Observations of an Invisible Woman

Please Watch this video and beware!!!

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  1. mary burrell on said:

    Watched this yesterday on Brotha Wolf’s blog. This evil system needs to be dismantled. The cops have to make a quota because they are being pressured. This is an evil system run by racist jerks. Like I said previously there are many young black men dead because of this racist system. And nothing is being done about it.

  2. you mean to tell me that an enforcement person is forced to do these things and they just do them? So when someone ask; well, why did you harass the people you were supposed to “serve and protect”, your answer will be what? You were made to do it. Well, SS tried that same thing at Nuremberg and all of them were hanged.

  3. diaryofanegress on said:

    Jesus…you sure know how to make a statement!!! LOL!
    My friend has a cop brother and he spills the beans about this all the time. Including the quota.

    Considering the roots of the cops, the KKK, are we shocked?

  4. moorbey on said:

    The modern day police back in the day, they were slave catcherz and with that being said u get the picture.

  5. I once read a statement from a White racist who bragged that the KKK is not the KKK that people imagine them to be. In other words, instead of riding around on horses wearing white robes and lifting up torches in the night, they’re pounding their gravels, presenting cases in court and paroling our streets (the cops).
    How much of this is true I don’t know, but based on this condemnable frisk practice and others like it I find myself agreeing with that bigot.

  6. Tyrone on said:


    (In Plain Sight)

    Black people, the enemies of our race are in front of us, they’re not hiding behind white sheets anymore. They laugh and smile at us, they listen to hip-hop, they may even like sistas…fall for the bs if you want to. Blackmen are so caught up in the madness, they see the enemy as a friend and a friend as an enemy. Al Sharpton is not gonna save them, The Black Church is not gonna save them, the NAACP is not gonna save them. My advice to young brothas, stop bulls**ting thru life, all blackmen have a target on their back, yours truly included.


  7. I will check this out — after I have a stiff drink (of apple juice)

  8. mary burrell on said:

    I just saw a headline 500 skate boarders in Hollywood threw rocks and bottles at the police. The police showed up in riot gear. Did the cops shoot them?

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