Observations of an Invisible Woman

Open Discussion #6

It’s that time again.

Anything on your minds? The year is ending soon and we all have doubts and fears on what 2013 will bring. I do.

Do you?

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46 thoughts on “Open Discussion #6

  1. I fear that more anit-Black & POC violence is going to escalate. Have you heard about the shooting of a Black couple in front of their children by a White man in North Carolina?


  2. Yeah…..me thinks the angry white male will be out in full force and the “stand your ground” BS will be tested until something really gives. And though I don’t wanna see anymore Black lost of life, I think that’ll be necessary to bring us around. And around I think we’ll come, no more defense, it’ll be time for some serious offence. What I really wish “2012” brings us is a renewed value in family. The Black family could use some renewal and I wanna see it. They say this will be a changing of an age or entering a new age. I hope it’ll be something new for us and please let us have the good sense to see it and know it and act on it. We could see Our Chasity.

  3. I agree with the both of you…
    We’re super careful now. Off the streets by dark, no stopping for gas after hours and no more stopping for snacks, coffee, etc at white folks restaurants.

    Whites will show us very soon just how evil they really are.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    With this last shooting in Florida I fear there will be more murders of young black men. And I’m careful about pissing anybody off these days. It seems everyone is one a short fuse. Things can go from 0 to 60. If you look at people the wrong way or they perceive you looking at them or something crazy people just go off.

  5. soforeal on said:

    what will we be like in 2050 it”ll be interesting we are creating our new oppressors in asians and mixed breeds, how long will we keep being in this do with me what you will state.

  6. Miss Mary

    That’s what my mom said.

  7. China owns the US. And they’ve set up shop in Africa. The old method of creating half black anti-black mixed breeds is nothing new.

    many will choose the route of Jennifer Beals… But this is why we need to bond tighter than ever.

  8. Health is always first and foremost on my mind. Also, I’m a little nervous because 2013 is the first year I will start working for myself.. Running my own business…

    I plan to travel this year.. And get married as that’s what my partner and I have planned…

  9. I hear talk on the blog’s of albinic/white aggression but these seem small an isolated to me.
    My daily experience is there is as much if not a greater threat from us.
    We don’t help each nearly enough.
    All this talk of what 2 murders by some isolated albinic/whites in florida meanwhile black men are killing each other at epidemic levels in chicago.

    We’ve real quick to highlight and sensationalize a few albinic/white on black killings but I’ve heard that we are currently killing more of each other than the klan ever did.

    As long as we have this hypocrisy ,I care a little less.

  10. moorbey on said:

    Tru bro black on black crime a major problem some of our people are brainwashed and believe anything that and everything that yt has ever said and have no self-worth. But u sould feel something antime suchas this happenz to our people at the handz of yt Cleveland Cops Kill Unarmed Black Man & Woman with 137 Shots
    yes u read that right 137 shotz and unarmed male & a Queen.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    America is a ticking time bomb. Ready to explode.

  12. The sins of the past is getting ready to blow up in our faces. This has been coming for 500 years.

  13. Whites will show us very soon just how evil they really are.

    Apocolypse is NOT coming. People will learn to live in peace and harmony. We depend on each other in more ways than we can count. The hateful fringe will be torn off from the fabric from society and eventually will fade into history as an aberrational footnote. World peace is possible. If you feel threatened in your area, know that there are many places where people can live in harmony. I live in one. I will not fight with Black people and Black people will not fight with me. Unless we have an issue that we peacefully resolve. It is done everyday.

  14. Mickey on said:

    Out of curiosity, where do you live countrywise?

  15. Toronto, Canada.

  16. Mickey on said:

    Here are some videos from 1992 dealing with the issues of race on Donahue. As you will see, nothing has changed 20 years later.

  17. JT

    I’m always weary of white commenters. Most times they come here to distract and deflect. Since you propose harmony, here’s something you, as a privileged white man, can do to help blacks:

    Advise your people on how to stay away from blacks in every way, shape and form. Teach them on the ills of their race and how a simple classification spawned worldwide mayhem.

    We, as blacks, will work on our dysfunctions and try to heal….separately.

  18. TruthbeTold – multiculturalism is a reality that many people have and will continue to enjoy. There are people such as yourself that don’t enjoy it. Your perogative. You have as much say over how Black people that exercise their freedom to interact and enjoy other peoples (even whites!) as I have over Whites that are willfully blind and perpetuate hate. I can yell and shriek at them but I am not going to get through to them just like you write as many blogs about your hatred for white people as a collective as possible but some Black men and women will still befriend or couple with White people . You and your experiences do not make up the Black experience of White people. Thankfully, there is more hope for our human race than that.

  19. Mickey,

    Thank you for the videos. White racism is extremely prevalent wherever you go. Maybe it helps some to self-segregate. Fine. But that isnt everyones appraoch and many people are aware of the fact that racism exists but also believe they can play a part in ending it. They dont need to be segregated to accomplish this and in actuality think that segregation provides the space people need to stew in and form distorted and uneducated ideas about what people are actually like. Regardless of race.

  20. Mickey on said:

    I agree that people on an individual level can deal with racism however they can best see fit, be it self-segregation or facing it head-on.

  21. JT

    I’m not getting sucked into a long debate over something that you know more about than I ever will.

    I suspect your intentional naivete is a common *innocent* white tactic.

  22. Truthbetold,

    Who wants a long debate? I don’t. I just want you to return to the conversation. All you write about is hatred of whites these days. Not exactly a dialogue. As far as innocent white tactics go, i have fought with those people that do exactly that and told them where to go. You want to paint me with the same brush as them? Your privilege. Not fair though.

  23. JT

    I tell you what. When racism is over, we’ll talk as long as you want.

  24. I was white by birth in the same way as you were Black by birth. Without choice. Yet, you act as if white people made a choice and then you put them in that slot that gets your contempt. You are a part of the problem, and future generations will suffer because people like you do not preach tolerance or mutual love through humanity. You keep the cycle going through preaching lies, ignorance and divisiveness.

    And you seem to derive pleasure from it. Arent you what we call a “false prophet?”

  25. Matari on said:

    You are a part of the problem, and future generations will suffer because people like you do not preach tolerance or mutual love through humanity. You keep the cycle going through preaching lies, ignorance and divisiveness.

    And you seem to derive pleasure from it. Arent you what we call a “false prophet?”


    You are wrong and off base on so many levels! So-called allies are supposed to have an understanding/realization that you seem to lack!

    I’ve noticed that various black people have addressed your posts regarding some type of kumbaya gathering where everyone feels GOOD re your ideas about how blacks should conduct themselves – in spite of OVERWHELMING incidences of white racism and white supremacy/superiority.

    Onitaset, Bulanik have already given you amazing responses that that seem to go beyond your ability to adequately/comprehend/absorb or respond to. Others, including Abagond and myself, have also addressed some of your concerns.. yet you’re still stuck at your same self-imposed impasse/lack of overstanding

    Now, I’m gonna be blunt! If you don’t like the message many of us have/share, HERE, then keep it moving! Preferably to those who look like you that need to hear your voice/admonishments and concerns, because frankly, THAT’S WHERE THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM IS, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

    We didn’t perpetrate this BS, so take your preaching/patriarchy elsewhere – to those who REALLY NEED IT.

    Finally. consider visiting/reading the “broken record dept .. you know where it is.

  26. @ Matari,

    Why do you think i was blocked from StormFront after my first post there? Because I said what they didnt want to hear: that hating people based on skin pigmentation is evil and so were the people that did it. You think that changes because you want it to? Black people that do it might be more justified but it doesnt make it any less evil to foster hate in innocents and propagandize it through your own medium.

    If you can’t bring peace from within yourself, how do you expect others to bring it to you. It can’t/won’t happen. You need to bring it first, even if that means kumbaya. Or maybe you dont really want peace in the first place. At which point at least do us all a favor and be honest about it. Instead of acting like the narrative youve strung together is actually based on virtue and truth when it is just a bitter reminence of where your soul should be.

  27. Matari

    You and so many others are the reason why I love my black man.

  28. mary burrell on said:

    Another freak goes craz in Portland Oregon mall. 2 people are dead. That crazy nutbag offed himself. Merry Christmas to his dead ass.

  29. I saw that earlier. What a shame.

  30. mary burrell on said:

    Is the picture of the beautiful afroed sister Marsha Hunt Mick Jaggers girlfriend? It looks like her.

  31. Miss Mary

    Could be. I saw a picture of her and she spoke to my blog. I love how she’s quietly observing things.

  32. Thought that this video would be a good addition to educate.

  33. Mickey

    Saw this one and it’s very good.

  34. nmaat

    Youtube has TONS of Dr. Afrika’s videos including his fantastic Fairy tale video which explains the sexual depravity of the European.

  35. well fairy tale must be a loooong video…I mean who can really take anyone seriously who flucks dogs and farm animals, releases it as ‘entertainment’ and doesn’t even have enough sense to be ashamed of it? I will def go and look at the vids of Dr. Afrika. Thanks!

  36. OH MY God!! Dr. Afrika’s explanation about the difference in physiology soo resonates. Like what black person hasn’t heard the ‘wet dog’ thing or ever wondered why their ass es walk around in shorts/flip flops in winter? lol…I’m going to watch all these vids. Love it. Thanks, Sis!

  37. Nmaat

    Most welcome. Dr. Afrika is just awesome.

  38. It is the sins of the past indeed that we must be aware of. It is the mistakes that were committed before the Tran-Atlantic Slave movement that has been hidden. That, we must find out…. Who we are…Where we are. And, why we are here. We must question full out!

  39. larissa on said:

    I would like to share an anecdote .
    I was asking a white doctor whether he could refer me to a psychologist, because I was going through an extremely tough time. I said I just needed someone to talk to. The doctor told me that I could talk to him, since he is a general practitioner , and then he can decide how to proceed from there. So I reluctantly start telling him my troubles, etc… I take a pause, and then he asks, ”Where are you from”? He knows that some black nations have been more damaged by white supremacy than others, and he wanted to know where I come from in order to understand me better. He knows that the true cause of my ailments is the acts of his people.

  40. I think most of us as black people (if we are honest) can empathize with your story and I hope you are doing better but I’m curious, how far into that discussion did he bring up ‘psychotropic drugs’? Or maybe that didn’t come up til you were referred to a ‘psychologist/psychiatrist’? Just curious b/c based on what I’ve read, heard & experienced– talk therapy is dead. All they want to do is medicate everybody.

  41. nmaat

    I wonder the same. White love to medicate us as Hitler did in his concentration camps with fluoride water. I will post open discussion 7 so we can talk at will.

  42. larissa on said:

    @Nmaat and sister truth: As a matter of fact, he gave me two choices: refer me to a shrink or put me on meds.

  43. larissa

    meds, eh? A ploy to keep you docile.

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