity.

  3. Jared Wolf on said:

    @Diary, as I am white, would you prefer I not share this on my facebook page?

  4. Alegna

    I’m saddened too. It’s senseless. But more of these massacres will happen in the near future. And on a wider scale.

  5. Jared

    You are free to share at will. This will no doubt be controversial but it needs to be said.

  6. Diary,
    I felt the same way about this massacre. It’s just going to keep continuing until Justice is on this planet once and for all. People get killed everyday for no absolute reason worldwide. There needs to be an end to this madness. But if we try, everybody jumps up and cries socialism and 2nd Amendment rights. But it’s to be expected, unfortunately.

  7. moorbey on said:

    Truth that needz to be told.Respect

  8. Demons who classify themselves as “white” kill for fun. That’s how they get down. History (His story) teaches that. Birds fly, dogs bark, white creatures destroy, kill, sodomize children.

  9. One of the best selling games this year is Call Of Duty Black Ops II. The game is about shooting people. This game was created by white creatures for white creatures.

  10. @Cynical Afrikan: Exactly. When I went to the movies last month, 6 out of the 7 previews was about white people shooting, killing, and plotting against other white people. Can’t they just stop all the warring?

  11. Cynic

    Hmmm….Just like the filthiest rap music is preferred by white middle class boys.

  12. Thank you. I was thinking about this all night.

  13. Ms. J

    Justice is already here is their backyards. We just don’t hear about it.

  14. Yes indeed. Violence, perversion and death is what they enjoy.

  15. @Ms J, Nope they can’t stop. It’s like asking a dog not to bark. It’s against their nature.

  16. Cynic

    Remember that movie you told me about? The Serbian Film? My friend saw it and said it’s sicker than Hostel and Saw combined.

  17. JensenJay on said:

    lets talk about this

  18. nicoleizhername on said:

    We seem to be on the same page with the mirrors and internal conflict they seem to have, but they need to quit with all the deflection and deal with the truth: It ain’t the “big black boogy man”, no it’s the white man/woman in the mirror.

  19. Kushite Prince on said:

    Hmmmmmm……very interesting video. Makes me wonder about this “random” shooting.

  20. nicoleizhername on said:

    Hey Fam! Ain’t nothing but All Day Truth.

  21. nicoleizhername on said:

    I agree with you. I don’t think there was anything “random” about it.

  22. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right Nicole. I don’t think the majority know what’s really going on, It’s very sad and heartbreaking. But we have to face the truth now. We’ve seen this way too many times. There is obviously a pattern going on here.

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    Hey sis! I just realized you’re the same Nicole that’s subbed to my Youtube channel.lol I also subbed you about 5 months ago. Good to see you here on WordPress. 🙂

  24. nicoleizhername on said:

    @Kushite Prince, Yeah it’s me. I didn’t know you had a blog too so now I got you in my rss feeds. Stay Blessed.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    Let it never be said that blacks are the ones more prone to violence, when they have violent video games and the shooting in the Portland mall and now this horrendous shooting. I hurt for all the dead children and their families. But they need to think about how they criticize black people and associate violence to us when they are guilty of the same thing.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    @nicoleizhername I thought that was you.lol Thanks for your insightful comments. I’m sure Sister Truth appreciates it. You’re more than welcome to drop by my blog as well. 🙂

  27. Watch your backs Yanks! These white folks are starting to implode. Who do you think they will be coming for next? They implode like this when they feel they are losing their power. You will see a lot more of this in the States. They may turn on blacks, because whenever these inbred clowns feel they are threatened in regards to their power and privileges, this is what they resort to. They will take as many people as they can out of spite, not giving a shit as to who they are.

    Already they are looking for ‘answers’ externally as opposed to internally. This, as iterated many times here and elsewhere is a fact. They have given new names to wickedness and evil by pathologizing behaviours which have fallen under those exact definitions(wickedness and evil), in the past. Hell if you chronically pick your nose, it is turned into a ‘sickness’. Wickedness is wickedness and evil is evil, however you wish to characterize it. This piece of shit is now being characterized as a ‘nerd'(I didn’t realize being a nerd caused a person to go out and mass murder people), autistic, had aspergers, sociopathy etc, etc,. However, no-one can say this demon suffered from any of these conditions with any certainty. Already they are trying to perversely ’empathize with this ‘creature’. If this guy had been black they would be looking for answers in the ‘black community’ what with their pathologies and all. Nope another ‘blame everyone else but the perpetrator(s), especially if they are white syndrome.

    Oh, can any of you Yanks tell me of any case of a black person committing mass murder in U.S. History. I have never heard of it if they did, somehow I don’t think they have.

  28. Hernie


    I’ve never heard or read about a black boy doing this shit. We kill each other as a method of internalized racism. But this shit…Nah.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @Herneith & Negress, John Mohammad and his young accomplice in the D.C. shootings.

  30. @ Miss Mary

    Yes I remember him. Did he murder as many people? And, wasn’t he executed?

  31. Dear Black Family

    Please read this love note from one of my posters:

    “you must be a nigger”

    Ahhhhh….Yes! The obligatory Nigger word. That’s how I like my racists. Out, front and center. No kumbaya bullshit. No “we are the world” crap. Just plain old KKK , cross burning, we-gonna-git-ya racist.

    Ever notice how difficult it is for whites to read and hear the brutal truth about themselves? Yet, we are pummeled daily with our insignificance. This is just the beginning of sorrows for them. Jah commands me to have pity for my enemy for he is without redemption.

  32. mary burrell on said:

    He killed 10 people 3 were injured. But that’s small compared to the numbers of death these mass shooters are responsible for.

  33. Ok. thanks. And he was put to death within months. Unlike Ted Kacyzinski, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc….They must be studied whereas blacks must be killed.

  34. Negress,

    While they are wasting time studying and justifying the actions of those white serial/mass killer, many more are plotting to follow in their footsteps.

  35. mary burrell on said:

    @ynot me & Negress, I agree with both your statements. And there will be more copy cats.

  36. nicoleizhername on said:

    AND You said: Tamahu Lab Rat what it do!!!

  37. I came to this conclusion when studying the Holocaust. If Whites do evil things to each other, they REALLY have no God damn business criticizing Blacks for violent behavior.

  38. That’s because every Black male, old & young, knows the consequences of doing such a thing to a White community. If this had been a Black male, they would blow up every Black neighborhood within a 30 mile radius on MLK day.

  39. The Superintendent of the Newtown public school district is shocked that this happened in their tight knit community (tight knit, meaning all white, no black or predominantly white) because things like this do not happen in community like theirs. When are they going to understand that things like this has been happening in community like theirs for a very long time?

  40. Ynotme

    Never. They can’t.

  41. Ynotme, I too, find those comments interesting. The comfort that many Whites felt and still do feel when they escape from the negroids and those like us provide a sense of false assurance.
    “How could this happen here?” is, in my opinion, esentially an affirmation of, “It’s not in our nature to do such things.”
    I’m sure they would abscribe such things to poor, uneducated Whites as well, but if any African-American would’ve committed such a monstrosity I doubt that there would be all this pondering going on.
    It would be our nature.
    At least I believe that would be the general consensus.

  42. soforeal on said:

    boo hoo. we all know if this was a black school them same white folks would be getting a chuckle out of this, i tell blacks stop feeling sorry for them. who cares if you feel guilty we’ve gotta develop a cold heart. here it is they thought yeah we away from those niggers hahaha but the joke was on them when little timmy was getting inspiration from khalid muhammed lol or it could be the gov which i believe they did it we gotta take back africa so we can get the hell out of here the white man starving our kids in africa for years poor babies crying mercifully dying by the hundreds and i’m supposed to feel sorry for his white kids who is only gonna grow up to be our oppressors for the next generation of black youths? i think not! also just a little note, i had a dream the other day it was me a this blk female talking it was like she was one of the ancestors the whole scene was just burned to the ground it was like over in syria and she was telling me white folks are going to get it hard there is going to be no mercy when we return just be patient and i was like whao, she was just standing their like a warrior, serious, untouchable, i can`t do this dream justice right now lol but anyway and i told her i`ll be right beside you when you`re ready the gods are coming negress, either to get us out of planet earth our to refix it. but something really catastrophic is gonna go down. i’m only 22 so it will probably happen in my lifetime.

  43. soforeal on said:


  44. It’s true that this was probably a programmed killer..

    However, what I want to know is this:

    How come when a black person commits a horrendous crime, it is due to their innate savagery or predisposition to violence and crime whilst if it is a white person, it is because they have been programmed by a nefarious government organisation?

    The impression I get is, to get a white person to go psycho, you gotta program them but you don’t have to do much to get a black person to go violent!

    A bit weird is all.

  45. larissa on said:

    I had a dream last night and I think it is foreshadowing. I dreamt that I was in a massive room with tons of suitcases. I was packing my things getting ready to leave, because white people had ordered all black people to leave and go back to Africa. They came up with some new law which proved that although their country had been built with our blood, sweat and tears, we no longer had the right to stay in their country because we were not ”real citizens.”When I woke up I realized that it’s not a matter of if, but rather when, they decided to kill us all.

  46. Wilson

    The same reason that Katrina victims were “looters” while the Sandy victims were “finding things.”

  47. Is it me, or does it seem like all these “random” shootings keep on happening under Obama’s presidency?

    You had Gabbie Giffords, the Dark Knight Rises premier, the Connecticut one last week, and even the Norwegian shooter. It always seems like white people slaughter each other first before coming to get us.

    What are other people’s thoughts?

  48. Another weird thing,

    I don’t know if you remember this or not, during the colorado shooting, a black teenager saved a woman and her child whilst her boyfriend fled for safety. The black boy took a bullet to his thigh for his troubles..

    Afterwards he was being interviewed at home with the white lady sat next to him and on youtube, the comments were very revealing. I just remember reading comment after comment with so many sexual connotations..

    Like it is impossible for this kid to save this lady because I don’t know, he has a soul, as opposed to it just being something to do with the whole white woman black man thing…

    It was sooo weird.

    This society has a way of turning genuine acts of humanity and empathy upside down.

    Anyways, this month is bound to be very dangerous (mass shootings and end of the world paranoia could be a dangerous mix), stay safe and don’t do anything crazy.

  49. Ms.j

    All things are political under the presidents rule. These shootings may be staged for gun control laws.

  50. @alegna

    Their denial or inability to see what’s right in front of their faces will be their own demise…If these mass murders continue, coupled with white females low fertility/birth rate, can you see what’s going to happen to their race in the near future?

  51. mary burrell on said:

    They are very anal about having their guns. I read somewhere that since President Obama has been in office there has been a large purchase of fire arms. I expect many more whack job copy cats. It is going to set off a chain reaction. More madness will ensue.

  52. John Mohammed was a spree killer, not a mass murderer. However murder is murder which ever way you cut it. Whites came up with distinctions for murder, in order to explain why people commit such atrocious acts. If you are to the point where you are mass murdering or spree killing people you are plain evil.

  53. It always seems like white people slaughter each other first before coming to get us.

    I agree. It as if they are building up the courage to do so by these seemingly random ‘trial runs’. When they feel they are losing their power they will be subtle at first. They enact discriminatory laws that on initial inspection seem to be ‘reasonable’. By reasonable I mean how many people read these Acts before they are put before a legislative body to be enacted? They create fiscal and immigration policies that impact the ‘poor'(code for non-whites especially blacks) and ‘minorities’. If none of these measures work, they will get increasingly more belligerent. Watch them outlaw abortion due to the fact that white infants are not being born. The demographics have changed dramatically they can’t depend on the white male voters to carry the day anymore. Yes you will see quite a few of these white men going and mass murdering people. Watch out Yanks!

  54. moorbey on said:

    May i reblog this on my sitez wordpress and my ning site

  55. Kushite Prince on said:

    The shooting happened on 12-14-2012.
    1+2+1+4+2+0+1+2=13 (numerology reading)
    In Western culture, the number 13 is generally considered to be unlucky. The number 13 has commonly been avoided. Yet, it wasn’t happenstance that the interagency terrorist task force chose the number 13. It was a deliberate occulted rendering.
    The numbers 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 33, 39. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. Notice that the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. Take special notice that the 13 members of the Policy Committee answer to the Round Table of Nine. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13. The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention. Just something to keep in mind.

  56. blackmystory on said:

    Mrs Mary, there are serious suspicions in John Muhammad’s story that the media side steps. Overstand he did it, but there is more to this ex military sniper. Try MK Ultra on for size.
    As for the school shooter I can’t post it here because it is a picture, but people are complaining that the Po-lice didn’t have to kill the boy, because he was calling for his father and they should have let him speak to an adult.

    “They will ponder this for many years on the whys, the hows, the whens and ask their God for answers. But they will never find it.”

    I don’t think so!

  57. blackmystory on said:


    This article talks about when Becky goes wild…..

  58. darqbeauty on said:

    I was reading this post and I instantly thought of you. Overstand what is to come. The Most High has put his spirit upon you as a word warrior….but a TRUE warrior, the awakened are destined to be. Here’s the link sis. This website is truth. The author doesn’t post often…but when he does, he drops BOMBS!

  59. This post is on time and almost on point.

    I notice how the poster and many of the commenters express smpathy for the childern, or how sad this is.

    Please – i think thats one our biggest weaknesses as black people – no matter how badly treated by someone – we will still
    find a way smpathize with them – no one does that for us – especially black males – and thats why until we rid ourselves of this weakness – we will remain at the bottom.

    How do I feel – I’m learning – I’m actually happy and grateful everytime it happens – its like diaryofaneggress said – its justice –

    they spend a lot of time doing everything they can to remove themselves from accountbility – what about all the white people making fun of us and others,denying us life & liberity throughout the world –

    those childern 9 times out ten are going to be just like thier parents and I’m glad some of them got GOT ,cause like many of you say – they are not going to listen and learn and the last thing they will do is question albinism/whiteness.

  60. mary burrell on said:

    This boy Adam Lanza is said to have had some kind of condition where he didn’t feel pain. According to neighbors and classmates he was dark and deeply disturbed. Yet the mother owned a large collection of fire arms. She took him to the firing range taught this sick boy to shoot guns. Then the kid murders her. This very telling what kind of family this boy came from. The household he was brought up in sounds a little twisted to me.

  61. Don’t know if your question was rhetorical or not but I’ll answer it anyway: yes I can, but more interestingly, so can they.

  62. AFROlatino on said:


    I really regret to say that i am saddend, not because of what happened but because i am happy that it happened to white people.

    i wish i did not feel this way, but that is what i feel.

  63. Prince:

    Hmmm…it seems these “random” shootings seem to coincide with numerology, like the Gabby Giffords event.

  64. Mbeti

    Sympathy comes from the God in us. It’s our ability to love unconditionally.

  65. Like Dr. Umar Johnson once said about Black people: We hate who we are and love who we can’t be.

    PLEASE EVERYONE! Order the dvd “Hidden Colors” by Tariq Nasheed. It speaks about the hidden history of Blacks in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the history of the Moors, the reasons behind the change in Jesus’ appearance, African empires, the real reasons slavery ended, and how it all affects us today. You can buy it on Amazon.com. Here is the link to the website itself.


    “Hidden Colors 2” is expected to be released as well. You will NEVER view history, Black or otherwise, the same again.

  66. TruthBeTold,

    I know that you do not care for Tim Wise, but here is an excerpt of what he said in relation to incidents like this:

    From Tim Wise’s School Shootings and White Denial:

    “I’ll tell you what went wrong and it’s not TV, rap music, video games or a lack of prayer in school. What went wrong is that white Americans decided to ignore dysfunction and violence when it only affected other communities, and thereby blinded themselves to the inevitable creeping of chaos which never remains isolated too long. What affects the urban “ghetto” today will be coming to a Wal-Mart near you tomorrow, and unless you address the emptiness, pain, isolation and lack of hope felt by children of color and the poor, then don’t be shocked when the support systems aren’t there for your kids either.

    What went wrong is that we allowed ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security by media representations of crime and violence that portray both as the province of those who are anything but white like us. We ignore the warning signs, because in our minds the warning signs don’t live in our neighborhood, but across town, in that place where we lock our car doors on the rare occasion we have to drive there. That false sense of security — the result of racist and classist stereotypes — then gets people killed. And still we act amazed.”

  67. mary burrell on said:

    @Mickey; Tim Wise told the truth about that. That sums it all up for me in a nut shell. It was a fair commentary on elitist white America. Many black youth have been dying for years, but if it didn’t affect the well to do whites in their tight knit communities where “Nothing like this ever happens land”. They may need to reacess their thinking about other people who don’t look like them outside their communities.

  68. mary burrell on said:

    Maybe it’s like Malcolm X said “The chickens have come home to roost.”

  69. AFROlatino

    You are not the first person to echo those sentiments.

  70. Mickey

    I’ve heard of it but never got around to seeing it. Hmmm…perhaps it’s time for me to order it.

  71. Mickey

    Although Tim Wise is a Khazar, and is PAID to confuse the masses, his (prepared) statement is correct.

  72. Miss Mary

    Wait…more to come.

  73. darqbeauty on said:

    Maybe I should have asked before I posted the link if you consider yourself a Hebrew. My bad.

  74. Darqbeauty
    I read the link and it’s powerful stuff! I’ve heard of this before even to the extent that we can fly.

    I am of the Dogon which is a similar foundation to your belief, just a different principle. I’m flattered you thought of me.

  75. Blackmystory

    Great video. I recognize Gus’s voice.

  76. blackmystory on said:

    @Mickey…You’re on point, I have mine already…both disc. Godd look out!

  77. @Negress

    This tragic shooting is an example of “White Stupidity.” Crime and violence at the hands of white males…Nooooo! Crime and violence in Suburbia…Nooooo! Gun violence is a black problem…Yesssss! Black males are our greatest threat…Yesssss!

    The Reality…White folk should be afraid of their own kind, not black folk. Throughout history, whites have committed inhumane acts against other whites. In modern times, white male serial killers kill white girls and women for sport. Yet, most white male politicians make no big fuss about it. In essence, violence against whites is tolerable if the suspect is non-white. All the innocent black people that have been gunned down at the hands of black devils, and whites ignored the bloodshed. As many have said, whites put their lives in danger by spitting on the graves of black folk. Violence is colorblind, therefore, when any human being dies it hurts everybody. Everybody has a mother that loves them, families, friends, wives, husbands, children, etc. Will whites come to their senses, that’s hard to know? As black people, we need to stop defending the evil within our own ranks. Blackmen run the streets killing black folk, and stupid negros have the nerve to defend them because they’re black and male. We’re just as messed-up as white folk as it relates to violent crime, Sadly!


  78. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes indeed. See how deep the rabbit hole goes. Check out this video. It’s very unsettling.

  79. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sand Hook Part2:

  80. @alegna

    Don’t know if your question was rhetorical or not but I’ll answer it anyway: yes I can, but more interestingly, so can they.

    Thanks for responding, and I apologize for not specifying that this was, indeed, a rhetorical question. I hope it wasn’t seen/taken as an indication to undermine your intelligence.

  81. I don’t know much about this man, but I agree with his statement.

    White people in general have a disturbing habit of ignoring issues that don’t affect them at worst and paying little attention to these issues at best. And it isn’t just gun violence – does anyone remember sickle cell? How much funding and national attention is poured into research for a cure for this disease? Some may argue that [sickle cell] isn’t as massive an epidemic as breast cancer or AIDS, but the fact that it affects primarily us and not them makes me wonder about

    Violence, disease, poor education…all of these national epidemics affect us as a people, but the fact that we’re black seems to somehow connotate these things. However, when it affects them consistently and in huge numbers, then here comes the parade of sympathy marchers, mourners, philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, talk-show hosts, journalists, PTA board members and everyone else who can’t grasp why anything like this or that could happen to them.

  82. No sweetie, not at all. 🙂

  83. Or the irrational in us – love without condition and you tolerate and accept anything – usually the worst.

  84. Mbeti

    There is nothing irrational about being compassionate. It’s always been our strong suit.

  85. JensenJay on said:

    HAHAHA!! I don’t feel sorry for them. can anyone tell me what about black boy’s and girl’s!!!

  86. Jared Wolf on said:


    That last paragraph…. sounds harsh, but is true.

  87. @JensenJay

    Hundreds of black boys and girls have been killed in Chicago and other cities, yet, Obama and media in this country have ignored the senseless killing of our children at the hands of dopeboys, gangbangers, jackboys, woman-beaters, rapists, and so forth. Now, Barack wants to address the problem? The same Barack that allowed untold numbers of high-powered weapons to be purchased by Mexican Drug Cartels with the intention of tracking them via the weapons. Frankly, he has a lot of blood on his hands, because he authorized the ATF to implement the policy. Thousands of Mexicans have died because of Fast & Furious. Democrats have no leg to stand on, because they’ve been complicit, as it relates to violent black males running around killing black people. White children are killed, and now everybody wants to get guns off the streets, Really? Guns aren’t the problem, manhood has left the United States. Criminals are victims in the eyes of the legal system, thus, we have to understand their plight. Evil bastards will always use tragedy to take away rights from the people, both sides are guilty of this.


  88. “There is nothing irrational about being compassionate. It’s always been our strong suit.”

    And we are where because of compassion?
    It looks more like slave/subservient training to me – no matter what I do to you ,care about me.

    Listen I don’t want to go back and froth with you on this – you think its okay to love you enemy/problems unconditionally thats you.

    I just got a mean update about that multiple white/albinic people killer

    second only to their females are thier childern – which they consider the pure and inocent they say they want to protect thier childern from sex(the cause and means of everyones coming into existence)
    and violence(reasonable but limited when your constantly at war).

    I am continuely reminded of how un inocent childern are by the wAy many young white/albinic childern coldly stare at me,
    and quite a few will use thier aledged innocent and vunerabilty to provoke a response knowing thier parents will unconditionally support and defend them – just like the women.

    One final thing – I in no way support nor avocate violence & murder ,the only legitmate violence is self defense and even then you have a tradegy – however I refuse to sympathize with a population that has shown a repeated inability to sympathize with me/us.

  89. Mbeti

    Ok. Fair Enough.

  90. Tyrone

    While I agree with most of your statement, I’ll say that blacks have been taught to kill each other while whites simply kill for sport.

  91. Gat Turner on said:


    Check out this youtube video about the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, and the Hoolywood Connection. What are you thoughts?

  92. Gat

    Ok. Give me a sec and I’ll get back to you.

  93. Kushite Prince on said:

    Very interesting video about the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  94. @ Gat

    Oh My God! They love to do this shit! They purposefully put clues in their movies to taunt us!

  95. Prince:

    You’re in the same thought process and Gat Turner.

  96. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Gat Turner I saw that Batman clip a few years ago. It is VERY horrifying to say the least. They love to drop clues to what’s coming around the corner.

  97. JensenJay on said:

    I agree, Trone! Thanks.

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  99. Kushite Prince on said:

    Are there actors involved in the Sandy Hook shooting? Very interesting video.

  100. Kushite Prince on said:

    There has been a lot of confusion going around about the Sandy Hook Elementary Shootings… so much contradictory info… so much seemingly fake info… just to many things that flat out don’t make sense.

    After a lot of research on the topic I present you with a very detailed analysis of the 2 separate events of that day which involve a real school shooting (Sandy Hook Elementary), and a very similar DHS/FEMA drill being held ~50 miles away (Drilled in a firehouse which is to simulate a school) at almost the same time (a ~30 min delay between real event and fake event))… and how this massive puzzle all fits together.

    This is not a short breakdown by any means… so be prepared.

    Layer 1: the REAL Event
    Layer 2: The FAKE Event (DHS/FEMA Exercise)
    Layer 3: Systematic Media Confusion… Real vs Fake Event

    Layer 1: the REAL Event
    Location: Sandy Hook Elementary, CN
    Date/Time: Dec 14, 2012 | 9:35 am – 9:49 am EST
    Involved: 2 killers (police) & 1 patsy (Adam Lanza), 1 Lookout/Cleaner (civilian)
    Deaths: 28 deaths (20 children, 7 adults, 1 suspect)
    Weapons: 2 pistols, 1 AR, 1 shotgun

    Layer 1A: Operation Prep
    2 on duty police drive to Sandy Hook Elementary in the early hours of December 14, 2012. One officer gets out of his car leaving it in the parking lot (you will see why this is important later) and hops into the other officer’s car. The 2 police (now in 1 police car, which contains 2 identical dark uniforms which include 2 dark jackets with dark shirts, 2 dark/camo pants, 2 pairs of dark gloves and 2 dark masks) go to Adams mom’s house early in the morning of the event and knock on her door, waking her still in her pajamas (arriving earlier than expected). One of the police brings his “dark” uniform with him in a duffel bag (the other “dark” uniform is left in the trunk of the cruiser). These 2 police are there to take Adam Lanza to a REALISTIC DHS/FEMA simulation/exercise which is to take place later that day (in Bridgeport, CN) ~50 miles from his home where he will be playing the role of an assistant shooter named “Ryan” (when assigning Adam an alias for the drill they asked him if he had any brothers, which is where he told them about his brother Ryan. The name Ryan is then chosen as his “drill” alias, and due to this being a very realistic drill/simulation is told to bring something of Ryan’s with him… ideally and old ID… Anyways I get more into this later. Adam Lanza, excited to be chosen to be part of this DHS/FEMA drill which he voluntarily signed up for (and answered specific questions to qualify for… such as does your household contain any weapons and if so which kinds & are you yourself experienced with firearms, if so which…) is escorted out of his house by one of the officers and his mother and willingly hops into the squad car prepared to do his part in what he thinks will be a realistic simulation/drill managed by DHS/FEMA. Meanwhile while Adam’s mom is outside saying goodbye to Adam the 2nd police officer runs to the basement, puts his “dark” uniform (gloves & mask included) on over his police clothing and retrieves the AR “1 of 4” needed patsy guns (all 4 patsy guns were known to be on location due to him registering with DHS for the drill, which is why he was chosen to be part of this DHS/FEMA drill to begin with). By the time Adam’s mom comes back in the house after waving goodbye to him, the 2nd officer already has 1 of 4 patsy weapons (AR) prepped and ready, and has made his way upstairs to Adam’s moms room. The officer hides in the corner of her room making noises as he wants her to come up to investigate what the noise is. She makes her way into her room to try to figure out what the noise is, only to enter the room and be shoot and killed on her own bed by the police officer (wearing his “dark uniform” using one of her own weapons (AR)). He then makes his way back downstairs to the basement, preps and readies the other 3 of 4 needed patsy guns, and also smashes Adam’s computer into literal pieces (the same computer which would contain the proof of a connection to the DHS/FEMA drill he voluntarily signed up for via his computer). The officer then puts the 4 patsy guns into the duffel bag, as well as removes the “dark” uniform (keeps only the gloves on) and puts it in the duffel bag as well. The officer then makes his way upstairs, grabs Adam’s moms car keys on the way out, and leave the premises (dressed in his police uniform as he first entered the house wearing) in her vehicle with the 4 needed patsy guns.

    Just too simplify things from this point on I will be referring to…
    The officer in Adam’s moms car as Op 1
    The officer still in his police car (and has the patsy Adam) as Op 2

    At this point op 1 calls op 2 on the phone to confirm everything is a go…

    You have the needed “package” (does the patsy still thinks going to be part of the drill)? Yes

    You have the needed “equipment” (mom’s car, 4 patsy weapons, smashed computer)? Yes

    Good meet you at the scheduled location then (Sandy Hook Elementary)…

    Op 1 then makes a call to their civilian counterpart (the cleaner) to let him know the operation is a go and to get into position. The cleaner would arrives at the school well before the shooting, for a legitimate reason and would be buzzed in willingly… in this SPECIFIC case the cleaner was their helping his daughters class build gingerbread houses… her class was not shot up and this mans daughter lived the event unharmed… go figure.

    The cleaners makes his way to the school with his daughter (which does go to school there), gets buzzed in willingly (unarmed/no threat), and goes to her class as scheduled to make tasty treats while he waits for the “scheduled time” to do his role in all of this.

    Anyways once everything is confirmed both operatives arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary (which is NOT the DHS/FEMA drill location but Adam doesn’t know this…). Op 1 arrives at the school first and puts 2 of the 4 patsy weapons in his police car using a duffel bag to not draw attention to himself (and leaves the other 2 weapons in Adam’s moms car) and waits inside his cruiser for op 2 to arrive (op 2 arriving 2nd as planned… this was done so that Op 1 could get out of Adam’s moms car and get into his cruiser to avoid Adam seeing the officer in his mom’s car and possibly knowing something is “fishy”). Instead Adam and op 2 arrive to see op 1 sitting in his police car waiting for them. Both officers would be acting really chatty and friendly (to distract him as much as possible that this might not be what it seems… a real event)… at this point Adam suspects NOTHING. He thinks he is at the DHS/FEMA drill location and will be told what role he will playing in this REALISTIC yet fake drill (involving crisis response of children) and will try to do his best at the role given… why wouldn’t he… it’s all simulated right?

    Both operatives get out of their cruisers and go over the details with Adam of how the “drill” is going to go down (during this time op 1 gives op 2 the 2 weapons from his cruiser in the duffel bag (he has the other 2 in Adam’s moms car still))… They describe Adam’s roll in the “drill” (which in fact is not going to be a drill at all… their ~50 miles away from the real drill location…) as more of an accomplice roll, assisting during the event… sort of like a killers helper if you will. They explain that op 1 is going to go through the front door (breach), and op 2 and Adam are going to enter through the back, and Adam is going to be there to assist them with the entire “realistic simulation”. Adam being given an “assistant” role in the drill is told he will be wearing regular everyday clothing (whatever he was wearing when they picked him up) to simulate the drill scenario of a kid waking up one day and snapping, killing his mother, and doing a mass casualty shooting spree (involving children) at a school using the stolen weapons. The 2 officers on the other hand (being the actual shooters) say they have to put on specific outfits as part of the drill which at this point they casually put on… again up to this point everything is being done very casually… Adam has no idea…

    So to give some specifics on the clothing at this point…
    Op 1 = Mask (Puts on later once in Adam’s moms car), Dark Jacket (with Dark Shirt), Camo/Dark Pants, Dark Gloves (with his police uniform on under) and has 2 of the 4 patsy guns in the trunk.
    Op 2 = Mask (not wearing yet), Dark Jacket (with Dark Shirt), Camo/Dark Pants, Dark Gloves (also with his police uniform on under)…. Op 2 also has the duffel bag that was brought to him by op 2 which contains the other 2 patsy guns…
    ***Note that without the mask on these outfits would not draw a lot of suspicious attention (dark jacket/pants)… fact is you could blend in fairly well with it (until shots are fired that is).
    Adam = whatever he was wearing when they picked him up
    Cleaner = irrelevant

    Also a few more clarifications before going into the op itself… that’s 4 cars total, 4 people total, 4 weapons total.

    Op 1 Police Cruiser = op 1 (for now… he will move to Adam’s moms car once Adam is out of sight)… no weapons
    Adam’s Moms car = op 1 moves to this car… 1 pistol + 1 shotgun
    Op 2 Police Cruiser = op 2 + patsy Adam… 1 pistol + 1 AR (in a duffel bag)
    Cleaners Car = no weapons

    Layer 1B: The Black Op (Sandy Hook Elementary)
    Op 2 wearing his “dark” uniform puts the mask in his pocket and grabs the duffel bag he has in the trunk (containing 1 pistol & 1 AR). Op 2 (with Adam) would be subtle about their approach to the school as they are going to be entering the school through an “unofficial” entry point (the back door). Once op 2 and Adam are behind the school without issue, op 1 gets out of his cruiser and goes to Adam’s moms trunk and grabs the 2 weapons he will be using (1 pistol, 1 shotgun) puts on his mask (again remember is also now wearing his “dark” uniform) and heads to the entrance of the school… he doesn’t need to be subtle about it at all… people are going to think he’s Adam in a few minutes…

    OK so quick update
    -Operative 1 going towards front entrance, mask and all, holding an exposed shotgun…
    -Operative 2 going towards the back entrance, mask hidden, 2 guns in duffel bag, with the Patsy Adam (trying not to draw any attention to themselves)…
    -Cleaner inside the school waiting for his signal to cut the schools power (his signal being front entrance breach).

    Op 1 then uses the shotgun (first shots fired) to breach the security glass at the front entrance door making his way into the school through the opening. The Cleaner hearing his signal (entrance breach) cuts the schools power from the inside (which by default unlocks all locked doors, including the back door and doesn’t allow any doors to re-lock until power is returned… which is a safety fail safe) and then makes his way back to meet with the others shortly in the hall. All video surveillance, and power locks at this point stopped working (go figure).

    After the power goes out op 2 and patsy Adam (again being called “Ryan) enter through the now unlocked backdoor and op 2 gets into position outside the first target classroom just now putting on his mask and waiting for his signal (his signal being operative 1’s pistol fire to finish)… Op 2 takes the pistol out of the duffel bag and gives it to Adam (who is not wearing gloves) and op 2 grabs the AR for himself… Op 2 tells Adam his roll will be more of a “backup/helper” role, such as you cover our backs and just reload anything we hand to you… again at this point Adam is 100% convinced everything up till now and everything to follow is just a realistic drill (the real drill again is ~50 miles away).

    Op 1 just entering the school through the hole he breached, uses the pistol to shoot at the administrative office near the front of the school (where the principle was… or the people most likely to cause “trouble” from a black-op perspective)… killing 4 adults and wounding 2 in this front area. He then starts making his way towards Operative 2 through the interior of the school.

    Op 2 at this time hearing his signal (pistol fire ending) waits ~5 seconds and then opens the first target classroom door and using the AR shoots as many people as he can, goes into the hall and has Adam reload the AR for him, then moves on to the 2nd classroom and does the same thing (again with the AR) and once done goes outside in the hall to meet up with the others.

    So just as an update to this point both operatives, the cleaner and the patsy are now all together in the hallway outside of the 2 target classrooms. The front office is shot up (op 1, pistol), and the 2 classrooms have been shot up (op 2, AR). They give Adam their main weapons used for the REAL murders (op 1’s pistol & op 2’s AR) and tell him to reload for them (as part of the “drill” mind you… all the while he doesn’t have gloves on yet the 2 op’s do… go figure) while the 2 op’s do another sweep (not to kill this time but more to make sure no one witnesses the gathering of the 4 people. Their goal is to convince eyewitnesses that in the end this was all done by a “lone gunman”… Up to this point the surviving eye witnesses of this event never saw both op’s at the same place at the same time, both op’s also never shot at the same time from different locations, they were also dressed identical, and there is no video footage of the event… so based on eye witness accounts so far, they will be expecting a single suspect.

    Layer 1C: Evidence Cleanup / Patsy Setup / “Official” Police Arrival
    Op 2 does a quick sweep while shooting off the pistol which is not currently being reloaded by Adam (to make sure no one was coming out of hiding in the general area, and to stall till the AR is reloaded again). He then makes his way back over to Adam and grabs the now reloaded AR and heads back towards the front office, and again shoots at the administrative staff and general entrance area (they want everyone to stay hidden). While this is happening op 1 takes off his outfit (mask, gloves, dark shirt, dark jacket, camo pants – with his police uniform on under it) and gives it to the cleaner to wear which puts it on over his current clothing. Op 2 circling back from the front office also takes off his outfit (mask, gloves, dark shirt, dark jacket, camo pants) but this time gives it to Adam and tells him to put it on over his current clothing (so far Adam has not seen any actual deaths first hand, he has not shot a single weapon but has touch them to reload however, the cleaner just put on op 1’s outfit so putting on op 2’s outfit wouldn’t seem weird to him since someone else just did the same (this is a drill right?…)… he is still 100% convinced this is all fake… and why wouldn’t he, so far from his vantage point it would just seem like a very realistic DHS/FEMA drill which is exactly what he thought he was signing up for (and did sign up for…). Basically now the cleaner looks like op 1, Adam now looks like op 2… as seen by witnesses in the school up to this point they would assume it’s the same 1 person that committed all the murders, and the 2 operatives are now dressed in their local police uniforms.

    The 2 operatives tell Adam to stay where he is while they make 1 final sweep (now in their police uniforms) again making sure no one is in the general area to witness the soon to be patsy death. Now still at this point NO OFFICIAL POLICE PRESENCE IS ON SCENE… The majority of police took ~15 minutes after reports of shots being fired to arrive (mass police), BUT 1 car of legit “good” police got there ~3 AFTER shots ended (shots haven’t ended yet)…

    The 2 op’s now in their police uniforms (they hadn’t changed to their “on radio” police persona’s quite yet… they were dressed as police at this point but not communicating officially on the police radios yet as the patsy was still alive and no other police are on scene yet). The 2 op’s then check the immediate area is clear by going around making sure that no one is going to witness the patsy “suicide” that they are about to do seconds later…

    After running around the immediate area making sure the coast is clear… they signal to the cleaner (now in op 1’s outfit) to shoot Adam the patsy in the head using one of the pistols. Keep in mind Adam at this point has his brother Ryan’s old ID in his pocket as he was told to get a piece of his brother’s ID as part of the drill (I will get to the importance of this soon).

    The cleaner then also takes off his “dark” uniform and puts it in the duffel bag with any other “inconsistent” evidence from the scene and puts in his own car (which he arrived in well before the event), but by accident grabs the shotgun (puts in Adam’s moms trunk) and heads back to the back door… let me explain, I think they fucked up (minor) here. The shotgun was used to blow open the front door, but never to actually kill anyone. The cleaner when removing “inconsistent” evidence assumed the shotgun wasn’t used (since he was at the back at the time and never first hand saw it used) and thought he was doing the right thing when removing it to match “what would be expected at the scene” and the operatives that would of told him “no wait leave it, I used that” was too busy running around the halls making sure nothing was being seen (until they killed Adam). This would normally not be an issue but one of the police on scene 5 minutes later (which is operative 2) accidentally announces it on scene (because he remembers op 1 having it, and didn’t see the cleaner take it) when by this time the shotgun had actually been put in Adam’s moms trunk by the cleaner.

    Well that brings you to about here…

    Police Scanners after shots are first reported…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S59IXI9g6VE
    …which start as police are just first getting any reports of a shooting/issue at the school, and it takes 2-3 minutes for a small number of (2) “good” police to arrive… yet 2 “bad” police (the 2 op’s) are magically inside before all this happens and just randomly pop up in the conversation already inside the school. The 2 operatives now in their full police persona first start using their police radios when other police arrive on scene (2-3 minutes after all shooting stops). They tell the just arriving police to cover the entrance (and don’t explain how they just out of nowhere appear on the radio inside the school… no we are arriving on the scene… no we are making our way into the school… no we are looking for injuries/deaths or a suspect…. nothing… just outta nowhere when more police arrive they start communicating on the radio and are already inside the school… and keep in mind this recording is from before shots were ever reported being fired… so there is no reason it would not have any mention of the FIRST 2 police “arriving” at the scene.. it has a lot of audio proof of the 2nd squad car pulling in, them getting out, and every detail about what they do after that point… but not the 2 bad cops… they just appear out of nowhere inside). One of the op’s (op 2) is also very involved in a lot of the important “on record” events of the day which are caught in that police scanner recording such as…

    Op 2 chases down 2 “shadows” that were seen running to the back of the school (which was actually him and the other op scoping out the current police situation…). Op 2 over the radio pretends to see “them” (2) coming at him and pretends to chase them (it’s really them that’s running)… he then ~1 minute later says he’s detained A (1) suspect (2 people become 1) and then seconds later is back in the school (he didn’t detain anyone so 1 becomes 0… he said what he did just so more cops (2 waiting at the front entrance) didn’t come to the back door/school interior yet… AKA I got the situation handled).

    Op 2 also announces finding the first bodies. At this point the police don’t think anything major at all has happened other than shots fired and the front door is blown out… repeatedly in the early part of that recording the police dispatch tells some of the ambulances they haven’t been told to come yet so don’t… because they thought it was a small scale thing… not a bloodbath… no matter where op 2 was if he saw a hurt/dead body based on the official line (front office, classroom 1, classroom 2)… at least 3 other dead bodies would have to also be with that injured/dead person… why no mention “we got a mass slaughter here… much worse when we originally thought… send massive emergency response… NOW…). Instead he just brushes it off as something like “ya I found some bodies, send ambulance” (which is whispered and half the message gets muffled out and is basically ignored by dispatch which I doubt even heard him say what he said).

    Op 2 also finds the suspects (Adam) body… busy day for a single cop wouldn’t you say… all the while op 1 is on the radio basically drawing attention to the front of the school, and the roof over and over… anything to draw attention away from where all the action is (the back) for as long as possible. The 2 op’s want to stall police from entering until there are 10+ police on scene (so they can blend in easier… trying to blend in with 2 other cops is a lot more risky) so once the mass police presence arrives they surround the building and rush in all the entrances, and which point the 2 op’s move around the school to act like they are just rushing in with the rest of them (instead of being inside the school this whole time as they were) and start blending into the other police presence that is just recently arrived.

    The cleaner waits near the back of the school (~15 mins) until he is finally detained (once the mass police presence is able to get there and they finally have the manpower on scene to actually do something). Him getting detained away from his car was crucial since it has the “inconsistent” evidence in it (if he was detained in his car they would search it… but there is a way around that).

    The cleaner having a valid story (I was here making gingerbread houses with my daughters class) and being let into the school willing (buzzed in legit), and no sign of being part of a crime (no blood on clothing, no evidence of shooting a gun, having a daughter in the school they clear him to leave (with his car which would of never been searched as of yet). As he’s leaving he would be stopped again in his car by roadblocks, but he could simply say I was already cleared, the officer would confirm this over the radio, and once confirmed let him on his way (again not searching the car… see why getting detained outside of his car becomes so crucial?).

    Side Note: If anything went wrong in the black op (especially mass eyewitnesses seeing both op’s at the same time) the cleaner was to be patsy #2 (he didn’t know this) which would fix the possible inconsistencies they could of experienced (and still matched the DHS/FEMA drills plot which would have been slightly tweaked)… since they pulled the operation off as planned the 2nd patsy (the cleaner) was allowed to live.

  101. Kushite Prince on said:

    Layer 2: The FAKE Event (DHS/FEMA Exercise)
    Location: 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT
    Date/Time: Dec 14, 2012 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST
    Involved: 2 fake killers (Brother’s Adam & Ryan)
    Deaths: 28 fake deaths (20 children, 7 adults, 1 suspect (the other suspect “Ryan” escapes due to the real event being able to be pinned on a single shooter))
    Weapons: 4 pistols

    At the same time of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings (Layer 1 | Dec 14, 2012 | 9:35 am – 9:49 am EST), The Department of Homeland Security & FEMA are conducting a drill/exercise nearby in Connecticut involving emergency response involving children (Layer 2 | Dec 14, 2012 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST).

    DHS/FEMA Drill/Exercise
    “The goal of the course is to enable participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children. The course will provide them with the information needed to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters. It will also provide them guidance and direction on how to form coalitions and how to become advocates for the unique needs of children in all aspects of emergency management. ”

    “Explain the planning components necessary to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters”

    “The target audience for this course is local and state emergency managers and planners, Child Services Agencies, NGO’s, Child Care Providers, Schools, and Faith-based Organizations.”

    “Class size is limited to 30.”

    Location: 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT
    9 AM – 4 PM (Dec 14, 2012)
    [link to http://www.ct.gov]

    Involved in all DHS drills/exercises is a procedure called HSEEP.
    “About HSEEP: The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program which provides a standardized policy, methodology, and terminology for exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. HSEEP Policy and Guidance is presented in detail in HSEEP Volumes I-III. Adherence to the policy and guidance presented in the HSEEP Volumes ensures that exercise programs conform to established best practices and helps provide unity and consistency of effort for exercises at all levels of government.”

    Exercise Documentation: The Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) is a chronological timeline of expected actions and scripted events (i.e., injects) to be inserted into operations-based exercise play by controllers in order to generate or prompt player activity. It ensures necessary events happen so that all exercise objectives are met.
    [link to hseep.dhs.gov (secure)]

    So picture it like this… 29 regular people show up ~50 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary to participate in a DHS/FEMA drill/exercise involving child response to disaster (Adam being the missing 1 person, who’s role would be given to another person since he was a no show for the drill)… the general “plot” of this drill is given to people as they arrive at the drill (A mass casualty school shooting involving 2 brothers (Adam & Ryan))… the exact specifics about the drill/event however, have not given to the 29 people when they arrive (9:00am), and is not given to them until AFTER the real event takes place (~10:00am)… the drill’s exact plot (Layer 2) is then written on the fly directly following the completion of the real event (Layer 1) to match it in almost every detail but with some minor tweaks (2 brothers kill their mom, steal her car/guns, drive to the school she works at dressed the same, one goes in the front door (buzzed in) one goes in the back door (let in by other shooter later), 28 casualties total, 4 pistols used total, shooter Ryan escapes after the fact, while shooter Adam is shot by police)… Keep in mind the drill was held in a firehouse not an actual school (but the firehouse drill was to simulate a school shooting even though they weren’t in a school for the drill)… Also Keep in mind Adam Lanza was set to play the character of “Ryan” (he had no idea about another shooter named Adam… which is irrelevant now since he never made it to the drill… for obvious reasons). The 30 participants (as someone would fill “Ryans” role since Adam didn’t make it for the drill…) now having their aliases (first name only… which match the actual dead at the real event… so there would be a character named Dawn for example… never being told any of the alias last names) are given the specific roles to play, and general timeline of events to occur and create a near exact ECHO of the entire real event at a location ~50 miles shortly after the real event takes place (less then an hour). Both events (real & fake) would directly include a character named Adam Lanza… and both (real & fake) would also include a character named Ryan Lanza as well (which is what caused all the initial stories about multiple shooters, one escaping, and the surviving killer being Ryan (and Adam being dead in BOTH the real and fake event))… The drill participants are then told “good job guys, we will assess the data and learn a lot from this”. The 30 people would leave the drill location knowing nothing of a real event taking place which they will likely learn about shortly after getting home… but the drill participants would never tie the 2 events together and would just pass it off as a coincidence and nothing more… (a lot of the details are the same but enough are different that the drill participants would see them as 2 separate things… such as we didn’t do a school shooting drill… we did a firehouse shooting drill (the participant not knowing the drill was actually simulating a school… just not using a school) so they would pass 2 events as similar but different). Also as part of the drill they are told there will have multiple phases (including a fake event, fake media reports, fake interviews, fake official stories all of which would be presented on the news as if real… the drill participants would be told to expect to hear the details about the drill go national as wider reaching parts of the same drill are to test citizens response of the drills official “reports”).

    So now you have 2 near exact events (1 real, 1 fake), both in the same state (CN) at around the same time (morning), matching in most details (including the shooters name & his brothers name), overall theme (large scale school shooting involving mass casualty of children), and have a timeline consistency of each other (order of events)… Basically a whole bunch of similar and slightly different versions of the real and fake event start surfacing at the same time (which is why there is multiple versions of every part of this story… 2 shooters… no wait 1 shooter… killer suicide himself… no wait cops shot him… He’s Ryan… no waits he Adam… his mom works at the school… no wait she doesn’t and so on) the fake and real info mix in such as way that you can’t differentiate it in most cases and the average sheeple will 100% assume all the info is referring to the real event as they would have 0 information about a drill ever taking place (~5% of the actual news about CN shootings is about the real event… ~95% is about the fake event)… presented in a way to seem like it’s referring to the real event, knowing that most people know nothing of the drill ever existing.

    At this point (~11am – noon) a duplicate FAKE media frenzy / police presence (using only actors) would be created at the drill location as an echo to the same which is happening at the real event ~50 miles away. This totally staged duplicate would include fake reporters, fake by standards, fake family members (being interviewed), fake official reports, fake everything talking specifically about the drill (not the real event).

    “DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – Oct 31, 2012) – A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.
    Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places.
    The actors’ stage acting experience, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary American theater, enables them to “stay in character” throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios.”

    “The producers then work with the trainers to create a “prompt book” for the actors so that key scenario developments can be triggered throughout the mall shooting simulation, and caught on tape.
    The actors can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall.
    Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.”

    So basically now you have 2 separate but similar events involving a school shooting (one real, one fake) AND also now have 2 separate but again similar media/official gatherings (again 1 real, 1 fake). At the real event media/official gathering a very small amount of data is given, very few eyewitnesses are interviewed and no parents are interviewed… overall very few questions are answers about the real event… meanwhile at the fake media/official gathering (which involved a large # of actors hired to play a role as part of the aftermath phase at a DHS drill ~50 miles away) ask detailed questions and get detailed (fake) answers, interview multiple (fake) eyewitnesses/victims parents, and in the end get (fake) official stories from (fake) federal/state/local officials… The majority of news coverage, images, interviews, eyewitness testimonies to do with these events were not taken at the Elementary school at all… but instead were the fake drill media reports (being presented as the real thing using some sneaky little tricks which I mention in Layer 3).

    Layer 3: Systematic Media Confusion… Real vs Fake Event

    After both the real event (Layer 1) & the fake drill (Layer 2) are complete comes the systematic media confusion (Layer 3). The goal of this is to mix the 2 stories together in such as way that barely anyone can decipher if the media report is referring to the real event (5% of the info), or the fake drill (95% of the info). The primary way they do this is….

    Report about the DRILL in a way that misleads you into believing they were talking about the very similar real event… which is not the case.

    How can you tell if a specific media report falls into this pile?

    If the media report speaks about the shooting without using the school name itself (Sandy Hook Elementary) then it is likely referring to the drill not the real event… Don’t let them simply use words like “school shooting”, “school massacre”, “Connecticut shooting”, “Adam Lanza”, “Ryan Lanza”… to convince you about which event they are referring to (as all those details are true of both the real and FAKE events)… if the news report doesn’t specifically say “Info info info… Sandy Hook Elementary info info info…” then it is not 100% stated that it is at all talking about the real event in any way (and in most cases is actually referring to the drill)… this is also true for most the eyewitness accounts you have seen (which are actually referring to the drill).

    Also be careful because TV reports are using a VERY sneaky trick with this to further mislead people… What they will do is have a news reporter speaking about a story (about the fake event) while having news tickers up (about the real event). That way you tie what is actually being spoken (fake, such as “Only pistols were found inside the school”) to the news ticker below (real, NBC Special Report: CT Officials Briefing At Sandy Hook Elementary) … which are actually talking about 2 separate but similar events. Look at what the speaker is saying and what is being displayed at the same time as being 2 separate pieces of news (they understand most people will automatically link both stories together which is not necessarily true… which is why it is such a sneaky technique).

    Example of this misdirection technique being used:

    Notice how he is speaking about the drill (only pistols, no mention of the school name or anything that can differentiate which event the spoken news is referring to), yet the “well timed” news ticker would make you believe he was talking about Sandy Hook Elementary… At the same time is showing a picture of Adam Lanza (which is also used in the fake event… just mentioning his name doesn’t automatically mean the news is referring to the real event). This type of stuff is not done by accident in the least… and its timing is VERY intentionally.

    Due to methods like this, and the fact they have 2 almost identical events (echo), with 2 almost identical press gatherings (echo), the media is able to too give you a near unlimited number of variations to the story (all of which seem to be referring to the real event… which is not the case)… making a very complex web of events that many people will get lost in… I really hope this helps wake up the masses to what actually happened that day.
    Less than 24 hours after a tragedy.

  102. Prince


    Soooo…what the hell is this? If they’re gonna pull off this scheme, at least get the “minor” details correct.

  103. Prince

    I smell a lawsuit coming from disgruntled whites.

  104. Kushite Prince on said:

    Someone sent this to me through email. I’m not sure how accurate it is. But I have heard these type of drills have been going on for years. It’s kind of like a dry-run before the real thing. They’re manipulating our minds and emotions with these incidents.

  105. Kushite Prince on said:

    I feel you may be right. Some people are going to be very upset. It’s all a charade!

  106. Unfortunately, there have been recent cases of black people who have committed mass murders– Here’s a link: http://www.theroot.com/views/6-stereotype-defying-murderers While historically speaking the FBI profile of a serial murderer has always been white males, I think the wholesale denigration of black life worldwide lends itself to there being more and more black serial killers. I think like everything else, black people’s lives are invisible to the larger society–even when we are killing–unless it impacts whites in some major way or they can point at the pathology to make themselves feel better. But let us not forget or excuse monsters like Idi Amin or other white propped up black dictators, Obama included, whose policies, directly or indirectly, kill millions of innocents. That’s the most insidious form of mass murder. And the least talked about.

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