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Food As A Weapon

This is documented truth. Wake up black people!!!


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25 thoughts on “Food As A Weapon

  1. They have been doing studies for years on how fast food crap causes all sorts of health woes. A steady dose of this garbage will mess with your system. I eat fast foods once in a while, usually when I can’t get something else(out shopping), and it makes me feel ‘funny’. I try to get food that is relatively fresh’ when I have to resort to this. I eat Kentucky Fired Upchuck once every six months to remind myself why I don’t eat it for another six months. Fast food is a once in a ‘blue’ moon sojourn and mostly done when I am unable to prepare something because I am out. The food at grocery stores are another story altogether.

    It was interesting where this man makes mention that many people have never tasted real food. There is something wrong with a society that promotes unhealthy diets via ‘supersize’ portions, and garbage that is cheaper than ‘good’ food. They have targeted the poor who can buy a fast food meals cheaper than what they would pay for a nutritious freshly prepared meal. There are so many complexities involved in the food industry. The bottom line is to make money. Let the Frito Lay chips fall where they may, the companies could care less as to the health woes.

  2. Food for thought. 🙂

    What can I not eat?

  3. I’ve heard that white sugar, white rice, corn, wheat are bad for you. Also that water has fluoride that calcifies your pineal gland. Not to mention tooth paste also. Meat also has “stuff” in it due to the harsh conditions live stock have to go through in the animal farms… (Are we screwed or what?)

    Seriously, what can we eat and where can we get this stuff from cause the supermarkets are like 99% filled with nothing but poison.

  4. Organic foods are supposedly better, but can be expensive. They veracity of the organic food health claims are also being questioned:


    Basically, cut back on your meat and poultry intake, and wash your fruits and vegetable to get rid of the pesticide residue. As for rice, don’t eat the par-boiled one. Bread? Learn how to bake or use the multi- grained ones. Folks, we’re f__ked!

  5. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Impactive post as usual on this blog. Delicious food for thought. I think I’ll post a commentary on my blog.

  6. Sanctified Brother on said:

    It’s more complex than washing the fruit and vegetables. That removes some surface contaminates and doesn’t address the grafting and other issues affecting the produce at the cellular level.

    “White” foods will kill you. Stay away from them. Eating food in its most natural form is best. That’s no panacea, though, because everything is “touched.”

  7. Herneith,

    Yup, we’re f__ked!

  8. @ Hernie

    Since my family is island born, we cook every single day! Fresh foods, fresh bread, fresh veggies…all the time. I have a little garden where I grow my own herbs and spices. And we eat fresh home grown greens all the time. My brother grows calaloo aka “water spinach” in the States on his porch and we eat that all summer.

    The only way to fight this system is to go back to our culture of homegrown food.

  9. Wilson

    If you have the space like a front porch or in your kitchen, you can grow fresh produce and herbs. We grow ridiculous quantities of basil, oregano, peppermint, dill, parsley at home.

  10. Great. Please inform everyone in your congregation too.

  11. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Most Adventists are well-aware of the food fiasco. Many of them are from the Caribbean, too, and are accustomed to making food “from scratch” so they avoid the canned goods and pre-packed death LOL.

    I’ve been trying to find ways to grow my own recently. Still working on a strategy…

  12. What about large potted plants in your kitchen? Or in a living room with lots of light?

  13. Sanctified Brother on said:

    It’s a cramped, tiny NYC apartment. We have to reconfigure a lot of our living space and get rid of things. Even the window ledges are cramped with books… I hope to have a solution worked out by Spring, once we’ve done some modifications in here.

  14. A few years ago I “went vegetarian”, and I can honestly say I had never felt (or been) healthier. In 2006 I underwent my annual physical, and my primary care physician was impressed with the good numbers that showed up when my blood work came back from the lab.
    I felt lighter and my mind did too, actually.
    It’s amazing what food can (and can’t) do for your body & mind.

    I watched that Youtube video of Dr. Afrika speaking with two “junk-food eaters”. He didn’t say anything that I think most intelligent people know. The issue is applying it.

    That’s one of my goals at the moment.

  15. Alegna

    I know just what you mean. I’m doing a 80% bean, veggie, lentil, brown rice meal and 20% “normal” stuff like baked fish/ chicken and a once in a while cookie/cupcake/ice cream treat.

    It feels great.

  16. DOAN,

    Food is indeed a weapon against the people. The powers that be and the food industry lobby don’t want the majority to know about the poisons they put into food such as rbgh, growth hormones in dairy products, high fructose corn syrup, etc. They still push processed foods, junk foods, pop, white sugar, flour, etc, to impressionable schoolchildren and young adults. Don’t get me talking about Genetically Modified Foods that are being sold in grocery stores.

    We all know that major food chains don’t invest in areas where people of Color live. They often have stores that have the worst produce, blended meats, canned and packaged foods, junk foods, white and barely white breads, pop, nasty punches, and inedible deli/bakery goods. That’s one way to control and eventually eliminate “undesireable peoples” in both America and the world.

    S. B.

  17. 80%?
    How is that working for you?

    Do you have recipes?
    Honestly, I’m a cooking novice but I’m trying to change this.

    I started practicing yoga nine years ago, but over the years I’ve become inconsistent. Lately, however, I started practicing consistently and now my body is craving for a healthier diet. Yoga does that for you.

  18. @ Alegna

    So far…great! And the beans and brown rice is very filling so I’m never hungry. But I do not deprive myself of anything so I’ll have a chocolate cupcake once in a while to treat myself.


    Not really. Just steamed veggies with seasonings, brown rice and whatever beans are in my cubby. This week however, I’ll have a piece of baked chicken.

  19. Kushite Prince on said:

    After I read Afrika’s book Nutricide,I never looked at food the same way again. This book is highly educational. I suggest everyone buy a copy!


  20. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right. The global elite believe using food as a way to give people diseases is a perfect way to depopulate the planet. They’ve been planning this decades. The powerful elite love to play God. What gives them the right to decide who dies and who lives? These people are sick to their core! Heartless and vile animals!

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  22. I’ve been growing my own vegetable and herbs for about a year now, but even the seed are questionable due to GMO… It’s almost impossible to avoid some type of contamination in our foods, but reducing it by growing your own and avoiding some of the obviously poor quality stuff will probably allow you to live a few years longer and healthier.

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