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The Secret Link Between Depression, Smoking and Asthma

Asthma and African Americans: {copied from CDC}
  • In 2010, almost 4,500,000 non-Hispanic Blacks reported that they currently have asthma.
  • African Americans were 30% more likely to have asthma than non-Hispanic Whites, in 2010.
  • In 2009, African Americans were three times more likely to die from asthma related causes than the White population.
  • From 2003-2005, African American children had a death rate 7 times that of non-Hispanic White children.
  • African Americans had asthma-related emergency room visits 4.5 times more often than Whites in 2004.
  • Black children are 3.6 times more likely to visit the emergency department for asthma, as compared to non-Hispanic White children.
  • Children in poor families are more likely to ever have been diagnosed with asthma.
  • While all of the causes of asthma remain unclear (yeah, right), children exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke exposure are at increased risk for acute lower respiratory tract infections, such as asthma, and children living below or near the poverty level are more likely to have high blood cotinine levels, a breakdown product of nicotine, than children living in higher income families.


What’s that, Truthbetold?

Cotinine is an alkaloid found in tobacco. The word cotinine is an anagram for nicotine:

C O T I N I N E 

N I C O T I N E 

…and has been sold to us under the brand name of Scotine, an anti-depressant!

Both major depression and depressive symptoms are associated with a high rate of nicotine dependence, and a history of major depression has an adverse impact on smoking cessation. The main objective of this study was to investigate whether continuous ingestion of nicotine affects indices of depressive behavior in the laboratory rat.

{source: depressionguide.com}

B-b-but…wait a minute! You mean to tell me that doctors are prescribing you drugs to get you hooked on nicotine under the guise of treating your depression symptoms? Yes. That’s exactly what it means.

Cigarettes have been cleverly marketed to our community since…forever:

Big Tobacco used to give them away for free in our neighbourhoods! Our community is dying, literally, from some form of mental illness, like depression, and we rely on our doctors to prescribe us medications, like Prozac, Zoloft and Welbutrin that will help us…not get us hooked on nicotine or other substances. This vicious cycle leads us down a desperate path with no one we can truly trust. It’s herbal remedy time.

For asthma, you can take:


Hot Strong coffee


Parsley (my brother will be thrilled!)

For depression, you can take:

St. John’s Wort

Ginkgo Biloba


Natural Sunlight, yes…it really works

And, if you are suffering from depression, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM WHITE SUGAR!


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19 thoughts on “The Secret Link Between Depression, Smoking and Asthma

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  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve never smoked in my life. It’s never been appealing to me. And it gives you bad skin and ages you badly.

  3. – African Americans were 30% more likely to have asthma than non-Hispanic Whites, in 2010.

    – In 2009, African Americans were three times more likely to die from asthma related causes than the White population.


    It’s also interesting to note in whose communities toxic waste is collected, stored, processed and buried – versus the communities where hazardous materials/waste/toxins are NOT. There is a direct correlation related to the higher incidences of asthma …

    Brothers and Sisters – there’s a lot of benefit in gaining greater knowledge of the POWERFUL medicinal properties of MANY herbs and natural foods… i.e. fresh garlic!

    Also worth learning about are the many uses of:

    Baking Soda
    Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade)
    White Distilled Vinegar
    Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw Unfiltered)

  4. Matari

    Since the day that blacks will have no access to Big Pharma and doctors is soon approaching, I’m working on multiple posts on herbal medicines.

    It will be my continuous effort to ween us off of white people’s medicines.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    I appreciate the health post. But we still have be careful with herbs, They can cause allergic reactions that are sometimes deadly. But I do appreciate the information nonetheless.

  6. AFROlatino on said:

    hi everyone, i have been getting very useful information form these website, and i thank the beautiful black woman who created it. today i made my decision to stop trying to help the black community in my country and whereever i have the chance to travel.

    some people just dont want to be helped, they mistreat eachother just because of stupid things like light vs dark skin, country of origin, money, clothes, etc.

    they dont give a f…k about getting better and making their communities a better place to live, they hate their blackness give a hard time to those of us who love ourselves and refuse to feel inferior, so for now i will just work on myself and my family members.


  7. Afrolatino

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are black people out there who are happy to love their slave masters.

    I am not one of them

    I am a field negress who fights every day not to channel nat Turner. Many blacks won’t be saved and after care ful consideration, that’s not a bad thing.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    Cigarettes make your breath and clothes and hair stink. Cigarrettes just stink bottom line.

  9. @Matari

    The list is very insightful…Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, and White Vinegar are a necessity in the abodes of all black people. As time goes on, we will realize that health and nutrition is just as important as the other issues we champion. If we’re dead or ill, there is nothing to fight for…Universal Truth!


  10. @AFROlatino

    Acknowledgement is the first step. I feel your frustration and anger. Our spanish sistas and brothas are just now coming to grips with their twisted reality. Racism is just as pervasive, but, many afrolatinos are still in denial about what’s going on. It’s not gonna change overnight, this folk need to understand. You’re a member of this blog, so, you’re on the right track. Serve as a bridge between black-americans, caribbean-blacks, and spanish-blacks as well. We haven’t forgotten about ya’ll. There is a lot of anger involved,but, the love is still there. I talk smack about afrolatinos a lot, just being upfront about it. Our race will never be whole until all of us that were kidnapped to the Americas are united in mind, body, and spirit…Hell Yeah! Afrolatino, are you a sista or brotha, what country are you from?


  11. For depression, also try chamomile tea, or a brisk three mile walk.

  12. The inspector

    Exercise is number one on my list next to sunlight.

  13. AFROlatino on said:


    I am a male, from Costa Rica. and according to wikipedia we are 1.05% of the population, however, i belive we are about 10%.

    thanks for your kind workds btw

  14. @AFROlatino

    Appreciate the feedback brotha. The other folk say that blacks are 1.05% of the population. I’m assuming they’re talking about mulattos, Yes? In the US, mulattos are seen as black. In latin-america, they are not given that distinction. As a spanish brotha, you have to understand that it’s about power. White spaniards and mestizos/indians don’t want blacks in Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and other nations to see themselves as african people. If this happens, they’re bridge to “Blackness” will be cut off. They don’t want that to happen, especially non-black men. As long as they have sexual access to negras y mulattas, they can experience blackness in other form. As i tell other blacks, sex is the genesis for a lot of the bs that black folk deal with on this planet, and always will be. How do spanish blacks release the chains upon them? Access to technology and computers, and education is the key. Education in latin-america has always been racist against blacks. Our kin have never been taught the truth about who they are, let’s not forget this? Ignorance is Slavery! Brotha, i’m gonna stay in touch. We will be victorious, No Doubt!


  15. Negress,

    Thank you for yet another educational and informative post. Looking at the above statistics, I often wonder why most of us aren’t taking a pro-active approach to better health for ourselves and family. I spoke to a few of my friends and family members about eating healthier, exercising more and not to depend on synthetic prescription medications, but their Doctors are telling them that herbal medications are not safe because they aren’t FDA approved and tested.

  16. Ynotme


    Most doctors will tell you that cause they want your money. Keep trying to help those that need it the most.

    Exercise is great for depression and insomnia. Synthetic drugs are bad for your health so herbs are the way to go.

  17. thank you so much for this sis. I have no doubt that if we dig deep enough we can find a link to everything that ails us is deliberate.

    I have also come to the conclusion that help is not in any doctors office, but on the contrary. I would rather died in the woods like an a animal than to be used as a test subject. I know my depression was not born in me but is the effects of this constant bombardment of things from every which direction.

    I think ever breath we take might put us one more second closer to our own death. That may be a little extreme, but it’s almost how I feel.

    You are very right that the truly best thing for depression is exercise and if nothing else we must avoid white sugar. It really sends your emotions in a tailspin. See what happens to children when they are given a steady diet of colored, sweet fluids. Any parent that gives it’s offspring something like Hawaiian Punch needs to have that child taken away until such a time as they prove themselves sane.

  18. Jamila Foxhoven on said:

    depression symptoms can be very debilitating to a person suffering from it. exercise can really help in alleviating the some of the signs of depression.*

    Our very own web site
    <a href=" http://www.foodsupplemendigest.com/ginger-tea-benefits/

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