Observations of an Invisible Woman

Indigenous Aetas of the Philippine Islands

“My family is mostly European and Spanish.”

That was the sentence uttered by X, a young girl working in my agency hospital. As I gazed at her brownish-yellowish red skin, full lips, thick broad nose and coarse hair, I wondered what she was trying to hide.

It has come to my attention that ALL peoples of Colour desperately try to deny and hide their Aboriginal ancestry. Perhaps the thought of grandma/ great-grandma running around half-naked with a bone through her nose, searching for bush meat to eat brings back feelings of shame in this white dominated slave plantation. How unfortunate since it was the Natives who taught the Europeans life skills, language and farming.

When I decided to search a part of  my own ancestry, I found this:

The Igbo peoples of Nigeria. Not much difference, eh?

The indigenous peoples of the Philippines consist of a large number of Aboriginals that are the Original Peoples of the island. These inhabitants, called Negritos, have managed to resist centuries of European and Chinese colonization and in the process, have retained their customs and traditions.

Currently, they make up approximately 3% of the population. They displayed a variety of social organizations, cultural expressions and artistic skills such as bowls and basket weaving, weapons and spoons making. Their main farms consist of rice, which we all know is of African ancestry. Aetas, having dark skin with distinct features, are shunned and mocked by the lighter-skinned, more Eurasian-looking inhabitants.

The Negritos formerly dominated the highlands throughout the islands for thousands of years, but have been reduced to a small population due to genocide and European and Chinese conquest and sexual exploitation. Today, the Aeta homelands are, in many areas, inhabited by NPA (National Peoples Army) guerrillas but Aetas never became involved with them.

Aetas were famous as jungle fighters and survivors fighting for the Allies in World War II. Having such a fierce reputation, the Aetas nevertheless used passive resistance with NPA guerrillas which the guerrillas in turn respected. Forced to leave their reservation, they now live in the cities as beggars where child exploitation is a main component of life.

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39 thoughts on “Indigenous Aetas of the Philippine Islands

  1. I no longer have the time or patience to deal with Black people who do not want to be black. I really don’t care what happens to them. It’s too emotionally and psychically draining.

  2. I hear ya. That’s why I only focus on those of us that are conscious.

  3. Mickey on said:

    As for the girl who said her family was “mostly European and Spanish”, did she not know that the Spanish ARE European as well? If I were you, I would have asked, “What is the rest of it?” and awaited her answer. I’m sure she would have been scrambling for answers.

  4. hehehehe.

    You know what? I get that a lot from Spanish speaking Africans who hate us. I haven’t met many (Thank God) but my brother has had such bad experiences with the Latin community, that he stays away from them at all costs.

    Remember when Mexicans thought that they were white folks? I used to work with one who was darker than I was and she had the worst things to say about black people.

  5. Mickey on said:

    I have heard about that. But what I have heard is that the Latin communities that clearly have African ancestry (i.e., Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic) are the most racist towards Blacks and try to denounce their African heritage. But what is strange is that I have heard that some Mexicans do not accept fair-skinned Mexicans because they are seen as being too White to know what the dark-skinned Mexicans have to deal with. SMDH.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great upload Sister Truth. Here’s a short video I found interesting.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    My ex girlfriend was Puerto Rican but she embraced her African side. There’s no doubt there is anti-blackness in a lot of Latin countries. But I think it comes down to their upbringing. It has to be instilled in them that black is beautiful and white is not superior. It’s a struggle for many Afro-Latinos. here’s a video I saw earlier this year with Afro-Latino celebs dealing with their dual identity.

  8. Excellent article Sister.

    Recently Brotha Wolf cited a Brazilian Writer. I had already written on the Brazilian denial of Blackness, so I looked around this writer’s work recognizing the relevance. This article touches on the denial: http://www.blackwomenofbrazil.com/2012/07/brazilian-mulata-black-woman-or.html

    In essence, most of us–Blacks in America–would not be considered “Black” in Brazil. Because Black is not only synonymous with “very dark” skin, which isn’t the commonplace in U.S., but unfortunately, also “ugliness” which is an unfortunate aspect of mis-education.

    While we may say–“What Self-Hatred!”–in America, the “n-word” which means “Black person” also means “Ignorant person” to Black people–and to conscious Black people “Negro” takes that same meaning. This is a similar–if you will–colonization of language.

    The difference can be seen in what’s valued: “Beauty” and “Intelligence.” In short, though, it appears that the word for Black in Brazil is akin to the n-word in America. Technically, some of us are embracing the n-word to, as some say, weaken its effect. But there’s a whole other discussion there–which you already had, lol. 🙂

  9. @ Kushite Prince

    My next door neighbour is from Hispaniola. She tells me the history of her island and how the Africans and the Natives would live together and have each others children.

    When the Europeans came down there, they immediately stole copper and oil, raped and murdered the peoples and separated the island into Dominican Republic and Haiti.

    Suddenly, light skin vs dark skin was a major issue and families feel apart.

    Everywhere the European goes, he destroys.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    I had some knowledge of this. One of the black physicians were I work told me about this. He told me they lived up in the mountains. I thought “wow. nobody even talks about this. And he told me that there were black mexicans as well. Why are they hidden? My guess is they are probably hated because of their dark skin. That is probably what they are ostricized. People hate melanin.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    Even globally dark skin is hated.

  12. Miss Mary

    I have a funny feeling one day very soon, melanin will save your life.

  13. I’ll be doing a series on Dr. Welsing’s work: The Isis Papers. It touches on melanin hatred / envy.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    Well if the creator gave it to us. And he said everything he made is good. I love my ebony always have. That’s one thing I’ve never had a problem with. Especially coming from a family of self hating negroes that i come from. That’s one thing that has never bothered me.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    This is a great post very informative. Thanks for today’s teaching. greatly appreciated.

  16. Mickey on said:

    Are you aware of this book that generated some buzz over the internet called “Save the Pearls”? It is a fictional story in the dystopian future where people of African descent are the ruling class. It addresses the issue of global warming and the darker your skin is, the better off you are. People are divided into different classes based on skin color – Black people, being the darkest, are called “Coals” (which is also a racial slur in the book, I might add. Why not “Onyx” or “Obsidian”?) Latinos are called “Tiger’s Eyes”, Asians are called “Ambers”, & White people are called “Pearls”. Pearls (Whites) are considered the least attractive and if they do not find a mate by the time they are 18, they are banished which results in death due to lack of melanin for protection.

    There is all kinds of wrong with this shit. For one, so-called Latinos, Asians, and “Blacks”can run the gamut of colors, as we on this blog know. Therefore, the author obviously knows nothing about nuances like this. And as mentioned earlier, Blacks do not even have an attractive name in this future where they are at the top of the hierarchy. Below is the makeshift “trailer” of sorts for the book.

  17. Mickey:

    You and I must be in sync, girlfriend! I was going to upload a video on this filth one day this week!

  18. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes,the European is very good at being divisive. I’m not sure if there’s a place on Earth where Europeans has gotten along peacefully with any people of color. I’m not even sure if it’s possible for them to do so.

  19. alegna on said:

    I don’t wish to speak for every Black woman, but on my journey to accept myself, I stripped down to my nakedness. In other words, my hair is now natural (and I love it) and I gave up the lighter contact lenses. Though the color of them wasn’t something crazy like blue or grey, but rather a lighter shade of brown to match (somewhat) my golden skin color, it still wasn’t me.
    For the first time in my life, I love my kinky hair and my dark eyes. And I don’t say this to sound self-affirming; I say it because it’s true. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    To think back a few years ago when I would salivate at the idea to tell someone that I was mixed with something makea me feel both disgusted and ashamed. I am so relieved, and feel both glad &I victorious

  20. alegna on said:

    …that I’ve ovetcome that sick mindset.

  21. alegna on said:

    Sorry about the typos. I’m typing on the cell phone. Grrr.

  22. Mickey on said:

    If you are of a golden skin color then, technically, you are mixed. However, how you identify yourself is your preogative and you have to be true to yourself. Glad to see that you have begun to see that there is nothing wrong with you or your features.

  23. Tyrone on said:


    (Spanish Blacks & Pacific Island Blacks)

    They’re the 2 groups of blacks who hate themselves the most on this planet. The common link between blacks in central and south america, as well as those in the Philippines…Spain! Spanish whites are the most racist group of whites on the planet, there is no disputing this fact. All blacks that were enslaved by Spain hate themselves. They’re colorblind racist in every sense of the word. They don’t want blacks to see themselves as black, because, they won’t be able to control and exploit them sexually, culturally, and financially. And, it’s not just whites, all non-black men behave and think the same in relation to black folk. They seek to castrate blackmen and exploit blackwomen sexually…the same ish goes on in central/south america with white and indian men discriminating against blackmen while lusting after blackwomen at the same time. This is why i’ve never fallen into the “People of Color” trap that a lot of blackmen fall into…other men of color want us out the way just as much as whitey. As i’ve said before, whitemen are too light and asian men are too short. Thus, both races of men are problematic for the black race. It’s important that blackmen understand the racial and sexual dynamics that are at play on this planet, Very Important! I repeat myself a lot, but, it’s necessary and worthwhile in the long run. Again, the only way we will ever understand the wickedness of white folk, is to decode Spain and spanish culture from the start. Focus on “The Source” of the problem black people, otherwise, we’re wasting time.


  24. diaryofanegress on said:

    Well said Tyrone! Perhaps a post on the Conquistadors is due?

  25. Tyrone on said:


    Whites who have the most african blood in them are the most racist, Why? It’s about control. They aim to have sexual relations with black people, but, seek to depress black male sexuality at the same time. White spaniards love having sex with blackwomen, but they hate blackmen. This explains why “Black Manhood” is AWOL in spanish culture. A lot of so-called black people who don’t have black fathers, this is the basic pattern of black/interracial relations in so-called latin culture. I know the ugly truth about spanish folk, which is why i dig at them as much as i do. Spain is the source of all the bullcrap that we deal with, as it relates to racism, slavery, white supremacy, etc. We can’t allow Spain to win…Period! I deal with spanish folk at work, outside of that, i don’t waste time with them. They’re living a bold-face lie, black-americans need not partake in the foolishness. As long as blackwomen are lusted after by other men, other men will seek to make us hate ourselves…Universal Truths!


  26. Tyrone on said:


    African slaves were in Mexico as well, but the Spaniards bred the black out of them, which is why there are no blacks in Mexico today. There is a small population of Mexicans who are desendants of african slaves, they have dark skin, wide noses, full lips, but the hair is straight. Puerto-Ricans are another group of african slaves who’ve been whitewashed to a certain degree by Spaniards. Real blackness is frowned upon, thus, they’ve tried to turn themselves into white people. The same of group of boricuas feel the need to obsess over black folk knowing that spanish culture wants blacks to disavow their african ancestry…Bulls**t!


  27. i am AFROcostarrican and i dont hate the fact that i am black,not all afrolatinos are like that, that is why i am in this website. thanks for your posts.

  28. Hokilau on said:

    Im frm the Pacific islands And Here we dont have whites And Blacks we only got light and dark complection, we dont have a term for racism in our language.
    What i dont get is whats with the blacks and the whites?
    We are all humans, in our own saying here on my island when your shy of another person, we say “they got two eyes just like you have”…….

  29. Hokilau

    Thank you for responding.

    You are indigenous, correct?

    Here in AmeriKlan, we were brainwashed with something called “The one drop rule” which I will be writing about soon. It is racist beyond words and kept in place by an Evil system.

    I understand your confusion with our struggles. I’ve spoken to many people in my travels who are not from this country and they too can’t understand what the fuss is all about.

    Maybe one day, The Spirit will correct this age old issue started by Demonic forces. But for now, yes, we do have a “white and black” problem.

  30. Hokilau on said:

    Yes, i am, full blooded islander and very proud!!
    I just thought i’d come out and share some with you on this subject because we are not familiar with racism at all!!
    That is why it is very interesting to me to share some with you…..

  31. Happy to have you with us. Please feel free to contribute any thoughts about race and life in general.

  32. Hokilau on said:

    May i ask what nationality you reprisent?

  33. Hokilau on said:

    Im a pacific islander, and i would put myself with the negritos because i myself have frizzy but long hair and dark complection.

  34. I’m African from the islands. My folks came from Nigeria, we are Igbo.

  35. Hokilau on said:

    Wow! Very interesting……..

  36. Hokilau on said:

    Im micronesian, there are three different groups, polynesia, melanesia and micronesia wich is what i am……… And yes we also expirience a bit of racism when we come in contact with white people.

  37. Hokilau on said:

    I am a pacific islander, full blooded.
    I would like to correct your comment about Pacific blacks and spanish blacks.
    So here, it only depends on wich part of the Pacific you talking about, there three groups, Micronesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia.
    So I am guessing your refering to the Melanesians?
    Melanesians are more darker with kinky hairs.

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