Observations of an Invisible Woman

Please read Alexander’s book.

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  1. @diaryofanegress, I believe I read somewhere that you are biracial, and I find it interesting because you are fighting against white supremacy, yet part of you is white (or perhaps some other ethnicity?). Is this something you have ever thought about/ frequently think about? How do you get along with non black family members (if you are even in contact with them)? I am curious because I find it fascinating, yet I also understand that in the USA most half black/half white/asian etc.. people are forced into identifying as black due to one drop rule.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Going to order Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow.

  3. Great. I have it but haven’t read it yet.

  4. @I understand that my question may seem intrusive or rude, however that was not my intention, I apologise. I also realise that most of my comments have nothing to do with the post. I will try to produce more topic related and helpful comments from now on. I asked because for me it´s rare to encounter a mixed race person who absolutely refuses to accept any of the bs caused by white supremacy, and who is so adamant about exploring white supremacy and fighting it.

  5. In reference to the new jim crow it seems most albinic white people have adopted a new social aggression policy whereby they hide thier overt racist acts by appearing the maintain the moral high ground
    at the same time encouraging the moral low ground for black/brown more meleininiated people.
    Like when police officeres who are mostly white encoraging minor criminality
    or white people who are quick to encourage black/brown people to use and think in racial stereotypes.

  6. Tyrone on said:


    Being half-black does not mean that a mulatto will embrace the blackness within them. I’ve come across a fair share of them who are contrary to what most folk would assume about them. As black people, we should stop assuming that mixed-race individuals who are half-black will choose the black side over the other. We should focus our attention on real black people instead, and, if the others choose to be on the team, so be it. If not, i don’t lose sleep over them, they’re not black…Bottomline!

    PS…Larissa, Negress is half-black. Black equals 2 black parents. I wanted to clarify that for all the slow people in the world.

  7. Tyrone on said:


    Whitemen don’t have any power over blackmen. They think and act as they do because we allow them to. No albino man on this planet can influence me to do stupid s**t…Period! If a blackman wants to get flat, that’s on him. I have no sympathy for scared negros. Innocent black men and women are the group that we should be fighting for, and those locked up on petty charges such as having a small amount of weed in their car. As a race, we fight to free violent blackmen, which makes no sense. And, we ignore the others who got caught up in the hysteria that the others caused. Slavery never died, it transformed into something else, we forget that. This fight is a mental game…uneducated and brainwashed blackmen and blackwomen are so easy to exploit, So Easy!


  8. Why is my complexion of such fascination? The Willie Lynch Syndrome is alive and well. My ancestry isn’t what matters here, it’s what I’m trying to do.

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