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Now What?

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Since the Powers that Be have decided that The Black Man with no real power is to grace the White House for four more years, where does that leave us? Last night, my good friend called me to tell me his horror story of 9 days with no power, heat, fuel, food and his job calling him to demand his return to work...or else.

If Obama takes it home tonight, do you think he’ll put more emphasis on us this time and help us to get back on track?”

That was his earth-shattering question.

My heart broke ever so quietly as I heard the slight tinge of desperation in this man’s voice. I knew he was in need. As am I. As am the millions of blacks without work, healthcare, homes, vehicles and livelihood. I wanted to reach into the phone and hug him and say what he wanted and perhaps needed to hear…but I’m a horrible liar.

“Well…let’s just wait and see what happens after the “Sandy spectacle” and the mess of the holidays are over.” He paused then said, “You haven’t given up on humans, right? I mean, Obama is just one guy and this country is a mess so you can’t expect miracles.”

How do I answer this question.

Whites have not only expected but demanded miracles and their needs have ALWAYS been met. Whites have not only expected but demanded that laws benefit them and their spawn and their needs have ALWAYS been met. So now, I, a black woman, shouldn’t expect too much?


After our ordeal with freezing cold and no food, high unemployment/ underemployment and other methods designed to crush the black population, I wanted to be as gentle to my friend as possible. So I responded, “X, why don’t we wait til we’re back on track with power and heat and food and then we’ll talk about this some more. Right now, we need supplies so we don’t freeze…there’s a new storm coming so let’s just get prepared…ok?”

He chuckled at my flimsy attempt to diffused and calm him.

“OK, my friend…sure. Let me know how you and the family make out.”

After we hung up, I was again, lost in deep thought. Now what? What will our (s)elected president do in four more years? What will happen to us now? Will we pick up? Will we sink further? Will another disaster wipe out another major, well-populated area? Was Hurricane Sandy just a “test” to see how we’d respond to darkness, cold, hunger and no escape route?

What are your thoughts?

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42 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Ms. J. on said:

    I think President Obama may be able to do some constructive things, but most will be non-constructive and won’t completely alter the status of African Americans. Plus, I’ve seen so many articles being published about his popularity among White voters, so Whites’ opinions of him are the priority. He’s just a symbol of refined racism at this point. The following video made think long and hard about that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I9amTz0Hvg

  2. Ms. J

    That video gave me chills! Thank you again, miss. My girlfriend called me up this morning screaming for joy..”Did you watch it?! He WON!!!” she said. I honestly don’t know how to respond to my folks who are overjoyed…

  3. Tyrone on said:


    Black people lost last night…Bottomline! Obama was put back into office by spanish folk, whitewomen, and slackers. The same dynamic will take place for 4 more years. He will kiss the behinds of spanish folk and liberal women, and come around black folk for a photo-op to show that he’s still down with the people. Black people, Obama was never supposed to care about us anyway. He was handpicked by those in his party because of his racial makeup. Democrats have been trying to get a radical in the White House for decades and never could, in comes Obama. Black father and white mother equals deception. Whites know themselves, so, they knew that whitemen would have a lot of guilt in relation to slavery and whitewomen would have a certain amount of racial pride in knowing that one of their white sisters birthed the first so-called black president who is actually half-white. Democrats knew that white females would fall into the “Mandingo” trap as it relates to blackmen. This is why white females are his biggest and most fervent voting block ahead of spanish folk. Barack did nothing for us the past 4 years, and black men and women are jumping up and down in Chicago as if he really gives a damn’ about them anyway. It’s a sad day for our race when we’re voting to stay under the boot of others. England colonized the US, and the descendants of Spain are the ones that will be her destruction…The Irony! Spanish folk don’t love this country, because, they didn’t build it from the ground up. Negress, you have no idea how angry i am right now. If i wasn’t grounded in reality as i am, i would go off today…Seriously! At the same time, i’m not gonna give in to black liberals, white liberals, spanish folk, muslims, etc. The war that we’re engaged in is ongoing for the foreseeable future, failure is not an option!!!


  4. @ Ty, dear

    Obama, Romney, Clinton Bush….
    All the same agenda, different faces. It didn’t matter who won, the question is now what? What will happen to us now?

  5. Ms. J. on said:

    It gave me the chills too!! Just to see how his predictions proved to be accurate was the disturbing part. I’ll confess that I was relieved that Romney didn’t win, but it looks like we’re heading into Post-Reconstruction days. It seems like a lot of white people want to take it back to the in-your-face racism days. One white woman told me that she’s seeing more white people be more public about their disapproval of blacks usually expressed in private.

  6. Ms. J

    I have a funny feeling that we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Whites are going to show us EXACTLY how they feel very soon.

    I predict mass lay offs, angry hospital workers, judges, doctors and teachers. If possible, home schooling your children may be the way to go.

    Crime and hate groups will surge and we may even see the return of lynchings and bombings.

    Get prepared. It’s coming.

  7. moorbey on said:

    It is gonna get ugly now. i have been geting prepared 4 the worst

  8. Ms. J. on said:

    @ Diary: I agree. I’m talking to some racist suspects now about their objections to Obama, so I’m trying to be as codified as possible when dealing with them.

  9. Tyrone on said:


    I feel what you’re saying, but, democrats/dixiecrats are the greater evil and always have been. No matter how jacked up republicans may be at times, they’re boy scouts compared to democrats. Democrats want to destroy us, this is the fundamental difference between the parties. Before i became a republican, i was an independent who voted for democrats by and large. No matter how much i voted for them, conditions in my hood never changed. I became an elephant to keep from losing my sanity more than anything. I made the right decision. All i heard last night was “The Hispanic Vote” “The Hispanic Vote.” So, these are the people that we will be fighting with for the next couple of decades in this country. And to think that we were complicit in all of this made me even angrier than i already was. I’m hot with a lot of black folks in this country right now. We had a chance to change course, and instead, we’ve dug a deeper hole for ourselves. I just see a lot of anger and frustration coming in the near future…white folks, black folks are in the same box. Spanish folk and other non-blacks are on the other side, it’s not gonna be pretty. Not trying to scare folk, just being honest about what’s ahead. It wasn’t supposed to go down like this Truth. Abagond, and other folk clapping and high-fiving like it’s New Years. What The F**k? What’s Next? We need to cut ties with the donkeys, that’s the first step. We need to cut ties with the Black Church, which is an overseer. We need to stop viewing the Idiot Box. We need to understand that we have Fake Friends/Real Enemies. Anybody that’s not of our tribe is suspect. We treat others how they treat us. It looks bleak right now, but, the truth will always shine thru. We need to remember this as a people going forward.


  10. *sigh*

    Ok Tyrone.

  11. Ms. J

    Yes, I must try to remain as codified as possible and not burst into a spasm of curse words.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    Get ready black folks! You thought the last four years were rough for us?? You aint seen nothing yet. White folks are about to hit black people in the US and Africa really HARD! They let you have your “victory” so your guard will be down. Get ready for more foreclosures and unemployment is about to sky rocket! Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

  13. Your Highness

    I’m working on a post for us on survival.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    Considering what’s around the corner–the timing is perfect. I just put up a post about the six reasons Obama’s win will be business as usual. Survival is a MUST in this current climate.

  15. Tyrone on said:


    I’m good sistren…No Stress!


  16. truth can u please explain to me why EVERYBODY hates black people?

  17. @ steve:

    One word:


  18. Mickey on said:

    Just break out your Richard Pryor/George Jefferson/Paul Mooney/Redd Foxx book and watch their faces explode. LOL

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  20. soforeal on said:

    ya’ll heard about the lynching and the attempted lynching in delaware? be safe, and get ready to whoop some butt.

  21. No. Can you post us the link, please?

  22. Yes, Mickey some Paul Mooney would help out right now.

  23. Soforreal…it’s only just begun.

  24. I think a lot of the anger coming from whites is misplaced, as always, but they ain’t stupid neither. Obviously, they can’t get to the “real” white people who screwed them over with home foreclosures, out-sourcing of good-paying jobs, college tuition increases, maxed-out debt, higher taxes, etc., all of which the overwhelming majority of whites benefited handsomely. All of the banksters, politicos and social elites are rich white men and white women who could care less about anybody outside of their little shielded spheres. We’ve always known how they feel about us, but the middle-class, working-class and poor whites have come to a new realization. That’s the reality check they’ve had to come to deal with over these past eight years. But you got to think: when you’ve had it sooooo good for sooooo long, and have that good, financially/legally-protected quality of life taken away from you, that new downgraded lifestyle takes a lot of getting used to! LOL! I agree. It’s not going to get better. I think the 99-Percent movement petered out because white people came to their senses and seen that this ish is real, ain’t going anywhere anytime soon and the failure of their protests upon deaf Wall Street ears. So what else is left?

    Gas prices going up?…Blame the Black people!…Food prices rising?…Blame the Black people!…My son can’t afford college?…Blame the Black people!

    @Tyrone: The media does this purposely (override Latino/gay/white female voters over Black voters), both to raise your blood pressure and to send out subliminal messages to those who’ve got a clue. I feel ya; I saw the same thing and came to the same conclusion, so you’re not doing so bad after all, Bro. I’m just concerned for your health and longevity And you should watch your health because it will become a part of the media’s game plan from this point on after this election. We have to remember that the media is one of the primary tools used to keep a lot of racial antagonism in perpetual mode because it is profitable to have as many gullible viewers glued to the screen as much as possible. I have found that I get less frustrated the more the t.v. is turned off.

    Latinos, et. al. vs. Black People: The other thing we’ve got to be smart about is the how the “game” is being played, with the pitting of Blacks vs. Latinos by the powers-that-be, the system of racism. The framework for this sociopolitical game has been in the works for many years now. Latinos are undoubtedly going to be the new “majority-minority”, whatever that means and I’ll give them that, because there’s really not much we can do about that. In life, you take your losses as well as your gains. Anticipate seeing the blatant rise of “white” immigrants in the near future too, who were already coming here in droves anyway but no one put up a stink about it as they did the Latinos.

    We have to be smart, intelligent and anticipatory of these types of incidents that are instigated strategically by whites as a”buffer” to their direct interests, be it economically, politically and socially. Most Latinos grew alongside Blacks and in some similar ways were mistreated. But have you noticed the way whites have used Latinos as a “buffer” in preempting any negative interaction with Blacks, be it in education, employment, healthcare, etc.? I know for a fact that many white-owned businesses in a certain U.S. city are just not hiring “any” Black people, qualified or not, and are openly advocating the hiring and training of Latinos and other POC through every employment/training program created by/for Blacks.

    When are we going to wise up and get our sh*t together and take defensive and productive measures protect “our” interests? It’s the 14th year into a new century and, I swear, none of this is directed at the readers here, but Black people are some of t-h-e most stubborn, gullible and easily-deceived sheeple when it comes to politics. Beyond the hype, there’s not a penny’s difference between the Democratic or Republican parties because neither gives a rat’s ass about Black people, even after all we’ve done to make the U.S. what is is today. say what you want about the “other” groups, but they’re getting sh*t taken care of. Why are we in the situation we find ourselves? The old ways of doing things are not working. President Obama and his family are going to be alright; the question we’ve got to ask ourselves over the next four years is what are “we” going to do to get ours? It’s time to work smarter and not harder.

  25. I agree, latino vs black (or for that matter any minority vs any other) only serves to help preserve the status quo.

    IMHO, latinos might have an advantage of being the compromise PoC. Not too dark skinned to frighten the sort of people that are frightened by dark skin, and allows you to look progressive. If you look at the PoC in Hollywood, there’s a tendency for them to be rather light-skinned (not that I want to condemn them personally for that, or minimise their achievements).

    Personally I’d say Obama is less worse than Romney, and while I doubt there will be much specifically aimed at helping black people, that’s not to say things definitely won’t improve for them. Under Romney, I could well imagine various laws passed with PoC in mind, but not in a good way.

  26. Ms. J. on said:

    Well, the one white female told me that white folks are outraged in Texas. I said, “Do you think they’d be honest and say that they hate him because he’s black?” and she said that, “Oh, they’re coming right out and saying that on campus.” So, I’m not going to celebrate his victory online or on the street. These people mean war.

  27. Tyrone on said:


    You’re my favorite black blogger, i love me some Truthbetold…Wink & Smile.


  28. Tyrone on said:


    Others don’t hate black, in fact, they love black. Where does the hate come from? Non-Blacks feel that they should be black too, which causes envy. White is cool, asian is cool, indian is cool, but it’s not black. This is where the racial conflict stems from. Everytime i see you, i get mad. If i can’t be you, i wanna control you and exploit you…Ditto! In a perfect world, all men would love themselves equally. However, this is not the case. Racial conflict is a male-created problem. In our case, other men covet our ancestry, women, culture, and africa in no particular order. As long as other men feel the need to envy african men, racial problems will always exist. Don’t stress about it, be aware of how the world operates, racially speaking.


  29. Tyrone on said:


    Black people should not fall into the PoC trap. I don’t subscribe to that mindset anymore, because, we always end up with the short end of the stick. Whites will always use other brown-skinned or tan racial groups as a buffer between them and black people. Whites allowed Mexicans and others to flood into this country to hurt the advancement of black people. If we’re squabbling with a group of so-called allies who are descendants of Spain, we’re missing the mark. White Spaniards run the show, don’t be fooled by what you see in media. Spanish blacks are the backbone of the culture, yet, are third on the totem pole. If this is the case, blacks in the US will be treated no different. They will seek to control american blacks in like fashion, especially blackwomen. Non-Black spanish men operate on the same axis…party and bulls**t with black people, scoop-up some sistas, castrate blackmen, and live their lives as if they were black themselves. This is spanish culture in a nutshell, the ish that we’ve had shoved down our throats since grade school means nothing. In a way, we need to have this fight, Spain and Portugal started the transatlantic slave trade. It’s long overdue.


  30. Tyrone on said:


    “Every time i see you, i get mad…Envy.” In a perfect world, all races would love themselves equally. However, this is not the case, and never will be. Black people are hated because we’re “First Born.” Being the first has priviledges. Intelligent Design…the first has the blueprint. Any and all that come after will be a notch below. Doesn’t mean that black is better per se, it means, black is the most perfected state. Other races want to be on our level. They have 2 options…mix with blacks, or, copy blacks in like fashion. The second option is cool, but not as much fun as #1. If others were honest about their motives, we could deal with each other as adults. Black is loved, not hated. Folk get mad, but, they’ll never hate black. Being a carbon person is a beautiful thing…Amen!


  31. I concur with your statements, and am also fully knowledgeable about the complexity of Spanish/Latino history with Black history. I think a lot of Black people, post-Civil Rights Movement, have come to the same conclusions about partnering with other POC. Long story short: Black people opened the doors and everybody walked else over us like a doormat.

    And yeah, we know what they are allowing/have allowed others to do and get away with, but in the end, what’s our game plan?

    Where’s our reference point?

    Where’s Plan B?

    What alternative strategies do we have in our back pocket, now that we know that Plan A doesn’t work?

    This is why its important that we not only talk about “getting” together but actually do it, and be serious, realistic and and incorporate long-term plans about our goals. I learned to use elections as a time to do a lot of critical thinking, especially about myself.

    Like I’ve said before, there’s not much we can do about history other than learning from it and making sure that certain, detrimental parts are not repeated. If anything, my preference is for prioritizing my welfare and the Black people who have an interest in not just hollering, screaming, becoming emotionally unglued and other reactionary effects that’s expected of us, but rolling up our sleeves and getting down to “the business.” Just because we love ourselves and our kind, as others do likewise, does not mean that we have to hate others. Hate is nothing more than fear at its most exponential level: it’s counter-productive, energy-depleting and historically proven stupid. However, “if we have to,” “when we have to,” and “when we do” interact with POC and whites, all I’m saying is that, let’s be smarter this time around and fully comprehend what our overall objectives are as means to an end: the maintenance, survival, well-being and prosperity of Black people like you, me and the rest of us….just as the others do. I’m a realist, and in the real world, we can’t completely isolate ourselves, simply because that’s just the type of world in which we’re living and working this present moment. That doesn’t mean we can’t defend our interests. We just have to be smarter and wiser, forever having a strategic mind-set applicable to every form of people activity. As the saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense.”

    Lots of work to do…

  32. Emile

    That’s why I wrote the 25 survival tips for black people. We can start there and build.

  33. blackmystory on said:

    It’s interesting how we always appear helpless and or befuddled when the task of taking care of our shit is at hand. Have we forgotten that the Caucasian owens corporations, but many of us still run the day today operations? From the manager in the delivery room to the girl friday who organizes his business. It’s not all Caucasian women or some dude who is no threatening. It’s not like we have to invent the wheel, did not Marcus Garvey show us how to do it? Did not Booker T washington tell what we must do. Did not Mary Bethune Cookman set the template, how about the original folks in Black wall street?

    The only difference is when they come at us again we also have templates from the spook who sat by the door, and Nat Turner’s rebellion to guide us. For those who fear being terminated…guess what YOU’RE GONNA DIE ANYWAY! Might as well go out with the other white meat between your teeth. Shit people, we have seen immigrants, dirt farmers from other countries come here and blow up. Not all of them got a hand up. They earned their way and then PURCHASE a piece of this moldy old pie. We are our worst enemy, because we keep thinking about what can I do instead of this is what I will do.

    Like Queen’s been saying we gotta prepare for the worst. But still build for a better.
    As we say in Jamaica…one, one cocoa full a basket! A little bit at a time people.

  34. Tyrone on said:


    Why is it vital that we know the real truth about what’s taking place in this country? The rise of spanish folk in this country didn’t happen by chance. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Immigration Act of 1965 into law with the intended purpose of changing the racial and political dynamics of the country. Any time blacks move upward, whites have to counter that. As blacks were coming out of jim crow and segregation in the South, what happened? FDR comes up with the New Deal in the 1930s, which threw a big monkey wrench in the affairs of black folk. Really, our decline in this country started in the 1930s, not the 1960s. How does all of this relate to the black/spanish issue? We gained our so-called freedom in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. As this was taking place, Democrats came up with a Plan B, but nobody was paying attention. We assumed that black people in the US would be the heirs to the throne that was built by our foremothers and forefathers, Not So! Whites would never allow this country to be majority black. Abortion was legalized by the courts in 1973, another piece of the puzzle. We’ve been living a lie all this time Emile. I wish i was wrong about all of this, but, i can only go by what i see and witness in the culture. Spanish folk may hate that i’m spilling the beans on them, but, they know that they’re house is dirty, They Know!

    Stay Strong

  35. Tyrone on said:


    As black people, we should never lump non-spanish speaking immigrants in with those from Spanish-America. Not the same. The conflict with spanish folk runs much deeper than what’s on the surface. Replacing white-americans with those who actually started all of the s**t that we go thru on this planet does nothing for blacks in the US and beyond. Racism will become a bigger problem. Spanish blacks are the most jacked-up blacks out of the 3 groups of africans that were brought to these shores. That’s a problem, we can’t ignore that. I make a big deal about this because i deal with their bs on a daily basis here in Miami. Democrats have brainwashed us to think that they’re our friends and comrades, Hell No! As the saying goes, Know Thy Enemy. I hate for people to insult my intelligence, and a lot of that is going around today. Black politicos, activists, and professors cheering for a group of people that have no true respect for the black race anyway. If we don’t know the truth about this or that group, our race will always be taken advantage of…Always!


  36. blackmystory on said:

    @tyron I hear that…and some french and english speaking knee-grows too. that’s why for me being melanated is not enough, but whether your allegiance is to African culture, diasporic Africans and our manifest destiny as a people…or are their allegiance to the former colonial owners.

    If you are like me, right about now you should be tabbed a conspiracy nut, antagonist, too aggressive, contrarian, hater and whatever other superlatives those with limited debating skills can throw out.

    Well somebody got to break away from the sheeples right! be tru to your self brother and this goes for “truth” as well.

  37. AFROlatino on said:

    what do you mean by jacked-up?

  38. Negress,

    My sympathies for what you are going through up North. I hear its an absolute mess up there. However, to respond to your article “What Now” I trust in my spirit that President Obama will move on very important legislation affecting blacks. Right now the Congressmen out of GA, I think his name is John Lewis, is drafting legislation that will automatically renew a felons right to vote when they have served their time in prison and are no longer on probation. Many states, especially Southern States have made it almost impossible to get the right to vote back. Mississippi has permanent disenfranchisement of voting rights for most felony violations and for the few that aren’t you would need either a pardon from the Governor “or” your state legislature to draft a bill stating you should recieve your right to vote back which must be passed by at least two thirds of the legislature.

    How unbelievable is that?

    The incarceration rates for black men is another concern I think the President will address before his term ends. We all know of the crack/cocaine desparity and the fact that so many black men are in jail on nonviolent drug crimes. I know the President will push legislation to curb this desparity and stop the automatic pipeline of school to jail for so many black men. This is destroying our communities. Over 70% of our households are headed by single women. There simply are not enough able bodied, healthy men to head these households.

    The Republicans were also itching to do away with the Affordable Care Act and the President’s re-election has squashed that. Also, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, DC has tremendous power and has been holding these financial institutions accountable, even suing many of them, for age old practices of gouging consumers on credit card interest rates and shoddy, predatory business practices. The Republicans had threatened to cut off funding for this agency. That has been squashed.

    President Obama will help us. Don’t you worry. He use to live on the Southside of Chicago. One simply can’t really get more hood than that. He is real. I know he won’t forget us.

  39. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth
    Since Obama has been elected their have been more lay offs. And I fear there’s more to come. *sigh* Check out this site.


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