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A Warning To The Family

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11 thoughts on “A Warning To The Family

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  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great video! I found it very informative. I’m proud to say I’ve done at least five of the things on the list. I obviously have more work to do. But this video really broke it down well. We all have to be prepared for whatever this Beast is planning. Good upload sis!

  3. Thanks Prince:

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve only done three things. Money keeps me from doing the rest. As for visiting Africa, that’s been on my list for a long time now but once again cash is the issue.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    I haven’t been to Africa yet either. But I did recently get my passport. I have an emergency kit and I’ve stored up canned goods,water and toilet paper. And I have some silver coins also. But I still have a lot more to do. You don’t want to get caught slipping. Be prepared for anything.

  5. Prince:

    Next on my list is the Brita water bottle filter. You can carry the water bottle anywhere and fill up on tap water and it cleans into drinking water.It’s a small thing but may come in handy.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Water is very important. We all need to have water on deck! Among other things as well.

  7. In my earlier blogging days, I was one of those who engaged in understanding the European Psychology. I even put the analysis on television and it was the only show I had censored. But in essence, a part of European control is “Fear.”

    You’d be surprised how this above talk actually limits us from actually creating anything. In fact, I think I heard someone cite the oncoming demise to reason against creating things. ūüėČ

    One song I really like is “Sinnerman.” But the take away is “fear.” More, many Christians have argued against my efforts because of our oncoming judgment.

    I do not like to dally in the fear narrative. Fear limits, in my view.

    Either way, it’s good to re-acquaint you with an earlier writing of mine (and my awesome voice): http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/africans-should-love-everyone/

    Another one I like is the Fable of the God-Fearing Hunter: http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/fable-the-god-fearing-hunter/

    Nevertheless, I think sometimes Fear works against our interests. Definitely, we can say “You are on Train Tracks” but not “You can’t get off of the Train Tracks.” ‘Cause then people give up on getting off or whatever.

  8. Matari on said:

    “Next on my list is the Brita water bottle filter. You can carry the water bottle anywhere and fill up on tap water and it cleans into drinking water.It‚Äôs a small thing but may come in handy.”


    Dear Sister Truth

    Katadyne, (Pocket Filter/Combi) for one, is a brand that makes *credible* water filters. Without getting into the technical details of high quality CERAMIC filters you owe it to yourself to study the differences of types of water filtration and *different* filters. In an emergency, one will encounter PROBLEMS without clean/potable drinking water.

    Just sayin …
    There’s a world of difference between a Brita and a ceramic filter when it comes to filtering very small bad things out of water.


    Thanks for providing this gargantuan service to our community..
    You’re doing some incredible, awesome stuff here! Keep up the great work.

  9. @ Matari

    Most Welcome, sir. My readers make it all worthwhile.

  10. wilson on said:

    The advantage Africa has over the west is that through poverty the majority know how to survive with no electricity, limited food supplies, no clean water, poor transportation networks etc…

    The biggest thing in this regard is family networks or even tribal networks i.e. each tribe has its own land and they take care of each other. The disadvantage is that through western manipulation, these networks are sometimes made to be hostile towards others i.e. refuse to share or help others not belonging to them in times of crisis.

    I would also add that the best most welcoming places in the whole continent are the LEAST developed as they still hold the most amount of traditional values compared to the ones that have adopted western values the most.

    Another thing it has over the west, is that your race stops beings an issue amongst the majority of the people (i.e. black people) though I have to say, if major cities experience de-population i.e. mass movements from the cities back to the countryside, then being a western black might mean being somewhat isolated as most would be going back to there tribal homeland and seeing that western blacks have lost connections with exactly where they came from, they might be left wondering exactly where to go to. Lets not forget that the thing that keeps most cities functioning is the global economy, if that fails, then most cities fail – cities don’t produce there own food, the population is exceptionally huge over such a small area etc.

  11. Its interesting how I’ve finally realized and been forced to do some of these things.
    Being homeless yet not giving up I’ve had to learn things like.
    What are the alternatives to apartments,hotels and motels which you can only rent and never own.
    As well as the massive waste and expense of houses.
    Then there is alternative non grid dependent electrical energy systems.
    Funny how at this time I know exactly how much food and feul i need per day week month and year.
    I would not have learned these things if I gave up and tried to live by the establishment rules.
    However going to africa as well as joining a black organization is very problematic for the same reasons.
    I either have a severe personality and communications disorder or most black I meet simply do not want to associate with me.
    Its difficult and discouraging when most blacks I encounter refuse to be honest and reasonable and prefer white and their standards regardless.

    Even Blogs are suspect as I’m the only one honest enough to show my actual face and name.

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