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More Random Hatred From My Fans

Here you go folks.. Apparently, I hit a nerve with the Black with Envy Post.

What a sickness you have. You are ugly, your hair is like an animal your lips look like someone just punched you in the mouth, you are ugly, it has absolutely nothing to do with white people other than they are the ones you envy so much that you hate them for being what you are not. You are sick in the head sista.  It isn’t brainwashing or any other stupid shit you say, look in the mirror, you are ugly and no one but you has to live with it.  You are the missing link that has not evolved, no one likes dating monkeys who typically act more savage than while beasts do.  You need fake hair, fake nails, fake everything to resemble humans (all other races including hispanics, asians and so on) your bodies are gross, most black chicks have disgusting fat cellulite asses with dried up wrinkled prunes for breasts just like your monkey siblings. And smell, man oh man, all those products and your dirt mixed together is enough to make a nice clean man puke at the smell of you and sight of you.  Imagine, you blaming “racism” for everyone thinking you are ugly…ha get some help king kong.

Well folks…there you have it. All from the horse’s mouth. More to come I’m sure. I like the way the word “sista” was thrown in.

PS….this is what whites use in the search engine that shows up on my site:

“i’m obsessed with black man cock”

“I need bigblack dick”

“black man rape fetish”

“little nigger girls videos”

“racist whites that fuck niggers”

“white women wholove big black dick”

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70 thoughts on “More Random Hatred From My Fans

  1. I’ve seen very ignorant comments like that too.. I just overlook them. I found out long ago from looking at a lot of the racist comments on the Internet that many of these individuals are so ate up with racism it is literally driving them mad. That’s the dangerous thing about that level of hate.. They also catch the eye of the FBI who does profiles on those types of folks because usually they are very dangerous..

    Now let me say this.. A fit black woman is the absolutely most beautiful person out of all the women. Sexy beyond comparison. It was a black woman who gave birth to the original man, from which all other races have sprung forth.

    Black women have to know our worth.. It is critical. For many years now for some reason there has been an agenda to make us hate ourselves.. For some reason a socially aware, strong minded black woman is a threat to both insecure black men and the white supremacy movement.

    We have to remain strong and resilient and to the poster claiming blacks are not sexually desirable I wonder how he would explain the fact that not only is Africa the fastest growing continent, blacks in America and Europe have healthier birth rates than whites.. Our reproductive numbers are healthy whereas white reproductive numbers are declining worldwide.

    Whoever typed this message has a major problem and I’m sure every time he sees a black person, a black woman, he has to deal with his hatred.. And I pity him..

  2. Boss

    J Edgar Hoover rated black women as a level 3 in being the most dangerous in forming black organizations so I’m 100% sure I’m being watched.

    I sometimes feel sorry for white people…sorta. They are ten % of the population and decreasing rapidly. That coupled with difficulty breeding must be terrifying for them.

    I’m sure they feel most threatened by the slightest infraction. You know what? Scratch that, I don’t feel bad for them at all.

  3. darqbeauty on said:

    If you’re being watched, you know you’re telling the truth.

    On a side note, what a lovely note. I agree with you with the population decimation thing. They are a global minority and shrinking rapidly. This is not due to “western intelligence and prophylactic use” and they would have you believe. They are becoming a stagnant race. In Europe, they even PAY pale women to have children and it’s still not helping.
    It’s really sad because in order to survive, they must breed with others. But because they have such a weak and recessive genetic structure, this would be racial suicide. That’s why they have insane hatred for Black people. We can destroy them just by laying with them. To destroy US, they need chemical weapons, enslavement, genocide, the prison industrial complex, police brutality, bio engineered viruses like AIDS..and the list goes on. The original woman will always be beautiful. And there’s no neanderthal DNA thrown in to dilute the strength. Hate on haters. Hate on. 🙂

  4. These racists use the same vitriolic terms to the point of redundancy. They are childish and unimaginative.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    They are malignant tumors. They will destroyed by the cancerous poison they are filled with.

  6. Dear Sister Comrade in Truth,

    If I knew you personally, I’d strongly suggest that you focus your beautiful God given talents AWAY from racist BS such as this. I would say to you, we have collectively been assaulted with this CRAP for CENTURIES, so why should we allow any more of this type of negativity (distractions) to enter (y)our *productive* sphere (this blog)???

    We’ve known that whites are generally not for us since they began calling themselves white, and as long as they continue to believe they are WHITE, we know the deal.

    Let’s instead focus on what we need to do, HEAL ourselves, our relationships with each other. Let’s not be distracted by THEIR HATE. After all, it’s nothing new.

    Thanks for doing what you do – exceptionally well!!

  7. matari

    Thank you kindly. I’m not distracted , just amused. After all, I never go to them but they can’t seem to stay away from me.

  8. Darqbeauty

    I think about that sometimes. Whites will snap, and by snap I mean crack up to the point of no return, very soon.

    Obama election will awaken the sleeping beast and they will swoop down on us like never before.

    Preparation is key to staying alive. They know and feel that they are dying.

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    Oh, I knew what the game was when they had their children shooting Treyvon Martin target cut outs. We’ve never done a thing to these people and they hate us like it;s going out of fashion. LOL @ people who say “It’s 2012, get over the racism”.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    The Obama reelection has them frothing like rabid dogs as well.

  11. See what the fuck it is I’m talking about? I was feeling a bit guilty about my comment on this post, but I have been redeemed. You let these fucking people into your lives and this is what they say about your Black asses when your Black asses ain’t around.

    PLEASE!!!! white people send more of this, here you can send them to my site, I won’t delete a single comma. depressionmymuse.wordpress.com.

    I want my readers to see what I already know. Trifling animals.

  12. One should never feel sorry for swines and vermins. While they serve a purpose as scavengers that don’t mean we have to accept their foulness.

    That’s why I have had to moderate my site, becasue of the hatred unleashed. I love the list of internet search titles you put up. It tells the trifling knee-grows what their boss thinks about us.

  13. LOL!! Whew. That person came to your site and took precious minutes from their life to write that nonsense to you. Pitiful. This person just shown how threatened they were by what you said. Once again your points have been validated. Checkmate.

  14. @Everyone:
    How do you cope when you wake up, and realize that all your so called ”friends” are just enemies in disguise? When you realize that all along you’ve been lied to, mocked, exploited. dismissed? When you realize that you live in a world in which everyone is trying to take you down because you have melanin? Just getting out of bed has become an ordeal.

  15. Very true. My mother also said that some of these racist posts could be made or probably were made by black men.

    I think it was last year when they caught a black man writing racist hate letters to other blacks. It’s nothing more than hate and mental illness all combined into one.

    Some black men are weak. When they get hurt by a black woman some of them become very hateful like this.

    But then again there is a lot of racial hatred out there and he could have been non black too. Doesn’t matter. His hate will make his life miserable.

  16. @Darqbeauty,

    Excellent analysis!

    I would go further and even conclude that ultimately what they want is black leadership.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Janae is right it could be another black person that’s mentally ill. It’s very sick.

  18. I’m not hating on “thick” black women but “thick” does not look nice. Black women have become too comfortable with being overweight. It is not cool. We need to do more to get in shape. Black women are the heaviest women. It’s not just unpleasant to look at it is also very unhealthy.

    It’s the soul food. It’s the lazy lifestyle.

    I go jogging in my community here in Dallas and I never really see any black women out jogging. I never see them walking. I never see them at the local gym. But when I am out I do see many heavy ones.

    My suggestion to them is drink Green Tea. Eat healthier. Prepare the meals at home and stop eating out. Cut back on bread, potatoes, and fried foods. Sugary juice drinks. Learn how to prepare tasty “HEALTHY” meals.

    Get your body right.

    But no, I’m not hating on heavy black women. I am a black woman although I am fit. I am just tired of watching tv and seeing so many heavy black women.

  19. moorbey on said:

    All my sistsa’s are queenz no matter if they be large or small. Without them there could be no us.

  20. To everyone:

    I wrote this post to show those of us that are still under the illusion of “white people are our friends” what they think of us when we’re not standing in front of them. What I did not expect is us to start arguing about a moot point.

    You know, black people are addicted to drama.

    Whites know this.

    Everyone knows this…but us.

    This isn’t about skinny vs. fat.

    Let’s move on.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    “i’m obsessed with black man cock”

    “I need big black dick”

    “black man rape fetish”

    “little nigger girls videos”

    “racist whites that fuck niggers”

    “white women who love big black dick”
    Yes,I would say they’re obsessed with us. They secretly love what they can’t be. It’s almost like we give their life meaning. They can’t live without us.

  22. Negress,

    Your posts are bringing out the truth, hate, love and insecurity in a lot of folks…If I were you, I would take it as a compliment.

  23. How many of these clowns do you get in your spam? In any case they are delusional to say the least. If in doubt, ,mock the arseholes (if you are in the mood for entertainment), or delete, ban them. I think some of these loons actually patrol black oriented blogs to write things they would never dream of saying to a black person’s face. The demographics are changing down yonder in the States. You are going to see an upsurge and retrenching among the crackers down there especially the Southern ones. One only has to read the newspapers(the conservative ones mostly) to know what there loons ‘think’. I am Canadian but I have garnered thus from the little I’ve read: “It is mostly negroes, spics and other ‘cullid’ who, as a rule receive ‘handouts’, who voted for this negro”. This is of course the condensed version without the reams of superfluous bullshit, verbosity and pomposity thrown in for ‘good measure’.

    There was one broad in California who called Obama a ‘nigger’ and hopes he gets assassinated:


    Now I wouldn’t have voted for Obama as the Democrats are the American version of the Conservative party here in Canada(I usually vote for the New Democrats who are socialistic in outlook, we have free health care initiated by the New Democrats, who orchestrated this along with other social safety nets and pensions). But the filth and bile have come out down in the States, and will come out like a pustulence on these motherfuckers arses. The closeted racists will become bolder.

    Mock em’ or ignore them! I will admit that most are hilarious! Those pigs who wrote those obscence titles probably lust after, and or, are obsessed with black people. I enjoy making fun of them personally, but I am weird like that. They are too funny not to!

  24. If I was her, I would too. She’s on to something with this blog. I just can’t imagine someone being so sensitive about weight though.. If you’re heavy lose weight or get thick skin..

    Just saying…

  25. You described my thoughts exactly! Hello from Dallas, TX!

  26. blackmystory on said:

    @terribleboss, this is a good post. I have always said that African women have so much to work with and do so little with it, while Caucasian women have so little to work with yet do so much with it.

    I am glad to hear a woman express this sentiment, because when men expresses it as usual there is backlash. trust me some of us need to get our shit together, but more brothers are in the gym, them the women and that is sad, because sister seem to falling apart at a faster rate than the men.

  27. The first sign of e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y low self-esteem/self-worth is to attack someone else, in hopes of making yourself feel or look better.

    As for the obvious beauty of Black women, we’d have to create and discuss on another blog, dedicated entirely to explaining why there have been all of these imitations, augmentations, implants, etc., that derives from the Black woman’s natural, physical and wholesome beauty being used by all of these other non-Black women….and WHY these things are happening at the same time that these sort of posts are made. Don’t be fooled people. Been there, done that.

    I have lived with “thick” Black women and loved “thick” Black women all of my life and have always found them very, very attractive! I like everything about them, INCLUDING THEIR CELLULOSE!…But that’s just me, I digress…LOL!

    The psychosomatic terms used in these search engines are indicative of the type of sexualism that exists out here. Remember what Dr. Welsing taught us in “The Isis Papers” about the sexual contentions that goes between white men and white women. I thank The Creator I’ve read this book because it is simply unbelievable the amount of times that I refer to it when examining issues such as this. Thanks Dr. Welsing!!!!!It reminds me of the “casual” yet repeated references of the word “rape” as used by the Republican candidates over these past few years. What we’re they telling the public, on a subliminal level, about their attitudes in private affairs with their female family members behind closed doors? I’m not going there!…..BUT there was an awful lot of stunning silence from the wives, daughters and other female relatives of these candidates! So, what were we to assume they were talking about? At the same time, all of these attacks, denials and nasty put-downs about healthy Black female/Black male sexuality and relationships….WOW!

  28. Thank you. I never meant to “attack” anyone. In my first post I simply said “No woman is more beautiful and sexy than a fit black woman”. I didn’t know including the “Fit” in that statement would break hearts and cause tension. I do apologize. I think ALL black women are indeed beautiful, but people find it more attractive when women workout. It shows they care about their appearance. I find it more attractive to see “men” who work out. Men who are in shape. But I certainly did not mean to demean anyone.

    The thing is this.. Black women have higher rates of death due to cardiovascular disease and cancer and high blood pressure and diabetes. These are all things that we could have either controlled or prevented with proper exercise and diet. We weaken our immune systems when we eat poorly. It affects our skin, hair and self esteem. It affects how we project ourselves to the public. And last, it affects our life longevity.

    However, my apologies to anyone I offended. This is a great blog. The author has a great message. I didn’t know that one word, “fit” would cause such an issue.

    My Gawd..

    But thanks for the compliment. I do appreciate it. Seems I’m getting swamped.

  29. Counts on who you know or what you “see”. I see a lot of Sisters out jogging where I live, and they look damn good too. I dated this Black woman back in the day who was just thick-boned and naturally heavy in the hips. I told her that there wasn’t nothing with her and encouraged her to take care of her body. She was (and still is!) a very dynamic woman and had a better “six-pack” than I did! Overall, The Creator made us all exactly the way it was meant to be.

    Unique and one of a kind!

  30. I do agree that ALL black women are indeed beautiful. If you re-read my original post, I simply stated that “There is no woman more beautiful than a fit black woman”. I had no clue including the word “fit” would have created such a firestorm. It seemed like a nobrainer.

    However, be that as it may, I will never include the word “Fit” in a blog in reference to black women. I will run away from that word with a quickness. I do apologize to all who may have been offended by my use of the word “fit”. I promise I will also never use the words “exercise” or “sweat” or “jog” or “run” or “healthy” and I will never use the word “salad”.

    My apologies again.

  31. And I also promise to never EVER use the word “gym”. My apologies again to all of my beautiful nubian black sisters!

  32. Negress, I do apologize for disrupting your wonderful blog. I will from now on stay away from any words that allude to personal fitness. Please accept my apologies.

  33. Mysthical on said:

    This is sounds as if it is coming from a black person. Don’t alarm! Once smart person said something along the line of “if kkk allowed blacks to join, we would be surprised to see how many or our friends and relatives wearing white sheets.”

    What i will say is this, too many of us have lost our roots and history. We don’t need to hate whites, what we need to do is find back our Africanness, not the savagery that has replaced it on the continent, but back to when our brothers and sisters had reached their spiritual peak.

    I see youtube videos where sistas are begging white guys to talk to them because according to her, black women aren’t “hard.” According her, black women are relatively “easy.” This is embarrassing stuff. Equally, you have black men punching the black woman and tossing her off a bus to impress white america. How did things get bad so fast?

    It was one generation ago that blacks held on to each other and marched in solidarity. Was integration the catalyst to this imminent disaster? What is it we want from society? This last question has been baffling me for years. Did black women want equal rights to date white men and black men wanted equal rights to be with white women? From what i am seeing, since the dating rights has been achieved, the revolution for justice in the black community has subsided, except for a few who still struggle to fight the cause with no short of opposition from their own blacks.

  34. BTW: I like the way this turned from a “negative” issue into a “positive” dialogue about “our” health and welfare, Black women and Black men! This is one of our best defenses!

  35. blackmystory on said:

    @emile, be careful and specific when you mention “Creator made us all exactly the way it was meant to be.” only because many have taken that as an excuse to allow the body to fall apart. What you mentioned about the women you see is positive, but what sister is saying is very valid as well. What she mentions goes beyond the physical and rest in the internal, but is manifested in the physical in a way that is holistic and healthy.

    As a side note, I have been athletic for most of my life, doing combat sports, weight training and team sports and i used to love to see a women as cut as a man, until I educated myself to the point where I now overstand that if a woman as a better six pack than a man, if she is as or more shredded than a man, then she is putting herself in state where she is increasing her testosterone level for her estrogen level, which is very unhealthy. From a health point of view this affects the reproductive system and health of the woman. There is a different between being toned and being shredded. All in all this is a healthy discussion because we need to have more dialogue about this. Thanks to terribleboss for mentioning this and for queen for putting up another insightful post.

  36. Boss

    No worries. No problem.

  37. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I found this article that exposes the truth about how they really feel about black women’s bodies. This white guy interviewed the FLOTUS, touched her booty
    ( supposedly by accident) and was giddy with delight. It left me laughing.


  38. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    My comment above is not a reply to emile it was supposed to be at the end of the comment thread

  39. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    some black women have so much internalized racial misogyny that they feel free to join that racist commenter and partake in the pile on. I see black women jogging and walking every day where I live at.

  40. How is saying “Fit black women are beautiful” considered “racial misogyny” and “Internalized hatred”? Your statement couldn’t be more clueless. For the record I do believe a black women (or ANY woman) who keeps in shape and eats healthy exudes a healthy self esteem. It is also a health issue for black women as I have said before. I don’t know you but to each his own. I am entitled to my opinion. Being fit, staying in shape, eating healthy, does make one appear more attractive. It does. Women and men who let themselves go are not as attractive.

    And I am happy that the black women where you live work out. That’s great. We don’t live in the same area. I have always lived in Southern states. Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and now Texas. And these states ALL have the highest number of blacks who are considered OBESE. So I took a healthier approach to living.

    I grew up on soulfood. The real soulfood. Hogmog, fatback, chitterlings, deep fried catfish and other meats. I grew up on comfort food. When I left home at 18 and moved away to Atlanta to attend college for the first time I saw that the way I grew up eating was very unhealthy. Girls who were “thick” in GA were called “Chunky” and folks did not want to associate with them, it affected their appearance in many ways. I slimmed down and realized I felt better. I had more confidence. I liked the ways my clothes fit me and yes.. I liked the ability to walk in a mall and turn heads.

    But no offense was meant to the bigger sisters. I was just pointing out the health ramifications of having excess weight.

  41. This is not the blog for this conversation but since so many are making a big deal I called “Fit” black women beautiful I will end on this note.. How as a race of people will we ever confront the problems facing our communities if we continue to attack those people (like Bill Cosby is attacked, like any black person is attacked who calls out our weaknesses) as having internalized self hatred?

    Let’s stop attacking the messenger for once and focus on the message.

  42. To the black men on here who took exception to my pointing out that a fit black woman is attractive.. Answer this question..

    If you had your choice between two women.. one is very toned, flat stomach, looks good in “WHATEVER” she puts on and the other has a stomach that hangs over her belt, flabby arms, diabetes, high blood pressure, bad skin, and has to wear extra, extra large everything.. Which would you find more attractive?

    Nevermind don’t answer that.

  43. The thing is the same brothers on this blog who are attacking me wouldn’t even LOOK at a female who was overweight and heavy and not attractive. You wouldn’t even give her the time of day if you could have a finer female. You know you wouldn’t.

    This is hypocritical. This is just like Cornell West and Charles Barkley talking about how bad white people are when they ONLY DATE white women. It just doesn’t make sense.

  44. I don’t cope, I shead dead weight.

  45. I understand where you are coming from as far as a health standpoint, but I do not believe that Black women are the heaviest women, at least, not in America. The majority of the U.S. population is overweight and there are FAR MORE White women in the country than Black women, who only make up about 6% of the TOTAL population. By simple logic, since there are more White women than Black women, there will be more overweight White women than Black.

    My mother is a petite Black woman and I got my small stature from her, although some people believe that my small frame also comes from my French side as well.

    Here is an interesting view on why TV shows so many heavyset Black women in the media.

  46. Negress, I haven’t commented in a couple of weeks because I’ve been reading a lot.
    But I want to say to you that I find myself agreeing with you more & more.

    They can not ( and will not ) leave us alone.

  47. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I grew up eating a lot of seafood on the gulf coast, such as, gumbo, jambalaya, boiled crabs, etc. Not all black people grow up eating “classic” soul food.

    If you had stopped at saying that fit black women are attractive I wouldn’t have said anything. Unfortunately you then launched into a rant about diabetes and heart disease. Black women are tired of everyone thinking that they have the right and the knowledge to lecture us. We are bombarded with condescending lectures on our weight, hair, dispositions, facial expressions, marital status, number of children, etc. Apparently everyone thinks they know us better than we know ourselves. It has become trendy to berate, mock and ridicule black women . I get the sense that these sages of wisdom are upset with black women for having the audacity to breath air and for having been birthed into creation. Any compliment given to a black woman has to be followed up with a condescending assumption. This psychic assault that black women are under is a form of emotional abuse designed to keep us insecure and second guessing our every move and thought. When we find out voices and challenge this mistreatment we are told that we are bitter, angry, and crazy. Black women are often gas-lighted by so called allies.

  48. Alchemist, read my first post again. I “DID” stop at simply saying “fit” black women are attractive. I didn’t mention Diabetes or heart disease until I started getting attacked for simply saying the word “Fit”. The other health implications were not even on my mind when I typed my first post. I was just saying a sister who works out looks GOOD and no other woman can compare. However, because of the sensitivities of one of the other posters and her issues with her weight, she took exception to this.

    Again, I meant no offense. Black women when they keep themselves up are always the most preferred women.. Except by racists and self hating black men..

  49. i don’t even know what to say

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  51. @terribleboss

    Why do others hate (The Original Woman)? If blackwomen love themselves, like-minded blackmen will fall in line. Everything begins and ends with the female…Universal Truth! Blackwomen are the only race of women that have been taught to love and respect themselves. This is the fundamental difference between blackwomen and other women. Sistas will not bow to no one, thus, they are hated on by other women and men as well.


  52. @darqbeauty

    Whitemen are being destroyed by their own women, the same women they put on a pedestal to brainwash blackwomen into hating themselves…Irony! The election results validate your points. Ain’t enuf white folk in the country to put an all-male and all-white ticket into the White House. Blackwomen and Spanish women turned out big for Obama, thus, canceling out the votes of whitemen and whitewomen as well. Blackwomen built this country into the nation that it is, and whitewomen have decimated it just as fast. This should be a lesson for blackmen. Whitemen didn’t get right with blackwomen on this planet, and as a result, all that they accrued by way of blackwomen is slipping thru their fingers. I noticed all the commercials with blackwomen in them last week, Now? Honestly, it’s too late for all of the brown-nosing…the damage is already done.


  53. @Kushite Prince

    They know it’s done done…A Wrap! A man that can’t reproduce himself will die…Universal Truth! No guns, knives, bombs, or tanks. We destroy them with a strong mind, strong back, and a strong d**k…Global Eros!


  54. Kushite Prince on said:

    So true!lol I feel you on that!

  55. @Negress

    Don’t feel bad Queen. If you do wrong, you gotta pay the price.


  56. @terribleboss

    Self-Love is the first step. Once blackwomen know the greatness in themselves, then, they can focus on the asthetics of blackness. Personally, i like curvy sistas. That being said, black folk as a whole need to eat healthier and exercise…Ditto!


  57. @Negress

    Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s hard to put her back in. The mathematics don’t add up…10% of world population and shrinking. The enemy within is who we need to worry about sista.


  58. @emile

    Blackwomen are not slaves anymore, and a lot of folk on this planet are not happy about it. When the powers that be had control over the bodies of blackwomen, they were living high on the hog. Today, they don’t have it like that anymore. The sexuality of blackwomen was used to produce more black children and white children as well…Mulatto Females. During the heyday of slavery and colonization, whitemen used the wombs of blackwomen to increase their own numbers…Commodification! The black female body represented wealth and prosperity in the psyche of white males, thus, they’ve always sought to control and exploit blackwomen. It’s always been about sistas, whitewomen are a distraction…Peep Game!


  59. @Mysthical

    The MTV Generation at work. If we’re gonna defeat the bs, we have to know the real enemy. MTV and Viacom have always pushed whitewashed blacks to the masses. Again, turn off the idiot box black people?


  60. The mere fact that someone would find it ok to share these feelings in writing, particularly on the internet, is appalling. They have utterly disrespected themselves and gave a perfect example as to why the Black girl grows into “The Angry Black Woman” questioning her beauty and value. This hatred and destructive message must be annihilated by the example of beautiful, intelligent Black woman to put an end to the perpetuation of such thoughts.

  61. @Truthbetold, would you say that white Americans are significantly more racists than Europeans, or just less subtle?

  62. @ Leanna

    All whites, regardless of country of origin, are highly brainwashed to be racists. Do not be fooled by the “openness” of Eurasians. They may marry us a bit more openly but that doesn’t change their core beliefs of superiority.

  63. thnx that makes sense, after all, white Americans are descendants of Europeans, so the superiority mindset must also be a European thing. I’m in the UK and having trouble dealing with racist teachers at university, in fact I think one of them will soon cross the line and start harassing me. The funny thing is my Dad refused to send me to USA because he said they are too racist, but at the end of the day, they are all the same.

  64. @camaal365

    Others hating blackwomen will always exist, that’s out of our control. Blackmen hating their black sisters is a problem, blackwomen hating themselves is a problem. We should not waste time worrying about the feelings and opinions of others…Irrelevant! As Negress has stated, a lot of people in positions of power want to keep black women and men divided. That’s what all this bs is about sista. As blackmen, we need to realize that other men want blackwomen. We fall into the trap so easily, paying attention to what we see on the Idiot-Box is a grave error. Whatever we witness in the culture is the opposite of reality, think about it sistas?


  65. @Negress

    Yep, it’s pretty much the same. Regardless of how much african blood Eurasians may have, the protocol is the same. Who are Eurasians? Arabs, Persians, Turks, and so forth. Central Asia is the correct term, not the Middle East. In a nutshell, white people who don’t consider themselves white. They are the most problematic out of all whites. White people who think they’re black is a waste of time and annoying all in one, i have little patience for this group of whites.


  66. So basically everything you write about whites also applies to non American whites?

  67. That’s a solid word Ty. If only men in general thought and expressed these thoughts as you have.


  68. Use a spy camera. There are companies that produce pen-sized cameras and microphones for less than $50 American. Catch him in the act, then take it to his superiors.

  69. G Wiz. Looks like they might enjoy a dose of Monte Maddox: “What The Hell Is Wrong With Black Women”

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