Observations of an Invisible Woman

It’s A Shell

A shell company, also known as a “front” organization, is any entity set up by and controlled by another organization, such as intelligence agenciesorganized crime groups, banned organizations, religious or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations. Front organizations can act for the parent group without the actions being attributed to the parent group.

J Edgar Hoover used many shell organizations and spies to infiltrate black communities and groups. These spies, usually black like us, worked as teachers, doctors, community organizers and were our neighbours and “friends”.

Why am I telling you this?

Jah, in His infinite power, gave me a vision last night about a certain individual that is perhaps “not one of us.” Of course, I will not reveal names but this person often reads and comments on my blog. Since I began this quest to end white supremacy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m being watched…very closely. According to Hoover, black women were the most “dangerous” in upsetting the delicate balance of lies that this country is built on, runs on and will be destroyed on. The black female, in her power, can organize groups, give hope and strength to her people and give birth to the next “Black Messiah”…all of which will end white rule.

Since I’ve already seen how the story ends in my visions, I have one thing to say to the “shell” that reads my blog and other black blogs that tell raw truth:


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42 thoughts on “It’s A Shell

  1. Maybe you should reveal a name.

  2. She’s talking about me. That’s cool, my cover maybe blown, but there are a lot more behind me to take up the slack. You Negroes will never learn will you? This is not for you, never has been, never will be. If I were any of you, I would toss in the towel, go get a white man or woman, settle down and shut up. But you won’t do that will you? You wanna be uppity like someone is watching OR cares. There are ten niggers behind every nigger that would cut your throat for a sandwich and pair of sneakers. So go ahead with your fancy little blog and high class phraseology and see how far you get. Most nigger can’t make it to stop sign in front of their house without looking back, so now it’s your turn sista. And any of you other wise ass nigger who got some ideas, go ahead, got something for you as well.

    This was just an exercise in on the spot creative writing. THIS IN MEANS WAS MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. THE HOST HAD NO IDEA I WOULD DO THIS.

    Thank you sista for another fine article and you know, let them chips fall where them chips may.

  3. No. he/she knows who they are. And now they know that I know.

  4. Anytime a black person reaches a level of social “awareness” where they begin to percieve into the “deep” they will become a target.

    Keep teaching Negress…

    Your blog is the sh!t and your readership will only grow.

  5. Oh snaps.. I just noticed I posted twice…

    Well, my point still stands.

  6. These blogs are monitored. All of them are.

    I use to work at AT&T and they had a department that was specifically set up to monitor blogs. When I did my tour they took us through it. If AT&T does it, you know many other people do it as well. CIA, FBI, Stormfront, etc. Doesn’t matter who, they ALL do it.

    I have alerts set up in google. Everytime a topic of my interest gets crawled by google I am sent an alert. I am sure there are those who have alerts set up for “Black Empowerment, Black Supremacy, White Supremacy, Black theology, Black Power, Black Social Consciousness, etc.” to keep them informed of who the “hell raisers” (shall we say) are and where they are.

  7. Jesus

    You’re crazy, ain’t ya?

  8. Boss

    Let them watch. Let them listen and spy. They can’t stop what’s coming. Stormfront is a shell company by the way. So is southern poverty law. They are zionists “Jews” posing as concerned southerners.

    Let the fuckers watch. Fuck them.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    I have often wondered if my employer or anyone for that matter could see if someone was watching what i was reading. Damn BIG BROTHER really is watching.

  10. I must say, this is my favorite blog. Black folk like you remind me that I am not crazy. Keep speaking truth to power sista!!

  11. Miss Mary

    Your cell phone is a GPS so the government knows where you are at all times. Google, Facebook and the blue bird…twitter I think, is run by Zionists.

    They know what you read, look at and download.

  12. Mk82

    If you’re crazy, I don’t wanna know what I am.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Why can’t we have some place for our people to talk about our issues that affect us? And why do whites care about what we talk about? We should have our own forums to talk about our stuff. But that’s naieve of me. Hoover was spying on Martin Luther King and probably Malcolm X. I’ve learned that anytime blacks are trying to get liberated the powers that be, whoever they are want to spy and destroy the efforts of the people trying to get free.

  14. Well…

    I’m here for the same reason I’m anywhere on the blogosphere: curiosity. I like to get outside my accustomed circle of thought and expose myself to different attitudes and ideas. It’s a healthy mental habit, to ward off provincialism. I certainly hope that the occasional comment I drop doesn’t come across as spying.

  15. It's Me! on said:

    @ Mary

    Hey Mary.. For some reason I typed about two paragraphs to you and it is not showing but I wanted you to know you are correct when you mention that the powers that be don’t want blacks to have a place of our own to discuss our issues. They are forever “curious” as to what we could be saying and it for some reason is a threat to them.

  16. It's Me! on said:


    I can’t believe you blocked my comments. Wow. I am in no way working for the “white man”. You’ve given yourself over to Paranoia or you want a blog where everyone agrees blindly with you. Either way that is the same thing that Stormfront does. I struggle living within the system of white supremacy the same way you do. I have “STRUGGLED” negress in my life dealing with whites. So why on earth do you think “I” am working for the CIA or someone?

    Not cool…

  17. It's Me! on said:

    Everyone my blog is “terribleboss”. You can check it out and read “my story”. I will forever keep it real..


  18. Oooh this is JUICY! We got cointelpro in here???!

  19. Boss/it’s me

    I did not block you at all. Your comments are visible. I put certain words into moderation to keep this blog from becoming too x rated but I’ve never blocked you….


  20. Besides from custom moderation, if someone posts more than two links by default their message goes to moderation.

    You may have sent numerous links so your post was blocked. No reason to jump up and down. 🙂

  21. Though I do have to admit that you’re running around and posting while saying you are blocked is kind of funny.

  22. The FBI is serious business and can assassinate a person very quickly.

    Yet we shouldn’t forget what “cointel” means and what in fact should be done in the event of knowing of an infiltrator.

    Though really I don’t know to what degree this should be an open conversation. And unfortunately with the reality of the FBI’s access, I do not know to what degree a private conversation can be had.

  23. Meek de'Mentor on said:

    First… I LOVE IT! Second… there is NO SUCH THING as “privacy”…… when you turn your a$$ up to screw in your very own beds–they can zoom in and count your a$$ hairs…….. period!

    So… just say what you say… do what you do… and, stand firm in it. The worst thing for some is “death”——–for me… I say, phuck it—I’ll haunt your azz–your mom and your kids afterward……… TRY ME. 🙂

    And, with that………… POWER 2 YOU Sis…….. and, keep it coming! I haven’t had a chance yet–but, I will be checking out more of your blog–4sure.

    Also… if you are active on FB–I would like to know how to connect… or, you can send me a request under Sis Tamieka Helen (Kijiji Mwezi) and, also check out http://www.facebook.com/earthofafrika or http://www.facebook.com/sunzofafrika

    Again… would love to connect wit’cha!


  24. soforeal on said:

    alright, alright you got me, damn!!!

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  26. Onitaset

    Nothing is private in the White AmeriKlan Regime. Our own people will be more than happy to sell us down the river for some McDonald’s.

    No amount of assassinations will stop the change/ shift from occuring.

  27. Matari

    Thanks for the video. I’ll watch it but I already know that the white man will stoop to new lows to keep his power over us.

    All government agencies employ “the war on terror” aka the “war on black people.”

  28. @Negress

    All black bloggers that speak truth to power are being monitored. This is why the powers that be want to control “The Net.” Recently, i’ve heard some chatter about the UN passing a charter or treaty that would allow nation-states to monitor(control) the net with impunity. As you stated Negress, the black female is a bigger threat, Why? Strong blackmen love strong blackwomen, and will fight to the death to protect them. Others know this reality, thus, seek to divide and conquer.


  29. Ty

    Let them control it. Marcus Garvey rounded up thousands of us without the web.

  30. Actually, he rounded up 15 million without the web.

  31. Negress,

    The fact that terribleboss, it’s me, shingling, etc. is trying to get us to come to her/his blog site tells me one thing…JEALOUSY!

  32. It’s deja vu all over again. No matter how many times you try, there’s always one turd that just will not flush! If we can’t freely express themselves, as others do without intimidation, then what in the hell are we supposed to do? Become automatons? Go back to slavery? If anything, the cat has been let out of the bag, with this fear of just letting people be free to be humane, communicative and social. Afterwards, that’s the reason why they call it social media. And if Black people ain’t free, then nobody’s free, because the system of racism, like any other system, is unsustainable. Nothing lasts forever!

  33. Emile

    If tomorrow morning we went back to slavery, whites would finally exhale.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    Just keep doing your thing. It wont stop the TRUTH from coming out. I can’t stand these cowards though. But I’m not losing any sleep over the BEAST watching me. I keep it moving.

  35. Boom!! That’s right. lol..but interestingly enough, I have also read the allegation that ACLU is a CIA front organization. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I think Anonymous is a ruse..those white boys are exactly the type they HIRE, not harass.

  36. If you’re crazy, I don’t wanna know what I am.

    We are the SANE ones, that’s why they fear our kind. The sheeple & kool-aid drinkers make their jobs easy. They actually gotta do some work with us or at least pay some lowly dumb shill to do it for them. But crazy? Naw, we live in a crazy, flucked up ass-backwards world.

  37. The more things change…during slavery whites sent black people to spy on other blacks during gatherings.. .they have always been paranoid about insurrections and rightly have that whole ‘king herrod’ syndrome going. When you unceremoniously & constantly prey on people, you SHOULD have to look over your shoulder all the time. And you mentioned MLK & Malcolm, hell, you didn’t even have to be that prominent to be spied on: I remember seeing the film about late actress Beah Richards & it was noted that an FBI file was opened up on her simply b/c she wrote a damn poem that was deemed inflammatory & ‘extremist’…a POEM. You know you are dealing with extreme psychosis when certain beings feel not only do they have the right to oppress and brutalize people but they actually get offended when their victims have the audacity to protest said mal-treatment!

  38. OMG, you sound like me…I have a list of old crusty ass white men whom I’ve promised myself my ghost is gonna unceremoniously hound/harass back over to Hades if I’m killed by the CIA/FBI. lol…they’ll be having news broadcasts wondering why certain elite family lines have all decided to off themselves..that’ll be my ass… haunting the HELL outta of em…lol..

  39. My guess is they just want us to suffer in silence. Take tha shit they dole out with nary a word or whimper. Don’t think so. Ain’t in me. And slavery at this juncture? Naw. I will forever resist this grossly unjust system.

  40. …and, I SERIOUSLY mean that ish!!! LOL Just call me the MEEKA-REEPA!!!

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