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The Fanciful Ballet of Politics

Koch Industries, the Wichita, Kan.-based company run by the billionaire Koch brothers (the same Jewish bankers that are aiding George Zimmerman after he slaughtered our son) :

sent a voter information packet to 45,000 employees of its Georgia Pacific subsidiary earlier this month.

In it was a letter, dated Oct. 1, from Koch Industries president Dave Robertson implicitly warning that “many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences” of voting for President Obama and other Democrats in the 2012 elections, a list of conservative candidates the company’s political action committee endorses and a pair of editorials: one, by David Koch, supporting Mitt Romney, and the other, by Charles Koch, condemning Obama.

“While we are typically told before each Presidential election that it is important and historic, I believe the upcoming election will determine what kind of America future generations will inherit,” Robertson’s letter–first published by InTheseTimes.com–begins. “If we elect candidates who want to spend hundreds of billions in borrowed money on costly new subsidies for a few favored cronies, put unprecedented regulatory burdens on businesses, prevent or delay important new construction projects, and excessively hinder free trade, then many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences, including higher gasoline prices, runaway inflation, and other ills. This is true regardless of what your political affiliation might be.”

Robertson’s letter continued:

(In These Times)

To help you engage in the political process, we have enclosed several items in this packet. For most of you, this includes information about voter registration deadlines and early voting options for your state. At the request of many employees, we have also provided a list of candidates in your state that have been supported by Koch companies or by the KOCHPAC, our employee political action committee.

I want to emphasize two things about these lists. First, and most important, we believe any decision about which candidates to support is — as always — yours and yours alone, based on the factors that are most important to you. Second, we do not support candidates based on their political affiliation. We evaluate them based on who is the most market-based and willing to support economic freedom for the benefit of society as a whole.

If you are concerned about our economy, our future and enhancing the quality of life for all Americans, then I encourage you to consider the principles of your candidates and not just their party affiliation. It is essential that we are all informed and educated voters. Our future depends on it.

It’s not the first time Koch Industries has sent employees political packets. Just before the 2010 midterm elections, Koch sent staffers an urgent mailer that the Nation said was “full of alarmist right-wing propaganda.”

Last week, David Siegel, the founder and CEO of Florida-based Westgate Resorts, sent an email to employees informing them that layoffs are likely if Obama is reelected:

It’s quite simple. If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. Rather than grow this company I will be forced to cut back. This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone.

So, when you make your decision to vote, ask yourself, which candidate understands the economics of business ownership and who doesn’t? Whose policies will endanger your job? Answer those questions and you should know who might be the one capable of protecting and saving your job. While the media wants to tell you to believe the “1 percenters” are bad, I’m telling you they are not. They create most of the jobs. If you lose your job, it won’t be at the hands of the “1%”; it will be at the hands of a political hurricane that swept through this country.

As Gawker noted, Siegel and his wife were the subjects of “The Queen of Versailles,” a recent documentary “about their ongoing quest to build the largest house in America.” And Siegel has often claimed credit for George W. Bush’s victory over Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race. (“I had my managers do a survey on every employee [8,000 total],” Siegel told Bloomberg BusinessWeek. “If they liked Bush, we made them register to vote. But not if they liked Gore.”)

Siegel and the Koch brothers are not alone in issuing anti-Obama missives to employees. According to MSNBC, Arthur Allen, chief executive of ASG Software Solutions, wrote a similar email to his staffers on Sept. 30:

Many of you have been with ASG for over 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years. As you know, together, we have been able to keep ASG an independent company while still growing our revenues and customers. But I can tell you, if the US re-elects President Obama, our chances of staying independent are slim to none. I am already heavily involved in considering options that make our independence go away, and with that all of our lives would change forever. I believe that a new President and administration would give US citizens and the world the renewed confidence and optimism we all need to get the global economies started again, and give ASG a chance to stay independent. If we fail as a nation to make the right choice on November 6th, and we lose our independence as a company, I don’t want to hear any complaints regarding the fallout that will most likely come.

In the email, Allen added: “I am asking you to give us one more chance to stay independent by voting in a new President and administration on November 6th.” {Recopied from Yahoo}


Bet I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t understand what this means exactly”. Let me explain.

Barack Obama is funded by 3 Wall Street Jewish Bankers that *cough* help his (selected) presidency:

1. JP Morgan Chase

2. Goldman-Sachs

3. The Koch Bros

errr….wait a minute!

Why would the same banking firm berate the very person they are funding?


When he wins again, layoffs will have to take place and more people will have hatred for the The Most Powerful Black Man on Earth with No Power. This is a game! Politics is nothing but a fanciful ballet…at your expense. Do not fall into the traps. Barack Obama was chosen for a reason. His skin colour being one of the main reasons.

Think about it.

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33 thoughts on “The Fanciful Ballet of Politics

  1. blackmystory on said:

    Truthbetold be telling the truth. Or as the old folks say speak the truth and scare the devil…..

  2. This right here is the continued effort of the white folk in this country to strong arm politics and politicians. The fact that this can even be suggested tells us all we need to know. White people are not gonna give up ANY power in this country willingly and trust in the fact that they will burn it down before they do so.

  3. Tyrone on said:


    Both parties have billionaires who bankroll this or that within the respective parties. Republicans have the Koch brothers and Democrats have George Soros who does the same as the brothers. Soros is evil to me as a Republican and vice-versa for the other side. The Zimmerman angle i wasn’t aware of. Not shocked, Zimmerman’s father has friends in high places, he was a judge in Virginia. If it’s true that they’re providing financial support to the family, Shameful! Racist whites exist in both parties, this is the harsh reality that we have to acknowledge about politics in these United States. The fuss over the Koch brothers is tit for tat. My side throws stones at Soros, so, the other side has to do the same likewise…Same S**t!


  4. Tyrone on said:


    Brotha, it’s already engulfed in flames. The US has been on a steady decline since the 1970s. When whitewomen decided to stab whitemen in the back to benefit themselves, that’s when the clock started ticking. It’s not so much about them giving up power, it’s about us not taking advantage of the whiteman’s stupidity more than anything. As a race, we’ve allowed others to maximize opportunities that were waiting for us to snare on a silver platter. White folks are clever, but not that clever. Will whitemen save themselves? In my honest opinion, the damage is already done. I don’t see how they can fix the mess that they helped create in the first place.


  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    What you said was sad but true. I’ve tried to tell my family and friends this harsh reality. It seems many of our people are scared of the truth. Obama is not the savior many of our people thought he would be. The reality is that Obama and Romney are two sides of the same coin.

  6. These two racist clowns should stick to selling beer, not getting involved in politics. Perhaps they are sampling their own crappy product too much. Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, even if you don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Find out what other companies these turds own(they probably have diverse interests), and boycott them to! I am grateful I don’t imbibe. I am pissed off with this and I am not even American! My condolences!

  7. diaryofanegress on said:

    I’m angry too. Many of us will be jobless in a few weeks.

  8. Since we know the aforementioned statements by Tyrone and hunglikejesus to be true, however repressed in the mainstream media, the overarching question we should be asking ourselves is : what are “we” going to do? Even if President Obama gets re-elected, my personal opinion is that pretty much the same thing(s) are going to occur during his second term: more/increased personal/racial attacks, more GOP filibustering and more stalling tactics by powerful people against any dire proposal introduced by the President, even considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of lower-class/middle-class whites would certainly benefit from them.

    The aggregate unemployment rate would be less than half of its current level had Congress been politically astute and mature enough to pass the most recent national infrastructure bill. Investments in national and local infrastructure is a long-term indicator that a nation/region has a substantial amount of confidence in its ability to project and anticipate increased economic activity. Infrastructure in the US is more than 50 years overdue for renewal and updating, at a time when the world is witnessing the infancy of ICT (information & communications technology) and once-unthinkable advancements in engineering and science. While the US regresses economically and politically, the rest of the world is actually applying these ideas into their economic plans for a minimum of 20-25 years from today. Nevertheless, “private”, too-big-too-fail banks, auto companies, mortgage finance companies and a host of other “private” businesses were bailed out with over $1 trillion of taxpayers’ money over the past four years. Black people, too, lost homes to foreclosures, jobs, personal assets and more but are still paying taxes…but nobody bailed us out.

    These previous four years of political bickering and spinelessness, taxpayer bailouts and corporate hegemony, with a domestic economy that is still on life support even after “three” phases of QE (quantitative easing) is indicative of a assured demise for the US, perpetuated by unbridled greed, lack of vision and ineptitude. Make no mistake about it: the world is truly changing. But the US, with all of its obvious shortcomings and deficiencies is spiraling further and further into an irrelevant status on the global stage. They can talk, ridicule and debase China all they want. But the fact is, China has well-thought-out, long-term plans and goals that are implemented and executed in their domestic and foreign policies. I am convinced by all that I read that China will undoubtedly surpass the US in virtually all aspects in its emergence as the new global superpower.

    Given all that has happened and the political circuses that evolves into elections, where does it leave Black people like you and me? As the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” Where does this leave Black people in the midst of all of this mess? What are “our” plans to ensure that the next generation actually has a head-start in competing, or becoming at least compatible, with the rest of the world? Are we going to continuously allow ourselves and our families to remain economically and politically vulnerable, one election after another, decade after decade, scapegoated and abused within a society that has proven historically its disdain for our existence? To me, these questions are of much more importance than trying to calculate the worth of a vote.

    On November 7, 2012, Black people will wake up and continue to confront the same draining challenges in their daily lives as faced today. Where will you and I be on the morning of November 8, 2016? How much of that time within those four years are we going to use to advance our bottom line?…Our political blocs?…Not look for a job, but create and produce businesses for ourselves and our children’s future? What will we have done for ourselves in an increasingly unpredictable world, while still burdened with the factors of tiring racism, pre-set income inequality, dumb-down-quasi-educational facilities and whatever new societal demons that will surely rise to confront us? What are our economic defense plans and political/community agendas that are chartered to ensure our livelihood, our quality-of-life standards, our interests and our justified right for existence, that they are protected and defended by us?

    Both now and in the future, white people are going to continue to use every measure, every tool and every conceivable means to ensure that every facet of their existence either remains in the status quo or is extended to new levels in this lifetime, regardless of how we or others feel about their methods. We should develop and use similar approaches for our survival. It is not going to stay like this forever.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    So in other words we are just screwed.

  10. Emile:

    Fabulous response as always. I’ve seen the future for black people. Jah gave it to me in a dream. Things won’t be this way forever. A shift will take place and we will become “awakened” to this oppressive prison.

    Unfortunately I do not know when that “awakening” will take place. But believe me when I say the white powers that be know who and what we are. That’s why extreme measures are being taken to eliminate us from our planet.

    Right now I can only offer possible solutions…which I’m working on as we speak. I’m writing a few posts on black survival. It will be a continuation of the “7 steps to counter white supremacy” post.

  11. Miss Mary

    Blacks can’t be screwed. This world is ours. It was our from the beginning and it will be ours in the end.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    Thanks sister for bringing me back to the present. I was having a moment.

  13. No problemo. I had my moment this morning with a demon. I understand.

  14. This post just shows that Pres. Obama is not really our President because there’s a whole group of people like the Koch Bros. working to keep whites in control over ALL world affairs. RWSWJ.

  15. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    Obama was handpicked by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada precisely because of his racial background. As black people, we need to acknowledge this. Democrats knew that this country would not vote for “The Crazy White Guy.” They tried that with Sen. John Kerry in 2004…Epic Fail! In comes the mulatto, Barack Obama. Born from a black father and white mother. Black folk would see him as black, and whitewomen would take pride in being the maternal side of his racial makeup…Their Black Son! Democrats know that whitewomen see themselves as de facto blackwomen of a lighter shade, thus, once they found out that his mother was white…Done Deal! The darker side, our ancestors always warned us to be wary of mulattos like Barack Obama. The system would always use a black face with white blood to cripple us as a race. Conditions have worsened for black people since Obama has been in the White House…Real Talk! The black wife and daughters notwithstanding, he’s still a traitor to our race just the same. 800,000 black men are incarcerated right now, and 99.9% of them support Obama…Wow! Kushite, republicans aren’t perfect, but they’re not devils in disguise like the democrats. President Kennedy being killed was the worst thing that happened to blackmen in this country, Lyndon B. Johnson was a Dixiecrat from Texas, A Racist! He’s the genius who introduced welfare to the black community…remove blackmen from the home and exile them from their children…Wickedness!

    As blackmen, we need Romney to win in Nov. If Obama wins, i fear what will happen to our race in this country, Seriously!

  16. Kushite Prince on said:

    I do agree with you about Obama. he doesn’t care about black folks in general. If he did he wouldn’t have bombed Africa. He is just a puppet for the global elite. John Henrik Clarke warned about the use of the mulatto against black people years ago.

    I’m just not sold yet on the idea that the Republicans will save us. In my opinion,it’s basically like choosing between evil and a more effective evil. Sadly,Romney and Obama are different sides to the same coin. By the way,isn’t Romney a Mormon? I thought they believed in the Bible story about the “curse of Ham”. Don’t they believe black people were cursed by God when he gave us dark skin? Can we really vote for someone with those beliefs?

  17. No. We’re not screwed and you should not be pessimistic, if you thought that was my intentions within the reply. I’m just a realist, after having studied the patterns of history, living through this confusion called racism and seeing a repetition of certain events (i.e. history repeating itself).

    I’m not a religious person but I also believe in a Higher Power that has absolute dominion over every existing element within our “known” universe. I do not believe that The Creator would have us, specifically Black people, with our unique and distinguished records throughout time on this Earth, to be allowed to go through such trying transitions if there wasn’t a Higher Level for us to achieve spiritual. In our existence, there is higher level than that of the spiritual. Perhaps this is the reason why so many attempts have been made to “break” our current spirit?….How many times have we heard/read the phrase, “breaking one’s spirit”?

    What I am trying to sat is that Black people should not be hopelessly gullible in believing that either political establishment will finally, one day, come to a conscious level and begin to enfold us within “their” societies. We have to fight for and defend our direct interests, even if it means defining an entirely new model.

  18. That is the spiritual element at work within you. I, too, have the same visions about the “awakening” of Black people. That is why so many attempts have been made to constantly strike at our intellect, to dumb us down with inferior education, or time consuming, irrelevant activities that divert our consciousness. A person who thinks critically is a powerful individual, on any level, and not someone you’d take lightly. We need more critical thinkers throughout the Black Diaspora, especially those who can conceptualize practical alternatives to the immense challenges we face right now. It’s serious business being a Black person in the 21st century…

  19. Sister TruthBeTold, where did you read that the Koch Brothers financed the Obama campaign?

    On topic, for what it’s worth, I like Obama. What’s more, all indications suggest that the economy is recovering. I think that getting Obama re-elected can have long term benefits for Black people. A Black face on the nation’s recovery can give future Africans something to smile about.

  20. Though, I don’t actually see this election as pre-decided. This really requires our participation. ‘Cause so many people thought Bush would lose his Presidency and he didn’t. Sometimes confidence can cause trouble.

  21. Onitaset:

    When I traveled I met a slew of people “on the inside” of music, art, design, politics and movies.My sources fill me in on the things the media doesn’t want you to know.

    The Koch Bros are filthy. So is Goldman-Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. They play the game of “I hate you” in public but in private, they laugh, talk and have secret meetings.

    Obama has duped all of us, me including. I’m writing a post on him and election day.

  22. Nope not me. My behind will be home on Nov 6. There’s a lot to be said about this (pre-selected) election.

  23. I would be careful and limit my actions on certainties.

    Some believe in “pre-selection” then the world hits them. Romney is running for President and Romney has support.

  24. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sent from my iPhone

  25. alegna on said:

    Dr. Clarke…what an educated and witty man. I just finished watching The Great and Mighty Walk on YouTube.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    Where did you see it? I’ve been trying to find that DVD for years? Its seems to be very hard to find for some reason.

  27. blackmystory on said:

    Onitaset, once you overstand what the voting scam is all about, the selection process and the backers are all about, then you too will realize that both characters are but two cheeks of an ass and the whole foll tricks game is constipated and in need of an enama. Unfortunately, we are citizens and not free men or woman, thus “we will exercise our right to vote”.
    However, as George Carlin said, don’t bitch and complain that what you voted for is what you get…you could’ve sat home and self actualized, left hand or right hand and still get the same results.

  28. blackmystory, a popular phrase is “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” White people are not infallible. So they can rig games, but if you play, you can win.

    If two characters only differ by skin tone (which is not my supposition), then the Black skin is the better choice. Why? Because fifty-years later, worse comes to worse, some Black people will be taught of this epoch, and what they read depends on what we do. So if they read of Black Skin rather than White Skin averting a Global Catastrophe, what do you think we should prefer?

    In other words, there is a larger picture. You longed as a child for a Black President; you want Black leadership in Africa and Asia and America; so in the larger picture, where Black leadership can be celebrated, why go against it?

    Who will survive history, Koch or Obama? And how do you want that legacy?

    We can not all be so enlightened when our sons and daughters are walking half-naked down the streets.

    We can struggle and vote.

  29. In addition, Booker T. Washington also received White Funds. But who invited Garvey to America?

    There’s a big, big picture here. We mustn’t fall for thinking only the White man is a strategist.

  30. blackmystory on said:

    I would prefer to strategize by buying the presidency just like the Jewish lobby does. The essence of winning strategy is changing the game to suite you not playing the game that was not designed for you. Thus we are indeed screwed because we lack the cohesiveness to be a power broker (we certainly have the collective wealth) but we also don’t overstand the game so we go into it blindly. Washington did indeed get funding from them, but his approach was well known and that was then. If our part in the game has never netted us the desired results after more than 100 years, what makes you think doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result will do?

    In my heart not voting is tantamount to pulling the chair out from underneath the guy sitting down. He will be exposed, certainly not embarrassed as he is incapable of such feelings. But don’t see this as fear of the Caucasian man, but the intent not to be considered insane. There is always another way that too me is infinitely much better than what we have been doing for so long….as long…as long as we organize and …overstand…and get wise…fuck forget it! That will never happen to more than maybe twenty of us. Insanity it will be then.

    I just want to say brother that i posted up a video on my blog by Amos Wilson, where he breaks down this whole scam more eloquently than I would. Check it out and we can dialogue some more.

  31. We should indeed dialogue. The video is over an hour and forty minutes. Where should I focus?

    On the notion of practicing the same thing for over one-hundred years, I’m not sure what you mean. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 enfranchised many of us; and many of us remain disenfranchised.

    You raised many issues. Tell me where in the video to watch. To me, it seems like you are saying “Jews” win in this election. The official story is that over half of Obama’s funds from 2008 were donations less than $200. Whether completely true or not, it informs what is capable and what can be won.

    Tell me where to watch in this video.

  32. blackmystory on said:

    Basically Dr. Wilson goes into a detailed breakdown of why we cannot find empowerment whilst remaining in the system of White Supremacy, primarily because as consumers and not producers, as ones educated under a system that inculcates either inferiority or a false sense of accomplishment through integration from a position of consumers, we will remain subject to the agenda, desires and goals of the system and its designers. You are right it is a long video and there is not a specific small point that will give you that aha moment. However, the voting rights act is just as illusory as “lincoln freed the slaves” and “forty acres and a mule” mythology that was given to us by those who still control our thoughts and action under the nine areas of people activity established by White Supremacy.

    The campaign funding you mentioned was also a media creation. Keep in mind there are 150 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations and 2400 publishers owned essentially by three corporations (on the surface it appears to be six, but mergers brings the numbers down). Now all these outlets told us that more African men are unemployed, in prison, are homosexuals or dead by violence, as opposed to men in school, working or graduated from post secondary school…oh yeah, they also promote that we are less interested in African woman than the reality indicates and have even gotten African women to believe that their are not enough viable complements out there. These outlets also told us that the crack head before Obama WON states like Florida (where his brother was governor) and other Northern states, yet they never followed up on complaints of voter fraud, lost ballots, voter intimidation, illegal disqualification of African people and numerous other things that if it happened in Africa, they would be over here calling for someone’s head over there.

    By Jews/Khazars, I am specifically targeting an element called Zionist that control the government to the point where every budget must be run by them. Why do you think one of the first thing Obama did was to speak to AIPAC? And how he declared that America will continue to give unwavering support to them?

    it’s a scam my friend…a scam.

  33. There is a method to empowerment, that’s certain–Organization in Particular. Yet, in a system of oppression, in the event of a choice, electing the tepid (if) oppression is the more intelligent choice. The scam argument can not be held simply because elections are not empowering.

    However, Sister TruthBeTold spoke about pre-selection. So to say, she would not vote because the election is already decided. That’s not so certain–Why did George Bush get eight years? Why did Obama beat Clinton? And other questions.

    In this case–to forsake a chance of choosing a ‘tepid’ (if) oppressor under the uncertainty that it had already been decided neither warrants the claim of ‘scam’ nor ‘good advice.’

    If, you are truly against White Supremacy, you will elect for the greatest combatant.

    If, you are truly a proponent of Black leadership, you will elect for the greatest advocate.

    If, you are truly a proponent of Black Unity, you will stand behind Black people.

    The list goes on.

    I know that Empowerment requires more than Voting; and I am among the few who does a lot more than Vote. Yet seeing how Voting once every two years isn’t seriously out of the way or injurious to one’s day–I don’t see the point of advocating for not voting.

    There’s already many non-voters and the only result is the empowerment of White Supremacists and the exclusion of Blacks from the Political Process; where White Supremacy and the Political Process have real effects on African people.

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