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Devil in A Blue Dress

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Jim Crow, AmeriKlan’s apartheid, was in my estimation, founded by the need to separate the white woman from the black man. I’ve written many posts on my mistrust for the white female and her invisible role in our destruction. The white male, historically, has no love for the white female. His attention was always geared towards the young, white male and his black, female slave. The white female, to her white man, is but an ornament and an insurance policy to breed him white children to carry on his bloodline.

Since I am “invisible”, I observe the white female in her need for love, power and acceptance in a mysogynistic domain. It is my belief that the white female is the most dangerous person on earth. She uses her sexuality and non-threatening stature as a powerful weapon to accomplish her deeds whilst pretending to be innocent of all evil acts.

Omar Thornton, with his girlfriend, before his murder-suicide.

Listen to how she “doesn’t know what she did wrong” and is TOTALLY unapologetic.

The white female, never having to own up to her own racism, is fiercely protected by the very system that oppresses her. Deeply insecure and breathtakingly manipulative, she subtly instigates murders, lynchings, rapes, castrations…and walks away unfazed, unharmed and completely secure in her entitlement. That’s why she is perhaps more dangerous and more racist than any white male in existence.

Emmett Till’s untimely death is just ONE of the many examples of the slithery, white feminine mind in relation to black male sexuality. The white female, missing a piece of herself, will seek racial comfort and validation in the bed of the black male. In every instance that I’ve heard from EVERY black man, it is always the white woman who approaches him. Feelings of guilt, confusion and betrayal to her race will show themselves in racial slurs hurled at her lover. Her intense hatred for her strongest and most threatening competitor: The black woman, will reveal itself when least expected:

The white female, unknown to many historians, will lure a black female slave into her home so her husband can rape and sodomize her. Desperate to protect her, the white male will accept all blame so her role in the system will remain intact. I’ve had so many horrendous experiences with the white woman and her mindset, I can simply look into her eyes and see her thoughts and future actions without her uttering a word.

Since most blacks focus on the white male as the epitome of “superiority”, we overlook the fact that the white male was birth, raised, groomed and taught by the white female. Behind every white, racist man, lies the woman responsible for the man. That is why, for me, the white female is the one to be most wary of.

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113 thoughts on “Devil in A Blue Dress

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Sister Truth Great post sis. You’re touching on a very sensitive topic.When people talk about racism they usually focus on the white man. White women always seem to get a pass. I can speak from my own personal experience. I have been approached by white women at parties and on the job. I remember a few years ago, a white teacher’s aid at my nephew school used to flirt with me all the time. Her name was Rose. I just smiled and gave her polite conversation for awhile. But one day she asked me if I was seeing anyone at the time. I was single at the time but told her I was involved with a woman. She told me she didn’t care and basically told me we could “hook up” on the downlow. She told me should would keep it a secret. I told her thanks but no thanks. The next week I picked up my nephew and I had to sign him out at the front desk. She walked by me and gave me the meanest look I ever seen. If looks could kill!lol I didn’t sweat it much. But it showed me that white women can NOT stand rejection at all. I get the feeling they think all black men love and worship them. And we should feel honored that they would date or have sex with us. I also get strange reactions when I tell white women my preference is black women. I get really weird looks. I guess because there is so much interracial dating in California they can’t believe there are black men that love their women.lol We have to remember that in a system of white supremacy–interracial sex only confuses the non-white person.

  2. JensenJay on said:

    Thank you for this post!!! you do a GREAT JOB! of putting the truth out there about “WHITES” evilness. so thanks once again.

  3. blackmystory on said:

    Queen the only thing I can say to this post is…Ashe!
    @kushite Prince…the best example is to be an example…raising the black fist!

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    @blackmystory Oh yeah,I feel you on that.

  5. Prince, thank you sir. I’m not shocked by her anger at your rejection. White females believe the world revolves around them.

  6. Jensen

    Most welcome.

  7. Blackmystory

    Thank you sir. I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile.

  8. bitchesbrew34 on said:

    @kushite prince

    she wanted to put some of that neanderthal coochie on you. lol, i’m glad you didn’t hook up with her because if you did you would have engaged in beastiallity since they are not human.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    That trifiling cave witch wishes she was as fine as Serena. That tramp needs to go have several seats.

  10. Her jealousy is palpable, isn’t it?

  11. CREE-EIGHT on said:

    I concur, diaryofanegress. The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. And, when a pawn reaches the back row of the opponent, it will almost always be exchanged for a queen. But, golly, getting most black males to see this is a heavy lift.

  12. Folks, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The white woman is the epitome of this. The white man has realized this for centuries, hence his oppression/worship of the white woman. Sure he has treated her ‘bad’ through history but you hate what you fear don’t you?

  13. blackmystory on said:

    You echo a lot of things I feel, but you are more eloquent in presenting it. i might have cussed…Lol!

  14. Miss Cree

    Most of my men do not fall into these traps. I’ve heard many who echo my sentiments. Unfortunately, those that suffer from Stockholm syndrome seem to love their captor.

  15. Herneith


  16. mary burrell on said:

    So the clown in the bottom photo doing the Serena Williams imitation is Caroline Wozniacki. Idiot. So she wants to make fun of black womens bodies and turn it into a joke. Agan like I said previously she wished she had the queenly curves of Serena.

  17. Well, white women have always copied black women’s bodies. More white women get breast implants than black women. Notice that she overstuffed the top way more than the bottom. LOL!

  18. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    That body of Serena’s that Wozinacki is mocking has served her very well on tennis courts around the world. Serena knows her body has played a big role in her becoming a winner. The phrase “haters gonna hate” contains a lot of truth.

  19. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes they do. She was not pleased.lol They’re in total shock when you’re not attracted to them.

  20. brothawolf on said:

    Wow. So many good and enlightening comments from such an informative post.

    I will say that now that it’s mentioned, I too have been approached by white women, especially online. Most of the time, they all want one thing, sex. I admit that at first I was kinda flattered, but now, I’m offended. They don’t see me as a significant other. They see me as a sex toy that they want to play with.

    As a side note, I thought that bottom picture was photoshopped until I found out it was real, so to speak. Either way, what the bloody hell? They think POC are cartoon characters to dress around as they please.

  21. nicoleizhername on said:

    I got 2 words 4 u: Sarah Baartman.
    No matta how many years go by these bitches stay the same!!!

  22. Too true, Diaryofanegress. In academia, white women like to portray the white man as the root of all evil, but I think she’s right up there with him. History has made that too clear. From “The Help”, to lynchings, to the sexual abuse of male students, she works to keep this unjust system going. She made deal with sexism, but many are supportive of racism. Like Mr. Fuller says, White people exist in a pecking order with each other but never with non-White people.

  23. Excellent piece. I appreciate you pointing out how white females participated in the rape of Black females by white males. white “feminists” are still running the game that they were only guilty through silence rather than active participation.

    CREE – It would be helpful if black males are truthful as it pertains to the anti-human female. The threat of taking the big stick elsewhere seems to be too much “power” over the Black female to give up. A tough row to hoe. But many thanks to KP. And many thanks to Sonny and those like him who braved up to “tell the truth and shame the devil” and not allow those black males who threaten to “cross” the tracks the benefit of keeping anti-human female secrets.

  24. Great comment Ms. J. That’s why even the poorest white person has more power than the richest black person.

  25. Mysthical on said:

    Could this be a possible reaction to Serena’s, now, choice of mate. Serena is dating a white man and as it seems, the white world is subtly throwing their jabs at her. It is just my opinion. What do you guys think?

  26. Could be. Or they are just doing what they do best. Practice racism.

  27. They have been making fun of Serena forever. Her dating a White man just adds fuel to the fire.

  28. mary burrell on said:

    Yes, I was about to say the same. I don’t think this is Serena’s first rodeo dating interacially. The whites have been making derogatory statements about the Williams sisters for years. Nothing has changed. And when she boldly crip walked that just raised their ire even more.

  29. @Kushite

    As Negress has stated, there is no such thing as “White Love.” If it truly existed on this planet, whitewomen would not have to throw themselves at blackmen as much as they do. White females know what took place during slavery via the white slavemaster and black female slave, which explains why they think and act as they in relation to blackwomen. Their white fathers and brothers wanted sex with enslaved blackwomen more than them, and this ugly truth has f**ked up the psyche of white females ever since. Stealing blackmen away from blackwomen is revenge for whitewomen. Deep down, whitewomen know that they can’t compete with Nubian women head to head. In order for them to get what they want, black womanhood has to be marginalized or destroyed, which is why whitewomen are the most dangerous group on the planet. Whitemen don’t fight reality, they acknowledge that black males are a notch above them, thus, they’ve been neutered. For a long time, sistas have assumed that white males are the primary source of dislike/hatred for black womanhood…Not So! Whitemen have beef with blackmen, but they covet blackwomen nonetheless. Whitewomen are the source of the conflict. It’s no accident that whitewomen like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and other women feel the need to turn themselves into “Faux Blackwomen.” Blackwomen make things happen, other women observe and follow. All women not of african descent behave in like fashion more or less. How should blackmen deal with this issue? Brothas should be respectful of all women, because, we’re supposed to be. We treat other women with respect, but, we love our women first and foremost. It’s not our job to take care of another man’s woman, they have their own men. As blackmen, we need to understand that having sexual relations with women outside of our race is a want, not a need…A Choice. Being sexually attracted to other women is normal, men are visual creatures by nature. We like to gaze at attractive women, regardless of race. On the other hand, some men want to do more than look, they want to bed the object of their affection. Black male sexuality is a double-edged sword. God blessed us with the best of everything, and as a result of that, a lot of blackmen take their blessings for granted. A “Fathead Complex” develops in black males during the teen years. We discover that our blackness has power over women, causing them to drop their panties with glee. At this stage, a black male has 2 options that will make or break him sexually speaking. He will cling to the bosoms of his mothers(blackwomen), or, he will prostitute his black penis on the open market for the benefit of other women. In a lot of ways, blackmen waste the gift that was bestowed upon them by The Almighty. What is the true purpose of blackmen on this planet? Populating the planet via blackwomen with vigor, and Colorizing the planet in like fashion. If god didn’t want blackmen to sex whitewomen and asian women, Why did he give all of the best traits to blackmen? This is the $64,000 question that revolves around “The Swirl.” This obvious question is the root of the issue. Is black male sexuality monoracial(blackwomen only), or, is it polyracial(all women)? In order for blackwomen to understand this issue, they have to get their hands dirty. The largest inter-racial website on the net is http://www.blacksonblondes.com and the sister website http://www.blacksonasians.com Again, blackwomen can’t continue running away from this issue. Understanding the Why of something is the key to solving problems. Blackmen have been brainwashed to turn against their black sisters, Why? Sexual Intelligence!!!

    Black Eros Movement…Black Brown & Gold

  30. Quick question: Why do you consider Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez to be White? I do not think Kim identifies as White and I know J-Lo doesn’t.

  31. @Mickey

    Just because a white female has a certain percentage of african blood running thru her veins, it doesn’t negate her whiteness. A lot of creole whitewomen are hypocrites. Spanish, Portugese, Arab, Persian, and Italian whitewomen make millions because they look like blackwomen dipped in cream, yet, they never acknowledge the african blood in them. Also, they remain silent about the double-standard that is inherent in their racial makeup. Oftentimes, creole whitewomen want to appear in urban magazines such as King, Black Men, SSX, Vibe, hip-hop videos, etc. They can also appear in non-black publications such as GQ, Maxim, FHM, and the like. Mind you, they claim to be non-white for status reasons. Who wants to claim whiteness, given the ugly history and what not? Blackwomen have allowed whitewomen like Eva Longoria and Sophia Vergara to exploit their black female asthetic, yet, blackwomen themselves aren’t given the same opportunities to benefit from their black beauty. The term “Latina” is a creation of naive blackwomen who got caught up in the girlfriend movement that Oprah created. Mickey, why do you see them as non-white? I see J-Lo as phony, she has millions in the bank because of blackmen, but no blackman is gettin’ the sugar. Kim K has had more blackmen inside of her than most whitewomen will have in a lifetime, yet, no black(mixed) baby has popped out of her womb. Any woman that co-opts black womanhood to fatten her purse should be cocking her legs open to blackmen if she’s real like that, just saying. I don’t advocate brothas selling out, but, i respect whitewomen who don’t fake the funk. They know what they like, and they make it happen. Creole whitewomen can’t have it both ways blackman. I realize that a lot of brothas are sweet on mixed whitewomen sexually speaking, but they’re still white Mickey. As blackmen, we have creole whitewomen in the palm of our hands. There is no need to obsess over them. Right now, blackwomen are the focus of our attention…Bottomline!!!

    Black Eros

  32. @ Tyrone,

    As a racially mixed woman myself, I see Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez as women of color. Armenians, I believe, have mixed with all kinds of people, yet are legally considered White in America. Jennifer Lopez, being Puerto Rican, most likely has a racial background of African, Spanish, and Amerindian heritage (either Taino or Arawak, or both). I understand what you are saying regarding how it seems like they use Black men to push their agendas for success, but Kim seems to really like the brothas. She said that she has dated equal amounts of White & Black men, however, she obviously prefers chocolate. Lol!

  33. @Mickey

    Kim K prefers chocolate, and her sister Khloe does as well. Why are both sistas hated on by whitemen and whitewomen alike? Neither hides the fact that they prefer blackmen, which upsets jealous whitemen and whitewomen who are not “Creole.” Again, pure-blooded whitewomen hate the fact that their white sisters who have Nubian blood in them look like blackwomen and are f**king blackmen as well. A lot of folk are just beginning to understand the black/inter-racial dynamic. Women like dark-skinned men, regardless of race. Women love the idea of an oversized chocolate bar melting them from the inside. Women love the idea of birthing a blackman’s baby…chocolate, caramel, honey, lemon, etc. Females are true to their nature, therefore, they will always choose the strongest males to breed with…Nature. Sistas, don’t get mad with me. The same dynamic exist within the black female/inter-racial dynamic. I’m not blind to the ways of the world sistas, i know the deal. The Swirl can’t exist without Black Love. If black men and women don’t love each other, there is no inter-racial anything…Period! Black female and male sexuality are the most coveted on the planet. We maximize our assets for the good of the black race as a whole, or, we waste it. If whitewomen and other women love the brothas as much as they claim, they should help blackwomen help get blackmen on the right track. It can’t just be about sex all the time, blackmen are in a tight spot right now. Violence, drugs, disease, and ignorance are killing untold numbers of blackmen on this planet who are also killing blackwomen and children as well. Why is sex so important in the equation? If a brotha does not love making love to blackwomen, it’s a red flag. A self-hating blackman can’t move blackness forward on this planet. We Stroke To Win…Black Life In Abundance. Mickey, stay sweet Mama!!!

    PS…Please accept my apology Queen, you’re a neopolitan blackwoman…Indeed!

  34. Ty

    No worries. I always enjoy reading your comments. I may be a Creole Islander but my roots will always be African.

  35. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    @Tyrone and Mickey,

    Just because someone has a small amount of melanin doesn’t make them a “sista”. The term “women f color” is used to create a pseudo sisterhood between black women and non-black/non-white women. These people only use the term “women of color” when they want something from black women. Armenians are not my sisters nor are white Latinos. Confusion over who is white and who is non-white is dangerous. We are too quick to assume that non-black/non-white people are allies just because they experience some racial discrimination.


    “It is no accident that this is a collection of black writers discussing the meaning of whiteness; with precious few exceptions, black people have been forced to reckon with the reality of white identity far longer than whites. As Toni Morrison and James Baldwin tell it, the first word 19th-century white immigrants to this country learned was “nigger,” because the primary step in becoming American was learning to participate in the delusion of whiteness. The stigma of being a wop, mick, or kraut was greatly reduced by the presence of niggers (who were themselves an ethnic amalgam), because whether they hailed from Italy, Ireland, or Germany, they at least shared skin color. Nothing fosters unity like a common enemy. Short of a massive social epiphany or the creation of an interracial screwing corps that will miscegenate America into a mutually palatable shade of beige, it seems that these mythical categories are unchangeable and as permanent as a birthmark.”

    In the white supremacist color caste system the darkest people are at the bottom and the people with less melanin above us are NOT allies, sistas or brothas.

  36. I understand what you are saying regarding the assumption of all POC as allies, but it stands to reason that they are still not White, allies or not. I like what Rev. Al Sharpton told a South Asian commentator once on a show: “If segregation was back, I’d be sitting in the back of the bus and you’d be sitting right next to me.”

    Some Blacks also make the mistake of assuming because another person is Black that they are allies, and we all know that is not true, either.

  37. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    My problems with non-black/non-white people is that if they end up in the back of the bus with us; they will plot and plan to use their non-black status is get further to the front. Black people that are not allies are functioning under post traumatic slavery syndrome programing.


    For the record, i don’t subscribe to the PoC(People of Color) mindset that a lot of black folk fall into because black folk are not like everybody else. Why do i feel this way? As a blackman, i observe the behavior of non-black men. The same bs that whitemen try to run past us pops up in native-american, asian, middle-eastern men. They want to manipulate black people for their own benefit, corrupt blackmen, and turn blackwomen against their black brothers. White arabs open up shop in the projects, talk s**t to blackmen, and smashin’ blackwomen on the side who have no clue about the inhumane treatment this group of whitemen have visited upon blackwomen in Africa, India, etc. How white spaniards, portugese, arabs, and east-indians came to be seen as colored is a mystery to me. I can understand why they would think in that way, but, can’t understand why black folk accept their bs. Hiding in plain sight is the logical excuse. Spain and Portugal started the transatlantic slave trade, they don’t want blackmen to spank that a**, i get that. Again, we allow them to hang around us as if we’re homeboys. They enjoy all the benefits of whiteness, yet, continue to minimize black manhood and lust after “Pink Cocoa” at the same time. Asians act in like fashion in West-Indian culture. I remember listening to a Jamaican radio station some years ago here in Miami, and the host was complaining about black folk giving all of their money to Chinese shop owners instead of breaking bread with black folk. That was a turning point for me. Up until that time, i had fell into the white vs. non-white mentality that most of us fell into. The same goes for indians/mestizos in latin-america, they want negros y negras to disavow their african roots for their benefit. They’re colored folk, why would they think like that? Yes, they’re colored, but not black. Here in South Florida, i see indian/mestizo kids breaking their necks to be black, Why? Unlike african people, indians got their behinds kicked and they died of diseases brought from Europe. Linking themselves to black people and becoming pseudo-black is “Escapism.” This explains why they refuse to identify as Native-American, instead, they call themselves hispanic or latino. Neither term has anything to do with them being indian. Men of other races will never be happy, which is why PoC is a waste of time, the same bs will always take place…Bottomline!

    The Black Eagles

  39. @Mickey

    Black folk have Fake Friends/Real Enemies. Non-Blacks are in the same box, Not Black! Wicked black people, oftentimes, are supported by folk not of our tribe. Notice all of the bs in Hollywood, Hip-Hop, Fashion/Modeling, Politics, and so forth. Everybody wants to control black people…Universal Truth!!!



    Men are the source of most racial conflict on this planet, because, men always want what they can’t have. It’s vital that we as blackmen understand this. As a general rule, men don’t give a s**t about other men. All men compete with each other for power, women, and land…Universal Truth. There is no “Kumbaya” among men. Blackmen are the odd man out in relation to other men. We have what other men don’t have…blackness, blackwomen, black-culture, africa, and so forth. Naturally, the other guys want to take us out, so they partner up with each other. Whitemen and asian men may not love each other as brothers per se, but they have a common enemy…Blackmen. All of the chaos that we see in North Africa is an example of what i’m talking about. White arabs pushing radical islam onto blacks in Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, etc. At the same time, black liberals in the US will defend the wickedness of groups like CAIR(Council of American Islamic Relations). We’re told by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that these are people of color…Bulls**t! A lot of blackmen die on this planet because we assume that other men actually care about us when they don’t. We can’t afford to think like that as african men. Blackwomen think that we can view race as they do, No Sir! If i slip for one minute, i’m in quicksand. Some sistas and brothas may say that i’m being harsh, i think not. I don’t trust other men, and have no reason to, especially as it relates to blackwomen. Blackwomen are what we’re fighting for, make no mistake about it brothas…Real Talk! Don’t believe what you see on the “Idiot Box.”

    The Black Eagles

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    “For the record, i don’t subscribe to the PoC(People of Color) mindset that a lot of black folk fall into because black folk are not like everybody else. Why do i feel this way? As a blackman, i observe the behavior of non-black men. The same bs that whitemen try to run past us pops up in native-american, asian, middle-eastern men. They want to manipulate black people for their own benefit, corrupt blackmen, and turn blackwomen against their black brothers. ”
    I agree with you. I’ve seen this myself. It’s the old divide and conquer tactic. It’s old but it seems to work very well. Black men and women have to KILL this gender war crap if we want freedom and liberation. Very good post. I see where you’re coming from.

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks LBM. Very much appreciated. 🙂

  43. CREE-EIGHT on said:

    ” I don’t trust other men, and have no reason to, especially as it relates to blackwomen. Blackwomen are what we’re fighting for, make no mistake about it brothas…”—Pre-qualified, ladies, these are the kind of men we want. Let’s prune out the others. (KP, and OF COURSE my husband, y’all know I’m talkin about you, too.)

  44. phoebeprunelle on said:

    Why are you comparing normal black men to porn stars?? That is not real life.

  45. laromana on said:

    Thanks for your excellent, insightful analysis of what I like to call the Entitled White Bitch (EWB) syndrome.
    EWB’s are racist/anti-Black White women who use their White privilege/extreme entitlement to get away with hateful acts/attitudes towards Black people.

    I think it’s sad/pathetic that many Black American men refuse to see how the EWB dynamic has affected the negative way they view/treat Black women.
    Although ALL American men are BRAINWASHED to demean/degrade/disrespect BW, many Black American men enable BW HATE by PUBLICLY accepting/condoning/promoting attacks on the humanity, dignity, and femininity of BW.
    Of course, since ALL BM exist because BW chose to birth them, they OWE BW their lives and ALL DUE RESPECT.

  46. darqbeauty on said:

    ” I don’t trust other men, and have no reason to, especially as it relates to blackwomen. Blackwomen are what we’re fighting for, make no mistake about it brothas…”

    Oh the profound truth in that statement, brother.

  47. laromama

    Nice to see you here.

    ALL black people are brainwashed and suffer from some form of Negro Madness/ Stockholm Syndrome sickness. The black men who publicly bash their women are paid niggers.

    I feel bad for them, and the women who bash their men, because at the end of the day, we’re all under the control of demons who sign our paycheck.

  48. @darqbeauty

    Queen, it’s a profound statement because it’s true. Sane blackmen know the deal, and act accordingly. This explains why other men want to be our friends. They use us as a middleman more or less. How did i come to feel this way? Mistakenly, a lot of blackmen fell for the “whitemen don’t like blackwomen” nonsense that has been perpetuated in white-american culture. I chose to look elsewhere. I’ve observed spanish and middle-eastern whitemen for a long time. The common link that both have, is that, they lust after blackwomen and hate blackmen. To this day in some islamicized african countries, black girls are kidnapped, raped, enslaved, and tortured by white arabs. Whitemen will hop on a plane to Cuba just to have sex with poor afro-cuban women, which in turn, has increased the HIV/AIDS rate on the island. I could go on and on, but sistas get the jist of what i’m saying. When it comes to Nubia(blackwomen), there is no shade of gray at this time. Blackmen who continue to fall into the trap will not be here for long. As Negress has stated many times, we can’t defeat white supremacy and sleep with “It” at the same time…Not Possible! God is punishing black males precisely because we’re not obedient to his commandments. And God Said…”Blackman, i gave you the best of everything, Why do you forsake me?” Black, brown, and gold are the colors of our love for each other, and will be forever more…Yes!

    The Black House

  49. @Cree

    If a black male is not witness to his father loving a blackwoman, he will never understand the black female/male dynamic. My father was very affectionate with my mother in every aspect. Seeing black love with our own eyes is very necessary. Sex is the final and hardest test to pass, which is why it’s such a big deal. Yes, blackmen excel in various aspects of life. However, the one area where we fail is sexual interaction/relationships with blackwomen. Blackmen are conflicted about their sexuality. A lot of us are in jail, gay, bisexual, and in the arms of other women. Neither group of men is useful, as it relates to advancing the cause of blackness on this planet. A self-loving blackman wants to be next to his black sisters, don’t push him away Isis? We have to love ourselves again, in turn, we can love sistas as god intended from the start. As black people, we must stop viewing sex and romance thru a white lens. Black men and women are beautiful together, we need not be ashamed of that…Period!

    Black Eros

  50. CREE-EIGHT on said:

    Ty, That thar needs some music written by Duke Ellington.

  51. JensenJay on said:

    Yes,lets talk about the role these EVIL! b!tches played in breaking the black family apart. more work on whitewomen.don’t let these evil vamps go unchecked!!

  52. Negress, I’m late on this, but after reading this & particularly looking at those pictures of Emmit Till, I recall a documentary that I watched a few years ago. It investigated the case of Till; it offered interviews with family members and all who were involved in the case. It also showed parts of the trial.
    After the verdict was given, news reporters held a press conference with the accused men. After giving apathetic answers and chuckling here & there, the woman who accused Till of rape and her husband embraced and kissed each other. I felt sick to my stomach. It was then that I fully realized that it hasn’t been only “the white man” who’s oppressed and committed horrors, but his manipulative and cunning sidekick as well. They work together whether they’re conscious of it or not.

  53. Alegna

    I believe she’s still alive and kicking. I wondered how she could live with herself but most Demons enjoy being evil.

  54. Tyrone,

    You never answered my question from above . . .

  55. phoebeprunelle on said:

    Also @DOAN,

    You said:

    Jim Crow, AmeriKlan’s apartheid, was in my estimation, founded by the need to separate the white woman from the black man.

    Do you believe that was apartheid and Jim Crow’s ONLY purpose??? And that that was the tell all be all?

  56. Phoebes

    Of course not. Politics always plays a large and starring role but in the corners of the white mind, sexual separation of our races was a close second.

  57. Ok just wondering–i think it was a myriad of reasons…but in terms of sex, those laws were put into place to in fact protect “white sex” simply because they cannot control themselves around Black people….

    1. Legally Black people could not refuse their advances
    2. Any Black offspring produced was not their responsibility(I am having a dialogue with Bulanik about the “brown babies” born to German mothers during WWII and how most of these innocent lives were put up for adoption or left in “brown baby” orphanages in Berlin, Munich, etc..)
    3. They wanted “white sex” to have a profound negative affect on Black people and other non white populations–as sex was always their weapon to hinder Black people from defending ourselves against their unjust system…

    I could go on, but you know… 🙂

  58. @Phoebe

    No disrespect intended Sista. Why i mentioned those 2 websites in particular? Inter-racial is about sex, let’s not kid ourselves. Whitewomen don’t behave as they do to conversate with blackmen about the ballgame, they want to have sex with blackmen and vice-versa. A lot of blackwomen have assumed that beauty was the issue, when in reality, that has nothing to do with it. Why is this relevant to the convo? A certain percentage of blackmen on this planet are willing to dilute their race for physical release, which makes no damn’ sense. Also, it shows a lack of self-control on the part of blackmen who partake in the sex. If blackmen can’t see thru whitewomen, we’re a joke…Real Talk! Whitewomen don’t love blackmen in the way that some blackmen think. I’ve never fell for the romance crap, because, men don’t care about that. Loving whitewomen is not gonna hurt whitemen, loving blackwomen is what will hurt them. A blackman can’t have divided loyalties. “I love black people, but not blackwomen…How So? That doesn’t add up in my mind, and never will. Sex, Dating, Marriage…Are all 3 off the table? In the past, i would have said that sex was the lesser evil. Today, i don’t feel the same as i did in the past, Why? Just because i have a certain level of self-control, doesn’t mean that the next brotha will. A straight line is what we want, not a zig-zag. A whitewoman here, asian woman here is not conducive to us rebuilding the black family. If blackmen want to sample other women so much, get right with sistas and multiply. When a surplus of black males are on the planet, we can have the convo. Until that day comes, we have no bizness jumping into bed with women that don’t look like us…Ditto!


  59. @Phoebe

    Self-Preservation…Race Rules!

    Whitewomen having sex with blackmen is racial suicide…Bottomline! Regardless of complexion, the offspring are not white. Putting myself in the shoes of whitemen, i can understand their thought process. Whitemen have always known that sexual refinement completes the circle. Sex=Power, this whitemen know to be true. In african culture, sex has always been integral in how blackmen view themselves in relation to blackwomen and the race in general. Pushing us away from Eros has always been the desired outcome. A brotha that sees himself as asexual is useless to the black race, How So? Women are the motivating force, Yes! If so, how much so? Being in jail, doped-up, lazy, and dead are not examples of black male refinement. Straight blackmen want no part of that, yet, a lot of so-called roughneck brothas are okay with being locked-up in a sausage factory…WTF? All of the other ish means nothing if blackmen and blackwomen aren’t reproducing themselves. Sex=Life…Sex=Freedom. Blackmen, Drug Laws, and Whitewomen…The Insanity of It All…Epic Tale. Almost a million blackmen in jail wasting away…in chains, no sistas, no babies. This is why sex matters black people, think about it???

    The Black Cat

  60. JensenJay on said:

    Look at this evil nasty BITCH!
    Black women rule you evil jealous troll!! hahaha!

  61. JensenJay on said:

    A blackman can’t have divided loyalties. “I love black people, but not blackwomen…

    WOW!! you said all right there for me. this the ”ROOT” of the problem for blackmen. can’t have it both ways,can’t tell bw to give hard loyaltie and you not give it back to them.bm are going to sooner or later have to show(world) where they stand.is it with black people,meaning blackmen,blackwomen and black children=black people!! or is it going to ”OTHER’S” either way they will have too pick a side.

    what you say tyrone?

  62. @Tyrone,

    Thanks for clearing that up because sometimes you confuse me…

    The problem i still have with seeing your argument about porn is that only a small minority of the world’s population of Black men make those films. I’m not even sure the numbers are that significant to even compare to the majority of Black men who are solely interested in Black women.

    Porn is not something that can be compared to healthy sexuality between Black men and women. So…you lost me on that one.

  63. Cinnamondiva on said:

    This is a very interesting subject, IMO. While I’m reluctant to generalize entire groups of people, I agree with some of the statements made here…some very valid points.

    I tend to watch my back with ALL women…black, white, it doesn’t matter. People in general can’t be trusted. I’ve had Black women stab me in the back too. But I will say that I learned to watch my back with some white females because some of them are conniving and yes, racist. Particularly the ones who are either into Black men or pretend to be “liberal/open-minded”.

    If I’m confronted with an openly racist white woman, at least she is showing me who she is and what she’s about. So I will still hate her for being that way, but I can give her credit for not hiding who she really is. But it’s the ones who smile in your face and pretend to be your friend that you need to be careful of.

    I’ve encountered some very insecure white women who were threatened by the fact that I wasn’t a “stereotypical” black woman. Hell, because of my mixed background, I look like Miss Ann with kinky hair. So when some white women who ARE racist and insecure see a Black woman who is pretty, with a nice figure, sweet personality, educated, beautifully dressed, etc…it burns them up.

    They can accept competition from another white woman if they view her as being on the same level as themselves. But since “women of color” SPECIFICALLY Black women have been vilified for centuries, the racist white female mind can’t fathom how anyone could love and cherish a Black woman. They aren’t thrilled to see white men with Asian women and Latinas, but I think they can accept it more than seeing a Black woman happily paired with ANYONE…because in their minds, Black women are unworthy.

    I know white girls who will date/marry/sex Black men, yet they will turn around and disrespect women of his race. I once dated a guy who allowed his White Latina “friend” to call me the N-word and refer to my hair in a derogatory way. She hung out with Black folks but despised them at the same time. Needless to say, that relationship is over. I can’t be with a man of ANY color who is weak and who would allow that kind of crap.

    I like what Kushite Prince said, too…funny how pissed some of these WW get if a Black man rejects them or doesn’t respond to their flirting. They do believe that every man wants them, no matter how ugly/fat/gross/trashy they are. And if there is a Black woman around who happens to be prettier and more classy, they will try to belittle her in a desperate bid to keep their status as the “ideal”. They will talk sh*t about her hair (because they know that hair is a big deal to most Black women), her skin, her butt, anything they can find to lower her self-esteem and make her feel inferior.

    They think that all they have to do is flip some silky hair and give a Black man a come-hither stare and he won’t be able to resist. Well, some can’t resist…but the point is that their white privilege and the fact that they have been the model of beauty/femininity in a racist society has given them a sense of entitlement. I remember talking to a WW once who decided to be all friendly with me (in a phony way) and it was unheard of, in her mind, that a Black man wouldn’t want to be with her. She could see another white woman competing with her but not a Black or even mixed woman…nope.

    That is how much some of them think of themselves. They believe in the myth of their superiority and it kills them when they are confronted with a Black or mixed woman who shatters that myth. The worst case scenario is a woman who lies about being raped…Black women have done it too, with tragic consequences, but WW have done it throughout history as noted in this piece. Poor Emmett Till never had a chance. I wonder how that old witch feels now, knowing that her lies contributed to a little boy’s death.

  64. Cinnamondiva

    I avoid white females like the plague. If they are around me, I make an excuse to leave the room. When I’m in a meeting with them, I have a hidden tape recorder in my pocket.

    I’m never alone with them, NEVER, and I beg my male relatives to run like the wind when they see a white woman coming.

  65. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes this has been my experience. WW don’t take rejection well because it destroys their illusion of being the most beautiful women on the planet. Well I guess we all get a wake up call eventually right?lol

  66. Check.

  67. Cinnamondiva on said:

    LOL, I wouldn’t say I’m that extreme about it…but it’s like a lot of things. With some of them you have to be very careful because they know they have white privilege on their side and they can play the victim.

    Funny that you mention your male relatives. My cousin came to the US from Jamaica a few years ago and he was doing very well. He had a good job that he loved and he seemed happy with his life overall. One day my mother called to tell me that he was in serious trouble because apparently, this young white girl had falsely accused him of rape. He went to jail and lost his job. In addition to that, he had to move back to Jamaica once he was released from jail…all because this girl lied.

    I was floored, because he had a Black wife back in Jamaica and I’d never seen him show interest in white women before. He always tended to like very dark-skinned women with full figures. It turned out that he had, in fact, been intimate with this white girl and it was consensual. She has a pattern of attention-seeking behavior and my cousin got caught up in her lies. I don’t condone his actions (the cheating), but I believe him when he said that it was not rape. He made poor decisions and it cost him.

    I would definitely be on her side if he did rape her (because I don’t blame rape victims) but she is a liar, NOT a victim. So in a way, it was like a scene being played out in “To Kill a Mockingbird” where Mayella Ewell lies about being raped by a Black man.

    I was raped as a child and it makes me angry when women of ANY race lie about being raped…that should be punishable. It makes things much more difficult for real victims/survivors of sexual assault.

  68. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…you so crazy, lol! But I agree. I believe that this stems from the media and damn near everyone hyping them up constantly. While beauty standards have become a bit more inclusive, WW are still viewed as being at the top of the totem pole and most of them don’t want to share that with anybody else. It burns them up to see a Black woman with her sh*t together, dating or married to an attractive successful man of ANY color. They think that should be reserved for them only. In a sense, I can’t blame them for thinking this way. If a woman is taught from birth that her whiteness makes her superior, it will be a rude awakening when she encounters a Black woman who outshines her in terms of beauty, personality, femininity, and intelligence.

    I remember dating another guy (not the one I mentioned before) whose ex- “baby mama” was a racist white woman and they had a mixed daughter. Now I’m mixed myself, but this chick was ridiculously insecure. She would send him all these insane texts talking about how I’m ugly and my hair is nappy and he should be with her because she’s a “beautiful blonde with blue eyes”…b*tch, please. She went so far as to throw a brick through the window of his expensive home. That is how psycho these yt chicks can be if they fear competition. He turned out to be a wack, confused Negro anyway. Thankfully I’ve become better at picking men. I guess I was young and silly myself.

    That was several years ago and it makes me wonder what she is teaching her biracial daughter about Black women and other non-white women. The little girl has Black aunts, all of them dark brown with kinky hair, but they all live in Jamaica and she lives in the UK. Will she appreciate her roots and love herself with a mother like that? It makes me sad.

    And to dovetail with my story about my cousin who was falsely accused…that is how some women retaliate when they are scorned or rejected. You’re lucky that woman didn’t make up some lie about you! They can’t handle rejection. I only know of one Black woman who lied about rape and the poor guy was murdered (the case of actor Merlin Santana)…but otherwise, it mostly seems to be the WW pursuing men and getting mean if the guy turns them down. Be very careful.

  69. @Herneith

    Whitewomen are deceptive in many ways. They’re not crazy in love with whitemen, yet, have no problem making use of the power and wealth they’ve accrued over time by force. They’re part of the majority in the US, yet, label themselves a minority. They have been and continue to be the primary beneficiaries of white male insanity on this planet, at the same time, they throw rocks at their white brothers. We’re not like them, don’t dislike us black people, we’re innocent victims as well. Whitemen are stupid, they really are. All the bs they get involved in for the benefit of white females, and they could care less about them. Why do whitemen stick around? Whitemen don’t know if women of other races like them or not, so, they can’t dive headfirst into the pool like blackmen. So, they have to hedge their bets so to speak. In other words, whitewomen are a safety net if all else fails. Money is the only thing binding the 2 at this time. As black people, we’ve been fooled by whitewomen for a long time, especially blackmen. A lot of blackmen excuse the racism of whitewomen in this country because they don’t believe that they’re guilty of anything, it’s all the whiteman’s fault. Affirmative-Action is a vivid example of WW playing the system. Collegiate and professional sports are another example…blackwomen provide the labor, whitewomen get all the cushy jobs at ESPN and Fox Sports just because whitey has to kiss their ass to keep them happy. Blackwomen are the greatest singers on the planet, yet, whitewomen feel the need to copy them. All of a sudden, blackwomen can’t sing anymore. Adele, a white female from the UK is the end all be all of singing just because she’s a whitewoman copying blackwomen. Any time WW imitate blackwomen, the media overhypes them because whites have no authentic culture of their own, they have to co-opt or steal from black folk. They say they’re a notch above sistas, yet, spend thousands of dollars to look like the women they’re supposedly better than. Who’s really sweating who at the end of the day? Nowadays, whitewomen feel the need to identify their biracial babies as black, Why? I thought IR was about removing color from the convo? So, they’re trying to remake themselves into blackwomen on the sly by changing their tune on the issue. Again, whitewomen trying to get over on everybody, What’s New?

    The Black Cat…Why Everybody Hate Me So Much

  70. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…that is so true! I haven’t been to California in a while, but I think that attitude prevails in a lot of WW, except the most diehard racists who want to keep their bloodlines “pure”. But even some of them want to sample the chocolate, deep down. They’re simply afraid of the possible consequences and what society will say.

    I will always remember the time I was getting my nails done at a beauty shop and this tacky white woman doing my manicure was trying to figure out if there are lots of Black guys in this one town (which is many miles away, at the other end of the state, so I have no idea). She looked and acted like trash with this bleached blonde hair and an enormous snake tattooed on her droopy tits, plus this fake tan. She was asking because she wanted to make sure that her boyfriend (who was Black) wouldn’t be cheating on her with some other white girl. I find it funny that she didn’t seem to be worried about the possibility of him hooking up with a Black/mixed or Asian woman…she only viewed other WW as competition. It sounds like he was simply using her anyway.

    I don’t see interracial relationships as badly as some of you here, but I will say that I have a problem when a BM is with a WW and he allows her to disrespect BW. I mean, he can do what he wants but there is no need to run down Black women, especially not to some tramp who probably feels superior because of her whiteness. I see a lot of that on this one forum on the Internet (I won’t say the name of it) but it’s pretty much a bunch of Black dudes bashing Black women and praising WW, which feeds their vanity even more. No wonder some of them believe that ALL men want them, regardless of race. I’ve seen some of the most skanky, low-class white and Latina females pursuing Black men because they know that decent white guys aren’t checking for them, but they know that a certain type of Black man will put them on a pedestal. I guess I could understand if these girls were nice people or something, but most of the time they are trash.

    That woman, Rose, was obviously hoping that you would be flattered by her attention…she might have thought you were attractive but her reaction showed you what was REALLY up when you turned her down. And what kind of trash would hook up with a guy who says he has a girlfriend? I know you weren’t telling her the truth (lol), but for real. That goes to show you what kind of person she is. I can just imagine her shock and how deflated she was when you shot her down. It’s like over-confidence in some WW, because they think, “well, I’m white so by default I can have any man I want”. And if she can’t get a white man there is always some Black man who will fall for the okey-doke and tell her how gorgeous she is and how much better she is than Black women, even if she is homely with a rotten personality.

    So, Kushite Prince, what you are saying is very true because I’ve also seen/heard this from quite a few Black men. As to the strange reactions they give you when you tell them you prefer Black women…I’m thinking that they either see it as a “racist” preference or they are so convinced of their own superiority that they can’t see how you could resist them (seems to be the latter). I mean, they have probably heard that they are like the Black man’s kryptonite, so I can see how it would be confusing to run into a guy who doesn’t see them as anything special.


    It’s funny how we as blacks are fooled by words. Minority, People of Color, Women of Color, Latino/Latina/Hispanic, and so forth. As you stated, when other women want something from blackwomen they identify themselves as women of color instead of who they really are. Kim K is a whitewoman, everybody can see that, but she insist on folk seeing her as Persian, Why? Being grouped with whitewomen is not conducive to her making money via blackmen. The only reason folk care about her is because she sleeps with blackmen, which is viewed as exotic and taboo because she’s seen as middle-eastern. Arab and Persian whitewomen have been killed in this country for fooling with blackmen…Real Talk! The only reason a whitewoman would deny her racial background to the masses, is because, she wants to be accepted by blacks. This issue reminds me of an interview that Johnny Gill and his white girlfriend gave to Jamie Foster Brown in Sister-2-Sister magazine some time ago. During the interview, Jamie mentioned the fact that she’s white, and homegirl shot back and told her that she is not white. To paraphrase her…”My father looks black, therefore, i don’t consider myself white.” Her father is Puerto-Rican and mother is Greek. Mind you, she has the same off-white complexion as Kim K, who is white. She models for auto companies and high-end liquor companies such as Bicardi, Moet, etc. Again, she denies her whiteness to be liked by blackmen, thinking that blackwomen will not dislike her as much because she’s a Creole whitewoman…Her Thinking! The word “latina” was created by spanish women to counter the word “Sista.” Blackwomen are the only women on the planet that call each other Sista. Latina is supposed to be for all spanish-speaking women, but it’s not. It’s code for spanish women with african blood in them…J-Lo, Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, etc. I don’t see indian/mestizo women in media being called Latinas, i don’t see it. Latina is a slick way for creole whitewomen to link themselves with african-american women and get closer to blackmen. In the past, spanish whitewomen were afraid to come at blackmen. Today, they have no shame in chasing after blalckmen, Why? Blackwomen allowed them entry into the Sistahood because of stupidity. They have our blood in them, they look like us, we have nothing to fear. The Lesson…No matter how much african blood another group of women have in their veins, they’re not Nubian women…Period! They will behave in like fashion, especially as it relates to blackmen…Peep Game Sistas? They don’t care about you, they want access to black culture and blackmen.

    The Black Cat…Don’t Hate

  72. Cinnamondiva on said:

    Boy, Tyrone, this was truth! They do try to make it seem as if “the white man” is 100% responsible for all of the madness when they (WW) bear equal responsibility, if not more. But I guess they can claim sexism so that makes them seem more like allies to Black people, when that really isn’t the case.

    And I agree on a number of other things, too. Some of them want to steal/copy from Black women, but they could never handle actually BEING a Black woman. It’s kind of like a costume they put on when they want to. I wouldn’t say that them calling their biracial children black is new, though…it seems like the ones that do it subscribe to the “one-drop” rule. And it also depends on what the kid looks like sometimes. I find that some of these women who lay down with Black women are extremely racist as well, but they will defend themselves by talking about their mixed children and the fact that their husband/boyfriend/baby-daddy is Black (as if that means they can’t be racist).

    They can claim to be oppressed because of their gender, but at the end of the day, their white privilege trumps all.

  73. Cinnamondiva on said:

    *Sorry…I meant to say, “some of these women who lay down with Black MEN are extremely racist”. Please excuse the typo.

  74. @JensenJay

    Blackmen can’t be on both sides of the fence. Whitewomen have conflict with blackwomen, so, how can a blackman ignore that reality? All of the ish that whitewomen have is because of our african foremothers. Whitewomen haven’t done anything, except lay on their backs to please whitemen knowing there’s no real love involved anyway. If a blackman chooses a whitewoman over his own flock, he’s a whiteman more or less. He may not see it that way, but, that’s how society sees it. A white female, half-white children, do the math? If it’s about getting back at whitey, i don’t see it. As Negress has stated many times, whitewomen with half-black children will try to push her offspring into the white column because she’s white herself. Blackmen assume that their caramel babies will see the world thru a black lens, Not Necessarily! If this was the case, Puerto-Ricans would like like African-Americans, They Don’t! Jensen, brothas are playing themselves…Real Talk! Black is the same no matter what…black mother/black father…Ain’t Nothing Changed!!!

    The Black Cat…Yes, I’m Different

  75. @Phoebe

    A note to sistas such as yourself about Tyrone. I’m an abstract thinker by nature, my thoughts are not linear, they zig-zag. Yes, i’m known to be on both sides of an argument, contradict myself in the same post, jump back and forth, etc. You noticed this as well Phoebe, you pay attention. I’m not trying to confuse, i think out loud. Whatever is in my head at the time ends up on the screen, i’m reckless in that way. As for blackmen in porn, they’re a small portion of the industry. However, whitewomen and other non-black women associate what they see in inter-racial porn with reality. All blackmen are hung like horses, this is the assumption that many whitewomen have. Therefore, they feel the need to lust after blackmen based on sexual stereotypes that may or may not be true after all. If the mandingo stereotype had not taken shape, would white females view blackmen in the same way as they do now. Loving blackwomen and desiring to have sex with them is the natural arc of the universe, however, this reality has been polluted by slavery, jim crow, media, religion, etc. All of the malice that we see between sistas and brothas, is because of blackmen not remaining obedient to the “Covenant.” Blackmen are looking for love in all the wrong places, and it’s causing conflict with blackwomen…Ditto! As i’ve said, sex is the final and hardest test to pass because it requires wisdom and understanding of the female mind and body. Men of other races can run around doing whatever, but, blackmen can’t behave like other men. If we fail our women, there are consequences for bad choices. Women of other races are not gonna change, they like what they like…Chocolate! It’s up to blackmen to navigate thru the minefield that we call S-E-X. If blackmen want to colorize the planet so bad, stop the bulls**t. That’s my comeback to blackmen who feel the need to give the middle finger to their mothers. Stop the killing, drugs, hiv/aids, suicide, all of the above. When brothas do that, we can have a real convo about the issue. The bs that we see today is pointless Phoebe.

    The Black Cat…I’m Every Woman, Yes

  76. Some of them have the same mentality that poor Whites have: no matter how poor, uneducated, unattractive, unemployed, or any negative trait that I possess, I am still White, therefore superior to all POC.

    As BrothaWolf said, “Whiteness is a hell of a drug.”

  77. @ Cinnamondiva,

    Here is a link on one of the other websites that features an piece about a WW who went to Europe to study for the summer with some girlfriends, both Black & White, and she was surprised that the White European guys stepped to the Black women before stepping to her and her White girlfriends. Although she admitted that her Black girlfriends were pretty and she wasn’t surprised that they got some attention, she was shocked that the got more attention than she did. She was talking out of both sides of her mouth.


  78. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Cinnamondiva Yeah I understand where you’re coming from. A lot times WW can be very aggressive when it comes to sex. Yeah I’ve heard that claim that they’re supposed to be our kryptonite. What a joke!lol I have had Puerto Rican girlfriends but I never was into WW that much. But I must admit black men are with ww a lot out here. Some see it as some type of status symbol. But those guys are so brainwashed it’s sad. They really need to wake up and realize that interracial sex only confuses non whites. But I don’t even date Latinas,Asians or anything else but black women. Black men have to realize that are only real allies are sistas. And we can’t move forward as a people unless we come together and build strong black families. The interracial stuff is played out to me. I’ve moved on from that nonsense.

  79. Kushite Prince on said:

    Some WW even flaunt their black husband’s on blogs.smh

  80. @Cinnamondiva

    Their actions say it all. If whitewomen really believed they were better than blackwomen, they wouldn’t think and act as they do…Bottomline! Why do they have beef with blackwomen? Again, follow the money? White females are not in love with their white brothers, but, whitemen still have the money and power. Therefore, whitewomen don’t want blackwomen to have access to the power and money their african foremothers created, being blunt about it. Whitemen showed their true colors during slavery, regardless of what they say today…the facts don’t lie.


  81. @Negress

    Why would they care? They’re not in love with them anyway.


  82. mary burrell on said:

    Serena Williams says Wozniacki is her friend and not racist. I’m just too through.

  83. JensenJay on said:

  84. JensenJay on said:

  85. JensenJay on said:

    The Black race is doomed to die out if Black men and Black women can not stop the infighting.

  86. Jensen

    A post coming out tonight on our illnesses!

  87. JensenJay on said:

    Thanks! can’t wait.

  88. JensenJay on said:

    @ Negress, have you heard of film called D’jango Unchained. be sure to check it out. and do a [post on it too. thanks! 🙂

  89. Jensen Jay

    Yes. I used to be a BIG Tarantino buff but I’ll choose not to see anymore Zionist propaganda. Why is it that blacks are the only race willing to laugh at their own holocaust?

    I’ll pass on this.

  90. Aman!! Thanks.

  91. Kushite Prince on said:

    Here’s a review Boyce Watkins. He’s a pretty smart brother. And I do agree with some of his reviews. Not sure about this review since I haven’t seen Django yet. of course we should all be concerned anytime white folks are doing a film about our holocaust. They always end up degrading and insulting our ancestors. Anyway,here’s his review.

    I had my own reasons for loving “Django Unchained,” and here they are:

    1) There was a legitimate African American hero: Jamie Foxx, who played Django, was one of the few serious black heroes ever produced by Hollywood, a place that tends to put black people in a really degrading box. Django wasn’t just a sidekick or comedic buffoon. He didn’t have some ridiculous set of character flaws like Will Smith’s conflicted hero in the movie “Hancock.” He didn’t need a white man to save him, like most other fictional or non-fictional accounts we see on screen. Instead, Django was simply a strong, brave, highly-skilled black man who loved his wife enough to put his life on the line to save her. In fact, I dare say he was downright inspirational, which is more than you can say about the black men in “T’he Color Purple.”

    2) It had a beautiful portrayal of black love: Far too many Hollywood films enjoy highlighting the incessant conflict between black men and women. We live in a world where love and marriage are consistently replaced by abuse, addiction and baby mama drama (just watch nearly any VH1 show or listen to the radio to see at least 25 examples of what I’m talking about). Django’s’ deep love for his wife and desire to save her from her slave masters struck a cord with anyone who has had a first hand experience with meaningful love. It was awesome to watch a black man show bravery in order to protect his family.

    3) An in-your-face portrayal of slavery: Most of us are given the polite story about slavery when we’re in school. It’s as if the period of bondage was but a moment in history, followed by Abraham Lincoln giving us our freedom, and Martin Luther King giving us a speech…..oh, then we got a black president. This film, to the extent that it is historically accurate, probably mortified many of the people in the audience by showing the depths of dehumanization that took place during the greatest holocaust in American history. Unfortunately, this film will be the best education on slavery that many of the audience members will ever receive, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

    Once I see it for myself I’ll come to my own conclusions. But I’ve heard that the “n word” was said over 100 times in the film. Tarantino seems to love that word a lot.

  92. Prince

    Thanks for the review link…I probably won’t see it though.

  93. Well, Spike Lee has already said that he will not see the film and has already criticized both the movie and Tarantino. I will see it only to see what is historically accurate and the overall film itself. I’m sure it won’t be “Roots”.

  94. Mickey

    Let us know how goes it.

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    Let the church say Amen.

  96. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…yes, girl, I’ve read that piece online. Lots of white dudes are into Black women (on a romantic level, not just sexually) but I believe that only a few are really open with their attraction because they fear disapproval from society.

    I think that in this particular case, that WW most likely bought into the stereotype that no one wants Black women and she thought she would naturally be first choice.

    And you’re right…she was talking out of both sides of her mouth, because if she could see that they are pretty girls, why wouldn’t they also receive attention? First impressions count with beauty and personality. Instead of being upset that her Black friends got attention, she should have been trying to step up her game and take notes. I guess she believed that no matter how pretty they were, they’re still Black and her whiteness would win in the end. Most heterosexual men who don’t have issues with race/color will be drawn to women who are feminine, flirty, and having fun. I know a sista who has dated all kinds of men and she isn’t what I would call gorgeous, but she is very confident and oozes sex appeal, plus she has one of the fittest bodies I’ve ever seen. White men have broken their necks to try to talk to her.

    I consider myself to be a pretty woman (not being conceited), although I’m thicker than I would like to be at this time in my life. And I’ve had my fair share of male attention although most of it hasn’t been positive. However, I’m painfully shy so men tend to be drawn more to the more loud/extroverted women. I don’t complain because I’m happily married anyway.

  97. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mary burrell…I think Serena could possibly be friends with her, but I also wonder if she said that to appease white folks in general.

    Serena has taken a lot of heat from them over the years and maybe she decided to simply let this slide. She handled it with class, because you know white folks expected her to show her behind and act foolish.

    I guess she didn’t want to add more fuel to that “Angry Black Woman” stereotype that people have of all Black women, esp. her since she is in the public eye.

  98. mary burrell on said:

    @Cinnamondiva; You have a good point. I think you maybe right.

  99. Mickey on said:

    Tariq Nahsheed’s critique of the movie “Django Unchained”.

  100. ynotme on said:


    Thanks for this upload…Everything he said is spot on!

  101. Mickey

    My friend went to see it and she said it was very degrading.

  102. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…funny, I have no issue with seeing interracial couples as long as the love is genuine and it isn’t some kind of “statement” they’re trying to make. And if children are involved, I have no issue as long as they are being raised in a solid environment with a sense of pride and not being trained to hate any part of themselves or Black people in general.

    Now some BM and WW will try to throw it in the faces of Black women and white men, which tells me that they’re doing it a) to piss people off; and b) because they get some kind of thrill from being noticed although interracial relationships are nothing new anymore.

    I didn’t look at that blog, but I will. There is this one forum full of white mothers with mixed children and it cracks me up to see how these women try to talk like stereotypical Black women (Ebonics), or give their kids stereotypical “black” names, and some of the ones I’ve seen in real life try to emulate certain attributes of Black women…although they will turn around and call us ugly and say our hair is ugly, etc. Some of them even have the nerve to complain about their child’s “nappy” hair (esp. if it is a little girl) or hope that their daughters will have better hair than, you know, most Black people. And I am saying this as a mixed woman, I’ve heard these things from white women.

    I’ve had a few times where I will walk by a BM and WW, and the guy will either check me out while trying to be subtle about it, or the woman will look really uncomfortable even if the guy isn’t looking at me. It’s like, seriously? She can have him. I’ve never had problems with finding men of ANY color and I sure as hell don’t want any of the guys some of these white women are with.

    I know that some Black women will openly harass interracial couples and that is unfortunate, but I don’t see the need to do that because I simply don’t care if DeShawn wants to parade around with Amy. My only issue is if Amy somehow thinks she is better than me because of her whiteness and if DeShawn is a self-hating excuse for a Black man who reinforces that notion. Otherwise, I don’t care, which bothers some of them because they want me to care. They want me to see them and feel bad about myself and I refuse to play their game. The problem is that some Black women haven’t learned how to do this and it shows in their reactions. The key is simply to ignore the BM and WW who are insincere and feel the need to “flaunt” their relationships. If they were truly in love, there would be no need to flaunt anything or put on a show.

    So I never understood certain Black women who get bent out of shape when they see a BM with a WW. Personally, I just laugh to myself and keep it moving.

  103. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Cinnamondiva Yeah I see what you’re saying. You can’t take it to heart. As a matter of fact,just this past Saturday I saw a very beautiful sophisticated black woman with a chubby average looking white guy. She was dressed very nicely and he was in shorts and looked like slob. They were walking into a restaurant as I was walking out. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her because she was so pretty and WAY out of his league. What’s funny is she looked at me and we made eye contact then quickly looked away. The white guy looked at me and I thought he had a slight smirk on his mouth(I could be wrong). This is not the first time this has happened to me. This past year it happened to me three other times,all involving attractive BW with average looking WM. Why do you think these beautiful sistas don’t want to make eye contact with me? I’m curious to know from a woman’s perspective.

  104. @Diva,

    You said:

    I know that some Black women will openly harass interracial couples and that is unfortunate

    Are you sure about this? Because i think this is another stereotype placed on Black women. Usually, it is the other way around; insecure white women throw shade on Black women to cover up their feelings of inferiority when they are with Black men.

    Observing a couple of any racial combination is not harassment and should have no barring positive or negative on the said couple’s personal lives. By simply “looking” at a couple, Black women are automatically assumed jealous, hateful and the reason why that particular Black man chose to date/marry out of the BC in the first place. If that is not a classic case of projection then i don’t know what is.

  105. Mickey on said:

    Insecure WW that date BM are that way because they are the “White Man’s Rejects”. They did not live up to the standard of White womanhood, therefore White men did not want them. They put their value on their Whiteness to make themselves feel better because that is all they really have to offer.

  106. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…maybe they aren’t interested? I don’t know. As a woman, I have different reasons for why I don’t make eye contact with some men. Not for a long period of time, anyway.

    One reason (from my perspective) is lack of interest. I mean, there has to be something about a guy that holds my attention. I still notice men but now that I’m married it would be disrespectful to check out other dudes in front of my husband. I find him more attractive than most other men, anyway, because I love him and find him sexy. 😉

    Another reason is that sometimes men interpret eye contact (even if it is innocent) as something more. I can’t speak for other women, but I dislike unwanted attention from men I’m not interested in. Some men assume that if a woman is nice to them or if she smiles or makes eye contact, that it’s some type of invitation or she is flirting. I would rather be thought of as aloof and unfriendly in situations like that because I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. I grew up in a rough neighborhood and this was a protective measure, so I’ve sort of carried it with me into adulthood.

    Some women are also shy and they are uncomfortable with being looked at for more than a few seconds. It also depends on how a man looks at women. There is an open, friendly gaze and then a lustful stare…the latter is more likely to make me uncomfortable.

    It sounds like the lady in your story was simply being respectful to her partner by not holding your gaze longer than necessary. I don’t know if you’re in a relationship at the moment (none of my business), but it’s just about respect, ya know? I know my man notices other women around, which is fine by me as long as he isn’t staring at them or flirting with them.

  107. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Phoebe…I apologize if you thought I was stereotyping. But I’ve witnessed this harassment on more than one occasion, hence why I said “some” Black women do it, not that I’m applying a broad brush to all Black women. I know that the majority of Black women don’t care but some do, and they are very vocal about it. Kind of like how some racist white men will openly call a WW “n*gger-lover” or a “coal-burner” if she likes Black men.

    I’m speaking of the ones who are insecure and haven’t been able to find happiness in relationships, so they take it out on random BM and WW that they don’t even know.

    I’m not talking about Black women who merely observe or notice…I’m talking about the ones who actually will confront the couple and make hateful remarks. It does happen quite often, esp. where I live. That is the kind of behavior I’m criticizing because I think it is uncouth and it is also a waste of time/energy. There is nothing wrong with anyone of any race merely looking at or observing interracial couples, but I think it is wrong to show hostility and disapproval to complete strangers because of their dating choices. The way I see it is that it’s none of my business and I wouldn’t disrespect somebody just because their partner is of a different race or color. People don’t have to like it, but I would rather focus my attention on things I can control instead of giving the evil eye or loudly making comments about interracial couples. That won’t change anything and it will simply add more fuel to stereotypes.

    I was trying to explain the defensiveness that some BM/WW couples seem to have about their relationships, I guess. I was simply saying that for SOME Black women who do get mad when they see a BM with a WW, it really isn’t worth their time. They need to recognize their own beauty and positive qualities so they can attract the right person/things into their own lives, instead of focusing on what some random Black man is doing with a white girl. This is what I’m referring to, not the BW who have the confidence and maturity to know better. Like I said before, some interracial couples are not sincere and they expect a negative reaction from others so it is better to take the high road and blow them off or kill them with kindness. I’m actually saying that this would help to dispel the stereotypes.

    But yeah, I agree that there is a terrible stereotype about all Black women being hateful and jealous, because that isn’t always true. And you’re right…I guess some Black men try to justify their “preference” for WW and other non-black women by saying that BW have too much attitude, we’re too much to handle, etc. So that is a very good point you made. I have been with some Black men in the past who decided that they didn’t want to be with me anymore because I had too much “attitude”, although I am a very chill, easy-going person…yet they had no problem hooking up with WW who did nothing but cause drama. I see it as their loss and I didn’t lose sleep over it because I knew I deserved better. My thoughts were more about the BW who take it to heart and feel affronted because of racism/beauty standards and how it might affect their self-esteem or relationships with men.

    I should have clarified a bit better in my earlier statement.

  108. Mickey on said:

    Some BW may be vocal about their disapproval for BM/WW relationships, but NONE of them would ever take it to this level. And, yes, this is an ACTUAL song:


  109. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…true. I mentioned this before, too. It is definitely about validation in some cases.

    Most white men, esp. in America, tend to have somewhat narrow beauty ideals when it comes to what they want in a partner. I’m not saying this to generalize but this is what I (and other people) have observed. White women who fall short of these ideals will sometimes have difficulty in attracting the kind of white guys they want, so I can see how they would be happy when a Black man comes along who treats them like a queen.

    I think the more money a Black man has, and the higher his standards are, he can have more access to “quality” WW. But the ones who aren’t as well-off financially or who have lower standards, will settle for any WW just because of her whiteness and the perceived boost in status. The woman could look like a meth addict, be morbidly obese, dirty, whatever…but some BM will worship her because at least she isn’t black.

    I have seen a few Black men with gorgeous, classy WW but it isn’t as common in my neck of the woods.

  110. Mickey on said:

    Here is another review of the movie.

  111. I have long looked for an explanation as to why some white women will instantly hate me no matter what I say or do. I talked to friends and found out that we all had these common experiences.

    In grad school, I started off a svelte size 4 and I would remember the white girls staring me down and looking at my waist line. I put on weight and then they were all smiling in my face. I thought they had just gotten to know me and decided I was cool people after all. 3 years later, I lost all the weight I gained, and those smiles have turned to frowns once again.

  112. honeytreebee on said:

    This may be why black women need to look at black men in other places. Not saying that will fix everything but, will give a better chance of finding a suitable mate.

  113. That’s so true…from my experience it has always been the other way around…one time they couple stopped kissing as I was passing by…y’know when u feel someone looking at you and you turn around…only to find them staring at me…it’s like I don’t get it…even when they’re just talking to BM they’re watching you…whenever I walk with a guy from another race I don’t look at other ppl because I’m engrossed by our conversation. So I decided to look around and I found many of the women of said race rolling their eyes at me, but it’s not that big of a deal…I won’t have even notice cuz I don’t target many of other races to start drama…
    I know every time I pass a BM/WM they’ll be staring at me and the BM will be giving me a dirty look…even though I’m like 16 and he’s like 30 or smth…

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