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7 Easy Steps to Help Counter White Supremacy

Now…I know what you’re thinking. 7 steps, eh? Only 7 measly steps and poof! Racism is over. No. Sorry. Racism will always be here. But you can take control of your actions and help to counter white supremacy. I’ve been writing a lot about what racism is and what it does and how it hurts us.

But, I’ve never given you a worthwhile possible solution to “the problem with no name.” Well, here they are:

Step One: Stop fornicating with white people

Sound easy right? No. We been brainwashed to believe in colour-blindness so we “don’t notice that someone is white”. Which is absurd. Of course we do. Colour is the FIRST thing you notice, especially if it’s different from yours. I am going to say something harsh and sorry if I hurt your feelings but it’s true:

You cannot sleep with racism and fight it at the same time. That does not exist. Mull this over…you’ll find it’s true. Still have doubts? Listen to the man who tried:

Step Two: Stop spending money in their stores and shop in ours and ours ALONE:

Black folks have nearly a trillion dollars in spending power (GNBP) and corporately, we’re still broke as a joke. What you are saying [stop giving them our money] has been said since the 1940s, even before my old butt was born—GreeneInk



{Thanks Onitaset for the links. P.S. A lot of black bloggers have done well selling their goods on their websites and on Youtube. That’s how my artist friend got the word out. Hint for new entrepreneurs: Word of mouth is still the best advertising in the world}

Step Three: Keep communication with them at an absolute minimum. 

Sound easy right? No. Blacks love to show-off. “Look what I have!” Stop talking to others about what you have and keep your mouth shut. They never tell you their business.

Step Four: Black women, Jah made you beautiful. Stop buying hair.


Asian shops (the government gives them grants to open shops in your neighbourhoods to take your money!) are in the Negro Business and yet have no respect for the majority of their customers. Love your natural locks! A co-worker in South Carolina admitted to me she spent 200.00 a month on fake hair from Korean shops and they were rude to her! Then she needed to borrow money from her sister to pay rent. *sigh*

Step Five: Turn off that damn Tell-Lie-Vision!

Why would anyone need to see a Minstrel Show?

Step Six: Learn European History

Why am I asking you to study whites? Because they don’t change their tactics…ever. They just get more technological and sophisticated. Study Hitler and Margaret Sanger and you’ll learn eugenics. Study J. Edgar Hoover and you’ll learn Marcus Garvey’s downfall. Study Albert Pike and you’ll learn how “cops” came to be. Study Sam Colt and you’ll learn why guns were made. And study the Tuskegee Experiment and you’ll understand why AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu was man made.

Step Seven: Stop calling each other niggers, bitches and whatever dirty words pop out of your mouth

Do I really need to explain this?

The rest is up to you.

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150 thoughts on “7 Easy Steps to Help Counter White Supremacy

  1. moorbey on said:

    # 4 is so true. How can u love self when u can not or will not wear ur hair naturally and remember U are Queenz and alwayz have been.
    And stop spending so much time tha church all churchz are business’z now

  2. diaryofanegress on said:

    Agreed sir.

  3. how can we all learn love and tolerance if we hide is my question. some of this does not seem to be solution but isolation.

    sometimes i wonder if i were to meet you on street if you would speak to me if you did not know it was me

    people are not born racist, is learned behavior

  4. Cari:

    As much as I support all your efforts, blacks are in “survival mode”. We’re dying off every 36 hours by a policeman’s bullet. Toxic vaccines are being injected into our kids at the doctors office and black women are being sterilized without their knowledge and consent.

    When I was young, I tried to befriend whites. I had white girlfriends and we’d sleep over, go shopping, eat together, etc….but my race always came in between of that friendship.

    I had to learn, the hard way, that surviving is more important than being friends and going shopping. I had to cut myself off from whites to survive. The hurtful remarks, the hurtful looks, the hurtful treatment…it was slowing killing me.

    Being away from them did my spirit good. Sorry If I’m hurting your feelings but I wanna be honest.

    Racism is a social and political construct. Whites created the term “white” for the sole purpose of privilege and greed. Portuguese, Italians, Germans, Russians and Jews became “white” for the privilege. Coloureds fight to become “white” like Latinos, Asians and some Native Americans, like the Cherokee, because they want the best out of life.

    Where does that leave the rest of us?

    In survival mode.

    This isn’t personal, Cari. I just want it to end.

  5. Re: Step #1 – Stop fornicating with white people


    When has demonizing any population based on uncontrollable characteristics ever been right? Ever in history, when has that solved a problem?

    You’ve gone extreme, TruthbeTold. Hate is not the answer to any problem.

  6. i understand, i am not considered “white” either … did you know that when slavery was abolished italian immigrants became the next “blacks” in Louisiana and south. Italians were dismissed as second-class citizens because their skins were darker than those of whites of northern European ancestry. There were also mob lynchings, have tons more information regarding this. Even now they think i am mexican, puerto rican, anything but white. Even had one american/mexican woman think she could get gold star with Jesus if she converted me to christianity.

    i might not be black but i will take a bullet for my brother fighting imperialists regardless of colors … love and respect

  7. blackmystory on said:

    Sister, once you step outside the box of the sheep mentality, you are attacked more by the sheeps than the wolves or the owners of the slaughterhouse. There is only one truth…the rest are opinions. Sparrows want to be with sparrows, cats don’t look to get it on with mouse. There is a natural tendency to get with your own and other ethnic groups constantly practice that. We are the only group, that not only actively try to move away from that order, we are EXPECTED to do so and if we don’t MUST explain why we don’t. The problem with “White Supremacy” is that there is no dial down button, so they keep turning the screws so much enough of us have started waking up from this nightmare and are recognizing the game. Keep speaking the truth sister…truth is consistent despite opinions.

  8. JT

    I never thought you’d be here. Why now?

  9. I have been here the last week. I read Abagond, Brothawolf and this blog.

  10. I understand your history very well, Cari. In fact, I was reading about the Moors last week. Italians have always been “suspicious” throughout history with regards to whiteness. Hitler, lumped Italians into the same category as Romanies so I understand.

    Right now, all I can do is continue to try to make sense of this prison plantation but know that this isn’t personal against you.

  11. diaryofanegress on said:

    You know what’s funny? Whenever I advise blacks to abstain from sleeping with whites, whites get angry.

    Go figure.

  12. As for the why – I didn’t understand why you refused to suddenly stop responding to me at Abagond’s because you no longer believed what i was saying. That bothered me and still does. I came here to understand where you were coming from. Period.

  13. carinaragno on said:

    i know it’s not, i just want all the hate to stop. it is tyrant’s weapon to keep us all divided. divide and conquer 😦

  14. Black:

    We’ve been taught to deviate away from each other. That’s why we’ve become weakened. Racists know this. That’s why on almost every TV commercial , you see an interracial couple. In the movies, in magazines, they promote “colour-blindness” as a way to solve the problem.

    Well, it doesn’t work!

    In fact, blacks are more confused and mislead than ever and I’m tired of watching my people self-destruct.

  15. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Survival and propagating one’s own species or sub-species is NOT hate. It’s nature. Keep doing what you’re doing. Please.

  16. When people are given the chance to show love to one another, they do. Does not matter the artificial boundary that people decide on. No boundary can separate us. We are social-sexual beings. Our evolutionary history supports this. Technology has only furthered this to new levels – people use technology to connect with one another – more than anything else, across the world.

    Since technology has made it possible for us to unite, the only thing that is preventing intra-human union is fear, ignorance, and hatred.

    Preaching more hate is not going to stop that. Its just going to make more tension for the process that is already undergoing. Unity.

  17. GreeneInk on said:

    Me. Too. I can’t go anywhere near them now unless there is video equipment, tape recorders, and other black folks for witnesses. The “trust” factor went out the window for me a long time ago. They are obsessed of race and the bottom line is it ends, along with so many other things we black women have to deal with, psychologically inept. Not to say people have to be “weak” in their presence, it’s just that some sh*% isn’t worth dealing with. My policy now is stay away from them unless it’s totally official and there are plenty of BLACK people around to witness their “behaviors.” Other than that, I don’t want them anywhere near me. I have LEARNED a big time lesson about trying to befriend their type.

  18. blackmystory on said:

    “You know what’s funny? Whenever I advise blacks to abstain from sleeping with whites, whites get angry”

    Fear of a black planet……..This is like Caucasian people asking why we HAVE to have “black history month”, while we watch Caucasian people on tel-lie-vision, listen to news broadcast filled with Caucasian or Afropean drones talking about Caucasian progress and African regress, We hear about Caucasian economic and political power, their involvement in the nations of Africa, the islands, South America and the pacific. Now we have disillusioned people asking us why we hating because we chose to do what nature dictates we must do…love ourselves and those that look like us. El hajj Malik Al Shabazz told a Caucasian girl who asked what she could do to help the struggle to go to her people and work on them, get them to stop hating and killing us. Stop invading our sovereign nations with bombs and drugs and insurgencies to steal our natural resources. Stop coming into African neighbourhoods and feeding us Monsanto foods to depopulate us, stop leading us into the Nu slavery of the prison industrial complex. A matter of fact, stop coming to where conscious people are trying to get it together and go tell Bill O’Reilly and his like to stop hating on non Caucasians, women, poor people and anything else not named “White male” and see how quick they call the stormtroopers on you.

  19. GreeneInk on said:

    There are two things I can say about this: Black is black, but it seems that when we reproduce with whites, as far as “they” are concerned that makes the offspring just as black as we are … ONE DROP. It basically means that “fornicating” with them is wiping them off the majority map, also…the USA is browning, so one of the reasons they fight so hard to stop abortion is because it’s mostly WHITE babies being aborted. Black women don’t abort half as much as they do, and it’s causing more and more black folks to be born and less of them. They don’t give a flying unowhat if WE abort, it’s white women procreating with white men that they are trying to control. As to our kids, they’ll shoot them dead in the streets and ship them off to war without blinking…AFTER they’re born, if we don’t kill them first.

  20. GreeneInk on said:

    The only other thing I have to say about this is on “buying black.” That might work for some things … but not for most. We don’t own a lot of real estate, but we have to have a place to live. We are rarely doing the hiring for work, so most of us end up having to beg them for a job. We don’t own major gas or grocery chains, and we’re not going to eat soul food and jerk chicken all day just to keep from buying THEIR food. How many shoes and clothing stores do we own? The Asians got nearly all of the grooming products and the Indians got nearly all of the gas stations. I wish we didn’t have to buy anything from them at all.

    Think about it. They rarely buy anything from US, and even then they are playing “let’s be culturally correct today” games when they do. But what do we own?

    We got money and all we do is take it from them and give it back.

    One white man even said these words: “Obama can spread the wealth all he wants. In two years, well have all back anyway.”

    Was he lying? ‘fraid not.

  21. To the “whites” that read this blog:

    OK. I’m going to do something that I know I should not do. I’m going to ask you to help me educate my people. IF you truly want equality and peace, please do all blacks a big favour and answer this question:


  22. alegna on said:

    “You know what’s funny? Whenever I advise blacks to abstain from sleeping with whites, whites get angry.

    Go figure.”

    In my opinion, the nature of their conquering attribute spills over into the physical. Sex is a multifacted tool: it’s not only used to express love and affection, but can be used to express the nature of conquering as well, from a perverted standpoint (if we remember what the definition of perversion is). If one resists being intimate with a White individual, then one resists being conquered.
    This is how I see it.
    The principle reminds me of the story of Joseph in the bible, when he resisted the advances of Pharaoh’s wife. If he would have gave in to her advances, would he still have been able (and willing) to save his people?

  23. diaryofanegress on said:

    Exactly. Good reference.

  24. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! There will be crickets and tumbleweeds and the sounds of roaches escaping the light.

  25. alegna on said:

    And Negress, I agree with the hair statement 1000%.

  26. diaryofanegress on said:

    LOL! You are too much, my love! LOL!

  27. Mickey on said:

    Regarding economics, here is a clip of Dr. Umar Johnson on the COWS show.

  28. I have heard whites talk about Blacks as though they are uneducated and simple minded. I have heard whites say that Blacks are ghetto, trashy, angry, drug addicted, welfare users. I have heard comments been made by whites about Blacks not respecting traditions. I have heard whites make comment of the nappiness of Black hair. Black female body types.

    That is just what comes to mind in the moment. I am sure there has been more subtle condescension and patronizing comments than anything.

  29. Hmmm…very interesting, JT.

  30. Oh and I was told not to try and empathize with the Black experience because it would end up biting me in the a$$.

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’m not surprised in the least. My cousin once dated a white girl. And I asked her what white people say when no black people are around. She said everything you stated in your comments.

  32. Mickey:

    Again, you floor me with your awesome videos. Johnson is correct. I wanted to take out a small loan for my business but was denied because of the “economy being bad.”

    I don’t know how to return to the eighties when we wrote for TV, had artists studios, music shops, writers guilds and we were entrepreneurs.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear you brother. Most white people wont tell you what they say in private. That would be breaking the “white code”. The funny thing is we already know what they think about us anyway. Just watch movies and television shows and you can see what their perception of us is really like.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s true to a degree. But history shows us that when whites and blacks live in close proximity to each other–whites always want to dominate and oppress black people.
    “Preaching more hate is not going to stop that. Its just going to make more tension for the process that is already undergoing. Unity.”

    Hate?? All black people want is equality and to be respected as human beings. That’s a little difficult when someone is oppressing you through economics,education,health and entertainment. America claims to be about truth,justice and equality. But throughout the last 400 years I haven’t seen too much of any of these things.

  35. diaryofanegress on said:


    “AmeriKlan has been a country for 450 years but has been at war for 400.” —-Moorbey

    This country was founded and made stinking rich by the blood of my ancestors. Wall Street bankers got rich from slavery. Whites got wealth from slavery, directly and indirectly.

    I’m sick of the shit now.

  36. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:
  37. Kushite Prince on said:

    I think it’s reaching a boiling point for alot of us. We have to speak the truth even if it offends some people. We have to speak truth to power. If we want real change,WE will have to do it. And not be afraid to tell people the reality of the situation.

  38. mary burrell on said:

    It’s true in the 80’s it seems we were more prosperous. Even with television and movies we had talented creative writers with a conscience. I don’t know how we regressed to the ignorance that’s going on in the media today and in our music. Even our houses of worship are failing our communites.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    @JT Did you try to correct them and tell thm they were wrong? What was your contribution to this discusion about black people, I’m just curious.

  40. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Blacks need to be weary of people like JT on the internet and in real life. The strategy he uses is old and yet still effective. Whites like this sell our people the “dream” of assimilation to keep us reaching for acceptance. Constantly reaching. This keeps us from following the first law of nature: Self-preservation. Which of course extends to group preservation.

    Evolution has shown at this point that white aggression is detrimental to the survival of Negroid people. Everywhere on the planet where the white/black dynamic exist, the white has to be dominant. They can’t co-exist peacefully. They can’t share. They must always have power over the other. They oppress, deny, degrade and dehumanize. This is without exception. Why don’t you write a blog to help your fellow whites overcome the constant need subdue everything in their path?

    Your comments smack of a white Antebellum south christian preacher. Always there to keep the negroe passive and docile. Meanwhile, your white brethren continue to conquer sovereign people through military force, stealing land, stripping it of it’s natural and human resources, dictating policy, spirituality and social norms, polluting the eco-system, draining economies, and infiltrating the very DNA of said nations, by entering their bloodlines through miscegenation causing further division. All the while keeping the integrity of their genetics as intact as possible.

  41. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Blacks need to be weary of people like JT on the internet and in real life. The strategy he uses is old and yet still effective. Whites like this sell our people the “dream” of assimilation to keep us reaching for acceptance. Constantly reaching. This keeps us from following the first law of nature: Self-preservation. Which of course extends to group preservation.

    Evolution has shown at this point that white aggression is detrimental to the survival of Negroid people. Everywhere on the planet where the white/black dynamic exist, the white has to be dominant. They can’t co-exist peacefully. They can’t share. They must always have power over the other. They oppress, deny, degrade and dehumanize. This is without exception. Why don’t you write a blog to help your fellow whites overcome the constant need subdue everything in their path?

    Your comments smack of a white Antebellum south christian preacher. Always there to keep the negroe passive and docile. Meanwhile, your white brethren continue to conquer sovereign people through military force, stealing land, stripping it of it’s natural and human resources, dictating policy, spirituality and social norms, polluting the eco-system, draining economies, and infiltrating the very DNA of said nations, by entering their bloodlines through miscegenation causing further division. All the while keeping the integrity of their genetics as intact as possible.

  42. blackmystory on said:

    @Mickey…at my place of employment the kneegrows mostly single females with children who are doing double shifts and two jobs, spend up to $150-200 once, sometimes twice per week on lotto pools. They look at me funny when I refuse to embark on that shit, letting me know how many millions is out there. Since most are of Caribbean nationality, they also do a little susu or pardner play, yet don’t over stand when i tell them they are only cycling the same money that they could do by having a piggy bank. However, getting a lump sum ensures they can buy a new purse, new shoes or even pay some bills immediately. Keep in mind they do double shifts and some have two jobs.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over….

  43. Mickey on said:

    I noticed that POC, particularly Blacks, were more successful in entertainment and such in the 80s, but at the clsoe of the 90s, that shit came to a screeching halt. Remember the bruhaha over there not being any Blacks on ANY of the network television shows? NBC, ABC, CBS, & FOX had a number of shows new to television and not one starred a Black person. And with the declining number of Blacks on tv in the later years, that told me a lot.

  44. alegna on said:

    I like this comment. True indeed.

  45. This is the kernel of the problem. Whites are utilizing every defensive measure imaginable/feasible to maintain a “supreme” social/economic/political status within a global population that has always been/is now/will continue to be >90% Black people and/or People of Color. Ever notice the constant promotion of “interracial marriages”, more inclusion of Black homosexuals (male & female) in the mainstream entertainment & media and the constant attacks on Black manhood?

    The seven methods mentioned by author “advises” readers of the practical strategies “we” (Black people) can use to lessen the painful effects of racism and its associated events within the nine areas of people activity. No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head, forcing them to interact interracially. Come on now!…we’re all grown-ups here and we know what we do/done/plan to do with our intimate & personal lives. Sexual interactivity between Blacks and whites has been so perverted, deadly, confusing, controversial and fatalistic in this country since its inception. The only conclusion a sensible person would come to is to stick with your own kind. Produce more powerful Black DNA by reproducing your own kind, as The Creator intended. This is the crux of the white man’s fear, for he knows that he is genetically-deficient. If every ethnic group stuck to their own kind, procreated naturally and became economically independent and autonomous, they would naturally increase in numbers over whites. This is the basis of white hatred: a fear of being dominated, controlled, manipulated, governed and possibly abused by another ethnic group with big guns (economic & military strength, social stability, cultural soundness and grounding, ethnic pride, sovereignty, etc.) We are a unique group of Black people in this world, based solely upon our history in this country. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a camouflaged version of modern eugenics. The author is right: do more reading and “overstand” the original intentions of people like Margaret Sanger toward the threat of being overwhelmed by a growing Black population. Same thing goes for sinister institutions such as the Manhattan Institute. “Read”….”read”…..”read”……

    Black women are some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. I have always felt this way. What has a white woman got that a Black woman can’t give me as a man? Why would a Black woman abuse her body, soul and spirit by having sexual relations with the descendant of evil people who abused her ancestors? Look at the way in which white men have historically sexually abused their women and children, and continue to do so. What do you think goes on when they are with our Black women and Black children?

    A lot of people are intellectually lazy, which leads to becoming cognitively complacent, which leads to becoming blissfully ignorant, and eventually to the denial of “self”. That is the way racism works: denial of self (Black people) and adherence/care/concern for others (whites).

    Our daily priority should be the health, welfare and prosperity of Black people, and only Black people. Just because you love and care for your own does not mean you hate others. Every other ethnicity looks out for their own, no matter how poor they are, no matter how much others talk about them or call them old-fashioned or outdated. I seen it done among Jews, Latinos and Asians. As controversial as this is, I don’t hate it; as a matter of fact, I love it. You know why? Because this is exactly what we should be doing and not ashamed of it. We need to stop this assimilation/integration ish and pick up where we left off pre-Brown Vs. Board of Education. In my lifetime, I’ve seen other ethnic groups come into the various neighborhoods in which I’ve lived, English-illiterate, no car, no money and surpass me within a generation. It made me very angry and frustrated. But when you begin to understood how the system of racism works, everything becomes clear. I’ve undertaken serious study into how this system works. The most obvious lessons learned was that it takes a system to defeat a system, and that this current system is not sustainable. If we want to be prepared for the outcome of its demise, these seven steps mentioned here are what’s needed to serious consider making a part of our daily conduct to dismantle the system of racism.

  46. diaryofanegress on said:


    Thank you sir. Thank you for the support.

  47. ALCHEMIST on said:

    Only a black person that has masochistic tendencies would not attempt to minimize contact with people classified as white and probationary white people. Perhaps black people that continuously seek white validation have a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  48. GreeneInk on said:

    Jay in the Black Dimension:

    First of all, be careful about quoting statistics from “anti-Obama” places like Life News (http://www.lifenews.com/2011/02/24/cdc-abortions-declined-in-2007-black-women-have-highest-rate/). They are happy about black women aborting their kids, though they can’t come out and say it. That is GOOD news for them. Also, these websites, though they look all “official,” can easily be tied back to people with racist Klannish type connections who are not reporting this information to benefit blacks, but to put forth the idea that Pres Obama is a “babykiller,” even though he and his wife didn’t abort THEIR two kids, meaning he obviously doesn’t kill his own babies and even the ones being killed in war was started by THEM. Look at the words … the report is “instructive.” Not REVEALING, not SAD, not BAD, not even SCARY … “instructive.” It means they are keeping up with the fact that so many black women kill their unborn and are likely glad about it.

    Secondly, these are also the same types of people who put out information about blacks committing more crimes and/or more SERIOUS crimes than whites, when in fact, more than 80% of the high crime in America as reported by the Dept of Justice and the FBI, and many of the states in this Union are committed by whites.

    I never trust an anti-Obama defamatory news rag like Life News. They will say anything they have to say and twist it any way they have to twist it to rail on the President.

    If he came out in support of bacon, they’d find the stats to back up how his race ties into the fact that he kills pigs … while they’re steadily eating bacon themselves.

    Now for what the CDC report ACTUALLY says, which they LOVE to twist:

    103,799 WHITE WOMEN aborted at under six weeks gestation, while 49,870 BLACK WOMEN did the same, the rest (13,980 women) were of other races.

    ***Row percentages might not add up to 100.0% because of rounding.***

    The “row percentages” are showing more black women abort by percentage, but that more white women are ABORTING. They may want to go back and check their numbers, because you don’t get a greater percentage of black women aborting when the numbers are white women aborting are GREATER.

    More black women abort LATER rather than sooner, and that’s when the slice of percentage points difference is less than 1%, which puts them on just about the same rate of abortions as white women, definitely NOT MORE.

    But my oh my, do they love to skew to make things appear to be something they’re not.

    Just like Paul Ryan saying 6 independent studies showed that he and Romney’s tax plan worked … then we went to Google those studies just to discover that all 6 of those independent studies he spoke of told him and Ryan their numbers DO NOT compute.

    White folks can’t add. They just like to throw a lot of BS under their official stance and make you believe it.

    And judging by Wall Street, they don’t do a good job of deciphering real property statistics or insurance actuarial science numbers either.

  49. All you niggas and bitches need to shut the hell up and find you some white meat so you can spend your money in the good white areas, where might I add, the conversation is better. First things first though, go get that weave tighten up, I think them Ko Reins got a sale going on right now. Outside of that just sit back and watch plenty tv and learn Black history.

    Sista you know I had to take some creative license at your expense. Of course all the things you said are right and exact. Let me add a few more things which just happens to be my mission in life. Let’s get out mental health together. No need in doing any of these things if we still suffer from depression, self-hatred, mental illness and low self-esteem. If you think you may be suffering from any kinda mental illness get yourself checked out. My favorite line is still very true. DEPRESSION/MENTAL ILLNESS IF LEFT UNTREATED WILL KILL YOU JUST AS FAST AS ANY CANCER OR OTHER TERMINAL ILLNESSES. Please look after yourself, I know we have been trained to not take care of ourselves outside of room and board. And cars with big ass wheels and loud ass music, which by the way is a sign of insanity that has been made cool, what sane person would sit inside a little box with music playing louder than a jet engine? Much like eating chitterlings and hog maws, that sh*t will kill you or make you wish you were dead.

    Thank you sis for being so smart, I wants me a woman just like you. In fact, you single?

  50. GreeneInk on said:

    I’ve listened in on some it, or gotten wind when they thought I wasn’t listening. Some of them have even had the unmitigated gall to let me know upfront what they say about black people behind closed doors. It’s seldom, if ever, anything nice. I happened to be listening in one day when a news report came out on TV about black people complaining about “racial profiling,” when one white female opens her mouth and screams “They profile themselves!” I’ve heard more, but I won’t take the liberty to go into it here.

  51. GreeneInk on said:

    Oh, they love to overlook their bulging waistlines and super-sized butts to talk about how “fat” black women are when we got black women that are skinnier than them. I mean, look at Ann Romney. They love to call Michelle O “fat,” but Ann Romney is at least twice Michelle’s size and not a peep out of them about how rotundus her gigantic behind is.

  52. GreeneInk on said:

    I’ve had that happen, too. But if black folks were selling anything I needed, I’d buy it from them … and I expect the same customer service I would get from white folks, or just like I do with white folks who don’t do customer service well, I will walk away.

  53. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    That was just one of many examples that I could have used to prove my point. I don’t understand why you felt the need to put Obama into this, but the fact remains: Black women disproportionately have abortions in comparison to other groups. You seem to have your mind made up which is OK. I’m not trying to dissuade you.

  54. diaryofanegress on said:

    It’s funny how a group of people that allegedly hates us but cannot leave us alone.

  55. GreeneInk on said:

    They’re fascinated at the way we survive, outlive and outdo anything they hand to us and then ask: “Beatches, is that all you got? Come back when you got some REAL sh^% to dish out besides guns, jails, drugs and racist innuendoes.”

  56. GreeneInk on said:


    This wasn’t about Obama, this was about quoting stats from an anti-Obama site, and just as I expected, I looked at the CDC report itself. 103,000 white abortions and 49,000 black abortions don’t add up to black women having MORE abortions, though there are, admittedly, some disproportions.

    I go straight to the horses’ mouth for info, because those folks are typically lying every time something falls out of their decrepit little mouths.

    That’s like saying MORE black people are on welfare, when we know there might be more black people on welfare in more urban areas, but overall, in rural areas, it’s about equal to the amount of blacks and whites that live there (they’re just about all poor) and NATIONALLY, there are way more whites on welfare than blacks.

    They like to skew and spew was all I was saying. Everything they say, I check, cuz all they do is lie, lie, lie … like a rug.

  57. diaryofanegress on said:


  58. They aren’t going to tell you the the truth. Most are more upset about being called a racist than actually being one to start. If you want to find out what they say about blacks, talk to another ‘coloured’ person who is not black. Without fail, in my experience, people who are north east asian for example, have expressed incredulity in regards to the hate expressed about blacks among whites whenever blacks are not around. It is doubly perplexing for them when they see these Janus faces grin in black people’s faces and are uber polite, usually when the black person is purchasing something from them. In social circles it is another story. This is one of the reasons they get pissed off when you accuse them of racism, you are possibly exposing them for what they are.

  59. diaryofanegress on said:

    Last night, Jesus and I were talking, (the commenter) and I asked him what is it gonna take for whites to leave us alone?

    His response?

    “Destruction of the planet.”

  60. Mickey on said:

    Key & Peele once said on their show that racist is the n-word for White people. I’ve ALWAYS said that!

  61. diaryofanegress on said:


    I was listening to the COWS radio show with Professor Wu, a chinese man who gave some startling facts about white people straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Wu stated that Asians are the “passable” minority, the ones that aren’t too dark, so whites make them honorary whites…for a short time and as long as they serve a purpose, like helping them with homework, business tips, etc.

    Some of the things Wu said were so spot on, the entire board was silent.

  62. Mickey on said:

    There are 3 types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  63. Africa creates a lot of products.

    For shoes, Sister Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is a good example: http://www.solerebelsfootwear.co/

    We must look at ourselves as a race and take into account all of our race members. Too often, “Black Americans” think they are alone in the world when we are part of the great African race. 🙂

  64. blackmystory on said:

    @GreeneInk and the rest of the family….regarding statistics, check out the film “Hoodwinked,” by Janks Morton. Between 2006-2008, Morton shows that from 2006 – 2008, black females had a higher dropout rate than African American males. Below are two trailers from the film, that shows us that if you throw shit up against the wall, some will stick. This film debunks the oft held belief that African males aint shit because we are more in jail, unemployed and not graduating.

    Maafa21 explores the myth of African abortion and delves into the eugenics movement, which nicely supports your post above on abortion. @Mickey, lies, damn lies and statistics indeed.

  65. I like this comment. It shows what passes for “Wisdom” in the White community. To not empathize with the people under your heel. That’s instructive.

    No worries, I’m not quoting you.

    Though you should learn something and all of us can learn from this. White people are tribalistic. Carinaragno hinted at this. Though once you understand the phrase, White people will constantly remind you that they are the most tribal people on the planet. For instance, if you watch the ending of the Vice-Presidential Debate, the moderator asks the two candidates about their Catholic fate, pointing the question also to their manliness, and posing the question against two separate intellectual tribes–the Democrats and Republicans–for which two people of the same fate differed according to tribal allegiances–do you see what’s going on? Religion, Sex, Ideology were all Tribalized. This is the nature of Europeans from times immemorial.

    Yet, tribalism, while of the European’s nature, isn’t of the European’s nurture. Why? You, JT, particularly peddle “love,” but from whom did Europeans learn ‘love?’ Think about it. Who took the Europeans out of the Dark Ages? Review your textbooks and realize that the Dark Ages were a cruel and tribalistic time, ended by the continuation of “European Civilizations” preserved by Moors (Africans and Asians.) These “European Civilizations” (Greece and Rome) were educated by Egypt, an African creation. Are you understanding the picture?

    In essence, the more you learn, you technically would become more empathetic to African people. Why? Because you’re learning what’s natural to African people, but unnatural to you. I.e. you’ll begin to learn that this world is unjust and unjust because the White tribe is dominating other tribes and it’s domination has nothing to do with it’s intelligence, nothing to do with it’s athletics, nothing to do with it’s benevolence, but all to do with it’s lack of ethics. White people put metal braces around a man’s neck, so if he lagged in marching for days without food, he’d hit the brace and decapitate the man instantly; White people gathered thousands of their men to castrate then burn a man, taking his penis and putting it in their own mouths; White people cut off hands in the Congo if men didn’t satisfy the unwieldy rubber quotas; White people sent Black men out of their homes to have sex with those men’s wives during segregation; White people watched men with treatable diseases die to study the illness; White people sold a woman’s child in front of her face; and White people did this believing they were right.

    Your Brother told you not to empathize with us lest it would bite you. You may not understand what he meant. He means, you could not look in the mirror and see a human if you really understood your nature.

  66. Sister TruthBeTold,

    The African race needs to organize. That crucial step can defeat the European.

    Our Ancestor Marcus Garvey had said, “The greatest weapon used against the Negro is disorganization.”

    The scene is grim. But when you take up your leadership role, there will be more flowers to pluck and smell.


  67. Humans are a race.
    I understand the need to hold people to account for their actions and inactions. Or to take adaptive steps and avoid whites.

    However, I do not believe that skin color is the way to identify who can be held to account. I am white and I choose my own destiny. Surround myself with People of Color to get educated. I choose to try and empathize with Black people

    I do not believe that White hatred is a commonality amongst Black people. I would understand it if it were, but my own personal experience has taught me otherwise. Which is a testament to the capacity of Black people to love. White people will never get that.

    I have schooled people who are white or of other Color that degrade Black people (with the insults listed above and more). Even within my own family. I don’t associate with people that are subtle or overt racists. Even within my direct family. And when i am forced to associate with them, i confront them. Period.

    I am not afraid to call people out. It doesn’t matter to me who you are.

  68. JT, I am a gentleman to all and I have a sincere heart borne of a genuine love of humankind. For instance, if your infant son, White as snow, walked out of your sight and dawdled into the streets before me, I would need to be burdened with quite a few impediments to not lift the child out of harms way. It’s not my place to see anyone harmed, least of all children.

    Yet. Your race wouldn’t even feel the same way for its own children. Let alone my own. It’s a matter of intelligence to separate oneself from negative elements. This is the principle of imprisonment. It’s not to isolate an individual (after all, there are other people in prison), but to isolate an individual from a group.

    Technically speaking, yours is a race of criminals, which my race must metaphorically imprison, by separating ourselves from your capacity to criminal activities.

    You will see from a study of yourself, JT, that you have these thoughts that are peculiar to your race and detrimental to mine. One tendency is one of seeing things in a Master-Property Paradigm. For instance, JT, if Africans are discussing a topic and they are not discussing it to your liking, why do you find a need to shift their discussion to your voice? Why is it that your engagement with others requires you to ‘make us behave’ for you? Why do you demand from us a ‘conversion,’ but accept diversity amongst Whites? Why are we Property to you?

    You may not see it that way today. But try to read other White people engaging with Black people and see what their real angle is. People are usually entitled to opinions and social programs, but when Whites see Blacks with these, there’s something amidst: Property doesn’t belong that way.

    You go in the world and observe this. Though, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

    Good luck,

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  71. Professor Wu is absolutely right. Most whites believe that the stereotypical asian is white washed and glad to receive what little regard the whites choose to mete out to them. This includes the racist mantle of the ‘model minority’ which really translates to white behind kisser. This is why whites can admire them. Well unbeknownst to many whites their are plenty of asians who know what day it is and are only too happy to ‘inform’ on whites when it comes to hatred of blacks. They also despise most whites(excluding the broads who hook up with all these fugly white men).

  72. But why are people who are “half black and white” pushing for a biracial label? Many of them say they don’t want to choose sides and are tired of just being seen as black.

  73. Well, do you think that whites should be unaccountable for their behavior towards most of the world’s population?
    I think you’re absolutely correct with your ideas, but it’s time to give criticism where it’s due. If there was no racist system, Diary of a Negress wouldn’t have to write a whole blog addressing this unjust system. If being honest is a form of hatred, then idk what to think…

  74. So benefitting and maintaining an oppressive system while engaging in sex with people subject to you is love? Wouldn’t working to end the system and replacing it with justice be real love – or responsibility – instead?
    What would whites hating people be like then?

  75. I don’t see myself as part of ANY race. Who or what do I need to be in a “race” against?
    Perhaps the people responsible for starting this worldwide issue need to adopt that philosophy rather than pretend to be “color-blind”.

  76. I really appreciate this blog post, Diary of a Negress. You had me laughing at the first one. I know many non-whites who will speak out against racism yet have intimate relationships with white people (funny, right?). But I will admit that I should try to buy from black businesses when I can and spend more time caring for my natural hair. I think it’s a shame that our natural hair is literally a revolutionary act, but it shows how damaged we’ve been from dealing with WS. Keep up the great work!

  77. diaryofanegress on said:

    Thanks Ms. J.

  78. carinaragno on said:

    yeah well i didn’t say that racism didn’t need to be addressed or i would not have my blog exposing merikan racism/terrorism towards most of the rest of the world either

  79. MY SKIN IS WHITE ….. A SOUL HAS NO COLOR …. THE PROBLEM AND YES I TYPE IN CAPS A LOT . sorry for that 😛 but seriously …. the past is the past we cannot take this fucked up system down if we do not look past the stereotypes that we have let the system blind us with …

  80. toolwielder:

    With all due respect for your work sir, the “past is not in the past.”

    If the “past was in the past”, I would not need to start a blog on white supremacy.

  81. Thanks Mbeti.

  82. They never stop talking like “we” aka Black people are the problem. Like sister Truthebetold and others have said, if you are really interested in “stopping” the problem, put YOUR ASS on the line and confront YOUR White brothers and sisters about their evil ideology and everyday treatment of people of color…..

  83. the past is the past we cannot take this fucked up system down if we do not look past the stereotypes that we have let the system blind us with …

    With all due disrespect toolwielder, is that a sexual insinuation, your moniker? If so that indicates the seriousness of your reply, which ever way you slice is stupid in the extreme. The greatest white invention is racism and you whites don’t want to take credit for it, why? Kubaya doesn’t cut it. You take credit for everything else,gfy.

  84. ynotme on said:


    How can we look past the stereotypes when we are confronted AND bombarded with them on a daily basis?

  85. tehnoun on said:

    Reblogged this on Of Privilege And Denial and commented:
    I think this is one of her best posts yet. I know it must be weird for a white woman to agree with her in that separation is potentially the only way to handle it, because if proper multiculturalism is to happen (which is what I want), all the work would have to be done by whites, as the division and the pain of racism is entirely and exclusively our fault. Unfortunately, in general I feel our race has shown it is completely and utterly incapable or unwilling to change in the slightest, so perhaps true division is going to prove necessary. It’s not what I want, but sometimes we don’t get what we want in life, and, given that I’m part of the race that started this bullshit, my feelings on the matter aren’t really important or relevant to what’s best.

  86. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! Is that toolwielder or boy george? To the Caucasians that come up here, I suggest you read :unpacking the invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh. I will post the link here to ease you into it.

    Click to access InvisibleKnapsack.pdf

    It’ written by a Caucasian female so her points should be valid for you. The tell African people why we need to hold hands and sing Kumbaya again.

  87. Dr. Reine on said:

    I’m multiracial, so # 3 is absolutely not even a partial consideration. And that ties into #1, I say love whomever loves you back.

  88. Dr. Reine

    Long time no hear.

    Very interesting. Ok. That is a personal choice for everyone to make.

  89. EyesWideOpen on said:

    If you want a good idea of what whites say to each other about black people just lurk at Stormfront for an hour or so. The language might be a little more salty than Mr & Ms White might use but most of them agree in principle with the views espoused by white extremists, they just wish they wouldn’t be so open and militant about it.

    Stormfront is also a good tool for learning more about whites. Just look for posts about Jews and as you’re reading, whenever you see the word ‘jew’ just substitute it with ‘white’. You can try it with the following comment from their site that I copied about a year ago:

    We are not facing fellow human beings in facing the jew. We are at war with a non-human (but humanoid) species, a non-human genetics. It is a genetic war. A war between human genetics and Neanderthal genetics. Michael Bradley tells us the primary difference between the two human species is the level of aggression. This is true. The jew is, genetically, twice as aggressive as our people, as human beings. However, I also agree with John De Nugent that there is another equally significant fundamental difference between the two species. The Neanderthal species is sociopathic. That is to say, the Neanderjew has no internal moral/conscience limitation on what he is willing to do to achieve his goal of dominance of earth. None. The Neanderjew will do anything.

    The significance is HUGE. Nothing could be more significant. If this hypothesis is true, and it rings absolutely true to me, then the true situation of the world is this: Human beings are engaged in a death struggle with A COMPETING HUMANOID SPECIES. Not merely a different race, not even a mixed race. No. The Neanderjew or Neandersemite is NOT merely a mixture of RACES. The Neanderjew/Neandersemite is a hybrid between a human and a non-human SPECIES. This explains the INHUMANENESS of the jew. His utter inhuman ruthlessness, his utter instinctive inhuman hatred and fear of the human races (especially the White human race), his inhuman cruelty, his inhuman disinterest in beauty or truth, his utter inhuman unconcern and lack of appreciation for human civilization. How many beautiful, promising advanced civilizations has the jew destroyed? Civilizations which took hundreds or thousands of years for White people to build…

    How can this fool ‘Not-See’ that he is also talking about white people?

    This tactic (substituting the word white whenever you see jew) also works well at http://www.smokingmirrors.blogspot.com. Les Visible is an excellent writer (when he’s not high) who is obsessed with jews. Almost everything he says about them can be applied to the white race in general. Aside from the Tim Wise’s of the world, it’s as close as most whites ever get to introspection about whiteness.

    TBT, I love your blog and your passion. You GET IT.

  90. mary burrell on said:

    @blackmystory; You ask if toolweilder’s avatar was Boy George Lol!! I think it’s Marilyn Manson.

  91. @ EyesWideOpen:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I visited Stormfront and left in two seconds. Good suggestion though…real good. Tim Wise is a charlatan…a post coming soon.

  92. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Most of the bigger ‘alternative’ and supposed ‘truth’ sites are cointelpro operations. Dig deep into the backgrounds of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero etc and you’ll almost always find a military, FBI or CIA connection and/or funding by people in very high places. The good thing about such sites is that ~95% of their info has to be legit otherwise they’d have no credibility with the readers who know their stuff. So you can still learn a lot from them even if their motives are suspect. It’s that 5% that’s BS that can lead you down the wrong path that you’ve got to watch out for.

    I assume the same sort of thing applies to Tim Wise? Or perhaps he’s just working the money angle and doesn’t really give a shit as members of his tribe are known to do. Moral of the story: Learn from everyone (including enemies such as Stormfront and Mein Kempf – thanks for idea, I found an online copy) but TRUST NO ONE.

    I look forward to your post.

  93. When a race of people who categorize themselves as “superior” keep their foot on other people’s necks, constant surveillance is a must for fear of a “slave uprising”.

    Hoover, a walking Demon, taught me a lot how whites operate…and how they use blacks as pawns to take down their own people.

    Many folks that visit my site are working for the Demonic ones…that’s why they come here. To spy.
    Let them spy all they want. You cannot stop Carbon. You’ll have to blown up this entire planet before you stop carbon.

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  95. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! I think I gave away my age there…

  96. You bring up a valid point Blackmystory. Whites only believe what other whites tell them.

  97. Step One: Stop fornicating with white people
    Issue – Contradictory Images

    Your post says one thing but the images you used appear to say the exact opposite.

    I’m sure you can location images of identical dark complexion african male/female
    loving embraces.

    I’m becoming so annoyed with the images you used that I may take excutive action on them inrelation to how they appear on my sites.
    But I humbly await you viewpoint first.

  98. Mbeti

    Showing interracial sexual images directly corresponds with my advise for number 1. Why are you annoyed with my images? I think they correlate either directly or tongue-in-cheek.

  99. larissa on said:

    This is interesting because you are both making valid points. My interpretation:
    Mbeti: Why is she saying don’t sleep with whites”, and then posting an image of the very thing she is telling us not to do? Black on black love = not fornicating with whites, so shouldn’t she put a picture of that instead?
    Truthbetold: I am merely illustrating what fornicating with whites looks like. It seems like the most logical image to add.It is merely a symbolic/visual extension of my written warning.
    At the end of the day it is Truth’s blog so she gets to decide.
    *PS Please correct me if I am wrong.

  100. Lol. It look about right!

    I think SisterTruthBeTold wrote “Stop . . .” so showed what she wanted us to stop.

    If she wrote “Marry Black people” then she would have probably shown Black marriages.

  101. Oniatset, thank you. You got it correct.

  102. Okay I stand corrected ,and I appreciate the feedback

  103. Tyrone on said:


    I understand your premise, but, it’s not the job of black people to make other races feel good about themselves. This is the fundamental point that you and other blacks miss. How can self-hating black people coexist with other races? True tolerance and diversity can only take place when black women and men love themselves and their african ancestry without apology. The other side of the coin is exploitation. Black folk who don’t know themselves will always be slaves to other races…Bottomline!


  104. Tyrone on said:


    I disagree with you. As blackmen, we wrongly assume that coveting whitewomen will piss off whitey…Wrong! We wrongly assume that whitewomen can take the place of real blackwomen…Wrong! We wrongly assume that the biracial offspring some blackmen bring forth via whitewomen will view themselves as black…Wrong! JT, Why do you and other blackmen covet a group of women who have been branded as expendable in the eyes of whitemen? As blackmen, we know we can have whitewomen if we want them, that’s a given. Yes, mixed whitewomen such as Kim K and Eva Longoria are attractive, but, neither you or i can turn them into blackwomen. We’re trying to have all the women to ourselves, we want all women to love our brown skin, curly hair, athletic physiques, BBC, all of that. I feel you blackman, but, we have to think long term in regard to this issue. We want real black people to inhabit this planet, not a bunch of pseudo-blacks pretending to be black…Do you get the jist of what i’m saying blackman? For most of my life, i was a member of Swirl-O-Vision…white girls, asian women, indian women fawning over me and other brothas of the same mind. I never wanted to be in a serious relationship, i wanted to f***. Over time, i realized that i was playing games with them and myself. If we spend all of our time chasing other tail, we neglect the one group of women on this planet that actually love us for who we are…Blackwomen! JT, just because we can have all the women doesn’t mean it’s the best course of action for blackmen and our race in general.

    JT…Loving blackwomen is the objective right now, stop trying to rush the process. White, Asian, and Indian women are not going anywhere. When we get right with sistas, then, we can deal with them as it relates to marriage and children. Black Eros is maximizing our sexuality for the black race and womanhood as a whole. Once we gain control of our sexuality, you’ll understand why i think as i do…Ditto!

  105. Tyrone on said:


    Curly hair is the best hair…Braids, Cornrows, Twists, Locks, Afro Puffs, and so forth…Ditto! As for church, intelligent blackwomen need not allow a bunch of coons to continue brainwashing them. They’re worshipping a whiteman with blonde hair and blue eyes who wants them to pray on it. Sistas, life is about being proactive, not waiting on some mythical figure in the sky to save us as a race of people. Remember, the slave barons who kidnapped us from our homeland were Christians…Ditto!


  106. without apology … how about taking some pride in your history and help me shout out what is happening in Libya right now please, ancestry and heritage is being genocided by brother Obomba and i don’t hear too much noise

  107. Step Four: Black women, Jah made you beautiful. Stop buying hair.

    Most Black/Meleninieated Females process thier hair with heat and chemicals.

    I realized that this relates to your “Black People: Take A Stand! Show Your Power and Stay Home on Election Day!” Post with Michelle Obama and daugters and thier Processed hair.

    Most Black/Meleninieated Females that process thier hair, had thier own hair processed/thier natural hair texture and look abused and rejected from earliest childhood ,which the past on to the next generation with thier childern.

    Buying hair from white/albinic asian is the next consistent step when you learned to value yourself less.

  108. Also Most Albinic/White people especially the females actively promote a hair inferiority complex among Black/meleiniated people.
    I notice a timed to my attention stroking,shaking ,flipping etc hair jestures by many Albinic/White females.

  109. Now This Black/Afrocentric Progress!!
    Due to this one video I’m a instant fan.
    I love the “Addicted to knowledge instead of building instiuitions”
    Maybe because if you put your money where your mouth is ,you might have fight & kill to defend it.

  110. Tyrone on said:


    Obama has no true love for Africa and black people in general. Radical Islam has grown and become increasingly violent in North and West Africa. Untold numbers of sistas and brothas have died because Obama is afraid to call white arab men what they are…White Devils! Why blackmen allow them to remain in Africa, is a mystery to me? Carina, all non-black men are suspect. It’s deeper than just black and white. Everybody wants to control and profit from the resources of Africa, which is the source of the problem. The ousting of Qaddafi by England, France, and the US was about oil…Sweet Crude. France and England wanted Qaddafi out of the way to drive the price down. China is the new face of colonialism in Africa…Peep Game!


  111. Tyrone on said:


    As a non-black woman of color, how does blackness relate to you? Do you see yourself as an Italian female with dark skin, or, do you think of yourself as a blackwoman? Living in Miami, i deal with and interact with mixed whitewomen(Spanish, Portugese, Arab, Persian, Indian), etc. They’re white females who think and act as if they’re blackwomen, which i’ve never understood. Carina, What’s the real deal? What are mixed whitewomen and brown-skinned asian and native-american women trying to accomplish via blackmen? Why i ask this question? In order for the black race to prosper, blackmen must love themselves and blackwomen first and foremost. Carina, your group is a problem. Blackwomen have to fight with Italia, Espana, and all of the other africanized women on the planet, Why? If blackness is that important to you and the others, What are you gonna do about it? I would assume that you’re fond of black people, this blog was created by a creole blackwoman, Negress! And, i assume you like blackmen? You’re in a bind more or less, you admire sistas, but don’t want conflict with them. Blackmen aren’t populating as God intended, therefore, there is no surplus of blackmen on the planet for (White Creoles) such as yourself Carina…Interesting! It’s our fault ladies, we’ve dropped the ball. Negress doesn’t want me and other brothas to fornicate with whitewomen, but, you’re not white Carina, Yes? You’re a creole just like Negress, but, on the european side. Negress, how should blackmen deal with (White Creole Women)? This would make an interesting topic. Black womanhood in other form.


  112. Tyrone

    Blackmen need to stop laying down with women that do not look like them. Period.

    The same for black women.

  113. actually i have a thing for a brazilian physics professor, his skin is not black, he’s pretty light ;). i think he has some aussie in him. liked him before i knew what color he was, it was not anything i gave thought to.

    on the question of interracial relationships, i have mixed feelings. am not racist, is not that, if people care about each other then so be it, but then you have heritage and culture issues. honestly we are so interbred now who is to say what we are … i have good blog about that. find link and bring it back.

    i don’t know what people view me as, mexican, puerto rican, who knows, not white. i don’t intermingle with american men after the first one regardless of colors. what do i view myself as, no idea, strong woman of color, am not an american and yet am no longer just italian either ….

  114. sorry to disappoint you that i do not consider myself black, am just me

  115. Tyrone on said:


    You’re right, we as blackmen need to put blackwomen first.


    Just being curious Bella. You’re very self-confident in your “Coloration” as a woman, all sun-kissed women should feel the same. I like Italian women, but, that’s the old me talking…Wink Wink!

    Negress…It’s all in fun sista

  116. Tyrone on said:

    @Jay in the Black Dimension

    There are 4 tribes that make up the human family…African…European…Asian…American. The men that belong to each tribe were given the sacred responsibility of continuing the bloodlines of their respective race or group. The women that comprise each tribe are sufficiently attractive enuf to keep their men happy sexually speaking. What altered this dynamic? Whitemen decided to alter the racial and sexual dynamics on the planet because of racial envy…Albinism! Being the lightest, they resented the darkness of african and indian peoples. Thus, black and indian women paid the price. Men not coveting the women of their race is a white male created concept.


  117. Tyrone on said:


    When did it become the responsibility of blackmen to love and protect the women of other tribes? Do white, asian, and indian women not have their own to reproduce themselves? A lot of blackmen have fallen into the “Strong Enuf For A Man But Made For A Woman Trap.” We compare ourselves to other men, and notice that our physical and sexual blueprint is a notch above. Thus, we aim to spread our seed in women not of our tribe. I understand the temptation to feel that way as a blackman, but, it’s not as harmless as it seems on the surface. Having half-black children takes us further away from blackness, not closer. Blackmen dilute themselves more so than blackwomen. Mulatto males are not as black as real blackmen, which does nothing for blackwomen. Blackwomen can never be replaced, no matter how “black” the other woman may look physically. Yes, other women can birth brown or caramel children, but, it’s still not a justification for african men to turn against their reflection. The human family needs and wants blackmen who love the black race and blackwomen especially. Black is the color that binds the human family…Carbon/The Building Block of Life. Duality is the struggle that we as blackmen deal with. The Almighty gave blackmen 2 tasks in the genesis of humankind…Populate the planet…Colorize the planet/Melanin. The asthetics of black manhood were created for the sexual pleasure of blackwomen. We don’t have ownership over our sexual organs, they belong to the women. It’s not about us as blackmen, it’s about providing sexual pleasure for blackwomen and multiplying the black race…Bottomline! Simple Logic…Love the p***y you came out of. If men of all races adhered to this simple motto, there would be less conflict in the world. Blackwomen are Creation, A Masterpiece! How could any blackman not love (The Trinity)…Cola, Chocolate, and Caramel? JT, blackness is a blessing, blackwomen are a blessing…Be Happy!!!

    Black Eros

  118. Tyrone on said:


    Whites don’t want blackmen to love blackwomen because that equals more black people, more black males, which is bad for whitemen. The idea of blackmen having babies with blackwomen and whitewomen as well makes them s**t in their pants. Our DNA is stronger, thus, the white race is no more. Whitewomen get mad because they wouldn’t have access to blackmen sexually, which is unacceptable to them. Whitewomen are optional, blackwomen are mandatory. Fear of a “Black Planet” is real in the minds of white and asian men. The planet will be dominated by african people, but, on our terms. Blackwomen are the Queen Bee, this fact will never change.


  119. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, half-black is sufficiently black. However, it’s not a guarantee of loyalty to the black race. Bringing forth mulatto children only benefits our race if they see themselves as black. Otherwise, it’s a lose-lose proposition. Why do whitewomen want to have colored babies with blackmen? In the minds of white females, it’s a win-win outcome, they benefit on both sides of the issue. If their black children embrace their blackness, more black people. If they have children with whites, blacker/darker white people. In essence, whitewomen are taking one for the team more or less. Whitemen give their blessing to all of this, because, access to the DNA of black people has always been the primary objective. Remember, whites are albino, they can’t have exposure to sunlight. Being darker gives them greater protection from the sun. It won’t take away the problem of sunburn, lines, and wrinkles. However, it delays the timeline that all of those skin ailments will affect them…Simple Logic! As for abortion, blackwomen have the most abortions disproportionate to their population and that of AA as a whole. Planned Parenthood was founded with the intention of brainwashing blackwomen to abort their black babies. As it relates to whitewomen, they’re not having babies with whitemen. They’re having babies with blackmen thru all kinds of ways…casual-sex, dating, marriage, cuckolding, breeding, etc. Essentially, they’re breeding themselves and their race into extinction. Is it crazy, hell yeah it’s crazy. Whitewomen have been infatuated with carbon men from the jump, but, who would’ve thought that they would castrate white manhood as much as they have? As blackmen, our primary concern is our black sisters all over the globe. We can have whitewomen if we want them and other non-black females. At the end of the day, a black planet is the objective…loving blackwomen is the only way we can achieve this goal. Once that goal is set in stone, then we can worry about reproducing with other women.


  120. Tyrone on said:


    How can we create an economic infrastructure for our race when we’ve been supporting a political party and mindset that wants us to stay poor, think about it blackman?


  121. Tyrone on said:


    All whites are suspect, even those who have sexual relations with black people. There is no fullproof way to know that a white person is or is not contrary to black folk. It’s like this, whites who obsess over black people have selfish motives involved, whites who stay to themselves and their race are not the whites that we need to worry about. Any white person that loves us more than themselves can’t be trusted…Period!


  122. GreeneInk on said:

    I hear what you are saying, but I disagree that blackwomen are getting more abortions. I looked up the CDC numbers on abortion and whitewomen outnumber blackwomen in abortion rates 2-1. Now, when you start looking at demographics, it changes. It appears that blackwomen abort about one to two percent more than whitewomen when socioeconomic status changes. In other words, the higher on the economic ladder, the more blackwomen tend to abort, but there was only about 2 percentage points between them, so it’s about even. The more money, the more the likelihood of terminating an unwanted baby. Now lower income women tend to abort a lot less. As a black woman who wasn’t what you can call rich, I never saw nor did I hear from one single person from Planned Parenthood through four pregnancies, and none of the other girls and/or women I knew who were having babies even knew what Planned Parenthood was. You had to seek them out, they didn’t come looking for you. And most of the people I was around, black and white, mostly discouraged abortions and putting babies up for adoption. If you tried it, they tried to talk you out of it. Where I came from in the deep south, people were very proactive when it came to all races of children. Whites and blacks tried talking black women OUT of aborting and OUT of putting their kids up for adoption. They wanted to see kids and they wanted to see them with their parents, even when dads walked out. They loved children of all races…so I never got any pushback from Planned Parenthood. But those who were looking for them, for abortion or contraceptives or whatever…found them.

    As far as whitewoman and blackman …. good for them. They’ve achieved and accomplished recoloring the world so well that nobody can look at anyone and tell what race they are any more, unless they’re one extreme or the other.

    They should be commended for that. If they keep “browning” the world … race isn’t going to be a problem any more cuz everybody will be black, brown and colored.

    Maybe … ??? … that’s a good thing. Because I, for one, am about as sick and tired of these color-superior whites and color-complex blacks and coloreds as I can be.

  123. Tyrone on said:


    Asian women are the reason whitemen treat them as such. They think that the fugly whitemen that covet them truly admire them, Really? Whitemen don’t respect asian women. Whitemen who lust after non-white females are ego-tripping. They yearn for the days when their white forefathers could rape and pillage as much as they pleased…It’s About Power! Blackwomen who fall for the bs know better…Real Talk!


  124. Tyrone on said:


    Why are you shocked by all of this? Whites are not gonna change. Jealous people hate on others that are not like them. Whites hate themselves, thus, they hate on us because they can’t be us…Ditto!


  125. Mickey on said:


    The world is already Black, Brown, & Colored. 90% of planet Earth consists of POC. That’s why White supremacists want their own all-White nations and such because they know that they are the real minority in the world. Any two large groups of POC can sneeze and wipe them out if they wanted. That is why they keep POCs at each other’s throats. Divide and conquer. If we cancel each other out, it leaves them out of the equation.

  126. Mickey on said:


    Dr. Umar Johnson said that when he has visited Africa, he felt that he was on his way to China or Japan because the entire plane was full of Asians. In Nigeria, Asians have invested in the Nigerian economy and are marrying Black women from the country. Real talk.

  127. Tyrone on said:


    There is no racial harmony, whites will always seek to control and exploit black people. If they can’t be black themselves, they seek to control us in like fashion. Blackness=Money Blackness=Power Blackness=Beauty The truth can’t be hidden forever blackman.


  128. GreeneInk on said:

  129. GreeneInk on said:

    The only black middle class is in terms of consumerism; not in terms of wealth and control over their own economic resources.

  130. GreeneInk on said:

    It is something with which I lived most of my life in deep south Georgia. I didn’t think it got any worse than that, until I ended up in Aryanzona. What vomit.

  131. GreeneInk on said:

    What is the “Black experience” exactly? How do you see it?

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  133. Tyrone on said:

    @ Ms J

    Negress is right, we can’t fight the enemy and sleep with them at the same time. If whites truly loved black folk as much as they claim, they would fight to end the bulls$$t. Again, if whites can’t be black, they wish to control and exploit us for their own benefit. Sex is the obvious choice for them.


  134. Tyrone on said:


    I’m assuming most of the Asian men on the plane are from China? China has no resources, so, we should not be surprised that they’re in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. As far as blackwomen marrying Asian men, Why? I understand the BWE(Black Woman Empowerment) mindset and all, but, this ish makes no sense to me. Asian men are at the bottom of the totem pole, and always will be. Any black female that has sexual relations with them is doing so to spite blackmen. It’s a selfish act any way you slice it. Blackmen get no benefit out of this insanity. Blackwomen who jump in and out of bed with non-black men are prostituting themselves, and they know it. Men of other races don’t care about blackmen. If they had their way, we would be extinct by now. China is a communist nation which is in bed with Iran and Russia. All 3 are up to no good. The sistas should be ashamed of themselves, Seriously! If i was in Nigeria, and had a daughter that married a Chinaman, i would disown her. I’m dead serious about this. There are certain groups of men on this planet that blackwomen have no business fooling with, and the Chinese are in that club. This is another case of blackwomen helping the enemies of their men, the same ish goes on in spanish culture and american culture. They assume that blackmen are supposed to accept their so-called black children. Dawn Ali would be proud, she’s one of the bigger names in the BWE movement who promote blackwomen stepping outside the race. The same group of sistas are gonna be on tv bitching about the lack of manly blackmen in Nigeria. Blackwomen having babies with other men never works, Never!

    PS…Sistas, throw stones all you want, you know i’m right.

  135. Tyrone on said:


    As blackmen, we need to chill with the PoC stuff, Seriously! We’re setting ourselves up for a fall. We think that whitemen are the only men we have to worry about…Not So! I don’t trust other men, as it relates to the affairs of our race. As i stated in the previous post, they want our women. We’re just in the way, so, they’ll behave themselves and befriend us to get close to blackwomen…Peep Game! Asian and Native-American men are not blackmen, they need to chill with that s**t. Why i’m vexed about this, the same bs keeps repeating itself time and time again. Other men use our race as a jumpoff, and i’m sick of it. White Arabs set up shop in the hood, and now they’re impregnating naive ghetto girls who want a baby with so-called good hair. Non-black spanish men pretend to be blackmen, and some random sista is walking around with a Wannabe. At the same time, the same black females can’t apply for good paying jobs because they’re not bilingual(english & spanish). I could cite many more examples of this insanity. The bottomline, men of other races are one in the same, they don’t give a f**k about blackmen. Sistas, ya’ll doing some foul ish right now. Ya’ll quick to call us out for doing the same, ya’ll don’t get a pass. The same rules apply to you as well.


  136. Tyrone on said:


    Black Americans carry the torch for our race as a whole, if we lose, black people lose…Bottomline!


  137. I don’t see a reason to think like that. There are around 160 million Blacks in Nigeria and they are ahead of us in many ways. I do not see why we would be the leaders.

  138. The lack of black unity and pervasive self-hatred is not only learned behavior. It’s actual programming. That’s why it’s called TELL-A-VISION. That’s why they call the shows “programs”. Our brains are computers. The TV is the programmer. It’s that simple. Public education is a joke. It’s all lies and it’s racist lies at that. Whites have never created anything that helped anyone but themselves. If we benefit then it’s by accident or because they make a ton of money while we get the crumbs.

    If you refuse to deprogram yourself God will do it eventually for you, after hundreds and thousands of years of suffering in agonizing pain in lower realsm. Why wait for that after death? Do it now and spare your soul that agony. If you could see outside of your five senses in 3D you would stop this behavior my beautiful black people.

    Whites have stolen everything from indigenous peoples all over the world and relabeled it as their own. They practice black magic (just look at the dollar bill). They own the Federal Reserve. They own the porn industry. Jews own 23 out of the 27 NBA team. That’s right the NBA and NFL are both modern day plantation where they trade their slaves when they don’t perform well enough. Only a people that truly hated themselves would tolerate this abuse and much worse normalize. This ain’t normal folks……..not even close.

    Your white, Asian, Indian and Latino friends are NOT coming to help you. They all hate you. They are just afraid to say it to your face. They want to feel like good people so they have one or a few token “niggas” in their crews but you are a square peg trying to force your way into a round hole. You will NEVER fit in. If you think you do because you enjoy some of the same things as your non-black friends then it is just a testament to how damaged you really are. Seek help from God. NOW!!!!!!

  139. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. One thing I’m finding hard to do…..I’ve looked high and wide for Black owned businesses but can’t seem to find any….

    The hair—-check…my natural hair is awesome, thank you! lol

    Speak to them at a bare minimum—-check, I realize the longer I talk to whites, it’s a complete mind-fuc; they play mental games continuously. I know they’re practicing white supremacy when they do that. I have no need anyway

    No sex—no desire, done, moot. Won’t play into that game of genetic suicide and disunity

    Imperialist, colonizers names given and deplorably adopted by Blacks as their own—-DONE. This is a pet-peeve when I witness Blacks referring to each other as
    “n–r” and all the other degrading words. They don’t realize they are co-inspiring white supremacy and causing great psychological damage to themselves and each other. It’s always been designed that way. Back in my day, “n–r” was taboo and an instant beat-down….along with the others also.

    Learn European history—check. If you don’t , you’ll easily succumb to their war tactics….they have rarely changed. Unfortunately whites may think they don’t have to change war tactics because many are ignorant to their war tactics.

    Turn off the tel-lie-vision…..now that I know its a propaganda machine in addition it is telling us what they are planning…..I watch for those reasons only.

    In addition I do not play into the “gender wars” of demeaning Black women or Black men. I’m all for solutions though….

  140. Umoja

    Thank you. It was needed. As for black businesses, did you check out my “Introducing…” posts on our budding businesses? I’m in the midst of promoting ANY black owned business owner/ author, etc…

    And, if you are into organic soaps, please check out my company:


    I designed them myself.

    I am in the slow but sure process of un-learning the bullshit. Welcome to my therapy.

  141. maeleonline on said:

    Reblogged this on Not yet uhuru… and commented:
    At last some necessary and relevant blog, thank you!

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  143. priceless21 on said:

    Reblogged this on Forever Black Effusion.

  144. voodoogreen on said:

    I love this. The seven commandments all black people should live their lives by.

  145. Helluva good article. Everything you say is true especially buying from ourselves only. That’s what the Asians do. We need to read Chinese history in America. They suffered a lot of the same stuff we did. How were they able to progress despite racism? Oh u forgot one thing. Raise our children right!

  146. I’ve noticed a YouTube epidemic happening.Where the interracial couples are bombarding the system.Especially to black women who are googlie eyed at these couples and how the white man treats his black woman like a prize.Something they don’t get from the black men .I’ve seen comments like how did they meet and where can they (black women) find one like that.And they’ve gained popularity because of the desperation BW have to be loved,adored and respected.And the fact that these interracial couples are putting their lives out there there is now this image that white men are Prince Charming and accept us more than BM.My discernment however, hit me that something is backward here.And I being a very detailed person and watch these movements.And I feel it’s apart of the obsession and a fetish.It’s all about domination.I don’t get why in an interracial relationship my children will always be black, considering my other half is white.They claim equality in their relationships but if someone asked them what race is your child they would respond black even if they avoid the question they know the child will never be considered white.And this is our “savior” Prince Charming my arse.Anyway interracial couples are using this appeal to gain thousands of followers.And these women seem to have very low self esteem.And accept anything thinking it’s real love.It’s love alright love of the conquest.

    Also can anyone explain how 12 years a slave became a phenom.It was riddled with horrible acting and the lead woman was the white man’s whore.They sure are obsessed with slavery…smh

  147. Also if anyone questions them with logics they block them or the intense follower ship attacks them.

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