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Lessons From a Cold Night With Sandy

We got back power last night.


Miraculously, the lights came on, the deep voice of Barry White begged for lovin’ from my kitchen and, like magic, we were back to normal. As I thanked Jah for his protection of me and my family, I stared into outer space, lost in deep thought.

What if this lasted for 1 month?”

What if robbers became restless and began to roam on foot…to people’s front door?”

What is this lasted for 1 year?”

“What are they planning next?”

This Frankenstorm has taught me a few lessons on emergency preparedness and surviving on just your wits and The Most High’s guidance. Growing up humbly, we had no choice but to be creative when it came to preserving food. My entire family cooked outside on a massive coal stove and grew food in order to survive. Fish, crab and poultry came from our farm as did fresh eggs and real chocolate. But living in “modern” times has made us take much for granted.

Sandy stripped us bare and forced us to return to nature. And I was glad. The past 6 days with no electric heat, running water, freezing temperatures and howling wind made us cook in the fireplace, store milk, vegetables and other perishables outside for preservation and rely solely on each other for comfort. We bonded tighter than ever.

When the power came back, I flipped on the Tel-lie-vision to see just how bad the damage was. New York, my former home, New Jersey, Connecticut and West Virginia got pummeled beyond repair. People were walking around the streets in their pajamas and slippers, some were barefoot. They were begging for food, water and clean clothes. They looked scared, angry, shocked, desperate, lost and unable to cope. Some were caught stealing candy bars from ma-and-pa five and dimes, others were looting for whatever they could find.

As the newscasters made their way up to Staten Island and Long Island, I was a bit stunned to see how a Category 1 Storm, desecrated the tiny area. Dead bodies were trapped under rubble and crabs were floating in people’s living rooms. One woman was screaming how unfair it was that F.E.M.A. wasn’t here earlier to help her since her neighbourhood, which was located in the “nice” part o’ town, had to pay such high taxes. As I looked carefully at her face and micro-expressions through the TV, I realized something was happening.

These wealthy, upper-class, predominately white people were beginning to realize that the Powers that Be could care less about them. Their money, power, influence and skin meant nothing to the Forces of Evil. They were all expendable just like the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As The Most High communicated with me that the anger and indignation they were feeling had to do with the power of their pocketbooks and not with their human needs, I wondered what would be the next phase for them.

Would they be finally “awakened?”

Would they change?

Would they become a bit nicer to people who were less fortunate?

Or…would the harsh reality that they were in the same boat as us make them angrier?

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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21 thoughts on “Lessons From a Cold Night With Sandy

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I was thinking the same thing as i watched news footage of that woman looking indignant. She was probably thinking “How dare they treat us like niggers.” That was what was going through my mind. They realized that the government didn’t care about them either. Now those affluent whites know what the poor Katrina victims were expriencing in New Orleans. It was a scary thought for me. I wondered if the storm lasted longer it would turn into a sci-fi type of thing. except it would be real life. That cretin in Staten Island that turned that black woman away while her children drowned. I hope he is haunted by the ghost of those children.I pray for all the hurricane Sandy victims. I’m glad you and your family are well. Stay warm and safe.

  2. moorbey on said:

    Glad to hear that u and ur family are safe.

  3. Mickey on said:

    Well, you saw my reaction to that incident involving the woman and her two small children on Brotha Wolf’s blog. My faith in humanity is DONE.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    @Mickey, Sister i think we are sometimes on the same wave lengths. Peace&Light.

  5. Thank you Miss Mary. I’m truly blessed to be so lucky. We escaped unharmed and except for chilly nights, we’re still here.

  6. Thank you, comrade.

  7. Mickey on said:

    BTW, glad that you are doing okay, Sister Truth. But I knew that you would be. The Almighty is watching over you.

  8. Thanks Mickey. The Almighty has never left our sides…all of His people.

  9. “As The Most High communicated with me that the anger and indignation they were feeling had to do with the power of their pocketbooks and not with their human needs, I wondered what would be the next phase for them.

    Would they be finally “awakened?”

    Would they change?

    Would they become a bit nicer to people who were less fortunate?

    Or…would the harsh reality that they were in the same boat as us make them angrier?

    What are your thoughts on this subject?”


    They will never change. Maybe the small ones who have not been indoctrinated yet. But en mass as a whole? No. They are too far gone in their delusion. They are also genetically inclined to be racist. Because they have such weak genes, they have an innate need for separation. Other races don’t have xenophobia to this degree because their genetic make up doesn’t complete recede in the face of ours. Unlike theirs. They hate us because for all their “superior” talk, DNA speaks the truth. We remind them of their sins. Like when Amnon raped his sister Tamar then couldn’t stand the site of her and was filled with hatred for her after the fact. They are also unused to true hardship. Things that are common place to a great many of us. They were throwing themselves from buildings during the Great Depression. When they panic, they become violent like cornered animals. They perceive that they are “losing ” “their” country and they are acting out in irrational ways. No, my keen and insightful sister. They will never change. Besides. Edom is predicted to perish completely anyways. *casual dismissive shrug* They have been judged irredeemable.

  10. Pity. Then the realization will be destructive for them.

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  12. Tyrone on said:


    I’m happy to hear that you’re alright sistren. Sandy has caused widespread destruction and anguish for many people. Us down here in Florida got lucky, the storm was heading our way. It turned eastward towards the northeast corridor. I knew the storm would cause massive damage, because, anytime the northeast is hit with a cyclone, flooding will take place. As far as folks realizing that the politicos can’t save them, welcome to the club. Sometimes, human beings get too arrogant and need to be slapped down to get their minds right. As for media coverage, i see a bunch of white folks from Staten Island and New Jersey. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nothing! Wake up black people? You’re being ignored because Obama is in the White House. The white media in this country has no incentive to document the devastation in the hood because the governor of NY is a democrat as well as Obama…they can’t exploit poor blacks for political gain as was the case with Katrina in New Orleans. In that case, the democrats in the state screwed-up and Bush got blamed for their incompetence. Negress, stay up Queen…Always!


  13. BIG UP to the Sista that took what Sandy had to offer and stood strong and survived. I’m proud of you.

    I often wonder if and when this country is brought down and the sh*t hits dem fan, will I wanna live on the other side of that? I have prepared and prepped with the best, even got some acreage in mountains. But, will life be worth living? Will it be worth having to kill many people to keep what I have? What kinda country will this be? As we can see people can’t make it for 6 or 7 days, what in the hell kinda demon filled world will this be when the light don’t come back on?

  14. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Tel-lie-vision—I love that. I call it the hellivision or the idiot box. Haven’t had one of those in God-knows-how-long.

    I like this post and will link to it on my blog. You ask some pressing questions that folks need to address in their lives.

    We fared well, not suffering any issues whatsoever, however MANY in NYC are in turmoil. I believe the outcome for those you ask about will be all of the above, and at different times and for different reasons. Some will have bitter hearts and some will say, “let me chill, this got everybody…”

    I’m glad you have power back and some sense or normalcy. Be safe, be careful.

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  16. Matari on said:

    “I often wonder if and when this country is brought down and the sh*t hits dem fan, will I wanna live on the other side of that? I have prepared and prepped with the best, even got some acreage in mountains. But, will life be worth living? Will it be worth having to kill many people to keep what I have? What kinda country will this be? As we can see people can’t make it for 6 or 7 days, what in the hell kinda demon filled world will this be when the light don’t come back on?”


    Excellent points!!

    If humans cannot fundamentally evolve/CHANGE – become more selfless – the world will become even uglier (extremely super self/me-centered) than it already is.

    Any prolonged shortage of basic necessities will bring suffering/calamity. Any lack of the following could fundamentally change LIFE as we know it.

    Oil/Fuel – for heating, transportation (shipping, trucking) – power generation.
    Water… drinking, washing (sewage waste removal)
    Food… soil, seeds, storage, shelf-life
    Money – hyperinflation, massive unemployment, failed currency
    Nuclear, Biological, Chemical attack… Pollution
    Communication – Internet failure

    These are just off the top of my head. There are many other potential life altering disasters waiting in the wings. All of these (when the $hit hits the fan) factors are so precariously balanced, it would not take much to upset the apple cart one way or another. Unless one has arrangements to live in a well supplied underground city, or on another planet when disaster strikes, the best preparations one can make will be cursory at best. This isn’t to say that one should not prepare as much as humanly possible – but that we should look at the long term prospects – realistically.

    Those of us that live in and are unable to escape typical cities to safer, more secure, places are the least likely to survive – minus divine intervention.

    Yes, organization (planning), BEFORE calamity strikes, is paramount!

  17. “Would they be finally “awakened?”

    Would they change?

    Would they become a bit nicer to people who were less fortunate?”

    When the Occupy protests were going on, all sorts of people involved got a taste of what it is like to be picked on by the police for no good reason. As I understand it, this did not lead to increased concerns about what the police are up to once the protests ended and the police went back to harassing the usual groups they harass.

    On the plus side, Sandy seems not to have had anywhere near the impact of Katrina. A more powerful storm, a more populated area, but a much better response. For all the faults of the government, and there are many, they’ve greatly improved in this area.

  18. ynotme on said:

    Disaster/adversity usually brings out the best or the worst in us…In my neighborhood, a day after the hurricane, people were breaking into their neighbors houses and apartments and stealing their food and electronic devices ( DVD players, tv, etc.). It makes me wonder what would happen if this storm was more destructive or if it lasted a lot longer.

  19. Kushite Prince on said:

    Some interesting facts about Hurricane Sandy.

    1. No preparation whatsoever was done to protect the city by the government. Noaa warned New York two days in advance that the lowest subway entrances needed to be sand bagged well enough to hold back two feet of water to prevent the subways from flooding, because a storm surge of 11.5 feet was predicted, and the lowest subway entrances are at 10 feet.

    Yet the people in charge there opted to not protect the subways when it would have been easy. Sandbagging against two feet of water is childs play.

    That’s NOTHING. Why was it not done? Furthermore, the World Trade Center site needed only 2 feet of sandbags as well. So why were the workers at that site not told to go out for a couple hours and sandbag the place? I guess Lucky Larry wanted a photo op there as well.(VN: Lets not forget who Bloomberg is, and how he is no different than the khazar before him…. the cross dressing Ghouliani, they hate the people they represent except for their fellow Khazars and that is it and why he could join in and treasonously join those that attempted to destroy New York, except for the financial district. How convenient. Wait til you see the photos of NY that a visitor took after the storm.This is beginning to look and sound a lot like Katrina. WHERE ARE THE 375,000 PEOPLE EVACUATED?.

    2. Sandy made landfall as a category 1 hurricane, yet with a barometric reading of a category 4. On top of that, Sandy made landfall at the peak of the high tide, and achieved a tide combined storm surge of 12 feet. Since timing is everything, I would like to ask how it all worked so perfect, how that hurricane hit the target so perfect at the perfect high tide with barometric readings saying it should have been rated 3 categories higher.

    The category 1 reading with category 4 pressures is only possible if the hurricane is lacking humidity, which would definitely be the case if it was not natural and pumped up by Haarp technology while over cold water which should have killed it. Forget about the Gulf Stream excuse, the water was too cold for this storm to have been real, PERIOD. And it simply bullseyed the target too perfect at too perfect a time, DEAD ON HIGH TIDE. Had it hit at low tide, less would have happened. However because it hit at high tide –

    3. The coastal areas had to endure 30 foot waves, ON TOP of a 12 foot combined tide and storm surge. This devastated the entire coastal region, and laid many communities waste. But there is something else to this story that they are refusing to report.

    Once inland, away from the waves and storm surge, the storm was NOTHING. The winds were not very high, and there was virtually no rain, and power remained on virtually everywhere until the power was cut, in my belief by choice.

    Farther inland, homes “burst into flames”, and I beg to question HOW? Do homes erupt in flames any time the wind is blowing? Obviously not, but they needed their photo ops and the same people who opted to not sand bag the subways likely went out and burned down foreclosed homes for the photos.
    4. Inland, there are no broken windows, no torn off roofs, not even any collapsed car ports or anything else for the photos. People on the ground who have written to me have said that immediately by the ocean it is horrible, because the ocean tore it up, but inland there is nothing to see. Joel Skousen of the World Affairs Brief was there during the storm, and he also confirms this, as well as Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary. So WHY IS THE POWER OUT?

    5. People on the ground have been telling me that there are absolutely no repair crews going around to restore the power. And by no repair crews, I mean, NO LOCALS, NO ONE FROM OUT OF STATE, NO REGULAR GUYS NADA.

    And people talk to people and the huge question is now being asked, WHY ARE THERE NO REPAIR CREWS TRYING TO GET THE LIGHTS BACK ON? Their comments basically consist of, well, I can understand there is a lot of work out there to do, and they could all be spread out thin, but why are we not seeing even ONE?.

    You can forget all the stories in the press about hundreds of repair teams descending on the disaster area from out of state to fix things, My guess, to be honest? Your gonna think I am whacked, and maybe this is a missed observation, maybe they ARE there, but what if . . . .

    What if the repair teams are being told to go there, meet at a central location, and then they are all diverted to a Fema camp? Only, it’s a worker camp you see, and they are just sitting there waiting for their orders. Probably being fed fairly well, but also rendered totally useless to their intended purpose.

    THAT would keep the power out long enough for the people who opted to not sandbag the subways to delay the elections, and create a massive humanitarian crisis. And tyrants thrive on crisis. It would also prevent qualified people from going into the area, realizing the lights are out for no reason at all, and calling bullshit on the whole thing.

    I believe that since New York got through the hurricane fine with the lights still on, only to have the Con Ed explosion take the lights out (highly suspicious sabotage) that in fact the power is off by choice and this is a giant crisis excercise to test the American psyche and see how much bullshit Americans will tolerate before they do the next big run which will involve the entire country. (VN: THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING as we speak. We updated the Haarp activity and its gone nationwide, so he hit that one spot on.)

    6. In several locations along the coast, people have been given five minutes to pack their bags and leave, even if their homes are in perfect condition and they have food and water, and are able to drive out any time they want. Instead, they are being loaded onto buses and told they won’t be allowed to return for MONTHS, some people are being told they won’t be allowed to return for up to 8 months. (VN: Sounds just like KATRINA, and those people are still in those camps after 8 years as Greg Palast recorded and got arrested for doing so.)

    Since this is ridiculous beyond belief, there is something fishy with this, and I have heard no reports of where these people are actually being taken to. One such evacuation in New Jersey left an area with 15,000 residents stripped down to fewer than 50. WTF is going on with this?

    7. The shills are in overdrive, and it seems that all the comments sections everywhere are loaded with airheads telling people to cooperate with the government because the government knows best and it is all for our protection, EVEN WITH REGARD TO THE SUBJECT OF FORCED EVACUATIONS OF AREAS WHICH RECEIVED NO DAMAGE. So what is it that these shills know that is so damn good for us, that people have to leave areas that were not affected by anything other than a power outage?

    8. The answer is obvious. This was obviously a pre planned October surprise. And if Americans don’t begin standing up and calling total bullshit on this, they had better be prepared for a Rothchild/Rockefeller/elitist Red Dawn that will make that movie look like an adventure vacation.

    This is a bullshit test, to test their ability to use shock, sympathy, and many other variables to keep Americans quiet while they commit heinous crimes, put in place an intentional seige, round people up in a big test run for the future, and most likely delay the elections.

    They got their “disaster”, partly real, partly not, to set a precedent for ramping up the police state ahead of election time, when they will spark riots after running scandal story after scandal story on both candidates, to make both sides totally pissed off about any possible outcome.

    This will be used to justify the final crack down, and I can tell you, if you rightfully felt sorry for those Arabs we attacked for no reason, you are soon to discover who the real future target was. All this terrorisim bullshit is going to come full circle and hit all of us in the head, and it’s going to impact a lot harder than many people think. Beer Belly kill the rag head Joe sat idly by as a police state emerged to “Get Dem AYERABS” and he is scheduled for an education.

    9. An additional significant curiosity – Many Many internet routers are down right now, and only one is in a storm affected area. HOW AND WHY?

  20. Prince,

    This is what we talked about all last night. Whether or not this was a giant test of faith and survival skills.

    We failed miserably.

    Thank you for the great information. Pretty much everyone I spoke to is wondering if Sandy was real or man made.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’m still not sure myself. But I hear that HAARP is a very powerful machine. So it’s possible that it was man-made. We have to be open to all possibilities.

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