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Black People: Take A Stand! Show Your Power and Stay Home on Election Day!

{Disclaimer: I will be attacked mercilessly on this post for a myriad of reasons.
If you knew just how evil the Demons are towards our people, you’d take off your blinders and see the truth}

Nice speech Hil. Very inspiring. Now listen to her comments on this departed black leader:

Black people all over the world that read my blog:

Obama isn’t “your” president. He belongs to an entirely different entity.

The current administration gave over 3 million dollars to “support” this new agenda, but the black unemployment statistics is roughly 20-25% (Please remember that many blacks have given up looking for work so they no longer “count” in the demographics) and our kids have NO job prospects coming out of college? And the country is broke? And I should vote for Barry because we share an element called carbon?


Read this:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is announcing a wide-ranging effort to use U.S. foreign aid to promote rights for gays and lesbians abroad, including combating attempts by foreign governments to criminalize homosexuality.

In a memorandum issued Tuesday, President Barack Obama directed U.S. agencies working abroad, including the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, to use foreign aid to assist gays and lesbians who are facing human rights violations. And he ordered U.S. agencies to protect vulnerable gay and lesbian refugees and asylum seekers.

“The struggle to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons is a global challenge, and one that is central to the United States’ commitment to promoting human rights,” Obama said in a statement.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is also expected to speak about the announcements in Geneva later Tuesday.

The White House said Tuesday’s announcement marked the first U.S. government strategy to combat human rights abuses against gays and lesbians abroad.

The order also directs U.S. government agencies to use foreign assistance to protect human rights and advance non-discrimination, and work with international organizations to fight discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Obama’s announcement is part of the White House’s outreach to gays and lesbians, a core Democratic constituency. Since taking office, Obama has advocated for the repeal of the military’s ban on openly gay service members and ordered the administration to stop enforcing a law defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

However, Obama has stopped short of backing gay marriage, saying only that his personal views on the matter are evolving.

Gay rights groups praised the order as a significant step for ensuring that gays and lesbians are treated equally around the world.

“Today’s actions by President Obama make clear that the United States will not turn a blind eye when governments commit or allow abuses to the human rights of LGBT people,” said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy organization.

The presidential directive applies to all U.S. agencies involved in foreign aid, assistance and development, including the Departments of States, the Treasury, Defense and Homeland Security.  { Recopied from GOP.com }

*deep breath*

Ok….give me a second to get it together.

The Obama Administration isn’t going to help anyone unless they forsake their own personal beliefs and say “yes” to homosexuality. And the countries they seem to be targeting are mostly in Africa. Remember when I advised you to do research on Margaret Sanger and Hitler? If you did your homework, then you’d understand this new Black Eugenics Agenda which is really the Old Black Eugenics Agenda. While the black community is dwindling down to nothing and we’re wondering how we are going to feed our families, Obama’s only concern is making sure that “other” subjugated groups get equal rights. And you still consider him to be a Black Man? Why? Just because he’s caramel-skinned? Because he’s got a black wife and kids and has lineage to Africa?

It takes a helluva lot more to be “black” than just the way you look!

Obama has not said one damn thing to us in four fucking years. Not one! His ear-shattering silence on our troubles speaks volumes.

Let the Negress explain what Obama is really saying to black people…in straight-up black talk:

1. I don’t give a damn about the welfare of people who look like me

2. I don’t give a damn about Stop and Frisk

3. I don’t give a damn about black children finding jobs after college

4. I don’t give a damn about police brutality with black men, women and children

5. I don’t give a damn about Chemtrails flying over predominately black neighbourhoods

6. I don’t give a damn about Bill Gates and his toxic vaccines in Africa killing our children

7. I don’t give a damn about the diminishing Black Middle Class

8. I don’t give a damn about Katrina victims who, to this day, are homeless

9. I don’t give a damn about how every 36 hours a white cop kills a man, woman and child that looks like me

10. I don’t give a damn about helping Haitians rebuild their lives after white Zionists caused their earthquake

11. I don’t give a damn about the high incarceration rate for black males for simply existing

12. I don’t give a damn about the diminishing care of black senior citizens in nursing homes

13. I don’t give a damn about helping black veterans with mental illness after they fought a white man’s war

14. I don’t give a damn about blacks having no access to healthcare

15. I don’t give a damn about black women being sterilized without their knowledge

16. I don’t give a damn about whether or not black people die off the face of the earth

What I do give a damn about is this:

“When white people are happy, I’m happy.”

Listen to this man who tells it like it is:

Take a stand. Stay home on Election Day. Show the Powers That Be that you are not a sheep! They ALL believe that black people are still 3/5ths human. That is the only reason why our plight is not only laughable but acceptable. They have no conscience. No empathy. No humanity for us. Stop supporting them. Help me defeat these Demonic Parasites that want you dead.

Please pass this around and help save the black community.

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98 thoughts on “Black People: Take A Stand! Show Your Power and Stay Home on Election Day!

  1. Mickey on said:

    I just had a conversation with a Black co-worker of mine telling her that I was giving consideration to staying home on Election Day due to the bullshit we all know goes on behind the scenes of selecting the next President. My friend/co-worker, an older Black woman, said that she used to feel the same way and she was told to still vote because too many Black men & women fought and died for us to have the right to vote. I can totally feel where she is coming from, but if I am honest, I almost feel that all of the marching, campaigning, etc. that POC did, especially Black folks, was done in vain. The powers-that-be control damn near every choice we make and I feel disappointed, to be quite honest.

  2. @ Mickey

    Voting is an illusion. The electoral college aka White Jews decide who will sit in the white house. Once I became aware to the game being played at our expense, I now know that the best way to counter the game is not to play it.

    Stay home.

    We will.

  3. I commiserate with you Yanks! Not that the pos we have in office is any better(Harper, Canada). At least with have three parties to choose from, running the gamut from centre to left-wing.

  4. All politicians serve Mammon. Black can die off the face of the earth for all they care. They now have another source of cheap labour..immigrants, preferably the brown, non-English speaking kind.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    I approve this message. 🙂

  6. Hello Ms Truth

    I can see where you are coming from but I think that Black people will marginalise themselves further if they do not vote. The system has been trying to get Black people out of the electoral system for decades. We should continue to critique the system but I think that the outcome would be worse for Black people if we removed ourselves from the voting process. We need to become a united voice to hold politicians to account.

    Lastly, I was disgusted by the televisied lynching of Gadaffi. However, he was not a good man and I shed no tears for him. He was instrumental in training the guerrilla forces who wrecked havoc, torture and rape on Sierra Leone (my country of origin)

  7. @ Sudelicious

    The white powers that be are testing the waters to see how far they can go with the murder of a human
    and our response.

    No person in political office is innocent. I’ve learned that’s impossible. But the contrast of Clinton’s speech of civil rights to all humans and her glee when Gadaffi died is a hypocrisy.

    We have no power in voting. NONE.

    This entire “right to vote” is an illusion. We do not elect anyone into office. They are (s)elected.

  8. I put this as a question, If the majority of Black people don’t vote – how will this put us in a stronger position?

  9. Mickey on said:

    Here is a video that speaks about this regarding Obama and the other issues:

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  11. blackmystory on said:

    “We should continue to critique the shitstym but I think that the outcome would be worse for Black people if we removed ourselves from the voting process.”

    This is the definition of a sheep going to slaughter. If the shitstym is aligned against you and you are unable to make headway into it, why continue to be apart of it? is that not the definition of insanity? I have heard numerous support of voting, but nothing about ONE man ONE vote, which this shistym refuses to acknowledge.

    I have been asked would you vote? I say I prefer to BUY a politician. That to me is being involved in the game, otherwise it is a dog chasing its tail.

  12. Hi blackmystory, I understand how you feel about the system. Yet what is gained by Black people by abstaining?

  13. If voting changed anything it would be illegal and also this fear mongering jackass has called it. This is not a warning to Black people, this is a wake up call to white people.

  14. sorry this is the video:

  15. blackmystory on said:

    @Sudelicious abstaining is but a part of an overall strategy. Know the game or get bounced every time. I am not advocating sitting at home either. Eventually we have to create a mechanism where we become players in the game. Voters are not players, they are pawns…that’s why Truth implied about preselection. it is a game.
    I will give you an example of knowing the game by relating something that not even people in my city of Toronto don’t know. In 1967, the celebration you may know as Caribana came about because they Country at the time was celebrating their bicentennial and wanted a little taste of the varied ethnic groups in the country. The purpose of putting caribana together was not only to showcase west indian culture, but to create a cultural center to support immigrant families experiencing ethnic hatred by MOST of the major population. Fast forward 35 years later 35 years, there is not Cultural center, there has never been ONE year they did not get funding from the government, even though for 35 years knee-grows got to go cap in hand to BEG…literally BEG for scraps. Even though every year the one week celebration brings in more than ANY OTHER event for the year. Despite the the city rejecting such claims, their own experts stated that in that one week (now three week period) the celebration brought in routinely more than half a million dollars in visible and invisible revenue. In 1997 or 1998 I after haggling over a paltry sum of 300,00 funding, I read in the Local papers, that the premiere, similar to a state governor GAVE the SOuth Asian community over one million dollars, for their own ventures, that never brings in the same type of money the knee-grows )and some asian from the caribbean) do. Not only where these South Asians involved in politicking (read influencing politics) this shit was out in the paper, deep in the paper, while on the front, were stories about the success of the celebration and where to find the next party. Because the celebration was not RUN like a business, with the crabs in the barrel mentality, the city eventually took it from the community and ran it, paying out the majority of the returns to banks and other corporations that sponsors it. While the front line people, performers, organizers are expected to do it for free.

    This is why obstaining from the shitstym is a START, not the end all. But we have to change the game to benefit us or we are fucked. And voting does not benefit us. Don;t believe me, ask yourself this, how much further are my brothers and sister in the US now since Obama ascended the throne? And compare that to the gains of other interests groups. THEY got involved not just by voting, but by influencing as much as they can, the decision the POTUS makes..at least for them. We, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  16. I didn’t vote for him the first time ,I saw this bullshit coming ,unfortunately I was correct.
    @diaryofanegress – your sincerity and comitment are to be comended ,truth is I was wavering, I mean its harmless why not I thought but after this excellent and to the point post – fuck that I’m going nowhere near the booth on – already preselected your vote don’t mean shit day –

    I was and still am in the process of strengtening my ties to people I repect and trust and you are one of them.

    And as to what else we can do – I don’t have all the answers but together I’m quite certain we will find a way.

  17. @ Sudelicious

    Voting is a good way to begin our resistance. By showing the powers that be that we are not falling for their dog and pony show, they’ll know that we’re hip to their game.

    Voting does nothing for anyone. You have no power with your vote. ALL of your politicians are (pre-s)elected. They give you a “choice” between the horrible candidate and the not-so-bad candidate.

    That is not choice.

    Choice is freedom to pick and choose your own way of prosperity. Blacks never left the plantation. Some of us are trying to leave this plantation but we’re getting resistance. What we need is organization.

  18. @ Jesus

    Alex Jones’ wife/girlfriend/partner is Jewish. Question of the day:

    How can you be against the oppressive system of Zionism/Mammon/Illuminati and sleep with the very person who’s apart of the system?


    You can’t.

  19. @Mbeti

    Thanks for the support. A lot of black were duped by Obama. Me included.

  20. mary burrell on said:

    A 20 year old black woman in Louisiana was set on fire while walking in the park for wearing Obama tee shirt. suffering burns half of her body. She said they were wearing white hoods. What is going to be done about that? I fear there will be more incidents like this.

  21. As we inch closer to election day, violence against blacks will skyrocket. I suspect more shootings and maybe a murder. Be careful out there.

  22. Sister TruthBeTold,

    You say that the election is “Pre-Selected” but what do you mean? Who will be elected this year?

    What’s more, NOT VOTING, is not a Political Strategy, as Sister Sudelicious said.

    The fact is that the Democrats had Primaries, and several Congressional Seats are being contested over. During the Primaries, YOU had a chance to choose who would contest those Congressional seats. There are City Council Members, U.S. Congresspeople, and Senators who are having actual political races–some involving Black candidates who want to get positions of writing laws that benefit Black people. Abstaining from National Politics and Local Politics is Political Suicide. Government is not imaginary. There is a Government and there’s a Contest for who (and what party) will be in a position to Govern.

    For instance, if you’re basing false Politics over the Electoral College, you have to realize that, that’s just ONE race out of many. You can’t, for instance, complain about a government that you willingly detach yourself from.

    Case in point, blackmystory. blackmystory discusses a South Asian bias in the Political System. But it’s not an inherent Bias; it’s a testament of a Real-Life Political Process where Real Politicians are Really Influenced by Lobbyists to Really Promote a Real Special Interest.

    If we as Black people decide to NOT promote our own Politicians–We’ll be TAXED without REPRESENTATION.

    That’s not at all a progressive stance.

    As far as criticizing Obama for not looking particularly at “Black America,” there’s no such place as “Black America” and he never said he’d look there. We can’t hold him accountable for things he never said, never hinted at, never promised.

    Nevertheless, Black people are Democrats, Obama is a Democrat, we supported every White Democrat that was run–then the Democrats ran a Black man–what we always wanted–during this whole time Democrats were Pro-Gay, during this whole time Democrats were Pro-Choice, during this whole time Democrats were Pro-African-Wars. For us to suddenly be critical of the Democrats because they have a Black face is more an example of our critique of our Black teachers in High School while letting White teachers do as they did.

    It’s much like, you, Sister TruthBeTold, are a medical Professional. Black folk love Medical Professionals. But what if one day, with you, they thought, “Why’d you recommend this procedure–I thought Black folk didn’t do that . . ..” What really motivates that objection, Sister?

    ‘Cause really, don’t we love the Democrats? So what’s really the problem with Obama if he’s a stellar Democrat?

    Dr. King said it:

    Negros threw eggs at me, when I spoke in New York

    I urge us to vote. We always voted Democrat. And frankly Romney is an idiot that White folk will back because WHITE FOLK ARE WILLING TO PAY A COST TO WAGE WAR AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE.

    It comes back to us–WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY!

  23. A long comment but basically you believe that one person one vote is true?
    They – rulling class elites have not already selected who will be the president for the next 4 to 8 years?
    That mass partiscipation in this polical process via voting locally and nationally is the only or primary means to achieve solution to our individual and collective problems/challanges?
    There is no black america and its okay for obama to ignore our issues but there are black people and we must partiscpate in the american political process?

    From what i had seen of your other comments I expected better.
    It seems to me you like many of us still cling to mythical illsions of inclusion.
    Its painful to realize from thier persective how little power(and therefore less worth) you have in thier systems.

    BTW @diaryofanegress I did some googling on pre(empahsis PRE) 911 references
    in films and found some interesting info.
    One thing leaps to mind due to a movie from 1978 The Medusa Touch whose plot involves the pyshic phenenoma known as teleknesis, and I immediately thought about another well known one precognition – the ability to know when something occurs before it happens.
    And here another one The Film enemy of the state staring gene hackman and will smith 1998 (one of may favorite films) has numerous reference in dialoge as well as images.
    And finally I remember watching a sixty minutes interview I think and hear michelle obama softly say the barrack obama your the 44 president of the united states.
    11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
    what does it all mean – I don’t know and I didn’t see 911 coming nor the symbols uuntill after the fact.

  24. Hi Truth

    In terms of where Black people are in society, you and I are singing from the same hymn sheet. Where we disagree is that we cannot reject the current political system without a replacement in place. I think that will make the lot of a black people far worse. Obama is a career politician and he will champion causes which will give him an energised base, lots of donations and a political legacy hence why he’s championing the LGBT cause. I am disappointed that he has not taken care of all the things you have mentioned but please do not underestimate the disdain that Romney and his ilk have for us. It may not be much of a choice but Romney becoming president will not be good for African- Americans or the world. What we really need is organisation, we need to educate our communities, energise people to become political on a micro and macro level.

  25. I also question the value of avoiding voting. Black people have long been denied the vote, intimidated from voting, the victims of voter fraud. I find it hard to believe that this was done in the knowledge their vote meant nothing.

    I agree that Obama has done little to help black people. I’ve heard it argued that he is less able to help than a white politician, as the merest hint that he is interested in helping black people would lead to cries of some black conspiracy taking over. On the other hand, I would say he is to be feared less than Romney. Having a least worst politician in power isn’t something to be too happy about, but it’s better than the alternative.

    I would also say that supporting the rights of gay people is a good thing. Gay is not mutually exclusive with black, after all, improving the lot of gay people as a whole is improving the lot of those black people who are gay. I also can’t see any reason to condemn consenting adults for loving each other, just because of their genders. That is not to say that black rights should be ignored in favour of gay rights, of course.

    On a more pragmatic note, it seems to me that the white supremacy is too strong to throw away the support of gay people so casually. Gay people aren’t immune to racism, surely a black person is going to be equally oppressed by white supremacy regardless of their sexuality, and is equally able to fight against it? There’s enemies enough without having to fight potential allies.

  26. @ Onitaset

    If the president in the White House was a Malaysian man, do you think unemployment would be 20-25% for Malaysian people?

    If a (open) homosexual president was in the white house, do you think gays would want for anything? Obama has largely ignored our needs and embraced other people’s need which, in my opinion, is a direct disregard to our suffering.

    The first black president was (s)elected for many reasons…being a scapegoat for the purposefully staged failing economy, to promote Eugenics in the Brown Countries and to carry out his Zionist master’s plan. Why force Africans to accept homosexuality? Because it’s a form of eugenics.

    Let me ask you something.

    Why ignore all the major black and poor cities?
    Why not speak on behalf of the killings of our men and women by white cops but speak on behalf of the white victims in the Colorado movie shooting?

    Because he doesn’t care.

    Onitaset, look at the picture before us:

    1. A black man who doesn’t care about black people.
    2. A Mormon who doesn’t care about black people.

    Which is the lesser of 2 evils?

    Most blacks will choose the one who “looks like them” only to find out that their candidate hates them just the same.

    This is all a political game. And I’m not playing anymore.

  27. @ Sudelicious

    The homosexual cause is a largely African based. Why? A effeminate black man/ woman poses no threat. They cannot reproduce which is a form of eugenics.

    If you bomb Sierra Leone, the world looks down on you. You create unwanted attention. If you force them to accept a form of Eugenics, then…poof! Mission Accomplished and no explanation needed for they are the ones that “did it to themselves.”

    Obama may look like us but he is a white man from brain to balls. Blacks do not have organization because our main concern is our hair, clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, having sex and watching TV.

    I agree with you that building communities is a great first step but how do we do that when we have mistrust with each other?

    Romney is a Mormon. Mormons believe in the Curse of Cain/ Ham. But Obama is a Zionist. And Zionist believe that blacks are sub-human.

  28. For the life of me I can not understand WHY people keep calling this guy black! He came out of a white twat! I do not care if he married a black woman. His whole pupose in being in office is to further illustrate to the massive amount of stupid blacks that believe that 1) The only way WE can be of any relevance is through the twat or scrotum of some alabaster pig 2) WE only exibit intelligence if we subscribe to WHITE ideals. If not than you’re a savage. 3) That we have progressed and moved past racism. Riight.

    Obama is no different than any blind ass black person walking arond with his or her head stuck firmly up their holes! He is a puppet. Point blank period. Michelle is a puppet. Period. When has the so called president ever REALLY spoke in defense of his own wife? They slaughter her looks & her womanhood on a regular basis. Crickets.
    How can a man who won’t defend his wifes honor or Kids for that matter give a damn about us?
    Save your votes people. You’ll be wasting your time.

  29. Gadaffi was not killed because of what he did to Sierra Leone. The world did not care. He has been anti West and the Arab Spring was a convenient way to get rid of him. We cannot ignore the system, it’s too big, it controls every aspect of our lives. All that we can do is to strengthen our position within that system. The world will not care one jot if Black people on mass stop voting. It will give them the green light to stop pretending to care about our issues. We should focus our efforts in educating the masses to stop them only caring about the end of their nose.

  30. Mickey on said:

    Actually, he has come out once before telling the right wing assholes to leave his wife and children alone. But that was that one time. He should reiterate his message with a bit more anger because apparently they fell on deaf ears.

  31. larissa on said:

    This may seem stupid, but can someone please explain to me the meaning of the term ”people of colour”? I keep coming across it. Why is it never used to describe whites? Are beige/pink/peach not colours?

  32. Mickey on said:

    The term people of color is another way of saying non-White, as well. Although you are technically right regarding the skin color description of White people, most Whites would not want to be identified as non-White. White people seem to call themselves White regardless of actual skin tone. The most I’ve heard Whites describe themselves more accurately is when they say pale, dark (meaning tan), and sometimes “Medium-complexion”.

  33. Folks, maybe you need a ‘protest’ party like this:


    That way you can exercise your right to vote but do so in the knowledge that it accomplishes nothing anyway. It will send a message to politicians that people are eager to vote, but not for the current contenders and the shit they are promoting. A party such as this would drive this home! If nothing else you will get a laugh out of the ridiculous platforms which do not differ from the ‘real’ ones being promoted.

  34. larissa on said:

    Mickey, thanks for the explanation, it was helpful. However I think the term is something which has been used for so long that many people don’t even question whether it makes sense. Black, and white I can understand, but people of colour just seems stupid to me. In any case, I have to admit that challenging this term is definitely one of the last things blacks should be worrying about.

  35. larissa on said:

    @truthbetold, thanks for this honest post. the world needs more people like you. It’s interesting that this is the FIRST EVER U.S. government strategy to combat human rights abuses against gays and lesbians abroad.
    ”I don’t give a damn about helping Haitians rebuild their lives after white Zionists caused their earthquake.” I doubt that it will shock any reader’s of this blog, but I read that Italian seismologists have been sentenced for understimating the risk of a 2009 earthquake. Yet we blacks know no such thing will happen anytime soon (if ever) regarding haiti and katrina. Just had to make this known for any blacks out there are who are still asleep or in denial.
    I have two questions:why do you refer to Gaddafi as black? I researched sterilization of black women but found low quality material. Any suggestions?

  36. blackmystory on said:

    @larissa, if one calls Obama black, one cannot turn around and not call Gaddafi black. His culture is Arab, but he passes the eye test, one of two that people use to identify us. Also the story of Arabia is of Africans first with a mixture of tribes from Europe. In fact MOST of that area is Africoid, you don’t see them on Tell-lie-vision though because they are oppressed.

    The documentary Maafa21 is a good start. It is not the only one, but it details the nation wide eugenics program currently being employed on African women. Just like the video above stating the US will use aid as a surety to promote homosexuality abroad, they have been using aid to assure Eugenics in places like Haiti and the African continent under the guise that overpopulation causes food shortage and poverty. Currently the two main advisers to the UN aid program is UNESCO and Planned parenthood.

  37. larissa on said:

    Thnx blackmystory will check it out. Will check out Maafa. I’d heard about it and researched it on wikipedia, where I read the following:Critics have called it a shockumentary and propaganda… for blaming institutional racism rather than social conditions for the prevalence of abortion among black populations.”
    The stupidity of wikipedia writers: are social conditions not a result of institutional racism? Pisses me off. You will find bs like this all over that site.

  38. blackmystory on said:

    @larissa…check this out

  39. @ blackmystory

    I have dreams of Nat Turner.

  40. blackmystory on said:

    Then you are in a good place sister, That’s my spiritual godfather.

  41. *sigh*

    I can “feel” him at times…him and Set. That’s why I am an advocate for segregation. His power is overwhelming and if I don’t segregate myself…

    Anyway, It’s obvious that we Africans do not belong anywhere near the European. My mind becomes poisoned when I’m with them. I absorb their energy and become…how to put this…”sick”. I feel sick. Upset. Nauseous…”not myself.”

    I’ve felt that way for a long time but didn’t know what it was.

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    A very powerful video! Thanks for that brother.

  43. blackmystory on said:

    No worries sister, your feelings are not invalid. He/she who knows not and knows she/he knows not is s seeker, teach him/her. (my version of the sufi saying)
    This is the beginning of waking up from the Matrix and overstanding that there is more than the soma they have been giving us. As elder Neely Fuller said, we must begin to replace the system of White Supremacy with one that is just.

    What you have shared with me is righteous and just. Even from afar (hopefully not too long) I will support your journey. But redirect (or focus)your frustrations on what you can do, instead of what they have done. Remember the principles of sankofa

  44. blackmystory on said:

    Ase brother, though I think even the people who made the Nat Turner segment, was too light with the depiction. Like James Baldwin and his homosexual lover did in the confession of Nat Turner, they made it seem like the escaped prisoners of the imperialism were a bunch of drunken, pilfering vandals, bent on looting and raping. Not every African is interested in getting even by raping Caucasian women, but alas, if it was too hard, then youtube would have banned it.

  45. larissa on said:

    @blackmystory thnx for the video

  46. larissa on said:

    to truthbetold and other bloggers:
    if you don’t yet have twitter or fbook, there are so many people out there who could benefit from your writing, and who would be interested in reading what you write. but because you are not on social networking, many will never know you exist. just a suggestion

  47. Thanks Larissa. I do not have any social networking.

  48. ynotme on said:


    I will be staying home this election day because the only thing that voting will do for black people in this country is to prove that we now have a right to vote, it will not charge the way we are treated by other races, it will not open more opportunities for us and it will not unite the races. This country is too divided racially, socially and economically for my vote to count, so I would be wasting my time by going to the polling booth on Nov. 6th.

  49. Sister TruthBeTold,

    The Problems of Innercities relates with Mayors, not Presidents. If Black people re-elect harsh Mayors no duh the Police will be harsh upon them. Don’t blame Obama for not going into a City’s Jurisprudence when we elected these Mayors.

    Bloomberg ran for a 3rd term and Black people VOTED for him–despite his Stop and Frisk advocacy. Now we’re mad at Obama. For what? Black folk didn’t go against Bloomberg, but we’re mad at Obama who had nothing do with it?

    Come on.

    What’s more, Sister TruthBeTold, since they were counting, the election has always been abstained by around 50% of the population. For instance, in 2000 and 2004, around 50% voter turnout occurred. In 2008, it was around 62%. In other words, Black people already don’t vote and there’s no message being sent. White people don’t vote either and no one cares.

    When it’s said 90% of Black folk vote Democrat, it means 90% of Black voters vote Democrat; or since only 70% of Black people can vote and only 50% of Black people who can do vote, around 30% of Black people vote for the Democrats and around 1% the Republicans. Just the same, around 25% of White voters vote for Democrats, 25% Republicans, and 50% abstain. Of these, say, 70% can vote, it means around 19%, say, vote Democrat . . .. In other words, this protest your organizing doesn’t do a thing but take Black people out of selecting their mayors, governors, councilpersons, assemblypersons and so forth.

    What’s more–Lynching is a Federal Crime today, but doesn’t have to be a Federal Crime tomorrow.

    Romney and his Klan backing can spell trouble for Black people, trouble that Obama avoided being put onto us.

    It’s backward that you’re trying to lead us. That’s not good, Sister.

    You really need to think of what the message you’re sending is. We already know what the government under the real Klan looks like.

  50. A long comment but basically you believe that one person one vote is true?

    Everyone knows that it’s not true for the Presidency, but insomuch as votes are counted, Mayors, Governors, Councilpeople are elected by votes–and these people are up for election and these people can decide what punishment, say, “Lynching” receives and whether “Lynchings” are prosecuted.

    As far as the Electoral College is concerned (which everyone knows about), the Electorates have 99% of the time voted according to the People. They do not have to–sure–but they do 99% of the time. So it’s a non-issue.

    The Electoral College, (un)fortunately means that as President has to be a national candidate and not neglect visiting every State. That’s all it means really. Technically, Obama could get all the necessary popular votes by visiting New York, California, and three other states, or whatever. But now he has to go to the smaller states–there’s no reason to call the system awful.

    They – rulling class elites have not already selected who will be the president for the next 4 to 8 years?

    This is irrelevant conspiracy theory that has nothing to do with local and state elections. I repeat, if you are worried about Police Brutality, fire your Mayor, don’t fire off on your President, and definitely don’t neglect to vote for a better Mayor.

    Where I am, Black people allowed Bloomberg to get re-elected. Black people voted in Council Members who approved Bloomberg’s budget with little challenge. On and on.

    You can’t blame the Politicians when you have no stake in the Political Process.

    That mass partiscipation in this polical process via voting locally and nationally is the only or primary means to achieve solution to our individual and collective problems/challanges?

    I never said this. What’s more, I’m actively involved in Organizing African people. However, insomuch as we are able to have an impact in the Political Process, it’s foolish for us to Politically Castrate ourselves.

    There is no black america and its okay for obama to ignore our issues but there are black people and we must partiscpate in the american political process?

    You’re holding the wrong people accountable. Police Brutality is a Mayoral Issue. Stop and Frisk–Mayoral. You want Obama to rail against the Mayors you elected? Why don’t you elect better Mayors?

    FYI, Bloomberg changed the NY constitution to get a 3rd term, got re-elected, then changed the constitution back. Black people allowed this!!!

    Meanwhile, it’s him whose really pushing Police Brutality and Stop and Frisk. Whatcha angry at Obama for?

    It seems to me you like many of us still cling to mythical illsions of inclusion.
    Its painful to realize from thier persective how little power(and therefore less worth) you have in thier systems.

    If you want to understand power, review Adam Clayton Powell Jr. But in essence, it was not at no cost that we were able to vote in Primaries and it’s not at no cost that Lynching became a federal crime and discrimination became something prosecutable.

    You might not know where we were fifty years ago. But while we’re not where we should be–the government can go BACKWARD. If Obama prevents the BACKWARD trail, we’re moving Forward.

  51. What’s more, if you don’t think Romney can do damage to Black people, look at George Bush.

    If Obama prevents Romney, that’s good enough.

    But as you talk about 9/11 and Wars and Debt and Foreclosures and Unemployment, do not forget Bush and that Romney can do just the same as Bush.

  52. We tend to forget that Bush was horrible for the African race.

    Obama wasn’t Bush. Romney is.

    What’s more–Not voting makes certain that you have no say in the electoral process. These same non-voters, got Bloomberg four more years and it’s him who has been pushing the NYPD’s police brutality and stop and frisk.

    The campaign of encouraging Black inactivity in their political fate is, with all due respect, reminiscent of the Klan.

    I put it this way–A Black executive is as effective as its Black legislature. And a White executive is as effective as its White legislature.

    The Klan is literally mobilized. Yet we don’t seem to mind letting them have their way. We’re returning to the chopping blocks.

  53. Your precious, precious time, lol.

    Meanwhile you’ll also receive a Police Brutality Mayor, an ineffective City Council, a Suburbs-oriented Governor, a state’s rights Congress and worse, all because of your misperception that Obama doesn’t defend his wife–a ridiculous notion if anything.

    One little hour of your time that prevents this. But you prefer to research Tabloids as to whether Obama defends his Wife in front of White folk. Oh please!

    Was Bush bad? Yes. Is Romney worse than Bush? Yes. So what in the world are you railing about?

    Even if Obama is a “puppet.” Guess what? The “puppet masters” are fighting–one allows terrorist attacks on American soil to wage wars around the world and involves the Klan; another tries to limits its wars and combat global warming.

    It’s no reason to rail against voting because the President isn’t in your tabloid defending his wife. And you coming in to call her a puppet doesn’t seem at all in line with your whole “defend his wife” spiel. Oh please!

  54. Or maybe he knows every observer sees his genuine love and appreciation for his wife and “frontin'” doesn’t mean a thing–especially regarding national policy and the real threat of the Klan.

    I saw a Pimp scowl me for looking at one of his women. Anyone can “defend a woman” for a photo op. That’s tabloid nonsense that may mean something to some, but shouldn’t mean anything to most.

  55. Lol. Let’s have a laugh while the Klan gets elected. LOL.

    Know what’s happening to the woman burned by the Klan?

    The Klan that is investigating is reporting that it was Self-Afflicted. That’s the Klan’s MO. That’s whose running for election. And you want to have a laugh.

    I don’t get us sometimes. We know the Klan is on the increase, we’re know that they are running, but we want to have a laugh . . ..

  56. Onitaset

    Voting is a farce. I understand your point of view but do not agree. All politicians are in the back pockets of wall street bankers. By abstaining from the booths on Nov 6th, we send a powerful message of being hip to the game.

  57. How in the world are people’s time so precious?

    I remember when, in a Black Organization, a Brother was talking about Registering. He said–unless you’re an active revolutionary–register.

    I mean–ynotme–maybe you are. But a lot of folk using this excuse of time, like one hour, trying to select your Mayor, your Governor, your Councilmembers, your Assembly persons, your Congresspeople, your President, is too much to ask.

    The Mayor has a direct link to how ill the Police are. Maybe taking that one hour to get him out isn’t that much to ask for?

    Instead–guess what–we keep putting the same Mayors back into office then complain that there’s no change!!!

  58. No, you don’t send a message at all. I will repeat–50% of people already abstain from the election. 50% of people abstained in the election in 1940 . . . 1960 . . . 1920 . . . so forth.

    No one cares if you abstain. No one! It’s not a form of protest to abstain because NO ONE CARES.

    Wall Street isn’t a Monolith. What’s more Executives are as powerful as their Legislatures. Voting is not a farce. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. showed us this. You can use this system to Fight for Black people. Or you can use this system to FIGHT BLACK PEOPLE. That’s what Whites are doing. That’s no FARCE.

  59. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_turnout_in_the_United_States_presidential_elections

    Look at this Sister. This is just data collected by White folk on voter turn out in American Presidential Elections. It hovers around 50%. No one cares that it’s not 100%.

  60. Again good point but tell me, why vote for a man who has and continues to ignore people that look like him? Obama is a very tanned white man.

    He cares not one lick about us. And it shows. Did you know that he and Eric Holder wanted to have that “conversation” about race? His Zionist masters told him no.

    Obama’s Homosexual Agenda is nothing more than a Eugenics Agenda and we’re the prime targets. Sorry but I’m not falling it.

  61. Ok…I’ll look at it but it won’t change my mind, sir.

  62. Sister, we always voted for the Democrats over the Republicans, the reason being that the Klan backs the Republicans.

    The Democrats are Whites, yes, but we can’t just ignore that Whites are not entirely united. There were Enslavers and Abolitionists amongst them one hundred years ago.

    There were those who promoted Civil Rights and those who dismissed Civil Rights–fifty years ago.

    This “Homosexual Agenda” is not against Black people–it’s simply an extension of “Rights” to a people who are accepted in the national zeitgeist. That’s all. It has more to do with White Homosexual Lobbying than a need to exterminate Black people. Really, White gays just want to marry.

    And you say he ignores us, but the reasons are blurred. Obama does better for the lower economic brackets–which Black people overpopulate. So how in the world is he ignoring us?

    What do you think that the President does? Have conversations about race? Do you not realize that he grew up as a Black man and has had those conversations already? Maybe it’s not as radical as some others can give–maybe it was–didn’t his pastor have radical opinions?–but really we shouldn’t go into tabloid analysis of the Presidency.

    Obama is not Romney, Obama is not McCain, Obama is not Bush. That should be reason enough to support Obama.

    To blame him for things that has nothing to do with him seems unreasonable.

    What’s more, just remember Bush if you want to know how Obama did good for us.

  63. When you realize that you’re wrong, admit it. Even if it is against yourself, when you know for sure that you’re wrong always admit it. Regardless of the consequences, admit the truth and apologize—–MALCOLM X

    Sister, you’re promoting Black self-disenfranchisement as an effective political strategy for Black people though abstaining from voting is an ongoing protest that has no political efficacy and voting has been an effective form of protest.

    You should never be adamantly wrong.

    For the record, even Malcolm X promoted our voter registration. Why you want to take us back to 1950 in light of little Black political involvement and in light of the sacrifices we had to make to receive the vote is beyond me.

    But the right thing to do is to admit that you spoke ahead of yourself.

  64. I won’t “admit” to speaking ahead of myself because I did not.

    Politics are for the European to gain more power to rule over the African. We do not gain anything from being political because we have no power.

    I’m not taking black people back to anything.
    I’m showing truth about this man who looks likes us but acts like them.

  65. @ Onitaset I appreciate your reasoned responses,
    however diaryofanegress post and her 16 reasons as well as my own life experience say voting is irrelevant to most individuals and groups.

    BTW I am a Los angeles resident but empathize we the situation of the black and brown young people in New York.
    Speaking of which one came up with a beautiful solution that seriously impacted
    the continuance of “stop and frisk” there.
    He a young latino male used a hidden recorder (a wire ,like the police show love to advertise) and recorded the abuse and profanity and then made it public.
    Word is instances of “stop and frisk” have gone down.
    One man no vote just direct action.

    African Americans have a combined buying power of over $892 billion currently and likely over $1.1 trillion by 2012.(Source Wikipedia)
    Yet we still don’t own the primary business in our own communities.
    I’d like to see far less political and far more economic and cultural progress.
    This is a long and involved discussion I may respond with more at a later date after having fully read all comments on this topic.
    like Malcolm X quote BTW never seen it before interesting

  66. Well, I think Diary of A Negress was trying to assert that voting won’t solve our problems but working to RWSWJ 24/7 will be more effective. I know sooo many people who are carrying on about voting for whichever candidate they like right now before they’ll forget about politics until 4 years later. If we want to make a change in society, we’ll have to make our goals a way of life. Willingly subjecting yourself to the racists/white supremacists any longer will not help you or the world be in the place where we need to be. But if you do want to vote, please don’t expect anything to change for your benefit. White people both in and out of office who are intent upon making your life a living hell as long as possible will stay on their job. Please stay on yours and be an example for others.

  67. Ms. J

    You stated that beautifully!

  68. No. “Stop and Frisk” did not go down. “Stop and Frisk” increased. It’s increasing as long as the Mayor’s appointed Police Commissioner supports it.

    The Mayor isn’t chosen by Electoral College–the Mayor is chosen at election. Mayors make it clear when they will hurt us and we vote for them.

    Our problem is we don’t understand how powerful government is. Government forms the budget. NYC’s budget is some $70 BILLION. The Mayor wrote that budget. The Council approved it. Black people got less than $100 million. BECAUSE we abstain from being involved in the Political Process.

    That’s not bright. Because it’s not difficult for some money to come back to us. We just don’t understand that there’s a government that funds programs that we can get funding for.

    Then we whine later. Geez.

    And you talk about Economics. Do you know that you can run a non-profit that teaches Black people economic programs and get funding from the government for it?

    But you know what we’re doing with our politics, throwing it aside. Know what we’re doing with our economics, throwing it aside.

    A Brother brought up Obama’s “Zionism.” We pretend like the Black electorate isn’t Pro-Zionist, too. Culturally and Economically we adhere to Zionism, no?

    These Jews are in our communities, getting our money, and we’re buying their jewelery and making them politically powerful, then to make it worse, we’re trying to boycott the political system too.

    Oh geez.

    What’s the point of wanting power if we voluntarily give it away?

  69. Sister Ms. J. Liberation is on three fronts–POLITICS, ECONOMICS and CULTURE.

    You can not have liberation without having the three. Politics is Management. You can have Economic Unity and No Management. That’s ill planning.

    In a sense, this was Black Wallstreet. Before it was bombed, a Black man was arrested by White people. That’s Politics!

    Then the Black people were disarmed. That’s Politics!

    Then the Black people were massacred with State Property. That’s Politics!

    If you give up your Politics, you give up your Economics! You can not have one without the other.

    Here’s how Dr. Jeffries put it:

    So this is the last thing that I want to leave with you: That your economy which is related to your ecology begets your sociology which is related to your politics. Economics is the productive capacity, politics is the management capacity. The ecological systems are related to your sociological systems. This duality of economics and politics, ecology and sociology has to be related and then you synthesize them and you have culture, the psychological dimension. The cement that keeps things together. Economics, politics and culture relate; as ecological and sociological and psychological dimensions relate. It is this relationship that we as African peoples have to work at and make work for us.

    They have it all divided up. In fact, they tell us, don’t worry about the economics, we’ll take care of it. In fact, they bring people in our community to take care of it. Arabs, Vietnamese and other people. Don’t worry about the economics, we’ll take care of it. Then the politics. You get involved in politics. But just come at election time. We’ll take care of who you should vote for, give you a little bit of money to work on the polls, but, you know, don’t waste too much time to become involved in politics.

    But you can have culture. Become as black as you want. But if you only have culture and you’re not hooked the economics and it’s not related to your politics, then you do not have a system of development. You only have a system of survival. And what our educational omission tells us is, that we have to develop a system of development. And that means that we have to take our schools and make them work for us. But we have to put the educational process in the community, in the homes. We have to tap into this enormity of knowledge and then you have to be prepared to tell the truth. We have to be prepared to say that we are not going to celebrate Columbus. That no African or Native American youngster should celebrate Columbus. You Italians, you Spanish can celebrate it if you will. But we are not prepared to deal with the devilishness of Columbus. And [New York Governor] Mario Cuomo is not going to like it. But you [are] going have the courage to have to tell him the truth.

    So that’s what it’s all about. It’s a political struggle; it’s not just a economic struggle; it’s not just economic cultural struggle; it’s not just an educational struggle. It’s economics because they want to keep that money. New York’s budget, New York City’s budget is seven to eight billion dollars. They don’t want Black folks messin’ with that budget. So when they thought we were getting into the curriculum they thought we were also talking about teacher training and other things, which we were. So immediately they said that’s not your realm. And across the country, [President George] Bush wants to put in a new order, a New World order. That means they’ve got to have mind controls in the schools. And here we come with African centered education and that’s blown up their plans for mind control in the schools. Because African-centered education does not allow for the concept of rich white men with property and power dominating the worldview of this planet. So what we have prepared for you and we have it in this packet here, and, unfortunately, I couldn’t bring enough of them, but it includes some of the materials you need in terms of historical mentions of the struggle for an African-centered education.

    Source: http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/our-sacred-mission-by-dr-leonard-jeffries/

    Don’t, don’t, don’t think that you can neglect any of the three and be liberated.

    Black Wallstreet was not liberated. Liberation requires Politics, Economics and Culture.

  70. Well, you do what is PROVEN to work so long as it produces justice. Diary of a Negress was just making a suggestion like I was. Has this system proven to be effective for you and other non-whites overall?

  71. It has been and can be worse.

    For some reason we forget that it’s terrible largely because we don’t control our own Politics.

    In NYC we mobilized and got a Black Mayor elected. If we had the sense to run our own candidate, we could have had a Pan-African Mayor. But we continually disenfranchise ourselves.

    Nothing can be achieved by forfeiting Politics. Much can be lost as it becomes more and more illegal to be Black.

  72. Well, do whatever works for you. After all, I’m non-white and can’t tell you what to do.

  73. ynotme on said:

    Yes sir! my time is very precious

  74. @Onitaset how does politics relate to the miltary.
    As far as I can see here and everywhere else and everywhen else
    if you form a discipined organized ingroup and aquire adequte miltary supplies and the skill and will to use them; then your people control the land – every thing after that is just administration or management.

    We black people don’t seem to have enough of a will to fight or a will to kill.

    I was watching a couple of black films – sankofa and Goodbye Uncle Tom both about slavery and what struke me was how much suffering black people will tolerate and even assist in with even considering striking back and its not even about weapons.
    Basically if your angery enough all you have to do is get within arms reach.

  75. how does politics relate to the miltary.

    I’m not sure whether this a rhetorical question. The Military has everything to do with Politics. Militaries are not self-financing. If a Mayor cut the Police’s budget, Police officers would be laid off–they are not working for free. {Though I suppose I should write on this subject if this question can come up}

    As far as I can see here and everywhere else and everywhen else
    if you form a discipined organized ingroup and aquire adequte miltary supplies and the skill and will to use them; then your people control the land – every thing after that is just administration or management.

    A military must be financed. Militaries do participate in drug trading and other fields to finance operations, but nowhere to the tune of expenditures–and even then “the masses” must participate in that commerce.

    If an anti-military government takes over; either a military coup, a creation of a mercenary army or the destruction of the military will result. But always militaries need finances.

    We black people don’t seem to have enough of a will to fight or a will to kill.

    I was watching a couple of black films – sankofa and Goodbye Uncle Tom both about slavery and what struke me was how much suffering black people will tolerate and even assist in with even considering striking back and its not even about weapons.
    Basically if your angery enough all you have to do is get within arms reach.

    Brother don’t watch a film. Only read historical, factual books. African people fought back often. It’s us who don’t fight back; partially because we are mislead into thinking we don’t fight back.

    I showed you that “Half-Stepping Thru History” didn’t I?

    What’s more, do you understand that the South was under “Military Rule” per se. And in any given ship, dozens of armed Whites would come along . . . not for decoration either.

    More, you should understand how many of us died of starvation.

    We fought back despite harsher treatment than you can imagine.

    Brother, tomorrow I’m releasing “Politics 101.” Kind of in response to this post. If now it’s 9:29 PM, it’s slated for 12 tomorrow. Check it out.

    Either way, here’s an important quotation for you by Marcus Garvey,
    “You must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.”

  76. This is important for those who seek to be awake. This post is on target but so is Onitaset. The financial, economic systems in place are most definitely there for whites. Understand that it is hard to just kill off and blantantly subjugate (as in slavery)hundreds of millions of people. Even when whites had guns and others didn’t they couldn’t recklessly pursue destruction of people. Its like Neely Fuller says, white supremacy is a business and those overt techniques aren’t the most efficient, or even possible at times. Like in the matrix where the machines have set a virtual reality instead of a plantation.So we have systems, like the political one discussed here.
    These systems are not perfect even though they serve white supremacy – just like the matrix, the illusion leaves open the possibility of revelation and escape. Again, just like the matrix, some people who awake are even allowed to be “free”.
    Its is the same in this case. Onitaset correctly says you can use systems to better your situation. Only up to a point, but its better than nothing. The benefits gained from exploiting the political financial and other systems may help to solve the problem. Solution would be like neo lol

  77. @ Son

    Many are willfully asleep and quite happy. When we realize that Obama is no different than his cousin, George, I’m-a-dumb ass-mutherfucker Bush, we’ll see what’s right in front of our faces.

  78. Brother son,

    It’s sad when intelligent Africans submit to powerlessness. I can concede that delusions of powers should not be partaken in; but Government is Powerful and anyone informed of its mechanisms knows that we can benefit.

    I advise Political Organization, but this post seems to reflect Political Mis-Organization.

  79. @diary of a Negress Its good to see your informed about the tricks this 2 party sytem is but your Wrong not voting is exactly what they want they want you to choosse the lesser of 2 evils or not vote at all thats how they win, we have to give a 3rd or 4th party like the Libertarian and Green Party both parties break down what go’s on

    just read that link as well as Libertarian Party link


    read under issues that their about reducing the size of the govt; correspondents on TV are constanly bashng this pary,
    also the green pary candidate Jill Stein was arrested simply for voicing her ideals outside of the debate meeting between obama and romney
    also If I read correctly if either candidate gets just 5% of the popular vote they can get 5 seats in the senate which is what corporations dont want or 6% leads to 6 seats or 7% leads to 7 seats and so on and so on.

  80. I’m reading your comments and you hit the nail on the head! This post reeks of political mis-organization and disorganization, which is one of the main reasons why we can’t agree on a system to better our plight.

  81. sittinducks on said:

    Now that you are advocating that Blacks remove themselves from this minimum effort to participate in government, what plan of action do YOU suggest for us to alleviate our problems?

  82. sittinducks on said:

    Intelligent people learn how to play the game and use it to their benefit. Because right now it’s the only game in town. Maybe Black people need to think outside the box, instead of constantly complaining about the present system and it’s corrupt representatives. We should ask ourselves what role do WE play in the existence of this corrupt political system? Personally, I believe there is usually some fault on the part of the oppressed, that has nothing to do with their political representatives. We need to address the basic weakness of the masses of Blacks. Whether Blacks volunteerly disenfranchise themselves or not won’t change what allows us to be so powerless.
    This is a situation that existed long before Obama.

  83. Tyrone on said:


    “Black Versus” is a reality on this planet, and always will be. We have no true friends, only real enemies. We’ve been voting for dixiecrats 50+ years with no positive results. Instead, we blame the GOP for all of our problems. I’m not gonna bore you with all of the relevant statistics, we know that s**t is upside down. My plea to intelligent and stupid blacks alike…Stop voting for democrats, socialists, and marxists. Doesn’t mean you have to be a republican, just don’t vote for the donkeys/democrats? If we want to survive in this country, our race can’t continue voting for a party that has been trying to kill us since slavery. Democrats have shipped in Mexicans and other spanish folk, which has decreased our political clout anyway. Democrats don’t need our votes anymore, spanish folk have replaced us in that role. Voting for dems is voting for spanish folk, who are just as racist as white americans. Racism coming full circle…Spain started the slave trade, and now they’ve marginalized the british whites. Who wrongly assumed that they would be like them, Wrong! So, we have 2 groups of racists that we have to deal with, one speaks english and the other spanish. The saddest aspect of this is that blacks in the US were complicit in our own destruction. This country hangs in the balance because black-americans believed the insanity of Dr. King, who gave democrats the black vote on a silver platter.


  84. sittinducks on said:

    Politics is about who gets what, when, where and how. The world is political with every group of people trying to get as much for themselves as possible. Black people had better learn how to play the game or perish. A people who are non-political will always be left out and poverty stricken. To abstain from voting is a political statement. It gives others the right to make decisions for you.

    Voting in and of itself does not necessarily change things. Participation is an ongoing process that should be entrusted to qualified leaders representing an organized community. These leaders should have the responsibility to engage with their political representatives about the problems and needs of their communities and what they want from him/her.

    Any president whether it is Obama or not must have qualified leaders at the local level assess what their needs and problems are. Then they can decide what if anything the federal branch of government can do. The first step, however, is for Blacks to organize and state clearly what is causing the problems; For example the high unemployment rate among them. It may be something totally out of the control of the federal branch of government. But local and state government officials may be the more logical people to hold accountable.

    I dare say that if a Malaysian were president, the high unemployment rate would probably still be high among Malaysians, if they controlled or owned hardly any businesses. This is because the power of the president includes the following:

    – Act as Commander in Chief of the Army and the Navy.
    – Make foreign treaties, with two-thirds consent of the Senate.
    -Appoint ambassadors, Supreme Court justices, and federal judges
    – Deliver a State of the Union address to Congress.
    – Recommend legislation to Congress.
    – Convene Congress on extraordinary occasions.
    – Adjourn Congress, in cases of a disagreement about adjournment.
    – “Take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”
    – Receive foreign ambassadors and ministers.

    Blacks have to be realistic about what the responsibilities of local government is and what the limitations of the Presidency is.

  85. Mickey on said:

    George Carlin didn’t vote when he was alive, either.

  86. Kushite Prince on said:

    What’s really scary is that George is speaking a lot of truth.lol

  87. Love George Carlin…thanks Mickey.

  88. shingling on said:

    Normally I agree with you negress, but you couldn’t be farther off the mark with this post. The ONLY voice and POWER black people have is our vote. You don’t fight a battle by choosing not to “fight a battle”. You never just “stay home”. Sometimes we have to even engage our enemies. President Obama was in his FIRST TERM. So many people were watching to see if he made any “overtures” towards blacks only because remember he wanted to be re-elected and you can guarantee he would not have been re-elected if he had shown favoritism towards blacks.

    Remember he is the President of the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

    But now he will make those overtures. He will. I promise you.

    But to tell people and throw a hissy fit that he didn’t make all these overtures to blacks is WRONG. Black people should ALWAYS VOTE. Remember, there are powers out there who despise us and hate the fact we were even given the ability to cast a vote and are actively working to take those powers and our votes away from us.

  89. @ Shingling

    I no longer subscribe to the madness of false politics. They all play for the same team.

  90. @truth been reading some posts and I keep coming across ”Powers That Be”. Who exactly are they?

  91. I’d even go furhter and say not just since Obama got in but in the 40+ years of having successive black mayors, city managers, local council members, numerous representatives in congress, even a few senators & governors thrown in for good measure during this period? Are black people collectively better off? That’s a no-brainer.

  92. ‘A people who are non-political will always be left out and poverty stricken.’–

    It appears we’ve been political and it’s left us poverty stricken disproportionately, left out AND taken for granted. Our unquestioning support for those who don’t support us simply gives them license to continue to disrespect us and take us for granted. Our vote gives this sham legitimacy. It’s all pageantry and theatre for the world stage. What if less than 10% of all demographics participated? What msg would that send to them? How can they then present this as a representative democracy?

  93. I can “feel” him at times…him and Set. That’s why I am an advocate for segregation. His power is overwhelming and if I don’t segregate myself…

    They are not worth it, believe me. And you are too important to end up in a steel cage or worse yet, a wooden box. Let the combat warriors handle that. Believe me, current u.s. policies are creating millions of them… Brothas & Sistahs like you are much needed word warriors. We need people like you to disseminate info/knowledge.

  94. I think economic independence is what’s needed and it’s what seems to work for other groups. Asians aren’t particularly political nor are middle-easterners–but they come here and become ec0nomically independent. I think political involvement has provided a hollow victory for the masses of blacks. And with all due respect, govt contracting by certain demographics in the black community has created a perpetual class of poverty pimps and sharks in the community who make their living off the misery of a certain class of other black people.

  95. @ nmaat433
    In replies not just my comments on this post topic,but also others – you appear to have a very compelling anaylsis – I think you ,like me and others see this thing a little more clearly than the smoke and mirrors and lies being continually force feed the general public.

  96. angel9loveu on said:

    White people are sociopaths

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