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The Lionization of Violence

What is the difference between this:

And this:

Question time:

1. Which film is lionized in AmeriKlan history? Why?

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23 thoughts on “The Lionization of Violence

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  2. What do you mean by Lionization?

    Btw, nice clips to show the contrast of how violence is portrayed. In the top one, it seems “more clean” whilst in the bottom one it seems uhmm ” rather violent?”. Also the main perpetrators are portrayed differently. In the top one, they are heroic and in the bottom one they are “thugs”. The victims are also portrayed differently. In the top one, they are “elegant and clean” whilst in the bottom one, they are somewhat clumsy and thuggish.

  3. This is a tricky one sis. On it’s face I would have to go with The Matrix, as people refer to this more than any film ever made, or atleast in my circles.

    MIIS of course is nothing but stereotypes in motion and it did introduce amerika to the gangsta lifestyle, but it was fleeting and is mostly forgotten now.

    The Matrix showed us both sides of the coin and reached everyone, as for MIIS it had a audience that was limited and very one dimensional. There for it’s reach was limited and one dimensional, The Matrix………people will watch that every time it comes on.

  4. @ Wilson

    To treat with great importance.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    You know Wilson made an interesting observation that just went over my head. Good looking out Wilson. However The Matrix is one of my favorite movies. Maybe I’m desenitized to the violence in films and I just go with the flow. Menace to SocietyII just got on my nerves. Jesus said what i was thinking one demensional and stereotypical I hated both films. The Matrix was just a great film that i have in my collection. I never saw it as anything more than just great escapism.

  6. @ Mary

    Aren’t both films “saviour” films?

  7. mary burrell on said:

    You could say that about the Matrix. But that Menace To Society crap just got on my nerves I haven’t thought about Menace I&II in years. They were just that forgetable to me. But yeah with the Matrix I can see that. I will have to rewatch it.

  8. Menace is also About saving a young brothers life. Jada Pinkettes role was entirely based on showing him how to “love” so she became his saving grace.

    Neo is “the One” who saves the entire world. Of course, Morpheus is the magic Negro.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    Magic Negro, Oh like the mystical black character that comes to the rescue of the white folks that magic negro. Yeah I guess the Matrix is the saviour movie. The Lawrence Fishburne character Morpheus. I totally forgot about Jada Pinkett she was the girlfriend of Old Dog Larenz Tate. Yeah I guess since you put it that way. I’d forgot about that. I just hated the stereotypes because that is what I see everyday in my community. It was very violent.

  10. … I’m gonna have to admit, back before I’d seen Eve’s Bayou and Winter Bone, The Matrix was my favorite film (I was a teenager, I liked stuff going boom). But, yeah, it definitely has the telltale markings of the “White dude’s the savior of humanity” and “Magical negro” tropes, and that might be a large part of the reason for its success. Not to say it wasn’t good in many ways, but there’s no denying the implications it presents.

    I’ve never actually heard of the other film you have here, but what you’ve shown me isn’t putting it on my list of “must see films”.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    They are both violent but the Matrix is just super cool and slick. It looks appealing. Where the Meance II society was just poor black people killing each other and who really cares about them. Forgive my previous post I just got in from work and trying to wind down. My brain is not working right need some nourisment. But Matrix is sleek and look s cool. The gangster culture was well underway in the community by then and that looked appealing to the young brothers. Jada did teach Cain not O Dog. I just remember sitting in the movie theater being annoyed at Larenz Tate looking crazy in those braids.

  12. Both movies are the same to me with violence but one is stylized to be acceptable.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    So did I get it right that last comment.

  14. You know, rumor has it that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo.


    ” Will Smith turned down the role of Neo to make Wild Wild West, because of skepticism over the film’s ambitious bullet time special effects.”

    I also totally agree that in one, violence was stylized and made to be accepted if not seen as cool. At least that was my thought when I first saw the movie, I thought the action scenes were very cool.

    With regard to Menace to Society, at least where I grew up surrounded by other black kids, I remember it being a hit. It was a hit because it was well aligned with gangsta/rap culture. It really helped people get into that role, you know “acting all gangsta” and stuff – I guess it just made being gangsta somewhat cool. Such movies worked in tandem with the music coming out at the time.

  15. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s how it always is in a system of white supremacy. One standard for whites—and another standard for everyone else.

  16. Negress

    The white actors are portrayed as “Intelligent Killers” and the black actors are viewed as “Stupid Criminals” by society. The (Italian Mob) is celebrated in american culture because they kill with a purpose, Really? Black street gangs kill with a purpose also, but, they tend to be sloppier than the other, Really? Both groups of men are bloodthirsty, they kill with no shame, they kill innocents, etc, etc. The mode of killing doesn’t make one less inhumane than the other, that’s what folk need to understand. Violence is celebrated in white culture, what sane person creates an entire genre of films dedicated to killing teenage white females? Whitemen in Hollywood, and whitewomen wander why there are so many serial killers running around? It’s human depravity at it’s worst. As blackmen, we’ve turned into a darker-complexioned version of whitemen on this planet. We have white male blood in us, and it shows. Evil blackmen are copying their white counterparts, because, whitemen want us to be violent like them. The difference, we’re killing each other, not them. If it was the other way around, whitemen in Hollywood would not be okay with promoting violence via hip-hop and other ish.


  17. @ Ty

    That was the best explanation yet! Well said.

  18. Negress,

    In general, black men in America are seen as society’s greatest menace(s) and anything that portrayed them as such will only reinforce the glaring stereotype that rape, burglary, theft, drug kingpins, etc, etc, comes with a black face, and when these are seen in the movies, white Americans are not going to see this as great or exceptional acting, but as something that comes natural to us…However, when white or non-black are the ones playing the EXACT same role, they will be seen as a brilliant tour de force.

  19. Ah…the hypocrisy.

    If a black person smokes, injects, sniffs or sells drugs, then whites in general want to throw his (or her) a*s in jail and throw away the key.
    If a white person does the same, then whites in general want him to go to rehab so he can get fixed, because after all, there’s obviously something wrong with a white person who wants to do this.

    If a black man rapes a white woman (black women don’t count) then whites in general want the monster to be thrown into prison, preferably with the added benefit of being lynched while he’s there.
    If a white man rapes a woman, whites in general want him to go to prison too, but after so many years they can accept him being integrated back into society given the fact that whites have the innate capability to be rehabilitated.

    If a black person murders someone – especially if they’re white – then whites in general want that thug to be thrown into the pen without the possibility of parole, so that people – especially if they’re white – can be protected.
    If a white person murders someone – especially if they’re white – then whites in general want him to go to prison too, but after so many years he may be integrated back into society because his white skin equals a rehab candidate.

    If a black person robs, burglarizes, cheats, embezzles, goes through a red light…it’s because we’re inherently bent towards the criminal life.
    If a white person does the same, it’s because they’re having a hard time in life; perhaps they lost their job and can’t deal with the stress. Or their mother abused them. Or they have a mental illness and aren’t fully accountable. Or they can’t cope well with the pressure of college life so they turn to drugs.
    Or because their dog died.
    Or because their cat died, or their fish or their hamster or their parrot.
    Or, or, or, or, or, or.

    The excuses they give themselves whether consciously or subconsciously amuses me at best and pisses me off at worst.


  20. Negress

    Whites love n*****s more than any other group of black people. They keep a lot of white folk employed in this country…cops, lawyers, judges, prison guards, bounty-hunters, etc. What they forget, is that, the same wickedness that they promote via black folk will come back to bite them in the a** just the same. It was okay to allow drugs to flow into the hood, but, who’s dying left and right in this country because of drug use? White teens abusing prescription drugs in the burbs are dropping like flies. Tolerating evil in another race will always boomerang back 10x as bad…Ditto!


  21. Glad you made that connection. The War on Drugs killed off many white middle-class suburban kids as it did blacks in the ghetto.

  22. @Alegna

    White males are not held to a higher standard, they run the show. When you run ish, you set the rules. As you stated, whitemen can rape as many women as they want, yet, white society will make up stupid excuses to explain away the evil. “He’s a whiteman, cut him some slack for christ sake, he’s melanin-deficient.” Blackmen have it so much easier as it relates to women, therefore, whitemen raping women is expected and accepted because whitemen hate the fact that they have no melanin. This is how a lot of whites think, as it relates to the issue of rape. The “poor whiteboy” alibi is always used as the default fallback for european men on this planet. As african people, we have to remember that evil always pays the price in the end…Always!


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