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Open Discussion #4

Hi Guys, time to let off some steam. What’s on your minds? I’ll go first:

This election has me bothered. I’m almost holding my breath waiting for something to happen. Do you feel it?

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98 thoughts on “Open Discussion #4

  1. I’m not gonna lie, this election has me worried. If Mittens wins, he could easily sink the country past the point of no return, which is great for him and his little buddies, but will be nightmarish for everyone else. I’ll probably head back to the UK if that happens, because I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some revolution or something when he inevitably fucks everyone over.

    Of course, revolution is still possible if our President gets reelected, given how the racism of the nation is actually coming out into the spotlight instead of hiding behind a curtain of (false) good intentions. But if Romney takes the job, it’s almost a guarantee.

  2. hello hello hello…whats on my mind…i saw one of the most racist most unbelievable piece of crap movies last night…i have never been in tears but laughing at the same time truly disturbing..its called burning palms and its 5 mini stories that r typical of most psychotic euro works…there was one story where 2 gay guys adopted a little girl from africa and the level of pure bigotry against that child was stunning…check it out on ondemand sis….the title was buyers remorse hhhmmmm

    i am also watching way way way too much of this presidential foolery ..i am finding myself watching even more broadcasts n vids than i did in 08…im seeing it w/ wiser eyes, asking myself if the mumbling morman is doing this stuff on purpose and is the pres really a trojan horse who has been put there to change the face of tyranny/imperialism….

    i am also wondering how my husband (of 8 yrs who is a real genuine good soul)…as a man born on the home land could dismiss my points on racism and the hollywood effiminization of our men and yt sociopathic terror to say everybody has to be judged individually..im kinda dissapointed in him…sigh maybe cause his brother has a yt wife i dont know but we get into little heated covnos but i dont think he gets it…he tells me of his experience of asking blacks for directions at the metro when he first came from niger..his english was minimal so he said many many of us would either ignore him or give him not-so-nice-looks..well he says every yt person he asked helped him and was patient in trying to understand his words….what can i say to that?????
    im just thinking about the culture gap between us wondering how we will build the bridge to our people back home…

  3. Tehnoun

    Obama will win. The election is set up that way for him to serve a second term. We have no control over who sits in the office. A revolt is underway, I can feel the animosity in the air…it’s palpable. What I don’t want is another shooting…or a bomb. Or worse.

  4. Nedge

    Whites should not be allowed to adopt black children. I know I pissed off a lot of folks on my prior post but who gives a shit. It’s true.
    Blacks in AmeriKlan have always had tension with from blacks in Africa and the islands, no doubt…but we need to get over that Willie Lynch Syndrome and move on with it. All we have is each other.

    Give him time to settle down. I’ve been wondering how to build that gap myself…

  5. Something did just happened. Ol’ Mitt handed the president a second term.

  6. @ Jesus

    How did he do that?

  7. something even don’t want to post, first the NYPD has department in Israel now this … is something going to happen, yeah, they are begging for it.

  8. @ cari

    did you ever watch the Arrivals?

  9. A you tube documentary on zionism and its evils. Very good.

  10. Eddie Speaks the truth!!!

  11. mary burrell on said:

    The election has me plenty worried. I know Mitt Romney is a total disaster. All he cares about is the rich people. The poor will suffer greatly. The racial tension scares me because I know the bigots will be out in large numbers and I believe they are conspring something evil and sinister. We need to pray.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    Dang! That Eddie Griffin is pretty funny I have to check out more of his videos. I did’nt know he was so intelligent. That was good.

  13. Eddie is very underrated.

  14. I assume hunglikejesus is talking about this:

    I still think they might slink by even with this idiocy.

  15. Check this kid out:

  16. Negress

    The country is already effed up, 4 more years of Obama is not gonna improve the situation. Black people, Obama is a puppet for white leftists on this planet, when are we gonna realize that? He doesn’t care about black folk. Just because he is married to a blackwoman doesn’t negate the fact that Obama is making conditions worse for our race in this country and globally as well. All black people don’t love black people, we need to remember that. Obama supports Planned Parenthood, The Muslim Brotherhood, Illegal-Immigration, Trial Lawyers, Hollywood, European Socialists, need i say more Negress? Negress, i’m amazed that you can’t see the fallacy that is Barack “Hussein” Obama? He’s not the first black president ya’ll, he’s the first mixed-race president. If you’re mixed, don’t get offended. His incompotency is offensive to me as a natural-born blackman just the same…Ditto! Come on black people, 50 plus years of voting for donkeys has gained us nothing, do we want to remain relevant in this country…Yes or No? Negress, i love you like jelly donuts, but, we can’t afford 4 more years of this nonsense…Ditto!


  17. Kushite Prince on said:

    I saw Eddie in concert about four years ago. He was very funny. I didn’t expect the him to be so political though. But he doesn’t bite his tongue at all. It was political yet still funny. The best comedians know how to mix the two together very well.

  18. Ty

    I do not support a political group. And on Nov 4, my behind will be at home.

  19. Black people:

    We’d better wake the hell up! Time is running out. Please stop eating garbage. Please stop listening to garbage. Please stop watching garbage. Stop feeding Wall Street. Stop spending money on foolishness and let white wall street shut down.

  20. I had a fight with my boyfriend this past weekend. Which isn’t exactly headline news for most people, but we hardly ever fight. And when we do, it’s usually over something so trivial it’s embarrassing to think about once we’ve both calmed down. Is Lady Gaga a truly unique artist or is she completely overrated? Is “American Idol” a reliable source of finding legitimate talent?

    Those types of debates are not about pop stars or televised talent competitions. What is usually at stake is our egos. We both hate to be proven wrong so much that it borders on pathology. But this latest argument was different.

    We were in my car, talking about a little bit of everything when the topic turned to race. I’m black and he’s white, so the subject comes up frequently. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time it involves horrendously offensive jokes and hysterical laughter. This was the .01% when it did not.

    The taboo topic du jour was whether or not something had to be intentionally malicious for it to be considered racist. I argued that of course it did not. I was operating off of a complex conceptualization that embodied both individual discrimination and systematic and institutional injustice. It was the “racism equals prejudice plus power” equation that is the corner stone of most sociological, psychological and academic anti-racist arenas. By that definition, only white people possess the ability to be racist because they are the ones that hold the power.

    My boyfriend was having none of that. He was steadfast in his belief that for something to be racist, it has to have harmful intentions. And what did he use to prove the accuracy of “his” definition? The dictionary. Merriam Webster’s mobile website version to be exact.

    I was livid. Actually, no, I wasn’t livid just yet. More like baffled. I’d been with this man for nearly two-and-a-half years. How was I just now discovering that he’s one of those white people? The kind that has no clue about racism yet has the audacity to try to debate about it. The man grew up in a nearly all-black neighborhood, has mostly black friends and possesses a full deck of honorary black cards. We even joke about how in some aspects, his degree of “blackness” is higher than mine. All that and he doesn’t even know what racism is? How the hell did that even happen?

    In my opinion, “my life” was enough to articulate why I was right and he was dead wrong. But when I told him that, he brilliantly countered with, “No, that’s not what racism is. It says it right here on my smartphone. See?”

    The fact that he thought an 11-word definition had more credibility than I did was beyond insulting. It was hurtful and it displayed a level of arrogance and prickdom I didn’t think him capable of. Bottom line, neither he nor Merriam Webster are the authority on racism and the concept is far more complicated than either of them can capture in only a handful of words.

    My definition came from countless collegiate classes on the matter, tons of books and papers, an advanced degree and working and volunteering for nonprofits whose mission is to offset the systematic implications of racism through tireless service. Oh, and from also being black for the past 28 years.

    I’m the black one. We make the rules. Duh.

    Watch what you say to me.
    But later, during our post-argument argument, I realized that Merriam Webster isn’t the only thing that shaped his interpretation of what racism means. His definition of the word has been molded by spending a childhood getting his ass kicked for being the white boy in the mostly black neighborhood. My boyfriend begins to list his own terrible racially based experiences. These are things that I knew about, but had completely neglected to consider in the midst of my own anger. I was so busy being offended that I forgot he had reason to be as well.

    So black people can’t be racist? How do I tell that to his scared 10-year-old self? The little boy who had to dodge and hide just to make it safely home from school? Ironically, he’s the one in our relationship who has endured hateful and violent encounters because of the color of his skin, not me. In his experience, racism has been nothing but malicious. He has little reason to believe otherwise.

    I still know, not just believe, that racism can rear its ugly head without someone intending to do concrete harm, That’s how it has manifested in my life. But, I was wrong to think that I was the ultimate authority on the subject simply because I’m black. Actually, that shit’s kind of racist.

    {Recopied from XOjane.com}

  21. Not feeling any sympathy for XO Jane’s boyfriend. He was beat up for being white? So what! Not every black person is who a victim of white Supermacy is interested in sitting in silence, if the opportunity presents itself some of us will strike back (whether rightly or wrongly)! I don’t know what the point was of posting that comment, but it smells of “we go through it too” which is just another derailing tactic that Whites use to get away from the FACT that they run things and they are the only racists that exist.

  22. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    What made you post this article? Just curious.

  23. @ Jay

    I was listening to the COWS and Trojan Pam gave a great interview on white supremacy and interracial dating.

    I agree with her that the best thing blacks can do to help defeat the system of racism is to stop all sexual/ romantic relations with whites in ALL forms.

  24. @diaryofanegress, would you say that this also applies to friendships?

  25. Aren´t you supposed to keep your enemies closer than your friends?

  26. @ Larissa

    A friendship with a white person is an oxymoron. Whites only have friends if they can somehow benefit from it. I learned that the hard way.

    The best thing we can do is to focus on our betterment and leave them alone.

  27. @ Truthbetold,

    I am getting worried. I totally agree with most of what you have to say but I think sometimes it borders on hate towards white people. I think it is important to make a distinction between whiteness and white people. They are not one and the same even if it originates from white people.

    Not every single white person is “non-human” or cant feel “empathy”. Some white people have never done anything wrong towards a person of color, some are just victims of the environment they have grown in, some actively fight against it, some have even died for the plight of colored people.

    I mean, your comment over here:

    “A friendship with a white person is an oxymoron. Whites only have friends if they can somehow benefit from it. I learned that the hard way.”

    But ones own personal experience does not equal the totality of all experiences so it is erroneous to extrapolate from that and make everyone fit it.

    I should repeat again, I think most of what you say is correct but I think there should be a distinction between whiteness and white people otherwise we now enter the realms of hate towards a whole race of people numbering millions if not billions – and that is a whole load of hate.

    Another comment I don’t like that you’ve made is this:

    “I agree with her that the best thing blacks can do to help defeat the system of racism is to stop all sexual/ romantic relations with whites in ALL forms.”

    It’s a bit like a girl who has had a couple of bad experiences with the guys she’s dated and as a result she comes to the conclusion that all men are evil or vice versa, a guy who has been cheated on by his previous girlfriends and comes to the conclusion that all women are “sl*ts”. That is the same sort of logic. In terms of IR dating I have read here on this same blog that it’s ok if both parties recognize the humanity in each other, listen to and are empathetic to each other and recognize that there relationship is set within a wider context i.e. the world.

    Look at the end of the day, white, yellow, black and red are all humans. The majority of us have souls. But there are also those of us who have no souls, are psychopaths and feel zero empathy and life for them is all about power. We shouldn’t let those who design the systems that we have to live in, make us go into hatred and fail to recognize the humanity in others. This is probably where whiteness begun in the first place. Now I can see blackness emerging which is anti-white not anti-whiteness which are 2 totally different things.

  28. @ Wilson

    May I ask why my comments should bother you?

  29. I also wanted to say, the forces that have brought us whiteness don’t really care about color, they just see an opportunity and they take it. If you give them the opportunity, they’d happily make you believe you’re everything underneath the sun and make you there new vehicle of spreading strife, hatred and animosity. I pray that you don’t let them do this and that you remain strong and steadfast in your quest for truth and most importantly never lose contact with your own humanity and that of others.

  30. They bother me because you strive for truth and truth is a delicate thing. They bother me because I want to see you succeed in your quest. They bother me because I know there are forces in this world that work actively to make sure people like you never succeed. They bother me because if you don’t take into account that, you will be doomed to fail or worse yet, turn into what you are fighting against.

    Finally they bother me because I know deep down you are a caring empathetic and sensitive woman and it’s painful to potentially watch hatred creep into your heart and lead you off your intended path.

  31. @ Wilson

    Truth isn’t “delicate.” Truth is truth. Truth isn’t “hate.” Truth is honest. Blunt, raw and brutally honest. Those who wish to hide truth, fear truth.

    Interesting comments again, Wilson.

  32. Ok.

    What is truth to you truthbetold? How do you define it?? Is it apart from your experience i.e. objective or is it part of your experience, i.e. subjective?

    I am sure that you agree that this world is ruled by lies and deception. Furthermore, that we humans constantly lie to ourselves and others. In fact you can say that this world is sort of a prison and truth for the most part is locked out and if it ever does manage to get in, eventually it gets sooo distorted that it ceases to resemble itself.

    So when you have so many people saying they know what the truth is, even science itself that is meant to be objective claiming to know what the truth is and time shows us that eventually such things get shown to be lies etc, then how can anyone claim to know what is true?

    What is the test to know that you are not being lied to or worse yet, lying to yourself?

    Personally, that is why I think it is delicate. It is delicate in a world ruled inside out by lies. It is like a precious commodity, rare and extremely valuable.

  33. @ Wilson



  34. 🙂

  35. I seriously have issues with people between the ages of 12 and 14. They seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

    I just bought a to-do list entitled “whatever they say, don’t kill the kids” smh…


  36. @ What did the little buggers do, Phoebes?

  37. I’m at a place in my life where I’m questioning every belief that I profess.

    When I was younger, I felt as though I came to that classic crossroads where you decide which road you want to travel. Now, at this point in my life I feel as though I’m at a major intersection and my car is stalled.
    I can’t move until something inside of me gets fixed.

    I’ve been wondering a lot, you know, just being introspective, even more so than I was when I was in my early twenties.
    I’m wondering if I’ve been holding onto ideals because they’ve been convenient; I’m wondering if I’ve been holding onto a set of beliefs because they sound traditionally moral; I’m wondering if I’ve been aligning my allegiance with certain viewpoints because I’m afraid that if I didn’t, I’d be committing some kind of blasphemy.

    I’m at a place like this and I suppose that’s why I’m visiting blogs to read what people out here are saying, reading books that I never thought that I would by authors that I would, flirting with ideas that I would’ve cast to the birds just a couple of years ago.

    I don’t feel as though I’m an impressionable duck; I question everything.
    I only feel that I’m more receptive.

    That’s what’s on my mind.

  38. @ Alegna

    Being receptive is a great start! I too was at a crossroads but now I feel that I’ve found my way. You will too.

  39. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    What’s on my mind is the child like mentality of Black people all over the world. The constant need to be accepted and validated by other ethnic groups (specifically whites). I was on another blog written by a Black female and the entry was about men (mostly white) on a body building message board calling Black women ugly. The blogger then began posting pictures of Black women on the message board to prove just how beautiful Black women truly are. Why is it so important for whites to recognize Black beauty? Will this really boost the self esteem of Black women? Probably so, and that’s the sad part.

    This is far from an isolated incident. You will find this sort of begging all over the internet. “Do arab women like Black men?” “Are indian men attracted to Black women?” “Why do asians disrespect Black people?”

    Where does this craving to be loved by people, who don’t even respect us come from?

    Also, the “People of Color are all brothers” issue. From some reason, Black people think that its just white people who hate and oppress us. History tells a different story. From Africans being enslaved in ancient India, to being made eunuchs and concubines by arabs, to the Blacks of Papua New Guinea being massacred by Indonesians, to native american indians (in north and south america) selling us out to whites when we tried to escape slavery, to Mexicans targeting innocent Blacks in California and the southwest, to arabs enforcing chattel slavery on Blacks in North Africa today! Everyone who gets a chance to put their foots and the necks of Black people, do so without hesitation.

    When do we stand up and tell the rest of the world to “kiss our collective asses, because we don’t need you.”? We existed forever without other people loving us and validating our humanity.

  40. @ Jay

    Blacks are still on the plantation and a lot of us still need to feel “accepted.” What we fail to realize is how very important we are to the planet.

    I will repeat what I’ve said over and over again:

    The only people who don’t seem to understand this is us. But please be patient. Black conscious is coming. And when it comes, the world will never be the same.

  41. I think it is because White supremacy has told ALL POC that there is a sliding scale of humanit – the darker you are, the less you count as a person. And non-Black POC want to be accepted by Whites, so they put down others, most notably Blacks, just so they can turn to Whites and say, “See! I can hate niggers just as well as you guys can!” Not realizing that in the end, those same Whites view them as niggers, too. Hence, the Nigger Wake-up Call.

  42. *humanity

  43. @ Mickey

    Thank you!

    I think Spanish speaking Africans fall into this category. I’ve met many Mexicans and Puerto Ricans who’ve had their Nigger Wake-up Call and it was shocking for them.

  44. I agree with Mickey. Trying to be accepted by whites and other races is a waste of time because our ethnicity will always take precedence over everything else. I´ve also observed something that Mr. Fuller mentioned, which is that whites get an ego boost from degrading us; they feel uncomfortable when we are on the same level as them, as though our success makes them less successful/human/worthy of respect.
    I too feel as though something terrible is coming. It´s been far too long since Europeans have fought each other in a large scale war. Something´s not quite right.
    It is truly scary.

  45. On a different note, from next week I will be moving into a new house which I will be sharing with four other white students. Not gonna be easy. Hope they are nice.

  46. And even if you are part White, they will be racist towards you based on your Blackness/Asianess/Native Americaness/Etc. I have yet to be discriminated for my “Whiteness” by Whites.

  47. Ok I am going to sound absolutely crazy because I actually believe this:

    I have heard it said that white people were damped on this planet like about 70000 years ago.. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Coz there planet went kaboom.

  48. Before I take my meds and kick back to reality, I also heard that there Planet went kaboom because of them. Like who blows up their own Planet? Yeah you guessed it..

    Ok I have taken my meds.. Back to reality now….

  49. Ok ok, I’ll continue cuz it’s nice to just go crazy every now and again…. Where were they dumped? Rumor has it round the caucuses region. Why do they like cold temperatures and why are there eyes blue? You guessed it, there home was erhmm how to put this, further away from the sun than our dear old planet earth… Rumor has it there skin was also kind of see through but living on earth for long underneath that blistering sun has a way of changing how you look.

    Ok ok ok, where is this so called planet that went kaflooey? Look between mars and jupiter and there are a whole load of rocks just kinda floating around. Like enough to make up a Planet. “Que dramatic music”

    Don’t shoot the messenger, just rumors floating around..

  50. @ Wilson

    Interesting thought. I don’t believe it…but interesting.

  51. You really shouldn’t believe it.

  52. By the way, did you hear the story about how the solar system acquired a new planet? and maybe even some planets changed positions? That’s another crazy one…

    I also wonder if you heard that this new planet that we kinda acquired came hurtling into the system like a bowling ball causing all kinds of mayhem and you will never believe what it did…

    Like omg, I bet you can’t guess this to save your life…

    Like, did you know earth didn’t have as much water as it has now? I hear you ask where did all this water come from then? Well, that’s a funny one because it was actually stolen. Stolen I tell yah. Stolen from you know, the red planet and dumped here… It rained like all sorts of crazy for so long it was like WOW.

    Yeah so this new planet kinda like tucked itself between here and mercury once it decided to settle down and chill the hell out..

    Also they say the 2 big gas giants swapped places but I personally think that’s to crazy.

    100% shouldn’t believe this. It’s all kinds of crazy.

  53. @ Wilson

    No, I didn’t know about the planets.

  54. Ok my final one…

    Did you hear the one about the SUN?

    Like the sun has a brother.. or sister.. Well I don’t know for sure which it is but it’s one of those 2.

    Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays, apparently according to some really crazy people, like am talking stark raving mad crazy, the sun aint alone. Like there is another sun out there and they like you know, revolve around each other..

    I hear you ask, why can’t I see it then? Well it sooo happens these people have got an answer to that – don’t they always… The brother/sister of our sun, is like you know, dying, which means it’s like not producing like you know, enough light and also like you know, it aint as big but that every now and again when the 2 are at the closest to each other, all kinds of crazy stuff goes down.

    Oh, here is an interesting statistic:

    Did you know that the majority of star systems in the galaxy are binary? Yeah, but 100% definitely not our sun…

    Before I close, I will just mention the word comets and the horrible rumors surrounding this horrible monsters… Like they say, we are just about to be rained on, like I mean totally f’d up rained on and it aint going to be raining water….

    But yeah, that’s a story for another day.

  55. ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkay!

  56. Negress

    I don’t support staying at home, other folks are on the ballot as well. A lot of folk died for us to have the right to vote, we have to vote. Why are we in this sorry state? Voting for one party, voting for sorry democrats year after year, putting our trust in the black church, not voting in large enuf numbers to matter, and so forth. Why i vote the way i do? As a blackman, i can’t vote for the party that supported the KKK, can’t do it. My concious won’t allow me to swallow my pride like that. Of course, other blacks will say that the GOP is just as bad, i disagree. The numbers don’t lie…all of the ills that we cry about as black people have a common link…Democrats! I wish it wasn’t the case, but, the truth is hard to ignore. One party has castrated blackmen and the other wants us to be better than the status quo, that’s the difference. If i was a donkey, i wouldn’t be the blackman that i am. Don’t dislike a sista or brotha because they can think for themselves, dislike those that have no love for our people…Ditto!


  57. Oh, I forgot one that is actually kind of important… (apart from the imminent cometary bombardment from the swarm heading our way and a possible space borne plague holocaust type thing – like you wouldn’t believe what these rocks carry! Jebus christ *Shakes head*)

    Ice age is apparently imminent and en-route at a staggering pace.

    Please make sure you have warm stuff so as to not freeze and turn into a lump of ice. In case of doubt, when it gets like very cold and the snow is like mountainous, just skadoodle your behind to the equator or stay and deal. ini mini miny mo.

    Anyways, on a brighter note, I wonder what’s going down in this weekend’s strictly come dancing?

  58. Ty

    No political group represents blacks. You must know this.

  59. Dancing? What dancing?

  60. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I understand the point you are trying to make, but Arabs and Indians were mistreating African people long before the phenomenon know as white supremacy engulfed the planet. When some rich Arabic sheik would have a Black man’s balls chopped off, so that the Black man could be the guardian of the sheik’s royal harem and not get frisky with the concubines (many of them Black women), this had nothing to do with white supremacy. Just go back and read classical Arabic literature and check out the views they had on Black people.

    There are many non white people around the world, who hold just as much contempt for Black people as whites do, they just don’t have the power that whites have. If history had turned out with a different group of people being the dominant force on the planet, they would be treating us just as bad (in my opinion). For some reason, the other peoples of the world just hate Black people.

  61. Yep, I’m reminded of the murder of Sparkle Michelle Rai. She was a young black woman who married an East Indian man and they had a daughter together. The man’s father, who obviously was also Indian, allegedly hired someone to kill this black woman because she apparently brought shame to the family.
    And I do emphasize the word allegedly.
    During the trial, it was testified that the father said that blacks were the scum of the earth.
    Also, this young man who married Sparkle gave up custody to his half-black daughter (after she was murdered) to Sparkle’s mother who’s now raising her.
    He’s now married to an Indian woman.

    Now, to be fair, I’ve both read and heard that Indians generally don’t like their children to marry anyone who isn’t Indian, regardless of their ethnicity; to do so is dishonor the family. But from what I also understand, marrying a black person is about as bad as you can get. After all, they do abide by the color caste system…
    and that makes me wonder, did whites create this color caste system whether intentionally or unintentionally, or did POC create it out of their own self-disgust?

    Here’s just 1 link about Sparkle M. Rai: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29020846/ns/dateline_nbc-crime_reports/t/justice-sparkle/#.UGEW-66B1I4

  62. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the person who allegedly killed this black woman was a black man.

  63. I remember discussing this case with a few people of Indian descent (because there’s a few where I live).
    All of them told me that their families don’t feel this strongly about interracial marriage. If anything, they have a massive distrust and dislike of white people, but even still, they would rather marry white than black only for the color factor, i.e., lighter-skinned kids. Just like some blacks have children with whites (or lighter-skinned blacks) to have lighter children, some POC do this as well.
    What a sickness. What a travesty.

    I’m done now!

  64. Routine and prejudice distort vision. Each man thinks his own horizon is the limit of the world. — KMT Proverb

    This is far from an isolated incident. You will find this sort of begging all over the internet. “Do arab women like Black men?” “Are indian men attracted to Black women?” “Why do asians disrespect Black people?”

    Where does this craving to be loved by people, who don’t even respect us come from?

    Our experiences depend on where we look. But to your point, there are some internet movements, probably financed by Whites, that promote interracialism: BWE (Black Women Empowerment) is the most visible one.

    Though again it’s always what you research. You can be on the internet and never see anything related to Black people (for instance, debates of Marxism in Kosovo are far removed from this commentary yet they are certainly going on); or you can be on the internet and always see things related to Black people. The trick is to get our people to find more things related to Black people that are versed in African Philosophy. That’s what I do over at the ABS. It’s one of the hardest tasks to make a living doing. 😐

  65. I don’t smoke, but please, please, please wilson pass that cutchie to the left hand side.

  66. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my brain around the concept of “People of Color”. I just don’t view the world as white and non white. For one, it give Black people the false impression that we share the same struggle with other non white people and that those same non white people are not trying to exploit Blacks. Also, by giving whites their own exclusive category and lumping everyone else in as one mass, it puts a premium on whiteness. I look at all people as their own separate entity, with white and Black the two extremes on a spectrum.

    Personally, I like like to look at the world as Black and non Black. For me it really helps put OUR specific plight in perspective without bringing unnecessary and sometimes predatory elements into the dialogue.

  67. @ Jay

    I agree. People of Colour is a politically correct term we use but your definition is more accurate.

  68. Ron Thomas on said:

    I’m stunned at the number of outright FOOLS that are buying into the conspiracy theories purported by the desperate republicans surrounding the upcoming election: “Obama’s going to repeal the 2nd amendment”, “Romney’s leading in the polls”; “Islamic extremists have infiltrated the current administration”, etc….
    And sadly here in Kansas, some of our folks spout the same trash. These negroes won’t pick up a book, read anything that hasn’t been recommended by a white person, listen to anything that hasn’t been spoken by a white person, and will get offended when you call them coons for not thinking for themselves.
    What the hell is wrong with our people?
    Or is being stupid just easier for the vast majority of us?

  69. Ron Thomas on said:

    And it is with a heavy sense of shame, that I must tell you I was unable to get any information that could help you with your small business venture.
    I asked 6 of “our folks” who are in business for information on how they got their start, and what were some of the steps that needed to be taken.
    2 of them just flat out refused to give me any help:
    1 actually said, “If I told every nigger what I did, then I’d be out of business.’ (NO, I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP)
    The remaining three hemmed and hawed, and generally tried to blow smoke up my ass until I just blurted out “If you don’t want to tell me, then dammit say .”
    I thought going to some of the very people that I THOUGHT would be most understanding would yield results.

    I was wrong. And embarrassed that the state of our community has come to this.

    So I went back to the SBA ( http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/loans-grants/small-business-loans ) for information, and I think these are the best source for information out there.

  70. @ Ron

    You’re a doll for trying to help me. Thank you.

    I’m not surprised by the lack of black solidarity. No one hate us more than us. I once asked a sister for info from her husband on opening a bakery ( he had a small catering business ) she said no. They don’t need competeiters.

    I told her that it a bakery, you know, cookies, cakes, etc and her husband was actual FOOD…not the same thing.

    She got angry.

    I’ll check out that link and see what I can do. I called Prof Grif and asked his opinion on the black community and what was “to come” for us. I’m writing a post on it now.

  71. I wrote an article on the matter. To me, even “Black” and “non-Black” are not the way to go. As it were, there are three primary races and multi-racial people. Each has it’s own spirit or instinct if you will. Our greatest analysis relies upon taking into account these differences and not using unspecific umbrella terms.

    For instance, “Black” and “Non-Black” is just a “Black-version” of “White” and “Non-White.” This is the same spirit as White people. This itself is a dangerous Philosophy.

    Read more here: http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/are-originals-people-of-color/

  72. I like to point out that it’s not ‘ignorance’ but ‘error.’ For instance, if all your life is based off of receiving information from White people, why would you dismiss it?

    It’s upon us to form institutions that give information from our people. Then we are in a better position. As it were, we have obscure and obscured informers whose efforts for uplifting our consciousness pale in comparison to the paler people.

    That’s why I repeat: “Community Centers” are the answer.

  73. Dr. Carter G. Woodson pointed out this business flaw in 1933.

    Too often when the founder dies, then, the business dies with him; or it goes to pieces soon after he passes away, for nobody has come into sufficiently close contact with him to learn the secret of his success in spite of his handicaps.

    I am not too familiar with the self-hating vocabulary–which you yourself repeat with ‘coons’–but the behavior is seemingly ingrained. It must be understood that business is highly competitive. In the story of Christine Persaud–her White competitor hires a literal assassin.

    The White mentality is very defensive about money. It’s why Black misleaders can be so well-paid.

  74. I’ve been freely explaining the laws of success for the longest. You first get your staff then you all brainstorm on making the service optimal for making money.

    This is the age-old Law of Success, told to Booker T. Washington by Andrew Carnegie. It’s why I continually say that we should recruit local membership.

  75. The make believe (business start-up) problem is not about competition. The real problem is greed, self-interest, stupidity/ignorance to the nth degree – and NO COOPERATION. Not to mention our collective inability to think and think creatively. Little businesses can join other small businesses to create larger profitable enterprises which creates more revenue for more souls! All it takes is some wisdom, elbow grease and cooperation.

    This is why we watch other ethnic groups start from ground zero upon their arrival here and surpass us. What they do is really simple. They cooperate with each other. How? By investing their finances (putting their money – CAPITAL – into the pot), THEY SACRIFICE (by expecting gains and profits over the long term instead of immediate short term results). They KEEP their word – and promises. They SHOW UP when it’s time to show up – ON TIME They TRUST each other. Everyone pitches in some form or fashion!

    Now, if we can’t act behave/love in this positive way within our own flesh and blood families, how will we change this negative flow amongst our friends, associates and neighbors who are heavily afflicted with this – me, Me, ME FIRST, SECOND, … self-interest – “every man for himself” attitude??

    How will people who don’t like/love what they see in the mirror be able to like, trust, empower and act in concert for the sake of those who look like them???

    The Black Muslims (NOI) in Amerikkka’s cities had it right. They knew how to cooperate with themselves to make a buck for ALL concerned. Why is it that the rest of us seem incapable of following their practical examples??

  76. @ Matari

    Blacks are conditioned to mistrust each other. It’s a vicious cycle. And ifone of us helps out the other, we never repay the favour for fear that we’ll have less if one of us has more.

    Funny how Black Wall Street NEVER had this problem, eh?

    My family and I are working out a plan to get our humble business started without the help of white folks.

    It’ll be super small…but it will happen. We’re just ironing out some wrinkles.

    As for us black folks…Prof. Griff told me the other day point blank that some of us are not gonna make it. Period. But, there is a growing number of conscious blacks who are determined to fight this system and have faith in each other.

    I may be wrong but the commenters on this blog are proof that it will be done.

  77. Onitaset

    I do not love Mammon.

    I need to eat and live, yes, but I don’t sleep with the beast. If I focused on money, money, money…we’d be a little more “comfortable” than we are right now.

  78. “But, there is a growing number of conscious blacks who are determined to fight this system and have faith in each other.”


    I certainly hope so. It’s long, long, long overdue!
    I’m so tired of our lack of real unity/dignity and the old self-hate scripts.

  79. wilson on said:

    Check out this article:


    It’s amazing how that photo has been sold to us throughout the decades in comparison to the actual reality behind it…

  80. wilson on said:

    Another one for you Negress:


    Not that I am condoning such behaviour but yup, whiteness at work.

  81. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks! That was a very interesting article about the Kissing Sailor. I’ve heard so much about that incident throughout the years.

  82. wilson on said:

    No problem, glad you liked it.

  83. I need advise Truthbetold,

    I just read your post on how to stop white supremacy.

    The advise I require is what can I do and can you please help me understand what is going on.

    I have more white friends than black friends – ok scratch that apart from family and fellow country men (i.e. black immigrants from my home country) I have very few black friends;none. I find it easier to befriend white people than black people(excluding fellow country men). In fact, I can say I am sufficiently un-black in that I suck at what “black” people should be good at. I have had this pointed out to me repeatedly. Recently I got together with friends I went to university with, non-black, yes and we went out. Where we went to, there was lots of black people, it was a multi-racial mix. Anyways, the night showed me one thing for sure, I am on the opposite side of the fence. I don’t know how to socialize with black people, it’s weird but colour is at the fore-front of my mind when socialising with black people but with white people(at least the crowd I hang out with), it is not, I become colour-blind. My buddy was like, “Wilson, you should feel right at home here” but the truth is, “No, I didn’t feel at home”. The truth is, around black people, I feel a sort of pressure to be “something” other than what I am, whilst around white people, I can just be myself. Around black people, I feel like I need to prove my “blackness” if that makes sense.

    I am stuck and I don’t know what to do. I like my white friends, even though they are from the other side of the fence and believe that racism is on its way out. They are not outwardly racist but lets put it this way, some lack an appreciation of black culture and see it as being sufficiently backwards and unsophisticated. Anyways, we can discuss race between ourselves just fine to certain degrees. Putting it in a different way, as friends, we got each others backs.

    Help! Why do I feel more comfortable with one crowd and not others even though I actively fight against internal racism? I don’t want to be one of those blacks that acts “white” around white people and “black” around black people.

    Also recently I have had this weird nagging feeling of being stuck in a mandingo type thing since I have been reading these sort of stories on blogs that it’s really messing up with my mind. There is a new starter at my place of work. I have struck a nice friendship with her and we hang out after work and during work. I have to admit she has one of the best personalities I have ever come across. She brings up race in our conversations in a way that shows she has some understanding of racial issues. Anyways, we are just friends but the truth is, I always wonder, why are we friends? Is it because she has a weird fascination with black men? or why do I find her fascinating? Is it because she is white? etc…


  84. Wilson

    Ummm…why are you now considering this? You’ve lived your entire life a certain way so why now is this an issue?

  85. Wilson:

    “If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you”. Neely Fuller Jr.

  86. It is an issue because of what I am reading and because I always knew I had certain problems, I just don’t know how to solve them.

  87. diaryofanegress on said:


    do you like being black? You are from Africa, right?

    It seems that you have purposefully surrounded yourself with people who look nothing like you.

    That’s no accident.

    You purposefully chose to be with people whom you’ve said have a disregard for black culture. And you date/hang out with white women knowing the brutal history between white women and black men.

    That’s no accident.

    From the way it sounds to me, and i could be incorrect, you’re trying to get as far away from blackness as possible. And I’ll be the first one to let you, it’s not ever gonna happen. As long as white supremacy exists, you cannot hide from your blackness.

  88. wilson on said:

    “do you like being black? You are from Africa, right?”

    I have no problem being black and yes I am from Africa.

    Thanks for the food for thought. A lot to think about, I can’t say I have any answers to these problems I personally face.

    I think you should do a post on the main divisions of blackness because let us face the truth, unless you are blind we aren’t all the same. Things that I have heard being said over and over and yet no one really ever talks about it on the blogosphere:

    Black americans look down on black africans.
    Black islanders – carribbean, look down on black africans.
    There is huge divisions between how all these see each other.

    The word here is superiority where in the hierarchy of all this, we have black americans thinking they are the most superior, followed by islanders, then the usual africans at the bottom. This is the truth out there. There is a huge carribean population in Britain and most Africans I know say the same stuff, family and african friends in america say black americans try and distance themselves from black africans etc, that they look down upon us.

    You can search this stuff up online and see some people are talking about it:



    Personally, I might be black but I ain’t blind enough to think we are all in the same boat because some of us think they are better and can define what being black is to the extent that they deny it on others who are clearly black as well.

    You come to africa and people see you are an islander or black american, they’ll treat you with extra hospitality, go to the islands or america and they see you are black african, they treat you with a dash of resentment. What is going on here?? The thing here is that there is enough black africans saying this that it isn’t just something made up but might actually hint at something greater hiding in the shadows.

    Anyways, I think this would make an interesting discussion.

  89. Ok DOAN:

    I posted this on Brothawolf’s open thread, but i am posting it here, because i want answers quick; he’ll understand,lol.

    So i am back with another interracial dating saga from another white female classmate:

    Yesterday i was talking with her–we will call her Danielle-and she was telling me that ALL her ex boyfriends got married to other women immediately after they broke up..for some reason, she added that the one she still has feelings for is Black. Ok..i was kinda caught off guard. She said his mom called her “white trash” but that his wife looks a lot like her (Danielle). She said “Phoebe, she called me white trash! But his wife now looks like me. I don’t understand why she didn’t like me?”

    I said: “Well, what was your relationship like with her? When you were visiting them did you make an effort to get in the kitchen with his mom and help her cook or prepare foods, or simply try to learn how she does things?”

    Ummm interestingly enough…silence from Danielle. I went on to explain, “Maybe his wife clings to other Black women in his family, especially his mother.”

    I have this question in my mind now? Why is it that white women involved romantically with Black men have no genuine relationship with Black women and vice versa–white men with Black women have little interactions with Black men? I know not all whites with Blacks are this way, but i have observed here lately that this is quite common. Needless to say, Most of Danielle’s friends on Twitter and Facebook are white females.

  90. Phoebes:

    Short and simple answer:

    Because black females are her greatest and most fearful competitor. She must degrade/ ignore/ debase the black female in order to exert her control over the black man.

  91. Mickey on said:

    Here is something I think you would enjoy:

  92. I will disagree w/negress in one way. Yes, white women do feel threatened by black women, but not because black women are her biggest real-world competitor. The historical reason that white women feel threatened is because according to their indoctrinated belief in the totally false “gendered racial beauty hierarchy,” black women–especially nonmixed, dark hued black women–are so far beneath white women that white women should never have to acknowledge the “colored girls.” Even when the “colored girls” are the mothers of their lovers. Using this standard, your classmate most likely invisibilizes all black women, including the moms of her lovers, which may hinder her relationships with the sons of these black women.
    Phoebe, I’ve noticed that you are overly concerned about relations between black men & white women. I would advise you to never engage color obssessed women & men of any race (blacks indulge in this colorist ideology as well as white women & men). And engage men & women who show an interest in you as an individual, no matter their falsely created racial identity.

  93. Thanks for your insight, but i am really not overly concerned with this; what is happening is that i haven’t had to think about any of this until i started a new program last summer and i am one of only two Black women in the classes. For some reason, two of the white women have made it a point to let me know of their attraction to Black men…i’m married so i am only interested in knowing why they feel it is important to tell me.

  94. @Negress,

    Do you have a personal space in which i can talk to you privately?

  95. Phoebes

    tonight when I get a chance, I’ll email you.

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