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Buck Breaking

The process of “breaking the buck” involves perhaps the most heinous and atrocious acts known to man.

{There is a reason why this scene is immortalized in cinematic history}

A strapping Negro slave, who was defiant, surly and may stir up trouble, was beaten with a whip till bloody in front of his entire slave congregation. The slave owner, deathly afraid of an uprising, would cut down a tree and, with the help of the overseer, would then pummel the deviant “buck” into submission. Once the slave was worn down, the white master had the other Negro slaves force him over the tree stump where his britches would be removed and he laid fully exposed and ripe for the taking.

What came next caused fear and terror to ripple through every slave plantation across the South.

The master, drunk on blood lust, would explain to all strong, young black men that if they do not follow strict orders and comply with the whims of the Overseer and the Master, this too would be their fate. He removed his own clothing and proceeded to savagely sodomize the buck in front his wife, family, friends and children. He then invited his associates from other plantations to join in the Nigger Festivities.

In order for his plan to take effect, he would require the buck’s male child to watch, front row center, so he too can witness his father’s sexual demise and humiliation. Buck Breaking was the slave master’s very effective tool to keep all young black slaves from ever being defiant and taking revenge. It also frightened the mother’s and wives from ever giving consent to an uprising.

Buck Breaking was so successful that it was made into a “Sex Farm” where white men could travel from plantation to plantation feeding their sadistic, homosexual needs. If there was ever any doubt that the white race is our mortal enemy, please remove all doubt and see the truth for what it is. An Example of modern day buck breaking is:

Those of us that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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73 thoughts on “Buck Breaking

  1. moorbey on said:

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  2. mary burrell on said:

    I’d almost forgotten about this. I remember reading Jet or Ebony magazine. I remeber reading something about the policeman sodomizing this poor immigrant man. I want to say he was from Haiti. I think I remember this happening in New York. I the sordid details of his brutal attack at the hands of the racist and savage police officers. I is now my belief that some white men have homosexual tendencies. I had no idea that this was going on during slavery. Although I believe many atrocities took place, I’m not surprised about this as well. So shameful. No wonder whites don’t want to acknowledge this ugly history of this country.

  3. Miss Mary

    Not only don’t they want to acknowledge it, they wish to DENY it ever happened.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Buck Breaking, This is so savage, and animalistic. The slavemasters were just monsters.

  5. I’m sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  6. blackmystory on said:

    Interesting that the youtube caption reads “best movie scene ever”. I never saw this movie, precisely because I heard about this scene. I saw no relevancy in it except to satisfy a gratuitous hunger to humiliate African men. @ May Burell…you must not know of Cynical Africans website? Here is the link for your viewing displeasure.


    “some white men have homosexual tendencies” is being too nice and you need not be, as cynical afrikan shows, it is alright to call a devil a devil. This is why when I was in college pushing African ourstory as a business venture, I would get apoplectic when knee-grows would talk about me living in the past, as if we could ever erase the stain of this violence. Sister…I would say this post surpasses my own ‘plantation tales series’, because you are dealing with an even more hush hush act of violence committed against us, that even WE refuse to believe happened.

    For those who find this hard to believe, check out the movie goodbye uncle tom’s cabin, where this barbarism was more than hinted at. Don’t get the American version, get the original Italian made version if you can.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    @blackmystory; Oh my God, Those are some hideous looking white people. They look vile and disgusting. And they are shown in some vile and disgusting photos. Doing vile and disgusting things. I hope I don’t have nightmares looking at those monsters. I will check out Goodbye Uncle Tom’s cabin. The Italian version.

  8. @ Blackmystory

    Sometimes whilst researching my ancestry, I need to physically leave the computer, leave the house, go out and communicate with God for strength. This is so disturbing to me…the whole act of inviting the entire town to a rape party…


    I wonder what God will save as punishment for Demons. I wonder when this punishment will come. I wonder if I’ll be around to see it. Will I be happy? Will I feel sorry for them? Will I not care?

    How long will Africans suffer?

  9. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth the Bible states that Hell is for the devil and his angels (demons). And they will be cast down into the pit. The evil people who participated in the opression and atrocities of our people will be in that pit.

  10. *sigh*

    Thanks Miss Mary. I needed a reminder.

  11. blackmystory on said:

    I remember when roots first came out, everybody and their momma was running to see it. My environment, growing up in Jamaica at a time when African consciousness was seen everyday in the (earlier and more real) Rastas I encountered (thanks to my older brother) allowed my innate sense of survival to refuse to see this spectacle. I even had a Caucasian female incredulously ask why I didn’t want to see it, but my entertainment pleasure was reading about the Maroons and African uprising against oppression. My young mind couldn’t and refused to deal with this sordid episode as entertainment. To this day i still haven’t gotten past Kunta’s capture by the pirates. Over the years I realize that in order to be the truth teller, only the creators force in you will keep you going. that is how our ancestors did it and so it shall be.
    One thing I will caution you to overstand sister. To evoke the god energy in you via melanin requires us to go through stresses. That is how the ancestors survived the Maafa. However, fear debilitates the that energy, the Caucasian man knows this, this is why our 24/7 existence is filled with images that invokes fear and a sense of hopelessness in our psyche. We are fighting a psychic battle and you do right by invoking the creator, because that energy is what will make us strong.

  12. blackmystory on said:

    @mary burrell, the first time I saw those pictures, I spent a good minute saying what the fuck!!! about a thousand times. But if we are truly wise and reflect on a lot of the things we see in the movies or catch in the papers, these are sanitized version of what cynical shows. John Wayne Gacy, Texas chainsaw massacre, the devil that was killing african males in chicago, then raping and eating their bodies, child sex rings…all are about the devil telling you what he is. Even the European religious book states that the devil tells you who he is.

    From the book of Job:1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it….

    Remember as African people and people in general at this point, we are in a war of survival so…”Therefore I say: Know your enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”
    – Sun Tzu, The Art of Wa

  13. EyesWideOpen on said:


    We are living in an evil world ruled by dark demons with light skin. We have come upon the darkest of ages, the age that humanity was warned about in so many ancient texts. What would you do if you found yourself on a planet crawling with demons? Wake up and look around.

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  15. mary burrell on said:

    This is telling of why there are so many perversions in the society today. It used to be a time when African Americans didn’t participate in perverted sex. To me whatever the black man or woman learned it was because of the slave owner exposing the slave to his perverted ways instead of using the gift of sex between a man and a woman the way God intended for his gift to be used.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    My mother used to say that white were just a different breed of cat. And that was putting it nicely. She ued to say that whites had nasty ways and were just totally different. She thought they were strange. My grandmother used to say this as well.

  17. Just clicked on the link you posted… OMG! Disturbing. Very disturbing.

  18. I just wanted to say that it is not surprising that they used sex as a way to humiliate and break the black man.

    Sexual humiliation is the easiest way to break someone. They use it in the military, in prisons, in frat houses, everywhere. What some people like to do is take something that you consider precious and defile it, thus they gain power over you or get others to be deathly afraid.

    Some also get a sadistic sort of pleasure from this sort of thing – Watching someone else get humiliated. Sometimes that is how they measure POWER. If you can sexually humiliate someone with impunity, then in their sick minds it means you have power.

  19. Kind of like the Holocaust. There is denial in that, too. I would like to know what crack pipes they are smoking to deny any damn thing.

  20. This is so disgusting I find it hard to fathom that it happened.

  21. Just like some deny the sick atrocities of German history.

  22. blackmystory on said:

    @Wilson…that is exactly what his story was about. Modern fraternity which is modeled off of Greek military do promote that. As well his story of European warfare do use the rape of women AND men on the battlefield as a weapon of terror. When the Brutish Imperialist and the Romans went to Scotland, they were appalled that these savages would fight naked. Soon they found out why, when the wounded AND dead were savaged by these savages. The Roman legions and the Spartans of Greece, the Turks (who are Euro-Asian offshoot) during their campaigns in Africa and Europe did the same. to show you how much we have allowed the spirit of yurugu to enter into our consciousness WE have taken on that perverted spirit of the devil. as Mary burrell said. In the Congo the army of Joseph Kony, who is trained by the CIA and European interest, not only practice this on women but on man too. This learned behaviour as far as my research has shown me was never practiced in African, yet I have read novels…not factual narratives, that implies this. This is learned through approximation and interaction.

    Even crap like cockholding is big among knee-grow males and you have supposed straight men who would take a blow job or screw some man up the ass, and even demand the same of the knee-grow female, but would deny being homosexual, because it never happened to them. We have become as twisted as the beast we claim to be oppressing us. Dr. Amos Wilson talks about our mental imbalance where we seek approval from our oppressors by doing things to appease them in order to get acceptance. Even though we constantly hear, see and read about stuff that cynical african compiles daily.

    Also Wilson the sadistic sort of pleasure you talk about? Check out the Porn industry….

  23. I’ve learned that the denial is necessary for the white race to mentally exist.

  24. I really love this website. Sister Truth you are so amazing and I always feel like you know exactly how I and others like me feel. I have a question that I hope you can answer for me. Why do most black men completely ignore white womens involvement with white supremacy? Most of them act like these women don’t birth, nurture & encourage racism. I wonder why that is so. Could you help me understand this thinking? I’ve always wondered that.

  25. @ Janae

    White women, historically, have felt that her place on earth is with the black man. Everyone knows this. That’s why she competes and fights and degrades the Original Woman for his seed.

    White men will push her into his bed…just for the purpose of sexual and racial confusion. You cannot sleep with racism and fight it at the same time. IT DOES NOT WORK! Black men who are confused think that they are “getting even” with white supremacy by bedding and spawning with the enemy. He is dead wrong.

    This is a ploy, like all other supremacist tools, to trap and exterminate our race. She knows it but is unable to help herself.
    We see it as black females but cannot impose ourselves on our men. That’s for him to figure out.
    The white man is a diabolical creature indeed. He’s planned this for 500 years.

    It would seem that resisting white females is the black man’s last test.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    Janae,the only black men who defend white women are the ones who want to bed them. These black men are weak and have no backbone. Anyone who understands how white supremacy works–knows that the white female is the white man’s greatest weapon. He doesn’t mind allowing her to sleep with black men as long as the end result is white supremacy WINS in the end. White women are the ones who teach their children that “white is right”. I believe that interracial sex confuses black men(and women) into believing that this white person can’t be racist because they screwed you in the bedroom. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  27. Mickey on said:

    @ Janae,

    I think it is because they are really against the White men since they are the ones with the power and privilege. Some of them see themselves as “sticking it to the White man” when they have relationships with White women. They do not view the White women as being involved with White supremacy since they are seen as race traitors to the White community. But even some of these White women are suspect.

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    Goodbye Uncle Tom makes Roots look like a Disney cartoon. They rape,murder and dehumanization of our people is really hard to watch. But this film pulls no punches. And you’re right,the Italian unrated version is brutally honest. Did you know it was banned in the US? After seeing it I can understand why white America doesn’t want black folks to see it. A friend told me about it six years ago. And I ordered it on Amazon. There may still be a few copies on the site. I really think ALL black people should see it. I found it very educational. And shows you the type of people we have oppressing us.

  29. blackmystory on said:

    I echo Kushite Prince on this. The Caucasian woman is the greatest agent provocateur, the greatest double agent. She does train her children to run the world, while making it seem like she is against her man’s role in White Supremacy. I will respectfully disagree with sister on the Caucasian woman being our greatest test. That realm remains our accepting responsibility as protectors of our women and children. That requires us to step up our game and set a high bar instead of being comfortable with low expectations. That requires us to be discipline about liquor, drugs, partying and being entertained. That requires us to be men of integrity, value and honesty…with ourselves! That requires us to hold each male AND female responsible for their ills, whether or not our environment might influence us, because in 2012, we cannot call on ignorance anymore. It’s not like we never had blueprints from the past. The Caucasian woman’s vagina, or ANY vagina should not be the controlling factor if you are a MAN of substance. When knee-grows uses our dysfunctional male-female relationship as an excuse to jump the fence, it’s because that was always inside waiting for an excuse to come out. More brothers WANT sisters and are with sisters than many believe. We just have to work on making it last.

  30. Tyrone on said:


    Whitewomen don’t love blackmen as much as they claim. All of the sexual fawning that we see among many whitewomen is a smokescreen. If they truly loved us as such, they would fight against white male hatred of blackmen on this planet…They Don’t! Blackmen are still being killed by racist cops, railroaded by white male prosecutors, homosexualized by white females in hollywood, branded for abortion(Planned Parenthood), and so forth. If it was about mutual respect, they would not sit back and remain quiet while their white brothers run around committing evil acts because of racial envy, it can’t just be about sex. Blackmen who are having sex with whitewomen need to ask themselves this question…”Does this whitewoman truly love and respect my manhood and blackness?” If she can’t answer that basic question, Why is he wasting time with her? In essence, sexual pleasure is the only thing whitewomen care about at the end of the day. No matter how many blackmen are harmed by white males on this planet, as long as she is sexually satisfied, blackmen be damned. Negress forced me to deal with my own stupidity regarding this issue. Like a lot of blackmen, i wrongly assumed that having sexual relations with whitewomen was harmless more or less. I just want some a**, i don’t wanna marry and have kids with them, this is the mindset of blackmen who thought the same way. Once i sat down and really thought about it, i realized that Negress was right, all that glitters is not gold. If we get deep in the mud on this issue, blackmen are suffering in this country to provide a comfortable lifestyle for whitewomen, Essentially! They, not whitemen, are the primary beneficiaries of the insanity that we witness on a daily basis. Urban Legend…Heaven Is Between A Whitewoman’s Thighs. One of my homeboys relayed this to me in a convo we were having about brothas in sports and entertainment playing themselves for Becky. Notice, the color white is always artificial? White Sugar, White Bread, White Rice. In reality, all three commodities are actually brown in color. Something to think about, just saying. Janae, thanks for asking the question, otherwise, i might have swerved in another direction?


  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    So true brother. So very true.

  32. Tyrone on said:


    There is no way in hell whitemen can deny what their forefathers did to blackmen during slavery…No Way! The fact that blackmen bow down to whitemen so easily, is proof positive that our forefathers were sodomized by white slavemasters. As a general rule, we’re bigger and stronger than the average white male, yet, we fear them more than we fear ourselves…Real Talk! A blackman will beat the crap out of another blackman, but, will bite his tongue in the company of whitemen…Willie Lynch! As blackmen, we need to make them irrelevant in every aspect. Negress, after reading this post, i understand why you feel the way you do. I remember running across this in a few books back when i was in grade school, but, it was so long ago, it fades from memory. All of this ish is coming full circle…prison culture, hip-hop, sports, hollywood, etc. To be a blackman in those occupations, you have to be broken by design, otherwise, you’re a problem child of the highest order.

    Thank You Negress

  33. Tyrone:

    No thank you. For the support and the continued love.

  34. Tyrone on said:


    In time, blackmen will regret the error of their ways, yours truly included. Seeding half-white children is a double-edged sword. We assume all mulattos will love and respect the black race…Really?


  35. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Mickey Those black men who think they’re getting back at white men by screwing white women are delusional. They aren’t changing a damn thing by bedding white women. Many have weak egos and need the validation of “white love” to show the world they have “arrived” Only black men with low self esteem think like this. And the white doesn’t care anyway. He laughs at black men that have that mindset. As black men we have to also get rid of the “white trophy wife” syndrome. This self hatred and anti-blackness must STOP if we as a people are going to move forward.

  36. Tyrone:

    Everyone makes mistakes. Remember when I said that black people are sick? I wasn’t lying. We are sick and very confused.

    And as for the mulatto thing, Slavery wiped out our DNA so we are all mulattoes and mestizos, myself included. Some of us hate us. Some of us don’t.

    Focus on the ones that want our communities back. And leave the rest to ponder where they belong. Some mulattoes will join in, some will say ” Well, I am both so keep me outta this!” And some will fight for the other side.

    Old history.Nothing new here.

  37. Prince:

    I shall use that clip in the near future. Thanks again.

  38. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re welcome. He has some great books as well. You might want to check them out.

  39. wilson on said:

    Wow nicely written blackmystory!

  40. Thank you so much @ Kushite Prince. I feel similar to you in that reguard but I would always get verbally lashed at by friends and family. I even have the black women in life practically WORSHIP white men! It hurts to see our people like this and I cry about it alot. My husband and I are doing everything in our power to teach our boys their history and we won’t sugar coat a thing. I appreciate DOAN & sites like Brotha Wolf and others because these are safe havens us to spread the truth
    I would also like to g note that it is crucial to keep our children as far away from whites as possible. Look at what that exposure has done to us here in the states. Notice their preoccupation with our little boys and girls? It’s sick!

  41. I just want to thank you all again for helping me understand my feelings on this. I won’t think bad of myself anymore for being pro black will continue to do my part to help our people in any way I can.

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    I know what you mean Janae. Our people are very sick! We have been brainwashed to see our oppressors as the romantic ideal. I put up a post about worshiping white women about two months ago.
    I think we really need to teach our kids to love themselves first and foremost. It is very damaging to their self esteem in the long run. They need to learn to be proud of their heritage and culture. That’s why we need our own schools. We can’t rely on our open enemy to teach our kids to love themselves.

  43. Janae

    I’m the one that thanks you…for being pro black. Never be ashamed of your heritage. Our ancestors died for us to have these privileges. Be strong.

  44. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I just want to take this time to tell all Black people (or at least those reading this) to study their history. Never forget. Never. Not only will the Jews never forget the holocaust, but they will never let you forget either. So don’t listen to whites (or Blacks) who tell you “that was in the past”. History creates the future.

    Study. Take it all in. Anger and rage and sorrow are natural emotions. You should feel that way. Throw away “political correctness”. It is of no use here.


    If you haven’t already, read some of Elijah Muhammad’s material. You don’t have to be a black muslim to soak up some of his wisdom.

  45. this is the kind of “history” that most of us (black people) run from BUT it is necessary — crucial — to share these historical facts so we will stop seeking validation from our enemies and understand the history that totally traumatized us psychologically, destroyed our families, and destroyed the bonds of love and respect between the black male and black female.

    We talk extensively about the damage done by slavery to those relationships in our book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” (hope you don’t mind me mentioning it here

    or giving the link: http://www.trojanhorsepress.com/#et_page_112 )

    If black males and females understand the damage that was done by white supremacy/white people, I think we would be more empathetic towards each other and LESS empathetic or interested sexually in white people.

    We would understand — like Mr. Neely Fuller says — that no one white person is fit to stand in moral judgment of black people, which would mean the end of our desperate need for white validation inside and outside the bedroom.

    Also — this kind of sexual slaughter/rape is STILL going on (remember the Penn State/Sandusky scandal where most of the victims were BLACK BOYS?)

    Thanks for having the moral conscience and courage to write about this. A lot of people, white and black, would like to sweep this history under the rug

    when we need to be TEACHING AND PREACHING this info in every black home, family reunion, school room and from every church pulpit. Bet you if black preachers/ministers started EDUCATING black people about our real history, we would transform our communities overnight

  46. You are absolutely right and spot on!!! Hence the confusion, frustration, resentment, antagonism, hatred, disgust and every other negative element that has been manufactured when referencing intimate relationships between Black men and Black women. This is the kernel of the “global” homosexual agenda, as it relentlessly seeks to pervert, destroy and revise the established conventions of wholesome, bonding and shameless sexuality between a man and a woman by The Creator. Everything in nature produced by The Creator has balance, congruency and harmony. This is the essence of life. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that white people have a mental sickness and psychological/spiritual deficiencies that cannot be fulfilled in their existence on this earth. Therefore, they are not of this world. They, too, recognize this and have been trying to defile our genuine humanity through these types of dispiriting actions throughout our engagements with them throughout history. In some ways, they have been successful, especially when considering today’s various dilemmas concerning Black masculinity and Black femininity. Our most modern example is the youth, who thinks it is fashionable to “sag” and expose their near-naked buttocks to the world. Do they comprehend the underlying homo-sexual messages behind such actions? Considering the progressive cycle of fads and fashions, what’s comes next?…Fully-exposed buttocks in full-display advertisement for homo-sexual activity, in broad daylight, in front of our troubled yet vulnerably-persuasive youth with no reproachment from a supposedly civilized society? If we’re smart, we know that further madness is in route. Let’s prepare ourselves and our families.

  47. Miss Pam:

    Neely Fuller’s book is my go-to book now. By the way, I fully intend to buy your book along with Interracial Con Game. I’m writing a post on how to survive while black and building communities is number one on my list.

  48. What a disturbing practice… Has anyone ever heard of how Black infants of slaves were used as alligator baits by white slave masters? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlduyEe9DsI

  49. My sentiments exactly, especially the Jewish analogy.

  50. Well-said.

  51. I heard of it. But it’s always been the habit of Whites to put ‘profit’ over ‘people;’ especially when that people is our own.

    Thanks for the reference. I can fit it in a post of mine, that’s already rather ill-shapen. 🙂

  52. You’re absolutely right, Onitaset.

  53. Its remarkable how some people can be so weak.
    Why are those men still alive.
    If that happened to me ,the biggest mistake would be to leave me alive.
    It seems that most black people for some strange reason will take any thing from white/albinic people.
    And it does not really matter which group your from or by which group ;self defence and revenge are the rights of every sapien.
    We maybe the first people and the most beautiful but also the weakest or most submissive

  54. Mbeti

    Or perhaps the some of us don’t have the will to take vengence.

  55. ynotme on said:


    Two words came to mind when I read this post(HOMOSEXUAL , FETISHES). Why pummel this defiant slave over a tree stump and rape him when you are already the slave master with the power and control…Why rape? why not just whip or use another form of punishment?

  56. larissa on said:

    @truth, once again thanks for this. accounts such as this one make one think, no wonder the black family is in the state it is. no wonder blacks are so damaged. how does a young child not internalize his father/brother/uncle being destroyed in this fashion? and the pain/damage is inherited by future generations. hopefully accounts such as this will open our eyes and help us blacks to realize where our hatred for ourselves and our family comes from.

  57. Mickey on said:

    Rape is just another form of punishment. It is not even about sex, it’s about power. It’s a “I can do this to you because I can” mentality. We all know they did it to the females, and now we know they did it to the males as well.

  58. “And as for the mulatto thing, Slavery wiped out our DNA so we are all mulattoes and mestizos, myself included.”

    Due to a thing called breeding we are not all mulattoes or mestizos. ALL enslaved women were not raped by the white slaveowner. Many were raped by enslaved males and thus we continued to have unmixed lines of African/Black people. Many enslaved women who bore a child or children by the slaveowner ALSO bore children by Black males either as a result of breeding or as a result of a love.

    I still have “blue-black” people in my family. Much of the mixing that we see the results of today – took place after plantation life.

  59. I am a forever student of our devolution on the plantation. Many hate when I bring up some of the vileness that took place but when I see many of the same things happening today I must point out the very real ghosts. The sick institution of breeding did indeed ensure that many of us would not be mixed – but it also ushered in rape and pedophilia among us. Enslaved girls were expected to start having babies as soon as their menses arrived which oftentimes meant 9,10,11 years old. The fact of the matter is that the “buck” sent to impregnate her was not 9, 10, or 11 years old. Back in the early 80s when “teen” pregnancy seemed so prevalent – come to find out years later that indeed the mothers were teens, but oftentimes the fathers were not. Very real ghosts. Today we see, as on the plantation, males with multiple “baby mamas” and females with multiple “baby daddies.” Too many of the offspring go on to fuel the prison plantations – breeding. So I think it is crucially important for us to study and teach young people – certainly by high school level – the truth of slavery, white domination. What they did to us and what they made us do to one another. Let’s get this thing untwisted so we can correct our behaviors.

  60. Mickey on said:

    This is true. I was watching one of the “African-American Lives” DVDs that featured actor Don Cheadle. When research was done on his family, he discovered that one of his Black female ancestors was a slave who was involved with another slave. They had 5 children together, but one child was sired by the slave owner. So, she had 5 Black children & 1 Mulatto daughter. Cheadle was the descendant of the Biracial daughter.

  61. wordshavmire on said:

    I stumbled upon this article while watchin a video on the effimization of black males. this is so shameful and an atrocity to all humanity. they pink bastards are sick…

  62. Anonymous on said:

    I watched the video, Goodbye Uncle Tom, the Italian version, and it the truth in it has broken my heart. I have read and seen other slave narratives, but this by far The worst ever. Was I surprised! Absolutely not, just became tremendously immersed with great sadness for my ancestors. I never knew the male slaves were as well raped/sodomized, wow, oh wow oh wow, heartless heartless, hearts made of stone.

  63. wonderoats on said:

    Let me start off saying I love your blog. I read it often , even the sane posts over and over. And the whole thing is really disturbing, you can’t keep picking at a group of people and expect them to be eternally grateful of your presence. They know who they are.After physicologally messing up a group on purpose then they have the nerve to complain. They rather die than leave us alone. Obsessed with our men and women , obsessed with our children, obsessed with the littlest thing like why we eat or walk the way we do.

    Prison is the modern day plantation and we are having kids that are doomed to end up in there Slavery never stopped. An old man told me that in California in the 40s, white guys would drive through black neighborhoods break into the houses and rape their wives, daughters etc. I also can conclude from that that white men raping black men did happen out there. Only of course white men will never talk about raping black men as well because he will be too embarrassed. But I do know if a white slave owner is homosexual then his eyes won’t be on us black ladies, especially if no one cares what a slave says and he is in power. Most people white and shockingly black claim no one raped slaves or the number wasn’t very high then claim the various skin colors of black’s is because we were mixed with white in slavery. Make up your minds people. I have another question , why do most black’s have English or European last name? How did our last names come about? Calling your last name the name of a master who wasn’t even your father doesn’t make sense!

    I am glad you made a new post since I lurk on here and Abagond but lately Abagonds blog seems to have been heading in a new direction , less savory. I share these posts with everyone I know!

    Signing out,

  64. Thank you much for the kind words. As we speed towards the future, we’ll get a front row seat at how Babylon will fall and take Esau with it.

    Strap in…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  65. wonderoats on said:


    Slavery wiped away our foundation, culture and history. It did not “wipe away” our DNA with all due respect I think wipe is a strong word. We can wipe away whites “dna” and bred self hating kids who want favor and power. White people have everyone thinking their recessive genes are so potent, one rape from 1890 will change my skull shape and water down my features which isn’t the case. Some dumb guy trying to hit on me (white) tried to argue this point when I told him to shut up. He tried to say having a white rape produced a gene so strong it made all my family members brown not ” jet black ” in the most lusty demon voice I ever heard. In his dreams and I would love for most of the world to study biology and see that recessive wiping out a group is not possible although breeding with recessives can cause “watered down” buffer races which were created by people unable to turn down sex offers from a furry body , pink man with scalps in one hand and a sword in the other. Apparently the Moors couldnt keep their paws off the same people they were teaching how to walk on two legs and not to marry your dogs. Which depresses me and that biracial Cleopatra, the last one basically handed Egypt over on a silver platter. That’s why she is celebrated with whites. Also The Moors gave white men housing and science, math so they could destroy us.I am not celebrating The Moors who literally watered Rome like a flower to water. Then the Romans killed The Moors and kept their culture. Thats why whites mwntion them and the same with the Cherokee Natives, they were the first to give in to enslaving blacks so they are honored. LOL, let me take a deep breath. I must have been from around there because when I hear of the last Cleopatra or the Moors I cringe and I feel as if a wound is opened!

    Off my tangent: Still these buffer races are not genetically white, no where near white but in the polluted system they are given false hope that they are not as bad as blacks and their mindset will pollute like gutter water to be higher on the totem pole. They will fight to be under who is in power literally and physically. Buffer groups who were created from white men trying to ruin blacks are not white, but they think they are and want to be , thats where the venom comes in.

    This system when a mulatto is usually bred they will identify with the group in power of risk or being damned. Only 5% of the selected population is the exception according to sociology. Not saying its all mulattos to be politically correct, I have known some who weren’t foolish or ignorant. And not all pure blacks are look like Grace Jones or alek wek, we came in different shades and textures of hair long before the white men pillaged and destroyed our countries.

    But me personally, I won’t be the first to broadcast I have .00000000000000001% neanderthal in me, that’s my take.

  66. wonderoats on said:


    Thanks, and god bless! Its going to be hard for the upcoming future and we must not turn away. I think we can get back to where we all came from , all of us together hopefully.

  67. Courtney H. on said:

    @ wonderoats:

    This video tells us slavery f*cked us up.

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  71. Ayaba on said:

    Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    Very true. Interesting that Pulp Fiction, a film that involves a buck breaking scene, is deemed one of the greatest American films by the white world. Let that marinate.

  72. Do you have any research on this? Any books published? This sounds right, true & evil, but I would ǝʞıן some facts to work from.
    (Besides your awesome post)

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