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Things Are Rarely What They Seem to Be


He was a Spy Betrayed by Barack Obama: Elmo’s Secret Connection to the Petraeus Sex Scandal and the Benghazi Cover-up

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) works hard to bring you, our readers, the stories and information that you cannot find anywhere else. In the four years since our founding, we have had the good fortune to bring you candid interviews with such public figures as Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson and Pat Buchanan. Some of our greatest coups have involved exclusive interviews with such personalities as Racism,Whiteness, and Glenn Beck’s ill-fated Blackboard. And of course, the one and only Brother X-Squared made his Internet debut on our site.We always strive to bring you the truth–through any means necessary–here at WARNNN. Bill the Lizard, one of our investigative reporters, has uncovered new information about the Petraeus CIA scandal.The connections run deep from the White House, to PBS, the CIA, and to the State Department. The Petraeus sex scandal and cover-up are just one part of a many tentacled tale of deceit, corruption, violence, and murder.


Correlation is causation. News junkies also know that a pattern of events means that they must all be related and connected to each other in some way. To deny these facts is to deny reality.

The liberal media has been conspiring to suppress the truth about the Obama Administration’s cover up of the events in Benghazi, Libya where several months ago an American consulate was overrun, and the ambassador, along with several other people, was killed. While Fox News and the brave patriots on the Internet have been the only voices willing to tell the American people the truth about Libya, events have continued to develop and spin out of control. Several days ago, Iran tried to shoot down an American drone which was on a peaceful mission in international waters. Now, the (recently resigned) head of the CIA is embroiled in a scandal which reaches to the top levels of the Pentagon, the FBI, and Congress.

The Obama administration, just as they did with the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, the rampant corruption with Obama’s energy “czars,” and the failed company Solyndra, is desperately manipulating events and suppressing information in order to protect their own public image. Obama was able to hide the truth about the Libya debacle and Iran’s attack on a United States’ research drone so that he could get re-elected and defeat Mitt Romney.

Obama revealed his true nature during the election when he used voter suppression tactics and a concerted campaign of lies and character assassination against the Republican challenger in order to maintain his illegitimate hold on the White House. Now, Obama is making sure that all of the parties connected to the Libya disaster and his various other foreign policy failures are removed from play.

Apparently, the much beloved Sesame Street character known as Elmo, has for many years, been an off the books contract agent for the CIA. In much the same way that the State Department issues diplomatic credentials as cover for CIA operatives, Elmo was able to use his position with PBS, and as a worldwide ambassador to children, in order to hide in plain sight.

This granted Elmo access to dangerous locales in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia. Like Chuck Barris, the host of the 1960s hit TV show The Dating Game, Elmo was tasked with overseeing “direct action” missions and covert operations. He was also renowned within the intelligence community for his skill as an assassin.

As Bill the Lizard told WARNNN, the 2012 election campaign was very upsetting for Elmo. “The smear campaign by Romney and half-truths of the Big Bird attacks hit Elmo hard. Realizing that he could be washed up and homeless by November 2012, Elmo starts spiraling out of control.”

Elmo has deep connections with Barack Obama and is rumored to talk to him on a daily basis. Elmo is also close to the First Ladyand has been a guest at numerous White House functions. Along with Al Sharpton and others members of Obama’s informal “kitchen cabinet,” Elmo is one of the President’s closest advisors.

While Elmo has many tens of millions of dollars, like many covert operatives, he has lived a self-destructive lifestyle–one afflicted by drug use and alcoholism. Tragically, many of Elmo’s missions put him at great risk of falling prey to his demons.

For example, Elmo was dispatched by Obama to hush up the Fast and Furious Scandal where he was tasked with being the president’s personal emissary to the Mexican drug cartels. Obama even joked about this fact when he mentioned Elmo in a campaign stump speech.

The cartels became suspicious of Obama’s intentions and Elmo’s real mission. According to Bill the Lizard:

“The Mexican cartels are now sitting on a fortune of American dollars thanks to Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious schemes. Emboldened, they manage to contact their Islamo-Fascist Socialist Muslim mole in Hillary Clinton’s office. The mole tells them that the FBI is now tracking Elmo’s movements, and that they need to ditch him or risk exposure. They left Elmo in the middle of the desert to die.”

Elmo escaped and eventually made his way back to the United States. Elmo is an adrenaline junkie and was always looking for action. He traveled to Europe and then the Middle East. According to an anonymous source with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Elmo developed some actionable information on weapons trafficking between Sudan and Hamas.

He then took a vacation in Syria where he helped develop the arms pipeline between the anti-Assad rebels and Turkey. “Elmo was always one step ahead. He helped the Syrian rebels take out some of the key leadership targets in Assad’s government. Those daring raids on the Syrian airbases by the rebels? That was all Elmo. He is a true professional, modest, a quiet warrior…an amazing level of tactical proficiency,” according to the same source with the Mossad.

However, Elmo was still seething with quiet rage about howSesame Street had been politicized, and his perception that Obama was willing to use the show as a political pawn against Romney. Elmo then returns to Europe as part of a tour of military bases where he performs in two shows a day for the children who live there, as well as in nearby communities.

At some point during the tour, Elmo is asked to bring in his own group of operatives to work with the CIA in Libya. Obama and Petraeus are concerned about Al-Qaeda and if the “MANPADS”–man portable surface to air missiles–which were now sitting, unguarded, in the armories of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi would be used by terrorists. Elmo initially refused because this was a “boring” mission and one not suited for his unique talents.

As discovered by Bill the Lizard and WARNNN, Elmo reportedly told one of his contacts in the MI6, the famed British intelligence agency, that “hunting down old missiles is something for the Rangers or maybe even the SEALs to do, my man Obama shouldn’t be wasting my time.”

Elmo had repeatedly warned President Obama and General Petraeus that there was a plan to attack the American consulate in Benghazi. The Libyans knew that the consulate hosted a secret CIA listening station and prison. Elmo had secretly been investigating those leads in Benghazi and had planned on “neutralizing” the terror cell. He was told directly by both the President and Petraeus to back off because they did not want a “diplomatic incident.” This move further angered and upset Elmo.

When the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi began, Elmo was initially part of the CIA quick reaction team dispatched to the scene. He was waved off by the CIA officer in command on the ground. As the fighting continued and a team of Delta Force commandos was finally dispatched from the United States, Elmo personally contacted General Petraeus and Obama via a direct connection through a satellite phone. At this point, Elmo had moved his own personal team of contractors into position. He was demanding that Obama authorize airstrikes on the crowd. As Fox News and others have correctly reported, Obama watched the events unfold on the ground and did nothing. The consulate was burning and the ambassador was dead.

In a final moment of frustration, Elmo ordered his men to open fire on the crowd and to spare no one. The President told Elmo directly that “if he attacked the protesters then he would be written off as a traitor and that the Delta team would be ordered to hunt down Elmo, his personal operatives, and to destroy the safe houses that he had built around the world.”

This moment is the beginning of an embarrassing scandal that the world, and the American people, have now been witness to in recent days.

Bill the Lizard discovered that at this point, “Elmo now considered the U.S.A. his enemy. Ironically, the attacks on the Libyan embassy emboldened and inspired him. He is convinced that he needs to destabilize the US government.”

The United States government is a house of cards, one where corruption and greed are more important than patriotism and personal loyalty. Elmo is convinced that Obama and Petraeus, for their own twisted reasons, wanted the Benghazi embassy destroyed. Obama’s refusal to describe the attacks in Libya, and the murder of Ambassador Stevens as “terrorism,” further enrages Elmo. He wants to return the country back to its “traditional values.”

“First, Elmo ‘outs’ General Petraeus, by hacking into his email address and pretending to be Paula Broadwell. Then, he moves to destroy General John Allen’s career by sending inappropriate messages to Jill Kelley.”

Inspired by Wikileaks and the new James Bond movie, Elmo was apparently on the verge of publicly exposing Obama’s connections with the New Black Panther Party, Hamas, and his aiding and abetting of Muslim infiltration in the United States government, when Petraeus and the President retaliated.

“Elmo’s past catches up with him, and he’s accused of ‘inappropriate sexual contact’ with a teenager back in the States. This alerts INTERPOL, and they start a world-wide mobilization to hunt him down.”

Obama and his henchmen do not want Elmo to testify before Congress or to leak any information to the news media. The liberal media will bury the story; Fox News and the patriot media will make sure the American people know about Obama’s crimes against the Constitution.

Where is Elmo now? Bill the Lizard has been told by contacts close to Elmo that he “is now on the run, moving from country to country, trying to stay one step ahead of international police. He’s considered extremely dangerous. Elmo has many friends around the world and he is gambling that one of his former employers will offer him sanctuary.”

If President Obama has any sense of decency, or personal loyalty, he will let Elmo live in the shadows. Given this administration’s propensity for violence and deception, Elmo will likely be “disappeared,” spirited off to some gulag or secret prison where he cannot tell his tale.

I copied this from We are Respectable Negroes. If this is true, and I never doubt the power of Evil aka CointelPro, we need to reevaluate everything we know, see and hear.

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20 thoughts on “Things Are Rarely What They Seem to Be

  1. WTF??!! Is this a joke?

  2. Marius

    It would appear no. I do not subscribe to the idiot box aka tel-lie-vision so I’m not shocked by any of this.

    Spies are everywhere…in your neighbourhood, job, doctors office, post office and all around us.

  3. ALCHEMIST on said:

    This part of the article,

    “Inspired by Wikileaks and the new James Bond movie, Elmo was apparently on the verge of publicly exposing Obama’s connections with the New Black Panther Party, Hamas, and his aiding and abetting of Muslim infiltration in the United States government, when Petraeus and the President retaliated.”

    sounds like a favorite part of the paranoid far right narrative. This narrative includes the belief that Obama is a secret muslim and was born in Kenya. Muslims has as much right to work for the Fed Gov as anyone else. Their presence does not constitute a takeover.

    If they are really talking about the Elmo from SS then they are pushing the boundaries of legitimate conspiracy and straying into the land of lunacy.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    We Are Respectable Negroes News Network is a great blog! I haven’t checked out that blog in awhile. I heard about Chief BE-Tray Us and his affair but not about the Elmo connection.lol That sounds crazy at first but you stranger things have happened. I need to do some research on this case.

  5. @Negress

    All of this is too juicy to be believable, but it’s real ya’ll. 4 dead americans in Benghazi, Obama blames it on a YouTube video that nobody has seen, the director of the CIA gets caught up with a PYT who is also married, an american general in Afghanistan is accused of fawning over a married woman who contacted an FBI agent who sent her shirtless e-mails…America The Beautiful! Meanwhile, 32 police officers are killed in Kenya over a dispute between 2 tribes about cattle over the weekend, No S**t! Negress, the world is f**ked up right now, Seriously! Black folk, Be More Careful?


  6. @Kushite

    Lord, Save Us? Elmo, doing bad things, Yeah? All the weird brothers on See-Sa-Me Skreet? Sistas, turn the volume down? Spongebob might be sideways too. Yes, the idiot box on steroids.


  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear you.lol But to be honest,I’ve actually caught a few “gay” references on Sponge Bob a few times. They’re real slick with it.I don’t watch it but my nephews used to when they were younger. I think some of the adult humor went over their heads. But I still don’t think it was really appropriate. As a matter of fact,I never really cared for Family Guy,King Of The Hill or Cleveland Show. I never been a big fan of over the top “gross out” humor.

  8. Pingback: Things Are Rarely What They Seem to Be « diaryofanegress « Innerstanding Isness

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    We need to be watching those damned SMURFS! Living together in a socialistic COMMUNE by a leader in a RED hat. I’m just sayin’…..

  10. Sister, with due respect this may be only parody. Elmo is literally, literally a puppet. The very first sentence after the introduction hinted to the ridiculousness of the article: “Correlation is causation.” Correlation is not causation.

  11. To all:

    This may be a parody, and I mean maybe, but I’ll take things with a grain of salt now. Stranger things have happened with the united states govt. Like spies posing as schoolteachers, bus drivers, etc.

    I’ll have to read up on this more myself.

  12. I started out lost and ended up dizzy. I still don’t know where I am.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    HAHA!!!!! This is HILARIOUS! LULZ

  14. The thing I find interesting and funny about The Petraeus sex scandal,is that nowadays not even a U.S. 4 star general AND head of the freaking C.I.A can kept an adulterous affair secret nor be allowed to kept his job once its found out.

    A Point a lot people either miss or have not mentioned is evolution is a continuous and ongoing process , its inevitable that as the sapien species population grows and expands ,nations rise and then merge , the new world order is about the rule of law globally.
    And no one is above or below the Law.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    On a more serious note. If Petraeus was over the Central Intelligence why couldn’t he be smart enough to keep the affair a secret?

  16. Miss Mary

    Perhaps the powers that be leaked his affair on purpose? Things that are hidden are made public for a reason.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Well Sister the word of God sayss What’s done in the dark comes to the light. The season for his debauchery was just over. Yes his covert antics needed to be exposed.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    The v-jayjay is a powerful thing. It brings down powerful men and heads of state. Causing them to loose their minds.

  19. Today it’s Elmo, Tomorrow it’s Big Bird, then Cookie Monster, then Grover or super Grover, then Kermit the Frog, then Mr. Snuffleupagus, then Count Von Count…

  20. @ Ynotme

    hehehehehe….you never know….

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