Observations of an Invisible Woman

Look at these pictures and remove all doubt.





“Let’s call prisons exactly what they are: an extension of slavery.” –Robert Hillary King

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  1. don’t see the picture or did miss something?

  2. diaryofanegress on said:

    ok. here you go. sorry.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Those pics are sad but very telling. Do we need any more proof that prisons are the new slavery?

  4. blackmystory on said:

    Prince, Negress, they are now redirecting truant students into the prison system claiming that it is a preventative against potential delinquency. But if I am not mistaking, don’t the US prison complex stigmatize you automatically, for life, if you are booked and charged? I mean it affects your schooling, jobs, ability to vote etc. That second picture is damn sure not what you see on tel-lie-vision of a cell with two or three cell mate does it?

  5. diaryofanegress on said:

    None whatsoever.

  6. Black, have you read “breaking rank” by Norm Stamper? He’s an ex-cop, a white man, who says openly that the police force trains them to hate and kill niggers.

  7. blackmystory on said:

    No, but I have been African for all my life…Lol! So I kinda know whats up:)

    As a student of his story and my story, I can tell you that the modern Po-lice did not just come out of the Pinkerton service, but were also still born fetuses of the older slave catchers who were tasked to hunt run-a-way prisoners of America colonialist wars. in fact an old high school associate once told me about the question asked on a Po-lice interview which hinged on whether he was willing to serve the shield over his mother stealing a candy. Besides the question being stupid, what do you think they garner from the response? And how do you think it would affect his prospects. See the movie the glass shield.

  8. diaryofanegress on said:

    hmmm…ok. Never heard of it. But now I’ll look out for it.

  9. Mickey on said:

    Here is an interview of Norm Stamper I found on Youtube.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    Exactly, prisons are nothing more than modern day plantations. Nothing has changed.

  11. blackmystory on said:

    Thanks for this video, i am downloading it and checking it out.

  12. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    As blackmen, we allow a bunch of lame whiteboys to punk us…Who Does That? The same race of men who play with themselves watching a blackman f**k their wife kind of men…What? This is how pathetic some blackmen are. Kushite, are we in Disneyland or What? It’s so sad you have to laugh at the stupidity of it all.


  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I feel your pain brother.lol We have a lot of weak soft black men out here. Out here in Cali there’s a lot of Uncle Tom ass kissing black men. They cower when white boys are around. I don’t behave in that manner. That’s why I don”t get along with some of my co-workers. White boys know which black men NOT to f-ck with,you feel me? It’s time for the REAL black men to step up or should I say man up. All the sissy ass kissers can step aside. Those days are over! No more boot licking!

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