Observations of an Invisible Woman

Black People: Wake Up!

{recopied this fabulous image from Cari’s Blog}

Don’t be fooled. All politicians are two sides of the same coin!

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7 thoughts on “Black People: Wake Up!

  1. You do realise you’re going straight to hell for talking bad about the president don’t you? Not everybody is awake and they will not take to kindly to this blasphemy. NOW!! Bite your tongue or your fingertips.

  2. Hehehe…yeah I know.

  3. Tyrone on said:


    Black people who sink or swim based on which political party is in office don’t understand the ways of the world. Our salvation as black people should never be tied to a political party or ideology…Period! Tyrone is a conservative blackman 4 life, i could care less about republicans or democrats. I have a set of beliefs that i stick to, and dare anyone to change my mind. Nobody tells me what to do and how to think.


  4. Sanctified Brother on said:

    It’s all humorous to me. Opposing sides fight it out and declare the other to be heinous criminals unable to lead the free world. It’s such a back-stabbing attempt to discredit someone else for their own gain. Is that the kind of leader that we really feel confident in? Not me. What happens when all is said and done? This country is run the same, whether there be a Democrat or Republican in the office. They’re all the same. The same plan is going to be carried out.

  5. Tyrone on said:

    @Sanctified Brother

    The fundamental problem with both parties, is that, they’re still dominated by and for white males. This is the crux of the issue. Whitemen will always put their interests ahead of everybody else on the planet. This country is slipping away from us because the folk that are in charge are too afraid to keep it 100 with the people. Nobody wants to speak honestly about what’s taking place in this country, which is a problem. As i stated in the previous post, we have to tighten up for our own sake, regardless of which party is in power. In reality, the black population in the US is too small to support one party only anyway. Independent or Libertarian is what we should be. I’m a conservative brotha who is a registered republican. If libertarians were greater in number, i would probably be in that box. What specific goals do we have to meet as a people in this nation? At this point, it’s about self-preservation…blackmen must stop killing their own…black people must protect themselves sexually…blackwomen must come up with an alternative to unending abortions of their unborn babies, and so forth. If we’re dead or ill, the other ish means nothing.


  6. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Hi Tyrone,
    We’re essentially in the same boat: it’s one agenda that’s being pushed. I certainly agree that it isn’t an agenda that benefits persons of color and that we have to do some housekeeping to make things better for ourselves.

  7. Tyrone on said:

    @Sanctified Brother

    Thanks for the feedback brotha. Despite all of the doom and gloom, african-americans will be the bedrock of this country as were our foreparents. This nation was built on their blood, sweat, and tears. We should never lose sight of that brotha, Never! We’ve dealt with much worse, we have no excuses. If we do what we’re supposed to do as blackmen, this planet will be a better place for our race and humanity as a whole…Ditto!


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