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My Conversation With Professor Griff

A couple of weeks ago, I called Public Enemy’s Professor Griff to get his take on the state of black affairs. Prof Griff, never one to be shy, told me point blank that some black folks “just ain’t gonna make it.” Knowing his background in the music industry and his extensive knowledge of the Illuminati, I asked him what can be done to help our people.

Griff explained that there are forces here on Earth that work beyond our control. Evil is very real and some of us are already too far gone to be saved. Unfortunately, that included some of our black family members. Blacks have been brainwashed and beaten down into believing the worst about themselves. All these people need is a little money, a new car or just a flimsy promise of a new book or record deal, and it’s very easy to turn against the family. I told him that I was trying to reach out to my people but was getting resistance and apathy. In fact, I had some blacks tell me on my blog that I’m racist, paranoid and “stirring up trouble.” I told him of my frustration and my feeling of helplessness. He paused for a while then spoke.

“Harriet Tubman always said she would have been able to free more slaves if they knew they were slaves.”

I smiled over the phone.

Griff asked me if I’ve heard of Zbigwiew Brzezinski. I said that I did not. He then recommended this:

I admit that I’d never heard of this man. He explained that the Wizard of Oz never reveals himself. What you usually see are his puppets. I nodded slowly, understanding his statement. He asked me what I thought of the Illuminati. I told him that it’s fascinating and a bit surreal however, while believing that evil is real, I never buy into anything with absolute totality. He explained that true intelligence comes from keeping an open mind and finding truth for yourself.

I told him that I’m researching Chemtrails, GMO’s, Fluoride, MK Ultra, etc…He chuckled. “Oh…well…have lot’s of fun with that. Once you begin to uncover what they allow you to know, you’ll quickly realize that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

I questioned if he believes in the 2012 Doomsday Prediction.

He told me that Doomsday is already here.

He asked me to study Maat. And Drs. Afrika and Barashango. And if I’ve ever been camping. I said not really. He recommended learning to live “off the land with no electricity and heat.” For some reason that got me very awake and sober. “I do not mean to cause alarm, sis, just preparedness.”

After we hung up, I willed my mind to think clearly and rationally. But then I remembered that evil defies clarity and rationale.

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24 thoughts on “My Conversation With Professor Griff

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  2. Tyrone on said:


    The brotha is right, a lot of black folks on this planet are in the “Zombie Stage.” Alive and brain-dead at the same time. As a race, we need to acknowledge that this group of sistas and brothas are on the other team. Blacks who deny that racism exist, blacks who help the enemies of our race, blacks who kill and rape, and so forth. Negress, all black people don’t love black people…a lot of us have been in denial about this, which is why a lot of stupid black people will fight tooth and nail to defend blackmen who kill and commit treasonous acts such as those in Nigeria, Somolia, Congo, and other african nations. We’re in the mess that we’re in because we’ve been trying to save a bunch of snakes in the grass all this time…Insanity!


  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth Looks like you had a great discussion with Griff. I know every time I’ve spoke with him he’s given me something heavy to think about. Since he’s been in the industry over 20 years he knows a lot more than I do. I’ve learned that you never stop learning in life. I’ve always been on a quest for the truth–no matter how hurtful it may be. If black people want to get out of this situation we have to be willing to swallow the hard facts. I think people like Griff are doing a great service for our people. I think he’s very brave to still be doing it considering he’s been shot at and had his home firebombed. That takes real guts to still push on after that! Here’s a video of Griff earlier this year speaking on different books to read to expand your knowledge. I thought you might like this one.

  4. Thanks Prince. That was great. Griff tells it like it is. No holds barred. We are slowly on our way towards extinction if we can’t figure this out.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    It looks like you’re right. Which is why we have to fight against this at all costs. Our survival depends on it.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    Hmmm….. I must say this interesting. I will try and keep and open mind. The hip hop music of today is not like the fun stuff of the 80’s It has morphed into something demonic. It is so misogynist. That Professor Griff makes sense. Even though it all sound so sci fi. But It gives me pause. Why did all these people end up dead? It just is so scary. Because people like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross they seem like such monsters with no souls. Or maybe they lost their souls already.

  7. Miss Mary:

    When I first began to awaken to this…feeling I was having I brushed it off as nonsense. Then I read in college about the Rothschild’s. Then I said “NO WAY!”

    Then I heard of something called Freemasons and how they run everything and the symbols of the Illuminati like McDonalds, BP and the “Goat”.

    Then I said, “I’m getting crazier by the day.”

    Then I saw a video called the Arrivals and it ALL fell into place.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    What is the arrivals?

  9. A video on You Tube. It’s very long but worth every minute.

  10. brothawolf on said:

    It’s hard for me when I try to explain the truth to some other brothas and sistas I grew up with. Some of them are in that state of submission to believe in the lie. It’s disappointing partly because these are people I knew, and were cool with.

    Case in point, I learned about Hollywood’s White Savior motif they use over and over again. I tried to explain how the movie “The Blind Side”, which was in theaters at the time, was another example as well as a few others. Imagine my expression when they told me how I was wrong and tried to explain to me that movies like this are heartwarming and – to an extent – true that minorities need white people who help them because we can’t and won’t help ourselves.


    I don’t remember word for word what they told me, but I DO remember that all of their comments were just another way of saying the following:

    “You’re crazy! Stop being angry! Black people are screwed up because of their culture and nothing else! You need to stop being so militant!”

    *Big sigh!*

  11. Sudelicious on said:

    Hi Ms TBT

    I have to admit that I am with Mary on this one. I do believe in demonic energy and that nothing positive comes from the relentless pursuit of money and power. I am still making up my mind about the occult and mainstream hip hop. I honestly don’t know. That said something is going on. I read a book years ago which stated that our musical output is directly linked to our spirituality. When you compare the musical mastery of yesteryear to the nursery rhyme nonsense we have today I do believe that it’s a sign that something is amiss.

  12. alegna on said:

    This is all very deep to me and even mystical to a degree. I can’t digest it and am not sure if I should.
    I recall several times when I would read statements from white supremacists that gave weight to all sorts of conspiracy theories. In addition to that, they would repeat that their [white] people needed to wake up and smell the genocide that was enveloping them.
    I thought it all to be paranoia and hogwash.
    This, here, may be riding on the same wavelength. Now don’t hate me – I’m only expressing how I feel & think about it at the moment. Perhaps I don’t understand, or perhaps I have blinders on. I don’t know.

    There was a comment made that Black people will become extinct if we don’t educate ourselves. Maybe I’m pessimistic, or possibly realistic depending on who’s making the judgment, but I believe that there’s been some irreparable damage to us. Generation after generation of mental slavery, little knowledge of our history and ancestral culture, the neurotic desire to align one’s self with everything white…it’s a lot to overcome, it truly is. We see this everyday.
    And from where I see things, many Blacks are content in general with where they are. Sure, there are complaints of racism, and things are not as they ought to be – but they’re not as they were. And as long as that’s true, there’s no need for this blog, or Brotha Wolf’s blog, or Dr. Afrika, or anyone or anything else that’s telling us to “wake up”.

    I’m in a somber mood.

  13. alegna on said:

    For clarification’s sake (because people can misread what’s written), in that last paragraph, I’m referring to the mindset of some Blacks who are content with the state of affairs as they are.
    These are not my feelings.

  14. @ Alegna

    Some black people are too far gone to be helped. I usually leave them be and do not waste my breath or energy on them. Many of us are awake / becoming awake to this demonic force.

    I want to make one thing clear to all that read this blog.

    Even if you do not agree or believe in this “force”, one thing is for sure. Europeans have demonstrated throughout history that they cannot live harmoniously with the planet. And something must be done about that.

    Kwamla pointed out that this force is very real and supersedes white supremacy. Yes, that is 100% correct. However, whites use this force for their own agenda and thoroughly enjoy the privileges that Mammon gives them. Instead of working for the sake of humanity, they work for the sake of self-interest.

    That’s why I keep saying that whiteness is the most destructive force known to man.

  15. alegna on said:

    “Even if you do not agree or believe in this “force”, one thing is for sure. Europeans have demonstrated throughout history that they cannot live harmoniously with the planet. And something must be done about that.”

    This I agree with.

    I’m on a quest, Negress. If it is true, I’m confident I’ll get it sooner or later.

  16. @ Alegna

    We’re all on a quest. I woke up one day angry and didn’t understand why. My near insanity sobered me up and now I know what must be done.

  17. wilson on said:

    @ Truthbetold,

    Sometimes I wonder if I am one of those black people that is sooo far gone… Anyways, I figure it doesn’t matter at this stage of the game…

    I know that you pretty much read exclusively from black authors but I think some white ones have interesting things to say as well:

    In reference to ” I had some blacks tell me on my blog that I’m racist, paranoid and “stirring up trouble.” This is normal as you are moving against what is called the “general law”. When you do that in a consistent basis, it strikes back at you through those around you.

    From Gnosis Vol. I by Mouravieff

    ” If, aiming straight towards his goal, which is liberation and salvation, the seeker successfully overcomes the obstacles and by this shows proof of a strength that would permit him to defy the authority of the General Law, the latter will begin to act upon him indirectly, generally by the mediation of his near ones if they do not follow the same path: this action occurs on the moral plane, and often takes emotional forms appealing to his most noble, generous, and disinterested sentiments: to his charity; his obligations; his pity. It impels him down blind alleys, insinuating that he will be returning to his duty, that by so doing he will go on walking in the right path, etc. This will clarify the profound saying of Jesus that: ‘A man’s worst enemies are those of his own household.'”

    There is also something I have been meaning to tell you about since I have never heard you bring it up. You do know that they have built a way to deal with those that seek to figure out the system? It is called Cointelpro:

    ” Cointelpro is any covert or underhanded activity aimed at destroying movements or ideas the power structure finds threatening while maintaining deniability.”

    So it is something to ALWAYS watch out for since it is out there.

    An example of Cointelpro is the whole CHEMTRAIL thing. An example of Cointelpro is “Man Made” Global Warming . A more pertinent in your face example of Cointelpro

  18. @ Wilson

    If You’re too far gone, then I don’t even wanna know how I am classified.

    I did research on The Black Panther Party and learned about J Edgar Hoover and his army of Demons. I’m at a point in my life now where I no longer care what folks think of me. Especially the paler ones.

    I’ll watch the video and get back to you.

  19. wilson on said:

    The video is just about the “Black Bloc” i.e. plain clothed police officers who join protests and make it violent in order to give other cops a reason to be violent towards the peaceful protestors and furthermore to label the whole movement as “anarchist” etc.

    A recent one from Spain:(They’ve been having protests this past week)

    The man is telling them he is a colleague.

    Point being, THEY send there own people IN to derail from the inside, so any topic of any importance will have a whole bunch of people writing books, saying stuff etc that is basically cleverly disguised lies to derail or misinform by design.

    Just something to always keep in mind.

  20. @ Picked up on that that funny feeling when Kushite Prince wrote the “Vaccination” article. There are many spies on here. That’s their job.

  21. alegna on said:

    ..which brings me to ask you, Negress, if you can post something about the Black Panthers? Whether it’s their origins, their mission, or ,more interestingly, how they were treated as opposed to the Ku Klux Klan. I was always angered by the fact the fact that the Black Panthers were treated like unstoppable vigilantes and the KKK were looked upon as concerned citizens for the welfare of white people.

  22. Oh Yes. The Black Panther post is well over due. I may get our mutual friend Moorbey to help me. *wink, wink*

  23. wilson on said:

    Yup. Oh yeah, vaccination is also another big one that they pop up in…

    Oh yeah btw, I should clarify what I meant by chemtrails and global warming are cointelpro… From what I hear, chemtrails i.e. planes spraying stuff on us, is not entirely true as no one can control where what is sprayed up there falls especially since the atmosphere has many different layers etc, but instead it is used to cover up the fact that the upper atmosphere is changing, “thus” planes leave contrails behind more often than not. If people knew it was changing, then they ask why, and the why will lead to answers the Power Structure wouldn’t want people knowing about. I also don’t know if you know, but Noctilucent(night shinining) clouds have also become more common: (They form really high up)


    So, is it that we are being sprayed on or is it that the atmosphere is changing?

    For Man Made Global Warming Inc, all I gotta say is, how much do you believe al gore? Billionaire extraordinaire.. Check out climategate to see exactly how much this stuff is cooked up but that is not to say real changes might not be underway.

  24. Tyrone on said:

    @Mary Burrell

    A blackman with no purpose in mind does us no good. Yes, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are talented artists, but, they’re music is soul-less. Black youth are ingesting garbage, and we see the results of blackmen in hip-hop bending over and touching their ankles. The only people who benefit from the foolishness are the enemies of our race near and far…Bottomline! Entertainment is the “Devil’s Playground.” The easiest way to infiltrate and destroy another race is thru music, sports, and sex. Lucifer has his hands in all 3 genres…Recognize!


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