Observations of an Invisible Woman

One Flag, One Nation, Under Evil

One Doctrine of Oppression rules the entire world. They are one and the same.


The Swiss Flag who aided the Nazi Party:

The Flag of the KKK

Which began with the crest of the Knights Templar, an evil Masonic brotherhood:

The American “Eagle” which is really a Phoenix a bird born of fire:

The Nazi “Eagle”:

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17 thoughts on “One Flag, One Nation, Under Evil

  1. Dr. Kamau Kambon said once in an interview on the COWS that all nations that have red, white and blue in the colors of their flags are nations of white supremacy. Or something to that effect.

  2. @ Jesus

    Yes…also the same symbolism like the AmeriKlan eagle and the eagle on the Nazi flag.

  3. I don’t know if it means anything, but are the colors red, white and blue symbolic in and of themselves, and when joined together, even more symbolic?

  4. @ Alegna

    Good Question. Europeans love symbolism. I know that Red is sex. Example: The Red Light District which means prostitution. Or the Scarlet Letter, the book about the adulterous woman or the Whore of Babylon in the bible atop the dragon is in Red. Or the Red shoes of Dorothy in the wizard of Oz where she’s a “virgin.”

    White is purity, goodness, holiness, innocence, etc.

    Blue is rooted in magick, Mystery and the esoteric.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    This is a very informative post. I don’t think many people are aware of the symbolism in many flags. You’re right that the KKK,Nazi’s,Knight of Malta and the British are all connected. What’s funny is that people don’t make the connection between the Red Cross and the Knights of Templar. As a matter of fact the Red Cross,UNICEF and the United Nations are all corrupt. They use celebrities to cover up their mass murders around the world. That’s how they get so much support. They have millions of people fooled. It’s really quite sad. ūüė¶

  6. Thanks Prince. Once I began to read your posts and so my own research, the symbolism just fell into place. It’s like my eyes were opened.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I know that feeling. It’s almost like you feel as though you’ve been asleep all these years. You can never look at the world the same after your eyes have been opened. It’s funny how they put so much of it in plain sight.

  8. Negress

    We have our own flag as well. Black folk need not bow to any flag but our own, just saying. Red, black, and green are the universal colors of the african diaspora. This is the flag i bow to.


  9. @ tyrone

    Thank you Marcus Garvey.

  10. Well you know, I’m starting to see the Confederate flag displayed more often where I live. For years I automatically assumed that anyone who displayed that cloth was a die-hard cadre for white supremacy. I was challenged on that, though, from certain people who argued that it doesn’t represent racism as is so readily believed, but rather traditional Southern heritage and the honor of Confederate soldiers.

    What is your opinion on this?

  11. @ Alegna

    “The white man speaks with a forked tongue”

    ———Native Proverb

  12. Yeah. I have even heard White people say that even though they have a sticker that features the Confederate flag is does not mean that they support slavery. They said that they know that slavery was wrong, but “that was just how things were back then.” I’ve even seen a sticker that said “Heritage not Prejudice”. That goes to show you how much they try to rationalize their thinking.

  13. brothawolf on said:

    Same here.

  14. What do the colors red, white and blue on the flags symbolize to me?

    1. Red = The “blood” they shed and continue to shed of innocent people

    2. White = Their so-called racial “purity” (Bullshit!!!)

    3. Blue = The “loyalty” they share in their doctrine of oppression

  15. The nazi swastika is a distortion of the hindu swastika, in its original context a symbol of peace and translates as higher self

  16. J1

    Thank you. I didn’t know…

  17. I know, right? Like what IS traditional southern heritage but slavery and naked, brutal racism?

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