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Please Watch This Video

White people love to give clues as to what they’re doing, often times, right in front of our noses. Remember when they teased us with the multiple cartoons and movies about 9/11?

Well now, they are just downright brazen with their demands and plans for world domination.

For those of you that are unaware, this is what The Beast is planning to do:

What does this mean to us?

Wake up black people!

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18 thoughts on “Please Watch This Video

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great video sis. I think they’ve been planning the Amero for quite some time. NAFTA was also something they’ve had in the works for possible global domination. These people are very sick indeed!

  2. mary burrell on said:

    This just the tip of the iceberg. Theyvhave been planning this for quite sometime. I’m sure there are other things they have in the works to threaten our already choatic way of life.

  3. There is one thing that I’m certain about: that the dollar will eventually collapse.

    And this is why (I believe) President Obama will be re-(s)elected AND why the Republicans are portraying their party as anti-worker and anti-poor and anti-black when reality BOTH PARTIES ARE THE SAME.

    Think about it. Why would a party that wants to win back the White House, come out against the elderly, Medicare, working people, etc.? And why do the Republicans select candidates that are not the cream of their crop? Most white people don’t want a Mormon for their president.

    That’s like a woman saying she wants to win a beauty contest but shows up in hair curlers and a ratty old bathrobe. Of course she’s not trying to win.

    Why don’t the Republicans want to win?

    because the elite need a SCAPEGOAT to blame for their economic crimes.

    That’s why it’s important that President Obama (and blacks collectively) be blamed for what the white people in charge are doing to the economy. That is the MAIN reason Obama was (s)elected in the first place.

    It’s also super important that black people show up at the polls so we can be blamed for President Obama getting re-elected — even though our votes really don’t determine an election (and we need to stop pretending that they do).

    We should expect a lot of racist imagery and slogans being widely publicized by the media and on-line. Overt racism like this energizes black people and makes us want to “circle our wagons” around Obama, and go out and vote just to vote against the racists.

    Forget that in the last 3-1/2 years blacks in the U.S. have been TOTALLY IGNORED by the current administration, while every other so-called ethnic group (Hispanics, Jews, whites) have been wooed and courted.

    I don’t blame President Obama — he’s a puppet, a paper tiger in the jungles of white supremacy. Black people got nothing coming this term or the next, regardless of who is (s)elected.

    And that’s why I will NOT be participating in November, but of course, I respect the right of all do to as you see fit.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    I approve this message. ūüôā

  5. diaryofanegress on said:

    Miss Pam:

    Well said. A lot of blacks are awakening to the Obama Fallacy. Especially after he changed his mind on gay marriage. I ‘ve heard ministers on TV advise their congregation to stay home on Nov 4th.

  6. diaryofanegress on said:

    Miss Mary:

    I can feel that something is coming…soon.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    It is one of those things that make me go hmm………. Obama never had acknowledged the LBGT before and all of a sudden he came out of nowhere saying he was for same sex marriage. I found that to be a little strange. But i realized that election time was coming up and that’s why he got on the bandwagon with that.

  8. diaryofanegress on said:

    Obama is participating in the Eugenics Agenda for Black folks just like his masters want him to.

  9. wow, I didn’t know that. I’m so proud of those black people — especially those black ministers and Africans in Africa — who are resisting the white elite’s propaganda about homosexuality. So proud!

    Either we worship the God we say we worship or we worship the white elite. We can’t do both

  10. This is just my opinion (of course) but I don’t believe Obama’s making any decisions that affect PUBLIC policy, like homosexuality. I believe Obama’s face is being put on everything that makes people angry and confused.

    Why would he be the FIRST and ONLY president in U.S. history to endorse homosexual marriage? Other presidents have won elections without doing that. The homosexual community doesn’t decide the election, anyway, but the hidden homosexuals do.

    President Obama will win because the elite decide he will win. They don’t have to put that rabbit out the hat. They OWN the frigging hat.

    (of course I could be incorrect but I find all the posts on this thread interesting and stimulating!)

  11. yes, that’s part of it. No group can maintain stable family or popuation growth if they don’t know that males belong with females and vice versa! I mean, that’s basic biology 101.

    When you look at the gulf between BM and BW, do we really need to create any more confusion and separation?

    I believe that’s why Tyler Perry has been given the NOD by White Hollywood, because he is a perfect example of a BM wearing a dress who becomes SUPER successful.

    He’s the new role model for millions of confused black males all over the planet.

    (If you want to be successful and wealthy BE LESS MASCULINE)

  12. Miss Pam:

    I’m writing a post on Obama and election day coming out this week.

  13. so you should,

    you know you’re on one heck of a blogging marathon! ūüôā

  14. TrojanPam ,your anaylsis of The was so spot on that I forgot that I came here because of the hidden 911 references.
    Love the – selected – reselected phrase

    truthbetold – more info on hidden pre 911 references in the media/film please.

    I saw the bullshit coming a mile away,didn’t vote for him then and I won’t this
    time,even if the other is certain to win.

    Althought the fact that in the history of a nation such as this a half black blackman can become preisdent is an appearence of progress.

    In regards to homosexuals ,I feel and think simlar to you all ,but there is an important point I think we might consider – civility.

    It seems to me that the direction we are all heading ,where we live in a world of multiple different types of people , we have to tolerate and corperate – civility or suffer the consequences – conflict in which no one will win and we will all lose.

  15. Here is a video about the way movies like to drop hints about what is to come.

  16. Mickey

    Ok. I’ll watch later and get back to you.

  17. Thanks Mickey! Johnson is correct.

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