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Wilson’s Post

Negress: “do you like being black? You are from Africa, right?”

Wilson: I have no problem being black and yes I am from Africa.

Thanks for the food for thought. A lot to think about, I can’t say I have any answers to these problems I personally face.

I think you should do a post on the main divisions of blackness because let us face the truth, unless you are blind we aren’t all the same. Things that I have heard being said over and over and yet no one really ever talks about it on the blogosphere:

Black americans look down on black africans.
Black islanders – carribbean, look down on black africans.
There is huge divisions between how all these see each other.

The word here is superiority where in the hierarchy of all this, we have black americans thinking they are the most superior, followed by islanders, then the usual africans at the bottom. This is the truth out there. There is a huge carribean population in Britain and most Africans I know say the same stuff, family and african friends in america say black americans try and distance themselves from black africans etc, that they look down upon us.

You can search this stuff up online and see some people are talking about it:



Personally, I might be black but I ain’t blind enough to think we are all in the same boat because some of us think they are better and can define what being black is to the extent that they deny it on others who are clearly black as well.

You come to africa and people see you are an islander or black american, they’ll treat you with extra hospitality, go to the islands or america and they see you are black african, they treat you with a dash of resentment. What is going on here?? The thing here is that there is enough black africans saying this that it isn’t just something made up but might actually hint at something greater hiding in the shadows.

Anyways, I think this would make an interesting discussion.


For those of you that are not up to speed, Wilson wrote an interesting comment on Open Discussion #4 regarding My “Countering White Supremacy Post.” Please read the exchanges between us to get a better understand of what’s happening here.

Wilson, since this post is about you, may I relay some advise from a very wise man:

If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you. Neely Fuller Jr.

The tension between Blacks throughout the diaspora is caused by white people. 

Any thoughts to help Wilson understand that black people are not at the crux of his issues?

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34 thoughts on “Wilson’s Post

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Is Wilson a male? I don’t know why I thought Wilson was female. But from some of Wilson’s comments in many previous post, It was annoying to me at first, Then I started trying to figure out who and what Wilson was. First I surmised that Wilson was not American. Maybe Wilson stated this in previous post I don’t remember. Because to be truthful Wilson was an enigma to me. Then I figured that being Great Britan, They have a different perspective of black Americans having visited there some years ago. And it was quite telling from comments made on Abagond’s blog about black people having heavy features. Just some of the things that were said by Wilson gave me pause. It was quite telling in alot of Wilson’s comment that Wilson was one of those black people that didn’t socialize with other blacks. Forgive me but some of Wilson’s comments always just irritated me. I’m sorry and I hate that this bothers me this way. But the last and recent comment just made know that this was someone who had no idea about other black people. I like diversity as well. But to just be ignorant about blacks was off putting to me. I will try to empathize and learn to not judge other blacks for their choices.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, I hope you can help Wilson. That’s why we are all here to learn. Wilson is on a journey of self discovery so I will try to be understanding and not so critical .

  3. mary burrell on said:

    I don’t know what part of Europe Wilson was from but i thought it was somewhere in the United Kingdom.

  4. Mary, to clarify, right now at this point in my life I don’t socialize a lot with other black people, that is because of where I am right now. Where I live in the United Kingdom there aren’t a lot of black people, where I work there aren’t a lot either. The UK is not like the USA. However I grew up in Africa, to be precise Kenya. There all my friends were black, I had zero white friends. I still have most of these friends and I do see them when I go back home. So it isn’t like I hate black people full stop or don’t socialize with black people.

    To be more precise I speak a lot with African Immigrants and hear what they have to say about living in a foreign land, where the majority of the population is white, where they have to socialize with other black people who have never been to Africa or come from a totally different part of africa. From this I know that most say, “Yeah, whites might be racist but you know what, other blacks depending on where they come from, look at us differently as well”. This is the reality out there, if you travel to cities you will see that blacks cluster together depending on where they come from. Nigerians together, jamaicans together, somalians togethers etc etc, sometimes it is clear that there isn’t a lot of mixing.

    But yeah, in terms of my everyday life currently, it is predominantly white. But that is not to say things will never change since they have in the past.

    I apologise if I weird you out, “May be that is why I currently don’t know more black people” but am trying to find a way to not “Weird people like you out – people who expect us to act a certain way”.

    However I know of other blacks just like me, who have to make a living in both worlds. I know because I went to college with some and some are my family. Around white they completely act white, may be you don’t know what that means but it’s quite something to see an African person through and through act white, then around blacks, they act so stereotypical, like lets say if they go to a park and join a football game or basketball game, the way they act is completely and totally different, then around like me or other people who know what country they come from, even what town/village they were born, they act like themselves, like how you knew them whilst you were both growing up. I tell you what, that is totally weird, may be being black american it’s hard to figure this out but the perspective of other black people can be and sometimes is totally different. From this perspective, it is not that the problem is white people, the problem is just about making a living.

  5. I don’t think making a post specifically about me helps. What I wanted to bring up is just the complexities of everyday experience. About what is out there, in towns in streets, in bars etc. It isn’t just as simple as black and white. There are many subtleties that have real impacts. Maybe in america it is different but in British cities the divisions are clearer.

    That is all I wanted to bring up.

    I also don’t think there is a real appreciation of just how different white people in america are from those in europe. In Europe they look down upon America or think it is a big joke. Yes this is true. Generalization but if you live here long enough that is what you hear. I would say eastern europeans like america waaaaay more than western or central europeans. In europe, it is divided by countries/regions etc. They might be all white but they have divisions between themselves, deep divisions. So being black here you have a different experience from what I assume being black in america is like. So I think expecting us to all develop the same viewpoint is a bit wrong since our experiences are different depending on where you are.

    Just because someone might have more white friends does not mean they hate black people, or vice versa, just because someone has more black friends does not mean they like black people. There could be quite a lot of other stuff going on in the background that is not immediately obvious – think of the movie crash where the “racist” cop ends up saving the black woman and the “non-racist” one ends up killing a black guy just because of stereotypes. I am just saying, don’t make quick judgements, that’s the american way which the rest of the world completely hates. The you are either with us or against, the, there can’t be any other way, the, we know best etc.

  6. It’s funny that this article was posted today because I had a conversation with someone yesterday about this issue.
    A Jamaican female told me that she wants her two daughters to marry white men because black American men won’t treat them as well. The worst part was that she admitted that she was suspicious of white people, but she wanted her kids to marry them anyway. I told her that her ideas didn’t make sense, but she wouldn’t talk about it anymore. I think this black-on-black division is just another big symptom of anti-blackness that needs to be seriously addressed. I think I’ll have her listen to the COWS program discussing anti-blackness.

  7. @ Wilson

    “I also don’t think there is a real appreciation of just how different white people in america are from those in europe.”

    Wilson, whites in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas operate under a system called racism, directly and indirectly. The fact that we’re having this discussion on the “differences” between blacks stems from colonization. In any area, in any part of the world, whenever you have a group of blacks and whites, WHITES MUST BE IN CONTROL OR THEY CANNOT CO-EXIST WITH OTHERS.

    I’ve been talking and talking and talking but whenever I hit a point that makes you uncomfortable about why you feel the way you do, I get resistance. Why is that? Why do you, a “black” man from the Mother Country defend white people? The same whites that you stated don’t have an appreciation for your culture?

    1. You are confused.
    2. Or…you’re a white male messing with me.

    My only suggestion to you is to start with this:

    The United Independent Compensatory Code by Neely Fuller.

  8. wilson on said:

    3: I refuse to judge others based solely on color.
    4: People are more than the color of their skin.
    5: Whiteness is different from white people.
    6: Black people can just be as cruel.
    7: We can never really know anything but we can certainly fool ourselves that we do.

    A better illustration, if you look at the state of the whole world, you could easily say human beings are a cancer but no that would be a generalization, there is so much else going on. You look at the state of history and see yes this is what white people have done to the rest of us, but you make the generalization and forget to note the subtleties. You and I participate in a system that is ultimately bad for life, it doesn’t mean that we or you are a soulless evil cancerous being but that you could just be a person caught up in something waaay to big. In the same way some white people might just be caught up in a similar thing.

    NB: I will check out the book.

    I’d also like to state that I appreciate you as a person even though I can see that you are starting to judge me. It is ok since I know where you are coming from and for all I know, you could be completely right.

    I will take what you say on-board and think about it. You have just been able to accept some things that I find hard to.

  9. blackmystory on said:

    @Ms. J , she is not suspicious of caucasians, she is playing both sides to the middle. Making it seems she is down but at the same time looking for the best for her daughters. Maybe she is training her daughters to be something else and is either attracting dusty knee-grows, or they are bumping up against real men who aren’t dealing with their shit. Look how she automatically jumps to Caucasians, but not to another African. Any one of us that are reluctant to interact with each other regardless of country has personal issues around self love and it shows in how we avoid or talk bad about each other. If we wait on someone else to make a move towards us, while they are doing the same, we will never meet in the middle. It’s all bullshit and part of the learned behaviour of White Supremacy.

  10. Tyrone on said:


    Black-Americans are arrogant because they’re American. The United States of America sees itself as the greatest nation on earth and the most powerful as well. Blacks made the US the nation that it is, no one can dispute this. Out of the 3 groups of africans that were shipped to the Americas, African-Americans have had the greatest impact. Africans that were brought to the US, were the smallest number of slaves out of the 3 groups. American and Caribbean blacks didn’t fold like spanish blacks, which is why both have a high opinion of themselves. African blacks who migrate to the US face a lot of bulls**t from native blacks who lack understanding about african history, slavery, etc. Haitian-Americans dealt with the same bs from blacks in Miami when they arrived in this country. African-Americans would pick on their clothing, hair styles, language(creole), body odor, and so forth. The conduct of a lot of black folk down here was shameful to say the least. The same bs takes place in other cities as well, Sadly! As you stated Negress, white folk are the ones who benefit from the stupidity of our race. I see all black people as black, regardless of where they come from, language, complexion, etc. If we want to be inclusive as african-americans, we might need to drop the AA label. AA is for native-born american blacks…those who are descendants of slaves that were brought to this country. I don’t think it’s helping the cause, because, it tells other blacks that they’re not welcomed by us for whatever reason(s). Yes, black africans have conflict with american and caribbean blacks, but, spanish blacks are the group that’s effed up the most. Black people, we need to save our spanish and portugese sistas and brothas from themselves? We can’t allow them to be a footnote in history…Not Acceptable! Our race will never be whole until this group of africans get their ish together. Afro-Polynesians, another group of black people that need to see the light. Black-Africa, Black-Europe, Black-Asia, Black-Americas…The Quad! The building blocks of a “Black Planet.”


  11. Couldn’t say it any better myself!

  12. To the blacks that read this blog:

    I repeat: the tension throughout the African diaspora is caused by white people.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Wilson
    I think you might find this excerpt useful. It may help you become less confused. It’s from the book,Death of a Dark Nation.

    Q: Isn’t all racism the same, regardless of who is practicing it?

    A: There is only ONE kind of racism: white supremacy. White people are the only group in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other ethnic groups), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.

    For example, rich people are more powerful than poor people. Rich people have the POWER to discriminate against poor people by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so.

    In America, whites have the POWER to discriminate against blacks (and other non-whites) by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so. It doesn’t matter that some whites are poorer than some blacks.

    In all things and in all places in America, whites are collectively more powerful than blacks are collectively. This imbalance of (white) power creates the opportunity and the ability to practice racism against non-whites. Racism is not empty rhetoric (words) or mindless emotion. Racism is economic, political, institutional, and systematic POWER. Since whites control all the institutions and systems of power in America, only whites have the power to practice racism.

    Q: Why are people referred to as “groups” instead of “races?”

    A: Because there is ONLY ONE RACE: the white race. To prove this statement, let’s look at the TRUE meaning of “race.” In ancient civilizations tens of thousands of years ago (before Europeans inhabited the planet), the world’s people identified themselves by bloodline, birthplace, and culture – but NEVER by the artificial construct (concept) of “race.”

    What is the “black race” in real terms? It does NOT describe the place where black people were born because there is no such place as “black land,” (or red, yellow, brown, or white land). Race does not describe a person’s religion because there is no such thing as a black, red, brown, yellow, or white religion.

    Race does not describe a person’s culture (except in false, stereotypical terms), and it does NOT define biology, ethnicity, or nationality. Race does not describe skin color because the so-called “black race” includes people whose complexions range from the palest pink to the purest blue-black. Therefore, “race” is a false, man-made concept.

    Q: If “race” is a false concept, why was it created?

    A: Race was created for ONLY one purpose: to practice race-ism (racism). To practice “racism,” whites had to separate themselves from other groups of people by artificially creating different “races.”

    Q: Why was “racism/white supremacy” created?

    A: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a black psychiatrist and the author of ‘The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors’ (1991), states that White Supremacy is practiced by the global “white” minority on the conscious and unconscious level to ensure their genetic survival by any means necessary.

    Because of their “numerical inadequacy,” whites may have defensively developed “an uncontrollable sense of hostility and aggression” towards people of color, and developed a social, political, and economic structure to give blacks and other non-whites the appearance of being inferior.”

    Q: Who decides what “race” a person will be?

    A: The same (white) people who created the concept of race. If the ONLY purpose of “race” is to practice racism, and whites are the only group or “race” (in a white supremacy system) that can practice racism, then it is logical to assume there is ONLY ONE RACE: the white race.

  14. diaryofanegress on said:


    Your helpfulness to our struggle is greatly appreciated. You’ve always been so well-read and willing to lend a hand.

    Thank you. I hope we can learn more from you.

  15. wilson on said:

    Thanks for that… It’s something I have to read over and over again to fully comprehend.

  16. wilson on said:

    I have had all day to think about this and so far this is what I have come up with regarding this apparent confusion:

    Truthbetold says that in order to overcome white supremacy we need to essentially stop participating in it. We as black people need to come up with our own systems in which to operate under. As long as we participate in their system, they will have the power to practice discrimination against us and further to that, to really influence how we see ourselves e.g. make us think we are inferior etc.

    At this current point in my life I participate in the system of white supremacy. In order to not do that, maybe it might mean having to step backwards to redefine myself and engage with other fellow black people to redefine ourselves but that comes at a cost, an emotional cost. Maybe I am suffering from stockholm syndrome.

    That’s where my thoughts are right now. I will have to read up on stockholm syndrome to see if I can gain some insight.

    Anyways, I want to say I appreciate the maturity of everyone who reads this blog or at least comments in it.

  17. @truthbetold: I think that we all are products and victims of what came before us (racist protocols, social structures, slavery conditions) and the environments in which we were raised. Through re-education and the practice of self-knowledge, hopefully we (Black people worldwide) will begin to treat each other better. For starters, this dialogue about an such evasive subject on this medium (your blog) is the best start toward bringing an ending such attitudes. Even down to a simple thing as greeting another Black person that is a stranger can do wonders, and pique the openness we need to eradicate such ingrained social behaviors. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has given excellent remedies for this type of mental entrapment, by holding the individual Black person with the responsibility of executing constructive and reaffirming behavior patterns by starting with self and family within immediate social environments, i.e. stop thinking/saying/promoting negative aspects about each other; treat the Black man/Black woman/Black child with actual love, genuine respect and dignity in nurturing relationships, child-rearing, family activities, marriage, workplaces; stop accentuating/reinforcing the codes of racist behavior through negative, debilitating “learned” habits; etc. Self-respect is the key element in due recognition/respect of all Black people, no matter where they come from or what we look like. After all, was not the system of racism designed to repress all of us, regardless of our peculiarities? We must remind ourselves of this fact: “race/racism” is a recent invention, used within the “system” of racism (mistreatment) to advantage a disadvantaged group with distinct limitations (whites) over others (Black people/People of Color). Read Dorothy Roberts’ book entitled “Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Re-Create Race in the 21t Century.”

  18. diaryofanegress on said:


    Self discovery is frightening. You never know what you may find. That’s why many who classify themselves as white do not partake in self-discovery.

    You’re on the right track.

  19. diaryofanegress on said:


    well stated.

  20. Folks, simply put, racism is the greatest white invention bar none. It was invented for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to subjugating people, keeping the status quo in place and controlling wealth to name but a few. Historically, they knew slaughtering, committing cultural and language genocide was wicked at the advent of racism. What to do? Why dehumanize the intended targets and commit thievery, pillage and rapine after all they aren’t really human but are sub par. This way you can have your cake and eat it to! Destroy whole groups either physically are mentally and be able to sleep at night. They can also maintain and develop more systems of superiority by teaching it to these subjugated peoples. It will cause a lot of confusion and self-hatred, but they will be able to do a lot of the work for them a sort of cost cutting measure in human terms if you will.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    @Wilson, Thanks for sharing with us. This has been a complex journey for you. All self discovery is scary and sometimes painful. I believe this is part of the process. I think the people of Kenya are a beautiful nation of African people. Very regal and elegant. Wilson do what you have to do to get to where you need to be in your growth and self discovery. You are still very young yet i can tell from some of your comments. But with maturity you will get the answers you have been seeking. Well this clears up alot for me on my part. Thanks or sharing with us. I pray you will have some clarity and that things will be a little clearer for you. You are a very intelligent young person, The world is yours to be conquered. Peace and LIght to you.

  22. mary burrell on said:

    @Wilson what you described in the first above comments is called “Shifting”. How being one way with whites and another with your fellow countrymen. This is practiced in America as well. And can be overwhelming. May I recommend the book “Shifting” I describes alot of what you are going through, Even though it says it’s about black women in America. I think this book describes some of the complexities you are experiencing in the United Kingdom. The book is called Shifting , The Double Lives of Black Women In America. By Charisse Jones and Kumea Shorter- Gooden Ph.D. I think it will be most helpful. Peace To You.

  23. Thank you for your compliments. I love your mature approach toward these controversial topics of discussion, as well as the equally mature responses by your readers. We’ve got a lot of work to do in breaking these types of mental shackles, both for now and the coming generations.

  24. “In order to not do that, maybe it might mean having to step backwards to redefine myself and engage with other fellow black people to redefine ourselves but that comes at a cost, an emotional cost.”

    Those “other fellow black people” are here on this blog. (lol!)

    Don’t put yourself down or regress; keep moving forward. The whole point of racism is to perpetuate the denial of who you (we) really are. We all, at some point in our lives, have to come to the realization of what exactly we’re dealing with. Remember: courage is nothing more than doing the thing you fear the most.

  25. Thanks.

  26. I will look into it. Thanks again.

  27. Thanks to both of you. It’ll take a while to fully absorb all the information I have received from others.

  28. diaryofanegress on said:

    Take your time. Self reflection is long and arduous.

  29. Matari on said:

    “Thanks to both of you. It’ll take a while to fully absorb all the information I have received from others.”


    As it will also take -us- awhile to fully absorb all the information we have received from you … because we are all on this long and arduous journey of self-reflection/self-knowledge.

    It is good that our paths cross and meet at times so that we don’t have to suffer the entire walk alone.

  30. Tyrone on said:


    It’s always been about control, all of the bs we deal with as african people revolves around the “C” word. We’ve been brainwashed to believe that it was about skin color. When you come from nothing, have nothing, you hate those who do have. Remember, whites migrated out of Europe because there were no resources available to them as was the case in Africa, Asia, and Americas. Think about Libya for a second? Qaddafi was attacked by England and France because they wanted greater access to her oil…Sweet Crude. Both nations got about 25% of their oil shipments from the country. In hindsight, was ousting Qaddafi worth the hell that’s been unleashed on Libya and North Africa as a whole? If we’re gonna defeat the evil of white supremacy, we gotta know the real story. Whites are bloodsuckers, they live off of black people on this planet. A lot of whites may get offended by that statement, but it’s the god-honest truth. 3 things that whites want from black people…DNA…LABOR…LAND. Doesn’t matter what order they come in, they’re the building blocks of white supremacy. What blackmen like Wilson and others need to understand, is that, they’re ducks flying thru the sky waiting to get shot down. Blacks who are apologists for white folks, blacks who are punked by white folks will be the first to go when the s**t hits the fan, and this goes for all of them regardless of location. We’ve tolerated stupid black people long enuf, and we’re paying a heavy price for it today…Real Talk! Blackmen in Africa have been castrated so much, they think it wise to get into bed with the Chinese/Communist. This is how bad ish has gotten in Africa, as it relates to blackmen. Why should other blacks respect black africans, when they see them being punked by arabs, chinese, england, france, etc?


  31. Tyrone on said:


    Black people who worry about being liked by other races will never be happy, they’re wasting time and energy on something they have no control over. I have no respect for those kind of black people. Racism is here to stay. As long as you have envy in the hearts of men, others will hate black people no matter what. As long as you don’t disrespect me or put your hands on me…We’re Good! The other ish, i could care less. Wilson needs to get the “Kumbaya Mindset” out of his system, otherwise, he will be a dog chasing his tail without resolution…Bottomline!


  32. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re very welcome. Glad I could help.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    I totally agree! Great post!

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks sis. You know I do what I can.I think the real problem with black people is we have a shattered identity and a fractured consciousness. This is what causes so much confusion among our people.

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