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Open Discussion #5

Anything on your minds, folks? Now’s the time to ask questions, vent and just ramble.

Here’s what I’m thinking about. What’s gonna happen to us in 10 years. It seems now a days that’s all I think about. My future, my family’s future, our future…I’m kinda nervous about where we’re headed.

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54 thoughts on “Open Discussion #5

  1. “…all I think about. My future, my family’s future, our future…I’m kinda nervous about where we’re headed.”

    @ Truth

    There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus [anointing/SPIRIT] appears [in YOU] .

    Philippians 1:6 – Message Bible

    No matter how dark and gloomy life and events appear, the universe is still under the Creator’s control. You can TRUST that the Most High will always finish what is ordained.

    Follow His instructions and KEEP doing whatever He puts on your heart to do.
    All is well – despite how bad things seem … or gets.


  2. mary burrell on said:

    I will be alone, All I can do is put my life in God’s hands. My past, present,and future is in God’s hands. I co-sign with Brother Matari on his comments about the future.

  3. Thanks Matari for the kind words.

  4. I have faith in the Most High too.

  5. ALCHEMIST on said:

    On the C.O.W.S. show it is often asked, “can white children be rascist?”. I just learn about a book called “Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Right” by Robin Bernstein (racialinnocence.blogspot.com)

    “In uncovering why and how this notion of an “abstract childhood” and childhood innocence had become so crucial to arguments about race and civil rights, Robin Bernstein reveals the long, chilling history of the racialized construction of childhood innocence. With painstaking efficiency, Bernstein traces how black children were “libeled as unfeeling, noninnocent nonchildren” while white children “became constructed as tender angels” and how this binary expressed itself through the “materials and practices” of childhood, most specifically through “dolls, doll play and literature about sentient dolls.” She concludes that the practices surrounding these “scriptive things” worked to fuse childhood “to slavery’s most foundational, disturbing, and lingering question: What is a person?
    From Raggedy Ann to the complicated resistance embodied by topsy-turvy dolls created by enslaved women, to the well-documented “ritualistic”, violent abuse of black dolls by white children, to the full story of Kenneth and Mamie Clark’s famous “doll tests,” Racial Innocence frames the story of America within the context of a childhood that was all too aware of and affected by a complicated mix of race, violence, politics and interracial sexuality. ”

    The fact that white children violently abuse black dolls answers the question for me.

  6. Alchemist:

    It is my firm belief that racism is in the blood.

    The Spirit of our ancestors live within us, travel within us and grow within us. That’s why when you do something your mom/sister/wife will say, ” You’re as stubborn as your late Uncle Mark!”

    Whites have passed on their genes to their children. Their children grow in this poisonous society and learn from the womb to hate. Many will disagree with me here but it’s my belief that you cannot escape the sins of your ancestors.

    I’m not surprised by this study…at all.

    In fact, I’m a staunch advocate of complete and total segregation. The white race has proven that they cannot live harmoniously with Nature, the Spirit, Animals and Humans…including those that look like them.

    Their intense hatred of all things dark is but an act of extreme envy of their own lack of darkness. This curse of Nature will remain with us til WE break the cycle and become conscious once again.

  7. Another question:

    Why is it that white Jewish scholars love to teach African history?

  8. ALCHEMIST on said:

    Most of the profs at Harvard’s AA department are not black:


  9. ALCHEMIST on said:

    Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham (not a BW)is the chair of the department. Ingrid Monson (white chick) is the Quincy Jones Professor of African-American Music.

    Skip Gates and Quincy Jones have both been in serial tragic arrangements.

  10. Alchemist:

    This is what they do. Infiltrate. I would not be shocked if they were given the job because of their whiteness. May I say that I’m quite exhausted of this entire sinister plan?

    You never see us trying to infiltrate their history.

  11. brothawolf on said:

    I’m tired and I’ve already vented.


  12. I read this yesterday,

    “Now, a study published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience seems to suggest that racism is not innate, after all. The study, conducted by Eva H. Telzer at the University of California, Los Angeles and three colleagues, took 32 children of both European American and African American ancestry and conducted functional MRIs on them while showing them European American and African American faces. Previous studies on race that used fMRIs on adults had found that the amygdala, the part of the brain that registers emotion and especially the detection of threats, lit up when seeing faces of other races.
    But in the study on children, who were between the ages of 4 and 16, the amygdala did not light up until the participants hit the age of 14. What’s more, the amygdala did not light up equally for everyone. For children who had grown up with ethnically diverse peer groups, the amygdala’s effect disappeared entirely. And, in children whose amygdala did respond to the pictures of African American faces, that effect existed, no matter what race the child was. That means that African American children viewed African American faces with fear, even though these faces were ostensibly not the “other”.

    Read more at http://www.medicaldaily.com/articles/12775/20121018/racism-unnatural-study.htm#hBOol41hvpDJsXZt.99

  13. At the bottom it states

    “[These] findings suggest that neural biases to race are not innate and that race is a social construction, learned over time.”

  14. From Brothawolf’s Blog:

    “The Tired Rant”

    I’ve mentioned in other post where I was down and out that there will be more posts where I just need to let it out. I don’t know if I made it clear that these posts, or this blog rather, should not to be taken too seriously, nor are they to be used for objective sources of information. They shouldn’t be. My blog posts are half-truth and half-emotion, mostly anger, frustration and depression. Like I said in the welcoming post, I am no expert and posts like this one are not merited in logic even though there is some truth in them.

    I just wanted to let you know in advance before you read this that this is one of ‘those’ blogs. I’m always angry and depressed about many things, and this blog is one way for me to get it off my chest. As you can tell already, I’m very tired of a lot of things.

    I’m tired of this plague of self-hatred a lot of black people have! It can not be ignored. This illness is destroying some of us and the victims don’t even know or care to treat it. Nowadays, it seems to be the trend, a way of getting hits and money! Even though the reason behind it is linked to white supremacy, what can be done? Can it be treated at all? Is it getting worse?

    I’m tired of this self-hatred leading to disrespect and physical violence! From day one, we were taught to hate ourselves and what we are. Some have contributed that hatred to self-destructive behavior. Sadly, some of us buy into the hype, and it becomes a popular theme to show to the whole damn world. Black drama and “pathology” seems to fucking sell in the 21st Century. Why is this happening? Why is it that there is only ‘black pathology’ as if black people are the only people who screws up?

    I’m tired of overprivileged people with a warped sense of morality and intelligence cry about how they are ‘victims’ and this, that and the other. Victims of what!? Why is their pain more important than anyone else’s? Why should I feel sorry for them when they have adequate support while those like me struggle to even find someone who understands a little bit?

    I’m tried of being grouped in with negative stereotypes about black people just because I’m black myself. Even though it’s stupid to base a conclusion on something so trivial, it too is the norm in today’s world! I’m a criminal because there are black male criminals! See how messed that shit is? But again, this is regarded as reasonable in today’s society! It doesn’t matter that I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I’m a criminal because I’m a black male. What the fuck?

    I’m tired of this damn stereotype threat that I live with! Why should feel guilty if there was a crime committed by another black person. I didn’t do it. I’m no criminal! So, why should I feel shame? Aren’t I an individual? According to most people, no. “Black people are a monolith,” says people who know little about blacks but have the outlets to say so and the people that will listen to them.

    I’m tired of the monolithic thinking that I have! I need to see myself as an individual. I am but one man, a human being with a mind, heart and soul. It’s funny how some people are surprised as hell to know that black people think and feel. It’s almost shocking when they discover that we don’t all think and feel alike. I supposed that goes back to the damn criminal stereotype that will latch on to us until we’re dead.

    I’m tired of overprivileged people being seen as basically good while the underprivileged are seen as the opposite! The same goes for them when they see themselves as individuals when one, a few or a multitude screws up while we are seen as a collective even when none of us falter! But, if certain members achieve success, all of a sudden, the whole group is now a damn collective, and underprivileged folks who succeed are individuals. Double standards, suck!

    Most of all, I’m tired of…well, being tired! It’s hard for me to hold my head up right now. It’s hard for me to know that this is the weekend, and I’m off until Monday. It’s hard for me to smile and not cry. It’s hard for me to believe in God. Hell, it’s hard for me to love myself right now.

    My bitterness is what the dark spirit of white supremacy wants, and there are times where it’s winning. It urges me to escape and leave this world. It persuades me to end the pain that way as this demon doesn’t seem like it’s leaving any time soon. It tells me that this is permanent and that I should just “go”.

    However, something tells me to remain, to fight. Something tells me to hold on and continue what I’m doing. That little voice tells me to stay in it for the long haul, and it is constant battle with the white racist spirit that wants my soul. So, even though it will be stressful and – at times – painful, I must not give up no matter how tired I am.

    Now, don’t worry. I won’t do anything crazy to myself. I’m just blowing off some steam. However, this is another installment to my circumventing. So, if you don’t want to feel upset, you may want to not check out any more posts of this nature. Again, this isn’t to be taken seriously. I’m just tired.

    Are you tired as well?

  15. @ Wilson

    My intellect tells me that racial hatred is a learned behavior.
    My Spirit tells me that the blood of hate is passed on from generation to generation.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, I am pra have ying for all of us in this struggle to liberated from this demonic beast called white supremacy. I ‘ve just had an epiphany that whether we are fighting each other or having an internal struggle within ourselves white supremacy is the root of it all. We just have to keep our heads up and keep moving.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Dang I don’t know what happened to my comments above. But my final and last thought was that I’m praying for all of us in this struggle to be liberated from this demonic beast called white supremacy. I’ve just had an eipiphany that whether we are fighting each other of having an internal struggle with ourselves, white supremacy is the root of it all. We just have to keep our heads up and keep moving.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, The Black Codes website is an excellent teaching tool. Trojan Pam is a good teacher just like you she has lots of information to learn from and it’s easy to understand.

  19. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    You really should read some of Elijah Muhammad’s work. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you already had. You’re really on the same wave length with what he taught.

  20. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    It’s just strategy. If they teach African history to Black/African people, they can decide how you feel about yourself, your people, and their place in the universe. And in doing so, they will convince you of your people’s lack of ingenuity and ability to be civilization builders. What is the effect of this? Your people will expect to stay second and third class citizens and never question or challenge the reign of white dominance. You will always be beholden to and dependent upon them.

  21. Hi Everyone!!

    I watched a documentary called “Race 2012” on PBS last night. I can honestly say that without Counter-Racism, I would have been absolutely confused about Racism/White Supremacy in this country. Here’s a short trailer for it:

    I made these notes after watching the program.

    1. Politics: A commentator named John Zieglar said that white people aren’t aware of their race, but 90 percent of them consistently vote for white Republican candidates. Meanwhile, the non-white commentators saw the Democratic Party as the savior for many of the black people – and “Multicultural America” – in the future.
    2. Ziegler stood out to me because he looked very uncomfortable explaining how white people didn’t see whiteness as an important social identity. He talked fast, squinted his eyes, and seemed puzzled. I thought he was lying about this, and found out today that he was fired from a radio show in Tennessee for using the N-word. The chief weapon of a Racist (suspect) is deception.
    3. Latinos often criticized the Black-white paradigm in this country. Many of them said that slavery was bad BUT their increasing presence needed to be focused on as well. One Latina claimed hard work was more important than worrying about one’s race, but she admitted that she marked the “White” box on a job application and got hired.
    4. Two non-whites, including a Black female, complained about Obama not identifying as Biracial; they said he rejected his white family by checking off the “Black” box on Census forms. This same black female would even go on to say that many whites were becoming “niggerized” because they faced violence in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
    5. Many of the non-whites said that the race issue was changing for the BETTER because America was projected to be more diverse in the future. Problems like class, gender, and sexuality merited more attention. However, the white people on the show – including Timothy Wise – argued that race was foundational to the U.S. and is a large part of whites’ self-identity.

    Overall, this program shows that we’re not getting an honest explanation of how Racism/White Supremacy works in this society. Many of the non-whites seemed confused despite writing books about this problem while more knowledgeable whites either hid information or didn’t talk nearly as much as the non-whites. This show had me wanting to call up Gus to say thanks because I would’ve been more confused without his work and ultimately my own LOGIC, which comes with the universe. I have to say that Neely Fuller was right when he declared, “If you don’t understand Racism, what it is, and how it works, everything else will only confuse you.” Have good night, folks!

    (Sorry for making this so long)

  22. brothawolf on said:

    I’m not surprised. The issue of race is always sanitized in favor of whites for the most part. Any opinions, statements and sentiments by nonwhites, including blacks, is rendered unimportant.

  23. Naturally.

    By extension, any instance of racism is because of a racist choice. The people responsible had to decide whether or not it was a good thing to do, and decided it was.

    They weren’t incapable of anything else, they could have avoided being racist if they wanted to, only they didn’t.

  24. Ron Thomas on said:

    Good Morning Ladies & Gents………….

    I think we are headed for some horrendous times in this country that will test Blacks as no others. Oh, there’s not some unforeseen disaster lurking on the horizon; it’s the same monster that’s always been there. It’s the same old “divide-and-conquer” tactics, the same old “bait & switch”, the same tired old lies about “you’re the ones keeping racism alive, etc….
    And we’re still listening to these people, and letting them frame our thinking.

    We don’t listen, and we don’t learn. We see things that are right in front of us, and refuse to believe what we are seeing. We’d rather be “told” what the answer is by someone else, than find out for ourselves. We get truly bent out of shape when someone other than a caucasian person tells (or even suggests) to us that we are being lied to about things we should already know.

    We have only to look at the recent and upcoming election(s) to see that there are a LOT of candidates that are openly running campaigns linked to hate groups, racial, ethnic, religious, LGBT extremism, all sorts of demonizing, coded, patronizing, or just plain racist language, and we still don’t seem to see the storm on the horizon. These people are sociopaths. Everything they do, all their beliefs are centered on advancing the gap between the haves and the have-nots. US. All they have ever shown is a clear and straight forward message that one group of people are less than human, and another is the supposed “Master” race.

    But I still hear OUR own people opening their mouths and uttering some of the stupidest phrases in creation. So many of us seem to have no idea of what the issues are, what their best interest is, and for better or worse, who has at LEAST put forth an idea of how to deal with them. I have to admit to that I am intensely concerned these days, because after years of suspicion, and searching for any other alternate solution that would explain it, none has presented itself, and the facts ain’t gonna change: Some of our people a simply incredibly stupid.

    In this blog, it’s been discussed at LENGTH, but a great many of our people do NOT want to even contemplate most of the things that are talked about in here. And they are continually passing that same “I don’t care so it don’t matter” attitude to their children. That’s going to make the world that the rest of our kids grow up in a much more unhappy and dangerous place for people of color.

    I still don’t intend to quit trying to reach as many of us as I can, but pushing that SAME boulder uphill everyday wears on you. And I know: “You’re preaching to the choir Reverend, and we’re already converted”, so I’ll get off my soapbox.

  25. I can attest to this. A higher being has been watching over me as I pursue my discrimination case. Folks, what6ever your beliefs, there is a higher conscious out there.

  26. @Ron,

    Those who have swallowed and DIGESTED the blue pill can’t be reached. It’s too late for them. They love *their* fantasy/reality.

    The best thing you can do is to shake the dust off your feet – metaphorically – and keep it moving to the next person – hopefully one who has a appetite/leaning for hard truths – colored in red. Unfortunately, these (with ears and eyes open) will likely be a relatively small number of folks. So yeah, it’s gonna continue to feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill if …

    As long as you’re dealing with CONSTRUCTIVE folks, you’re doing well.

  27. @ Ron

    Do you think that the “waiting for the saviour”” mentality is due to black folks religious upbringing?

  28. Ron Thomas on said:

    I do indeed; We have all been told that we’ll “get our reward in Heaven”,The Lord will make a way,”I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills:, etc…, and most of us believed it.

    But it’s more than that. It’s form of brainwashing, in my eyes. To me, it’s always been a tool to control the masses.

    Religion has also been force-fed to us by white america as a panacea for EVERYTHING that’s been done to us in this lifetime. (And any other) “Just hang in there, and you’ll get your reward in the end.”

    And we always do…Pun intended.

    I’m always reminded of the quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” I find it hard to disagree.
    Since people that buy this believe their immortal soul is in danger if they don’t follow along, they fall in line with what they are told by any sufficiently convincing spiritual leader.

    Sadly enough, we use these same control tactics on each other, to the absolute glee of white america. It makes “trying to keep them darkies in line” so much easier.

  29. Ron:

    Whites can feel that their time is coming to an end. It’s what they’ll do next that worries me.

  30. Negress, hie thee over to Abagond’s blog and read the ‘mixed-race’ identities responses. Interesting to say the least but not for anything new to be learnt.

  31. Ok…I’m sure that it will be “interesting.”

  32. The old anything but black clothed in verbosity and pomposity! Some of these posters eventually show their true ‘colours’.

  33. @ Herneith

    Dr. Afrika explained with amazing clarity why parasites, maggots and worms are white. Lack of melanin does something to your ability to feel “human” feelings.

    At first, I thought I was imagining things. Then he explained it. I no longer converse with these commenters. I just say my peace then disappear. I have more constructive things to do than to argue with Demons.

  34. wilson on said:

    Abagond’s post has exploded in the last few days to a near revolt situation.

  35. The ‘truth’ will out Wilson.

  36. @ Hernie

    You “see” it too?

  37. As a rule, I do not debate other black people on a forum unless they are major kerchief heads, even then I am short and to the point. I detest the ‘kerchief head mentality’. Dress it up anyway you want to. I was on to whites as a group, at an early age since I was brought up around them to the exclusion of any other group to the age of ten. It wasn’t nice to say the least. Intuition is a beeyotch but it has served me well when dealing with white folk.

  38. Yeppers! I see it loud and clear. These kerchief head sacks of shit and their allies will do anything to make white folks love them. Well kerchief heads they will until you stop shucking and jiving for them and say no. The kerchief head is being used as a buffer to bamboozle and keep the negro identified person in line by fomenting dissension within the African diaspora. Believe me, I know and have known what day it is with them from childhood. I may have not have been able to put a name to it at the time, but you live and learn don’t you. Beware the kerchief head they will fuck you up just as badly as a whites will. You just have the added factor of betrayal thrown in!

  39. Excuse the typos but I am having lunch.

  40. Unfortunately, We came from a different country and had to learn the hard way. But now I’m aware of the game. Very aware. That’s why I no longer deal with the Pale Ones.

  41. Wilson is either:

    1. Confused
    2. A white guy that’s fucking with me.

    Either way, I’m not falling for it. He knows it too.

  42. wilson on said:

    I am confused by what I just read. Negress just because someone doesn’t 100% agree with you doesn’t mean they are playing games with you. Confusion. Ok, maybe, I am not going to lie and say I have the whole world figured out. That would be hubris talking.

    But anyways, it appears you see something I don’t. So who knows but I do know this, if we were to measure our blackness, I am 100% more black having being born in the mother continent herself… Just saying. Can’t get any more black than that…

  43. wilson on said:

    God, happened again. Meant the last post to appear down here.

  44. wilson on said:

    God, I’ve spent the last like 40 minutes just feeling guilty. I apologize for the above posts. You are entitled to your view and your thoughts even though they paint me as some kind of loon who ain’t even black despite having black skin. I guess being told multiple times “You are confused” or a “loon” has got to me. It’s like “Are those the only choices?”,

    It’s fine and I hope I haven’t caused you any unnecessary discomfort and please feel free to shield your mind from whatever gibberish you feel am trying to spew that makes you look at me oh so suspiciously. Maybe I am just the suspicious sort, the not to be trusted sort. God, maybe it’s the color of my skin.

    Apologies and I think I have to review how I act or express my views. Some of the feedback is disconcerting. But darn it, it’s unbelievably hard to change oneself.

  45. blackmystory on said:

    @Wilson…..” if we were to measure our blackness, I am 100% more black having being born in the mother continent herself… Just saying. Can’t get any more black than that…”

    I once sat in a lecture by Kwame Toure, when a female who admitted to having one Caucasian parent asked “who is black” and “what makes one black”. Brother said very clearly, there are two evidence. Those who LOOK and those who ACT. He went on to break it down further, but suffice to say, just because you were born on the mother continent, is not enough. I am aware of many South Asians and Caucasians who are born in Africa that insist on calling themselves African. Likewise I have seen many blue black females with the bluest of contact lenses and would profile with the most gnomiest of Caucasian males… because they are Caucasian. This speak to a deep and toxic hatred of self. As early as a few nights ago, a young, after I told female co-worker my name, she became confused, because I had previously mentioned I was born in Jamaica. She couldn’t grasp the two, even after I used Malik Shabazz’s analogy of the kitten given birth in an oven. She was taller than me but the shit still went over her head.

    What does all this mean? It means that unless your thoughts and actions are in line with your spirit, you will be confused and more so and even more dangerous, because you are the enemy we don’t see, or are relaxed around that will catch us looking the wrong way. Even during the Ma’afa and the current recolonisation of Africa, White Supremacy could not, cannot last without support from US folk. Whether you have a black skin and a white mask, or a half African look and a Caucasian soul, you (in the figurative sense) put the subtlety in the blunt force that is White Supremacy. You or they are the ones who tell yurugu how we think, act, what we buy, read, eat and what we say when they are not around. You or they are the ones who bring or accept poisons in our community, who brings us the images on tel-lie-vision that makes their shit believable. You or they know that this is madness, but 30 pieces of silver is more important than virtues or values or the preservation of ones soul. While one cannot know who is a sellout before talking to or observing, one must immediately separate when that knowledge is made clear or else become the latest victim of White Supremacy. Then again Cristianinsanity and Arabism, have us holding hands and singing kumbaya as we drink the kool aid.

    My 10 cents (for inflation)

  46. wilson on said:

    I don’t know whether you’ve ever been to Africa or not. Where I grew up, in my home country this is how things went down.

    Their is huge pride over what the people in my country achieved to win Independence from the British. It does not result in hatred for the British but instead it’s just huge pride in who we are to have got our Independence. The British farmers, colonialists or whatever still have some of the land they used to have. No one goes over to their land and grabs it from them. My great grandma who was well over 100 before she passed away never spoke a word to me about hate or how she hated the white man who came to the country and put everyone prisoner. She was just proud for who she was and the spirit of her people. She never used to pray to God but instead to her ancestors, our ancestors I guess. The people of my tribe never said anything about hate, they talked about how to carry oneself. To respect your elders, to listen, to engage in conversation and learn. Their is no hatred in the country for those that during the colonial times were part of the institutions run by the British. My mother is always telling me how even today in her home, down the road from where she grew up, some of those same people are living in that area and everyone knows what they did during those days.

    Simply put, I was never taught hate. So I can’t go on out and hate. It just takes up to much energy and it’s impossible to maintain that intensity, it eats away at your soul. The truth is, truthbetold hates white people. I like what she says because I do believe a part of this world run by white supremacy is hell bent on destroying this world but I draw a line on it being all white people. They are people just like you and me and when it’s all said and done, I was taught we are all spirit, not just the color of our skin.

    If that makes me a sell out, then I guess I am a sell out but I won’t go against the spirit of where I grew up, of the land of those who walked before me.

    Personally I do think that traditional non-western societies were too generous and too open and that is how the west managed to win over the world, they were simply welcomed with open hands but I don’t think that to counter that you need to adopt hatred and look upon a whole race of people as essentially demons. If you lose your ability to see anything good in people, then you lose your ability to be human.

    And finally, I don’t need anyone to define who I am and I don’t think you should either. We are who we are and that is between us and our maker. I ain’t going to try and live up to some arbitrary definition of “blackness” a concept that is laughable if you are african, I mean go anywhere in africa and accuse people of not being “black” they’ll laugh you out of the continent, and yeah anyways, you can have it if you want, you can take away my “blackness” since I never had it to begin with since it’s something that you own and not me, but you can’t take away my African-ness and yes, I am african and I know what it means to be African, I don’t need anyone explaining that to me. I don’t need to dress, eat or talk african to remain loyal to my roots. It is who you are and how you see the world.

  47. alegna on said:

    Does anyone know much about the nation of Gods and Earths (5I percenters)?

  48. blackmystory on said:

    First of all I only referenced this because of your statement about being 100% black, so whether you are being facetious or not, that;s the opening I saw. Secondly while i agree with you hat is an unnecessary misuse of energy, many of use that as an excuse not to be wary and cautious, which is why the continent is STILL fighting itself while sucking up to Yurugu. Certain of us are proud to proclaim that we don’t hate, yet the very act of worshipping at the alter of all things European to me is a definition of hate….self hate. This is more insidious than hating Yurugu. However, if it appears i was attacking YOU personally, as a sell out, I was not and I want to make that clear. i was speaking in generalities. Also, whether I define you or not, your way of being, defines who you are. This is truth! Regarding defining who is African or not, MY personal position is based on ourstory and his story and if you don’t pass the eye test, you are from another ethnic group, you don’t have a similar phenotype, I will define you as much as I am Canadian, in as much as I am an artificial construct called citizen. Today being African is the thing, just like truth asked about is being Gay the new black. Everybody is riding that train, but today’s society and the current world we live in demands that we either change the paradigm or continue down the rabbit hole that White Supremacy has charted for us.

  49. @ Wilson:

    “The truth is, truthbetold hates white people. I like what she says because I do believe a part of this world run by white supremacy is hell bent on destroying this world but I draw a line on it being all white people. They are people just like you and me and when it’s all said and done, I was taught we are all spirit, not just the color of our skin.”


    The time for change and consciousness is now. Blacks are running out of time. Soon and very soon, the evil that has been keeping us down will rear its ugly head for all the world to see. Don’t ask me how I know this…I just do.

    This “Can’t we all just get along” mentality is gonna get you harmed. Whites are the only beings on the planet that have proven that they are in constant conflict with:

    1. Nature
    2. Animals
    3. Humans

    The three elements I’ve listed make up the entire universe.

    I really don’t want to keep beating a dead horse with this but either you see it, or you don’t.

    I cannot keep convincing you of something that you do not wish to see. I don’t have the strength.

  50. @ Alegna
    No sorry…

  51. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:


    I’m always interested in the perspective of other Black people around the world and how they feel about they/our position in it. So I will not call you a sell out.

    Here is my observation. The rest of the people of the world are trying to obtain power while retaining their culture. But it seems that Black people don’t understand this concept and don’t want to see the world for what it is. Everyone else is trying to compete while we wait for them so win and then ask to be apart of what they create. This is why we are losing.

    I don’t think that it is wrong to hate your enemy or someone who has deliberately done wrong to you and your loved ones. If someone rapes your child, you have every right to hate them. This idea to not hate is Christian and it keeps Black people passive. I’m not saying to hate people for no reason, but hate is as natural as love.

    If a group of people feel the need to dominate every other group of people they come across throughout history, it would be wise to be suspicious of them. I think Black people just don’t see or want to see what’s going on. There is not one place on the world map, not one nation where whites have not been and caused destruction. If a snake bites and poisons you, it would be wise to stay away from that snake or others like it, or at the very least, handle them with caution. Or if you were to swim with a shark, and it bites you and you survive, it would be wise to stop swimming with sharks. But Black people, not learning, jump back in the water with an arm and leg torn clean off trying desperately to make the sharks love and accept them.

    And this is where we find ourselves today. Until we stop trying to love and accept everyone into our communities, politics, educational systems and our bedrooms, and start trying to build for ourselves and keep others out, we will not advance. Every place on earth that Black people exist, we are on the bottom, even in countries where we are the numerical majority. We will never be respected as a collective and none of the nations that we “control” will ever be prosperous. Not Haiti, not Jamaica, none of the nations of Africa. Nowhere.

    Which leads me to what I have been building up to. I’m glad that Truth created this particular thread because it’s something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time. But I’m not a natural writer so after this, maybe others can expand on this topic. Wilson, you speak of your grandmother and other families members who saw the horrors or colonialism and yet still don’t hate the perpetrators. This is not exclusive to your land but is representative of Black people everywhere. We are so passive, so accepting, and so forgiving, that is has become a weakness. We are conquered because we let people into our societies without caution. And even when the invaders became aggressive, we still never wanted revenge and we never lost our trust of them.

    So where does this flaw stem from? We can’t blame white supremacy and western culture for us being gullible. Is it genetic? If so what can we do to change this? Is it cultural? Personally, I think that we need to learn how to discriminate and exclude others from our affairs without feeling guilty. But I still want to here everyone’s ideas.

  52. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Yes. They’re just an offshoot of the Nation of Islam.

  53. @ Jay

    I get this A LOT from blacks. When you go against the grain, especially when it comes to calling out Demons, blacks get “nervous” and can’t cope with it.

    I, the one that points out the harsh truth, becomes the “troublemaker.” Not the offender. This is a leftover symptom of our slave past. I make no apologies for my disdain of the European “beings” that stole us, whipped us, raped us, slaughtered us and lied through their fucking teeth for centuries while they flourished and we perished.

    I make no apologies for my disdain of the European “beings” who claim to want equality but bask in the joys of whiteness every damn day.

    I make no apologies for my disdain of the European “beings” who make laws telling us where to live, go to school, how much money we can make and how our families will survive.

    And lastly, I make no apologies to the blacks that wanna fight me daily on my racism, my hatred, my anger, my pain, my depression, my wanting this prison plantation to burn in hell and take every slave master and slave catcher with them. There are days I channel Set…and feel strong. Then that blasted white woman who lives in my brain tells me “You’re nothing but a nigger. You’ll never make it.” And I crumble at her feet.

    And yes, our passivity is genetic just like our ancestors pain and rage. Their screams of terror was passed on to us by blood and we are deathly afraid to meet their fate. So we shuck and jive for Massa.

    There are 2 types of blacks living on this planet now:

    1. Free blacks
    2. Captive blacks

    Take your pick.

  54. I think we may have been separated at birth..lol..the rage you feel at our people’s continual oppression makes me seethe. I despise injustice and have no guilt about that nor for the contempt I feel for those whose basic nature seems to thrive on mete-ing it out. And that white bitch in your head gets around..she should be very rich by now me thinks. Some agency is getting their money’s worth outta her. What i don’t understand is why so many so-called christians are so deathly afraid of fighting to the death for what’s right? I mean if you are so in love with your Savior, why be so afraid of meeting him? I also don’t understand people who are so willing to be slaves that they are too scared to even contemplate freedom?

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