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The Holidays

The holidays are amongst us. That means gifts, excess food and decorations for your lawn and house. The black spending power is set to reach 1 TRILLION dollars annually. Yet, we are jobless and uneducated and flailing in the wind. If I may make an honest observation about most black people, myself included:

Looking good and having material objects is more important than going to school, having entrepreneurship, having property to pass on to our kids and building up our communities. Have you ever noticed how Jews and other non-black ethnic groups will cram themselves into a small apartment and work like beasts to buy individual houses and pay off each other’s mortgages in 5 years? Have you ever noticed whenever an ethnic, non-black person enters into a business, everyone within that group will recruit all other peoples of that same ethnicity to shop in their stores exclusively?

Have you ever noticed how ethnic, non-black parents teach their children about money from grade school? And not only do they give them solid financial advise about home ownership, but they set up CD’s, mutual funds and trusts for their ENTIRE family members from childhood. I worked with a white Greek woman who confided in me that when her son was born she took out a 100.00 CD in his name and rolled it into an open money market account set to mature at age 18.

When her child was of age, he cashed out damn near 50,000 dollars for a down payment on his first house! My humble upbringing didn’t give us much money to play with or financial savvy, but from early on, I recognized something was wrong with black people. As long as our hair is done, our clothes were the latest trends and we gave off the appearance of well-being, nothing else matters.

We have no more excuses not to try. Our men, women and children are dying under the policeman’s bullet every day. Yet, we do not own police stations like the Jews in Bensonhurst. Our kids, those of them that can afford schooling, are graduating with no job prospects. Yet, we have no family businesses to hire our young graduates. Our women are working 2 and 3 jobs to support the family due to the high incarceration rate of our men, yet, we have no power over the political sector that put our men behind bars in the first place.

Wake up black people! We are being used. We are considered the lowest forms of life on the planet yet white supremacy could not function without our cooperation and our permission.

We are the richest group of blacks in the world, yet we have poor planning skills and do not seem to care to fix them. This holiday season, I’m actually going to beg, yes you read correctly, BEG you not to feed the white demon called Mammon. Wall Street cannot function without you! It cannot feed its insatiable demonic appetite without your money. You are so powerful in this system called racism because you allow yourself to be used by the very people who hate you and use your money for your own destruction.

I know that this will be especially hard for some of us who have young children who are accustomed to the European culture of gifts. If you only knew that Santa is really Satan, (what we call an anagram), you’d stop feeding this white monster. This white plantation has poisoned us through food, drink, language, sexual practices, music and culture. It was devised for our destruction. And we’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

Please stop Mammon from destroying our families. Fight Wall Street and please do not give in to the racist slave holiday called Black Friday, where you could purchase 2 slaves for the price of 1. Remember the slogan BOGO? Buy One, Get One 1/2 off? It came directly from the auction block. Knowledge is powerful and we do not have enough of it.

With a 1 Trillion dollar spending power we could have:

1. Black Private Schools

2. Black Banks

3. Black Restaurants

4. Black Hospitals

5. Black Neighbourhoods

6. Black Police Stations

7. Black Firehouses

8. Black Teacher’s Unions

9. Black owned Airports

In other words, Black Wall Street would return.

If you are serious about defeating this beast, DO NOT shop this holiday season.

I cannot do this alone.

I need your help. Please help me counter this system. Please do not buy gifts this holiday season and let Wall Street crumble at your feet. Once you realize how whites use you to make themselves even richer while your community becomes more and more degraded, drug ridden and diseased, you’ll open up to the possibly that this system can be demolished.  Please pass this around to as many blacks as possible and join forces to end white supremacy.

{I do not have any social networking. I’m relying on you to get this post out there on websites, Twitter, Facebook and radio programs}

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51 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Well, I can’t argur with you on this. Tom Burrell’s Brainwash speaks of all the things you’ve mentioned here in this post. We have the resources but use them for crazy stuff. I mentioned before how other non black ethinic groups can become prosperous in our communities and we spend our hard earned what liitle money we have, to give to people that don’t give a crap about us. And why are all these damn payday loan places in our neighborhoods. In our city where I live, I noticed the station where we catch the commuter trains, In the white part of town there is a police officer there to watch out for the commuters. And in the southern part of town where the blacks live there is no police protection. There have been several rapes, murders and robberies. Yeah you are right about this system of white supremacy.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    *argue* forgive typo.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    The demon of consumerism is a cancer that’s eating us all alive and we are blind. Lots of people are just willfully ignorant.

  4. Miss Mary:

    Consumerism is the demise of black civilization. I see your point too my neck of the woods in the “town” area that are white dominated. Cleaner streets, better schools, no graffiti on the walls…

  5. Nakale on said:

    As usual, your article is very poignant. I have already posted it on my Twitter account.

  6. Thank you much!!!

  7. alegna on said:

    You said so much in your post!

    “…they set up CD’s, mutual funds and trusts for their ENTIRE family members from childhood. I worked with a white Greek woman who confided in me that when her son was born she took out a 100.00 CD in his name and rolled it into an open money market account set to mature at age 18.”

    I can attest to this. I used to work as a Customer Service Representative for a bank. It was disheartening to see the financial disparity between Blacks & Whites. I can’t tell you how many trust funds I’ve seen just ready to be dipped into by White offspring. I can’t tell you how many accounts I’ve seen set up by both White grandparents & parents for their young ones, unbeknownst to them, in addition to a trust fund (if they had one). And I would see countless accounts started by White parents for their children who were at college – these kids had access to thousands of dollars whenever they needed it…in addition to their parents’ money, which was also sitting in pretty in CDs, money markets & other high-yielding savings accounts.
    Don’t misunderstand – not all Whites had money like this and not all Blacks suffered from overdrawn checking accounts. But the disparity was glaringly obvious.
    You get to see first-hand how uneven the financial scales really are. It was a wake-up call for me, and I’m still trying to get it together myself.

    Regarding Christmas, I’ll be honest: I totally feel you on this one. In fact, I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of years now. But I have yet to align my actions with my thoughts.
    I believe the primary reason is that I don’t want do disappoint my family; I’d feel like I’d be left out of a family tradition. Gift-exchanging is huge in my family. We don’t overdo it with extravagant gifts, but we do give. I don’t have children or a spouse, so that’s not a concern. But my mom, siblings and extended family (some of them), well, it’s a challenge for me to exclude myself from the custom, even when it’s something sort of cheap that I’m buying for them.
    Just something I have to overcome I suppose.
    Christmas is definitely drenched in mammon. I hate it actually. But I still allow myself to get caught up.

  8. I’ve already told my family, ” For the Holidays, you’ll get a heartfelt cooked meal and a hug and kiss.”

    My friends will get a card with a nice message about love and caring but that’s it.

    I too fight hard not to buy into this madness but if we can make it through one holiday without feeding white pockets…we’re off to a good start.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    And that Black Friday b.s. is totally insane peopleact like animals just get flatscreen televison. The love of money is evil. I know it says it’s the root of all evil. But the society has just gone insane worshiping money.

  10. Remember when that security guard died when people trampled on him over a 200.00 flat screen TV?


  11. moorbey on said:

    Reblogged this on Moorbey'z Blog.

  12. brothawolf on said:

    I prefer to call it capitalism myself.

  13. Brothawolf…please pass this around…

  14. brothawolf on said:

    I call this a sickness of hyper capitalism. We’ve been subdued into the intoxications that money, style and consumerism brings. In a way we would sell our souls to the highest bidder if we could.

  15. brothawolf on said:

    Reblogged this on BROTHA WOLF.

  16. alegna on said:

    I believe this.

  17. larissa on said:

    Before reading this post I had never heard of Jewish police stations in Besonhurst. I tried researching the subject which led me to this link. I know wikipedia is not very trustworthy, but it is a good starting point for those who want to explore the subject, and offers several links. I’d never heard about shomrim, and I have never heard of anything similar in the black community.

  18. Larrisa

    In black talk, Shomrim means “spies”.

    That’s why when you go into their neighbourhood, within 5 minutes, the cops know you are there.

    Please pass this around to as many blacks as possible.

  19. GreeneInk on said:

    Did you see the TED video on human greed and capitalism? If you didn’t, I will try to find it for you. I am with you … I am tired of seeing black folks begging bread at the gates of enemies who don’t care whether they live or die, and I am tired of making folks rich who then turn around and destroy us with the very money we gave them to do it with. I am with you on this. All the way.

  20. Thank you…please pass this on to as many black folks as possible and help me end Wall street.

  21. CREE-EIGHT on said:

    Reblogged this on Cree7's Blog.

  22. Thank you Cree and Jesus!

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    I tweeted this post. 🙂

  24. alphax2k on said:

    Almost every sentence in this article resonated with my life experience at this very moment in our so called Canadian holiday of thanksgiving. I will pass this article on.

  25. Sanctified Brother on said:

    I knew him. We went to school together.

  26. Sanctified Brother on said:

    No XMas for me and my household. We avoid it like the plague.

  27. ynotme on said:


    I usually spend around $1,500. on Christmas presents each year on a bunch of greedy family members…Guess what? NO MORE!!. Thanks for making my decision a lot easier.

  28. Reblogged this on Innerstanding Isness and commented:
    The Holidays

  29. Thank you all for the great support. I’ll repost this again as the holidays gets closer.

  30. I agree, we need to let go of XMAS and all the false holidays, especially the ones that celebrate the slaughter of non-white people.

  31. Also, wanted to add that there are a lot of good ideas in this post that go beyond not celebrating holidays. I’ll definitely share the link to this post with my personal and business lists!

  32. diaryofanegress on said:

    Thanks again Miss Pam.

  33. alegna on said:

    Is it funny that I don’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving anymore (for the obvious reasons) but still hold onto Christmas?
    Maybe we should discuss that, too.

  34. I’ve already told my family, ” For the Holidays, you’ll get a heartfelt cooked meal and a hug and kiss.

    My immediate family has been doing this for years. I used to buy clothes for my niece and nephews when they were small but no longer buy them anything at Christmas. A good meal is sufficient. This ‘seasonal’ orgy of buying is a cornerstone of capitalism at its’ worst. As it is mostly white folks who own these conglomerates, it is them you are supporting. As for friends, I wish them seasonal felicitations and may meet up with them during the holidays for a meal and beverages(non-alcoholic). This seasonal madness some possess for gifts, is a fairly recent phenomenon. You buy in order to sustain the system. Don’t buy shit you don’t really need. For example, do you need a 90 inch tv as opposed to a considerably cheaper 36 inch one? Why put any more money in the coffers of some lout who disdains you. Oh yeah try to buy from black businesses if you can. If you can’t try to shop at black-friendly store if they exist in your area.

  35. diaryofanegress on said:

    “Oh yeah try to buy from black businesses if you can”

    Onitaset gave me some links on black owned businesses that I’ll post soon.

  36. Tyrone on said:


    If whites and other races are not gonna do right by blacks on this planet, we should stop giving them our money. A lot of folk on this planet live high on the hog because of black spending power and stupidity. Imagine all the grocery-chains, clothing-stores, nightclubs, movie-theaters, auto dealerships, and other businesses that would sink if blacks took their money elsewhere? Asian women own all of the hair and beauty supply stores, come on sistas? Whitemen design and sale most of the diamond-studded bling that we see draped all over black athletes and rappers, come on brothas? Every other race on this planet live comfortable because black people are miseducated and uninformed. Being the “Nice Guy” will never get you anywhere in life. Those who are weak get run over and laughed at…So True!


  37. diaryofanegress on said:


    I’m posting about black owned businesses tonight. Spend money with our own and uplift our own community. Onitaset gave me some great sites on black businesses.

  38. GreeneInk on said:

    Black folks have nearly a trillion dollars in spending power (GNBP) and corporately, we’re still broke as a joke.

    What you are saying [stop giving them our money] has been said since the 1940s, even before my old butt was born.

    We’ve been handed “national black agendas” by the likes of everybody from the Black Panther Party and MalcolmX to Louis Farrakhan and Tavis Smiley, as well as Cornell West and Dick Gregory; and black folks haven’t acted on it to this very day. Even President Obama has slipped up on the slick tip and told us what we NEED to be doing while he’s still in office before the Mitt Romney’s and their jerk friends get control of the helm again.

    But why haven’t we listened? One word that starts with ASS. ASSimiliation. Seeing surface mess instead of the deeper roots and causes of “what’s wrong with YOU PEOPLE now.”

    Even AFFirmative Action was nothing more than an on-paper-only lollipop that benefited only white females in the long run.

    What do we NOT get about that?

    We’re living in a world where a black female will endorse a white man for President who has basically told her he doesn’t like her type and that all of us are nothing but a bunch of ni&&ers to him. He uses KKK slogans from the 60s and she’s telling the world she thinks he should be President.

    D’uh … When you got THOSE kinds of black people in this country, we’re going to forever remain on the short bus, dragging up the rear end, and begging like a House Slave to be taken back to the economic plantation.

    If the past hasn’t been enough to teach us a lesson about trusting the elemental powers that be, nothing we say or do is going to change a thing. Not even a black President.

  39. Tyrone on said:


    Having a so-called Black President was not gonna change anything. Obama was bought and paid for by white leftists in this country and abroad as well. If Obama was a real blackman, he wouldn’t be in charge right now. His mixed-race ancestry allowed folk to put him in charge of the US, not his black manhood so to speak. GreeneInk, hating on Stacey Dash for using her brain is lame to me as a blackman. All of the blackmen in this country who’ve allowed liberal whitemen to rape them, can’t talk smack about anybody. The same bustas who run around killing and raping blackwomen, come on brotha…Tighten Up! Who cares what they think? Tyrone is a republican, i’m not some punk ass blackman who runs around kissing the ass of other men…No Sir! I’m sick of black liberals and their bs. All the problems that we have in our race, and they’re worrying about Stacey Dash voting for Mitt Romney. Too many black people died in this country for us to have freedom, and we wanna enslave ourselves to the Dixiecrats/Democrats. The same party that fought to maintain slavery, created the kkk, supported lynchings, and all of the other ish. It’s effed up that i have to repeat all of this time and time again. The same folks who support Planned Parenthood…Killing black babies is our stated goal. Obama is a big supporter of the org, so, how can he claim to love black people? Come on black people?


  40. GreeneInk on said:

    Uhm, you’re going to have to forgive me for not being that jaded.

    First of all, you man up to the table and get yourself elected President and you’re going to be right where President Obama is, getting your behind kicked by the Washington elite and wondering why the hayell you even bother to go breaking your neck trying to help people who turn around and kick you dead in the arse as soon as you need them.

    WE let President Obama down and subjected him to those tony ponies. Bottom line. It was OUR job to keep him from being dragged down by those blowhards, and we slacked like pigs in a blanket. But a man who would dare go to support the widow of Cesar Chavez in a country where the white powers can’t stand him, and who got elected President in spite of all the racists who tried to stop him.

    You surely don’t take me for enough of an idiot to fall for that “Demopublican” or “Republicrat” talk, do you?

    SOMEBODY is going to get elected President whether you vote for him or not, and the bottom line with black people is that one of the very reasons we’re in this mess is being slackadaisical and running around talking that same junk you’re talking about at an expedient time right after Dr. King was killed when this mess Pres Obama is dealing with really should have been handled in the early 70s.

    Our biggest problem is slacking when we need to be working, pulling up on the Late Freight in our own nation’s politics and then whining and crying like a bunch of beat-up beatches begging seed at the gate of an enemy who has already told us in no uncertain terms that they want us all dead.

    Now, deal with that. Brotha.

  41. Here are a few more “realistic” and remarkably feasible Black-owned businesses that can be started/bought/created by just investing 25-40% of BCD $1,000,000,000,000:
    10. Black airlines (domestic & international)
    11. Black hotels (domestic & international)
    12. Black toy manufacturers & designers (existing)
    13. Black auto manufacturer(s)
    14. Black on-line department stores (internationally marketed)
    15. Black electronic manufacturers & designers (smartphones, MP3 players, PC
    tablets, audio/video electronics, etc.)

    I don’t think that there ever was a time when Black people have been challenged on so many fronts in comparison to what we experience today. There could be no greater opportunity than now to steer the ship back onto its rightful course. The raw, unadulterated truth is that “Black Wall Street” stills exists but not in the form we’d like to see it. We got the money; we just ain’t doing the right thing. The first clarion call was the systemic cleansing and obsolescence of Blacks from the entire US economy over the past 30 years. Latinos have replaced us the newest “majority” minority. Instead of getting mad at this reality, we should be welcoming it. Freedom means having the opportunity to control your own destiny. Our destiny is in our hands, dollars ans skills right now. But because it’s Christmas, we let irrational social trends, peer conformity and psychological delusions persuade us to keep spending our money with the very people who hate our guts.

    I’m no mathematics expert, but I do understand that the principle behind an “inverse function”, where one function with a particular value undoes another function as a result. The same principle can be applied to our spending “A-N-D” investment habits. Spending and investing are economically defensive tactics that are IMO undervalued and marginalized within Black consumer markets. Therefore, if a self-imposed personal boycott of upcoming holidays becomes extremely relevant in next quarter’s financial reports, make no mistake about it. It will get noticed and you will have proved the effectiveness of Black buying power. This is the reason why Black consumer spending is relentlessly undervalued and marginalized across the economy, from Wall Street to the Arabic-owned corner store. How many times have you heard/read: “There are no black or white dollars. All money is green.” True, but the re-established Black Wall Street doctrine would ensure that every dollar obtained would turn over benefit numerous times before it left BWS. And the only people who can make this dream/concept a reality is me and you.

  42. Excellent Comments! Much appreciated. The thing that upsets me is we are always complaining that “we don’t own anything” but we are willing to shell out 60,000 on a new car.

    Utter madness.

    My hope is this season, blacks band together and stop shopping. Let them wonder what happened.

  43. You know?!…The fact of the matter is, there’s really nothing wrong with buying a $60,000 car. You are supposed to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Money is only a tool and has better value when it’s invested maturely and properly. What’s wrong is spending and patronizing a particular auto manufacturer that’s’ not owned/controlled/managed/operated/financed/serviced/employing Black people, Black CEOs, skilled Black professionals, Black-owned specialty businesses, associated Black manufacturers/suppliers, Black after-market manufacturers, Black sales agents, Black marketers, Black advertising agencies, Black models (male and female), Black maintenance personnel, Black mechanics, etc., etc., etc., all of which currently exist across the US. In comparison, the Japanese are known to plan for a product’s success by implementing vertical and horizontal integration models into virtually every stage of a product’s design and development process, ensuring a lock-in for as many “Japanese-owned” businesses as much as possible, top to bottom, left to right. The same business tactics are used for nearly every other ethnic group that becomes substantially successful in business. Could this be a time in which we are given another chance to become just as prosperous as these other groups? After all of the financial & personal losses we’ve experienced over this last recession as well as the past 30 years, “what” are we learning? I’m tired of seeing Black people lose. There’s no doubt in my mind that we can become an well-respected business/economic force for what we “produce” and “contribute” to humanity, especially when factoring in the proven uniqueness of Black creativity and innovation that is constantly under the threat of being stolen by others for their profit, our loss. It’s time to think anew. It’s time to come up with better plans. It’s time to get serious about this situation we’re in.

    As you can see, that $60,000 per car goes a very l-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-g-g-g way in securing full-time employment for many people. Just think of the independence and redemption we could have if this scenario was a a part of our modern-day reality? Having hours-long possession of $1 trillion that gets filtered into the commercial banks and accounts of others is nothing to be proud of.

    I’ll never forget a quote I read from NFL great Jim Brown:

    “Produce + Achieve = Prosperity.”

    diaryofanegress is spot on when she mentions the fact that we’re not really educated about economics and should cease immediately the drainage of our scarce resources into the hands of shareholders who do not have at our best interests in their financial goals. I would even suggest extending this boycott from Halloween 2012 to at least Easter 2013, to send a clear and resounding message that the “party is over.” Think of the amount of financial losses of these companies over a period of just 6 months. Really serious business would mean extending this until this time next year. We have to re-evaluate the power of OWNING businesses that produce actual, real, tangible wealth instead of the vulnerabilities of having a “job”. If there are no opportunities here, our goals should be that of seeking them in other parts of the globe.

    If we are to survive within the next 5, 10 or 20 years from now, we’ve got to step up our game in the area of economics. New business models are needed, as the old ways have proven to not work, i.e. AA, integration, govt. set asides, etc. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for us if we get really, really serious about the mission at hand. Who knows? Maybe this could be just the spark we need to say ‘enough is enough!”

  44. My friend and I were talking and he said “we’ve not been beaten down enough” as a response to why blacks aren’t stepping up to the game.

    I’ve been beaten up plenty.

    I’m ready for a spark last week!

  45. GreeneInk on said:

  46. diaryofanegress on said:

    Thank you. Very true. It is mostly psychological.

  47. GreeneInk on said:

    Why Are [Black] Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?
    Shoppers, students, workers, and voters are all seen by consumerism and behaviorism the same way: passive, conditionable objects.


  48. Thank you for the article. That was very telling.

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