Observations of an Invisible Woman

Black With Envy

Are White Women Mutilating Themselves Trying to Look Black? An Analysis
By Xavier James { thank you Mr. James for a great article }
I’ve spoken to a lot of black women who had been accused (not by me of course) of trying to look white. Although the majority of them denied the allegation, the majority of them also attributed these changes to the latest style or fashion trend. But in hindsight they were directly or subconsciously imitating what white society dictated to be the standard of beauty. You’ll be surprised what people will do to belong, to get ahead or simply survive. For centuries now, black women have felt pressured to meet a European standard of beauty, style and etiquette. And for the most part black women imitated their white counterparts as a way of coping or dealing with the rigors of the white ruling class placing their white woman and anything she wore, said or did above anything else. After so much of her own culture and style was withheld, shamed or beaten out of her the only thing the black woman could do is imitate her oppressors. In doing so the black woman soon found more and more doors opening up for her.
However, beneath the black woman’s European dresses, blond hair weave, designer make-up and green contact lenses was her uniquely chiseled lips, hips, breasts and buttocks They hadn’t changed. And white women never let them forget that for a second. They teased, taunted and psychologically tormented black women so much about their non- European, non-white features and darker complexions, that some black women began bleaching their skin, getting nose jobs and starving themselves half to death hoping to lose their big, round unacceptable buttocks. These are the same Europeans who in 1810 kidnapped an African woman (Sarah Bartmaan), put her in a cage naked, and traveled around the country making fun of her big butt, lips and skin. These are the same white folks who put Ota Benga in a cage inside the Bronx Zoo to make fun of his African features as well. Then with the unilateral help of white men controlling the media (movies, television, magazines and newspapers) the lilly white image of the thin white woman was practically deified around the world but especially throughout America……UNTIL NOW!
 Beautiful images of black women began to surface and before long black women began to see themselves through their own eyes. They realized that they too were beautiful; their hair, their eyes, their noses, their lips, and their hips were perfect. Once the vale had been removed the world wanted, needed to see more. People began to look at the world around them through their own eyes instead of through the skewed blue eyes of those trying to create an alternate reality. As the world began to see more and more black women, the more they wanted to see. Big lips and big hips were all the rage. The same media that was used to degrade black women(and men) suddenly found itself in a battle to control the public thirst for more.  But they couldn’t. The women who were once worshiped by every culture and race on the planet as goddesses, were back!

White women, feeling left out and rejected, complained to their male counterparts about all the attention they were giving black women, so they of course had to come up with a plausible solution. First, to prove they were not self absorbed or materialistic, white women went out and adopted as many black babies as they could get their hands on. That would prove to the world they could be better mothers to black children then black mothers themselves could be; without the post traumatic stress that came from slavery or segregation. It was cool, trendy and attention grabbing but then the novelty wore off and they were back to square one.

Secondly, They needed to look the part. The collective subconscious mind of White women realized they weren’t just competing with black women but the onslaught of Latino women as well. Latino women were coming out of the woodwork and being lauded and applauded as the next big thing. And these Latino women came with their own lips and hips to boot. They weren’t just maids and housekeepers they were mistresses and lovers. And white men were once again sneaking out to the maids quarters- as they use to do to the slave quarters, to sleep with the hired help. In order to win back the attention of not just their white men but black men as well, white women were forced to take more extreme measures.
Tan in a can flew off the shelves. Tanning salons were booked to capacity. And you couldn’t find an empty spot on the beach where a white woman wasn’t lying there, baking in the sun, trying to get darker. Collagen became the latest craze, then Botox the greatest thing since high heels. And now butt lifts are the norm and injections are an everyday outpatient occurrence around the country. White women no longer want the flat, pancake rear ends their momma use to have, no they want the new, round, black behind; and they’ll do anything to get it. White women are getting breasts on credit and Brazilian butt lifts in the back of  shady doctor’s offices as some would be nurse administers anesthesia while looking out for the cops.

I haven’t seen a white woman on television in years with her own lips or breasts. They all look like black lip wanna bees, cartoon-ish, animated versions of real lips. The same full luscious lips white folks teased and tormented black folks for having, white women are disfiguring themselves to obtain. And now white men are describing their bigger lips as “pouty.”  And the ones that are disfigured; “trout pouts” and “duck lips.” The increase in failed medical procedures extend to Botox and botched butt-lifts. That’s right; White women are dying for black butts. Butt infections are rampant; followed by discoloration and lumps that require corrective surgery. White women are paying unlicensed providers then bending over and getting injected with substances that aren’t even meant to go inside the human body. Why? Because THEY DON’T WANT A FLAT BUTT ANYMORE! In Russia only 1 out of 4 plastic surgery procedures are successful, leaving thousands of women scarred or disfigured. American statistics are not as high but thousands die from complications none the less.
Is it self esteem, fad or overindulgence that’s fueling this self image debacle? Thousands of women mutilating themselves trying to look like something other then what they are. After seeing Lisa Rinna’s lips why would any white women still take a chance on a procedure that could leave them looking like Donatella  Versace? What’s been fueling this obsession?
Could it be the white male collective pushing white women to such drastic measures? I did a history check and found out that white men have always went to the black woman for anything of substance. When he needed his clothes ironed, he got the black woman to do it.

When he needed his house cleaned, he got the black woman to do it. When he needed his food cooked it was the black woman who fed him. The black woman even pulled out her breast and fed his children while his white wife watched. Who’s bed was he sneaking off to get into as soon as his white wife was asleep? That’s right;  the black woman.  Arnold Schwarzeneggerand Strom Thurmond are perfect examples of that. White males own and run the media. They drive the train of popular thought that creates the reality most people live in.  Could they be the architects driving this subconscious train  wreck of white female mutilations? Are they trying to make white women into the black women of their dreams? If we are to subscribe to the Freudian school of thought then the answer would be an absolute “yes.”  I laughed when I read the Psychology Today article claiming black women were less attractive. I knew it was propaganda and psychological fodder to soothe angry white women.

I’ve seen documentaries detailing chemicals in the food and drinking water changing the body structure of  white women;  giving them more shapely figures. These same chemicals  make black women develop faster however white women develop differently. Where there was no shape in the vast majority of white women ten or twenty years ago, white women are now sporting thicker, more developed bodies.
A 65 year old white woman pulled up next to me at the light the other day. Her lips were so swollen and disfigured that I thought she’d been beaten up. “Botox” my girl nudged me. I knew those weren’t her regular lips because the crows feet (wrinkles) around her eyes and mouth exposed her age. She looked animated; disfigured. And why would this old woman disfigure herself trying to get a pair of black lips? That’s when I remember what my grandma said; “black don’t crack.” But more importantly she (they) white women collectively have always wanted thick, juicy lips and child bearing hips. But since they couldn’t have them, they tormented black women because they did. That’s how envy works.
 Envy (also called invidiousness) is best defined as an emotion that “occurs when a person lacks another’s (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.  –Wikipedia
Only medical science and technology has allowed this generation of white women to achieve what their parent’s could only dream of; having black features. But at what cost? And is their new, more ethnic features going to change the way they view themselves or is the solution a lot more complex then mere cosmetic surgery? I’ve noticed Hollywood has been hiring a lot of white actresses with these new and improved features and giving them roles black women should be playing. White Beauty pageant contestants are poppin’ up everywhere with these new ‘pouty’ lips. Magazines are featuring more and more white women with defined curves, and less with the old ironing board behinds; making it difficult to immediately determine what their nationality really is.
Are white women becoming the new black women and should black women be concerned?
Is it a complement to black women? Or is the aim to replicate and replace black women? Are white women stealing these black features in an attempt to maintain their white superiority status?
It’s too bad Sarah Bartmaan can’t be here to see this. Oh, and that brings me back to my original question:
Rapper Ice T went out and found a white woman and literally tried to turn her black. He changed her breasts, put implants in her butt, botox in her lips, sometimes corn rolls in her hair and demands that she maintains a deep, dark tan.

Although completely void of talent, white men (and some Negroes) constantly praise and adore Kim Kardashian for nothing more then going out and getting black features.

Can you imagine having to kiss those lips?

White women are now risking their lives to look like the black women they’ve historically 
taunted and oppressed?

…And the mutilation continues

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109 thoughts on “Black With Envy

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That is the perfect definition of butt ugly. “Damn” But they want to look down on us. But you want to look like the people you have derision for. Does that make any sense?

  2. In the white mind…yes.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Xavier James is the truth. I will be checking him out. Thanks sister for this post.

  4. You’re welcome Miss Mary.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    This is my final and last comment but I think it’s sad that we black women don’t trust and love what the Creator Father God gave us. We allowed the euoropean whites to brainwash us into thinking their beauty was the standard to how we should mold ourselves. Looking at the photos above, How is that beautiful? That looks so unnatutral. They hate us yet you highjack our body parts and even lay in tanning salons and do unnatural things. This is making me crazy. I still say we need to just start a movement like in the 70’s. Black is beautiful. To all the confused black folks “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” (drops mic)

  6. Mickey on said:

    But the funny thing is that if you look at Hollyweird’s White actresses in the past, they actually had bodies that mirrored WOC. Marilyn Monroe was snow white and she had a shapely body. Jane Russell, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and a many others had bodies similar to Black women and they were the shit back in the day.

    And as for that Psychology Today article that claimed that Black women were the least attractive, it also said that Black men were the most attractive. How can women of the same race be the least attractive and the men of the same race the most attractive when, in theory, men & women of the same race look alike? If one is ugly, so is the other; if one is good-looking, so is the other. But I heard that it caused a firestorm and the person responsible for the article (a self-hating Japanese man) was ripped a new one. Obviously, he did not get the message – you don’t copy what you think is ugly. Plus, not to sound racist, but I don’t exactly see anyone copying Japanese women, do you?

    In addition, I think this needs a repost of this gem from Paul Mooney for those who haven’t seen it.

  7. Tyrone on said:


    The White Female Beauty Myth is the greatest lie ever told to humankind. The blackwoman is the “Original Woman.” First Born has the blueprint, let’s not forget this black people. The black female is as close to human perfection as any human being can ever be. The racial makeup of the planet reflects that…North Africa, Southern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Pacific Rim, Americas. The common link between all of them…Blackwomen! Whites have always obsessed over black beauty, but have never wanted to acknowledge their true desires. In comes the (White Creole Female), women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are examples of creole women in white form. Elizabeth Taylor is one of the top 5 finest whitewomen ever to grace this planet. And her mixed blood was the genesis of her beauty. Most attractive white females are on the darker side of the color spectrum, No Accident! As we all know, the truth will always shine thru. Seeing that whitemen have a desire for Nubian women, whitewomen know that they have to keep pace…curling their hair, widening their noses, puffing up their lips, breast implants, butt implants, botox, spray-tanning, etc. Blackwomen are born with all of the cosmetic procedures whitewomen have to pay for. It’s A Blackwoman’s World. Sistas run the show, always have, always will. The blackwoman is coming into her own. She’s a beautiful creation!!!

    Sista Lovers

  8. moorbey on said:

    $ some of us Black never Stopped Being Beautiful. Stopwearing the fake and be thyself a Queen. YT can not compete with ur beauty in in any form or fashion.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. People tend to hate what they can’t be.

  10. Ms. J. on said:

    Great article!!
    Well, this is why Dr. Marimba Ani called them Yurugu. They’re always searching for something to satisfy themselves but are never content. And they have us following that pattern because many of us wouldn’t mind looking white. This just goes to show how the system breeds widespread falseness. You have to wear makeup, weave, body implants, etc. to look and be seen as beautiful. We need a better standard.

  11. blackmystory on said:

    @Mickey during the European’s second darkest age, Caucasian women were lauded for their plumpness because the earlier men saw them as either a breeder, a wife (not necessarily the same and a jump off) but his love was for the young male. The trend towards the stick figure started with twiggy, the british model that made Caucasian males get in touch with their inner Caligula. that’s why the fashion industry and in extension the movie and music industry promotes mysegany or homosexuality under the guise of cross dressing, metrosexuals and the newest non specific gender look. Yurugu’s daughter is now flummoxed, because she has tried joining in lynchings, murder, giving up the punnany to entrap us for the cause and has done every available freakish thing her partner has demanded, even lesbianism…to no avail. So this is the latest attention grabbing effort to remain relevant in a world controlled by Caucasian males.

    This a nice post queen, though I would say not all of us are coming home as yet, but those who have have been representing hard.

    Queen i propose you and I open up a tanning salon in some north city and pimp them hoes the same way the asians open up nail and hair shops in our neighbourhood. We can finance our revolution from there.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    @blackmystory; HAHAHA! That sounds like a plan. Exactly open up a tanning salon and get rich off of the enemy.

  13. @ blackmystory

    Hehehe….good plan. Do you think the government will give us loans?

  14. blackmystory on said:

    For the life o me I don’t see how that hasn’t been done before…and that includes me. Capitalism at its finest. As for the loans, we can spin it as a psychological aid to prevent suicide by those who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, or as ewe folks call them, attention whores. Being that I work in a particular field, these are evidenced by the strident need to to shout me!me!me!…and doesn’t that explain the whole kardashian bullshit?

    We’ll let the government know that we will endeavour to rebalance the “white family structure” as they have become a “minority” and as such deserve their fair share of hand up and hand outs. Damn! I’m starting to convince myself, lol!

  15. Mickey on said:

    Well, one has to be careful. In the movie “Good Hair”, Al Sharpton asked where do Blacks go to set up shop and sell a certain race of people things that only they use? Only Whites use tanning salons. It makes sense if Black people opened up tanning salons in White areas. The question is, would they allow you to open up shop or would they shoot you on site?

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  17. Mickey,

    If we opened a tanning shop in a white neighbourhood, whites would never go for it. We already have what they want so envy would come into play. Only other whites can sell white people “blackness.”

  18. This goes to show you that whites hate themselves and are never satisfied.

  19. I got quite a fright looking at those broads!!!

  20. blackmystory on said:

    Almost lost my lunch too, and this is comming from a man that has seen, some real messy visuals and messed up human conditions in my line of work.

  21. In my mind it’s a little more sinister than that. It’s not a matter of making them more attractive, it’s making them more sexualised. It’s not a coincidence what attributes happen to be seen as sexualised.

    It’s very popular amongst certain white women to get cosmetic surgery to make themselves look “exotic”…only not too exotic.

  22. @DOAN,

    This one time i was watching Good Morning America before work and that style person came out to talk about the Fall trends..

    She was showing some necklace that she described as “tribal” and explained that it was from Africa…so after she showed these “fashions” she then said “this is for any woman who wants that exotic look”…

    I have never heard African women describe their clothing, jewelry or look as “exotic”.

  23. @ Phoebes

    LOL! Me either. What does exotic mean exactly?

  24. That’s because they want to look a bit non-White, but not too non-White to the point where they begin losing their White privilege. Being plain ol’ White becomes boring to some of them. But you’d best believe that if you asked them “Do you have Black/Asian/Indian/etc. in your family?”, they’d be quick to say no.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    Well you can’t have it both damn ways. I’m starting to believe that whites are just confused. They don’t know what they want to be. Just nuts. Plain nuts.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    I understand exotic to mean from another country or foreign culture. But in fashion it means they want something very different or unusual. I’m sure African women don’t subscribe to this foolisness from white europeans standard of beauty and their way of dress. Whites are always trying to flip the script. They are not very authentic.

  27. @Mary Burrell

    As black people, we have to remember that whitemen put their women on a pedestal as a tool to brainwash us. In other words, white females were a means to an end. Whitemen can’t claim to love their women when they were criss-crossing the globe raping the women of other races. Does that make any sense, Mary?


  28. What does exotic mean exactly?

    It means you aren’t ‘white’.

  29. @blackmystory

    As you correctly stated, whitewomen with curves were the standard for most of european history until the middle part of the 20th century. What changed? I have no idea what caused whitemen to covet toothpick ivory females. They put pressure on their women to be skin and bones, which is unnatural. It’s no accident that curvy or plump whitewomen chase after blackmen more so than other women in their race. The insanity of all this, is that, whitemen have pushed untold numbers of their women into the arms of blackmen because of their weight and body type. Is that normal sistas and brothas? So, any white female with hips and ass thinks she has to fall into the arms of blackmen by default…Kim & Khloe K. Both are picked on by whitemen for being curvy. Are they being gay or just picky? As a rule, you value all the women of your tribe, regardless of body type. It’s racial suicide at the end of the day. Blackmen are supposed to keep it 100 with sistas, but it’s hard to turn down women that are pushed into our arms by other men…Insane! This is a tricky issue for blackmen. We love curves, however, white is still white. We leave the chunky white girls alone, or we breed them? As much as Negress and other sistas frown upon this, a certain percentage of brothas are gonna bump and grind with them…Reality! Whitewomen put Obama back in office, one of their white sisters birthed him. Whitewomen want to give it all to brothas, and on the other hand, they don’t…Contradiction!!!


  30. Tyrone said:
    Whitemen can’t claim to love their women when they were criss-crossing the globe raping the women of other races.
    I get what you are trying to say, but I think that white men love white women more than any other woman,. The fact that they raped black women does not mean that they love them. Actually, most people try to avoid raping those they love. Yes, they have always treated white women badly, but I think they love white women more because they always make sure they are more privileged than every other group of females. Think about htis. White people are so smart, cunning and have achieved so much. They control EVERYTHING. If they really loved coloured women so much, they would have found a way to be with them in much greater numbers than they currently are, and would uphold them over white women. Whenever men take over a territory, they rape the local women. Doesn’t mean they love them more than the women waiting for them back at home.

  31. Lest we forget the one aspect of this lexicon that was left out here or maybe I just missed it. Sarah Baartman a.k.a Hottentot Venus back in the early 1800’s started a whole new fashion direction with hoop dresses that tended to make the ass-less look like they had something back there. Yet and still they still call my women ugly. Please be patience with me as I am really feed up with these fucking people this week. All Black people that still wanna follow, befriend, ass kiss, sleep with, hang around, marry, etc., need to be lined up on a brick wall and put outta their misery. And this needs to be on tv for all who wanna see it and also serve as a warning to the rest of you fucking bootlicking, buck dancing, handkerchief heads who insist that racism is dead and white people are our friends. You serve no purpose but to get in the way and allow our natural born enemy insight into our working.

    All who feel this is wrong can take the next thing smoking to straight to hell.

  32. @Hunglikejesus
    The problem I have is : after a lifetime of being told I am the problem, accepting that there was never anything wrong with me in the first place.

  33. blackmystory on said:

    Nah! the males can keep all of that. Even though some of our women give me stress lines, I will ride and die with that darl matter. Up here in the great white north, the opportunity is there to roll around with the other white meat, but not only do i have children, I am a vegetarian so no gmo for me, I believe I would burn in hell if i ever fall out that way. I eat strictly Ital food…if y’all get my meaning.

  34. This is friggin madness! Do they realize how shitty they look when they try to imitate our natural God given features?

  35. One thing is for sure is these are some ugly white women. My goodness their plastic surgeon needs to be lined up against the wall and … I won’t go there but who ever he is he should definately lose his license to practice.

    My God these women look like something that should be in a Horror movie.. They could play the part without the makeup.

  36. “I propose you and I open up a tanning salon in some north city and pimp them hoes the same way the Asians open up nail and hair shops in our neighbourhood. We can finance our revolution from there.”

    Now, T-H-I-S is the type of thinking we need more of!

  37. “Exotic” is a code word for “non-white”.

  38. You’d have to think about the long-term effects of “smashing”, “sexing” or “breeding” with white women, no matter how attractive they are. If we valued the Black woman as much as we claim we do, then the white woman would automatically be out of the question. When you’re young, you feel that nobody can tell you sh*t, because you “think” you know every damn thing. I know for a fact that I would not have been giving much thought to blogs such as this, just like most Black people today. but as Dr. Welsing stated, Black people need to “start getting comfortable with being un-comfortable.”

    And a lot of Black men fall into this “hit-n-run” trap, trying to fool themselves with a slick, imagined, wishful outcome of such relationships. Truth be told, nearly all of these white women are dragging psychological problems around with them, so you never know what you are getting yourself into. Real talk! I’m from the old school. They taught, showed and explained in excruciating details what was in those pictures of hung Black men with all of the smiling, grinning white folks standing around. The pictures came from “all” over the country and not just from the southern states. Nearly most of these hangings resulted from being “accused” of looking at, threatening or raping a white woman. Have you ever heard the gritty details of Emmett Till’s actual murder and the painstaking methods used by his murderers to express their hatred and contempt of this teenager. White people are notorious for cutting off a Black man’s penis and stuffing it in his mouth, or even keeping it as a souvenir. You’ve got to admit that there’s some tightly-twisted sociopath, demonic sh*t between these peoples’ head to commit such acts willfully and consciously. He wasn’t even a fully grown man.

    Of all of the ugly, controversial and negative events that have happened over our history on this bloodied soil, the genocidal ulterior motives behind “integrated” coupling of Black people and white people; the zero-sum gains of integration and gentrification; and this bullsh*t of “post-racialism”…it just a matter of asking yourself: how much “more” hell you really want?

    The white man and the white woman are suited for each other, since both are increasingly confused and exhibiting more and more irrational behavior daily. From what I’ve learned so far, the white man has repeatedly pimped the white woman throughout their history because he really hates her and she really hates him. How can you pimp someone that you supposedly love?? simple. You Don’t. Think about all of the years and generations that they’ve had to perpetuate these lies about Black people and others they knew were not true? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” These people are obviously becoming truly insane and dangerous, coupled with their anxiety/fears/hatred for an uncertain future. Why in the hell would I want to become a part of that confusion??!! LOL! Hell, I’ve got enough problems of my own and enough work to do on maintaining my own sanity, safety and welfare!

  39. I would hate to be white. The fact that they ARE must leave a sour taste in their mouths – especially when they look at their pale, basic reflections in the mirror. You can only imagine what goes through their heads. Envy, malice, confusion, obsession. depression and consistent schemes, fighting for a room in their non-ending, busy, devilish minds – and all at the same time. You really have to pity them.

  40. This is a little off topic but I was just thinking about how black men, such as Kanye and Puff and others, who are or have dated nonblack women, are so often seen showing such open displays of affection. Yes. Couples show affection. But I know many interracial couples and in public when the guy is dating a black woman they simply do not show open displays of affection like that..

    Some black men are not use to anything. It is so obvious to see that the “newness” of dating a nonblack woman is as much a turnon than the woman herself… I guess I’m saying this because the past couple of days the media has bombarded us with pictures of Kanye pretty much slobbering all over Kim.. It’s weird because honestly, why do that in front of people? I just saw a HuffingtonPost Article with those two that was titled something to the effect of “Get a Room”.. Out of all the sistas Kanye West has dated I have simply never seen him act like that.. and this is not just him.. It’s the majority of black men in the public sphere….

    What other race of men act like black men? Honestly… I don’t even think its self hate its just not being use to anything.. And unfortunately money can’t change that.. Do you guys blame non black women for thinking their the sh!t when our brothers go absolutely bongo over them? In public?

  41. I don’t think they care..If you see the number of black men openly salivating over them they can’t help but to think the way they do. I’m in Texas and I have seen white women who look like men, wear sweatpants and no makeup in the public, have their hair back in a floppy, stringy ponytail and are obese and some brothers still salivate over them.. It’s disgusting.. And embarrassing.

  42. @emile

    Yes, reverse the process, Why Not? I like how you think Queen?


  43. @emile

    I hate you, but, i love you at the same time…White Male/Female Dynamic. As you stated, both are at odds with the other. A lot of blackmen base their interaction and sexual contact with white females on the false premise that sleeping with them will piss off whitey, How So? Any race of men that feel the need to parade their daughters all over the map for the sexual pleasure of other men, don’t love them. As i type this, there are countless numbers of whitemen in this country and abroad who are watching black male/white female porn on the internet. So, how can some blackmen assume that they’re really affecting whitemen in a negative way? Brothas, pay attention? Inter-racial is not about one group of women being superior to another group. From a male perspective, it’s a “Power Move.” Your women want to smash the men of our race more than their own…Check Mate! Blackwomen have always fell victim to the beauty game, thinking that certain blackmen chase after “Becky” because she’s supposed to be a notch above, Really? How can whitewomen think themselves superior to black females when the source of their beauty comes from blackwomen? Whitewomen have known the ugly truth from the start. As i said, The Swirl is about male power and ego. Blackmen know that whitewomen and whitemen don’t love each other, there is no deep sexual attraction, whitewomen are up for grabs. If this is the case, Why not make use of whitewomen for breeding purposes? They’re not having white babies, so, they should have our babies. Sistas, a lot of brothas think along these lines. Having babies with white females is not the end all be all that it’s hyped to be. Moving away from blackness is not kosher, being less black is not kosher, turning against blackwomen is not kosher. Blackmen don’t need to covet women of other tribes to have a “Black Planet” in the making. Loving Nubian women alone is sufficient, we need not step on the toes of other men, just saying. Emile, blackmen are still a work in progress. A lot of us are doing stupid ish, i apologize to ya’ll for the stupidity of those black males. I can’t clone myself, but i can reach one teach one. The Black Male/Inter-racial Dynamic has been decoded in every way possible. Sistas, you’re not the problem, you’re perfection. The Swirl is a test for blackmen, that’s how you should view it going forward. As african men, we can have all the sugar, brown sugar is what we want…Always!!!


  44. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I read a book called ” Why Black Men Love White Women” by Rajen Persaud He exlpains the excessive amounts of PDA between BM and non-BW when in public. He aldo says that those relationships have a longer honeymoon period. He says that no BW no matter how attractive or sweet natured cTHE Tan provide a BM with the validation that non-BW can. He is critical of these IRR. I highly recomend the book to gain more insight into the psycho-sexual dynamics at play.

  45. @terribleboss

    All non-black females think they can be blacker than the average black female. Having a black male fawn over them allows them to be what they can never be…A Blackwoman! If the same women hook up with men who are not black…Nobody Cares! Kim K would be just another eurasian female with a big butt, with Kanye, she’s a White Sista…Her Thinking!


  46. Kushite Prince on said:

    I love that book by Rajen Persaud. He really pulls no punches!lol I suggest anyone interested in the dynamics of IRR should pick it up. he really made me look at things from a different perspective.

  47. Kushite Prince on said:

    I think Kanye and Kim are a perfect fit for each other. His EGO is as big as her ASS!lol

  48. I guess beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, huh?

  49. I get what you’re trying to imply which is people like what they like. That is true to a large extent. However, that statement alone cannot account for the drastic difference in how black men treat and elevate “nonblack” women, even women who by all accounts are far less beautiful than their black female counterparts, and how nonblack men treat black women..

    I know.. that’s a lot to digest.

    What I’m basically getting at is this..If you watch black men and how they work hard to elevate nonblack women or “lightskinned” women its not just “liking what they like”.. It goes deeper into what I can only think of as a “psychological conditioning” from years of slavery and years of living in a country, in a world, where white women have been elevated as being the “Standard of beauty”.

    To fully understand my point consider this..

    I have two bowls of ice cream on a table.

    One bowl is filled with chocolate ice cream and the other with vanilla.

    I place this bowl in front of a person.

    The chocolate ice cream has been made by, let’s say breyer’s ice cream company. It is perfectly made. Very tasty. Has won any number of taste contests.

    The “vanilla” ice cream was made by an amateur and for the purposes of this experiment, it was made with salt instead of sugar and no vanilla flavoring. So actually what you have is a pale, salty dish of frozen milk. It’s not sweet or flavorful at all.

    A person who has been “psychologically conditioned” to believe that “All” vanilla ice cream is tasty will taste the chocolate which again is perfectly made, and spit it out. But they will taste this colorless, salty bowl of “frozen milk” with no flavoring and think it tastes wonderful..

    It goes back the “Power” of Psychological Conditioning with the black man in America. People really don’t know just how powerful that is.

    If you can fully psychologically condition someone you can make them hate themselves and they won’t even know it.

  50. I agree. One thing is for sure.. I truly think they both “Deserve each other”.

  51. Yes. I think you are correct. I just don’t get it. I have always found chocolate skin incredibly sexy. In both men and women. I have never caught on to the “allure” of light skin. And my grandad was biracial (with straight hair and blue eyes- he could pass for white) and my mom is extremely light, although I am chocolate.

    I love brown skin. Probably always will. I guess I have never been “Conditioned” to hate my coloring.

  52. I’ve never heard of this book before but I will definately check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  53. Another example of this psychological conditioning has been referenced many times through the common saying … “Some blacks think the white man’s ice is colder”..

    Ice is Ice..

    But do to psychological conditioning, people will sincerely believe that the ice they get from the white man is somehow colder.. And will try to “justify” paying more money for the ice when they could have gotten that same ice at a lower price from somewhere else..

    I think of this rationale when I see so many black men rush to justify “ONLY” dating white or nonblack women by saying they “prefer” these women. Yep. They prefer those women, but the question is WHY..

  54. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear you.

  55. @ terribleboss

    I love your ice cream analogy and I understand what you are saying, but that could also be a matter of preference…With that being said, for some black men, non-black women are nothing but precious ornaments that need to be displayed and prized. I use the word “ornament” because those women are often used to decorate and allow those black men to feel better about themselves. Those men often suffer from low self worth, psychological conditioning or both…They need to be validated by someone who will not remind them of themselves.

    P.S. Those men could also be fools or Black Anglo-Saxon.

  56. Curious username you have their “ynotme”…Does it mean anything? Subtle? Maybe?

  57. @terribleboss

    Curious username you have their “ynotme”…Does it mean anything? Subtle? Maybe?

    Each letter is taken from my Brothers and Sisters first name (first letter of each name)

  58. These are the same white folks who

    Well no, actually…they aren’t the same people, at all. This isn’t even the first wave of white enthusiasm for black styles. If you were around in the Seventies, perhaps you remember white people sporting the jewfro hairstyle.

  59. I am in what I consider to be a very good relationship. So please let’s not always assume it’s jealousy when a woman points out how psychologically damaged most black men are in the U.S. when they break their necks to jump on any nonblack woman they see.

    I did not say “All”.

    But Most.

    It is what it is..

  60. @Jenae

    I don’t see it Queen. Whitemen covet blackwomen, but, blackmen are in the way. That’s the difference between today and during the time of slavery. They’re not gonna chase after Nubian women in the same way, Why? Brothas will spank that ass!!!

  61. Jared Wolf on said:

    Then is it “irresponsible” so to speak, for a black man to be friends with a white man if said white man is friendly and sincere to said black man?

  62. JensenJay on said:

    I think White Feminism is a convenient and strategically effective construct WITHIN U.S. white patriarchy. I developed my Theory as a result of 3 years of direct experience within a white feminist organization called NWSA National Women’s Studies Association’s Anti White Supremacy Task Force (AWSTF). The central issue is POWER and how women of color are systemically excluded from Power within the feminist academy. I think it is really important to ficus on the work of Critical Race Theorists like Derrick Bell and many many others.

    Theory of Systemic Whiteness


    Theorist: Chithra KarunaKaran
    Member Anti White Supremacy Task Force (AWSTF)
    National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)

    Note: The core criterion for the robustness (or weakness) of any theory in the social sciences is whether or not that theory can be applied to explain a range of instances of behavior, mental processes, symbol systems, social structures, power.

    Copyrighted intellectual property for unrestricted use with full authorial attribution

    Whiteness is a race-centered supremacism widely acknowledged as historically entrenched, institutionalized, pervasive, persistent and permanent in contemporary U.S. society. Whiteness in this theory is construed as lived experience, not an unlived theoretical abstraction and it is unequal lived experience with unequal consequences for whites and persons of color.

    My Theory of Systemic Whiteness, deriving from Critical Race Theory (CRT), focuses on the everyday materiality of organizational arrangements, inviting critical consideration of structures, processes, mechanisms, policies and practices and the actors who participate in and shape them, operating within and across the U.S. nation-state macro-micro structure. Actors, meaning individuals have agency and therefore are necessary to be held accountable — the theoretical emphasis here on organizations does not absolve or exempt individuals operating within them and shaping them. This theory gives consideration to recruitment into whiteness, performed whiteness, performed resistance to whiteness, performative production of whiteness, collegial whiteness, color-on-color whiteness, trumping identities in whiteness, schemas of whiteness.

    Because this is a lived theory and therefore a work in process, it is by no means complete or exhaustive and never will be. I hope some will consider it and reshape it through discursive action. I owe these thoughts mainly to the struggle of others of color, who have struggled harder and sacrificed more than I ever have.

    This Theory of Systemic Whiteness gives axial importance to Power, especially the inequitable distribution of racialized Power and advances critical consideration of race-centered supremacism as three-fold — System, Structure, Ideology:

    1) A STRUCTURE that replicates and enforces race-centered supremacism across:

    a) microstructure (civil society organizations and service organizations such as schools, churches, hospitals, systems of higher educations, the media

    b) macrostructure (the nation-state, the government, intra-state, state-state, bilateral, multilateral interfaces

    2) A SYSTEM of (un)earned privilege, representing an expanding range of benefits and entitlements adhering to white skin, developed and maintained through coded assertion of, and subscription to, race-centered supremacist beliefs and practices

    3) An IDEOLOGY of supremacism, a set of beliefs underscored by routinized, “normal” everyday practices, openly expressed only under extreme organizational arrangements (KKK, neo-Nazi), but more generally held covertly, that advance and support exclusionary, discriminatory, concealed, unmarked and normatized practices vs. collective, interdependent, transparent, inclusive, particularized and decentralized powersharing practices.

    Recruitment into Whiteness: Because Whiteness is systemic, structural and ideological, it cannot sustain itself wholly through the membership of finite or shrinking or scattered collectivities of race-centered supremacist individuals. Its influence, stability and concerted attempts at permanence depend on continuous recruitment from historically disenfranchised, disadvantaged, oppressed groups. Additionally, Systemic Whiteness recruits from individuals and collectivities who subscribe to obsolete or discredited or newer supremacist belief systems but who are looking for continuing political relevance by exercising power through membership in dominant whiteness – example creationists, Zionists, fundamentalist Christians, patriarchy-centered support groups.

    Performed Whiteness: The everyday materiality of organizational arrangements in the U.S. nation-state micro-micro structure affords numerous opportunities for observation and subsequently, critical consideration of the structures, processes, mechanisms, roles and actors within such organizational arrangements. What is Performed Whiteness in these organizations?

    By performed whiteness I mean a constellation (or merely a unit) of race-centered supremacist organizational structures, processes and mechanisms that offer support to an individual or collectivity or both, to uphold thoughts and implement acts which preserve supremacist norms and that cause harm to oppressed individuals or groups. The individual performs whiteness within a white supremacist structure.

    Because whites regardless of gender own and exercise unearned, unmarked privilege, they are the foremost practitioners and performers of whiteness both as individuals and as collectivities in U.S. society.

    Performing Whiteness by persons of color offers an opportunity for such historically excluded and therefore disadvantaged individuals and groups to reject or deny their collective history of oppression and to win personal access into the dominant, supremacist group through acts by whites of tokenizing, gatekeeping, silencing, invisibilizing, marginalizing, exoticizing, by persons of color demonstrating their loyalty and commitment to upholding the dominant whiteness system by performing the dictated norms of Systemic Whiteness, developed and enforced by whites.

    Examples of Performed Whiteness:

    Instantiations of performed whiteness can be found at all levels of the macro and microstructure in the U.S. nation state. This is precisely why my theoretical focus on the everyday materiality of organizations arrangements and the actors within them, offers such fertile ground for investigative inquiry. Through recruitment into Whiteness performance, the U.S. nation-state whiteness macrostructure readily demonstrates its resilience by incorporating into whiteness, members of historically disadvantaged groups. Examples of such successful recruitment (even if temporary) are the following:

    Condoleeza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz and Alberto Gonzales each representing an historically disadvantaged collectivity.

    Within the framework of this theory we could ask the question Who is the whitest male with “the bluest eye?” The answer could be Condoleeza Rice. Rice has orchestrated the policy on Iraq in collusional alliance with white supremacist males (Cheney, Bush) bent on appropriation of resources and exercise of expansionist power.

    Paul Wolfowitz was one of the chief architects of the “shock and awe” strategy of invasion and occupation that maimed and killed unnamed and untold numbers of Iraqi civilians. Apparently, he wanted to outdo the shock and awe Holocaust strategy of Hitler’s Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen which killed members of his oppressed group. For performing flagrant whiteness in Iraq he was rewarded with the Presidency of the World Bank, a self-described world poverty alleviation organization controlled by the U.S. He resigned in disgrace after revelations that he authorized illegal exorbitant salary raises and perquisites for his girlfriend while he was head of an organization purportedly trying to help millions of the world’s poorest who subsist on less than a dollar a day.

    Albert Gonzales, the child of migrant workers justified violation of the Geneva Accords on secrecy and torture and justified indefinitely holding so called enemy combatants without charges or trial in Guantanamo. He resigned faced with pressure resulting from his politicizing of firings of U.S. prosecutors.

    It is clear from these examples individual persons of color can and do perform Whiteness because Whiteness is larger than the individual, whiteness is a system, a structure and an ideology of supremacist, dominant and therefore unequal power that has been racialized for centuries in the U.S. nation-state and even before its establishment as a nation-state. However, the participation of the person of color in whiteness performance is from a subordinated position of unequal power.

    Collegial Whiteness: Organization norms of so-called collegiality, example “be a team player” “go along to get along” “don’t rock the boat” “let us be allies” are overt or covert codes to enforce and perpetuate a racialized supremacist status quo. These codes are used to establish organizational sub-units, for example a Conflict Resolution Committee or an Oversight Committee even a Cultural Diversity Committee or some such mechanism, to deflect focus from the content of racialized conflictive discourse to a focus on the ‘style’ or ‘tone’ of the whiteness-resistive discussant of color. White players in organizations then are afforded the opportunity to become the arbiters of such ‘tone’ or ‘style’. In fact “The Angry Black Woman” is constructed as the epitome of anti-collegiality. The overt objective of collegiality is to build cohesive organizations sometimes expressed as “building community.” The coded or covert objective is to stifle racialized dissent and resistance to supremacist practices which accrue power to whites. In my theory, I construct Collegiality as the undesirable (for persons of color) outcome of organizational supremacist norms. Instead, diachronic, oppositional, resistive, power-wresting strategic discursive action along with the implied threat of force, is the goal of performed resistance by persons of color, to systemic supremacist whiteness.

    In the civil rights struggle, the strategy of nonviolence by Martin Luther King needed the vital complement of implied threat of force (“by any means necessary”) by Malcolm X. In the pioneering nonviolent ‘satyagraha” (truth force) strategy of Mahatma Gandhi, the intimidatory threat of armed militant action against the British empire was provided by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and numerous groups of revolutionaries drawn from among subordinated religious, linguistic ethnic and socially ostracized minorities who were not formally within the Hindu caste structure. At the same time the Hindu caste structure provided shelter from British occupation through social ostracism of the occupiers.

    Color-on-Color Whiteness: Persons of color recruited into Whiteness performance discredit the collective memory of oppressed groups within which they previously held membership, denying their groups’ self-initiated right of honorable and equitable redress of their oppression. Whiteness performance by persons of color damages and impedes the collective goal of persons of color of overturning their oppression. Generally, the problem of color-on-color whiteness performance is encountered in organizations at the level of the individual rather than the collectivity. This is because the supremacist whiteness strategy of recruitment into its ranks is through a process of divide and rule whereby a few susceptible individuals of color are tokenized, marginalized, exoticized into whiteness performance. However, this does not exempt these individual actors of color from culpability in colluding in systemic whiteness at the expense of their oppressed group.

    Performing Resistance to Whiteness: Behaviors of performed resistance to whiteness will include acts that contest and attempt to dismantle whiteness structures and mechanisms in the face of concerted opposition by privilege-wielding whites and their surrogates and recruits who will by definition include persons and collectivities of color. Persons and collectivities of color are at all times performing some degree of resistance to systemic whiteness.

    Performing resistance to Whiteness will logically entail significant but temporary sacrifice of power, prestige and status for whites (especially white males but also white females) who have automatic enrollment in the Whiteness system. However, to resist this automatic enrollment in Whiteness does not necessarily remove the white individual or the white group from the conferment of privilege. Unearned privilege continues and may even be enhanced under Systemic Whiteness, a temporary setback may result (though not necessarily) from such resistive performance by whites. Example a white male who speaks out against white privilege now becomes an authority on white privilege, even though women of color have been naming white privilege and have been resistive for centuries and therefore are the authentic authorities on white privilege because they have direct experience of being oppressed by white privilege. The unearned, unmarked privilege of whites continues even when, even as, they perform resistance to whiteness.

    Example of Performed Resistance to Whiteness: Critical Race Theory (CRT) has focused on the numerous attempts especially by Blacks to resist whiteness by performing often street-based struggle against systemic whiteness, to end slavery, claim civil rights and seek enforcement of affirmative action. (In this regard it is important to reiterate the systemic, structural and ideological power of Whiteness and to provide the example that Affirmative Action has mostly benefited white women)

    As an example of performed resistance to whiteness, Norman Finkelstein, a white ethnic Jewish male professor defended through writings and public speeches the rights of Palestinians under international law. In contrast, Professor Alan Dershowitz (the white individual) and DePaul University (the organization) performed whiteness by successfully silencing Finkelstein’s (temporary) dissent from systemic whiteness.

    Performative Production of Whiteness: The performative aspect alone is not sufficient to ensure salience of whiteness in everyday life. The performance of whiteness within and across social structures and organizational arrangements, from the family to the state, can be viewed not merely as visible acts but acts that will yield production of whiteness that accrues power to the organization and adds value to whiteness for the organization. Whiteness is a value added product and it endows the organization and especially its white leaders but also consenting actors of color with greater power to perpetuate whiteness, reward whiteness performance and punish or invisibilize resistance to whiteness performace.

    Trumping Identities In Whiteness: Intersectionality theory is of great value in explaining that all personal and collective identities in all social contexts are also political, that race intersects with gender to produce identity. Yes our identities are intersectional. But what is the historical and political context of feminist intersectional theory? In my CRT-derived theory I construe the U.S. as a racialized patriarchy (Black men were brutalized and excluded, therefore they did not participate in producing U.S. patriarchy), in which white women for long historical periods supported white men’s power and continue to do so while carving out some power for themselves. Moreover, the race variable intersects not only with gender but importantly with ethnicity, color, class, religion, income, occupation, citizenship, nationality, disability and other variables. But are these variables of equal weight in the context of the racialized U.S. nation-state? No. Racialized identity is a trumping identity when viewed within an acknowledged pervasive racialized supremacist nation-state construct. Race trumps gender and delivers a double, triple, quadruple jeopardy for persons of color (but not to whites) when it intersects with the above-mentioned identity variables. The “metalanguage” of race-ordered, race-centered U.S. society confers a trumping identity on race.

    Schemas of Whiteness: Because Whiteness is a lived system of meaningful racialized codes and symbols, it is capable of being carried around in our heads as a cognitive construct, a map, a pictorial representation of what ‘white looks like’ but also ‘what black looks like’ ‘what color looks like’ ‘what oppression feels like” ‘what hate hurts like’. By theorizing Whiteness as a system, comprised of numerous but interrelated schemas of whiteness it is possible to also problematize schemas of whiteness as a complex mental shorthand which we come to rely upon instead of and in place of facts on the ground. Schemas are extremely useful as adaptive mental constructs because they help us to rely on already available and proven impressions and beliefs. But our schemas are not as useful when we are trying to undo attitudes, prejudices and intolerances and attempting to take effective steps to redistribute power to oppressed individuals and groups. In training strategies especially, it is vitally important to unpack and expose schemas of whiteness both for their reliability as well as for their central role in preserving a racialized and “racist status quo.”

    Copyrighted intellectual property for unrestricted use with full authorial attribution



    Can the U.S. have an ethical democracy unless we expose, contest and dismantle white power, white racism, white supremacism, white privilege? Not!
    The US cannot be an ethical and equitable player in global politics until it recognizes that it will not be allowed to dominate the world with its racialized, supremacist expansionist worldview.
    This U.S. regime is inviting pathologized resistance in the form of “terror” from various quarters precisely because of its racialized supremacist predatory acquistive worldview.

    The above theory was developed through direct participant observation and oppositional membership during the years 2004 -2007, in a self-described feminist organization, NWSA, and more specifically as a member of its Anti White Supremacy Task Force (AWSTF), composed almost entirely of white feminist members teaching in the feminist academy.

    When viewed as applied feminist theory, Systemic Whiteness which is prevalent and pervasive in the feminist academy is seen, through the lens of this theory, to impede the development of transformative feminist thought and practice. White skin privileged supremacist feminists (WSPSF) deter the development of a radical feminism but they cannot hold back or exert influence over radical feminism in Africa, Asia and other parts of the Global South.

    This Theory has been extended into a consideration of caste-centered, caste-ordered organizational structures to render a Theory of Systemic Casteness in the Indian nation-state context, nation-states of South Asia and Africa, example Somalia where caste is produced and performed.
    Copyrighted intellectual property for unrestricted use with full authorial attribution

  63. Jensenjay

    Fantastic article! Very well written.

  64. I see this shit all the time in new York.

  65. JensenJay on said:

    I agree, and i hate this shit too!! we need to better our peoples from this white hate system.let teach them ”blackness” is the real thing not whiteness(evilness)

  66. JensenJay on said:

  67. JensenJay on said:


    hope you are enjoying the links!

  68. Kushite Prince on said:

    Wow! I approve this video. That’s a whole lot of beauty! 🙂

  69. JensenJay on said:

    Thank you! I agree. 🙂
    BlackWomen Rule!!

  70. Cinnamondiva on said:

    Right?! Y’all couldn’t warn a sista before showing those pictures? Lord have mercy. What is that? And no…they do not look Black. They look disfigured.

  71. Crissjensen on said:

    Arnold Schwarzeneggerand Strom Thurmond are perfect examples of that. White males own and run the media. They drive the train of popular thought that creates the reality most people live in. Could they be the architects driving this subconscious train wreck of white female mutilations? Are they trying to make white women into the black women of their dreams? If we are to subscribe to the Freudian school of thought then the answer would be an absolute “yes.” I laughed when I read the Psychology Today article claiming black women were less attractive. I knew it was propaganda and psychological fodder to soothe angry white women.

    oh that make sinces check this out.

    There was this ww married for 7 years (to a handsome wm) and never
    knew her husban secretly wanted and desired a black wife. He had spoken ill of bw for years and never shown any interest in bw except her best friend whom he loved to poke fun at, and tease. Her friend mentioned to her that she felt very uncomfortable around him. The woman felt that this was due to his dislike of bw, and laughed it off. But boy was wrong, when he finally admitted to her that he was extremely attracted to bw, and preferred them, but was hoping that by making snide remarks, and being ill of them it would kill his deep attraction. It hadn’t, and he finally felt the need to come clean. In fact he only admitted his real feeling after he tried repeatedly, to get her to implant her lips, butt, hips, and blow dry her hair wild, like bw. She ended up getting a botched surgery trying to have butt implants, and suffered nerve damage. She now suffers severe pain at the slightest noise, and her husband end up leaving her for a dark skin black woman anyway. She cried like a big white baby, over and over as she lamented that if she’d only paid more attention to what he was saying, and just let him go from the start, at least she would not be in constant pain now, and would have been able to go on with her life, without constant pain, and would have found another man….

    what you think about this @ Negress??

  72. Mickey on said:

    I can’t wait to hear Negress’ answer, but that is not surprising to me. A lot of times, the group that is the target of hatred is actually desired by the person doing the targeting. Men who bash homosexuals sometimes are closeted gays themselves. Men who bash other races of people secretly desire the women of those same races (I call them closet intergrationists.)

  73. @ Criss

    No shock there. There is a Japanese “scientist” who writes about black women’s haggard and manish looks. Wouldn’t it be laughable to find out he was sleeping with one?

    White females have always hated us for being her most capable competitor. Since the dawn of time, white men have ALWAYS ran to the black woman for every damn thing to breast-feeding his child to birthing him strong slaves so he can acquire more wealth.

    White men have been telling us for 6,000 years that the single most important person on planet earth is the black woman.

    And you know what?

    They all know it.

  74. larissa on said:

    @Mickey like the little boys who make fun of the girls they secretly like in the playground

  75. larissa on said:

    @sister truth it is shocking that black women and blacks as a whole have managed to survive this long. We are considered the lowest kind of refuse in this mysogynistic, xenophobic world.

  76. Larissa

    That is a testament to our strength.

  77. Mickey on said:

    The funny thing about that Japanese “scientist’s” claims is that he never explains that if Black women are the least attractive due to looking more masculine, then why do Black women possess the most feminine features (i.e., thick lips, wide hips, breasts, etc.) and others try to copy them? One can be racist back to him and say that Japanese women are the least attractive since no one is copying them. Not trying to knock Japanese women, but I digress.

  78. ynotme on said:

    Amen to that! That’s why they are studying our DNA so closely. They are constantly seeking new ways to destroy us (even down to the genetic level).

  79. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Micket,
    Men who bash other races of people secretly desire the women of those same races (I call them closet intergrationists.)

    well said!!

  80. You can go on youtube and find many Japanese Men looking for BW (black women) believe me it’s going on.

    White men have been telling us for 6,000 years that the single most important person on planet earth is the black woman.

    Still do to this day. but do it being very sly!! cause we dont want white women getting upset. now do we!! lol.

  81. g wiz. i’ve stumbled upon a site called ass matriix and have been trying to get to the “bottom” of this
    also reading a site exploring why black women tend to have the “rump”

  82. Elizabeth T. Had some black in her? Who would have known! She had a nice shape reminds of a bw I know and all the guys go crazy over her

  83. Yep. Without all that hair in their face, they look like men

  84. I think they’re trying to show off…
    I realized that too
    But I’ve seen some very affectionate black couples…

  85. I knew White women want to look like Black women because deep down, they know who are the true beautiful ones. The truth is the majority of White women aren’t pretty at all. Most of them are average or ugly and have no butt or breasts. Of course they would want to look like us.

    We have curves in all the right places, we have plump lips, curly, thick hair, nice, brown eyes, nice beautiful brown skin and a nice bulbous nose. We look much better, more youthful and more beautiful than most White women.

  86. We are strong, beautiful and have a lot of strength. That is why other races hate and envy us

  87. ”White men have been telling us for 6,000 years that the single most important person on planet earth is the black woman.”

    So true, Negress, so true.

  88. Wow, what a story! I am not shocked because some White men like Black women and would never admit it so they would do anything to hide their attraction until it is found out.

    And for me, I don’t care because I wouldn’t date or marry a White man ever.

  89. Same here.

  90. lol Things will end badly for Kim Kartrashian. She will never be a Black woman. Kanye wouldn’t marry her, trust me. She will end up being alone with kids one day. She is a vile, disguising human being and I don’t want that skank representing me.

    I am a true Black woman, Kim Kartrashian, go to hell!!!! You will never be a Black woman.

  91. I know right.

  92. Only brainwashed, Whitewashed sellout Black people would want to marry and date White people.

    Me, no way and never in a million years! I would rather be celibate than date or marry a White man.

  93. LOL I know right.

  94. Well said. Black is very beautiful.

  95. Well said.

  96. Very good them Sista, we be on the same page.

  97. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 on said:

    Reblogged this on TheOriginalBlackWoman13 and commented:
    THIS!!!!! This is the narrative of what’s REALLY going on Rachel Dolezal. Sorry ass cave bitch!!!!

  98. Reblogged this on Bayarrah's Blog.

  99. “White women are getting breasts on credit and Brazilian butt lifts in the back of shady doctor’s offices as some would be nurse administers anesthesia while looking out for the cops.”
    Awesome Article Sistren……

  100. Xavier James has spoken the truth! And here is a link to a great article that summarizes pretty well everything you’ve been saying in your blog regarding this Black Envy:

    The author also uses the word Hue-man and I’m sure you would co-sign this article Negress! Anyway, I’m glad you’re still posting and your blog is still alive.

    They also removed pictures of a black female blogger’s website. What is their purpose by doing this?

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