Observations of an Invisible Woman

10 Counter Racist Tools Every Black Person Should Have


Why? Headphones deter conversation which may lead to detrimental results. I use mine even when not listening to music. I never leave home without them.


Why? Highliting your book gives off the impression of studying, which means “Do not disturb.” I use this tactic on the train, bus and anywhere I can to keep myself as safe as safe will allow.


Why? Eye contact may spark unwelcomed comments, looks of fear and misconstrued intentions. I once had a white woman confess to me when black men look at her, she feared they will rape her…on the street, you know, like, in broad daylight… in front of everyone.


Why? Because being black can get you killed at anytime, any place on earth. Confrontation is the white man’s tool in order to call the cops, fire a gun, etc.  Add skin colour to the equation and you’re in a hot mess. If you feel a confrontation is looming, a siren will cause unwanted attention, which may end up saving your life.


Why? For those that work late, pick up the kids after school or go to night school, this is a must.


A clock? No. A hidden camera…for those that work in white corporate AmeriKlan this is imperative! When accusations fly, things go “missing” off your desk and files from your computer get “accidentally deleted”, you need proof to back you up.


Another One?! Yes. This time for your car. Black men: this could mean life or death when pulled over by the cops.


Believe it or not, not everyone has one. Why is this important? If you get pulled over by the cops, dial your OWN HOME NUMBER, your sister’s number, your friend’s number and, if no one picks up, let the machine record the events that take place. If possible, say the name of the officer (usually it’s on his badge) out loud so the machine can record it.

Example: “Officer Smith, did I do something wrong?”


Why? Because when you’re driving late at night, do you really want to pull over at a gas station? Alone? Or with kids and family in the car? Since Trayvon Martin was lynched by a civilian, my family begged me to stop getting gas after work, especially when I worked 2nd shift.


A cooler bag? Why? When you’re on the road, either traveling alone or with family, a cooler bag full of sandwiches/water will come in handy so you don’t have to pull over in an unfamiliar part of town/state. Whilst traveling across the south, I never thought to do this…till I had an uncomfortable situation with the owners of a small five-and-dime. The next day, I bought a large cooler bag to travel with. Now, whenever I’m on the road, it’s full of goodies.

Sometimes planning ahead will save your life.

Hope this helps you. Any more ideas or suggestions?

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31 thoughts on “10 Counter Racist Tools Every Black Person Should Have

  1. blackmystory on said:

    Simple and yet so sensible. Queen you are on the right track with these tools.

  2. Excellent! I will share this with my email list!!

  3. mary burrell on said:

    I agree with everything on the list.

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  5. Nakale on said:

    Wow! It is really sad that we as black people have to worry about getting killed just because of our skin color. I wonder if God really exists.

  6. blackmystory on said:

    @Nakale The true god is in you. Not some outside entity that looks like the male oppressor of people and nature. The fundamental problem with people in general is looking for a solution to their problem on the outside of themselves and looking towards the very people that gave them the problem in the first place. This is why they brutalize us, because they recognize the god in us, only we don’t.

  7. soforeal on said:

    it’s funny how we are the bad ones when we never did anything to anybody. i tell you man, white people have done a good job of making blacks seem like the bad guys. all i can say is stay safe folks always be on guard around whites and don’t smile with them!! they love to give us that fake smile, i just hold my head straight whenever i pass one of them. over the pass 4 years i’ve started to see them for who they really are after being blind for so many years it’s tough when you have friends that don’t see them as enemy’s and want to buddy up with them. smh the same things they do to us we should start doing to them like, when their behind you run across the street with a scared look on your face. lol

  8. “it’s funny how we are the bad ones when we never did anything to anybody.”


    That’s called projection.

  9. Mickey on said:

    Author Andrew Hacker once said that Hemingway (or some other author) said that “Whites need the nigger in society because it is the nigger within themselves that they do not want to deal with.”

  10. “it’s funny how we are the bad ones when we never did anything to anybody. i tell you man, white people have done a good job of making blacks seem like the bad guys.”

    Naturally. If you (not you personally, generic “you”) want to harm someone, the first thing you need to do is to dehumanise them and blame them for something, to justify attacking them to yourself and others. And because that belief is useful to you, you’ll fight tooth and nail to hold onto it, despite whatever evidence comes your way. Likewise, it’s very easy to adopt. Generally, it seems to be always the same stuff throughout history. The odds are good that whoever is oppressing you know might have had their ancestors oppressed by some other group a few centuries back using much the same excuse. They might (quite rightfully) see that oppression as being obviously wrong, but will refuse to see the parallels.

    In regards to doing the same thing back at them, I had read somewhere that there was something of a move to do this, exagerated clutching at handbags and so on. I don’t know how much it’s caught on, though.

  11. Mickey

    So true.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    @Mickey, You always have great comments and I love the videos. You are a great asset to this blog in tandem to sister truth be told and the other commenters and bloggers. Thanks always for contributing to my education.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    This is a great list ST! I’ll have to get a pad and pen and write some of these down. You never know when they could come in handy.

  14. Thank you for the kind support. I think we all need to plan ahead in order to stay alive.

  15. Mickey on said:

    You’re welcome, Mary!

  16. Great insight and thinking ahead. There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with defending yourself.

  17. Emile

    I concur. After all, we are at war.

  18. I love that you mentioned shades. Given the fact that your eyes are the window to your soul, it is essential that you don’t let these creatures see your eyes. For BW, I’d add that covering your hair is important to0. Why? Because you are protecting your crown – your aura. This is an ancient necessity – reason why Black women, from the ages have covered their hair, when outside. By exposing your head and eyes, you’re making it easier for these beings to infect you with feelings of depression and other negative emotion. Just a thought. Nice blog btw.

  19. I avoid whites like the plague they are.

  20. Thank you. Great insight on the eyes to your soul.

  21. I’ll add that toward the end of my hellified tenure in Big Pharma, I started taping EVERY conversation I had with my racist piece of crap former supervisor. And I’m THRILLED I did and even though it was technically illegal, my Attorney is too!

  22. Yes! Keeping a digital recorder on your body is always handy! 🙂

  23. blackmystory on said:

    @mzchocosensualhedbob…it is interesting that you mentioned that. I am quietly studying metaphysics at the moment and one of the things i found out, was the very same thing about the head covering back then. The decree that Muslims use to have their woman protect their modesty, found its genesis in earlier times when the Africans did everything on a spiritual level. I am talking waaaay back when the original dark matter people subsisted on sunlight and oxygen only (too long a subject to share here). What I found out was the African woman was so sensitive and in tune with the universal energies, that she would pick up on a man’s aura and pheromones, especially during pregnancy. This foreign energy (as opposed to her husband’s) was believed to have had an effect on the woman and the unborn child. Unfortunately many of the things being done by us now are seen as primitive (which actually means original or first) and is looked on with disdain. Because we lost touch with our connection to the outerverse, as our innerverse becomes corrupted, we end up doing things that are detrimental to ourselves. Yurugu’s children, may not have the Ba (soul) or the Khem (connection to the universal energies), but they have studied it and have figured out away to use both thought energy and artificial energy frequencies to either steal our energies or disrupt it.

    Even now the doers of Isfet has been using energy frequencies to disrupt our own electrical energies in a way that not even their regular mind control techniques (subliminal suggestions in commercials) fail to accomplish. This shit is deep, but if we simply just overstand what the aura is and, what the true Kundalini energies are and how it can be attacked, this knowledge can lift us to a place higher than where we are.

  24. I forgot to say that I discovered the “power of headphones” last April/May and I’ll tell you I couldn’t have survived as long as I did in Pharma without them. Even though I’m now in a positive work environment, I still use them a lot!

  25. nicoleizhername on said:

    #3-The Nerve of these fake, fraudulent ass females when their male counterpart has raped the entire planet itself and yet she still crawls her filthy ass in bed with him every night.The State of Delusion continues for these beings.

  26. Tyrone on said:



    Racism is external, Prejudice is internal. As black people, we should know the difference. A black person may not want to associate with white people, but, that doesn’t make them racist. Instead, they have a personal bias against whites for valid reasons. Whites enslaved black people on this planet, so, all of us should have bias as a result of their actions. If i picked up a bat and struck a whiteman with it, that would be a racist act. Once the bias becomes external, that’s when it becomes racist.


  27. Your list is constructive! Thanks.

  28. Thank you, sir.

  29. I’m a atheist but maybe this is one of the reasons why.

  30. I need this for traveling on the plane.It’s the worst.I had an inclination that I was being stared at only to look and see this yurugu staring over at my seat as if she lost something.And I just began wearing hater blockers naturally.I’m about to quit traveling unless I have to.

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