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Kushite Prince’s New Blog

Kushite Prince has a great new blog on black survival. Please check it out and support his efforts to help the family.


Here’s a taste of what you’ll read:

Amos Wilson- Wholistic Self Concept

The individual of Afrikan descent who may be designated as demonstrating a
wholistic self-concept is one who exhibits the following characteristics:

– He has consciously and unconsciously rejected White racist stereotypes of
Afrikan people as fact.
– He does not reactionarily define himself but proactively defines himself in
terms of his Afrikan culture, heritage and reality, and in terms of the reality
of his personal and social experiences and expectations. Thus he defines
himself in ways which permits him to assume an authentic, coherent, cohesive
Afrikan and human identity.
– He builds his identity on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors; on his
association with Afrikan-centered persons and those who respect his Afrikanness;
on consumption and cultural symbolic displays which uplift him and his people
and maintain their mental and physical health and welfare; on pro-social
behavior and dress.
– He develops and appropriately transforms his attitudes, associations,
perceptions, ways of defining himself and the world which permit him to directly
comprehend and confront reality and to take personal responsibility for helping
to rectify his, and his people’s problems as well as problems common to
– He is ‘centered,’ balanced between a wholesome drive for self-preservation and
continuing positive evolution and a wholesome drive for group preservation and
evolution. His love of self and group are synonymous and he maintains a healthy
sense of social interest, responsibility, and priorities. He recognizes that
his personal health and powers are finally dependent on the health and power of
his ethnic group. The priorities of his ethnic group come first. He is
dedicated to the liberation of his people from bondage of all types.
– He is motivated by his self-determined needs based on accurate, realistic,
self-examination; self-knowledge and self-acceptance; on self-actualization,
task-oriented problem-solving drives to resolve conflicts which bedevil him and
his ethnic group.
– He is realistically self-confident. He does not doubt his capacity nor that
of his people to equal or surpass the accomplishments of others. He feels that
his talents are best displayed and utilized in the service of his people and
against domination by other people.
– He realizes knowledge of truth and the continuing, joyous pursuit of knowledge
are liberating. He is deeply aware that Afrikan peoples have the longest
scholarly and intellectual tradition, that scholarship and intellection are
Afrikan traditions and inherently Afrikan. When he practices mathematics,
science, philosophy, etc., he celebrates the best of Afrikan tradition and
through such practices maintains Afrikan cultural identity and consciousness.
He recognizes that there is nothing foreign or alien about his pursuit of the
highest level of cognitive competence of which he is capable.
– He avidly seeks self-knowledge, knowledge of his and other cultural groups;
knowledge of the world and of reality in general. He seeks to be productive and
contributive. He continues to integrate into his personality and self-concept
an honest knowledge and self of ethnicity. The infrastructure of his personal
and social identities consist of a resolute and unassailable sense of ethnic
pride, ethnic and human connectedness.”

Amos N. Wilson

Let’s support him and subscribe!

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13 thoughts on “Kushite Prince’s New Blog

  1. moorbey on said:

    Reblogged this on Moorbey'z Blog.

  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth
    Thanks a lot Queen. I appreciate you spreading the word about my new blog. You’re always very supportive and have great advice. It’s comforting to know we have strong and resilient sisters like you in the struggle. Your blog has gotten people talking about issues that sometimes people sweep under the rug. If we want real liberation we have to able to confront things that may make us uncomfortable. With determination and perseverance we will get there. Your brother,KP

  3. Anytime Sir. Glad to help.

  4. Tyrone on said:


    Do you think that most blackmen on this planet understand the concept of “Black First?” Meaning, a blackman who loves his racial ancestry without apology. From my perspective, i see a lot of blackmen who feel as if they have to apologize for simply being black. I notice this among us the most, not as much with blackwomen. We’ve been beat down so much, that, some of us feel the need to seek approval from others to boost our self-esteem, which is crazy to me. The struggle that we deal with today is mental. Wanting to be liked is a normal human emotion, but, it’s a trap for those who have been enslaved and don’t know themselves…Black Men! Most of the stupidity that we see involving blackmen is about us not knowing enuf of the truth to not give a damn. Negress, when you know the truth about someone or something, you can’t interact with them in the same way you did before. Knowledge gives you peace of mind, in other words, you know who and what you’re dealing with. Whatever roadblocks pop up along the way, you already have a plan to deal with it and leap over it. The bs is not gonna stop, but, i don’t stress over the chaos that is taking place at this time. In closing, when blackmen stop caring about being liked and accepted by others, that’s when blackwomen will know that we’re truly free…Bottomline!


  5. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    Congratulations on the new blog brotha, I’m confident it will be a tremendous success…Blessings


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  7. Ty;

    Black people, men and women, are sick.

    I’ve said that before and stand by my statements. WE ALL have such poor self esteem we seek validation from the enemy to make ourselves feel better. When we snap out of it and realize we’ve been asleep, we’ll laugh at how silly we’ve been to argue, fuss and fight about nothing!

    The Devil walks on earth.

    He is here, watching, listening and interfering with us on a daily basis. That’s why we are so confused, so argumentative and so unproductive. We can’t be in the same room with each other more than 5 minutes before a fight breaks out.

    Some of us are hip to the game. Some of us are too far gone to be saved. But talking to Professor Griff has quieted my nerves. Sometimes the wolf does the herd a favour…if you know what I mean.

    Stay strong.

  8. Tyrone on said:


    Don’t allow the bs to get under your skin Queen. I believe in Karma, our time will come. Anything built on a foundation of lies and deceit will eventually crumble…Universal Truth! Negress, don’t ever give up on our people? S**t is funky right now, but, it can’t last forever. Gravity…what goes up must come down. Black people, whenever you feel down and out, say gravity 3 times and keep it movin’ in like fashion? Stay sweet and forever chocolate Negress…Always!

    The Black Eagles…Black From Birth

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    I must say though that many of our people will not relate to my blog. Most of us think everything is okay. We feel as though as long as we have a job,roof over our head and food in the fridge—that everything will be alright. I want to wake my people up. But they seem to love to staying fast asleep.Too many of us feel as though there’s no need to prepare for anything. *sigh* Like I told you before,you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. I do hope my new blog catches on though. But regardless,I appreciate your support. Thank you and God bless. 🙂

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks brother. I hope so too. I’m just getting started though. I got some good ideas floating around in my head.lol. Stay posted.

  11. Prince

    Those that are still asleep will have 2 choices:

    1. Wake up
    2. Perish

    Your blog will eventually catch on to those that see whats happening. Continue your efforts sir. I’m here to help.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    Prince, You’ve got a fan in me.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    Awww…you’re very sweet. 🙂

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