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What Does Racism Mean to You?

Gus T. Renegade from The Cows (blacktalkradio) has asked many non-whites and whites what racism means to them. I was shocked to hear some of the answers. So was he. So, I’m going to take a cue from Mr. Renegade and ask ALL my readers to answer this question honestly.

“What does racism mean to you?”

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61 thoughts on “What Does Racism Mean to You?

  1. Racism to me is me not being the a happy well adjusted “man”. Me not being able to enjoy a walk down any street. Me being ashamed to be Black at times. Me not loving my mother like a normal person would and should. Me not knowing I had any kind of talent for words until 4 months ago. Me not loving all Black people no matter where I may find them. Me not being able to relax when I see effing police. Me not being able to walk into a store with my head up as to not see how much attention I just got. To feel like some kinda freak in 2012. Racism to me, is me. What kinda of person would I be if racism didn’t exist. Racism to me is the fact that we are still talking about “what does racism mean to you”. Racism is my rage that burns at a slow and dull roar all the times. It’s……………….me.

  2. Racism is white supremacy. White people are the only people who are able to practice racism because they are the only people who deliberately and systematically created systems of power just to mistreat people who are not white.

    I could be incorrect, but to my knowledge there has never been a system of black, brown, red, or yellow supremacy where so-called “black, brown, red, or yellow people” mistreated people just because they were not black, brown, red, or yellow.

    When you think about it, white people were the ones who started calling people ‘red, black, brown, and yellow.’ Before white people, Asian people weren’t walking around calling each other “yellow people” nor were Africans calling other Africans “black people.”

    No one was obsessed with skin color because they were cool with the skin they were in. The only people who are obsessed with skin color are the people with the LEAST amount of melanin, and that speaks for itself. The absence of “color” and the inferiority complex it created also created the desperate need to dominate and mistreat people who had a surplus of it.

    Racism is a mental illness and a sociopathic way of viewing the world, and the majority of people in it. Racism is the single biggest cause of misery on the planet — and it needs to be eliminated.

  3. the belief that any race is superior or inferior to another. preconceived bias of other races. believing a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by their race.

  4. I’m a white middle aged man and racism to me is the way I feel cut asunder from people of color because of how I reflexively categorize them. For instance, yesterday at Mass a young black man slipped into the pew behind me. He was thin and wearing a black hoodie amongst a congregation of mostly white and latino folk. Immediately I felt a tiny bit of fear, then shame to be afraid, then I wanted to look at him and smile to show I wasn’t afraid and was happy he was there and then I thought, just as “hunglikejesus” shared above, how tired he must be to receive those guilty smiles, to constantly be reminded by whites that he is different. This exhausts me and I can’t even imagine how truly exhausting it must be to be on the other end of it all the time, every day. I hate the way I’m tempted to give an indulgent smile to small black children with their mothers or parents on the subway or in the park because I know, and the parents know, that I wouldn’t smile at them if they didn’t have an adorable child in tow. Even when we whites want to be rid of the burden of racism that we inherited and wish to discard, it seems impossible to escape. We are not the victims of this disease but we are the heirs of it. We perpetuate it even while trying to renounce it. When I think of my fellow human beings who are of a different race it is easy for me to feel affection and love for them in the abstract–but when it comes to loving them one by one in everyday life, I have to negotiate my prejudices over and over. I’m truly sorry for this. I wish it were otherwise. The only remedy I can think of is not a very good one, but I think I have to bestow my guilty smiles and try to forge a connection which, however imperfect, might nonetheless be a bridge to real understanding.

    Thanks for letting me say this. God bless.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    Well for me since I’ve been think about this it’s like what carinarango said. Beliving a person is superior or inferior to another. It’s funny you would post this today. Because the words racism is aa social construct was in my mind all day. I wanted to ask you what that meant. I’m trying to do my own homework on that. But I keep hearing that phrase. Maybe it’s self explanatory, It’s something white people constructed and put together to opress non white people. But I’ve been trying to figure out just what racism was. It just became clear to me just eactly what white supremacy was. After being educated by you and Brotha Wolf, I now know what to call this evil societal entity. It became clear to me all these years that I didn’t know how to think critically about racism in this country. I was experiencing all the symptoms of this disease, but didn’t know what it was called. white supremacy. Entitlement, privilige. The fact that they have white skin they can have what ever they want in the society. Since i found oyur blogsite everything has become lucid. I have a clearer understanding of this beast called racism. Thank you Sister for teaching me.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    *Because the words racism as a social construct* Forgive typos.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    Alot of the the commenters on here like Mickey, Matari, Ron Thomas are much more eloquent than I. Kushite Prince has taught me alot as well. I’m very thankful for him and Brotha Wolf for breaking it down so I can understand. Peace and Blessings to all.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    @Cabanajudana At lease you are honest.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    *at least*

  10. wilson on said:

    Racism to me means that I have to make compromises in life, not because I want to but because I have to. When the world has a preconceived image of you, when it shapes you into something you are not and relates to you on this basis, then you have to adapt to survive and keep your sanity. Racism to me also means feeling isolated, not only from white people but also from black people.

    In summary racism to me means one huge dose of “Mind F*ck” *cough cough* excuse my french.

  11. tehnoun on said:

    Racism to me is a massive, omnipresent system designed solely to harm people who have never done anything to deserve it. It is something those blind to its evils will perpetuate without realizing. It’s unnatural, but it governs all and is treated as if it were the natural way of things. Despite how widespread and virulent it is, it’s a quiet disease, seemingly asymptomatic until you step outside the boundaries of what it considers acceptable. It is something no one can ever truly unlearn, something that even those who have exposed it in their own lives and those of others will find themselves falling into at times.

    Probably not the BEST definition of the beast, but I suppose it’ll do until I can think of a better way to word my feelings on the whole mess.

  12. Mickey on said:

    In addition to everything that has been said, it is a mental disorder that poisons the human mind to the point that others groups discriminate against each other and themselves in order to be accepted by the majority who upholds the status quo. In this case, in America, the status quo is White supremacy.

  13. TO ALL

    Very interesting. Multiple answers are given, worded differently but essentially say the exact same thing. Is it safe then to say that whiteness is the biggest threat to the entire planet?

  14. alegna on said:

    I agree with this, every word.

  15. ynotme on said:

    Racism is getting nervous and panicky each and every time my black son tells me that he is going for a walk in his neighborhood…Racism is worrying that my son is going to meet the same fate as Trayvon Martin because of the color of his skin and the texture of his hair, worrying that he is targeted and feared because he is a black man.

  16. Tyrone on said:


    Racism is about having power and control over the thoughts and actions of another race of people. This mindset is not exclusive to white people. All races have the potential to act hostile against others, but, black people always end up being the victim as it relates to everybody. Will racism ever end…Yes & No? As long as human beings compete for power and wealth on this planet, the same ish will take place. At the same time, folk don’t have to tolerate bs from others.


  17. Mickey on said:

    Here is what Paul Mooney has to say about the matter.

  18. Racism is an absolute insult to whomever created this planet. There is so much variety among different living beings, yet the physical, social, and cultural variety among people has been used to harm most populations by those who call themselves “White”. Even though we can all look at each other and interact in a civil way, the hostility between white and non-white is still there. I think it’s clear that we all want change, but I don’t believe that the white supremacist want that at all. They’ve based their existence on harming other people, so perhaps it’ll cost the planet in the fight for justice. I hope this won’t be the case, so I’ve made it my mission to try to find a way out of this problem. I’ve been hurt by racism, perhaps you’ve been hurt by racism, or you may be one of those who practices it yourself. Regardless of your role, we are all faced with the challenge of cleaning it up. Let’s make that the worldwide mission.

  19. Tyrone:

    “This mindset is not exclusive to white people.”

    Ty, I disagree wholeheartedly. Racism is more than just hostility and a “mindset.” Jim Crow, Loving vs. Virginia, Brown vs. the Board of Education, redlining, Sundown Towns, Black Codes and the 13th Amendment is more than just a mentality.

  20. Mickey

    Our mutual friend always tells the truth!

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    “There is a worm lying coiled in the heart of Western civilization– the worm of
    white racism. Like the DNA that governs the genetic features of each individual
    human being, racism has controlled the evolutionary development of white
    civilization. While interacting with many other factors of social life, it has
    ultimate control of societies that have been created or dominated by people of
    European ancestry. Oppression springs from uneven, unequal social development.
    The study of the history of society reveals a racist ‘instinct’ imbedded in
    white civilization, the outgrowth of the advancement of peoples of European
    origins at the expense of the rest of humanity. Since the mid-fifteenth century
    this trait — enthroned as white world supremacy — has inflicted catastrophic
    damage on people of color around the globe. Dominating all the complex systems,
    which drive Western societies, white racism singled out Africa and Africans of
    the diaspora for a holocaust of five hundred years and more. Here at the
    beginning of the twenty-first century, white racism threatens black people with
    continued exploitation, degradation, social confinement, and
    marginalization….white civilization in its global economic, political, and
    cultural white supremacist mode has been inherently racist and incompatible with
    the liberation and humanity of African and African-descended people. Western
    racist society is the root cause — without exception — of all the multiple
    forms of oppression black people endure.”

    Clarence J. Munford

  22. Whiteness is definitely the biggest threat to sustainable living. It drives people to destroy other living beings and have no respect for the Earth itself. Anytime a group of people can create nuclear weapons for warfare shows that they don’t care about the sanctity of life and the planet. I think that when whiteness is gone, all other problems with naturally work themselves out. No offense, but those classified as white seem to have much pride in subjecting people and things for their benefit and others’ detriment.

  23. Ms. J

    Excellent comment!

  24. Tyrone on said:


    White folk are evil, all of us get that. But, let’s not pretend that others don’t have conflict with our race, let’s keep it 100 sista. Negress, you know my thoughts well enuf by now to know that i have beef with everybody…Everybody!


  25. Matari on said:

    Things have gone terribly awry with MANKIND. The Supreme Loving Intelligence that created all things, and *us* in His own image, could not have intended for humankind to act and live against its own best interests in ways we have witnessed throughout our collective awareness. Humanity is not wise.

    WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM IS the deepest and darkest global sickness known to modern man.

    It is the most serious *human (SPIRIT) disorder/disconnect* that seeks to vilify on one hand and justify on the other why white people are superior (smarter) and special while *black* folks are supposedly inferior and different/defective/abnormal and deserving of oppression and mistreatment. Even the oppression and mistreatment (self-hate) we as victims of racism sadly visit upon each other!

    WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM IS this planet’s longest, and most hypocritical doctrine that seeks to control, divide and oppress ALL BLACK African descended people.

    WHITENESS IS a DEMONIC religion (born in the insanity of Hell) that affects – directly, or indirectly – every living soul on the planet. It’s an ever evolving out of control cancer that has the capacity to destroy everything and everyone on Earth. 500 years of this crap is more than enough! It has got to go! Else we all go ..

  26. @ Tyrone:

    My concern isn’t your beef with everyone. It’s what will you do when the time comes to take action.

  27. Prince:

    You are perhaps one of the most well-read Africans I’ve ever “met.” Bless You! And great comment.

  28. @ Matari:

    “WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM IS the deepest and darkest global sickness known to modern man.”

    WOW! I must use that again….

  29. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks,that means a lot coming from you.

  30. Kushite Prince on said:

    That was a great explanation,Matari.
    “WHITENESS IS a DEMONIC religion (born in the insanity of Hell) that affects – directly, or indirectly – every living soul on the planet. It’s an ever evolving out of control cancer that has the capacity to destroy everything and everyone on Earth. 500 years of this crap is more than enough! It has got to go! Else we all go.”

    That just about sums it up. Very well said!

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m sure Matari,Mickey and Ron appreciate the comments as well. I must say that you are a very intelligent sister in your own right. Don’t be modest,you have contributed a lot to all of our threads. And we always appreciate your input.

  32. Ron Thomas on said:

    It is the exercise of power by the dominant group over any other, based solely on the color of their skin, some perceived inadequacy, or just because people like someone to hate.
    In this country, it’s perpetuated to continue the power & privilege that white america enjoys, at the expense of everyone else. All the lies that are told, all the horrors committed, all the lies, the pain, the deaths, the attempted destruction of anyone that opposes it, is all designed to continue that privilege and power position. At any cost to the rest of the country. As long as they have someone to look down upon.
    It’s an evil with many heads & faces, and despite the attempt of so many for so long, one that continues to live in the hearts of an ever growing number. It is what has held legions of us from ever reaching our potential, keeps a great many of us in fear, and unless there is a complete and total effort on the part of EVERYONE affected, will continue to be the most divisive & destructive force in the history of this country, as well as the rest of the non-white world.

  33. Matari on said:

    Hi Mary,

    I don’t usually express my gratitude for kind words of support and such – Nonetheless Prince is right.
    I co-sign w/everything he expressed. No one here is more eloquent than the WARM and *encouraging heart* your presence brings to those on this blog. Keep on being YOU.
    : ))

  34. brothawolf on said:

    Racism to me is demonic and evil. It robs you of your humanity based on an archaic, low-level ideology that some people would love to maintain for their own twisted-ass reasons. It takes away your unalienable rights to happiness, justice, and life itself. It is the beast that is constantly pampered by ignorance, hate and outright stupidity. It is a part of the world that you wish would be silenced, but will seemingly always remain. It is something that must be fought until either it or us dies!

  35. Kushite Prince on said:

    I agree with you. Mary is real gem!

  36. Racism to me is the greatest of the white inventions since they love to tell everyone else how they invented everything either overtly or covertly, when ‘debating’ them. They have created such a stupendous ‘invention’ that it permeates society to the point that it is inherent in every echelon of society. It is so great, that many of them are not even aware of it, or so many claim. It allows them to maintain their supremacy over the ‘lower orders’ regardless of class. The lowliest white is perceived to be superior to racialized people whether this is conscious or unconscious. This is why many get pissed off or ‘insulted’ when you point out racist behaviour to them. If they are from the lower classes, they will try to argue that they are in the same boat as the racialized person, which of course isn’t true. You see, they believe their own hype as basically being the benevolent benefactors of mankind. I beg to differ. Racism, a purely white invention par excellence, hence, a racialized person can’t be racist despite what many of these white clowns posit. Power+prejudice is but one aspect of their ‘invention’, in fact there are many aspects. Watch out when these suckers really feel threatened!

  37. To me it means aggression by a population against another population based on phenotypic differences.
    Practically thought it is the albinic/european population otherwise known as white people who started and define current racism.
    Which they practiced against every other group on the world.

    However from my atheistic/scientific opinion ,they just like us are biological lifeforms ,some lifeforms are very aggressive others the opposite.

    We sapiens/humans can be extremely kind or cruel as well as wise or stupid.
    Through most of us most of the time are varying degrees of both.

  38. Ron Thomas on said:

    I consider you as eloquent as any and all of us. Your words come from the heart, and that is a place that always speaks the truth.

  39. To the family:

    Something that I’ve learned from living my life on the plantation is the importance of words and definitions. Whites make up words as they please along with their own definitions and we use them without question.

    Reading these astute and very intelligent comments tells me that we are further along than we give ourselves credit for. We have defined what the problem is and believe it or not, that is the first step towards victory.

    I’m very proud to be a member of the black family.

  40. P. S.

    Miss Mary

    You’re one of the smartest persons I’ve ever “met.” Don’t ever doubt yourself.

  41. mary burrell on said:

    Peace and blessings and light to all.

  42. thank you, posting blog about this same subject @ dogma and geo come on by and comment if you like

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  44. Tyrone on said:


    What do you mean by “When The Time Comes?” The bs is already here, we’re already fighting. Negress, don’t allow the fight with white folks on this planet to cloud your thinking? The struggle to liberate african people is bigger than just white folks, that’s the point i wanna get across to you Negress. Tunnel-Vision is not gonna help us over the long haul, we must be aware of everybody and everything…Bottomline!


  45. @ Tyrone

    The fight to liberate our people begins with the destruction of whiteness and its stranglehold on this entire planet. I firmly believe once that has been destroyed, the threat to humanity will begin to fade.

    I understand that the Arab has never been our ally. History doesn’t lie. But whiteness must come first in our agenda.

  46. Tyrone on said:


    Do you support the extinction of the white race, or, do you want them “Impotent?” The 2 are not the same sista. I want white folks to stop hating themselves, so, they’ll leave us the hell alone…that’s what i want. If the bs continues, they deserve to be a footnote in history like the white elephants they talk about so much…We Shall See!

    PS…Arabs are white Negress. Mixed whites have african blood in them, but still white like the others. Do you want a real “Black Planet” Negress? Do you want the entire planet to be African? If so, what about asians and native-americans? Should they seek to blacken themselves in like fashion, just asking?

  47. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Great topic. When I think of racism, I try to boil it down to a worst case senario and what I could mean for me and my people. So to me racism means extinction. I look at all the ways that our enemies have tried to destroy people of African descent. Disease didn’t work, stripping us of our language, religion, culture and identity didn’t work. Out right mass murder didn’t work.

    So now they are going about the ed and true method of sexing or breeding us out of existence. Yes sexual warfare. The same thing they did to the African populations of Argentina, Chile, and North Africa. If they can’t completely stamp out the Africoid phenotype, they want to mongrelise it to the point of being unidentifiable. I don’t understand how Black people, particularly in places where we are a minority like the U.S., think that miscegenation will benefit us. After all, we are only 13% of the population. Each generation, we become less African physically and culturally. You can see it on the faces of our people on the streets everyday.

    So that is the dilemma. If you stand up and say this, you get called racist. They say all people are the same. Race is a social construct. You will be discredited. But all things in nature naturally want to exist. Every sub species of bear, cat, dog, bird, or bug. But not this new form of African people. We embrace extinction. And white supremacy has made maintaining and protecting your Black bloodline a crime.

  48. @ Ty

    Since this conversation can be traced (if you know what I mean) I’ll say that whiteness is the biggest threat to humanity the world has ever known.

    My efforts and the efforts of a few is to dismantle this system permanently. I’m well aware of the Arabs and their role in our destruction and enslavement.
    But…first things first.

  49. @ Jay

    Wow! Excellent comments! I could not have said that better myself. Proof of our new “sexual demise” is none other than Tyler Perry.

    What astonishes me is why blacks cannot read the writing on the wall. I’ve seen the writing up close and personal many, many times. It’s real and if we can’t band together, we’re not gonna be able to destroy this beast.

  50. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    “So now they are going about the ed and true method of sexing or breeding us out of existence”

    Typo. I meant “tried and true”.

  51. @ Jay

    I’ve gotten a lot of arguments from blacks about the homosexual agenda. In fact, many on here have blown up at me for being a bigot. I am not. But…I do tell it like it is.

    The push for our men and women to turn to the same gender for love and solace is very much apart of Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics plan. Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence and a slew of other men who have been required to put on a dress is proof that Eugenics lives and thrives.

    Also apart of our Eugenics plan:

    1. Aids
    2. Swine Flu
    3. Bird Flu
    4. Vaccinations ( some have denied it but truth is truth )
    5. GMO’s
    6. Fluoride
    7. Hormones in milk
    8. Black hip/hop degenerate music
    9. The Crack Epidemic
    10. West Nile virus
    11. The War on drugs
    12. The War on Terror

    And probably a whole lot more that we do even know about!

  52. To me, racism is an absurd and nonsensical attack by one group on another it has power over based on nonexistent differences. It is theoretically much the same as other forms of discrimination such as sexism or homophobia, but works somewhat differently in practice, making it dangerous to apply the same thinking. There is often some overlap, but not always, it is possible to oppose sexism but support racism or vice versa.

    One thing that worries me is that if/when white supremacy is ended throughout the western world, will something else replace it? White supremacy is currently the dominant form of racism throughout the western world, but it is unfortunately not the only form that has existed in the past, or could in the future. Various parts of Asia have been, or still are, tragically familiar. (And if white people were unique in their prejudice for some genetic reason, that almost gives some truth to the lies white supremacy tells us).

    Or, assuming racism is defeated, will something else take its place? Will people turn their hate to sexism or homophobia? Historically, individual prejudices have come and gone, but prejudice has never ended.

  53. Mickey on said:

    Well, the truth of the matter is, unfortunately, there will always be some form of discrimination. Whether it is race, color, gender, sexuality, class, etc. somebody will hold something against somebody else. I heard someone say once that even if White supremacy ends, other people might be just as bad or worse than the White folks (although they believed that no one was worse than Whites when it came to racism.)

  54. @ Mickey

    White Supremacy gave birth to sexism, colourism,etc. It’s the bastard demonic parent that corrupts all other forms of life.

    When my ancestors were free, we never knew something called Skin Colour Prejudice. We were just Aboriginal.

    When the European raped and polluted us, we were introduced to these new “isms”. Once this demonic life form has been terminated, we can work on all other pitfalls that plague us.

  55. Molto buffo.


  56. Mickey on said:


    I think this talk by Tim Wise is something you would like to listen to and perhaps add a discussion on in the future. He talks about microaggressions, health disparities between BW & WW, covert racial discrimination, White privilege, White denial and a host of other things regarding racism.


  57. diaryofanegress on said:


    Tim Wise is a charlatan. I’m writing a post about him…again.

  58. larissa on said:

    To me it means hearing a person with a black mother say that ”blacks exist to serve whites” and thinking that she doesn’t know she is supporting a system which categorizes her as subhuman, and not saying anything because i know it will fall on deaf ears.

  59. larissa on said:

    It also means being told that your hair resembles feces.

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