Observations of an Invisible Woman

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  1. alegna on said:

    Can’t see it…?

  2. Apologies…White supremacy is a sneaky bitch! Anything that uplifts black people is immediately removed!

    Sorry my family.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Well ain’t that a blip.

  4. alegna on said:

    :). Darn Youtube.

  5. MAN!!!! I ready for some sista watchin’.

  6. alegna on said:

    Well, I’m watching a documentary on Youtube called “The Assassination of the Black Woman”. Has anyone watched this? It’s disgusting yet informative (at least to me).

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks but Youtube has a history of doing this. It’s a pattern with them. They always try to suppress certain videos.

  8. This is why technical skills are important as well as archiving, I download a copy of any media I view ,any video any program any webpage including this webpage/blog I’m commenting on.
    Have you contacted the author and or poster?
    Youtube is not the only place videos can be uploaded and shared.

    Know the the truth and the truth will set you free because knowledge is power.

  9. Tyrone on said:


    YouTube is owned by Google, the same company that supports the notion of the government controlling the internet. On the outside, Google portrays itself as a champion of free speech, but it’s a smokescreen. As to the “Incomparable Blackwoman.” God’s Greatest Creation…A Masterpiece!

  10. Mickey on said:

    That explains why whenever I go to other websites, it shows advertisements for other websites that I have already visited. They are keeping track of ALL of our movements. Did you ever see the movie “Eagle Eye”? The super computer, ARIIA , had all of the main characters’ information – eveything from what size clothes they wore to what types of movies they rented/bought as well as their relatives, namely siblings & children – to manipulate them to carry out a dangerous mission. Dr. Umar Johnson was the first person I heard say that such a computer exists where every text message, email, phone conversation, is stored into this unit and it is never destroyed or deleted. Fucking scary.

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