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Fear of Mother Earth: Why The Black Woman Must be Destroyed in the System of White Supremacy

Look at this woman.

She has glowing chocolate skin, a round soft nose, full lips and eyes to die for.

She is pretty? Does she threaten you? Does being in her presence make you, for reasons you cannot explain, uncomfortable? When you gaze at her, do you think she is the epitome of womanliness?

Chances are, if you live in AmeriKlan, the answer is no. This woman is the complete antithesis of everything AmeriKlan stands for. Therefore, she must be mocked, hunted and destroyed.

(As you can see, the hatred of black womanhood was instilled in us from childhood)

The black woman is propagandized to be on the very bottom of the human ladder. Not only is her shade offensive but her genitalia as well. With a naturally curvaceous figure, thick lips and prominent features, she is deemed unworthy of compliments, unworthy of adulation, unworthy of male protection and unworthy of love. Sarah Baartman was a side-show attraction:

But her “uniqueness” was a source of white envy:

Hmmm…..I thought we black females were “gross”?

The white man, throughout history, went to the black woman for everything of sustenance and perceived value:

That notion is still not lost on the white mind. With a rapidly decreasing birthrate and a higher incidence of abortion, whites are quickly becoming extinct. Destroying the Earth Mother by getting our own men and women to berate her is a surefire tactic to continue the “Pure White Gene.”

The black woman’s degradation will make her termination not only acceptable but agreeable. A big nose, full lips, kinky/curly hair, which is the opposite of white standards, was made horrific to uphold the white standard of beauty. The destruction of the black female is a very calculated form of psychological warfare. White supremacy thought of the one thing necessary to keep the black family structure together and sought to have it eliminated.

J Edgar Hoover wanted to “prevent the rise of a Black Messiah”:

COUNTERINTELLIGENCE PROGRAM BLACK NATIONALIST – HATE GROUPS RACIAL INTELLIGENCE 3/4/68 […] GOALS ~~~~~ For maximum effectiveness of the Counterintelligence Program, and to prevent wasted effort, long-range goals are being set.

1. Prevent the COALITION of militant black nationalist groups. In unity there is strength; a truism that is no less valid for all its triteness. An effective coalition of black nationalist groups might be the first step toward a real “Mau Mau” [Black revolutionary army] in America, the beginning of a true black revolution.

2. Prevent the RISE OF A “MESSIAH” who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a “messiah;” he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this position. Elijah Muhammed is less of a threat because of his age. King could be a very real contender for this position should he abandon his supposed “obedience” to “white, liberal doctrines” (nonviolence) and embrace black nationalism. Carmichael has the necessary charisma to be a real threat in this way.

3. Prevent VIOLENCE on the part of black nationalist groups. This is of primary importance, and is, of course, a goal of our investigative activity; it should also be a goal of the Counterintelligence Program to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralize them before they exercise their potential for violence.

4. Prevent militant black nationalist groups and leaders from gaining RESPECTABILITY, by discrediting them to three separate segments of the community. The goal of discrediting black nationalists must be handled tactically in three ways. You must discredit those groups and individuals to, first, the responsible Negro community. Second, they must be discredited to the white community, both the responsible community and to “liberals” who have vestiges of sympathy for militant black nationalist [sic] simply because they are Negroes. Third, these groups must be discredited in the eyes of Negro radicals, the followers of the movement. This last area requires entirely different tactics from the first two. Publicity about violent tendencies and radical statements merely enhances black nationalists to the last group; it adds “respectability” in a different way.

5. A final goal should be to prevent the long-range GROWTH of militant black organizations, especially among youth. Specific tactics to prevent these groups from converting young people must be developed. […]


They knew that black women could be the most dangerous weapon against white supremacy.

As you can surmise, the black female is targeted for extermination and any and all means will be used to bring their diabolical plans to fruition. Please know that numerous black males and females on tel-lie-vision and radio are being paid large sums of money to sell out their own people. Disconnect from the lies being spewed at us and realize that the best kind of warfare is psychological. Whites have not changed their tactics. They have just made them more covert.

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80 thoughts on “Fear of Mother Earth: Why The Black Woman Must be Destroyed in the System of White Supremacy

  1. moorbey on said:

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  2. blackmystory on said:

    Greetings queen, love this latest:)

    It started during the our prisoner of Imperial and colonial war period, when they enslaved and incarcerated us for 400 plus years. They had objectified , raped and separated her psychologically and physically from her man. It was refined during the ’60’ with the introduction of feminism. Feminism is a Caucasian construct that pitted their clit licking, man hating, she males against their faggot males who themselves would rather didle little boys instead of dealing with a woman. And like Susan B Anthony tried to do with Harriet Tubman, these she males coerced African women into a false sense of freedom and equality. When they told her she could forgo her complement by hitching her wagon to masculine Caucasian females. It turn the African women the epitome of femininity to a masculine female at odds with the emasculated version of manhood. This is systematic and diabolical, and yes! The African woman is the key, for hers is the sacred womb which stores and produce the next supermen and super women. White Supremacy hates the all feminine energy, but reserves the most hatred for the African femininity. Once they destroy or distorts it, it destroys the family, which we see evidence of today. We have now become that self fulfilling stereotype of Niggers and Niggaz, bitches and ho’s, hoodrats and thugs, playas and ghetto dwellers…..instead of conscious and spiritual men and women of the African sun.

  3. Well, they say that the Devil comes to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY.

  4. Yeah, the Europeans have a great difficulty relating to each other in a peaceful and just manner. When I went to see the “Lincoln” movie, about 4 out of 5 movie ads were full of violence, war, murder, etc. Yet these are the people who dominate the planet; how sad.

  5. larissa on said:

    Thanks for this, it was very much needed. I am still reeling from the time when my dad’s partner told me my hair looks like feces. The sad part is, her mother is a black woman from the west coast of Africa.

  6. blackmystory on said:

    Ms J…the his story of Yurugu was that of a being birthed in chaos, forged in violence and drenched in the blood of the innocence. It’s like asking why does a shark feed? Predators have a primordial instinct for death and destruction.

  7. @ Blackmystory

    Great explanation! The white man hates the white woman and wants us to follow suit. Sadly, many of us are.

  8. Prince:

    Great minds think alike! It’s on my wish list.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    That woman is an ebony goddess. Even the most color aroused racist even if he won’t admit it, can see that’s a beautiful black woman. Yes her natural hair and features cause whites to react because they fear her. All natural black people frighten whites this is my thought.

  10. blackmystory on said:

    Sadly…many of US don’t see what you see, and even more messed up, I know people who look like her don’t see themselves as beautiful. This is the power of White Supemacy.

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  12. White Supremacy/racism is an indirect attack on the Black woman, yes. I’ve been saying this for the longest but many don’t see this.
    The Caucasians, in actuality, do FEAR the birth and rise of a Black Messiah. Thus, the defamation and assassination of every Black leader Black ppl have ever had. Khalid Muhammad was reaching out the the youth (remember he was featured on Ice Cube’s ‘Cave bitch’). In fact, he had an amazing relationship with the youth at that time and the Caucasians didn’t like that he was rinsing the minds of the Blacks of tomorrow. They did Dr York the same way they did Michael Jackson (before they killed him of course) and many influential Black men – used his own penis against him. But he himself once stated that he wasn’t the Black Messiah…which would probably mean that the Black Messiah is yet, to be born. Who knows? But yes, it has always been about the our wombs. Always.
    As far as they are concerned, the Black woman is god. And they have as much envy, fear and respect for god as they do for mother Earth. That’s right, no respect. You can’t respect what which you fear…and envy.

  13. larissa on said:

    I am so worried about the coming war. I hate being repetitive but I can’t shake off this feeling that something big is just around the corner. It’s frightening.

  14. God Is A Black Woman…Universal Truth

    This is the reality that whites and other non-blacks don’t want to acknowledge. Human civilization begins and ends with blackwomen, which is why others seek to control and exploit them for their own personal gain. They don’t hate blackwomen, they want to have power over them. Whitemen couldn’t keep their hands off of blackwomen during slavery and colonization, but, they hate the sight of them now? The math doesn’t add up. Blackwomen are not in bondage anymore, and, a lot of men on this planet are not happy about it. Other men see Nubian women as their “Silver Bullet” so to speak. They have what their women don’t have…African DNA. The DNA of blackwomen is what other men want. How do they accomplish this goal? Brainwash blackmen to hate their reflection…this is the only way they can have easy access to blackwomen. I, and other blackmen don’t play that game. I respect all men, but, i will never help other men pursue our black sisters…Never! I’m an obstacle that has to be overcome in their eyes, in comes the “Uncle Tom” blackmen who do the bidding of other men. We’re bombarded with images of these frauds via white media…black athletes, black entertainers, black politicos, black journalists, and so forth. Diversity and multiculturalism are their weapons of choice…I’m Not Black, I’m Human! They claim to love any and everybody except black. They’re black racists, the opposite of white/other. Negress, they pollute our race via the idiot box, which is why we should turn the s**t off or limit our consumption altogether. Let’s backtrack for a minute…white females and other non-black women are the source of the problem, minus what the men of their tribe do. White men and women are not in love, asian men and women are not in love. Two groups of women that have no deep love for their men…S**t Starters. In their twisted minds, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pursuing lost black males. Being with a black male allows them to partake in what i call Pseudo-Blackness…Non-Blacks who experience blackness via their black female or male partners. Anybody that wants to be in a sexual relationship with a black person is a practitioner of (PB). Granted, most will never admit this in the public sphere. As with other men, blackwomen are an obstacle for non-black females in like fashion. Unwittingly, blackmen have fallen into the trap. Blackmen assume that they’re getting over on other men, No! Fathering mulatto children is not the end all be all that it’s cracked up to be. A lot of so-called brothas wrongly assume that their half-black babies will love black just like any well-adjusted black person, Wrong! Mulattos are half-black, thus, they have no loyalty to the black race…we need to keep it real sistas and brothas? Blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet, because, she is creation…The Blueprint! Every other woman comes from her loins. The first or original is always hated the most, because, they’re blessed with the best. They have bragging rights. Sistas have curly/kinky hair that can be molded into whatever they want it to be…full/soft kissable lips that were designed to give maximum pleasure to the kisser and kissee alike…ample breasts that provide the best of nature to african children…wide hips to lessen the burden of childbirth…bountiful backsides to provide strength, stability, eye candy, and fat storage. Most whitewomen and asian women are born with small breasts and backsides, which also contribute to the envy of blackwomen. Sistas are born with it, they have to pay for it…Life Ain’t Fair! Negress, all of the racial bs that we deal with as a people revolves around blackwomen, it’s vital that we understand this going forward. What we see taking place in Africa via Radical Islam is history repeating itself. White Arab men raped and held blackwomen as sex slaves in the past, and they seek to do the same as their forefathers did, you need to expose them Negress? As a blackman, i don’t trust other men, and never will. They will never stop their wickedness…Bottomline!!!

    The Black House…Where Black Life Begins
    Sistas, I Love You

  15. Sista, your articles ALWAYS hit me in my anger spot, which is why I have to resort to humor in your comments section or don’t comment at all.

    At work, as always this time of year they bring on a lot of seasonal workers. This years for the first time they have mostly women and those women are 99% Black women. I have not seen a bigger collection of self-hating people in my entire life on this our planet. I am embarrassed for most of these women as they have no idea how ridiculous they look or are powerless to do better. The matted weavers, tight clothes, neck tattoos, gold teeth and drama have left me wanting the woman to described even more. I have taken a vow to never bee with anything other than a Black woman and that woman would have to be natural in hair and attitude.

    The Black women they have brought in are clueless to how beautiful they are. They are not looking use to men wanting them for anything other than sperm collector and they carry themselves in such away. No matter how innocent I or another Black male try’s to start up a conversation with said women, it’s always interpreted as a come on. NO SISTA, I WAS JUST CURIOUS AS HOW YOU WERE TODAY.

    The worst for me is the weaves and the wigs and bad wigs and weaves. I would rather be with a Black woman who’s head is as smooth as newborn’s ass than to mess around with that mess that a lot of them sit on top of their heads. Please, your hair is beautiful if you would leave it alone. Let it grow and get to know it, there is nothing better than taking your fingers and play in your natural hair. Ask any Black person with natural hair how fun that is and how good it feels. It’s the best, your hair has a life of it’s own with left alone. It’s so versatile……….never mind I’m off topic and preaching to the choir.

    Thank you sis.

  16. larissa on said:

    To all: Why do people freak out when you dare to say that black women are GORGEOUS? Even BLACK PEOPLE. Why do people gets so mad and are so affected by those who deviate from the norm or the status quo? Even when it has NO BEARING whatsoever on their lives? Why do they get so angry? Start yelling? Calling names? I understand everyone likes what they like, but why scream and shout when you don’t agree? How does me saying that black women are gorgeous affect you in any way? I just don’t, I can’t even, I don’t, I just,

  17. Ty

    That was beautiful, sir.

  18. blackmystory on said:

    Interesting you mention about the half breed love or lack of for their African roots. Lat year I was talking to one, and mentioned her being African and she lit me up for assuming that she would embrace that part of her. It was totally uncalled for, but I was patient in checking her motive. I thanked her for her comment and dipped. Upon further investigation, I found out she was fucking one of the skankiest of Yurugu’s children, plus she was getting so much perks above other qualified knee-grow women, management had to step in and shut shit down. Now this dude she was screwing, was so whorish, even his own kind often comment negatively on him. It became more interesting that when I purposely avoid her, she goes out of her way yo talk to me, but I am polite, because of my status at work as supervisor, I have to be careful of a scorned woman making up shit because her feelings was hurt (not so much out of fear, but didn’t need the long drawn out bull shit that i would’ve had to deal with). But this is a skank that is so bad she would say that because of her long hair the clients love her most.

    This just shows that the mixed up ones are truly mixed up. Though not as mixed up as knee-grows who don’t love themselves.

  19. It seems that when I post my pictures, Yurugu takes them down or erases them from my site. Soon I predict my blog will get suspended.

  20. mary burrell on said:

    Coal black and the sebben dwarfs. REALLY? Merrie Melodies was so racist.

  21. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Diary of a Lost Girl by Kola Boof, 2007, page 368

    “Listen to your mother when I tell you two bitter truths: #1-White people hate blacks because they fear and envy color…and #2-People of Color hate blacks, because they’re desperate to get away from the origin of their color. Everybody hates blacks—because God is black.
    And the black scholar is right when he whines that race is a social construct. So is beauty. But color is not a social construct
    And nothing in the world matters more than color and “the proof” that grows from the scalps of God’s children. The black man is conquered by having him continually kill the image of his own mother, thereby diluting his manhood and preventing his rebirth
    The whitest womb is placed on top, even by the niggerstock–and the Blackest womb is buried six feet under. Or to invert the opening sentence from Toni Morrison’s “Paradise”–”They shoot the blackest girl first“. All other wombs fall somewhere in between”

  22. Yes Larissa – BLACK women ARE the Creme de la Creme!

    Those that get angry at this fact are just following their sick/diseased/mental-colonization (whiteness) programming/conditioning.

    Some of these angry black souls are now on the road to recovery/awakening. All is not lost. There’s hope…

    Be at peace.

  23. Miss Mary

    Merrie Melodies had Nazi cartoons in full swing in the 40’s.

  24. Excellent! This explains a lot.

  25. if you want to destroy a nation first you attack the mother, the way you know you are have been successful is when the sons of that nation help you.

  26. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    For the power structure of the world to continue with Whites and other non Blacks on top, the people with the Black skin like that of the eternal darkness that dominates the universe, the people with wooly twisted hair like the stars of the heavens, the originals, must be kept in a perpetual state of confusion and disarray. A dependent child like state. If we ever decide that we want to wake up, a new world will come into existence. But we have to make a decision before we disappear through war, disease and breeding with others. We have to find a way to make sure the Black woman does not give her womb away and the Black man does not give his seed away. The numbers are increasing everyday.

  27. JensenJay on said:

    I agree, alot with what she’s saying, what about you??

  28. mary burrell on said:

    @Jensen Jay; I like that video. Clear and to the point in describing our people’s dilemma. That sister had some good points.

  29. blackmystory on said:

    I will just say I disagree with this video without going into too deep a detail. She acts like many knee-grow women who solely blames the man for the problem, totally overlooking the effort the government and feminism puts into deliberately replacing the male with he female as head, voice and face of the community. In fact my latest post touches on this. In the end, BOTH of us contribution negatively to the problem. The knee-grow female needs to let the male evolve into a man and the males have to willingly grow into manhood.

    I bet this female would describe herself as a “strong black women”, but blaming one side and not the other is not strength, it’s deflection.

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    Fear of Mother Earth: Why The Black Woman Must be Destroyed in the System of White Supremacy by Diary of a Negress

  31. Thanks for the reblog.

  32. Your welcome, thank you for your blog.

  33. seedofjapheth on said:

    I agree that black females are insulted by American society. Black women are told they are sexually undesirable. However while black women are told this women of non-black races are trying to sing like black women and they are going to tanning salons to darken their skin. Nowadays just about all white girls sing in the way that black females have traditionally sung. White females often adopt the culture of black females. Black females have always been “culture-creators” in America while non-Black females have been imitators. They try to act like black females in an effort to make themselves desirable to the black man because the black man is seen as the most sexually desirable male and in order to get this sexually desirable male they have to degrade his natural mate the black female. I think black women are beutiful and I see the injustice of society trying to degrade black women however as a white man I have to stand up for white women too and say that white women are also beutiful.

  34. seedofjapheth on said:

    I forgot to mention that black women are being given mixed messages. They are told on the one hand they are sexually undesirable but on the other hand non-black females imitate them. When trying to see what someone thinks you have to pay attention to what they do instead of what they say. What they say is only truthful if it matches what they do. What non-black females are doing is imitating black females and what they are doing indicates that they believe that black females are sexually desirable. But in order to get black men they have to make black men believe the lie that black females are not desirable and this is why they lie about black females not being desirable. If they really believed that black females weren’t sexually alluring they would not imitate black females. They imitate black females precisely because they are aware that black females are sexually alluring.

  35. Mickey on said:

    Black women are not necessarily told they are sexually undesireable. Only certain ones are sent this message (i.e. overweight/obese). The mammy stereotype is pushed to create this belief. Other Black women, if they fit a certain mold, are not sent this negative message.

    If Black women are supposedly sexually undesireable, why are they called “Hos” more than any other race of women? To be a “ho” involves some sort of sexuality.

  36. Mickey on said:

    Exactly. You do not copy what you think is unattractive.

  37. Tyrone on said:

    Thank You Queen!!!


  38. Tyrone on said:


    As black people, we should never fall into the trap of thinking all half-black/mulattos love black people. A lot of blackmen on this planet are fooling themselves. They assume their wavy-haired, caramel-complexioned child will be like them…Wrong! This is the fallacy of “The Swirl.” Whitewomen don’t care either way, they’re not trying to save whiteness. Blackmen have more to lose by fathering mixed-black children. Having beautiful brown babies with blackwomen is and always will be the primary objective. None of us should want black children to be confused about who and what they are…Bottomline! Blackmen are trying to reinvent “The Wheel.” Blackwomen and blackmen produce black people, i need to stress this to whitewomen and other non-african women. This insanity has gotten out of control. Al B. Sure is not what a blackman should look like. Stacey Dash is not what a blackwoman should look like. Don’t get it twisted, i love all black folk regardless of complexion, but, black and brown are the standard. Black men and women who don’t love their reflection are a disgrace to our race. It makes no sense for other races to love “black” more than real black people. I’m tired of pretend blackness. If folk worship “Momma Africa” so much, they need to put up or shut up…Bottomline! The Swirl in and of itself is not the problem, blackmen not loving their reflection is the problem. Women love the black male asthetic, so, they’re never gonna stop chasing after blackmen. Mixing with other women is something that should take place when the “Black Race” is at full strength. Right now, blackmen are in a violent mode instead of being in a sexual mode. Meaning, we express our love for “Nubia” sexually speaking. If this was the case, african-americans would be the majority population in the US, not white folk. Sex=Life…Sex=Health…Sex=Freedom. If a blackman does not get excited at the sight of his sistas, something is wrong. It’s not a normal pattern of conduct. Sex is the window into a blackman’s psyche. A blackwoman should be able to walk into a brotha’s abode and see themselves represented in all their splendor. It’s an ongoing process Queens!!!


  39. Tyrone on said:


    Blackmen can’t continue blaming blackwomen for all of our problems. The men of a race are supposed to ensure the safety and prosperity of the women and children…Period! No blackwoman has ever put a gun in my hand, knife, bomb, etc. Yes, blackwomen are being used by whites and others, we know that as a people. If blackmen were being the kings that god created us to be, Maury Povich and all of the other clowns would not be an issue. As blackmen, we answer to blackwomen. We’re not supposed to worry about whitewomen, asian women, liberals, conservatives, socialists, communists, etc. This is the frustrating part of the stupidity that we fail to grasp as black males. I’m tired of seeing so-called blackmen on tv yapping about some other man’s woman when we can’t even get our own house in order. As it relates to blackwomen allowing brothas to be head of the household, that has to be earned by brothas, not given. Blackwomen talk s**t about us because we’re f**king up big time. Sistas are fed up with our ish, and they should be. The violence, domestic abuse, swirlness, gayness, hiv/aids, no economic infrastructure, conflict and chaos in africa, etc. As blackmen, we must submit to our women. Why you say that Tyrone? It’s not about us brothas, our job is to keep blackwomen alive, healthy, and free from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Blackwomen are Mother Earth, Blackmen are The Sun. If our flame is extinguished, the blackwoman is no more…Universal Truth! “The Black House” is the house we need to worry about, not the other house in DC.

  40. @seedofjapheth

    In order to destroy black people, the powers that be must turn blackmen against blackwomen…Simple Logic! Most of the envy/hate that is pushed on blackwomen is driven by non-black females by and large. If blackmen love their reflection, they’re “Ass Out.”

  41. @Mickey

    The blackmen in hip-hop who disrespect blackwomen are “Tools.” They don’t love black people, if they did, they would not allow some whiteman in a suit in LA and NY to force them into degrading their Momma…Bottomline!


  42. @seedofjapheth

    Yes, it’s always been about sex and access. Blackmen are pawns in a big game, many of us have yet to realize it.


  43. seedofjapheth on said:

    I haven’t been able to figure out why the powers that be are trying to destroy the black race. Have you come up with any theories on why the black race is being targetted for destruction by the system?

  44. JensenJay on said:

    I agree. love what she had to say about us as a people. we really need to come together and FIGHT this FIGHT!! because we (blacks) are at war with the evil that be.

  45. JensenJay on said:

    I really dont care who’s to blame.i just want us black people back together as one.damn everybody’else!!

  46. JensenJay on said:

    Right on point!!

  47. JensenJay on said:

    What do ya’ll think about him??

  48. Jensen

    He’s 100% correct.

  49. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Thank You

  50. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    This is a post from Freshmouthgoddess on tumblr:


    “I cling to black women on here like a life raft

    when you live in world that hates the very sight of your , your skin your hair. when your own people hate the very sight of your skin and your hair. i need need daily affirmation from other fierce black women. I’m not a monstrous thing. i am beauty. my dark skin is beauty my nappy hair is beauty. between racialized anti black misogyny and anti blackness around the world. I come on here for courage to fight/ survive another day. I’m beauty, we are all beautiful and no one can tell me different. I wish i had know sooner. I wish i had met , gotten into this space sooner. you allow/ teach to me to love myself fiercely , to not let go of this love no matter what the “black community” say, no matter what anti black people say , no matter what white supremacy and all the other from of anti black supremacy say. you teach me that my dark skin, nappy hair, nose , whatever part of my black self that people hate that well it’s beautiful. so beautiful and i wish more than anything i could teach, show it to black girls and black women all over the world. more than anything I wish i could show them how valued they are , how pretty, how perfect .”

    Driving down the self esteem of black women and spreading racialized misogyny is one way of destroying black women and by extension all black people.

  51. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ larissa…girl, are you kidding me?! Your father’s partner (I’m assuming his girlfriend) said that to you? Ooh, that burns me up!

    I am of mixed race (black/white) with VERY kinky hair and people have made some extremely derogatory racist comments about my hair. It is sad that this woman has a Black mother and yet she still said something so horrible, but I guess it shows that no one who has been tainted by white supremacy can truly escape the madness.

    Have you told your father what she said? Our hair is definitely NOT sh*t (feces)…it is a beautiful crown passed down to us by our ancestors and it is the most unique type of hair in the world because Black people are the original people. That woman should be ashamed of herself.

  52. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ blackmystory…I agree. I will admit that there was a time when I probably would have been blind to this woman’s beauty, simply looking at her picture. That is what happens when the mind has been trained to see only one type of beauty (white or at least not black).

    Now I see something immensely powerful in her stare, her full lips slightly parted, her skin that looks like rich cocoa…she is blessed with a beauty that can’t be denied. Sure, some non-black women are beautiful but their beauty often lacks depth. This woman is simply natural with her African features. There is nothing contrived about her image.

  53. Cinnamondiva on said:

    I disagree, Brotha Tyrone…most of us “mulattos” (as you put it) are VERY conscious of our Black roots and we care about our people. Of course there are some who don’t, but I wouldn’t be so quick to say that we are all against Black people.

  54. Cinnamondiva on said:

    Sometimes I think Kola Boof is certifiably nuts, but there is a lot of truth in what she says.

  55. Cinnamondiva on said:

    I agree with Mickey…I believe that a “desirable” Black woman (according to stereotypes) can fall into several camps.

    A. The girl who might be “too dark” (in the eyes of the color-struck) but who makes up for it by being voluptuous, having a nice shape, and acting out sexually

    B. The Halle Berry/Beyonce/Vanessa Williams type with caramel skin and a certain “crossover” appeal

    C. The refined, thin, educated Black woman with long hair (she doesn’t have to be light-skinned but it wouldn’t hurt) who is upper-middle class

    D. The “exotic” video vixen type who is either biracial or very fair-skinned with killer curves, dancing around in skimpy bikinis

    But I’ve noticed that these types are often viewed as “sexy”; not necessarily beautiful or glamorous, unless you count Halle and Beyonce.

    I think Black women are often slapped with the “ho” label because sexuality is feared in all women, but Black women have never been placed on a pedestal the way WW and other women have. Some white women are considered sluts and they protest this (remember the Slutwalk), but they are still somewhat protected generally in a way that most Black girls/women aren’t. So being called a “ho” doesn’t necessarily mean that one is appealing or attractive, it’s just a way of belittling a woman for her sexuality, whether perceived or actual.

    And I just had an epiphany, looking at the image of Sara Baartman above…this poor woman was objectified and mocked for her anatomy. I doubt that the white people saw beauty when they looked at her. And like the sexuality of Black people, this Black woman’s physique was exploited and twisted into something ugly. Look at the Mandingo/Black buck stereotype for Black men. I wonder if this is part of where it all started, viewing Black women as “ho’s” because of certain characteristics. To me, it is more about a desire to subjugate Black women than seeing us as desirable, although I guess there can be both.

    It seems to be about killing the spirit of a Black woman, more than anything…call her features ugly, make her sexuality animalistic/crude, take away all that makes her beautiful and worthy and pure.

  56. Cinnamondiva on said:

    I’m inclined to agree, but I also think they imitate Black women out of mockery. I’ve heard some of them make comments about how ugly they think we are, our “bad” hair, etc. They still know that their whiteness is equated with beauty in a racist society. They know that Black features are rarely appreciated on a Black or mixed woman, but when they copy us it’s like they reinvented the damn wheel.

    And this statement is the truth…”in order to get Black men, they have to make Black men believe the lie that Black females are not desirable”. Amen! I think that some of the non-black females who pursue Black men believe in the myth of their superior beauty/femininity, but they also operate according to stereotypes. Since many of them often hear that most Black men like a woman with curves and booty, they either run to the surgeon or they make a point of talking about their “thickness” if there is a Black man around, even if they weigh 300 lbs. or they have a wide flat butt. And heaven forbid they actually get a Black man…you can’t tell them nothing. That simply reinforces the notion in their minds that no matter what, they are at the top of the totem pole.

    Some of them will make fun of a Black woman’s hair because they think their own Caucasian hair is better…but they will turn around and try to do “ethnic” styles. They call us “ghetto” but they try to emulate our soulful music, our sexy walks, and in the case of Black women with golden-brown skin, the white girls try to copy that too, although some of them claim they’re trying to look “Brazilian”.

    Some Black women try to emulate white women too, but I believe this is for a completely different reason…they identify with the oppressor on some level and it is also a way to survive in a society that is hostile to Black people. Whereas the white women enjoy the privileges that come with being white, but they also get to try on the looks of Black and brown women without actually being one of us.

  57. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Kathleen Cross wrote and article attempting to explain some of Kola’s behavior:


    Most black women that speak truth get called nuts or in my case a cancer.

  58. In sub-Saharan Africa, I read a few years ago about the Janjaweed, a group of Arabs who call themselves “Red” in regards to skin color, raping and purposely impregnating Black women and girls while killing off the Black men and boys. Their purpose was to create a mixed race group of Black/Arab children that will be a little lighter skinned than the previous generation of Sudanese people and in the mean time, kill off the remaining Blacks. Their aim was extermination of the Black Sudanese people.

  59. JensenJay on said:

    Thanks! I agree with him all the way.

  60. JensenJay on said:

    Very Nice!!

  61. @Cinnamondiva

    As a race, we’ve gotten too comfortable with the idea of half-black being on the same level as blackness. Black men and women say that their mixed children are black, how black are they? If inclined black women and men are going to bring biracial children to the fore, What benefit does the black race get out of it Diva? Blackness outside of blackness is a slippery slope for our race. It’s bad enuf that confused negros are playing mind games, now, blackwomen feel the compulsion to copy the antics of blackmen. I don’t see how that mindset moves our race forward. No disrespect to you and other mulattos on this blog, we need to pump the brakes on all of this before we drive off the cliff. We’re doing things backwards. I understand your point Diva, but, mulattos on both sides of the fence need to make it plain as it relates to their loyalty to our race. We don’t need anymore Stacey Dash types playing us. She wants blackmen to support her, yet, has never been with a blackman relationship wise…3 white husbands. If there’s no loyalty, don’t fake it. Halle Berry has a daughter with a whiteman, and she says that her child is black. Mulatto women need to check that, Seriously! She chose the other side, she needs to stay on that side. Diva, black folk who support IR relationships need to let go of the One Drop Rule. A black couple is 2 black people, not one sista/brotha and somebody else…Stop Playing! I don’t see the point of jumping into bed with other folk, and trying to be a pseudo black couple at the same time. Do we love blackness…Yes or No? Diva, Negress, do both of you have black mothers or fathers? Why i ask? If a blackwoman has a child with a non-black man, can she claim the child to be black based on the One Drop Rule? Sistas are falling into the same trap as blackmen, basing their interaction with other men on the fact that their child may be black enuf to pass, which is a mistake in my opinion. What the f**k are we trying to accomplish with all of this black people? Of Course, i want the planet to look like us, but this is not the best way to achieve that goal at this time.

    The Black Eagles…Black From Birth

  62. @Mickey

    Blackwomen know better…All men not of african origin are suspect


  63. mary burrell on said:

    @The ALchemist; That excellent. Love your thoughts on Black women’s struggle.

  64. Tyrone

    We have both failed each other. Black men and women used to look out for each other. Now we only care about ourselves. Time for the Blame Game to end.

  65. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    @mary burrell

    Those thoughts came from the head of freshmouthgoddess. I can’t take credit.


  66. larissa on said:

    @Cinammondiva I am only just reading your comment thanks for the support.
    I don’t plan on telling my father because it is unlikely that he will believe me. I tried telling him worse things that she said to me, and he replied, ”I’ve known her for eight years, I don’t think she can be decent to me and not decent to you.” I’ve accepted that my dad will probably never take my side, however I tried to confront her and she said she never wants to hear from me ever again. Therefore we are no longer speaking.

  67. She is stunning. I wear my natural hair proudly and yet my White classmates look like they re scared of me for some reason. I don’t know why.

  68. Thank God for Black men like you who love and respect Black women! I am glad happy to hear about Black men like you. As a young, Black woman, I hear way too many Black men say they dislike Black women and disrespect them.

    I wish you could tell this to my fourteen year old brother. He is really brainwashed by the media

  69. Well said, we are beautiful.


  71. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 on said:

    Reblogged this on TheOriginalBlackWoman13.

  72. Omay Farlane on said:

    Thank you so much for this information.

  73. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    So true.

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