Observations of an Invisible Woman

A Message To the Family

Since researching European history and our forced interaction with them, I’ve decided I need a mental break from dealing with them. Last night whilst digging into our past in bondage, I came across a page in a slave diary. It was written by a young girl whose purpose was to be a “breeder.” She chronicled how her entire life was forever changed from her first menstrual cycle (when Massa determined she was “ready”) to the mountains of children she produced with various slaves, including her father.

Since channeling my ancestors, I’ve somehow teleported myself into that time and can feel, hear, smell and see our flesh burning as we swung from trees…our skin peeling from the crack of the whip and my 4th great-grandmother’s screams of terror.

African DNA is the most expensive and priceless gem on earth.

The European knows this better than we ever could. That’s why we are forever hunted.

The time of our “awakening” is coming soon. My Spirit tells me that secrets will be revealed as to who and what we, Carbon Peoples, really are. And why the European is doing everything in his power to keep it hidden from us.

In order to save my sanity, for the remainder of the week, I’ll post articles on black mental health, chakras, nature, food and my second love…music.

Thanks for understanding


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17 thoughts on “A Message To the Family

  1. moorbey on said:

    Do what u must komrade. From time to time a break is in order. Panther Love

  2. Sorry but I’m not buying it,you said you wanted to take a break and then you channel to worse most horrific and recent parts of our heritige?
    Why not the parts where we escaped or fought back and won?
    Why not the vast period before we encountered the europeans or became them?
    This negativity is making me doubt you.

  3. darqbeauty on said:

    I feel you. Sometimes it gets to be maddening..overwhelming. A rest period is always good. Come back to us stronger. Would love to see you do some articles on African hair combs and their ancient history or the empires of Mali. Something positive and historical. We have to remember = OUR HISTORY DID NOT START OR END OF AN EFFING SLAVE SHIP!! ūüôā Peace brother.

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  5. blackmystory on said:

    Negativity? Are you serious? She is not supposed to recoup?

  6. mary burrell on said:

    My dear sister. I will be lifting you up in prayer in the days to follow. Come back to us strong and heal your mind and body.

  7. Maybe I don’t understand, if you stop research and rest and channel via subconcious (or whatever) why the negative imagery?
    Is it a hold over from intense study?
    I know ,you know and many other know the horror of what we experienced recently.

    If you take a break from that hopefully she should find some things in our past that are not negative,I mean we did survive and most of us even thrive despite our burdens.

  8. Truthbetold I read all your post and hardy ever do I comment because the coons, Negroes, colored people and white people pretending to be Black irk the shit outta me and it’s best I hold my tongue.

    If taking a break means jumping outta got damn widow, then by all means take your break. I do walk in your shoes and I don’t know what a break means to you. You have consistently posted though provoking articles and YOU wrote those. Please sis continue and if you want my take on what Blackness in bondage was like then read Memories of My Enslavement. And haters gonna hate, what else they got to do.

  9. Thank guys for the heartfelt support. I’m still here…just on a “different” plane…for now.

  10. While I disagree with the author on various points, I fail to see why feeling overwhelmed by the horrors of history (or today) is dubious.

    It can be hard enough to turn away from distant horrors, surely the ones closer to one’s heart would be much worse.

  11. larissa on said:

    To all: as an African I would never dream of excusing what whites have done and still do to us. On the other hand, why do we never discuss the role that our own brothers and sisters, kings and warlords played in selling us to the Europeans? Today our african leaders place the european’s interests over the future of the motherland. Discussing this does not have to equal absolving the whiteman.

  12. larissa on said:

    looking forward to the posts on mental health

  13. larissa on said:

    i have so much rage and despair inside me, i don’t know what to do. it’s so debilitating .they already control and own everything valuable on this planet. at the very least they could just shut up, leave us alone and keep enjoying their privilege and destroying the earth and its peoples. but instead, they choose to constantly remind us of our place in this world, insult us and remind us of the past. it is disgusting, sickening, maddening, poisonous. naivety is so dangerous. they make all those little comments to purposely hurt us, because contrary to what they propagate in the media and amongst themselves, in their hearts they know that black people are not stupid, they know that we understand and that it hurts us, and that is why they do it. because they enjoy our pain and know that we can do nothing about it, that we are powerless. you cannot heal in your abusers house. yet even your own house has been destroyed by your abuser. when i complained to someone about whites, i was told that they are on top because they have grasped the true meaning of life. i get it, it’s a dog eat dog world, big fish eats little fish. that i understand. but they have taken it to a whole new level. they are too sick for words. i sometimes wonder, if the time comes to kill them, should/would we spare their children?

  14. Mickey on said:

    Well, personally, I do not believe in the slaughter of innocent children. They can just be re-educated.

  15. Tyrone on said:


    “If you hate someone, You envy them.” Whites will never give black people the respect that we deserve, because, it’s hard to respect another race of people and envy them at the same time. Envy turns into hate, hate turns into malice, and malice turns into racism. No matter how much whites try to get along with blacks, the anger is omnipresent. Whites resent the fact that we’re dark-skinned and they’re not…Simple Logic! Remember black people, others want and need access to our DNA. That’s what all the bs is about, it’s not about us being inferior or less than others. Pseudo-Blackness is what we’re fighting against(Those who seek to control and exploit the black race for their own sexual and financial gain). Negress, it’s vital that we understand why others treat us as they do, Very Important! Otherwise, we will continue to be the mules of the planet.


  16. Your work rate and the level of research you put into your posts is phenomenal. Recoup and enjoy your time out. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

  17. @ Sudelicious

    Thanks. I don’t let ignorance get to me. EVER. I’m keeping my eye on the prize.

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