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Party of Three

My friend X, who lives in Wisconsin, called me to tell me that while in the ladies room, she eavesdropped on a conversation that she wishes she’d never heard. A white woman was planning to attend a Mandingo Party on Saturday. Having seen the controversial film, I knew that black men must be the prime “guest.” What she told me next floored me.

The husband watches.”

I was silent for  a while. Then asked, “Why?”

Even she could not give a full answer.

From the moment the white slavemaster laid eyes on our black flesh, he was entranced. This enchantment, albeit hostile, continues today. I have my own suspicions as to why a white woman would attend such a gathering with her husband’s watchful gaze looming over them, but what’s your take on this European “activity?”

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66 thoughts on “Party of Three

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Degenerates! Just a bunch of degenrates. SMH.

  2. Shameless and has some serious issuez

  3. Well, I once read where a White woman went to her psychiatrist to discuss a myriad of issues, one of them being her fear of Black men and she asked “if it was true that they have large penises that stay hard all day” and stated that she found that “disgusting”. Later on, she admitted that the only way she can enjoy sex with her White husband if she fantasized that he was “a big Black man raping her.”

    Like Ossie Davis said in “Jungle Fever”, some of them are trying to “catch up” since slavery.

  4. Sign me up. I wanna be treated like a meat puppet for gross, white trash women while there homo, pedophilic husbands sit there and watch me screw an animal. They haven’t made enough alcohol this year that could get me to do this.

    Also, when you lay down with white trash you may come up all white trashy, smelling like Coors Light and Vienna Sausages.

    LOL!!!! I’m sorry sis, but I got a million of them and I could go on for another whole page. You can delete this if you wanna.

  5. Jesus! I didn’t even know what a Mandingo party was; I had to look it up!

    I found the description of a “Mandingo Party” at Urban Dictionary:

    “A mandingo party is an interracial orgy arranged for single black men (called bulls) to have sex with or gangbang white wives or daughters in front of their white husbands or fathers (called cucks).

    Participants argue that interracial cuckolding is a by-product of multiculturalism and tolerance. But bigotry — and a dose of white guilt — lie at the heart of any racialized fetish: black men, despite their “superior” sexual prowess, are debased and eroticized, and believed to pose less of a threat because the wives would supposedly never date them.

    Mandingo cuckoldry is a recurring theme in pornography and psychology.

    A male with latent bisexual or gay tendencies may be unwilling to have sex with a man, but can concede to watching his woman in the act and vicariously experience it through her.”

    Sickness: “a disordered, weakened or unsound condition”. (Merriam-Webster dictionary.)
    That describes this to a T.

  6. @ Mickey

    The more I study whiteness, the more I realize how perverted it is.

  7. @ Alegna

    A big part of the European culture is homosexuality and pedophilia and animalia. Cherubs that were made famous in paintings are just children they had sex with.

    Gorillas, apes and chimps are eroticized to be black men/ women that they could capture and rape. There is nothing new under the sun.

  8. Details magazine has an article about this online. It’s plain disgusting, wrong, and racist.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    That is disgusting! No black man with self respect would engage in this perversion!

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    These white men that watch are homosexuals! What man would watch their wife have sex with someone else?

  11. It just shows how deep the victimization of black men (and women) is. Some of the black males thought these parties were a sign of racial progress.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    If these black men think that they’re delusional. But I agree with you about the victimization part.

  13. Truthbetold,

    Where I live, they advertise such craziness in local papers…


    Hahaha! I have seen women go to male strip clubs where a black muscly naked guy is chained up and put in a cage to dance whilst they watch, point fingers and laugh. Did I mention these dancers also have raging hard-ons?

    Another one, he dances on stage and walks down this runway sort of thing and the girls standing on either side “touch, lick and suck” his you know what…

    Madness I tell you.

  14. Did I mention this are like huuuuuuuuge parties…

    There are new sorts that just let in women alone, usually white females. Then they hire guys only only let in those pre selected, dress em up, oil them etc and the whole thing is like in a night club, there are bars, a dj, music etc. What happens is that, these guys are like sex toys.. The main guy, the masterpiece if you will is usually a big black guy with crazy muscles.

    They literally have sex on the dance floor, in the toilets, on the bar, ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE all night long till like 4 am or something like that.

  15. For everyone:

    Do you think this stems from low self esteem on ALL sides?

  16. Well if you ask those who participate in such activities, they will say it is consenting adults having fun and living life. That the days of sexual taboo are long gone and we live in an era of liberation…

    That’s what they’d say.

    I think it’s just lose of the moral compass. Nowadays people are like, morality? What is that really?

  17. Negress

    Whitewomen are being true to their nature, women desire dark flesh. If slavery had never happened, they would still obsess over blackmen in the same way. As for whitemen wanting their whitewomen to have sex with blackmen, it’s penis envy in the most unmanly way. All non-black men envy the pull that blackmen have over women on this planet, but, most men would not degrade themselves by encouraging their women to screw a blackman in front of them. White females view it as a fair compromise…they marry whitemen and sleep with brothas on the side. Both sides get what they want, and blackwomen need not worry about whitewomen stealing their men. On the totem pole, it’s a lesser evil when compared to violence, drug-addiction, hiv/aids, self-hatred, and other ish. At the same time, blackmen have to be wise about how they use their sexuality in relation to women on this planet. Sex is an important issue, especially for blackmen. A blackman’s worldview is shaped by how he views sex and women. If a man loves women and sex, he’s not gonna engage in violent behavior. Blackwomen should know the whole truth about blackmen and sex. Yes, we have relations with whitewomen and other non-blackwomen. Yes, inter-racial sex is a component of black manhood and always will be to a certain extent. Being honest about this aspect of black male sexuality keeps the bs out of it. We can love our black sisters and interact with other women as well without the nonsense. Why i say all of this? A lot of brothas will deny themselves the chance to sleep with women of other races when they’re young. They marry blackwomen, and then, the itch gets to them. They desire to fulfill a fantasy that should have taken place in their teens and early twenties. A brotha should have no regrets as it relates to sex. I try not to take “The Swirl” too serious, because, it’s just sex at the end of the day. Whitewomen want some chocolate, and brothas have the goods. Doesn’t mean race relations will improve, blackmen will stop being shot by cops, overlooked at work, and so forth…it is what it is. Blackmen making love to women is not a crime in my book, that’s the objective. Brothas can sex any race of woman they choose to, but, sistas are our pride and joy…Bottomline!

    Dark Eros
    PS…Negress, when a blackman is truly free, he can enjoy the finer things in life without it going to his head if you know what i mean? As i’ve said before many times in the past, once a brotha is comfortable with his manhood and blackness, he can “Ball” to the fullest extent…No Doubt?

  18. brothawolf on said:

    I made a post regarding the racist white male’s solid belief that black men are raping white women in epidemic numbers. I questioned why that is a major issue with them as opposed to white men raping white women. Information teaches us that white women are more likely to be raped by white men.

    So, I came to only one conclusion, white men seeing black men raping white women is not so much as a concern for them, but a sick fetish. They secretly want black men to rape their women. That’s why they bring it up all the time. That’s why they go to porn sites looking up the cuckold fantasy. This leads me to believe that they’re not only racists but also misogynists.

    It shouldn’t surprise me that it along with other posts regarding black male sexuality and interracial rape are the most searched topics of my blog.


  19. @ Tyrone

    I respectfully disagree.

    Sex is never just sex for anyone male or female. Feelings get involved, egos get bruised and things have a funny way of changing. This activity is mentally and physically damaging for the black man in more ways than one.

    1. It puts him back on the slave plantation where he is reduced to “dark meat” , waiting to breed.

    2. It disrespects the black woman.

    3. It causes an false sense of ego to the black man by giving the illusion that he is in control, which he clearly is NOT.

    4. He puts himself in danger physically. All these whites have to do is call 9-11 and his entire life is forever changed.

    5. It takes the spirituality and intimacy out of sex, which is what is sex is supposed to be about in the first place.

    6. He risks disease.

    7. He risks the white woman being pregnant.

    8. He risks jealously from the white husband which could lead to violence.

    9. Having sex with white people does not contribute to our struggle

    10. It’s an offense to God.

  20. @ Brothawolf

    You very well may be right. I wrote a post called The White Love Dynamic which explains that white man / white woman is based on contempt.

  21. @Negress

    I don’t support blackmen engaging in “Cuckolding.” My post may have created the impression that i agree with that behavior, not so my sista. When i talk about inter-racial sex and the black male/non-black female dynamic, it’s in general terms. I feel you Negress, but, i don’t get bent out of shape about this issue as i did in the past. If a blackman wants to maximize his sexuality, who am i to tell him not to enjoy his manhood so to speak. Cuckolding is degrading to blackmen in the same way that football is degrading…blackmen risking physical injury for the benefit of rich whitemen. Blackmen who participate in “Mandingo Parties” are exploiting themselves for the pleasure of whitewomen, they know that. Again, we aren’t the ones in control. On the other hand, do sistas want the same group of whitewomen to chase after individual blackmen in the same way? Sistas have to look at both sides of the fence. Would they prefer these brothas date and marry white females, or just have sex with them from time to time? I try not to let emotions cloud my thinking on this issue. The Malcolm X in me is against it as you are Negress, but, the practical side of me deals with the truth. Blackmen have no chains on their sexuality anymore, so, this type of ish is gonna take place whether we like it or not. We have a lot of sexual energy as african men, but, we direct it and utilize it in a counterproductive way…teen pregnancy, abortion, hiv/aids, and other ish. Sexual refinement is the first step toward rebuilding the blackman on this planet…Bottomline!!!

    Black Eros

  22. @ Tyrone

    Ok. I understand.

  23. When I hear of this behavior I don’t automatically think that these people have low self-esteem. What I think is that the black man who participates in this creepy fetish does it primarily to gratify his ego.
    What I think of the white woman who does this is that she does it primarily to gratify both her flesh and her unnerving need to create jealousy within white men.
    What I think of white men who do this is that they have a myriad of issues that are too long to list from my cell phone.

  24. I think its simple:

    By being in congress with a black man–white women can fantasize about being a black woman and this is the closet she will ever get to “knowing” what it is like to participate in the production of genetic blackness.

    By watching the two in congress, the white man can also fantasize about being a black man–what he will never be outside of this experience. I don’t think i can explain it quite like she does but Welsing talks extensively about this.

    Maybe for another day–but that is a huge part of why white men sexually assualted black women–this allowed him to “be” a black man, but no matter how many black women he sexually assualted, the ultimate reality for the white man is that he will NEVER be a black man thus rendering him to a cycle of being obessed with the very thing(s) that produces genetic blackness–the genetic materials of a black man and woman that can be found in the balls and the ovaries.

    For white women–the reality is just as bleak because she does not possess the genetic materials in her ovaries to produce blackness…

  25. @ Phoebes

    I’ll be talking about Fuller and Welsing in a series I’ll be doing complete with excerpts. I’m currently reading the Isis Papers and re-reading The Compensatory Code.

    Since we all pretty much agree that wanting to be black is the primary objective here, it just confirms my theory that whites are not happy with their whiteness.

  26. ALCHEMIST on said:

    If you think mandingo parties are bad there is an article called
    “Playing with Sex, Power, and Race: Did You Know That There Are “Plantation Retreats” Where Black People Go to Serve Their White “Masters?” the title says it all


  27. phoebeprunelle on said:

    I have never read anywhere or seen any black man who believes inter-racial sex is a part of his manhood.

  28. Now…I’ve seen it ALL.

  29. DOAN:

    I don’t think we need to get confused; white people DO want to exist as white–it’s a huge contradiction. They are smart enough to understand the privilege that whiteness affords them and by and large are proud of their history–there will only be a few who will participate in what this post is about and even fewer who will marry and procreate with black people to produce brown/black babies. Welsing explains this too.

    Which is why i do not understand the thinking of some black men and black women competing about who has a sexual “hold” on whites???

  30. Now I comprehend how some white/albinic females with thier husband standing right there can eye me with unconcealed interest.

    However ultimately the soucre of the problem is inadequacy – i see so many white women who I have no sexual desire for due to thier obvious physical inferior.
    Inferior in complexion,proportion,hieght etc.

    Its said that beauty is only skin deep,you can’t judge a book by its cover and its the content of the charcter ie its what’s on the inside is more important than whats on the outside.

    My daily experience is these are Lies told by ugly people who instead of doing what they should to improve themseveles want to trick others into accepting them as is.

  31. @ Phoebes

    Interesting. OK. I see your point. They want it ALL. The skin colour and the “white privilege.” Perhaps this is the root of their unhappiness.

  32. @ Mbeti

    I know that look very well. Sexual inadequacy and a lack of real intimacy is probably driving this craze. Have you read Bobby Wrights Book: The psychopathic racial personality?

  33. fiamma blu on said:

    Sexual role-playing between white sadists and Black masochists. Lots of Blacks will find this massa / slave stuff abhorrent only because the Blacks in these re-enactments are subordinating themselves to whites.

    To me they’re just a bunch of perverts — the interracial aspects of their sick sexual practices notwithstanding.

  34. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    This post is just another reminder of how powerless Black people are. At the end of the day, they know that they still own us. We have their names, language, religion, psychology and sexual mores.

    We can get caught up in all the talk of “being free”, and progress and Obama, but we are still being dominated and we are not in our right mind. White people do these things to us because the can. And we are willing participants in the degredation of our humanity.

    There is a very popular porn site that I ran across some years back on a hip hop message board where white men spit on, slap, beat, and gag Black women until they vomit (and then make them lick it up). It really looks like rape and assault. Some of the men on that site found it entertaining. I can’t say for sure that they were all Black men, but I KNOW some of them were. I’ve only seen one Black female blogger mention this site, although many of them are aware of it. If they were to treat Arab or Indian women that way, they would probably be hunted down and eliminated (and the woman too). But they do this to us because they are very aware of our profound apathy when it comes to our collective dignity and respect and that there will be no repercussions.

    Just knowing that we are basically their property feeds their ego. As long as we remain apathetic we will remain in the basement of humanity, existing as a cheap source of labor through prison confinement and underpaying jobs, and a source for cheap sex through prostitution, porn, and sex tourism (men and women).

    Someone mentioned something about whites not wanting to exist as white people. But just by observing our behavior, I have to ask the question: Do Black people really want to exist as Blacks?

  35. @ Jay

    Profound comment.

    Speaking for myself only, I would never want to be anything other than black. Some blacks hate themselves and because of that self hate they hate other blacks. We are a subjugated and conquered race. That mindset has not healed at all.

    I must fight that little voice inside my own head that tells me “I’ll never make it.” The problem is many blacks don’t even know that voice isn’t theirs.

  36. phoebeprunelle on said:

    #9. Needs to be plastered all over university towns where black people live, work and go to school. smh

  37. That reminds me of something Dick Gregory said regarding police brutality: They do it because you tolerate it.

  38. Kushite Prince on said:

    If you want to know how sick white people are–look at this video. What could be sicker than making a porn video based off of slavery?? And these black people that participated in it should be ashamed of themselves! This is beyond SICK! We should have more self respect than to engage in this sexual perversion filth! A friend sent me this video a few months ago. This is a new low in my opinion.

  39. Prince

    more white madness.

  40. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sadly it seems never ending. They are truly sick.

  41. Ron Thomas on said:

    With all due respect to the “Other Guys” whose name I take in vain……..

    “Oh Hell Nawl”

  42. DOAN, I’m off topic a little bit, but I want to know if you will ever post a message about Caucasians and their influence on Christianity. I read some of your posts which include references to your faith, which seem to be from a Christian perspective. Am I right?
    I ask this because, there are people in our community who denounce Christianity because they claim it is the “white man’s religion”. I know this saying is decades old, but it still circulates.
    I grew up in a home where I went to church every Sunday morning (and Sunday night, and Tuesday night Bible Study and Friday night revival service and so forth); I was raised in the Church and even today, I profess it as my faith. But I’ve been questioning some things lately as I did when I was in my early twenties, but this time on a more in-depth level, if that makes sense. I mean truly questioning what’s real to me as opposed to what are mainly traditions – traditions that I made to be like anchors in my life. Everything that I do has to be tied or connected to it.
    I’m just going through this sort of troubling introspection. And one of the things that I’ve been questioning is if my faith is rooted in a religion which has been monopolized by a racist people, or if it’s a religion that originated with a racist people, and if so, what does it mean for me?
    Does any of this make sense?

    Throughout my life, I’ve had a few people tell me that the spirituality of black folk isn’t found in American Christendom. Yet I hold dearly to my core beliefs, only because I deem them to be true.
    But there’s a conflict…

    I’m sorry; it’s late, I’m ranting, and I found the perfect site to do it.

  43. Alegna:

    I’ll do a post on White Christianity and it’s Real roots. I do not subscribe to the church, just to the Spirit. All religion comes from Africa…ALL of it.

    Calling yourself, Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever is one and the same. There is only one God.

  44. One of my white female co-worker who is dating a black Panamanian guy, told me that nothing is more beautiful than watching a white woman getting f***ed by a well endowed black guy. She also told me that black d**ks were made for white pu**y and the contrast between the two is mind blowing(her exact words)…I think she was having an orgasm while revealing this to me because she was in a daze, then soon after, ran to the ladies room.

  45. @Phoebe

    As blackmen, we need to get “The Swirl” out of our system. The sooner the better. Sista, i feel you and Negress, i’m on your side. At the same time, i’m not gonna lie to you and other sistas about this issue. The average brotha will say that he doesn’t think about sexing women of other races, when in reality, it’s a daily struggle for blackmen who live in multiracial environments. All of the concerns that Negress stated in a previous post are valid points and should be taken seriously. This issue is specific to blackmen, because, women have been conditioned to believe that we are superior lovers in relation to other men. Therefore, we have to deal with this issue whether we like it or not. Whitewomen are upfront with their fetish, other women are not, that’s the difference. This is how i feel about this topic Phoebe…if a blackman truly loves his black sisters, no other race of women can take him away from you and other sistas. Love is greater than sex. Sistas need to remember that. Being a blackman is about the long-term, not the short term. Black Love is forever, The Swirl is here and now…Ditto!


  46. @Brothawolf

    There is no such thing as “White Manhood” in the sexual sense. As you stated, whitemen derive sexual pleasure from blackmen sexing their women via porn, orgies, cuckolding, and so forth. Whitewomen know the truth about whitemen, which is why they have no shame having sex with blackmen as much as they do. In essence, whitewomen are being pushed into the arms of blackmen to provide sexual release for whitemen via porn. Whitemen are pathetic, they really are. I’m not a hater of whitemen like that, but they are pathetic in every sense of the word. All the crap they’ve done on this planet, and they’ve been relegated to “Voyeur Status” by the same race of men they enslaved and killed…Karma! Whitewomen are nomadic, they’re up for grabs, they have no foundation to stand on in relation to whitemen. Should blackmen have sexual relations with whitewomen, or, should we cut them off completely? Instead, we give our love and affection to blackwomen exclusively? Are other women of color in the convo? These are just a few of the questions that we need to discuss in relation to this issue.


  47. I’m reading welsings essay in the original motherfucker….this essay is righ on.

  48. @Tyrone;

    I think you’re missing the point. Most black women don’t really care about who black men decide to love, sex, what have you. With that said i think you are reaching by projecting your personal beliefs about black sexuality including “swirling” onto other black men.

    I say this because unassuming black women like myself are now having to fend off lies and projections about us wanting white men…when this not the case for you, honestly you are ready to fight. It’s just that serious.

  49. @Phoebe

    You’ve explained the black male/white female/white male sexual dynamic in 4 paragraphs sista…Perfection! All women can view themselves as default blackwomen, because, all of them can birth black children. Secondly, there are 3 ways to view black womanhood…Genetics, Skin-Color, Phenotype/Body Type. A non-black woman doesn’t have to be all-black to experience being a blackwoman via blackmen. In their minds, if a blackman is making love to them, they’re a blackwoman at that point and time. Another point, women know that they will always have sexual access to blackmen, because, we don’t discriminate against any shade of vagina on the planet…other men do that ish. As for whitemen and other non-black men, they’re screwed either way. No matter how black they try to be, they will never be a blackman, will never be able to call themselves a blackman, will never have a black penis between their legs, which represents the apex of manhood on this planet. Blackmen are the “Alpha Males” of the planet and know it. We have swagger because we’re the Original Man who was blessed with the best of everything by God Almighty. As i’ve said before, it’s our ballgame to lose. Blackwomen shouldn’t fear inter-racial, all women love blackmen. Other women loving us is not the problem, blackmen not loving their black sisters is the problem Phoebe…1 + 4 = 1…blackmen & 4 groups of women who want the same man…Simple Logic!


  50. ALCHEMIST on said:

    black men cannot gift black womanhood to every race of women they have sex with. You devalue black womanhood with that claim. “If I have sex with her she is black” sounds like a desperate attempt to justify allowing yourself to be sexually sewered. I look forward to the day when black men stop equating sex with non-black women with freedom, liberty, and racial uplift. You are channeling the sexual confusion of Franz Fannon and Eldridge Cleaver. Your manhood will not be found in a white woman’s vagina. Nor will you find a cure for cancer, self actualization, piece of mind, and a replacement for our dependence of “fossil” fuel in a non-black woman’s vagina. But you will continue on a Quixotic Quest looking for all that is of value in the known universe in a non-black woman’s vagina.

  51. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    No disrespect bruh, but that’s some bullshit. Now a woman can be Black just because she fucked a Black dude? Naw homie. We accept what no other race/ethnic group would. Only Black people claim people with minority Black/African blood as fully Black. If we don’t cut out all the BS, that one drop rule is going to come back and bite us in the ass one day.

    There are no “default” Black women. If the overwhelming majority of your bloodline is of Black/African lineage, and BOTH of your parents are Black, then so are you.

    @Alchemist, your statement was right on point.

  52. Kushite Prince on said:

    Slave auctions?? That is sick beyond belief! How can a black person participate in that?? Where is their self respect! That is just gross! Nothing but white supremacy on steroids!

  53. @Phoebe

    Are blackmen willing to reclaim their sexuality for the upliftment and advancement of our race? Phoebe, i have more to say on this topic. You’ll understand why i said what i said in the last post…Yes!


  54. @ Ty:

    I’m gonna repeat myself:

    You cannot conquer the system of white supremacy by sleeping with the enemy.

  55. @phoebeprunelle

    Sex Wars: The Pros & Cons of Black Male Sexuality

    Should blackmen have sexual relations with blackwomen only, or, should we be inclusive of all women? As blackmen, do we have control over our sexuality in relation to others outside of our race? Is sex a positive force in our race or a negative force? These are just a sample of the questions that we need to ask ourselves as blackmen concerning our sexuality. Blackmen are spoiled, we have the best of everything. This being the case, sex is amplified x10. Women come at us from all directions, which is good and bad, depending on your level of refinement. All of us are born from a blackwoman, thus, our love for them should be unconditional and solid…Period! At the same time, blackwomen aren’t the only women on the planet. We’re human just like any other race of men, we have eyes that can see. Women are supposed to be beautiful by design, this applies to all of them. In a perfect world, blackmen only have eyes for their own women. But, this is not the case in the real world. Some blackmen only have sex with other women, some only date them, others date and marry them. Of course, blackwomen are not crazy about that, and they shouldn’t be. They birthed us, therefore, they should enjoy the fruit of their labor…Simple Logic! How does this apply to Tyrone? I don’t have a problem with blackmen sexing other women, being honest about it. Out of the 3, it’s the lesser evil. As long as we are on this planet, women will desire to sleep with us. We can fight it all we want, it happens every day on this planet. In the big picture, our race is not gonna sink because some random brotha is sexing a whitewoman in Italy, France, Germany, and so forth. That same brotha choosing the lighter shade over sistas is what will sink us. The mental and emotional aspect is the greater evil. A lot of blackmen aren’t honest about this subject…one group says they only want sistas, and the other group only wants non-black women. Both groups of men are not being intellectually honest. Loving blackwomen doesn’t mean we stop being men…having a fetish for white, asian, and native-american women doesn’t mean we stop loving blackwomen as well. Inter-racial is about sexual curiousity and variety, not hating the women of your race. I don’t include marriage in the convo because it has nothing to do with it. Men want to experience having sex with women of other races, that’s what’s up. All of the racial harmony ish is just a smokescreen…Irrelevant! Should we desire sistas only, Yes? That’s the desired goal at the end of the day. That being said, will whitemen, asian men, and native-american men stop chasing after blackwomen? Blackmen can easily stop pursuing their women, blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet…Bottomline! We already have the cream of the crop, we don’t need their women…Real Talk! When they leave blackwomen alone, that’s when we’ll stop sexing their women. Knowing them as i do, neither of them is gonna stop chasing. In their minds, blackwomen are viewed as a “Stepping Stone” to bigger and better things…Blackness or Pseudo-Blackness! If they can’t be black, the next best option is to covet a black female for their own pleasure. Blackness is the obsession of all human beings, whether we acknowledge it or not. Women make it their bizness to fawn over blackmen, and, men make it their bizness to fawn over blackwomen just the same. Black women and men deal with the same sexual dynamics. Both sides have a double-standard…brothas don’t want sistas to lay with other men and vice-versa. As a blackman, of course i don’t wanna see sistas with other men. Men are the same in that regard, the difference, blackwomen are a greater loss for us compared to an asian man losing one of his asian sisters to a whiteman for example. Blackwomen are the crown jewel of the planet, it hurts blackmen more to lose our women compared to other men…Real Talk! If blackness is the obsession of all human beings, we want to run the show as blackmen. Men compete with each other for women, this fact will never change. As african men, we want all the women on our team…mentally, physically, and sexually…Bottomline! Others may disagree or agree, these are the true thoughts of Tyrone. Blackness is the ultimate aim and objective, this is the motto that i live by…Infinity!!!

    Black Eros…Black Brown & Gold 4 Life

  56. @ Ty

    I wanna say something once and for all. You cannot fight this system of white supremacy if you’re sleeping with the enemy.

    When black men realize that white women are the last “trick” to exterminate him, this system will crumble at our enemies feet.

    I done with this now.

  57. I mean fine Tyrone…you do what you want with whom you want–but you are engaging in some round-a-bout reasoning that i just can’t follow. . .

  58. ALCHEMIST on said:


    Buckets and buckets of words

    One should never drive while drunk nor should one attempt to reason while brain trashed (nookie with a cave wookie). Brain trashed reasoning reduces the complex system of white domination to The Great Battle of Dueling Penises.

    In a galaxy far far away there occured The Great Battle of Dueling Penises…

  59. Tyrone on said:


    You’re right, white females are toxic. They’ve castrated whitemen on this planet, and the same will happen to blackmen who fall in love with them. If a blackman is gonna bring biracial offspring into the world, they should be with other women of color…Common Sense! Whitewomen support the killing of unborn babies, that fact alone should give blackmen pause. How can whitewomen claim to love blackmen and support aborting them at the same time? A lot of brothas don’t wanna deal with this issue. Sex alone, is not enuf to make white females worthy of placing them above blackwomen and other brown-skinned women. It’s not about them, it’s never been about them.


  60. Tyrone on said:


    I understand your point of view Phoebe. Having sex with other women, whitewomen specifically, is a negative over the long haul. Biracial is not the end all be all that it’s assumed to be. We can’t put the welfare of our race in the hands of folk who may or may not love our race anyway. I don’t think i got that across to you and others in my other posts. The Swirl is a test for blackmen, that’s how i see it. Can a brotha resist all of the temptation, and still remain loyal to sistas in a world flooded with sexual images in every form of media imagineable? It’s about being honest Phoebe, not pulling the wool over your eyes. Stay sweet mama!!!


  61. Tyrone on said:


    If we’re afraid to deal with the issue of having sexual relations with other women, how in the hell are we gonna go toe-to-toe with other men on this planet? How complex is it to tell other women that we love our black sisters? Treat all women with respect, respect womanhood, but, it’s not our job to take care of another man’s woman. This is the opposite side of the argument. Why i discuss sex as much as i do? Sex is the driving force behind much of the animosity that is heaped upon blackmen by other men…the jails are packed with blackmen, because, they can’t reproduce with blackwomen or any other race of women…Simple Logic! Sex is omnipresent in every aspect of life, there is no need to fear “It.”


  62. Mickey on said:

    This webpage regarding the “Brute” stereotype is a good read for you. Check out the entire website.


  63. Nice story.

    Too bad they didn’t portray the Original brute:


  64. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks for that! That’s a very informative site!

  65. “nookie with a cave wookie”–You need to patent that phrase. Classic. lol..

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