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Book Recommendations

Can someone give me a short list of excellent books to read?—–Alegna

Since there are perhaps thousands of books that are designed to help heal the black conscious and spread awareness, it’s hard to pick just one. Do any of you have a favourite?

Mine are :

Brainwashed: Challenging the myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell. And The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Dr. Bobby Wright.

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black InferiorityProduct Details

Brainwashed punched me in the gut. And made me mad as hell. My family asked me to calm down now…”you’re waking the neighbours”. But when I read and reread it, I was nodding along and totally diggin’ it. Psychopathic gave me answers as to why whites have zero empathy for our suffering and continue to perpetuate white supremacy. I have a small but great collection of books designed to help me understand the black and white framework. I read and reread them often to remind myself that I am not alone in this fight. This winter when the heavy snow falls, I’ll be curled up by the fireplace drinking tea and hopefully having a greater chance of black survival thanks to these great black minds.

Please help this young sister and list as many books as possible you feel have helped you to understand this system of oppression.

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39 thoughts on “Book Recommendations

  1. The Insane Nigger is a really good book to read if you’re looking for some insight as to why some do what they do.

    Also, A Country of Stranger and The Coming Race War.

    I got plenty out of these titles.

  2. The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors by Francis Cress Welsing.

    Explains, from a psychological and evolutionary standpoint, why albinos inherently loathe blacks. In a nutshell, white folk are descendents of outcast African albino babies. They had to flee north (cooler) and band together to survive.

    Like any abandoned child, they grew up with inferiority complexes, subconsciously upset at their parents for the rejection. So they went searching for them. And here we got colonialism and a host of other byproducts of the albino’s inherent feeling of inadequacy.

    That’s also why the mammy figure was so comforting for them. But also why the black male’s virility is such a threat (hence the obsession with castrating black males)- their genetic material has the power to wipe out all recessive albino traits/features.

    There’s so much more, but this is a start. Everything albinos do is because they fear us (which manifests as hate) and want to be us.

  3. Negress, “Brainwashed…” seems interesting.
    If I recall correctly I believe I passed it up in the library before. I think I picked another book instead.
    Is it well-written?
    There are many books in which the author’s ideas are ones I agree with (if even partially), but if it’s not presented well or based on a whole bunch of nothing I tend to discredit them.
    But I’ll add this to my list.

    I saw a lot of references to the “Psychopathic Racial Personality” on this blog. I never heard of it, though. The title seems heavy, lol.
    I’ll add this too.

    I love to read. My mom always took us kids to the library at least once a month faithfully and I remember carrying five or six books at a time, happy as hell. She passed on her love of reading to her children and we haven’t lost it yet.
    The difference with me now is that my interest is no longer in Dean Koontz or Ed McBain. Not a knock to them or to fiction in general, but as I got older my interest became primarily non-fiction with a preoccupation with history & social issues.
    As a result I developed this hunger to understand why things are the way they are and why they have been that way and if these things will continue to be…
    Just a hunger for some knowledge.

    Thanks a lot.
    Please keep them coming.

    Hung, “Insane Nigger”? I definitely have to google that one, lol.
    I never heard of the other two, either.
    Wow – where have I been?


  4. @ Jesus

    the coming race war is in my Amazon Wish list. I think black need to be prepared for what’s coming.

  5. Chartreuse

    I will be doing a series based on the Isis Papers. Welsing explains brilliantly why whites hate us.

  6. @ Alegna

    Your welcome.

    Brainwashed is brilliant and very upsetting. You’ll love it. The Psychopathic Racial Personality is Dr. Wright’s masterpiece. Whites are sick. The book will explain how.

  7. For ALL:

    Please read Mein Kampf.

    Understanding the sickness of the European mind starts with the sickest of all.

  8. I’ve never read the Isis Papers but I was told that I should.

  9. Mein Kampt is a excellant read that should be required reading 4 all people of colour. Hitler used the same kind of tacticz that were used against native amerikanz

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    A lot of brothers and sistas are not very familiar with Dr Niyana Rasayon. He is an amazing author. I’ve bought a few of his books from his website. I suggest people check it out. He has some very educational books.


  11. Moorbey

    Dr. Afrika said it best:

    “Study the mind of the European once and you’ll never have to study it again.”

  12. Thank you prince…I’ll have to check that out.

  13. Let’s not forget the Esteemed Neely Fuller Jr with The United Independent Compensatory Code.

    Miss Pam has a site:


  14. Books that have helped me:

    Yurugu – Dr Marimba Ani.

    (Can’t get a link, but if you search hard enough you can find it)

    This book gave me a more holistic understanding of European culture, what it is and how it evolves.

    Non race related books:

    Gnosis – Boris Mouravieff


    In search of the Miraculous – P. D. Ouspensky

    Click to access index.pdf

    All books by Carlos Castaneda

    Last book

    The above 3 books are more esoteric in nature. If you’re into that kind of stuff, then they come highly recommended.

  15. Another Book that might tickle your fancy is

    Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Dr Weston Price (1939)

    “In the following chapters, I have presented descriptions of certain peoples and their environments in primitive state, and, for comparative study, descriptions of members of the primitive tribes who have been in contact with modernized white races. I have recorded the effects of that contact as expressed in physical and character changes, and have given a survey of the factors in the environment which have changed. It has been necessary to study in this way a wide variety of primitive groups and physical environments. It will, accordingly, be advisable for the reader to keep in mind the comparative effects of different altitudes, latitudes, temperatures and races, and to note the similarity of the reactions of these primitive groups when contact is made with our modern civilization. The purpose is to glean data that will be applicable for use in correcting certain tragic expressions of our modern degeneration, including tooth decay, general physical degeneration, and facial and dental-arch deformities, and character changes. These data will be useful in preventing race decay and deformities, in establishing a higher resistance to infective diseases, and in reducing the number of prenatal deficiency injuries. These latter include such expressions as mental deficiencies caused by brain defects in the formative period, which result in mental disturbances ranging from moderate backwardness to character abnormalities.”

    I haven’t read the whole thing but the general gist of it is that Modern Processed Food is bad. What he does is he goes to colonial outposts where primitive people are yet to meet white people or are being introduced to modern western living and he measures the differences between the “new emerging people” and the “old”. What he notices is that western culture is degenerative.


  16. @ Wilson

    Dr. Afrika

    Speaks of this too called Nutricide.

  17. I’ll search him up.

  18. Kushite Prince on said:

    Amazons of Black Sparta is a good read. If you want to know anything about African warriors. Here’s a review.

  19. ok. Thanks. Also in my cart: Up from Slavery and Killers of the Dream.

  20. This is great, thanks.

  21. brothawolf on said:

    Here are my recommendations:

    Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Joy Degruy Leary
    Black Pain by Terrie Williams
    Black Rage by Willaim H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs
    The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
    The Condemnation of Little B by Elaine Brown
    The Condemnation of Blackness (I have yet to get that one) by Khalil Muhammad
    Black On Black Violence by Amos Wilson

  22. mary burrell on said:

    Here’s my favorites Brainwased is excellent by Tom Burrell, Randall Kennedy’s nigger The Strange Case of A Troublesome Word, Shifting the doouble lives of black women in America Charisse Jones and Kumea ShotrerPh.D, The Miseducation of the Negro Cater G. Woodson, Black Pain Terrie M. Williams, Salvation Black people and Black Love, bell hooks, And last but not least this is a fun read but it covers alot of what is discussed on Truth be told’s blog. Ego Trip’s Big Book Of Racism, Sacha Jenkins, Elliot Wilson, Chairman Jefferson Mao, Gabriel Alvarez & Brent Rollins. It’s fun and thought provoking. That’s my two cents. Peace.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    Shifting The Double Lives of Black Women In America Is excellent for the sisters in the workplace and young sisters everywhere.

  24. mary burrell on said:

    One more, when Chickenheads come Home to Roost Joan Morgan. That’s real talk. Good Night.

  25. Thanks Miss Mary.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    You are most welcome Sister.

  27. Faces At the Bottom of the Well by Derrick Bell is a great book. Bell argues that racism is permanent so long as people continue to believe that this system will automatically get better through time.
    Also, check out “The Culture of Make Believe” by Derrick Jensen. He discusses how racism has been the pinnacle of Western civilization to the detriment of people and the environment itself.

  28. Black Family:

    I’m so proud of all of you for being so well read and helpful to the family. Please keep up the good, fierce and unwavering support.

  29. Ron Thomas on said:

    The New Jim Crow – Hands Down

  30. Ron, a friend of mine has been pushing me to read that book. I forgot about it. Thanka for reminding me. 🙂

  31. *Thanks

  32. @ Ron

    I have that book. I’m reading the Isis Papers right now but when I’m done that will be next.

  33. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success in the New Global Economy by Joel Kotkin. This book shows how ethnic groups around the world become strong economically by banding together for the greater good of said group. I don’t like to use the phrase “must read” but this is very close to it.

    Also, if you want to understand how Black people have gotten into the predicament that we’re in, read Destruction of Black Civilization : Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D. by Chancellor Williams. This book is a certified classic.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve never heard of Killers of the Dream. I’ll have to look that one up.

  35. On books in general and these book in particular.
    Should you pay for books that address important social and pyschological issues;issues of life and death esp for the people who are being victimized and can least afford to pay.
    Or is captialism and one’s “living” more important then knowledge ,truth and justice?
    I ask because eithier via numerous public libaries as well as sharers these books can be had for free.

  36. Mbeti:

    Many books can be downloaded for free on Amazon or Kindle. Or you can search for them in used book stores for as little as 2.50. I know because I found many used black books at my local book store starting at .99 cents.

  37. I suggest these books to my younger brother, Greg. He is brainwashed to think everything White is good and even prefers White women(Most of them I find plain janes in the looks department) over Black women.

    I hope he learns that his race is not a race to be ashamed of.

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