Observations of an Invisible Woman


Alligator hunting was very profitable in the 1800-1900’s. The skins were used to make shoes, bags belts and other items. White alligator hunters often lost their arms and sometimes their lives during their night hunts as they tried to attract alligators to the surface of the swampy waters. Instead of risking themselves they decided to use black slave babies as bait.

This horrendous act was later characterized in sheet music, post cards and figurines. Years later, a candy manufacturer created a popular advertisement that featured a hungry looking alligator leering at a bug-eyed black baby. The ad read: “A dainty little morsel”. For decades the popular candy was referred to as “nigger babies”. The name was later shortened to “Nibs” to avoid controversy and is still on the market today.

Since learning the power of White Word Play, I’ve realized that the white mind is far sicker and more twisted than we realize. NIBS aka Nigger Babies, is just one of the many ways the white mind must justify and openly mock its cruelty of the African, which, of course leads to our accepted destruction. The European has been telling us for 5 centuries and counting how he/she feels about us.

When will we listen?

Let me ask you a simple question. If a black chef/candy-maker/cook/baker made a flambe dish called “Peckerwood’s on Fire”, what do you think the response would be?

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30 thoughts on “NIBS

  1. I also once heard that the dish “Pigs in a Blanket” was originally called “Niggers in a Blanket”.

    As for the Black babies as alligator bait, I thought that was just a sick joke that Whites came up with to sell advertisements. I had no idea that this was actually done. SMMFH.

    How much do you want to bet that Blacks could not get away with doing this shit to their children?

  2. @ Mickey

    Last night, I had a deep conversation with one of my blogger buddies about the universe righting the wrongs. We don’t have to do anything to the European for vengeance. The European will suffer for an eternity simply for making us suffer.

    It has already begun. That’s why they are committing suicide, homicide, overdosing on painkillers and Meth, eating themselves into oblivion and having trouble reproducing.

    Sandy was a wake up call for Yurugu. More will come…for sure.

  3. moorbey on said:

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  4. soforeal on said:

    it angers me somethings when i think to myself if we don’t put a stop to their dominance who’s to say they can’t reign for another 2oo years? i swear if their is any of these devils are in the spirit realm i don’t want to go! call me crazy, but i don’t think earth is ever going to be the same because of these crazy fools, they are constantly coming up with ways to destroy us, i believe that if we don’t get it together soon they are going to hit the jackpot and come up with something that can finish the job.

  5. soforeal on said:

    “typo” sometimes

  6. @ Soforeal

    I’m doing a post on the next phase of white evils…it will be colourless, tasteless and have no smell and you’ll never see it coming.

    As for their rule…they know it’s coming to an end. Their demographics are 10% and lessening. The powers that be will be wiping them off the planet, just like they did with us, and Sandy was a cold splash of water in their faces.

    Yurugu has no spirit. That’s why they consume our flesh and melt down our melanin and ingest it. Their pineal gland is inactive so they must steal ours.

    We are carbon. Carbon is forever.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    We have NO idea the suffering our ancestors had to deal with. These evil demons are beyond redemption. May the Most High have mercy on them—I sure don’t.

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    Oh the glory of knowing American history…

  9. moorbey on said:

    Keep up the great work Sis.

  10. Thanks Prince for the video. Yes…I’ve seen this on the Holocaust museum with mammies and wet nurses.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    I never thought it was true. I thought it was just some sick racist joke. That is just horrendous. Those demonic individuals that were complicit in this monstorous activity will have their places in the fires of hell.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s a damn shame.smh

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Are those raisinets in the top photo?

  14. mary burrell on said:

    I t is a wonder how so many words come from racist references. I remember the elderly family members at Christmas time, Those bags with nuts and fruit . There was a black shelled nut i believe it was a brazil nut. One of the elders referred to them as niggerheads. Being a kid i was a bit taken aback then. Mind you these elder family members we just products of the era they grew up in and internalized the southern racist they were raised around. This is so sickning and shameful. We have much to heal from.

  15. mary burrell on said:


  16. They are the original NIBS.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Correction about the brazil nuts they called them nigger toes. I knew it was something horrible. It was a part of the body with the N- wors at the beginining. And they would be snickering, I founf=d this very disturbing even as a young child.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    I was very upset when i was typing my above comments. please forgive my typos. This post brought that memory back. I totally understand how so many black have self hate issues.

  19. blackmystory on said:

    “Peckerwood’s on Fire”, mmmm now that’s a thought! @soforeal and the rest…in military speak, collateral damage is when a bomb is dropped in the vicinity of the enemy. you hope it is a direct hit, but if not it would surely take out some “noncombatants” or civilians. If the civilians are taken out, this is collateral damage. When the earth finishes righting itself, there will be collateral damages among us. Why? Most of us refuse to get the fuck out of his kitchen, his bedroom, his boardroom, his war room, his class room, his bathroom, etc. We refuse to get from under him, becasue we have hitched our present and future to a decaying and diseased entity.

    Those who overstand, will get the hell away and practice what the Nation of Islam originally practiced (not this shit they are doing now, openning the organization to the devil). We shoud practice what the Honorable Marcus Garvey spoke of, but only a few will heed the call. Most will try to run back and snitch, for a pat on the head or on the ass.

    Sometimes it’ your homie, sometimes your family member, sometimes your lover. At the end of the day, when it comes to my survival and yours (the sell outs)…fuck you, I am taking care of me and those who know the deal. So what I am saying is don’t worry about them. If as queen recounted about the devil that let that woman’s children drown in the flood, by not giving them sanctuary is the norm, they are not worried aout you.

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  21. larissa on said:

    When you wake up you realize that they make fun of us in our faces every single day. It’s sick that you can actually still buy this stuff. Can these people even be called human?

  22. Negress,

    A lot of them were very proud of their evil acts, but divine retribution is upon their descendants, that is why they are committing suicide, homicide, overdosing on drugs, having trouble conceiving, etc.

  23. There are more words that mean something else than we probably know. The cave people are really good at injecting their sickness on ordinary things and making people worship that sickness. The one that everybody knows is Picnic. How many other words outside of what sis mentioned are we forced to give power to?

    Another really good post sista.

    If a Black chef did something like Peckerwoods on fire, he wouldn’t have to worry about white people coming after him. There are plenty bootlicking Negroes that would be more than glad to chastise him or her. We are the absentee defenders of all that’s white.

  24. John James on said:

    You must forgive all for we are not the judge and ruler of those who sin. Iit says in scripture:
    “’The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.’ (Deut 24:16)

    God Bless and love your brother Black or White, Yellow, A Jew, Christian or Muslim and you will be blessed 10 fold. Amen

  25. John

    great response. You must be white.

  26. I’ve read before that ‘they’ hide a lot in movies and when I think about their future, I always think about the I am Legend movie and the many post apocalypse ‘zombie’ or living dead movies they love to make. I just think it’s simple: albinos cannot survive in natural settings. The only way this is possible is in manufactured, artificial settings, like zoos or labs. Black people have been puttering around this earth for millions of years, while white skin has only been around 6000-12000 years–that’s a blink of any eye on the evolutionary time line. The only way life can continue for them as is is if they maintain this ass backward ‘experiment’–and the ONLY way they can do that is with OUR complicity and tacit approval. We ultimately keep this madness going. I know it sounds simplistic but I think it’s so true. It’s like we are pacing a cell that isn’t even locked. Societies maintain order by social contract—if citizens do not feel that contract is legitimate and is instead unjust and anti-thetical to their basic interests–then those citizens, in my opinion,have not only a right, but an obligation, to rise up against that system(isn’t that in the Declaration of Independence?) The question is: what will the tipping point be & how many of us will be lost or sacrificed for the species to move forward?

  27. Oh yeah, once I read the story about mary turner, nothing they do EVER surprises me. Not 1 damn thing.

  28. I’m not christian so I think that’s some bullshat. GOD made me and he didn’t create me to be dehumanized, mistreated or denigrated. I am miffed at how Jesus is portrayed (to black people) as this meek, submissive, docile being, who loved all and saw no need for justice–hell, he was a JUSTICE seeker! A rabble rouser and if that wasn’t so (if he actually even existed, cuz that’s another story), then whites (the romans) would have co-opted or hired him, NOT crucified him. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m in damn good company. So if you want to love someone who is as we speak plotting your death and destruction, so that he may survive-go right ahead. Amen ra..you forget that part. Another theft from black people that goes unacknowledged.

  29. Dave Peterson on said:

    Growing up, a white kid in Montana, and still by some freak of fate, being white I of course have entirely different experiences than most. One difference is in the definition of what term Nigger Babies Candy referred to. In our local Ben Franklin store next to the cinnamon bears, during the fifties, were located a box of other penny candy. This penny candy was black and shaped like a small baby and was labeled Nigger Babies. So, when you bought them, you were actually eating them, not nibs, but candy that looked like babies. Even at a young age I found that rather appalling.

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