Observations of an Invisible Woman

10 Things White People Already Know But Will Never Tell Us

1. Blacks , if WE don’t get ourselves together, will eventually become like the Native Americans…a distant memory.

2. Blacks exist on other planets.

3. Whites will need our melanin in some fashion in order to survive.

4. Your white doctor, dentist, politician, schoolteacher and farmer are either aware or in on the “eugenics plan”.

5. New and incurable diseases will be carried by flying insects.

6. Historically Black Colleges will eventually become entirely white.

7. Sell-out blacks who are paid large sums of money to keep quiet will eventually be exterminated. 

8. Homosexuality will be taught to our children in pre-school.

9. Pornography will become the “norm” on basic tel-lie-vision.

10. Auschwitz will return..,openly. 

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59 thoughts on “10 Things White People Already Know But Will Never Tell Us

  1. 11. The caveman is not our common ancestor, but theirs.

  2. larissa on said:

    2. Blacks exist on other planets???

  3. Yes. We built the pyramids on mars. Lance Armstrong became a recluse after his discovery on the moon. The white powers that be threatened to kill his entire famikt

  4. Beg pardon, typing on my phone here…

    …..family if he spoke about what he saw. Carbon peoples are everywhere…that’s why whites want us killed.

  5. He became a hermit because NASA slapped a muzzle on him.

  6. Yes and when I get to my computer I’ll post a video that somewhat says just that.

  7. Great. I can’t wait to see your video.

  8. blackmystory on said:

    Also the Zulus and the Dogon are but two ethnic groups in Africa that has a creation story where they originated on other planets. Glad to see you survive the storm queen and still kicking knowledge.

  9. Mickey on said:

    Is that also why the powers-that-be tarnished his image with the doping scandal? Or is that a separate issue?

  10. blackmystory on said:

    3. Whites will need our melanin in some fashion in order to survive.
    They are already stealing the pineal glands and consuming them in bizarre rituals

    4. Your white doctor, dentist, politician, school teacher and farmer are either aware or in on the “eugenics plan”.
    Dr.; diagnose African women and men using Caucasian male’s barometer, School teachers, planned parenthood clinics in schools in heavy African neighbourhoods

    5. New and incurable diseases will be carried by flying insects.
    Are currently. Note that what they give us today (technology) is at least 75 years after the fact.

    6. Historically Black Colleges will eventually become entirely white.
    Integration, beware of what you ask for you just may get it.

    7. Sell-out blacks who are paid large sums of money to keep quiet will eventually be exterminated.
    The art of war contained the sell outs first.

    8. Homosexuality will be taught to our children in pre-school.
    IS, IS, IS

    9. Pornography will become the “norm” on basic tel-lie-vision.

    10. Auschwitz will return..,openly.
    Check out the postal plants that are being closed and the super warehouses that have nothing inside them.

    Queen you are teaching!

  11. @ Mickey

    Sorry luv, three days in terrifying lightning and thunder has made me sleep deprived. I meant Neil Armstrong, not Lance the cyclist. Why he “got busted” for doing something we all suspected is beyond me.

    Im typing on my phone so pardon errors.

  12. Blackmystory,

    Thank you. We are stranded here with millions of others with no heat, power, water. I planned well so we are just fine with the help of my potbelly stove, canned goods and loads upon loads of firewood.

    Evil never takes a day off, so neither can I.

  13. “2. Blacks exist on other planets.”

    True statement. If not, why do Black people/non-whites keep referring to a “Higher Power” “out there”? BECAUSE IT DOES EXIST! Whites are innately warlike, combative and forever antagonistic towards others unlike themselves. How do you think they are going to re-act toward so-called “UFOs”? UFOs are smart enough to stay their distance…until the timing is right. Look at the way they treat Black/non-white people everywhere they’ve been on this planet, always putting up defense after defense after defense (SDI, white flight, “manifest destiny”, space weapons, foreign military posts, diseases, etc.) They have repeatedly proven that they are scared of other unknown creatures and what they “think” might happen to them as a result of how they have treated us and other POC. Black people, on the other hand, have historically promoted peace with aliens/foreigners.

    There are hieroglyphics on Egyptian architecture that truthfully depict advanced transportation vehicles.

    Advanced aerospace technology has also been found in the tombs of Saqquara, Egypt and also in Central/South America.


    And yes, “Neil” Armstrong was right. There are other forms of life existing throughout the universe. The universe is immense. It is whites who can’t comprehend this because their “nature” is not right: commit harm and mistreatment toward other. If it weren’t true, why would they have stifled/censored his comments after his space mission, as well as threaten to kill his entire family?……Lies. Deception. Revisions. Not “misinformation” but “disinformation”. That’s why they target Black people with consistent attempts to keep us unorganized, unfocused, imbued with self-doubt/low self-esteem, confused and running after every damn thing but the truth, i.e. politics, religion, sex, “enter-your-brain-ment” (entertainment), etc. Blowing smoke up your you-know-what to keep you relaxed and unmotivated to read, study and push a little harder!…..The government/enablers have historically lied to people. They been caught a few times. That’s enough for me.

    “5. New and incurable diseases will be carried by flying insects.”

    They are already doing/done/did this. It’s NBC warfare/biological warfare. Only “The Creator” knows what these evil people are doing here in the the U.S. and across the world.

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  15. Emile:
    Great reply! I’d love to know what he found that was so important that they threatened to murder his family if he spoke.

    I’ll watch the video and get back to you.

  16. Mickey on said:

    Remember the movie “Stargate” where the US Government sent men into a portal that transported them to an Egyptian-like planet and how the ancient Egyptians had been transported before them? Not to mention an alien was inhabiting the body of an Egyptian and ruling the people as pharoah. Someone once said to pay attention to the movies because they do tell you what is really going on and are passing it off as “fiction”. Makes me wonder.

  17. @Mickey:
    True statement. All sources of “enter-your-brain-ment” (entertainment) have a substantial amount of perverted truth within their plots. The so-called “UFO” mythology, again, has been twisted and misconstrued over the decades since the expansion of celestial knowledge and media, as well as humankind’s increased ability and advancements in aerospace technology. Every person, including some whites, have been written off as a “nut”, a “conspiracist” or a “paranoid schizo”. Neil Armstrong wasn’t the only astronaut who saw life on the moon; there were others too. This is why it is important to independently seek all sources of information and come to your own conclusions after vetting the facts. I’m not surprised now as I used to be about the irony behind the deaths of the first Black astronauts, even after their many groundbreaking contributions and technical qualifications (Air Force Major Robert H. Lawrence Jr., Ronald McNair). There’s no telling what googoobs of factual information they could have given this world had they been able to follow through. As a side note, I was simply overwhelmed while discovering the number of Black scientists, engineers, inventors, technicians, mathematicians and artists who have been working, and IMO purposely “hidden behind the lab walls”. They never expose these brilliant people to Black children in schooling. Why is that? Because they don’t want you to know this kind of stuff. “Out of sight, out of mind.” Can anyone imagine the power of a child’s unblemished creative forces, only to be re-enforced within the right environment with these types of positive didacticism? The dumbing-down of a society is a strategy used to mentally enslave people and keep them in a helpless, dependent state. In other words, the ish is real.

    Here are the sources I read:



  18. ynotme on said:

    I think we should draw lessons from a lot of these movies because they are very realistic in predicting the future. I think about movies like the “terminator”, humanity is building more clever and self-aware/self conscious robots…They are also building robots that are un-manned…Who know what the hell these things will do in the future.

  19. @ Emile

    Thanks for the link. I firmly believe that very soon all these things will eventuall
    y come into public knowledge.


  20. @ ynot me

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the terminator already exists. I’ve already said that demons walk the earth.

  21. blackmystory on said:

    @emile How many people remember when Bush the elder cancelled the space probe, sent out in his second term to explore the farther reaches of the galaxy, because he said there was a wall of dark matter that they were afraid to intersect? It was on Conservative Network news (CNN) but too many knee-grows was busy partying I presume.

    @Mickey…I used to be pissed at David Icke and his Lizard people bullshit (still don’t trust him), until i revisited the tel-lie-vision mini series V, and recently read an account of a Zulu Shaman who claimed he actually encountered negative beings like this working with the people in power. in fact their are more than enough information that there are beings around that watch over us Africa people, but are themselves at odds with others working with the elites. Yet we arrogantly think that we are the only thing around in this galaxy and universe…or any other. Shoot these ssme scientist have put it out there that there are earth like planets at the further reaches of the milky way and the galaxy. If there are don’t we think maybe they would be populated?

  22. Mickey on said:

    “Yet we arrogantly think that we are the only thing around in this galaxy and universe.”

    Mr. Spock said the same thing in one of the “Star Trek” movies.

  23. IMO there’s a lot of knowledge deprivation that goes on in this world. Just look at the history of Black people in this country (US) and the methodologies used to suppress a desire toward education. The same thing is going on today, even with the expansion of learning opportunities. I stopped watching network TV/cable TV years ago because it is a “medium”, an electronic tool used to manipulate and control an individual’s mind. People emulate what influences them the most. Television is nothing more than a selection of “31 flavors of propaganda”, superficiality, progressive homosexuality, buffoonery, and imagery that promotes white supremacy. Your best investment of your time is doing constructive, reaffirming things like reading, meditating and getting the most out of life that best way that you can.

    Of course, life exists within other parts (unknown to us) of the infinite universe. I also think that humankind evolve from the vastness of the universe. Where else were we going to come from? If you study the physical and dynamic characteristics of an atom, which is the most basic of any matter, it is identical to the same characteristics exhibited by the solar system. The Dogon People have been telling us for the longest that they originated from outer space. Why won’t we believe them? Because we have been taught that until whites legitimize this, it ain’t true. But as hunglikejesus said, I sure didn’t come from a caveman or an ape!

  24. To all

    Did you know that the new TV’s, dishwashers, fridge and coffee makers are being outfitted with microphones so the powers that be can eavesdrop on our conversations??

    I found out via prof Griff and a few bloggers that our cell phones are being activated at night to listen what we are up to via the CIA, FBI and homeland security.

    We blacks are their number one target for spying.

  25. nicoleizhername on said:

    Keep on dropping Gems Sista. I’m so behind I gots to catch up. BTW Who is The Red Man?(He ain’t really “red” is he) That Picture of him is Gorgeous

  26. @ become

    I don’t know if he’s lakota or chippewa but he caught my eye too.

  27. r.wilson on said:

    i think white people know black people are about to wake up. so they are planing for it.

  28. Ooops I meant that for Nicole. I’m typing on my phone. Sorry for the typos.

  29. 12.They know how you/we think and feel about your/our Hair!

  30. Tyrone on said:


    If we’re not willing to remove self-loathing blacks from our ranks, all of our anger means nothing. The worst enemy of black people are sellout blackmen and blackwomen, who are nothing more than puppets on a string for whites and other races. When we get them out the way, we can move forward as a race of people on this planet. Black people are royalty, We need to think and act like it.

    Black First

  31. larissa on said:

    @truth where did u get the information for number 2?

  32. larissa on said:

    i would like to delve deeper and i couldn’t find anything online, i know i won’t fond anything in the local library.

  33. @ Larissa

    The teachings of the Dogon peoples and various documentaries on carbon/ melanin peoples.

    Whites will deny this til their death.

  34. larissa on said:

    thanks truth
    when i was younger, i used to wonder why whites, complete strangers who knew nothing about me, who i’d come across on the street, looked at me with such intense hate in their eyes. to be honest, even to this day i still don’t understand, you’d think i’d killed the person they love most. however reading blogs such as this one helps me understand.

  35. darqbeauty on said:

    Hit the nail on the head. Yes, those of us who are conscious/awake can feel the change in the air. The white man must copy. We have melanin. He has tan in a can. We have full figures. He has silicone and saline. We have SOMETHING that is making them play with eugenics and chimeras in labs. Oh yes, there is a great change coming and he intends to combat it every step of the way. I know many here are KMT inclined or Moorish science. I am a Hebrew Israelite. Though the doctrines are different the foundation is the same. We are being subjugated for a reason. There is an underlying fear to all of this. We must be something special or there wouldn’t be this massive campaign against us when we have done NOTHING to these people. Have you noticed that the closer a phenotype comes to looking like us/original people, the more that white people despise it. I have been on articles about Papua New Guineans and Sri Lankans and there are all kinds of comments about “niggers” when there are no “niggers” in site. My people would do well to watch these people. THEY came from cave people and monkeys. Not us. Their Neanderthal DNA gives them away. We would do well to completely shun them, interact with them when only necessary and focus on ourselves. Which I suspect would drive them completely and utterly mad and psychotic for some reason. Sorry for the rambling reply but let me finish with this. I had a dream a few months back. In this dream Black people lived in a dome that was impenetrable to weapons. We built it in the middle of the African continent and secluded ourselves. All around this dome, white people had taken over the planet. They were obsessed with us and wanted us dead. We were so sick of looking at their faces that we made a screen where they could see in but we could not see out. Just a screen of stars and then sunlight and clouds. Every so often we would turn off the screen and they would be pressed against the glass like zombies, frothing at the mouth looking frightfully hateful and pitiful. Then We lifted off in the air in our city and took off. I guess we were over it.

    Anyways, the crux of it all is this; when we do us, we flourish. When we flourish, they hate us even more. They already hate us. So better to flourish than languish in unending and irrational hatred.

  36. darqbeauty on said:

    Yup, that’s why when you wear your hair in it’s natural state, they stare and are uncomfortable. It sends an unconscious message that we are not one of the “safe” negroids. Our spiral DNA mimicking and gravity defying hair is a wonder. There is a massive natural hair movement online and there is such power in it. Black women’s hair are our antennas.

    When will we see the envy for what it is? LIke Donnie says, “Yes, I wear the lamb’s wool, my feet are burned brass and the wool defies the gravity like the nature of a gas.” 🙂

  37. darqbeauty on said:

    Look up Credo Mutwa. He told David Icke some things but he hasn’t told him everything. No credible shaman would EVER again give whites access to their secrets. They have historically shown that they cannot be trusted. Especially with sacred knowledge. Look how they perverted sacred KMT math with their freemasonry. Yuck!

  38. For the most part, I see all of this as symptoms of disorganization. A disorganized people suffer at the hands of an organized people. We see this in ‘gangs,’ we see this in ‘police brutality,’ we see this in ‘governments,’ we see this in the above example.

    Number 8 and 9, for instance, are what Europeans are entitled to. They can teach homosexuality to their kin. That’s not a problem. The problem is that we rely on them to teach our children. As long as we are disorganized, we ask for what the organized give. That’s why I promote organization. As long as we’re not promoting organization, it’s whatever.

    I know a Brother who sells a television receiver. One-time purchase and all the programming is through his Organization. How many of us are jumping on that technology? Look how long ago televisions were created, yet where are we organizing to making a Black receiver popular in Black households?

    As bad as the European is; not too many of us are helping ourselves.

  39. darqbeauty on said:

    “I know a Brother who sells a television receiver. One-time purchase and all the programming is through his Organization. How many of us are jumping on that technology? ”

    I didn’t even know about that. I’d jump ALL over that. I live in the middle of a W.A.S.P. hive by the name of Southern Orange County California. I suffer from pangs of snowblindness occasionally. It’s gotten so bad that when Black people see each other (those who aren’t trying to distance themselves from Blacks to seem less Black) out here, we give a sad little smile and pathetic wave. “Nice to see you” seems to be the code for “OMG, another Black person. Praise Yah, I could kiss your cheeks!!” lol

    Seriously though, I think there is an active submersion of Black accomplishment. There is also an inclination from some of our less enlightened brothers and sisters to think that Blacks can’t run a professional business. Gotta run to the white man if you want something done right kind of people. We all know the type. Won’t patron a Black beauty store because of perceived “rudeness” but will run across the street to pay over inflated prices to Sun Kim and his family while they follow you around the store like a damn mongrel dog that accidentally got it. My people perish for lack of knowledge.

  40. The sequestration of “certain” books are already beginning at local libraries. There have been books I’ve read years ago by substantive Black writers that cannot be found on shelves/circulation today. Anticipate paying for any worthy information/media from now on.

  41. darqbeauty on said:

    That’s why I couldn’t believe how people latched on to the Kindle and it’s ilk. First of all, you can’t read it in the bath. Second of all, your whole library can disappear if you misplace it or someone steals it. THIRD is the limitations. They are phasing out libraries. They want you to be able only access what they have filtered. Doing away with books outright would lead to revolt, so they consciously phase them out under the guise of “new and innovating”. People are so blinded by the bells and whistles that they don’t notice that they now have only thousands of choices where they once had millions.

  42. A very incredible but very believable dream you’ve had. The consistent dream I’ve had has been more tragic and not similar to yours, but results in something happening around the time of this fallacy/deception called “armaggedon” (arms at megiddo). Overall, the current aura still defines unprecedented events to come!

  43. You’re going to realize that we know a lot of “Mr. Say” but not a lot of “Mr. Do.” In Brooklyn, the United African Movement ran the only African-centered summer sleep away in the nation for 17 years. Yet every summer was a financial struggle, the debt piled, the volunteers were limited and even the camper numbers dwindled.

    It was inexpensive. The best bang for your buck. Other more expensive, less extensive White programs were heavily populated with us. But ours was neglected, because Mr. Say agreed we needed a sleep away camp, but Mr. Say isn’t Mr. Do.

    Everyone of us should be talking about which organization we belong to. Then we should speak from that organization. Otherwise we’re really not saying anything. That’s my new belief. We disorganize ourselves through our silence on organization.

  44. That’s why filling the “brain-computer” with the right data is sooooooo important! Reading involving much more that reciting/pronouncing/spelling words correctly. There’s a process that’s going on in your brain that most of us don not understand. Dr. Welsing once quoted (and I’ll never forget this!) that we are only using 10% of our brain-computer’s full power/capacity….Hence, GIGO, (garbage in/garbage out) is futile toward mental/spiritual/psychological development!

    It’s say to admit this, but a lot of us are not going to make it. Why? The refusal of truth…self-hatred…blindness…”waking up” is a process as well as a commitment and takes years of re-conditioning a damaged mind. We’ve all been there. I used to discuss the gradual loss of books over time with my mother before she passed. Obviously, she had a vision of what was to come.

  45. darqbeauty on said:

    Your mother obviously passed her wisdom onto you. Yes, the first step in subjugating the masses is information control.

  46. Organization is, hands down, the key to our survival/success. But realistically, it requires a highly-detailed, sincere, firewalled, triple-paned effort on our part. Outside forces have/are/will always spying /reconnoitering Blacks in damn near everything that we do. Let’s face it; whites have a history of stealing. Napoleon even admitted it: “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” Nothing racist about that accusation. It’s the raw truth. As has been quoted in dialogue on this page, they can’t live without us economically nor biologically, from our carelessly-spent trillion dollars of throw-away wealth to your personal DNA.

    But if we were to step up our game and understood and applied the “science” of organization, we’d have a modern-day replay on the level of Hannibal Barca, the 2nd/3rd century B.C. African general, who’s military formations are now used as de facto protocol when engaging enemies on the battlefield anywhere in the world. Why? Because they have proven repeatedly effective. Until we become serious in our efforts, “organization” is just a twelve-letter word.

    BTW: whites are e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e-d and should never, ever be underestimated in whatever they do. They’ve got the eternal cloud of genetic annihilation hanging over them like a permanent curse, so don’t be fooled. At a moment’s notice, they are ready for war. Can we say the same?

  47. IPTV.

    Internet-protocol -TV

    The future of “independent” media.

    Read up on it. It’s mobile; still emerging as an industry; requires low-cost initial investments; and implements cost-effective, modern media technologies that allow exclusive content control.

    Share the knowledge…

  48. larissa on said:

    @darqbeauty thanks for the info

  49. Tyrone on said:


    As black people, we don’t wanna acknowledge that integration has failed us. Blacks who came of age in the 60s and 70s accepted the fallacy of colorblindness, as if they could really ignore their black and brown complexions. Other races laugh at those black people, but, they actually think others respect them. The jokes on them, not on us who have 20/20 vision. What has all the brown-nosing really accomplished for our race? White folks say, “Look at all the entertainers and athletes that are making money?” Entertaining rich white folks is not a noble occupation last time i checked. If we owned the studios and teams, then we could run our mouths about it. Black people running away from who they are just to make someone else like them is sad to me in so many ways…The Struggle Continues!!!


  50. emile,

    I’m quite curious. Are you organizing Black people?

  51. What did Neil Armstrong say?’ One small step for MAN and one giant leap for MANKIND.’
    He tells you right there and then. Whites are man kind because they are KIND of like a man but not man. He is also telling you that MAN has been/originated from the place it took him a GIANT leap to get to. Who is MAN?

  52. Are there any websites, books that discuss pyramids/blacks on other planets? Hopefully, you haven’t already provided this. I have also read that the moon landing was faked. What is your take on that? And I actually wouldn’t see alternate realities as plausible b/c this one is ass backwards.

  53. Just out of curiosity, did the shaman say why they are assisting people in power? I mean I’m open enough to consider there are things that we absolutely don’t understand or are beyond our understanding but when I hear lizard, I just see it as a description of a base, primal way of thinking–not literally reptilian. And there is no way we are alone in this vast Universe. God is not that defeatist.

  54. ‘I found out via prof Griff and a few bloggers that our cell phones are being activated at night to listen what we are up to via the CIA, FBI and homeland security.

    We blacks are their number one target for spying.’

    ==I think the suggestion for cellphones is to remove the battery from the phone to keep that from happening & yes indeedy, Co-INtelpro lives, it has just morphed and merged with Mk-ULTRA. I am mad that we are dealing with Frankenstein/Ted Bundy in charge…he’s the LAST being that ever needs to get a hold of advanced technology. This fact makes me question what the Creator is thinking?

  55. Nmaat

    Yes. On YouTube, there are videos where astronauts have admitted that blacks live on other planets. Tomorrow I’ll upload one for you.

  56. Your dream reminds me of the movie I am Legend..I really see that as their ultimate fate…driven underground b/c they have destroyed the ozone layer protection. And I also see that as a tie-in to their morbid curiosity with vampires (only come out at nite) & zombies. Movies do provide clues as to what is to come.

  57. U r right but do we have the stomach to do what’s necessary? Based on this cult-like worship of Obama, I don’t see it happening with the masses.

  58. Anonymous on said:

    You hit it on the button. Mickey on November 1, 2012 at 1:56 PM said:
    Remember the movie “Stargate” where the US Government sent men into a portal that transported them to an Egyptian-like planet and how the ancient Egyptians had been transported before them? Not to mention an alien was inhabiting the body of an Egyptian and ruling the people as pharoah. Someone once said to pay attention to the movies because they do tell you what is really going on and are passing it off as “fiction”. No wondering……it tis so, and unconsciously unaware u are speaking to their spirit Remember there were many Gods we never seen…. Who are u praying too,?..in the universe they hear us ….listen to him!

  59. I had to read this again and I’m amazed at your gift.Especially that now in 2015 all homosexuals are free to do as they please.I went to the islands last year and there was a disease called “Chick V” being spread on an island with largely black people.To which there was no cure we were just advised to take a certain pain killer.I was watching this Game of Thrones and a few others and remarked to my husband they don’t blurr out anything anymore.The times,the times…smh.

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