Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Black Dynamic Under White Supremacy

Is this what we’ve come to? Is this why Garvey fought? Hannibal fought? Zulu fought?

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68 thoughts on “The Black Dynamic Under White Supremacy

  1. You know, I somehow know what Tommy is trying to do here, we are all victims here and one victim needs not continue to victimize another victim. Though the delivery is somewhat mean and rough, I know what he’s trying to do. It could be done better and it should be.

  2. Do you think if the female was white, Tommy would have acted differently?

  3. Sister TruthBeTold, an isolated opinion should not be generalized.

    What’s more, certain things are better obscured.

    Anyone can see the speaker here is without self-love. Anyone can see the uppercut incident was a sensationalized rarity.

    Certainly one can comment on what the video represents despite its rarity; but in all actuality, the popularity of the video relates to the undertone of “The Aggressor being Subdued” (and the fighting technique in question)

    There was, for instance, a White child who body slammed his bully and received international accolades for it.

    As it were, the bully in question was a woman. What’s more, she foolishly bullied a man twice her size. But the basics of it speak nothing to the African race in particular. The Black Real HouseWives of Atlanta fight one another–but so do the White Real HouseWives of New York.

    This is more “someone videotaped an uppercut” than a statement on Black sacrifices.

  4. Onitaset, I respectfully disagree.

    Black male vs. Black female is rampant in our young community and we see some form of vitriol daily on TV. If it’s not black females bashing their men on finding a job and “being a real man” then it’s black men openly stating they’d prefer a more manageable white woman.

    When I saw this, the first thing that came to my mind is: Would he have upper cut her if she were a white woman with the SAME attitude and SAME actions?

    Would the internet have agreed with his violence towards a young female if she were of another colour?

    Would he allow another man to treat his daughter “like a man” if his daughter behaved in a certain way?

    And lastly, what do these images of the Angry Black Bitch keep doing to our community?

  5. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, I am sorry and I am sure I will catch heat for this. I normally don’t condone violence against women. I left a reply about this on Brotha Wolf’s blog. I’m sorry but that individual and this is decent because I’m trying not to use a perjorative word for her. But I live around these type of individuals. Being a commuter of public transportation. Look if you stupid enough to step to a man like that and you put your hands on him and spit on him then expect to suffer the consequences. I am not violent but I witness young people behaving disrespectful everyday. I can’t blame this on white supremacy this time.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    Sister read my comments on Brotha Wolf’s blog.

  7. Miss Mary

    Do you think his rage would be justified if she were white?

  8. All opinions are welcomed to chime in.

  9. Sister TruthBeTold,

    You asked three questions.

    For the first question, a White woman can not have the same attitudes and actions as a Black woman. However, if we can gain any insight from Domestic Abuse. It’s very serious amongst White people and it does exist in interracial relationships.

    I do not know to what extent a White parallel could be seen; but technically speaking there would be White rage against a White woman of low-class being attacked by a Black man, but it would contribute a lot to White fear of Black men.

    Though, between Whites and Blacks, there’s definitely a present fear that only a really, really insane White woman would challenge a Black man twice her size.

    I have experience, in intimate settings, of being physically challenged by Black women. I doubt the parallel would happen with a White woman.

    For the second question, it’s not so clear. Who is to say that he would not do that to his own daughter? We must realize that in Domestic Violence situations, oftentimes the same scenario we witnessed happened. I.e. the woman initiates violence and the men retaliates disproportionately. But note that this research on women initiating violence deals with White households. So to say, protocol in the Western World is that, that is exactly how you would treat your ‘wife’ and therefore your daughter.

    For the third question, there’s no Black Community, lol. However, the woman was participating in “bullying.” “Bullying” has national attention because of White folk, not Black folk. Really, we’re looking at a White Play with Black Actors. There’s no insight to be gained on Black people.

    As to the youth dynamic, I find it, as a young man, to do with the disappointment men and women have over being single and under accomplished. However, I was listening to older songs and this sentiment (of under accomplished Black men) has been ongoing. I was particularly listening to Ray Charles.

    “Hit the Road Jack” was one example of a woman who was tired of a no good Black man.

    “I got a woman” had a lyric where he mentioned that his good woman gave him money, saying “She gives me money, when I’m in need.”

    It’s more or less a constant that Black men are under accomplished in America. It’s no more young culture than it is old culture. However, when two Blacks get together and share themselves honestly, they join the satisfied of the race. ūüôā

  10. The media is on a crusade to normalize violence against black women in the same way they have our men. They want to finish us all off.

    They want to make the case to the world at large that ALL blacks should be back in chains. Preferably the prison system. Alot of our people are willing participants to this crap and it’s sickening.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    Yes, The fact she did this to this man on his job. Being a bus driver is so stressful. I think when she spit on him that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe he should have just called the cops. That’s what they do here where I live. But I don’t think it has anything to do with black or white. That young woman was so disrespectful. I get so tired of witnessing this day after day. I don’t condone violence but she didn’t even respect herself. She disrespected the other passengers. Being a driver is such a thankless job and it’s very stressful. Please read my comments about this very same thread on Brotha Wolf’s blog. These young people black and latino are very rude and disrespectful. I saw a group of teenagers just like that girl on the commuter train assault a woman, She was trying to correct them about the very same behavior you are witnessing in that video. They told her to shut her m*********f****king mouth. No man came to her aid to help her. teenagers geton the buses and trains to terrorize passengers. I saw a young teenage boy curse a woman old enough to be his mother, But she got with is young ass and pulled her knife out and threatened to cut him. He sat his young fresh ass down and he apologized. You need to do a post about why the youngsters are not respecting themselves or their elders.

  12. tymetravelife on said:

    If a white woman committed the identical acts against this man, he would not have hit her. He would have called the cops & had her arrested. But then there would have been a much higher price to pay for laying a finger on, let alone upper-cutting a white woman. Even in this case the driver was suspended. Had it been a white woman, he would have gotten a good beat-down from the cops (the cops would have been called by someone if she was white) to go with his suspension.

    Even I, with nothing like this woman’s temperament, was nearly beaten by a guy (black) for a taxi a few months ago & all those standing by were very approving of his threats of what he would do to the “bitch”–especially when I stated that I had been waiting for a taxi long before the guy showed up (not enough deference for the foul mouth penis holder on my part, I guess). Of course, I let the monster have the taxi.

  13. Onitaset

    Fantastic Reply.But may I add one thing? The support the bus driver has gotten would not have been the same if the passenger had been a rude white female.

    Arrests would have been made and I’m postive he would have been fired. I guess I’m tired of seeing women who look like me being punished and having people applause and become apathetic.

    This will eventually lead to the destruction of the black female.

  14. Janae

    I feel the same way. In fact, when I read the support and PRAISE the driver got for his Mike Tyson knockout of this very rude woman, I was shocked.

    Why do I get the feeling that if she were white, the entire media would have been horrified?

    And wait…next a rape of a black woman will be sensationalized and laughed at. This is all leading up to our extermination. Dehumanization must happen before extermination.

  15. I read your comments and agree with you on the lack of respect aspect. But the accolades this man got from beating this woman is the first step towards our destruction.

  16. Thank you for sharing. I feel that this would have been very different too if she were white.

  17. I was thinking on the “Fear Aspect.”

    White women are afraid when Black men board an elevator with them. White women are afraid when we walk behind them after 9 PM.

    It was Klan Protocol to send at least four White men to attack an average sized Black man.

    A White woman who thinks she can go toe to toe with a large Black man is a news story all its own.

    Granted, Black women should not fear Black men; yet this woman expressed her fearlessness in the wrong way.

  18. Agreed sir. By the way…World Star Hip-Hop is owned by…? It this a white company/ black company? BET is owned by Sumner Redstone.

  19. Everyone:

    Do you think Tommy Sotomayor is paid to say these things?

  20. On the surface, it looks like Lee O’Denat.

    I’m willing to believe that it was ‘market guided’ in the same way that facebook was originally strictly for college students then became a family site with games; and youtube was originally ‘original’ videos and now we can watch movies.

    From the little effort I put into researching it, Lee tried to make a mixtape promoter–i.e. a publishing outlet; but after a mishap (hack) he changed it into a video aggregator. Without censorship (like Youtube has) and with the concentration (on hip-hop oriented African people) the site became what it is, so that now he can charge ‘wannabe rappers’ around $1,000 to put their video up.

    I wouldn’t give it free press, and I wouldn’t pay it any mind. Early in Youtube’s career, people were posting pornography on it. Besides that, there are tons of internet corners that are ‘underworld.’ For instance, the Anonymous Hackers we read about so often come from a site where pedophilia is very well circulated (not that I ever saw it–but I’ve been warned by Whites when I knew Whites.) What’s more the explicit White Supremacists have tons of views too.

    In other words–“It’s the internet.” As long as we use it to build, who cares what others do?

  21. Thanks for the info.

    Funny how a degrading site like WSHH is so popular, eh?

  22. It’s not really popular. Nothing on the internet, but Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Google, CNN, Yahoo, etc are popular.

    Popularity is a matter of perception. From what I understand, Rappers advertise World Star Hip Hop. But you need to listen to rappers to come across it.

    WorldStarHipHop is little different from EbaumsWorld. EbaumsWorld put its name on funny videos and aggregated them. Then Youtube came and destroyed it. But that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

    But who heard of EbaumsWorld or remembers it, today?

    Here was a video from a while back (says four years but it might be more)

    Internet Culture is very quick. Even you and I can disappear. World Star Hip Hop has its 15 minutes of fame. It’s base, like most mini sites, are young children or immature adults. But age and maturity comes to everyone.

    That’s where you and I come in. But then we age too . . ..

    In other words, these are just fashion trends. Once we thought Myspace was this and Xanga was that, but we should focus on rallying whom we can and building what we must.

  23. I think everyone is looking to get paid for ‘being themselves’ and many are willing to pay for another’s candor.

    As to whether a White man is employing him to do his radio program. Maybe not now. I mostly say “not now” because he mentions his friend is on vacation suggesting that it’s nonprofessional.

  24. No.

    There are many blacks who truly believe that they will get brownie points for putting the so called bad blacks in place. Is saw this type of behavior all my life. Like for instance being told to “act” right in the company of whites in public or policing each others actions. It’s no different than it was on the plantation. I call it house negro syndrome. SMH

  25. Lol, I had opened an article on World Star Hip Hop because of your question. I didn’t read it, because I’m not too interested. But I decided to peep a paragraph and saw this very interesting paragraph:

    And once you’re on World Star, you play by World Star’s rules. In an interview last year, Q explained that he took down a popular video of a naked girl performing a Nicki Minaj song after she phoned him in hysterics. She hadn’t submitted the video herself; she’d sent it to someone, and the third party uploaded it without her permission. Her parents had disowned her, she explained; she’d been kicked her out of her house. Q agreed to remove the video ‚Äď but only if she gave him $500 in hush money.

    Wow, huh?

  26. I see this at work occasionally, Janae.

  27. Thanks for the articles Onitaset. I’m pretty angry that making money and fun of blacks is AmeriKlan’s favourite pastime.

    Things never change.

  28. This man is more than likely happy to do it. I know alot of so called progressive AAs that have a real disdain for other people who look like them. They believe the stereotypes fed to them about themselves and spew that rhetoric about those of us that they feel are inferior to them. Like believing that all the blacks living in the inner city are classless and ghetto. The same as whites.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    I didn’t see the above video of that Sotmayor. He is wrong for saying he liked seeing the guy hit the girl. No that is not right. He could use his radio show to teach the youth about self respect and respecting the elders and the ancestors. But if he is operating in ignorance then he is no help to the community. He is too ignorant to know that he could use his radio show as a platform to reinforce unity among our people. Ignorance begats ignorance. Maybe that young girl dosen’t have a mother or parents to teacher how to carry herself like a young lady. But just like I told you in the above post, A woman in my city tried to correct some teens and was assaulted. I don’t know what should be done.

  30. mary burrell on said:

    World Star Hip Hop is disgusting. They probably do pay this guy.

  31. @ Sister Truth
    We would be watching that white woman and her tears for months. She would get a makeover, Lifetime movie of the week and a book deal explaining only HER side of the story. The poor guy she assaulted would be under the jail.

  32. @ Sister Mary

    I agree with you on the lack of respect that the youth have for their elders. I think that in order for one to give respect they would also have to have respect for themselves. That’s why those kids are the way that they are. They feel they have nothing to loose and in the case of the young lady in the video, she didn’t seem to even give a darn about her own safety.

  33. @ Janae


  34. mary burrell on said:

    @Sister Janae; It is not my intention to label all inner city blacks as ghetto. There are lots of hard working black people who live in the inner city myself included. It makes me sad to see and hear some of our youth refering to each other as the n word and some young women calling each other b***ches and h****s. I love black people. Maybe these are symptomns of white supremacy. Peace & Light to you.

  35. tymetravelife on said:

    In these times young people owe no respect to older people. SOME “elders” are the very ones that abuse children & count on the “respect your elders” indoctrination to get away with abusing children. In my home, we teach to respect yourself & protect yourself. Noone is automatically your protector/ally just because of skin or being older. But we also teach that respecting yourself means not making yourself a target for ignorance, carry yourself in a way that shows you respect yourself.

  36. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Sister Truth I became familiar with Tommy late last year on Youtube. I told him he spends too much time calling black men fat,mean,overbearing and whores. I told him he should stop focusing on the negative stereotypes of black women and that he needs to try to uplift our women more.
    He then blocked me. Go figure.

  37. Kushite Prince on said:

    Tommy is full of self hatred. All he does is spread hatred and division. he does not promote healing for the black community. I disagree with almost everything he says. He suffers from negrophobia.

  38. Kushite Prince on said:

    World Star Hip Hop is a cancer on society.

  39. Kushite Prince on said:

    I wish someone would give Tommy an uppercut!lol

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  41. That’s why it does so well.

  42. wilson on said:

    Just seen the video.

    I think the woman in question was out of line. From what I understand she is the one that instigated the whole situation, furthermore took it to a violent level.

    Now I don’t condone violence but I can understand the reaction of the driver. He was acting out of pure anger and rage at having this person get all up in his face and assault him. However seeing that the person was female I think the appropriate action would have been to physically remove her from the bus, not actually hit her in the way he did, or better yet call the cops on her if she refused to get off.

    I don’t think color played a role here, I don’t think many white females would go to the level the woman in question here went to and if they did am sure the reaction would have been similar. I think the fact that it was a female will make people look at it different than if it was a guy, so him hitting a white female will get people thinking he went overboard but if she was acting in this same way I think most people would look at it the same as the way they are looking at this case of it being a black female.

    All in all, I understand where the driver is coming from because he was pushed into a position where he had to retaliate but I think he could have retaliated in a different manner. Punishment wise I think he should obviously lose his job or get suspended and maybe get charged with assault reason being as an employee of whatever city he is in, am sure they aren’t required to get that physical with a passenger, am sure there are other avenues he could have explored. The female should also get charged with assault.

  43. Wilson:

    You don’t think the accolades the driver received had anything to do with the fact that he Tyson-ed an unruly black female?

  44. wilson on said:

    Uhmm well maybe in that the female was black and unruly. If she was white and unruly the accolades he would have received would have been for Tyson-ing an unruly white female. Furthermore if the female was white, not only would she have been unruly she would have been racist considering how many times she called him a “n*gger”.

    At the end she was also like, “My n”gger’s gonna beat the…” referring to her boyfriend. Would a white female refer to her boyfriend as I don’t know a “cr*cker”?

    Furthermore thinking about it, this gentleman was elderly. He has grandkids and stuff and yet this girl shows him so much disrespect it’s unbelievable.

    But I don’t think he should have punched her, just removed her from the bus or called the cops.

  45. wilson on said:

    Also it isn’t that she was unruly, she was violent towards him. Both are a dangerous combination.

    If it was a guy, this would have resulted in a serious fist fight and maybe even escalated beyond.

  46. wilson on said:

    Also if it was a cop this girl was talking to like this, not only would she have been arrested, she would have been body slammed onto the ground and maybe even tasered. And it wouldn’t matter if she was white or black. The treatment would have been brutal and sudden.

    All in all I think she was playing with fire.

  47. Ok. Interesting comments again Wilson. I do not agree but I respect your comment.

  48. Mickey on said:

    Co-sign. We would see a slew of anti-Black male and pro-lynching comments made against him if he assaulted a White woman like that.

  49. Mickey:

    You know what makes me sad? This type of exposure, along with many men like Sotomayor, are bringing justification to the demise of black women.

    This also goes along with the Interracial Agenda.

  50. Mickey on said:

    I think women, especially women of color, should invest in purchasing arms. Guns, tasers, you name it. I bet people will be less inclined to attack and/or disrespect a female if they had weapons on themselves. Of course, I don’t advocate a person carrying a weapon if they have mental issues, but for the sake of protection, women should be armed.

  51. Kushite Prince on said:

    Ignorant people flock to ignorant things. Our mindset is so warped. We need to change our mentality ASAP!

  52. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, i think he would have acted differently…No Doubt! Negress, blackwomen should be mindful of the fact that they’ve been supporting a Nexus of blackmen and whitemen who are of the same mind. Self-Hating blackmen are the “Good Sons” of evil whitemen, and always have been. Hip-Hop is the pathway that is used to poison the minds of black males, which is why blackwomen should give the middle finger to the genre as a whole, minus the handful of brothas that actually love their black sistas…Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, KRS-ONE, The Roots, etc. Other than the aforementioned brothas, the rest of them can go to hell and stay there. For a blackman to act in violent fashion as the bus driver in the video, means that he has been evil since birth, or, has been influenced by external forces such as gangsta-rap that promote hatred of blackwomen. Chicago, being the liberal town that it is, i doubt any harsh punishment will result from what took place, Sadly! Honestly, blackwomen can’t continue giving aid and comfort to self-hating blackmen in this country. Blackmen in hip-hop, sports, and those in the penal system have a common link…black mothers or other female relatives who excuse their bulls**t behavior. Another thing, real blackmen will never be seen or heard in mainstream media. The black males that we see in media are acceptable to those in power, Sistas, don’t believe the lies you see and hear in media? “The Illuminati” is real blackwoman, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that slavery is over. Powerful forces on this planet want me as a blackman to hate you, they’re not hiding behind white sheets anymore…In Plain Sight!


  53. I won’t even bother to watch the video. I felt as though the man and the woman were wrong and the situation should have ben handled very differently. For those who think the assault of any race of women, especially black women, need to go jump off a bridge.

  54. Tyrone:

    When black women begin to open their eyes to this madness, the men will follow. Black women are the backbone of every family, every clan, every tribe.

    It has to begin and end with us.

  55. Truthbetold,

    Honestly i am not trying to derail your thread when i bring this up; but t’is life.

    Wilson, you said that “white females won’t act like that black woman did”…

    I am truly curious as to when an example of a small minority of black women in the world that act a fool gets highlighted–people begin to compare that to white women always, always knowing how to behave properly, when in reality, i can turn on my tv and serf the net and see countless “shining” examples of white women acting a right fool?

  56. @ Phoebes:

    Wilson admits to being “confused.”

    I concur.

  57. phoebeprunelle on said:


    Confused about what exactly? Anybody can “see” what i said.

  58. wilson on said:

    She’s talking about something different. I am confused about if all white people are “bad” for a lack of a better term or if they are just victims of a disease.

    With regard to your comment, I agree that white female can also act quite unruly and do often. However I think only a small minority would go to the extent the lady in the video went to simply because she was not only abusive, she was violent and racist all in one go.

  59. @ Phoebes:

    Confused as to his identity. Please read Open Discussion #4…the last few comments…you’ll see what I mean.

  60. wilson on said:

    Wahhh? ok. maybe..

  61. wilson on said:

    I meant the above to appear here.. Jebus christ, ok definitely confused.

  62. And only a small minority of black women will as well, Wilson.

  63. Nafree on said:

    I want to make three points. First, let me begin by saying that he “popped” her because she was an out of control “African American” woman and so many of our men see us as opponents and not “female”. I can understand his anger..not his reaction. Secondly, there would be outrage..not accolades following the release of this video. Third, the young lady was definitely out of control. Her behavior is indicative of youth that have grown up under the pressures of violence in their neighborhoods, homes, and schools. The threat and experience of fighting is a prominent feature of these neigbhorhoods as well as misogynism, materialism, and over-sexualized bravado now imagine being a “girl” growing up there what makes anyone believe she would evolve un-touched by this dysfunction. Her womanhood is being defined under these same conditions. “Street” behavior rules. “Power” is being able to get before you get got..no allowances for gender. Respect is acquired through fear and force. Okay..4 points. We cannot forget popular media. The music, lyrics, and reality t.v. programs all push this type of social interaction. (Bad Girls Club, Housewives, Mob Wives, Love & Hip Hop) etcetera..etcetera.

  64. mary burrell on said:

    @Nafree, Summued it up. Excellent comments. That young person is a product of her enviornment.

  65. Tyrone on said:


    The actions of the “Black Devil” in the video validate all that you have been preaching to us since the creation of this blog. Black men and women are being manipulated by those who control media. A blackman beating on blackwomen has become acceptable in this society. When the Chris Brown/Rhianna episode jumped off, who were the first to defend his actions? Hip-Hop Ni@$ers in the hood and in the genre itself. Now, if Chris Brown had beat up Katy Perry, would the same black males been giving shout outs to him on 106 & Park…Hell No! As i’ve said before, to be black and male in entertainment comes with sacrifice…you do and think as they do, otherwise, you won’t be successful.


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