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The Origin of Sinterklaas

In most Europeanized cultures, there is an overweight, jolly, white man wearing a hat, who slides down your chimney to bring gifts to little ones on December 25. This pagan holiday was given importance by the Roman Catholic Bishop by simply picking a day that he deemed fit for celebration. We, as Africans, adopted this “holiday” as our own and celebrate with the European without over-standing its true origin.

Sinterklaas, a Dutch Demon, also called Pan in Germanic/ Celtic folklore:

lives in the woods. On horseback holding a spear, he and his helper Zwarte Pier or “Black Pete”, a slave in chains, seek out the potent Spirit of young children. By enticing them with gifts of fruit, they lure children into the woods to rape and absorb their pure “energy.”

In Greco-Roman times, the origin of Sinterklaas was adapted to their God, which they called Neptune:

Early AmeriKlan whites, aware that a Puritanical culture would never accept this God of the Sea as child-friendly, morphed him into a money-making, wallet-draining grandfatherly figure. By changing him into Santa Claus, a lovable, rotund, bearded character, white folklore was forever changed. On a special night, this deity who beckons children to sit on his lap and whisper their deepest desires in his ear, crawls down a long tube, which is a phallic symbol, drinks milk (mother’s milk, which symbolizes breast-feeding), eats cookies and leaves heaven-sent gifts to all the “good” girls and boys around the world.

SANTA, which is an anagram for:


is all knowing. He sees you when you’re sleeping in bed, which symbolizes child seduction, knows when you are nice and compensates you with presents for your submission.

Santa Claus, Satan’s Claws, is widely known in the Caribbean, South America and in parts of colonized Africa. This white man, an authority figure, has permeated our African consciousness and has lead us down a Mammon driven spiral. Instead of teaching our children about the Middle Passage, we urge them to embrace European madness…and wonder why they have trouble identifying themselves as African.

How many of us go broke by New Year’s trying to buy presents for our loved ones simply because “that’s what we’ve always done?” How many of us put money into the European’s wallet and leave our bank accounts dry and our children’s college funds weakened? Christmas, a white holiday, was created by the utter and insatiable greed of Demonic forces to further drive our people into poverty. And we are happy to oblige!

There is no cure for the European.

They will simply do as they must.

There is, however, a cure for African ignorance. It is educating ourselves on who and what the enemy is, how they operate on a global scale in ALL areas of life. This “holiday” season, keep your money in your wallets and start your own black-owned businesses. Band together and grow tighter than ever. We are running out of time.

Do not spend this holiday season. Now that you over-stand the Origin of Sinterklaas, you have no more excuses not to heed the warnings.

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23 thoughts on “The Origin of Sinterklaas

  1. That first picture looks like the demon is trying to rape that boy while the girl appears oblivious to the situation going on right in front of her. I just found out that the ancient Greeks and Romans (some, not all) would rape young children believing that raping them made one eternally youthful. The paintings of angels were of the boys that were molested and/or raped by adult males. It is absolutely sick and twisted.

  2. Mickey

    That’s why Europeans painted cherubs in churches, houses, stores, etc…It’s all related to the fountain of youth.

  3. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words… It appears that the little girls in the first picture was given a gift by sinterklaas to keep her oblivious to what was going on right next to her. What does this actually say about white girls/white women?

  4. Ynotme

    Exactly as you described.

  5. soforeal on said:

    How the negress stole christmas

  6. blackmystory on said:

    “….drinks milk (mother’s milk, which symbolizes breast-feeding)…overstanding the his story of this festivities and the culture of the Homopeans, knowing what satanism is about abnormal copulation, wouldn’t it be DADDY’S MILK instead? And if you have to ask what that is…….

  7. nope. I think i understand. Yuck!

  8. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! you may say Yuck! But in European culture…even today, they sell this as a high source of protein, and in ancient Greece as a path for Spartan boys to achieve ascension into warrior hood. Many parents encourage this and of course these “manly” 3000 warriors would gladly oblige.

    Lol! So get y’all protein on and ascend forth with….mmm, I need to take a shower now!

  9. @Negress

    A lot of black people wonder why white folk are so screwed-up? Sinterklaas is a vivid example of why whitemen think and act as they do. The sickest aspect of all, is that, pedophilia is just as bad today in whitemen as it was in the past.


  10. Ty

    It just got more hidden. Sandusky was doing what they do best.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post Queen. Those pics are very scary looking!lol very satanic indeed. It’s important that people know the origins of these “horror-days. Here’s a video I think you’ll like:

  12. I read an article where this white girl used it as a facial rejuvenator and acne treatment. She said it works like a charm!

  13. As the saying goes, the truth will always come to light.


  14. Ok. Thanks. I’ll watch and get back to you.

    Ok. Watched the video and it’s great. Very informative on the numerology of holidays.

  15. “It is educating ourselves on who and what the enemy is, how they operate on a global scale in ALL areas of life. This “holiday” season, keep your money in your wallets and start your own black-owned businesses. Band together and grow tighter than ever. We are running out of time.”

    Wise advise, Negress. It would be wonderful if we could get enough people to see how significant this statement really is, considering the times in which we live from an economic standpoint. But as hopeful as we are, I just know that it ain’t gonna happen. Not because I have no faith in the potential of it happening but for the mere fact that the overwhelming majority of us are (1) unfortunately brainwashed, (2) too addicted to these psychologically-embedded holiday customs and traditions, (3) are scared of the fact that you will be ridiculed, ostracized and labeled as an anti-social or troublemaker by family, friends, associates if you stand by your beliefs/education/culture, and (4) are simply not going to pass up those discounts at those department stores and retailers because of what you considered some b.s. you read on a blog! LOL!

    But the reality of this tragedy is that in the coming year, we are going to experience an escalation in the increase of pain, purely from an economic standpoint. The world is changing drastically and I don’t think that most of us are taking this as seriously as we should. How money is made/acquired/earned is changing, and most of us “know” that we are definitely in no position to be “enjoying” the holidays with abandon when the tax monster, prolonged unemployment/underemployment and the realities of being Black will still be awaiting for us on the morning of January 2nd!

    I have come to learn over the years that holidays, especially those celebrated in the U.S., are based upon symbolism, which turns out to be an extension of “american” capitalism, both of which have been historically and predictably exclusive and exploitative of the majority of Black people, businesses and interests, regardless of the unprecedented benchmarks in U.S. history contributed by Black people. As your exemplary post has pointed out, the recurring nature of these Europeanized holidays is to exploit you while pacifying your weakness. I’m sure everyone is well aware of the on-slaught of “holiday sales” that start a month before the actual date. It’s all about making money for someone else. The Black Friday phenomenon was a showcasing of the increasing mindless insanity of american society. Yet, out of so-called traditions and habits, we have faithfully given our money to these same corporations and small businesses that out-rightly hate our f**king guts, discriminate, exclude, racially mock, scapegoat and sometimes kill us. All of this occurs without someone putting a gun to our heads and forcing us to commit such insane, self-defeating acts.

    My conclusion is this; we are not yet serious about the plight in which we find ourselves. Nor do we understand the potential we have in actually living out the lives we dream, speculate, hypothesize and wish for. As far as I can see, there are only small pockets of Black entrepreneurs who are following through with new business models and long-term plans. We have simply got to do a better job in this particular area. This is not to say that such events will “not” occur during our lifetime or that of our children’s. We’ve simply not gotten to that point Dr. Welsing often talks about: “It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” For those who don’t understand what she’s saying, it is times like these (holidays) that we have to grip our teeth and hold steadfast for the change we seek in our lives as Black people, in one of the most c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l areas of people activities: economics.

    Economics is the science of the production, consumption and transfer of wealth of a nation, group, people, etc. It is the overall “blueprint” that shows in detail how obtaining, sustaining, creating and maintaining wealth is systematically conducted. So, instead of spending all of our money “buying” those large flat-screen HDTV to a company that ain’t going hire Black people no matter what, you provide your people with a well-articulated business plan that shows how we are going to design, manufacture and sell competitive HDTVs “and” created IPTV apps and IPTV content and game plans for next-generation IPTV technology on HDTV’s, mobile devices, clouds, etc. Instead of eating and drinking yourself until you’re sick or hungover, you instead “produce” the most irresistible Sinterklass/traditional/ethnic-styled dinner gifts for the local market/ direct-sales market/promotional packages for family shelters. Then, you take that money and re-invest it back into the businesses that created the wealth, your children’s future, your personal savings, other Black businesses/networks and into the communities in which we live where, to paraphrase Mr. Fuller: “the [community] that needs the most help, gets the most help.”

    Our economic framework (globally) and its satellite infrastructures (your current locations i.e. city, state, country) become predictably fractured and financially defenseless simply because of timely slip-ups like this. We take all our money and spend it because other people blow smoke up our ass with flattery. On the other hand, IMO Kwanzaa, in 2012, should be semi-branded, non-corporatized annual event by now, with a economic undercurrent that accents prosperity as a fringe benefit, i.e. exchanges of funds, gifts, resources, knowledge, economic plans, cultural enhancements, etc.

  16. Emile

    The new year will start off with a bang. Obama’s Healthcare Plan will kick into effect, along with its many, many stipulations, a whites will go berserk. Companies will refuse to hire us out of spite and those of us that are lucky to have jobs will get laid off.

    Emile, it’s coming.


    If blacks don’t band together NOW and stop making excuses and separating each other by complexion, nationality and social status, we’re done. For the life of me, I don’t understand why we can’t see that.

  17. darqbeauty on said:

    There’s a separation happening. Some of us feel that we are awakening to something grand and awe-inspiring. A birthright long overdue. Others voluntarily being dragged to a lower vibration. Which is ok. Because those of us who do wake up are going to be so powerful, that only a few will be needed to to what must be done. Keep making these posts, sister. The Most High is obviously leading you. All we can do is prepare and overstand our enemies. I’m going to go buy a gun tomorrow. That is my Christmas present to myself. I am going to bring along a little conscious white friend (the ONLY kind of white friend I will have) and have her play up a “robbery” at my home and how unsafe it is for me to be home unarmed. I will have her appear even more shaken for me. They wouldn’t give MY Black ass a gun, but I bet they will give me one with Miss Suzy Q. standing besides her personal negro. Oh yes. One must know how to play the game. Be safe out there.

  18. Darqbeauty

    I feel and see the separation with the comments on here by certain black posters. Some are wrestling with the idea, some are outright denying it and I’ve lost quite a few commenters simply by speaking the harsh truth.

    And you know what?

    It’s ok.

    I expect it.

    Good luck with your weapon. Practice in an OPEN firing range or one located in a mall with lots of people around. Never go into a building alone as demons are kidnapping us and eating our flesh for melanin.

    Be safe.

  19. This is DEEP!

  20. Ms J

    Very deep. I don’t even wanna know how they created the Easter Bunny.

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  22. Santa Watcher on said:

    If you let them they will tell you about the real Santa. hey know the true story and put it in a film.

    This is just a taste of it in this clip off youtube, but you get the picture. And No the man in the suit is not Santa, but one of his elves and Santa Is huge with horns and…
    well you”ll see.

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