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The Origin of European Love

{A post dedicated to our modern day Zeus, Jerry Sandusky}

Ganymede, a young boy, was abducted by Zeus,who transformed himself into an eagle, to serve as his lover and his “divine spiritual half.” The story of Ganymede, the most beautiful boy Zeus has ever seen, was the inspiration for European love and sexuality. This story was immortalized in Greek and Roman history as a socially acceptable form of what we know today as Pedophilia.

Ganymede, abducted from Mt. Ida, which is near Troy, had been tending sheep when Zeus saw him and fell deeply in love. The child, now held prisoner by Zeus, was raped repeatedly and was forced to live as “one” with him.

After the rape and abduction of his child, Zeus compensated Ganymede’s father, Tros, by giving him horses. It was believed through the act of child rape, one gains eternal youth and immortality. In compensation for the boy’s eternal love, Zeus gave his child lover a gift of a constellation we call Aquarius.

Rape of Ganymede (1635) was made famous by painter Rembrandt (above).

Since I began to study European history with very little emotion, I’ve learned a lot about the modern day world. I now over-stand the need for aggressiveness and brutality in order to keep whiteness supreme. I also over-stand why their man-made system known as white supremacy must be annihilated. Now that you know a small tidbit of history, does this shock you:
Military genius Sun Tzu said:
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
Having said that, let the leader of Demons explain to you the origin of said sickness:

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19 thoughts on “The Origin of European Love

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I learned what the word pederast means a lover of young boys. This practice in ancient Greece. There so much devient behavior among Europeans. It is also practiced here in America the NAAMBA The National Association Of Man Boy Lovers. If it was left up to me the cretins would be beheaded like you cut off the head of a poisonous snake. Sandusky even after his sentencing still blames his victims. I forgot how i used to love greek and roman mythology. That zeus and the young boy I didn’t know about that. Now I will have to go back and read about Zeus. I feel we are living in the days of Soddom and Gomorrha. Devient behavior just should not be tolerated. Sandusky will die in prison there is some justice.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    And you are right about Charles Manson being a demon. He is just one of many leigons of demons. Just pure evil.

  3. diaryofanegress on said:

    Miss Mary

    Baby-rapists get killed in jail. My friend in Jersey has a cop brother who gives me details about this stuff. There is one rule amongst criminals “You don’t touch babies.”

    Now Sandusky is white and rich. He may be put into solitary confinement and made to shower alone…

  4. diaryofanegress on said:

    My mom taught me that demons walk the earth in human form.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    This is a great post that can help people understand how Europeans “love”. If people do the research and read the right books–they will realize that the Sandusky’s of the world are not anything new. They still fondle little boys and girls all the time. It’s a practice the rich elite do all the time. This is a book I read about ten years ago. Even with all the reading I’ve done I still found this book very informative. Be sure to add it to your reading list.


  6. Tyrone on said:


    None of this should shock us as black people. As others have already stated, whitemen have an organization by the name of NAMBLA(North American Boy Love Association). Adult men who seek to have sex with young boys. Recently, a sex scandal involving the Boy Scouts of America was exposed a few weeks ago. However, the story hasn’t gotten a lot of media coverage due to the political clout they have gained over the years. Honestly, i think a lot of whitemen on this planet play for the other team if you know what i mean. When did it all make sense to me? Whitemen pushing their own women into the arms of blackmen, that’s when the lightbulb clicked on in my head. I said to myself, “Whitemen have lost their damn’ minds.” Men who love women don’t commit racial suicide like that…Real Talk!


  7. diaryofanegress on said:


    I’m not surprised at all by the Boy Scouts allegations. Many pedophiles get involved for the purpose of attracting kids.

  8. ynotme on said:


    Thanks for the lesson…I looked at the name “Ganymede” and wondered if the word “Gay” originated from that name.

  9. diaryofanegress on said:

    It may be. Whites play with words all the time.
    S A T A N
    S A N T A

  10. GreeneInk on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Write & Read and commented:
    Pretty much the same thing I said about sexual filth and the degradation of something God intended for good coming from the European trash (homosexual demonic spirit) mindset … from a different perspective.

  11. Your mom may be right. My mom taught me that too. It’s scary to know one never really knows who they are talking to, unless given discernment from the Creator.

  12. It’s starting to amaze me how much you learn when you study history. It explains most, if not all, of what we see now. Perhaps that’s why it’s the most distorted, camouflaged and fragmented field of study.

  13. diaryofanegress on said:


    History is whatever white folks want it to be.

  14. Excellent post. I’m located in the area of the world known as Montreal in Canada. Now french canadians commonly call children: Les petits culs. Which means in english: small asses. That says a whole lot about their pedophilic mindset.

  15. blackmystory on said:

    “It was believed through the act of child rape, one gains eternal youth and immortality. In compensation for the boy’s eternal love”

    The Zionist made and produced propoganda movie, 3000, had a part where the Spartan King denounced the Athenians as “boy lovers”, yet they the spartans…most feared and warrior like of the lot, practiced pederast as a norm.

    Due to their warrior nature, it was believed that the semen of a warrior, once ingested by a young male, would give them the fearsom courage of a full spartan warrior. Of course there was no shortage of takers and givers. To anyone here that ever served in any military, the term buddy, was originally related to the individual you pair up with at basic training and you (no pun intended) ride with until death or reloction seperates you. This is your trench buddy, which came out of the Spartan philosophy of “going to ground” or war with your lover. Being in the trench with him, ensures that your buddy will fight harder than someone with only a passing interest to preserve you over themselves. This was considered smart to preserve the detachment. In fact the whole society (after the original African occupiers, left Crete and the Northerners came down) considered the females as wives and breeders, but not lovers. They serve really one purporse and that was to continue the line. However, we all know where the pejoritive for anal sex comes from…doing it Greek…or lesbians from the Isles of Lesbos. Even back then their women have been trying hard to compete with them in their madness.

  16. diaryofanegress on said:

    Another great lesson on the power of words with the European. I never knew that’s where “buddy” came from.

  17. blackmystory on said:

    Sister you would be surprised if you or we all delved deeply into the Anglish dialect/language and symbolism’s, what we would find. Even the term homophobic, if you break it down similar to what was done to pederast, you come up with “fear of man”. Now from a psychological point of view, they are moving dissenters of that life style from being in disagreement, to being in FEAR of them. Homo -from the Latin origin, man and phobic-again Latin, fear. This puts dissenters on the defensive and takes away from the dialogue therein. In fact biblical argument against homosexuality is an entrapment and carries little weight, because there is no fact to it….just belief. We need to know the difference. But as you excellent post indicate, referring to his-story, biology, psychology, politics, socialization and even food (check out the level of estrogen in our food sources, the male hypothalamus being naturally larger than the female, but in homosexual males it’s the same size) which begs the question is it nature or sinister nurturing by a shitstim that seeks to enforce a particular agenda?.

    Any male on this forum can attest to the numerous times in the presence of a Caucasian male, how they naturally fall into homosexual language unconsciously, ie, suck my dick, fuck you/me/him up the ass…etc. It used to be prominent in the locker room, now it’s even in the boardrooms. Also sister, at blackmystory, I have often referred to the fear of the Caucasian male for the feminine principle and the direct correlation to his destruction of the African male and the general family because this is a vampire lifestyle that seeks sustenance from the energy of the young. In other words they most often seek out new blood and it is known that their greatest effort is to convert a straight person. Cynical is from Montreal? He will know of what I speak, I am from Toronto Canada, I interact with that mentality daily.

    Peace sister, excellent post

  18. Mickey on said:

    My sister’s ex-husband was of the typical mindset of a lot of heterosexual men. He said that he was cool with gay men as long as they did not hit on him sexually – a sentiment I’ve heard from plenty of straight men. However, he did mention that a lot of gay men that he encountered act as if all men are a little bit homosexual and try to “convert” some, which he found appalling. He tried to act as if he was not homophobic, but I could tell that he was.

  19. blackmystory on said:

    @Mickey, this is how they have us on the defensive. If it is wrong for a man to harass a woman, and rightfully so, but yet we feel that if we speak up against homosexual harassment, we are some how bashing them. The media and even us endorse this parasitic behavior while knowing nothing about the mindset and methodology they use to do what they do. Let’s hope he never goes to a party and leaves his drink unattended. in fact never drink from a open source. If the forum has never heard of a drug called anal nitrate (dig the name) then be educated. Nitrate is a vascular relaxer, used by body builders to open up the veins for more blood pumping. It mimics the natural nitrate in the male’s testes that allows the penis to be engorged. What anal nitrate does it allows the relaxation of the muscles so that penetration becomes easier. Keep in mind however, the vagina has three different muscles that work symbiotically, while the anus is surrounded with cartilage. As you know once stretched the cartilage never rebounds, which is why most will eventually wear diapers.

    I’m not sure about the cool with them thing, I mean I will interact with them when I have to, but like Caucasian people i am limited in what I share with them or how i interact with them. And once they start going down that road in jest, I bounce.

    Most don’t roll up on me anyway, because my continence and disposition is not inviting to that kind of shit…perhaps but once if they get brave. And they do push the envelope, even if it seems unattainable.

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