Observations of an Invisible Woman

White AmeriKlan’s Religious Foundation

Albert Pike, the founder of White AmeriKlan’s Christian Organization, has two simple doctrines:

1. Jesus ( a white, Nordic, emaciated man dripping blood) will save you

2. God will allow and condone the killing of as many niggers as possible

For those of you unfamiliar with this “Godly” Freemason, this is he:

This religious sect, at its peak, had as many as 1 million members in its congregation across the Divided States of AmeriKlan, including women and children. Made up of police, judges, bailiffs, teachers, farmers, politicians and businessmen, this sect was powerful and influenced many people through religious terrorism.

Cleverly disguised as “Puritanical”, this sect joyfully murdered all peoples, including their own, who did not abide by their laws and views. The chattel slavery of my ancestors was a Godly and justified affair due to the biblical misnomer called The Curse of Ham. Even though the Curse did not fall upon Ham but Canaan is of no significance in the system of white supremacy. Please note that this biblical tale is what white Jews use, til this day, as an explanation why blacks are subhuman and inferior beings.

Since Jesus was indeed a black man who became white through European trickery, I can only surmise that their religious sect is but a mockery of black death. When examining the belief systems of white AmeriKlans and their blatant refusal to abide by their own Doctrines in The Good Book, I can theorize that they use the bible whenever and however it suits them.

This religious sect, popularly known as the Ku Klux Klan, was glorified by a wildly popular film called Birth of a Nation in 1915. In this film, the Knights rescued all innocent whites, especially white females, from the sexual machinations of the black savage. Please watch this short clip:

As you can see, the white female’s virginity is always in great peril by the blackface brute. D.W. Griffith masterfully gave AmeriKlan audiences their first taste of what would be known today as the “White Woman Chase Scene” that millions of movie directors would later emulate in some form. (Thank you Mr. Fuller for opening my eyes) Truth and Justice was their motto. Coincidentally, that motto, along with the addition of “The Ameriklan Way”, was mimicked by a popular white American superhero:

When I began to study this nation’s religious and racial history, the imagery became blinding and obvious.

Any thoughts to this religion?

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19 thoughts on “White AmeriKlan’s Religious Foundation

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  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    Albert Pike wanted to create three World wars. It seems like the plan is working. But how will World War come to be? I’m snot sure but we need to pray and prepare. Don’t get caught off guard. Be prepared for anything. I don’t put anything past these demons that are part of the global elite.

  3. Prince:

    Thank you for the educational video. I am no longer surprised that whites align religion with war.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s what they do best.

  5. I heard Malcolm point out how White folk never shop in Black neighborhoods, but while it may be a statement on their motivation, it’s ‘smart’ insomuch as maintaining the status quo is concerned.

    In the clip, the Klan is the same difference. Racial Purity isn’t a bad goal. It’s the outward aggression which we should condemn. Let them keep their White women and men. As it were, it’s not the friends of our race who are promoting Racial Impurities. Now that we’re nominally more able to resist them, we should.

  6. Onitaset

    I am 100% for racial segregation. If only we can convince other blacks of this, we’d be on our way. When you research European history, they have repeatedly demonstrated to us who they are, what they stand for and how far they are willing to go to have us destroyed…even using religion as a tool!

    What can we do to open the eyes of the black race?

  7. Negress

    As black people, when will we realize that organized religion is the foundation of white supremacy and racism on this planet? Black people waiting around for a whiteman with blonde hair and blue eyes to save them, even a child can see thru that. Islam is no better, there is no white figure to fuss about, but enslaves black people just the same. Christianity and Islam have a lot of african blood on their hands, so, why are we beating up on other blacks who choose not to enslave their minds to religous books that are probably not even based on fact?


  8. “Man with raw meat seeks fire.” — African Proverb (Jamaica)

    We can maintain our fires and wait for those of us whom seek it. We can burn stronger and make those seekers see us earlier. We can give our people raw meat.

    We are doing the right things. 🙂

  9. Oni

    You come up with the best proverbs! LOL!

  10. Ty:

    Religion has been perverted on purpose to keep us mentally enslaved. Bowing down to the white man nailed to the 2×4 is a great way to keep us hoodwinked.

    A lot of us are waking up though…

  11. Negress

    Whites will never be happy being who they are…Never! This is the crux of the issue. Any race that hates itself creates conflict with others…Ditto!


  12. @ Tyrone:
    You just described the Psychopathic Racial Personality to a tee.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    This Albert Pike was an evil demonic man. I goggled some other references about this beast in tandem to your post as well. Evil just pure evil.

  14. Yes, many of our “Founding Fathers” were demonic. AmeriKlan is reaping the rewards of that demonism.

  15. This is my conflict here, Negress, and thanks for posting this like you said you would.

    It’s too complex & detailed to get into here, but as I mentioned before, I’m at a place where I’m questioning if I want to continue to believe in the doctrines of a religion that has a history of – insert a crime against humanity here – from its inception.
    I won’t start a theological discussion here unless someone wants to go there. But for the topic’s sake, my grievance here is that Christianity is a religion that whites have used as a undercurrent for their supremacist ways. We all know this.
    When I was younger, the brothers from the Nation of Islam used to spit that “white man’s religion” on me, and I would shake my head & keep it moving. They were lost. Deluded. Racist.
    Some years later, I’m actually considering that it may very well be true.

    But then I read that Christianity actually originated in Africa. Don’t know if this is true or not; I never took the time to research it. My immediate question to that though is, if so, why didn’t Africans express this faith once they arrived on this land? Or did they?
    I don’t know.
    All I know at this moment is that Christianity has been and is part of the white supremacist paradigm. They have used it to enslave, they have used it to oppress, they have used it to control, they have used it to rob, they have used it to hate, they have used it to _[insert even more crimes against humanity here.]_
    Again, I’m saying things that we already know.
    I suppose I’m late to truly catching on.
    I’ve always been a late bloomer.

    When I speak with fellow Christians on these issues, the responses tend to align with the doctrine of “man is evil, God is not” and that sin in the heart of man. As a result these wicked actions are due to the fallen nature of man. In other words, to discredit Christianity – the true path, the right way – to God because of the actions of men is not a valid reason to do so.
    But isn’t that circular reasoning?

    I’m going on & on. I’ll stop for now.

  16. I think you guys would like to view these:

  17. @ Mickey:

    Thank you!!! You are the bomb with these videos!

    Why do you think this white racist told the truth? I very seldom hear this…EVER. On a side note I have zero sympathy for whites. Zero love. Zero hope. Zero feelings. When they get theirs…I hope they feel it.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    The craziest aspect of all of this madness, is that, the integrationists and their “One Love” ideology and policies have killed more black people on this planet than the KKK ever did. The bleeding heart liberal who pushes inter-racial marriage and children is a bigger threat to the black race than the kkk, skinheads, etc. The colorblind racist is in front of you, “In Plain Sight.” Objects that are close by can be overlooked. Transparent racist can be seen from a distance, which allows you to prepare for whatever may come. As to the race issue, blackmen should keep it moving. Chasing after whitewomen does nothing for our race, what do we have to prove Onitaset? Whitemen running around killing random blackmen because some brothas are sexing whitewomen to get back at them for doing the same to blackwomen. We know what they did, and they know as well. Blackmen should be the adult as it relates to this issue. Whitemen are scared that they will be erased off the map, and they should be. However, making the white race extinct serves no useful purpose…let them be. Swirl-O-Vision is here to stay, but, it can’t leap over authentic blackness. I swerve back and forth on this issue, but, i’m starting to see it from Negress’ perspective as well.


  19. Racist White AmeriKKKlan used religion for centuries to justify their enslavement of Blacks and killing off Native Americans. And the real Jesus, who was really named Yeshua was a Black Jewish man who lived in the Northeastern African country of Israel back 2,000 years ago. No I am not making this up to make people on here worship a Black Jesus. It is the truth. He is described as having skin as dark as coal and kinky hair. That is a Black man to me! He could never be White ever!

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